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Sox do not need Stephen Drew

Mar 7, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Nick Cafardo's column on Stephen Drew. Everyone disagreed with the premise that it is time to panic and sign Drew.

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Be honest with me do you remember how Dustin Pedroia did. In spring training games last year. No what do you like baseball bat how many are we got back how many runs. Sure you recall what Jacoby Ellsbury did his spring training last year course John -- grapefruit league record last year. Yet you have been funny I do not that I do that -- -- what I'm Jackie Bradley junior and that's about the only guy that's right. I say this every year if they play well balances it's great that the play -- say that's okay out -- works through a training there is never. A point where you really alarmed about it that -- may be rookie first see him. Bradley you're excited or some rookie camp says oh but if it's a veteran. It doesn't matter what did you expect it doesn't matter your exactly right but it would seem that based on. -- Lester Lester and Kerio knocked around by about a mile -- and go Fargo saw. Will middle Brooks boot a ball or two. And senator Bogart's not show. The range of Jose Iglesias. Suddenly they're bailing on both after one game. As suggested that may be Zander Bogart's go to third 'cause he's not well suited for shortstop. My guest Jenny and will can ride off into the sunset and now they've anointed -- -- red arrow. Your Red Sox shortstop because you made a couple of dazzling plays. In the field. Is this the ultimate. Knee jerk reaction to a very small sample size. Well it is it I mean I think the comparison -- premature because it would you look at Marrero and say. Maybe next year -- the year and this is a reasonably excited if Europe. Portland. In Europe report when you go to gossip item -- scout them you don't talk -- -- of Marrero -- it will be exciting. Probably as exciting as Jose Iglesias to have fun watching him play. The idea and the idea that because Marrero performed. Well and apparently -- It was spectacular yeah. That this is some reflection on Bogart's merits as -- which takes us to the next level and I'm stealing the famous now famous phrase from Bob Ryan but I'm going to edited just a bit. What is the fascination. Withdrew Stephen Drew -- assessment has to Anatolia why is the media loved drew a good guy great guy and the -- -- -- to use their names will be in question I think it does a polite in the divorce factor you know always looms in our forces got. I think people he likes in the media uses them. Using some spots here I'm not saying knicks doing that year. But this is you know I think it was nick right nick writes it makes no sense of Stephen -- does -- the deal right it's a lot of sense. Because other in the Red Sox teams got to give up a first round pick. This guy didn't do this and probably three year deal right yeah it makes -- sense is Boris was foolish but but Boris. -- -- forget that -- and but you guys are as guilty of this is that it was in horse brilliant. That we know we we make no sense he's right Robin who's fault is all in this way it's currently structured physical indexes fall it makes sense in the car instruction. Like since he was offered fourteen mini turned it down that makes cents. -- you write that that's how he wrote or. Nick writes as underwhelmed as -- Bogart's left. After his defensive performance in Wednesday's 86 loss to the cardinals -- Guerrero left you all well after his -- display against the Marlins. In third in Thursday's rain shortened game John Farrell said like gosh he put on display defensively and has some very good at bats range up the middle outstanding. Double play he'd turn acrobatic as anything you'll see. Now we -- us skip ahead nick writes. Guerrero should be the future or shortstop. Based on his glove work and -- -- may be best suited for third base especially will will meadowbrook struggling in the field. As he did on Wednesday. When he committed an error and muffed another ball and then there's this. Wednesday and Thursday might have been isolated spring training games but they're also quite -- The difference between Steven -- and Bogart's at shortstop is vast. And that is not lost on people in the Red Sox organization. I happen to think that based on. Bogart size he sat next to Jared under these big kid which the opposite just that you know cal Ripken's and Tulowitzki some big guys -- play shortstop. But -- -- will middle -- struggles if indeed last night was the re last year was the reality. And and and not an aberration. That at some point I could see -- shortstop -- Zander a third. How. Mean. Right now I think it's a good time given the chance CV to play shortstop when he -- Obviously I didn't give into that opening day I'd like to see Bogut to a -- in