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Bill the Spaceman Lee tells stories as only he can

Mar 6, 2014|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny talk with Mikey's buddy, former Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee. Bill talks about bad neighbors, his playing days with the Sox and beyond.

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Okay it's almost baseball season. But about anxious about it. Now I get -- doldrums. Football's over for a month. Hockey's not playoff time yet Celtics. Are -- quagmire of rebuilding and and here comes baseball just to save my life and here comes bill leave the space man. Clean shaven for a change I haven't seen you're such a beard a longtime youth hippy freak. Well that's what the state he said when they came up my driveway last today was enrollment. Got -- appear in court on the 29. For assault and battery and disturbing the parties for what. You're making this whole I'm not what happens. I drove all last night in an effort ten days I've had to park the car the bottom of the hill down and I was walking with my wife we put on every all the food and everything misled and we dragging up the hill because the neighbors won't drivers -- And I turn around and light was flashing lights were on and people were walking comic -- went down. Right. And they told me had to move my car or was going to be -- And I said but I can't get up the hill uncles and aunts and it is. Buick amenities to the army uniform and out of the Rea I'm the bottom of the hill and we're gonna tell what we're gonna do this to that I should know -- candidates and it I built this road it's might ease Manama allowed 25 feet. He says yeah we're gonna -- your car. In a symbol to L driver over Scott's house news side report team. In -- -- in my face and it was like you know it was like when -- on skates -- your nice. Things happen. Yet there's something at a hockey game or so earlier dance -- and I didn't quite get his sweater over the top of his. What that had serious serious city and I'm not apologizing even arrested your whole life. All -- accommodated on -- entire -- three times in one night Moscow. In Moscow -- dangerous when it three times in one night -- We're going to be a surprise you back here in the United States definitely 200 -- of liked when he bought US. That's it that's all you -- so when it so tell me about the how this ended up you got arrested for a anyway I I get the car get in there and I go across the street words got house men. There were to pick up trucks there's two Brothers there at the grandsons of David Gregory fought on Iwo jima. The very legitimate guy and nice guy who used who I shook hands with and bought the farm. I bought the top of his property right the view OK now when you on the view. You alone the top of the land but you know normal forms -- grandson haven't. I've a grandson behind -- grants and for enemy. And they've been given these two parcels of land and they're called the Willie's OK so I'm surrounded on both sides like to -- and -- it. We will we got lucky when you go early on ones I know -- and yeah you know it's united and hot title what they call me in the middle. -- just it's. So anyway -- -- the -- and go to a bank yet so we're not so now we're dances at the bottom of the hill you a cop. No audio on the other took the -- OK okay to bring out -- reduced Oppenheim knows it well. This is late so now I get back up the hill and next thing you know others to state troopers right my driveway exit guide you guys get up there pretty -- You have to Apple's lead. They got to the drug accounts of the -- that they came into charged with assault battery and this or -- -- that someone have to be either be forces shortly correct. I've waited so to get hurt no one got hurt -- Boeing got hurt it was like there so I park the cars cuts -- in Scott was -- commanders then he wouldn't about. So like going and I'm looking I've got to walk back across the highway Ortiz and got -- or around these two Yahoo!'s. There lit like a Christmas tree and a and I'm going back in the -- packet. So I'm going. What was it. I go on the back and I picked out of -- -- black bats an old reflect light sport for self protection -- -- -- you know I got it back in my pocket I'm walking back cross street. So it tells the story is the eighties. Who wouldn't poem about the black. It cause. It for a judge. Says I'm looking forward to. You know I've said I've had enough I've had enough of these to Yahoo!'s these two rednecks out there and a bit on your common driveway area -- then I built the drive. I took -- half a mile law and it's you and you want our I legally OK to have that drive we go through that prop that's the only way I can get to my -- right. Okay I'm quite a bit there but I doubt that a picture and another footnote trust passing. -- I have to make sure I don't get off the rotors and off the road like it shot by going to vintage. You know I'm I let them on my property let them -- -- -- -- -- -- my proper -- And this is a quiet town in northeast kingdom where they will be. Wow that is very very strange and so I really. And he said it's a nice house should sell real quickly. I'd like for tomorrow are happening at -- bad that I I say the Hatfield McCoy several break it out it is and my ex wife -- to McCourt. That is so my -- was named Mary Lou you know for how many years you've lived up there now I mean it I've lived there since 1988. I knew the two grandsons when they're worse and a group went yellow 25 years. That's yellow. Doug Cooper yellows you know that's what it is the problem the driveway bill is that Oprah it's