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Steve Buckley is Back from Spring Training Just in Time to Hang with Dale Arnold on Sports Sunday

Mar 9, 2014|

Dale and Buck get Sport Sunday going discussing the Red Sox. Buck has just returned from sunny Florida and gives his thoughts, insight and observations on what has occurred so far and a preview of what is to come.

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Like Sherman and Peabody going into the way back machine to find that openness and Matt. Morning everybody it is sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI and you hurt the man. It was like to announcer boys ago which you heard the man. They Arnold's the Buckley reunited again on a Sunday morning good morning buck I wasn't going to be optimistic that I be doing the show and some place when cart worked outside a if I always figure that's going to be the way I find out it's finally done yeah there exactly to show up some morning and they're gonna. Now comic he always said someday he wanted to cut a guy by going into the dressing room and saying everybody who's got a job here raise your hands. Not so fast over there also Peres -- wealth and at that and that would and that one buckets up not his hand as I might have expected. Given affected to back from two weeks spring training in Florida. And and buy your own admission to me awhile ago the best spring training whether of your entire career 36 years have been known as I've never had better wintry weather this year that's how -- It was unbelievable and your training for the marathon so -- -- -- doing your running every day I kind of expect little more. Dusty fuel going. Here but you know -- Do you know that I was out doing it -- they have what's called the Linear by the Linear path and it's a jogging trail that runs when he in a straight line on the railroad tracks. Between. At colonial boulevard and six miles Cyprus and about their one date on my fourteen mile run. Who goes writing by me and Mike is 1890s bicycle. But Johnny Valentine -- estate vault. And he you know he is sold mr. Fort Myers and has little is flying glass that you know he lives down here now. And the offseason and and then I go you know by half -- and -- run into Steve -- the globe -- during the marathon and you you run into -- -- -- Mike writes he's wife she's doing a marathon and so. If you if you are doing a marathon in in you know that three or four weeks ago we with with a particularly cold spell out here. And that's due to do the marathon training down there it was bad. Oh it's a pretty nice wave you're gonna do it that's the way to do it I can't tell you who shortstop will be cancer in the center fielder would be Vatican takes into places a rundown ball perfect. Let's let's start with -- -- none of us think that spring training games mean to -- it. Analysts think that the spring training record the grapefruit league record the fact that the Sox figure to win seven matters a whole lot. Having said that. The plain ugly baseball right now yet they -- Ferrell is Scott comment yeah that as well while I. I hates bring this up by you know they had a great run in 1995 when you know they found Wakefield in the trash -- and he won 1718 games and they came out of nowhere won the division after three straight losing seasons. And if you wanted to draw a parallel. Well. Date they go from being really bad in 94 to make the play out tonight five. To having the worst spring training that anybody ever sorry 96. And they get off to that what seven and sixteen start. And they made a great run late in the season but never really got back you know that was in that Kevin Kennedy. Bottom. I'm not saying that guy would be bad this year but again they're coming -- a World Series championship and what did you hear from the very first day of spring training over and over and over turn the page what happened last year is last year could be this year on an already this year is Red Sox have won nothing while. Literally they've won nothing. I don't mind is a. Said what the final supporters are really don't and I'm not real silly on here and say all they they lost another one that lost two games I don't care. But six errors in the nightcap last night we've seen some sloppy baseball. Base running. Christian Vasquez gave up a double steal yesterday after he'd thrown out everybody who moved up to spring training up to that point. It's that simple little. At least things. But when the manager starts to talk about it specifically in and you kind of know that. That again they don't care about wins and losses in the clubhouse but they do care about how they play the game how they go about doing their work. And it's not very attractive bright. No it's not and you make a great point when when we bring it up we in the media. Well answer every right now here ago he's trying to trade something out of nothing but. We can direct you to the manages comments when the manager and by the way he brought those comments up I believe without being -- It wasn't like so that was coupled it's just it was before the six errors last but it wasn't like somebody said -- teams playing pretty bad -- And RBIs week we can direct people towards saint means might everyone's gonna take cheese Belichick famously being one of them. But sometimes you can guiding guy obviously the Ortiz thing hey David if nobody contract are what -- new contract air goes sack on his contract. So I am I Aniston has some of that play but. When the manager brings it up. That means that he is walking up the field and he is saying my crazy about the way these guys plane right now. You get the sense within the clubhouse that there's any thought among the players like I could picture guy like Pedroia just avenues teeth on edge. At at the way they're approaching and playing things right now are they talking about it -- dollars just a manager so far. Are well when I was down there -- David just sort of taken them outside of the bags and -- good chip wallets but it lollipop. Shouldn't you know this because you've been down -- my two times but what happens news. We -- team wins