fact. Memorial day of the exceed book that you see how it goes sure I don't I don't know -- tickets on the pull the plug on this Bogart's as a shortstop -- -- we're getting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are making -- -- decision roster decision -- I think we have to put an asterisk next every valuation at this point because they've gotten -- -- spring training is not an eagle on them or expert training. There's virtually no competition. Bogart's essentials of middle Brooks -- the third baseman and if you watch in the book boots a ball I guess she gets up right about on the talk about bought. That's great for stuff -- right to Colorado right Roy writes that even drew and he indicated believes he has no job. Is an excellent player -- Deep offensively and offensively. And he got better when he got new contact lens that you say and offensively. Stephen Drew is not an excellent player offensively by any state and he's an adequate Major League shortstop -- right. You know -- -- -- -- to 53 -- -- -- power. OK he he said one. Outstanding season. That was 2008. As a long time ago I mean last year he would 253 the year before he hit. 220. The year before in the morning for the patriot it's a sign them to 23. Seven home runs twenty you know Serbia in Korean point seven appearances. Yeah before that 252. Year before that 278 the -- 261. When -- excellent offensive player part command in the post season. I won't tell you in the postseason was historically bad shortly bat and again adequate play can battle on two balls that are really wanted to run right you're dead and the towering infield hit the strike it. Balls was put in play. I believe was. And get that for you but I didn't mean by no standard 2013. Boston red marks. In the World Series he won 58 in the -- CSU 050. And the and the Tampa series he had won thirty threes so those three series he had a total. Of 56 hits and -- to its 58 suburbia 56. At bat you know immediately it. But a hundred right immediate said Denny sometimes we do have some fun with the callers expense and the fans expect that the overreact you of one spring training day where things don't work on her acquittal -- feel like overreaction sure I'm just a part of right now a thousand words numbering Stephen -- I can get a -- he's ready to write that matter why. Yeah just relating to the opera to baby was coming out -- this way which is why they're still a lot of merit. To bringing back Stephen Drew stabilizing the defense until Marie aero is ready in 2015. And led Bogart like he is inevitable position while getting middle -- at bats at the corner so it's already suggesting. The -- command play shortstop Bogart's moved to third and I don't know what works as a baton. I don't know I thought they were set on the left side of the infield for now I mean if you. If it's again may June and things are working out that you got to make a move and guess what Stephen you'll still be event hopeful it's not going anywhere let's say I. -- last year has some sort of impact on what they can and should and will probably do this year. And they bought from 69 wins under Bobby Valentine like seventy or 75 wins and finished it last place right around were Toronto did a last place. But I can -- right at all the Red Sox baseball -- people that we can do this again I'd like we that we can't that you don't win seventy Sony five maybe eighty games again. We have to be stabilized we have to get drew back in the middle we can't afford in a young rookie mistakes at shortstop young rookie mistakes item rookie and that's okay. An intrusive better shortstop defensively in the bluegrass. I think yet. Either in progress makes up for that difference offense offense would say so and coaches think the potential that. This guy being a superstar. Should should that -- you just just. Allow us all to get past -- Stephen Drew -- this year this year let's let's move past and see -- boycotts can be all the can be aggressive it's not really -- -- as much as a middle Brooke's question really is if you don't buy -- in the -- at all be helping -- Brooks is gonna be in every -- Major League player that I guess you can -- -- aggressive third shift to short even Drew Bennett and eventually -- you think -- is better than -- Brooks than I -- I think the -- -- is better than all of them and they traded him for you know. A year and a half -- -- Jake Peavy older or is there on either school you on this I gonna get to that because it's absurd and I ghetto like nick. And now this could -- we got a stock has got to stick and this is beyond absurd there was. Even a stark contrast between Jose Iglesias and Stephen -- But we came to find out the pictures and coaches loved drew even more than Iglesias because when I was at shortstop they knew the play would be made. Whereas with a Iglesias there was always that lashing aspect. That's sometimes would result in an error. Today I mean I Sony's outline an Irish times talked to pitchers and catchers in -- players and so they'd rather have -- short quiz time already sure. As a shortstop for -- Boston Red Sox last year Jose Iglesias played 29 games. 