a perfect drive when the problem is that I. And ability. I have a big. Oyster I have a big light -- and the big thing. I have TV truce which came up to date before TV crews from I don't know how news people -- people -- -- came in in Montreal body had to borrow the phone to call up and say they couldn't get up the hill. I had to go down in analogue in truck to drive up the -- hail yeah and the agency in the years. Their problem. And their their world is very small you don't have big crazy parties up there enough she's lucky I have to Montreal I'm not I'm home I know right most I don't I don't know. I once smoked while. Pieces more. -- sheep right. The rabbits of all right. Foxy the last check if I remember when your your girl your baby girl and a -- is there. And we're up there one day and you had you know you get to form going get potatoes grown and you know as it is here -- there aren't. And I remember you said one day I don't think you -- you're pretty far from the leaders could be history said and go get some -- she was like six. -- -- it's -- push -- to walk down the hill -- two miles up the road again next. She is sort of the the the other hand outs act which you have in your yard I did. I had the -- freaked me out Lola but she's really gonna go for long walk though and it now and has all grown up Nazis did she's a sophomore the University of Georgia anthropology. Up and make great mortician. At FL I know that's a dying business that -- and David I indicated very grave situation stab them we slap that haven't how many days the -- on the road. I'm on the road a moment on -- year really well -- animal home three months a year now augment the Yahoo!'s. One of -- in illegal house without a septic system. He's back there on 24 by 24 slap you -- each share and one twos so what you should be glad you don't live already here's what happened you know like. They were served. Yesterday afternoon. You think this problem occurred by coincidence all we have is some days some months ago while in the end and I've got I've got -- legal back end of the got her. Senator Leahy. -- Miro Weinberger Burlington at tournaments in early I have immoral and lawyers had guns and money dad and get me out of this you're warm and. Add up or get it there it is warranty by lawyers because of money do we come back towards even at least a couple of times tonight. So everybody out there and radio land -- number 617779797. Billy. In the house. -- -- On his way you're kind of committed at that house product ever heard enough revenues grew up different different idea right that you're gonna recover the -- the -- on court TV I love it I can't I hate to get the job -- Or ideas that away because I've I've built the road I've. Basically. But the Culbertson lives candidate I have -- for fourteen maintain a -- I have maintain the whole thing and and what you've never -- -- to back down from a good it's you know was a scrum. And I was gonna ask you now -- while you're here if you could to depict. Your most famous managerial. Issue which was with the -- Don -- you gave that name you can get along with a what started that big. Fight between you would. Don -- What was the cause of that. I think. I was sitting in Seattle and I was sitting there I think it was -- -- go north with. -- been our boy I think was or no -- was still with us. We had a fourteen game lead on the Yankees and he said yeah I was take -- taking me out of the starting rotation after my record was and and I said we bring -- up he said -- brow as you can. But peace -- Bobby's brow and I remember that's what it never really pitched in the big leagues you never won a game in the okay at all at all yeah Bobby's -- took my spot. I think your record went to. I was ten and and at that point of the into the season host and tan. Never got another start never got another start. I never I only pitched in the Red Sox massacre when we came back the in my -- And then that massacre right through nine in a third innings of relief and gave up one run. A home run the loop and Allah and that's it that's what you -- you can see I had to put you back in the rotation never. And I had pitched those nine innings in one of those Red Sox games yes. We would never seen but he'd mop on our reported the playoffs we would have avoided the playoff if he just started one. Right so you -- observer but it wasn't the first time you didn't see -- -- because you -- a whole bunch of guys. -- Fergie Jenkins I remember that day because there was a fight between Sutton and -- It's an LA if these remind it was on that same day and he says how can these two guys like no how can they fight. I said once a pitcher ones hitter and the Twain shall never me. Yet and I -- that Samuel Clemens you know we're right where they both from the darkness with Gary we're able to draw on the dot -- up before he went to the Padres -- right man I think -- -- both on the Dodgers -- they had to have been because I played against. Garvey in 879. When he was there I beat -- and back to one. And got a base hit office here -- Montreal with Montreal beat -- and arousal I'd just shaped my beard remember that Harvey am -- not first RB goes. I don't know if you look better with or without the beard. And it says US open wheel or Opel there at at a pivotal of that he -- now that. So that did 78 and a 78 when the Red Sox win that was the collapse that's what they said. OK I you're going to stand pat exactly which was that may be the worst. Ever trade in Red Sox history because. You went on to win sixteen games for the Expos at. And cap but I stand happy not big populist not confusing to -- as happy didn't do squat