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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Batkid and Garfield

Mar 7, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today they discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding the Oscars and Andrew Garfield.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans and by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment let's start with were you close up -- history you know. Andrew Garfield yeah -- good idea I'm not the story it seems to me the story changed a little bit about -- we should've been more skeptically yesterday because. Even appeared totally -- Which you might be. You don't law that kid if you know it's gonna go public you know that it release and -- -- story fortunately we creek credited the story that we have been given right would be TMZ well Elliott listened in Austin whole bunch of people had that story that this kid that Andrew Garfield was not happy with the script yeah. One of the changes who's gonna blow off back to reduce special superhero presentation. At the Oscars so as the day went on yesterday sort of got -- change in tone of your ears Garfield -- ripper follower and the statement. You're the facts in full collaboration at the academy to show writer and prepare to segment for the Oscars on miles goddess to trigger that he has. At some point overnight on Saturday Sunday morning it was decided by those running the show. But the segment didn't work in the ceremony inside the -- Andrew miles equally upset. The producers arranged for miles has limited visit Disneyland on Monday -- drove down to visit them and to bring miles personal gift they reenact -- -- that's a picture that. Injured that the right thing for back to anyone. Saying anything otherwise is flat out one. This makes more sense I mean I don't know why anyone cut it out of the show and you'd think that would have been great I have my doubt is now with the cat. If that if that's true of this if there that's not spinning in this that the case. You're telling me that you watched it you can give me good toward the start two hours and thirty minutes of crap right and then the end is good you can't get back it -- instead of may twenty things aren't -- -- eliminate the pizza delivery -- -- and -- -- it right limit the pizza or you know maybe this year you don't do best make up this cost does he even outset before each of the people acutely movies you like those ports right. But after my ballot yeah that's true or doing that he'd done Jude Garland is. Well -- over the rainbow that song before. Well that's when people change chant that's true -- or Bette Midler -- mean other people are dead brother picked him Bette Midler. Sexually Elvis song rather let midwest section of the pick -- a lot of fear of what's going on out of the two presented. Just thought that's outrage for her pink song vs -- -- Yes I get any subtle in my -- I -- yes songs of the grammys. You'll which try to cut three minutes here I don't know I don't think about it all you want the best nominated songs. That's OK let it go buy dot collapsing and that there are best for in short. Now apple. Now you don't need the best of anything no one's ever seen that -- it's the reason you like best pictures you can see the couple and you -- one rapper actor's actor actress OK with best song best song is -- but -- apple -- nominee red -- them. Point as you can you can trim an -- they couldn't squeeze that back kid into the show -- -- hole at the academy. Decided whatever they must know in the story -- the story was great. When he was opposite of Cisco Google all accounts all the crimes -- -- much and -- -- in the part of that somebody did that than somebody who makes the final decision cut him out. Would this guy Andrew Garfield would he be if he would think -- gone to Disney with -- -- Manny Ramirez would. Of course he went to Disneyland that's a -- that's not just shaken hands is not like what we're asking -- to do is just a great kid. The backlash for so great. But this agent this agents to spend publicist they spin things in -- -- -- -- killed your peers yet go like this but right. But you know but this was hasn't that it must -- what day. Before the store hotels -- Here's what do we think he really what to do is. It is pictures and in my mind he's off the academy spokesman this also helps our field. Quote do the nature but live show hard decision sometimes must be me which require the academy to cut segments due to logistics of production. Which is basically saying yeah -- -- which is unbelievable. If sonic heroes sequence theater in the show right you're supposed to do that at the end of it they're supposed to bring that -- -- this is Chris says apps from. Ninety seconds if that big standing ovation -- remote record on stupid. According to page six. Bob -- got his infamous case of Olympic -- guy from a. From. A at trends best I guess that's that's what I negotiate and I guess it it it watched -- Lewis source says. NBC's prime what happened with -- host. But the -- absence after coming down the viral content providers are contracted the infection after Botox procedures smooth out wrinkles privately Olympics our source said. Bob's I -- to the -- Botox this is the first time he's apt to be careful this changed the story changed later that's true yeah NBC's. Spokesman strongly that. There's your trip to zero how wouldn't NBC spokesman though to keep telling anyone who came from -- gambling of Botox as a direct. I'm looking at it this way though my eyes can't get you -- No matter what I do I don't and it -- anyone gets -- coach you don't tell people. Here we I didn't -- Now know looks Botox which you went -- -- it was a little blocks around the eyes. Assuming a podium yes yes -- -- so -- -- back admit to yes she says she said she watched the two -- your face a registered for the Oscars. -- -- -- Mission accomplished was -- the greatest argument advertisement against plastic -- you've ever seen a -- -- problem may -- rule it's sad to see your option is the -- to its -- all the worst as the on this matter now he is our Michael -- The the formerly hot chick who used to date Jack Nicholson and made -- September all of Israel's that was pretty girl yes which -- in a doll. Three names -- yes -- for Boyle thank you yeah. Yes she had -- hard as you see her before and after the same person what do I mean the general resembles Bruce a local one that. -- -- people. -- little girl. Oh yeah out of that picture yeah three to go bad -- and it's tough for women but it's can go bad. The do you think the processes that we don't know do you think he's had Botox processor -- -- -- or it may change later -- care to and so little tip that. -- -- -- of that he does there. On a limb you guys user yeah I think that's true. That much as he does. He's