240 innings. And one against how many errors he made. To wrong wrong 111. Wanna earn 240 of drew what do you wanna bet it's a play he made and -- remember. Shouldn't be and he got to maybe ultimately won the first us open. They played third deeply committed three years it a position at third and 279. Innings. He's the best defensive shortstop the Red Sox have ever had. -- -- -- -- Spectacular shows that he's gonna win and gold gloves now achieve is retiring. On the Jeter's -- -- picture for emeritus a indication. That it did not handle it nine at nine gold gloves and I know nick -- -- love Stephen Drew and lots of beat God's love Stephen Drew. The idea that Stephen who's better defensively. That's like saying you know. Ryan -- it's better than Tom Brady quarterback it's just absurd on its face to say. That Stephen Drew or Iglesias or Rico at the -- or Rick Burleson better than Iglesias at shortstop. Nick was there every day. He was their practice and on in spring trip he knows how good -- he says he's just so in love would rule and Boris. The -- proceed through better if you ever read shortstop you ever replace a guy on the beat every day who says it doesn't make sense to sign. I don't think so I think every single yes -- -- -- at the societal -- on the black is white and white is black and and and the sky is purple in the you know that the water's not wet. The space Stephen Drew is better. Defensively. And Iglesias. It's just silly to me it's me honest to god you could take. That that that get that kid from New Zealand at the Celtics game and -- it was better to jog -- saint John's point earlier I testament let's just watch those guys play for a week it's not think that what can I test to undergo a lot of -- you -- travelers and any measure. There's no measure bonds -- she's gonna he's almost Ozzie Smith good defense right I'm talking doctorate you could -- -- to Korea. Well this is okay. Now I know all the Red Sox organization. Is not interested in whether. -- Bogart is happy or unhappy at shortstop or third base. And there are probably aware I disagree I think they want him it's happy it's as well and I have the -- to be pitching in about but I think you get the most out of him. All around probably shorts probably and he feels like he's in his position and he's comfortable I think that's when you get used to whatever they think that he is better served at third base. And he's come gonna say that and our -- are served with him that there they're better with him at third base. I think to get it taken a much consideration what what Zander Bogart's thinks about where he wants to play. The duck boat situation last October. Jerry and I had an opportunity atop the -- and Jerry asked a pointed question. One baseball question for you wouldn't show up at Fort Myers at February are you were shortstop would you be in your mind you there -- -- sure. Yeah in my mind depth -- on -- on this on this dog in their lives in my early career you know enough. That's -- if you were happy you know this is just. Where it is happy yet yeah. I think that matters I do it that that matters I think he you'll get the most out of him if he says short in these. It's like guys where they hit in the lineup that matters mean he can't say it doesn't it can't take precedence over what's best for the team right. But you know if Dustin Pedroia feels -- are happy -- or whatever three goal and you kinda. Given the benefit of the doubt this will you wanna get if deportees. Wants to hit cleanup you want him to be happy and well adjusted -- right frame of mind. You know always grant their wishes but coach you want -- -- to be happy or -- -- in the right. -- -- no question all the stick that one step further if the Boston Red Sox were to take nick of part of suggestion. And bring drew in and move -- to third and battle try to get was -- middle Brooks has to play to accentuate his value. Somehow get some at bats. Where is funny and unhappy people are not gonna have not that this is BL it's not that the tipping point of view by -- Bogart's unhappy in the Miller and I know last year and that stuff does matters than you have. Couple guys and where does the Brooks plight where's what's next solution -- -- -- said it may be changed your mind the Red Sox organize nation does not consider him as an option at first base made that changes related blog -- -- -- ton of money and now right Diana Ortiz DH company's -- Ortiz dope that -- It could be platoon right in the feet probably not. The Ortiz came after you hear the Internet and read. Of Baruch a far right that are -- logical trade -- if it's not work. But he's awfully low value -- now through doesn't need to play a little