nothing ever. On the subway stops around whose stand pat who the hell was and happy yeah it was amazing I'm the good old days. Yeah but I was with Dukakis they were trying to get me career I was with fair share Abalone alliance. It was -- The mass commission against and -- radical causes is zero population growth. Until like Katie was born and I was wrong that that. That was my third kid. But I I used to do all the causes here in the and I started the group in Cambridge calls -- from -- -- yes which -- Harrington stated. You know the yawkey -- right now and it's based series you've been partly because of your revolutionary. Thinking as the they left wing. Anarchist. Who you you you were kind of are on the bus for everybody just Zimmer. When I was player rep I was American League player rep always writers' strike we had the lockout we had 76. We were free agents stand. Then an 81 when I was in Montreal that was the last -- right and big league right as I was nationally player wrap your Marvin -- Barbara Miller working I was Marvin Miller right hand right right is the only one arm okay. That's and the and that's why it ever appropriate about the guys who did what he -- he retired in Europe all the reps and they said what should we get any -- Tennessee slams -- that -- around -- All right so the phone number his rhetoric because limit your questions -- -- we -- baseball and I got some for myself but the number 61777. -- 7937. The -- at 37937. And I wanna read one here that says for mr. -- they car which is a song famous song to by the Bob bets. Mr. -- mr. pitching clinic in building nineteen I was about eleven so like 1990. -- Tommy had to throw a fake. Curve ball for free pews pubescent -- with this weird over the top delivery you said. And I don't want you've thrown any other way until you're shaving. Right it startle the hell out of me anyway long story short absolutely dominated my next Little League season. No one could touch that pitch always want to say thanks so thanks Wally did you change his role like get outlook. That's that awesome. As whole world that made my days is that right there demeanor. You best I've ever heard a long time. You know -- teaching to add to teaching young pitchers and yet you you've says before you stay away from the hard breaks up prior to twelve thirds he's a day away from the hard stuff. Until you can handle right. You know and that's basically my life on every it would boost to every. There's nothing wrong with a beer. There's nothing wrong with bears there's nothing wrong with -- -- as long as you're having with the meal. You know but if you're sitting on the corner in a 22 -- sure you've got a problem do you have an issue -- editing the brown bag. -- -- -- -- -- We have Dennis and Hyde Park Dennis go ahead here on a radio is based in what's up Dennis. And -- -- hey bill how -- I'm gonna I don't think he had any advice would you can't about the benchmarks. I was right idea that you see what was wrong with -- that they had. But hey your you know -- on national if I'm correct right. Yeah -- -- game and we cracked. My brother and I will be -- to get -- claim your horse at a await our -- pitch against stand Williams of the Cleveland Indians they don't want. He was later your pitching coach was later my pitching coach for Ellen -- late -- all the Al late September upload that would have been my I came up in June or July but you've pitched out that there. I did I threw really well McLean you know I hit it I remember my last game against -- I almost beat him might get a triple in the right field corner. And Kayla and tried to shoestring it you know hey I was a pretty good pitcher people -- -- thank you. -- think that is thank you. Yeah I don't -- I don't -- probably been a belt I make you want -- at the after the marathon not a to join me to him about. The went to the marathon jemile -- -- Lila lounge and yet I'm gonna Albania shocking annual real -- sort of what guy. You're immune you made a face thanks for the call Dennis are you -- a place famous -- it out of your quote after the Tommy -- -- and with the you know these five of those guys are going hall of fame on Eliot lounge or literature and classic line from. Now be at -- -- are pretty good pitcher you know I mean that'd I -- I can't at all -- Perry -- -- and on the back in my pants -- apparently who's who's who's betting Eric Holder Betty Perry a little bit worried that our Alison she was the sound person for Z -- I mean I always. City board and she ran the board and hiding in the mystery ends -- -- a whole what -- groups there we -- a RD down there and on your hand at all -- on the back your pants Akamai now which lefty or righty. Yeah. Here's amber that she wasn't a pleasant -- and plant corn Washington and I just it's you bring a -- it. You know people and associate smell and sound yes. You know it's especially when someone starts -- trips my memory. Light and -- -- Now boards even wrote the song about you -- what what year was -- -- believe it's on his seven BA bad luck streak and dancing school album 70787879. That goes with. But the Red Sox -- okay. And you know that he basically -- -- -- what what does baseball -- -- based -- the game where you choose to sunflowers outsider yes it's not a stupid they nod at stupid things now it is man that it is -- usual mental picture -- guys on the bench -- attic could be due to cut -- the guys in the bench people always nodding at each other stuff that you knows what they're talking about and -- say -- -- that was a stupid things. Well you look at the Cincinnati red. 75 video and. All. The all the coaches been at the same time Trenton