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By any mean necessary... go get Darrelle Revis!

Mar 6, 2014|

Holley wants him here no matter what, Salk isn't so sure. They debate it and involve you as well.

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It's gonna start off today Michael by saying how impressed I am the. What happens like you've grown as a person. While -- you know I. Some ways. I can interpret that what you've -- there are so many ways we can -- down. And goes back and listen this uniform don't I don't know but this is it's of entry you know against. I don't grown as a person. I feel like it's not that long ago. You may be is younger guy before reaching four or maturity. Out weighed 88 every once -- 44 birthday. Before then you come in here. Weaving this article from the Boston Globe around right -- my face to. Even right at -- and a -- like you do with a dog and the dog he's in the house it's on an after April that newspaper. The dog newspaper and knows a lot. But that's you're known to do that now after -- -- that Michael Vick situation do you feel bad about it. Me feel bad about it even before Michael Vick thing Michael Vick thing you know now they're just you kill the dog hit it just. Program for him. To. The big difference between weapons dog in the newspapers that they don't in the house and he -- killing dogs are in -- -- -- leader jittery and it's. Generation where we talked I mean we all are the top dog and a he. Yeah it was a -- hit statement that they. Had an -- house. -- The newspaper that newspapers are dying industry so. I don't want you arrive at my house. It's a tablet and that the and happy about the death of the print industry out dollar it has been the greatest thing or nothing has been better for dogs -- and errors yeah. It. -- beat him anymore. There's. A return to treat your fish for the like a fish tank -- -- -- -- in the paper. Were out about the growth. About the relationship I have with my -- Involved. -- -- -- -- Good bowler and act like an odd title better voters today. Bulk and at the merit. Well as a matter. That's a Smart -- Knows what he's talking about. -- and if you guys haven't seen it. -- wrote today in the Boston Globe. Only. The patriots get the real Revis they should get that -- and for those -- thing it's cost prohibitive. Involvement. AKA the man. Broke it down for he told you today. You could have Darrelle Revis. And 2014. In the secondary for the patriots for the discount price with the marshals yesterday. The discount priced at eight million dollars on the cap. Yeah. This should be done -- cited some stats. I'm -- the Germans got an item addiction though wanna hear though that -- don't want it doesn't want your profile probe focused pro football focus has its debt. About Darrelle Revis they rated him as the number one corner in football that give up 400 yards all season. 400 yards or get a map and your map expert. You know 6400 if I think the fixing games 400 yards was the irony. Here. Well 400 -- about twenty. Channel when I've. I don't what you -- a lot of times in school the teachers want the students the shoulder -- I don't want to show you where you want an answer regular target calculator problem. 400 Texas negative for the -- provided. Which was the divided by. -- -- Toward Fargo that suggest that you pretty easy is that what it brought -- sixteen is 100. But at a Jamaican intrinsic -- 25. Yards a game. -- Poland -- make some sense here. The patriots. Should get Darrelle Revis it makes it. Not the issue would that jumps out today about an article it's the book the first half of his article is -- anybody could written. What I liked about it what I expected you to come in here with was the second part right after he says question mark let's explain. And he goes through it and I know I know of some of this to come out from Florio. But he didn't make it nearly is clear make him a visual learner maybe I need to read it the way bowl and laid it out but the way he lays it out makes it sound. Pretty plausible he says Revis is set to make sixteen a year thirteen in a base plus one and a half and a roster bonus of one happened workout bonus. -- -- -- And -- like how weird is it that that's the structure of his contract you make thirteen million dollars was one half for being on the roster. And another one and a half just for working out. -- anyway -- very nervous about being on the roster at that while -- I mean I doubtful that don't tell -- tells his agent. At that -- that I got to pick that out I don't know if I'm going to be on the roster. At that contract becomes the big asterisk has discovered by the Tampa Tribune for the contract. The team members convert the thirteen million dollar salary into a guaranteed bonus at any time. Revis would actually prefer this to happen instead of waiting for for the fall to receive a salary he'd receive most of it up front in a big fat Jack converting the salary money to bonus money. Allows the team spread that cap money over the life of the contract -- we now. So for example 2014 the patriots could decide to turn ten million of Revis is thirteen the part of government -- development -- bonus money they are got -- -- For example the -- knowing they're having a little hypothetical thing greater or anybody else or yet could decide to turn his ten -- a ten million of the thirteen million. In the bonus money. Would you be spread over the final five years of his deal at two million per season that would put Revis is 2014 salary cap number apps. Eight millions of dollars the -- base salary to in bonus ration. Annie one half million dollar roster bonus another one you know work applause -- that's how most contracts are written. The patriots could easily handle that they currently sit as we know about twelve point seven million and cap space they can create an extra nine plus. By cutting -- simple -- Kelly Wilson and back. They can create even more space if they wanna give contract extensions will for forty -- scouts. Eight million