bit -- last year was the rib injury nothing else against the muscles. In the room. Convince other teams that these you know rate yet she got to play got to shows opened up our trade agenda could go back down onto the field through right. None of us are Davis is already stolen funds that she sees that -- sparkly sheet. Big -- the gig. -- medical -- elbow problems go crazy guys we like children to back up here I think that. Thought they did -- was the leading candidate but I think there's it's sort of audition platoon I likable of additions of one of them. -- -- -- You like them both yes I know -- -- -- about -- They seemed fine I I think it -- started and Sarah Davis looks a little bit of an Al Davis seemed sluggish. While Duncan Sarah Davis -- Duncan elbow and -- not a real notice sandy doctor's daughter it is yeah yes. Mariano Duncan heard it I probably the baby. She you should all -- a cadet -- a one I expect a habit if I was you got crazy eyes yes coach fiction is more potential demon that. To be little more creative little -- gear Al. Held -- a search seems a little packet tell the general sweet spot for Saturday it's. You do yes yeah yeah I'd I guess that's the Jerry keep in mind that her Twitter handle is Sarah Cole Davis never stopped you do you know. The road and I don't know I think you may go to the challenge for Davis in the picture here's some. Alley -- -- may -- a may not on I'll. He's younger but reasonably well she's she's young. She's from canvas so we. Two of them don't know when and kindness we think it's me it's just because it's unbelievable I'm and it's up to call it you know people. To find out I've heard that's what I heard they do not have a did not. The replacement yet -- -- you -- to probably knows every detail this girl's life. Or Social Security number and that three digit code on the back Burkhardt yes and elbowed -- -- put their house you know maybe it is a two million job you know to -- your personal life the love. The big not maybe he maybe it is 82 -- job -- woman job and they unit take turns 62 and a lot it's a grind it is a grind and -- worn down lonely lonely and -- -- -- -- -- player on Goddard 62 games and travel now. And we seems that wrote a great job -- travel and I'll probably be sure he's going to be iron going to be elect -- own handle the full time that's a lot of -- by yourself. You know in Minneapolis iTunes gentlemen Kansas City. Like she'll wait for -- your bags all the at the airport that's the -- -- -- that's the -- it's going to be like traveling a -- I hate that that's the worse when you hear all they have thunderstorms in Kansas City alone now that's got these six hours well and you job you were under way and board. Indeed -- the look you -- you -- in on the look at the thing in the dances middle new on go on meals eaten. One sided views fat guy -- Abraham. It is. Sausage. Off and it's between sausage and and the -- Tuesday intern and a court. You guys committed on -- again I would observational you'd do you have largest human being I've ever seen in broadcast veteran Michael debate that's -- -- about what's his name from BC and good guy but I'll tank -- -- -- large man. You stand next to this in -- just to feel skinny. It's like a rail compared him sausage. So really ever stood next to -- Carlos and looks down on him. And you lose weight don't let yourself try a salad -- chip -- fell. You should go to the new gym together. On -- -- loser was the Biggest Loser and yes it is. 1912 years old four pounds yes oh yes -- four. And that what -- -- -- well. Outlook by him in the hall and smelled it now so for bills and smoking cigarettes can sounds like he's given up hope mania that ninety -- -- I. Auditioning ultimate. I've not yet know what you came in the day this whole red mark. Mershon. This is strange. It really is because. -- seemed like set in his ways yeah you know as the show goes home you know pansies and missed them on like Jon Lester he gets like changed the right goes through. And he won't trying to get -- -- and -- Milk C originally allocated yet he says they say you're trying. To ensure which. -- time. And now he's. Now he's. Fully -- him because it is now -- and that night that he might be a possibility at least have to do curious to hear the trio of Michael hall -- and hand and on current. From two to four on Friday on the on -- favorite sounds good. Eventually be an outstanding shadow it's well documented -- meant and has many crucial addition to Dennis -- that's true in the mornings. Well look forward to listen to but it sounds awful should I just don't see it being fitted horrible what do you think and at the end this does the end. But could come beacons and as a potential solution in the afternoon yes the it's easy answers no yes no to that personal is an afternoon shall now place but if that's what he's going down if you -- -- Carolina who's a chemistry between previous