the championship. And I don't know this is a factor or not but it it it should be folded into the equation. When -- team stinks. People don't show up to get your story in spring training when your team wins we were joking about it who's today's National Guard is gonna show up. And club both opened today in the morning all looked as Tim cartoon with a big Cameron Crowe and -- questions to ask. Oh look -- Jon -- what is Kenny Rosenthal all looked Tuesday night -- USA today all look there's three guys in the near daily news here today all -- And on and on and on. And they all wanna talk about the afterglow of the World Series and what's it like it's going to be hard to repeat soap sold Jonny Gomes and Ortiz in Pretoria. And all the rest can sit there and say. -- You know turn the page move on but but they have to keep reexamining. Launches World Series and great comeback and so forth. So it it it is hard to turn the page could cut that off the I mean they could eat. Look when I hear talk about anymore while and it only after that about three or four times before that stop getting -- well. Are they were disagree with that the big can do Datsyuk. Scott Wahlberg Michael Solomon. But when you've got someone who's a who's -- national stage. And and -- Kirch and is the are solely to get that hole if he's got to go on sports general baseball tonight. And he's going to say last year the Red Sox you know in and do that story and and but but -- his story becomes the Red Sox don't wanna talk about last year anymore. And end it again they could end this if they want it now they can do it in nice way in a pleasant way while they can be jerks about it not just to that the -- they would do an example. Jason Collins. Comes to Boston on Friday right paper calls -- up the dude Jason Collins -- the way of weird side story here. -- twin brother started following me on Twitter this -- And I don't know it is it Jauron I think it's the same I don't know him I mean I don't know Jason Collins other than I've watched imply. And it's almost as though Jauron. As his brother's going into different cities is maybe try to test the media waters and what's being said what's going on I would I would be surprised that's exactly what it is yet. That may be he's telling his brother what you just play basketball. I'll monitor -- audit. What's being said and written out there and if need be I'll get back to you this guy said this -- right I would be surprised. Though the Clinton needed that I don't outside the point it's -- this is this is why we worked so well together. And so appoint his. The point is you you've got Jason Collins coming into Boston and that ship has sailed navy mean the goal lol it's why again. All that but. Still -- -- bunch of people asking him and he is a what I can -- a very good natured guy very pleasant. And -- there and he said and he got a job to do so we have to keep answering those questions over and over but he made a great point. It went from forty and now it's ten right and if it's in -- to him and then -- so. And he even made Gary -- mentioned this in the globe they're great lies -- even the reporters asked him questions feel uncomfortable because. Can we -- -- gathered -- has story so it it it you follow that extrapolate from that what's happening now and spring training. And in you'll see Dustin Pedroia who's a very accommodating guy with the media. And he said -- all a sudden all look his caddie. And everyone like you know Kenny is the nicest guy in the world and Kenny is gonna come up and say boy you guys were picked to be in last place Lester so it is cancer. It doesn't go away eve it it will go -- ours because we can't give our. Readers and listeners that same mobile port we have to give them something different but the national guy's -- command and give that big picture type thing. It probably says. -- not very nice about me and and I apologize for that advance. I'd like John Henry's tweet yesterday the picnic having a good for Hamilton. For people who don't know the story the Red Sox -- play the Florida Marlins last week. Are part of the story here is sin in this might have been under reported in the Boston market is the Florida Marlins made a big deal out of the world champion Red Sox coming to spring training. In fact hiked ticket -- spring training ticket prices for the day by like 25%. The problem was. Put pocket Red Sox showed up. The Red Sox had -- -- and what -- my quotation fingers here they work date John Ferrell set with the regulars. -- Brian Butterfield and those guys back at Fort Myers. Jackie Bradley junior was the only so called regular. Who made the trip over to play the Florida Marlins according to Alex spirit WEEI dot com the Red Sox have in fact been finding small amount. By Major League Baseball for bringing such an on representative lineup. The the Marlins complained about it. I'm used their -- fault they're the ones who made big deal out of it they're the ones who hiked ticket prices for the spring training game and then gave from the -- what does the spirit that part of the go ahead but anyway. David they whined about it and yesterday. Out of nowhere this short Little John Henry tweet I'm gonna paraphrase but it's pretty close. You should be fine. For fielding that line up in the regular season. And I'm paraphrasing that's pretty close to. And I just got a kick out I got a kick out of it I like -- -- I like anything that involves dust being raised some off of that. The the larger issue is and and I heard a lot of Red Sox fans saying our whole key here is that you know mark what are they complaining about blah blah blah this is a veteran team. You do have a responsibility to bring it represented a team. It is is throw you an. You know the rules better -- -- maybe you're right that there's a a league responsibility. It -- and it's a very big I personally think you have zero responsible well you're wrong because but I'm just saying from my perspective your sole responsibility -- John -- Is to prepare your team to start the regular season period in if you decide in in the course of preparing for that. That might regulars