train in unison and you know including Sparky exactly it was like. This is what baseball is it says it goes on for ever and if you can slow things down you see stuff that no and l.'s servers yeah. And you see that like the kid called and remain in his father pushed its. And and what about your -- better look at that -- not knowing that he was cross checking his -- into the -- as a glass case remains that they get so excited. Is popping your browser editor Ed up -- the high fidelity College Hockey it's so funny idea but that's what hero's ability you know. I've told used before and -- and we've blog that talks about yet we just talk about last hour. It was my hero. You know -- I've met him. Exactly you know that I don't -- while you know he's not that niceties at that friendly -- double date with him in Kansas City -- -- go to the early Peters and her father. Husband actually. Is that the philharmonic. For Kansas City or Mon Derrick the conductor and exactly and as a -- matches in the football girls can't have children -- -- -- should take a more often. Now it was a perfect day he was your favorite pick up the tab and -- -- somewhat off and it -- -- -- your bridge partner to us honest on all the flights all the -- -- and did you -- and he he -- the US congress article as you won as I was Smart -- and I was good but he went over bid he wanted to he hated to -- -- them. Yeah not it was a reflection on them but he Jiri with the Notre Dame it was that. Anyway but he over bid and CEO we get caught and three notre -- -- diamonds are like that that we go down four in the united on the window of the plane and a break and you know two of those little Plexiglas. Or even get sucked out of the -- this the that are here and it went rhino there's too little windows people realize that it installed yet. People don't understand you know one thing and I never was much player but I understood bridge and I found a long time ago bridges like sex. If you if you don't have a good partner you better have a good hand. Like that -- -- when you used. -- in Somerville Bob go ahead. -- on the county. All right sorry it's all right bill. I'm lucky you don't go work ethic out and play him in the eighties. I mean. -- -- needs and that he had trouble up where you look at them eat more than happy to Carmen. Visit error. I got to I've got the DuBois Brothers from Montreal like biker gang what year. Or come around my house out to a bunch of guys borrowers. From water every year and you'd think I'm a bad neighbor but at. State -- is better than -- the host but because biker -- I don't know I don't know -- from Montreal at a reduced much real sound like I am at a guy Andy Kennedy elect come down to your house all right the only guy a guy -- -- -- Bush's face in the money. I sit on that job is and I wrapped around his neck at the that is of that is going to be quite the neighborhood and eventually Bob go ahead on site. Or it would have been a little -- subtle but -- it'll ever covered by. Six week period power play could probably hit a bit longer in the mud. I got -- I was just I was dance with those last night. As sort of a dark and made an error in the U dot northern Vermont and night it's sub four blows -- Bob thanks for checking in thank you now Arab we're gonna talk to build some -- and take your calls -- 6177797937. Lenny -- is here John. And of course you hadn't be delightful dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant and they brought they brought parting gifts yeah I guess you walking here with unbelievable. Lobster roll -- you guys hungry. -- -- a lovely yet -- you don't notice I bring my idea act like chicken out might shake OK I think let me answer roll over let -- -- have no interest amid a lobster was too old. -- -- -- -- well it's great new restaurant your life your wife -- -- may das -- the you do that's why John and I don't partake I want that I always ask you want somebody look at -- -- -- now the lobster -- here you're all hungry -- business. It's -- found out that we were eating yet I'm grateful you're here bunny made them you know and. At -- fish in North Reading yeah yeah idea I love that place to take a break come back and talk about everything yeah everything under the sun with the this baseman -- we'll talk -- the current Red Sox as well. And -- analytic situation when we come back. Back here on planet Mikey show space rented a house. Anyway you where you go to Vegas or something here I'm in. Kick off tournament MS BL -- OK that's but that's Vegas Vegas you play ball there I am with the CIA and the FBI. -- yes I'm sure you are at best I've played for team out of Langley. While -- already -- the and one of the wives is there and we last year. Where what you do she goes -- -- She's -- sniper had her husband mrs. piper and they expecting. -- I don't mess with them there and got a Vermont -- -- -- Skype released tonight at night so yeah. They take them back yeah I was just say take that back I'm caught and Ozzie Virgil. He's got to deuce and and he's got 250 caliber machine mounted. Why -- -- the former that it was another that that that you know Ozzie Virgil but it is -- -- -- -- I would think so you know I -- fifty caliber in jungle land. In 1970. At 40. Boy just as part of your army think that's what they did is they are all going over Vietnam and I wasn't -- and they dismayed as clean their weapons. It it's nice it would Al lead in -- -- and I didn't you would soon have to do they got out of that mess seven billion -- sounds like oh. And you've done what 45. Of them for four bullet like it. The other making a movie supposedly a group out of the guys who did fear