release but it could click and and would be -- cross off the list it's no way we don't want that right to appoint one of its deliberate it's good no chance. -- got screwed -- he's. Or you'll be an -- don't. For guests you know. We get the Boston bullets I'd be on the Boston -- -- our -- while ultimately got a report for. Thanks -- -- I know I saw the producer Ben yesterday and he said they already work and -- and have to leave again -- TV. -- -- sixth and sometimes we have to go over things or anyway. And again in the states that already convincing him that party convinced in the state for -- for. You've been forceful or I didn't show was so. Co host and a career -- apps that is a that's cool but through Google my kids just -- -- frame of remote wall human -- together now there's -- laughing that's arms around the other guy. It was between us and it's an -- what plane you totally yeah I do. I'd let my supplement now I don't. I that's political career so for that exchange would you say -- -- that in the suburban -- in the last I thought put that pilots in answer to the question for you guys do this all -- is that they asked me to do it happened boat you -- not be like I -- -- -- you're never happy -- not like anything it's true if you guys want -- leave now obviously we would not happen to -- the ones who initiated that's not my attitude not my interest so it's up to us. Us when you go to after the it's really not at this point. That's it's okay it's up the -- yes if you go to -- and -- vote and now. True to produce -- -- it shows that -- Through. That make note of it last it was back and threatening thing does work -- got a John JR district five expected it to take her away it's just keep that you have you -- -- -- -- In the core chip. This lake to its more engaging bands. Are more engaged review date they -- they actually seem more a little bit of a human. There it is doubtful that they don't see using human without us with them you know just wait. The good afternoon so in the minutes and will be a nice woman -- audio and yes. -- -- -- and -- few current and all yeah I am I'm from a ball was right that to be good chemistry in the producers and like a match. So there's no saturated -- group. Yeah that's a problem fixing this is hard it is in the car into the other larger kiwanis -- are hard -- never stop you you're gonna you gonna wanna stirred up and and talk about silky. Wells Hokies away you know there's been converse. And -- it and all the won't play or I -- that's a concern. And that should just -- off the air bottom. And it's an economy back on say. It -- right yeah I can do that's good radio with only two hours from gone forever although these two -- two and half because they gonna keep you for two -- floor and we'll see you you really wanna miss or for. I do every day would expect. What if the theme is something new like that's true that's for the Dutch. A 355 -- -- say you know parties the humans would ever do to miss answered the question that I will swell moment. Couldn't you could call in on your way to albeit albeit by MLB -- we ought to be against a beautiful day. Kidding -- the Kabul radio appearances. While I -- the bathroom I'll be fully and it shows just election on going to show you out it's a -- they're going to be important -- -- -- and cloudy the idling away. -- gonna take a playoff got some ideas seem jot them down Japanese even those two top -- -- before. Ideas right away and if you guys really -- -- welcome -- before when you want to sit on that what we're saying so like over the weekend. Just as Monday thinks will be in place the theater from Bob Malone is what's the time -- -- -- would you call the name. All the it doesn't it the minute hand current Chicago. -- about all MD day Eisen on eager Paul -- That's. Toxic work secretary of state and I'm on the show I'm not leaving the -- yeah they shot just call it the blitz blitz has been so good. For so long now it's just call the show -- and. On the show I'm reading -- -- in sports they all know Chad has never ever. -- reported right ever. In the paper -- we're shaded things his way if they papers were ever Roche as the long history majors and scandals huge lack of exchange with a cold or you're just don't know what happened did not want. Are you following me. -- and follow him. -- -- -- -- went out he turtle. Oh you did DNC's blog I can look at those during the breaks on seven. 77979837. -- and -- and happy about it. -- who's had more trouble. -- -- historians or Aaron Hernandez and will come back I think all three of us. We're going to try very very hard to feign the kind of Florida Marlins in Diggnation. Of the horrible thing. The Boston Red Sox did to that organized nation yesterday by the way I misspoke. -- but he -- wrote. In the trending now Bergeron didn't score Eriksson got credit for that school will.

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