are better off -- they work day back at Fort Myers with Brian Butterfield and that's exactly which you should I stand I mean if you wanna find me but that's or two things. Number one you should be able to find four regulars that can make this -- Out of out of the forty guys less than on roster players every camp you should be able to find four names that get on that bus that's point number two. Major League Baseball. Has. In in in its confines in its meetings. Has decided we can make a lot of money in spring training and they do that's why they have all these new ballparks that's what they have to or is -- -- paying the players right. When I was a beat guy in the eighties each -- spring training. You wouldn't you wouldn't have people showing up for work -- But not -- on the east they have the backfield on Madison avenue before they Buddha no -- part. -- show up this 500 people on the rope line just the take pitches and got to address that didn't exist before is that not exist by the way a lot of place it doesn't. So but there is going all the way back -- when I was covering them and the middle school but when I was covenant marriage and 87. Dick Williams used to minutes apart and he hated the partners to fire him so he sends a team in Yuma. With me playing right field. I mean that's just just whoever can put a uniform and can play well Larry ball was mentioned the Padres. A week later they come to Tempe Tempe diablo stadium with a merit as a -- and he's got some meals playing. -- by the way I'm okay we both those things and except that the two managers were ticked off each other it was a big cat fight the owners got involved. And there is money involved now. Both Scott and it Scott lover Michael Silberman in today's -- in somebody in the globe. But it and Pete -- wrote it will be interesting to see what the marlins' spring I guess this coming week. To jetBlue park and it won't matter a -- it won't matter a -- a -- -- because. We have a Marlins are concerned the reason that the premium ticket is because the post. Travel and and help people and in our ballpark where nobody comes watches a pin number watchers in the regular season get about spring training I -- Listen I was at a tactical part two weeks ago -- -- James Mallory from northeastern strike up majorities. That's the competition you need to -- to -- park College Baseball team. So those fans who feel jetBlue park this Red Sox Marlins game are doing it up to see PD in Gomes in big poppy and that -- If you think daycare with the Marlins big ticket not -- violent -- and Britain want and that there's a great there's a great joke about this though arm. That the reason the Red Sox sent only prospects because they sent the players the Marlins might be interested in the Stanton. Fine I'm I'm -- -- the running joke and I cannot gain ally and you know this kid you want an auto you know and so forth I I guess in the same. Way you know late in the season you hits September and you clinched a playoff spot and you're now resting guys and setting up your rotation and and all those things. You have every right to do that you have no obligation to the rest of Major League Baseball. But the competitive races in the in baseball your only obligation if -- John Ferrell. And bench -- your only obligation is to your franchise your owner and your fans period. I don't believe this what they owe it to the Orioles to make sure they know they put to -- is the Orioles are fighting for a playoff spot. And then play better earlier in the year. After Mike. And we try to turn it off the our -- it was it was -- -- limited if this is the way it's going to be here and now -- they know so I found out you said you disagreed with -- I read that. You have no public accountant before the right side you have no obligation to anybody except your team yes and and I don't know what the Marlins think. -- the ticket prices for your spring training grapefruit league game natural -- Again dale the only problem with your argument is they all sat down fifty years ago and and put these. Standards into place and they all agreed to this they all agreed spring training is where you can make money. And our fans are gonna show up at our ballpark to see it represented baseball game you are. Responsible for sending players that are fans can take all look there is so and so. And if you send a bunch of double A AAA players prospects though they may be fans are gonna get upset because they wanna see. US stars. At least some of them should I at this point it's marquis and point out that the Florida Marlins couldn't beat the minor league team that the Red Sox sent over there enough and hence the John Henry tweet and I don't have a problem with that because. I I think more owners. Listen I understand that reflects a major market team that lots of money and so forth but let's be honest Jeffrey -- hasn't done a good job running that team. What they've done since. That's the big trade off for the Expos and all that money ended up in South Florida. Is they got the city to build the magnificent new ballpark with a big spaceships that now on their Miami. With the understanding that they would deliver the goods and then they've delivered nothing they've they've got to be -- this and they've they've got rookie of the year they've got some good young players come along. During Carlos Stanton is this big. Hall powerful hitter who's gonna be a thirty -- and by the way I love to see him at Fenway I was real estate Ortiz another word for him -- trade beef because that's all building yeah. And I understand John Henry saying that it did that might violate some cold that goes on among the honest I don't care it's good stuff for us to talk about. I should also point out there when John Henry on the -- and -- let me better than either that I was another story for another day. We'll take quick break when we come back we'll talk about the Bruins in the patriots and some other things as well we will get to your calls. In just a few minutes it's -- -- on a sports Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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