and loathing laws yeah -- There. -- its but he is right no films. And I was rent the president on the -- party that's right now hunter S Thompson exactly -- ago. And Johnny Depp. Was in yet play -- -- played honor and I just love that I -- so loose and who plays you. I want my son to play. As he looks like. -- can legally unity can do Rizzo left him. He's left a -- is okay is OK okay. Everything. Is integrated. And he's left. He would you have to win to his son's death is that by design or are you don't you think there's a natural mr. being you pick up the ball whichever did you throw away that's what you're Michael's right handers did just. Forced himself to be left weird birdies but -- isn't true left via my my boy -- lefty to. Yeah it says it can be to a local baseball no question about it. That much we actually baseball west faces a game. That's set up for left handers it really hits you right because left handed hitters. Eight closer to the first base -- act and they're all right -- and Iran Iran you got a gap there you left handed hitter that's what mostly an all time batting champions have been left and -- re edit her already and it's not as a practice that arrogant -- figure out -- we did it at the bottom of that to the game itself prize ports that is if you will I can hold the runner on. Yeah a lot and lot right Adam look right now and they have a hard time. Stealing second base you know I have a pretty good movement to pick people you know who had the greatest move ever is an independent and -- while the best in the -- floor who wins Bob Butler had a bad mustache and disabling my brother yet. He did -- on bed -- It's a bad porno started bad for a movie you know. Now Austria left handers a Red Sox have 21 and Jon Lester who. Claimed he was going to be going to take home team discount stick in Boston but you know we're finding out in a home team discount from. I'm Lester may be twenty million a year anyway 23 point Biggio and we -- and but this if you will tell us your assessment of Felix -- brunt. I saw him last year the end and I said he's got a pitch against Saint Louis and finally they listened to me. And that brought him man in the race's history why do you say that -- he had a perfect fade away for them. He had. He was the perfect match. Like I was the purse -- -- matchup in 75 against Cincinnati is like it pistols right handers away and turn the ball over. And he'd just was master yet but EU looks good already this spring. He's gonna have more and more confidence these he reminds me a little bit of -- wrong -- Mike Quayle are right who was a Cy Young -- winner one year with Denny McClain. Who'll -- -- should have hit the ground ball wherever he wanted to talk to Willie Hernandez she brought his name yes. He had a perfect fade away and look at Koji he has the perfect -- if you can pitch power hitters. A way slowly. They can't hitch because as long as you can throw hard not to keep them honest. They will always swing over the top of that fade away from. Tug McGraw -- -- urged Lee had that fade away. Same thing he had the slider and yet pinpoint control now you know I mean great relievers and agree years but last year that second half of the year the guy was light out. I mean he never -- -- balls in the time he didn't give up my you know that ball almost was caught in center field right you know and unbelievable it you know he sold tickets he broke the record. He broke the record for most consecutive -- of you know very small area but it was a and I asked packages with lawyers who do -- Latin phrase used their promise this year is going to be score. You think so. Yeah and and I thought Pierzynski. You know would never get hurt and now he's got as the -- the ankle you know not -- -- to catchers in -- -- thirties right. It's that it beat I like both -- I love combo yeah I mean there's this Roscoe I was just you know he's like almost a one of those salt of the earth. Ankles are hard but suing you -- here -- out. You know. They do have an up and coming guy well -- as it is -- that yes there is a god supposedly -- ago -- going Ross was comparative to yadier -- they always talked about -- and weighs -- next big thing here he's here guys -- yeah and it I've -- right. Are we -- watt. Not Dixie want to leave but the the what we might -- here of saint. Whitney and I know wasn't Dixie widely on balls and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get paid though I wouldn't have variety show review with the academy music in North Hampton. A moment -- that like twenty years ago yeah that you're. Are featured speaker. I just like that take up on the Ed Sullivan out. I used to play ball out there played -- Hampshire College -- that would now Thursday with -- Thursday we were obviously -- -- national online within the pit and that. You know all you went and got right after. What's at all -- youth ball. Yeah how we -- it was a really fun but that was way yes I'm a big tax there or that like yeah. You know any game 67%. And. You it's fifty cents -- who -- then my neighbor came over that morning that you wanna -- to game whether it be to -- and the last game. You were there for fifty cents. An. Assistant -- show -- that a ticket prices so you should -- a while. -- -- but then again you look at you say okay fifty says the players Jamaican you know 40000 dollars maximum. You know. Now and I've abuses -- before. What -- get a couple hundred dude granderson -- to a grand valley took home 89 month and oh so you only have to pitch a 150 years bill to make what. What. Was against the Dodgers -- a person what he's gonna make it this year we have the -- is a 150 years at