got all the -- it's Paul's jet lag can be and he's the oldest look and 65 whatever your outlook from his. This rewards it's about outlook. Anxious looks like a guy who should retire today for for Barkley beat out a memo -- -- the it was relaxing by the pool it was good for balked at Politico -- But it is there for there -- an echo. Right you know -- of yes that's. All natural to stop diners. Ridiculous mr. if you do -- windy side -- -- prepared. Deval Patrick is expected the signs there. A built the closing legal loophole to meet up -- Videotaping a woman's skirt that prediction permission rather legal. I don't imagine this you get like blanket permission to I don't imagine something's gonna let linger Patrick spokeswoman said. House speaker Robert Leo and senate president threes -- fast tracked this bill this is really almost -- -- Massachusetts so. Spurs had like two days yet not even. -- do this morning. Upstairs that's laugh with mr. Obama she -- should miscarriages she was so does that then that's a strong night for people look at that sing yeah yeah a lot of Eagles I don't. I think -- -- think it's gonna turn out well see some of our cases who -- home as it turned out well. You never know that's the thing about what you don't know that is that surgery or Botox everything but other expert -- has some work space. I'm sure it's -- at -- its troop. He's so they -- -- -- you know listeners it fares and he's definitely on HGH. -- just Iraq study ticket fat old Iraq starts to. Well -- can stop low Keith Richards it's true he's not a bad fat enough looks great music actual growth -- diet though. Phelps breaks and that bracelet when bill -- -- -- why why would that be great that she's viewed -- remind you that her feet X. Process got fast tracked real quick was anyone on the TO on the trains -- today pictures you know -- -- one day you'll think purchased out. But now they get arrested again. To not passed -- as -- no no I stop its -- its -- had to get up there did agent and hustle you gotta go here's a senate president Terry Murray. Killed. Women that they are not state and public place this is okay. Boggles my mind it will be in this community take the picture it will be eight felony to disseminate the picture which is what they're doing it putting it up anomalies. Really nasty web site. And -- skirt her she got up -- everybody has everyone has a certain fetish you know everybody's does seem with -- all the porn available freely. He really get off on your -- bureau of that your theory about the rest area the danger factor yeah yeah. -- about Kenny Rogers. -- -- Puzzle are like the same. Had no knowledge geez if Meg Ryan -- -- you -- that can Laughlin golf I don't I don't tell over I looked like a freak I don't think you can return he can't. -- detective finale Sunday it. We say good -- to the fellows Marty runs you guys are under a lot of media com article. Yet that is -- -- disappointed yeah. And there has been. This week time magazine had -- there was a new Yorker essay on this two volume history. Groups say the blowback now is gone -- the -- if you appear to show. -- sex objects murdered one via mutiny for the other two in the white has just been ample space that's worsen up skirting. The deep crater of the show. Nick I was -- -- Nicholas was registered at the net and has a lot of windows. I just about the new users budget knew the Latino America and much worse what ails. While you want guy wants these people want nude male but the but the point is at time magazine assistant were no world network women should be users is they -- objects that. Now he says there's a clear mandate and pay cable for a certain level of news so when you do a series there has to be X amount of bu bridge. I'm -- all of -- think about it from a marketing standpoint you'll provide something that the three main networks from right right like going on like satellite radio -- the sway every California -- And boy do they pale and sick it was not excessive. It's only been like too much fictional show -- -- it's the greatest nude scenes. Television is and custody had cut -- that -- out of the blue without an America where where they held back. So what if he does not give any predictions for Sunday. They have to die I think one guys. It's than it has to be Russ I mean it's can Marty. -- that it Russell -- this is his circle helped him with yes Marty will now theories at the lead I would agree with I think that rust like kill himself. An easy opportunity she can use. -- These in the public funds go -- funds -- I mean definitely map and -- the -- -- -- -- -- resembling this guy. You are writing it. Which would you -- I'd have -- guy is better format better drama is actually as did you stop to live inside -- depressing and our -- -- -- it's what a happy ending to this doctor right now and I'm going to happen is no such thing yeah consumer what do you know about -- killing. Not you know Adams when he kills rose mean Marty Cal's rose. Why use I don't know what just trying to throw some -- at a Harrelson just dies in the what some -- -- fight happens something when the really find the real killer kills girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's only like thirty little kids earlier what's weird sort of straight -- publicists that he can -- a little bit and cigarettes -- I don't -- cigarettes now saying about it but he's ever urban and Mikey Adams went. Now their Mike off through Mikey off its soul so if your doors open if you can appall. Mike yeah uphold the -- the thirties right part 35 -- held it goes hard every day and -- the east is a class suburban. Thirties doesn't they have no respect postcards to cut and yes OK and happy that it's hates soccer and he loves Rican bar but yes your guy this is I like the I don't want you ticket he showed them. After tiger -- -- -- and each year each day is done that and though that's not going to vote. Some. I want you. Except. Now they're gonna go with premium booed him not north remember after Ottawa. You saw you in someone else Christian Mormon leadership and he wanted to be here and what Harrelson dies because he is the yellow Cain I think her -- wouldn't come over the table -- hit me if you weren't here. It was open party has really opened outlook is that your research this really take a break right now com. If if this is what Heather Locklear looks like now why why is it would be to -- cocaine and -- written a detection -- headlines brought you by. If this is what Heather looking Heather Locklear now looks like no she's she's had some bad this is this makes Laura Flynn Boyle likely raging. Success have a lot cleaner don't tell me that ruined her. Well let me say that can't be real -- -- -- that if that they'll -- are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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