that number it this way where baseball's insane. And it just doesn't stop the Yankees sign Ellsbury. Twenty million dollars a year for seven years. To make any sense to it. Tired Darren what is the name is Darren Oliver and millions Aaron I'll he had no idea like you'd be a lefty could stick around again for -- -- he -- even -- -- wasn't -- -- There -- -- -- nowhere near as good as bill all you have to do is roll model for me -- you at all only one like left the dollar per unit acknowledged smoking pot. Well some on the cover -- times three times. What Richard Windsor go over to Amsterdam -- -- chairman of their him fast now I was I was and they want you to be I was the head speaker for normal. I remember before opening day when you really and we went to it and they didn't go up a bit or a day late and I forgot they are not the -- I didn't all the reds iced tea and it's -- well in the bleachers they gave me nothing but I think he's I think. But it is and it -- -- on his -- -- well you know it. He's tricky and it pretty and it's 45 degree angle and the way he brings his knee across like -- It's it's it's tricky rate -- -- early Saturday to early this early -- unit there regarding. Now I didn't -- -- got to move when I was Smart I knew when they are running and to this day and oh yeah you like Richmond guys -- and I didn't but I don't try to come up here at. Did you ever get golfer -- We need to get a couple of Geithner called for -- I usually call for block nowadays for not stop. And then I look at the umpire and and hold the ball and I ago now you want me to hold the ball for five and a half stopping a lot made of you know I said yeah you know I think. Don't care they're not running mommy anyway it's a 65 and -- it already -- -- I was I always wanted to call block on Billy Goodman and you've you've fulfilled your best gaggle. Tell your 93 program let me ask you before we take a protest. A break here about that the new rule they're trying to do it to avoid a home plate collision we were your thoughts on impossible. Impossible to do is just so so bang -- so close sew up the line. It's you just don't try and hurt guys but he got it I mean is is that it's a tough game and you gotta play at that way I gist. You know I feel bad I feel bad when guys get hurt but -- on her he came back in the hall of fame -- that the giant catcher hours -- that's where it gets hurt real going to be in the -- thing right you get hurt you come back you don't block the plate anymore this was a -- dagger that. You don't wanna make people thinking about that as it displays happening now you can't -- it's trending now writer yet here you want it to happen right there it as it goes and you can't be taken all while. Am I going to be you know. Pinched on this give the the broader a chance to score giving part of the plate. Take that'll play he can hook slide around you he can do this you know when you. Land and you have the ball in the -- step in front of the plate the runner has no ball for no other choice no choice right. What could there be more injuries to maybe if there ever on -- -- And -- of some injuries eagle slide into an era in roads on a plan -- like a and right you can try to slide if he's not totally played did you try to slide past the base and take out the ligaments not planted -- and it's locked in -- three truck when Fisk got hurt. He blocked the plate on -- Iran Lee and he got his clock ms. -- Iran Lee was big and hitting just exactly right. Posey was down. Kind of vulnerable and he got lead over his cleats got yeah and that's heat manner then you know but very seldom did people get hurt and it's you want. Rhubarb -- miss calls by umpires you won the umpire to come out I mean the the manager to throw his hat and it kicked dirt. And to steal a bag and throw it into the stands you want drama yes you just don't want this thing to be dictated by. The television and you don't want it to be dictated by overturning calls. I -- -- space -- is here with us Lenny -- John. USC will when we come back. Planet Mikey show its case Thursday night of rabbit have my good friend of my best man in my wedding Billy here hang -- Alice talk a baseball as he's so good at any. -- you don't you've never spent. I you're sixty some -- all you never spent any time talking baseball and your whole life threaten but anyone. Every day five days a week -- Montreal I have the show up there yet Mitch melnick who used to be with the Expos in the we're trying to get the exposed back to Montreal again likely. To spring training games in the mark yeah I'll be up there that know when you do speaking engagements you too many of them. And you have one apparent touchdown club last week or so couple weeks ago appeared -- There's all kinds of the Internet is littered with that tape to renditions of your speaking engagements where you know you're on on -- human being you don't have -- built in filter is we've all found out. No has ever gotten you any trouble and he's flattened last night. At the back and last night to the Vernon I mean of the Vermont people -- have crossed eighties. And it only well I would not go that way I don't back down from a fight and you know why does the Bible back it's I know that's. Mail Tom Petty companhia and lake city Florida. One of the great song writers Barrera and it's it's. That's just when you watch basketball you watch them they people bump up against each other it's it's the same thing. You know you know silverback gorillas are gonna meet the forest you know I think they're gonna have -- confrontation yet -- second would be easy for reader exactly what they're both going to be civil and they're not -- kill each other because. They know they can't propagate the species it's just. Mankind is getting worse because we're being -- Howard's -- talking about that the Internet anonymous people don't. Speak out and people are doing that and there's a lot of backstabbing. Because. They can get away with it yet and there's no one knows exactly who they really are exactly where -- not a good way to live your -- now this -- Texas says ask bill about -- Trojan barrel when I got to USC and 78 they were still talking about the things -- supposedly did. While Arnold the Trojan -- and that that's not -- -- condoms no that's that's a drinking establishment dual uses where rod NATO used to hang out over on the other side of the campus from boulevard field. And we used to drink there all the time. And yeah it was it was we were famous I mean. It -- we were surrounded by watts we were surrounded on all sides we are actually USC was kind of in the ghetto were on the -- began I used to go to Vermont street catch the bus. And my first of all my aunt would drive me back from Hollywood from there and I would catch the Vermont bet bus and I would beater back in the house. It I hated SE I hated their I have nightmares to this day dreaming. About SC missing classes professors at that they can test while I don't remember which or graduated with special that I nation I did but I still the anxiety use suffer. Being this place I was too young. You know it was kind of the guy dropped off and I was sent in the quarters might calm when I was that kind of nervous as a child. And I was I was young I went to school for and I -- icy to injury -- -- did late December exactly so I was always. I'm the kind of guy that would never made it -- the NHL you know I'd never. I I was too young and everything else it's a rare thing that I made his -- it did it -- but I was I was gifted gifted with a pinpoint control like I was gifted with. Very good move I was gifted with unbelievable ability to adapt and change yeah I think I I did this today. I get people out on pitches in the -- You know your -- against forty year old is it out yeah and our -- kids that -- -- -- him -- sounds funny but it's true you don't have 67 yeah oh yeah exactly -- play it down you have forty year old kids I have 42 of them and still play ball right. And I'm looking forward to going to lose one to look. A finish utopian community often island off an island off Vancouver Island and -- a play in the Victoria date tournament. With all these hippies up there died there eating oysters and playing hard ball like. Is -- my grandkids that's when I look forward to look for us kind of a strange but -- -- -- -- bloodletting if you'd have thought that way now that's -- -- -- come back game I don't think 1109 by the way he's so I did the -- -- try to squeeze all -- it before bill has flight tomorrow to Vegas let's surrogate Mike in the truck on here Mike. Hello. Everybody you know in my -- go ahead you're on the air. I'd pick and you're out I don't know if any garlic and -- -- 77. I'm feeling pretty good credit could -- -- -- of the time. Yeah about this issue that the yeah. And I know they're going to got a pretty good at that -- and make it sure that and -- chance. You have elect -- but I think that the leadership is going to be picked it because bottled and shipped -- the planet from last year. Is going to be a good team don't worry about it I love him and you know you just can't appreciate what you had last year this team didn't think they're going to be 500 amendments spring training and they had Ballantine. They had this all hanging over and it was just tremendous -- what kind of truck you drive the 990. I'm gonna get my feet and -- -- Arlen or rather etc. but that won't go with it clearly. Long Island bringing fresh wanna. As good -- And yet any. Tonight let's not men that lot up for a Long Island -- he. -- Canadian illegal aliens on -- and I'm sure I don't doubt. About. It. That's -- -- Mike thanks ticket and get Jeff Greenfield hello Jeff. Yeah on I'm good how are you boiled -- and big day on the Connecticut River. But. Treatment that would yeah we feel there's a great town as a -- It's not a bad. My question is and -- suit based on these changes there on domestic you know within three lead and -- -- the last contact -- -- play. The question of sports in general public now I can't swear and say certain things in football they wanted to -- I think out of hockey. I understand your time goes on sports you have to Dutton -- -- and here and there aren't. And then on -- and people bought into that hole PHC get agreement what's going on that. My question is where they draw the line you know where when he is you know. You -- this was some vacation of all sports. Yeah I admit it when they're going to be enough -- why it why change things that are completely unnecessary and and on my big thing especially in baseball are now. It doesn't take away from the period and -- my understanding wanna get a car and especially big game do you wanna make sure it right. Forty years ago same situation look. -- human known yet well what about that though because the kind of play you're gonna have a play where you can't call in the first place. Even answer replay double its reply with the replay with a replay at everything else abandoning yesterday's high its attack. Well it it it's that -- OK you get a half a point I get a half a point it's a CFL. Tiger is that a runner. I goes in or whatever but whatever tiger -- the good play isn't it good though especially when it comes the big games that there can be no. Future argument about was he safer route if they have in those games the ability to get it right. Every time -- unlike what they'd done Dinkins or what every five. You know where it changed the whole outcome I know to say or or or even it's every five World Series you know the the play with an arm Brewster or something I mean. Another point though I mean I understand that bogey where -- -- -- -- -- line okay sure they're gonna start to review this -- let them and later sir thank all of our third you know. -- -- chewing everything and then you're just gonna make a long game even longer and I just think it's gonna you're gonna take. The carrier with him actually -- a lot of interest in -- Okay here's what we do. Before the season we drop a neutron no drop high frequency bomb in the atmosphere. And that'll have electric discharged which will destroy all cellular items and everything in all everything in -- will go back to. Everybody carburetor in your car will be able to get to you mean like cellphones and stuff everything is go on what you need is a burst all you need is a solar flare up of up -- through a magnitude. And hills -- We're off the year -- -- will we still -- mean what will it affect the rest of us I think so I think we're all gonna change and got answered everything now Bud Selig saying right now -- and I think that that's something that. When you refused have a cellphone you're one of the few people I know now in my whole life and you you don't have one you'll want one. You old school -- was to reach you they call your home leave a message you check your messages -- -- you know. I drive home -- breakdown on route fifty yard by blow up only -- my tension wire mine my belts are all gone. And I trip to a thing and I'm right by. A store that just closing under Amish and they get the army's air. And I -- leisure long line ago when I called 9 I am I'm Michael. AAA I haven't yet like art and then they go area Monroe fifteen and I said yet there's a -- tow -- gays in north Walcott named Ralph -- well. Yeah he's got to monitor will call him they'll come get me and he knows ram memory here over the homage from -- sit down have dinner with them. And then -- And I had been drinking at like two Beers and stuff and said honey there's some fried chicken on the car how many eat fried chicken that because I know that there's a cup can stop -- reflectors on their lights on eventually eventually ate the chicken. Sure enough the state polls. State gets out. It's a black. For months they I would patrolman and I mean -- I'm back and look at him go golfing year. -- chicken away and he goes are you all right it implies that just having a separate -- pieces you have a tow truck coming and yes they do. He does have a nice day -- Beautiful and I had an ending a happy and I get I get picked up Rockwell comes he actually puts my truck. Which can't my card which Kagan in my driveway gather and it -- he drives me up with the car. Oh god and then we take all the luggage out did you truck. I I answered do need accurate I think guided and I think you need your truck we have finds everyone says it wants to supply via the space that would struck out tea and it's amazing. When you breakdown you meet people that's -- you talk to people. And you get to know PP you know users don't have stories. When you have the cell phone you have no story. Yeah you have this thing that controls your life it is right there in your ignorance texting nowadays. It's -- -- I don't forget on top of the hour you know -- we get this clock your bravery of some couple people wanted to skip. Get to that are on hold here Otto is indebted tell a lot of -- unlucky guy and yet make a quick but he. What that side of our police moved to first base was about 97 let these pages -- -- box on our blog he -- the game warm and -- We step on the wall and source baseline runner -- level the -- mom and kid Bobby network Erin can Bobby was that your. Eight men and unconscionable probably. Eight bit. -- -- -- pitched -- salaam actual fastball. Light between robots were -- -- by what -- got a -- I'd drop him and the -- -- didn't know if they went out again. So -- for the rest of life. I supported acutely didn't set I tried to man who -- -- up my soul. For the our blog -- don't just want to thank you for all the memories. -- that's an editor at what do memory it is out of thank you for that that's quite a determined your story that's against. That's one it's you know Shiites everything has to do is shy and Lieberman that's a Jeremy and attract real quick did the last caller for bill. The strangest belts Daria and her husband has gone about -- the magnet that health food store and that strategy New Hampshire and their. Build a state mandalit sell on line -- stand yes. Yeah bill. Come down like -- love -- -- done about woodwork and he's got its bundle up on his plate and it is like that the most surreal and weird. It's good though isn't it. I don't know you should talk about your wind a little bit because you know it's a very very popular now you are limited the quantity do you come up with -- -- -- 32 occasional sells out it is because it's good. Yeah it's got to teach Ross rock cabernet has got to -- doron east. It is a ball landed that is it's like any great French wine I've had -- it's good and my wife and I had a bottle of your pictures on the bottle and and and you know it's again it's not going to be it's -- going to be available everywhere. But when it becomes available he gets gone yet it's gone -- and make a white I'm an amicable -- and it's called housewife Caroline. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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