dollars often yes right Arabia tell me because my -- the right got our conversation about him had never had anything to do with how he would -- here. It has to do with your outlook. Each and every so yes it's gonna spend all that money on Darrelle Revis and you have other needs. Are you okay your point was are you OK with. Darrelle Revis being the only addition to this -- and my interest don't know if if Revis has held on the restructuring anything I'm not gonna do that don't traded yeah I don't want that. Right only majored in addition in free agency. Because you still have east of the draft a set up a second round pick for argument -- I think -- first trumpet. For reason I don't like history has triggered this is where bad -- It's going to be in the man in this party demands that next hole before you get to Estrich has got our legs are -- -- race because it's not fair to just put that eight million dollars in a vacuum. The other part of it is that he believes to -- and and the costing more than that or at least very close to it. He says consider the -- lead should be able to equal or better the deal receive Miami by Miami's Brent Grimes be sure about that is to leave much better than Brent Grimes. I like progressed a lot of these are really good player I don't think he's much and he -- right -- he broke deficit now consider to leave should be able to equal or better. The deal received by Miami's Brent Grimes and -- often -- OK but doesn't it might be able terrible lie and then I mean he's a better player. It just means that cornerback market. People are sold Goldberg brought order to parliament and set the market Disney. I don't know we are gonna get more I don't know if you sort of gossip that's not an outrageous coming out there. Eight sport for some five million and cash this year and another 75 next year. Crimes also has cap numbers of 400201410. And 2015 at those numbers would you rather spend just a little bit more to get the best quarterback in the NFL. Essentially. One that just go out and yet. Revis or Reppas instead of paying the same or even possibly more money never easy to leave and at that point I can't argue -- When I rather have to leave the any second round pick or derail Revis and no second round pick. I'd rather have Revis in the second round pick and no -- picketing means that the money is about the same while he's straight was that's an easy -- strait was a first round pick and Logan Ryan. What -- office just the second round pick in the least that go well he's got -- negotiating gets himself -- -- well even if they ask for first because they will. He can't trade Darrelle Revis. Inactive and leave your Jason like. Former. Patriots employees sort of -- personnel department twice -- -- -- the personnel department. Very passionate football guy respective football guy has been his work for a number of organizations in fact -- -- for the dolphins now at the Buccaneers were the Eagles. I -- the cardinals for a while. In -- patriots twice. If you if your Jason like there's no way. You can sell. Darrelle Revis the patriots. Without getting the first the first topic I don't mind. First topic Logan Ryan okay that's where I don't like like I don't do now is that it deal breaker they started noticing it up -- -- says the second round pick in Logan Ryan or a first -- -- A second at Logan Ryan. Like Revis I don't like throwing in a player on either but I Logan right what what is gonna develop -- thumbprint of man had to run away. I mean you look at Italian Michael I mean I know we had a long argument about it you guys I'm curious to hear. How you reacted to read this today in the globe 61777979837. My argument with -- it was always about money. It is -- about allocation of resources. It's not -- -- Revis not that I don't want the guy around it's not that I don't think he's an upgrade over to leave all those things are true. I just wanna be able to go out get the other thing I still want them to try to get a Jared Allen I still want them to go get it TG -- or as many of those types of players. As they can get because I think they're necessary to what the patriots trying to do this year are. Agassi tumor growth. Of college here main tools so that. A few text him. He says. Guys RC. Guys zero chance Revis comes to the pats look what he said on ESPN with Patrick -- Lee is a few years back about builds -- it. To understand for small Rob Gronkowski not Patrick and also it doesn't it doesn't matter who does not match. You can talk all you want about Bill Belichick and Al Revis called amateur. -- -- -- proud album. Since. I am I want you to hate the -- and I am urged you you you figured me out. Spoiler alert to relevant in -- -- Robert as you see me twice a year and you finally figured out my game good they think. That is at the patriots had an opportunity to acquire Darrelle Revis. Port saint second round pick is the man been -- put out there today. Have a chance to -- him for second round pick Bill Belichick is gonna say that's a pretty good deal for the patriots but I called me to. Her. Feeling about that -- -- okay you're elaborate. But recovered what year. Well guess what -- you guys to the same way about the jets -- you and Bill Belichick he -- the jet that you don't tell. You get up racism. -- and Rex Ryan is different terms for a practical standpoint it's great for the patriots have somebody like that secondary. Entertainment value up patriots -- -- goes up. 30%. 45%. Rex Ryan preparing for the patriots and you have to talk about Revis. Goddamn they pretty and you I don't think you say that now. Wouldn't say that of Revis is on the patriots. You got to get number 24 later Wilson cut lose 24. Al Harrington as quarterback he already got some compensation. From major and will give money for. About their pilot and out of the box our thanks so much it. Could you argue against. I think looking at this is an okay based on the cuts that they can make in the cap space they have right now they can have over twenty million to 2122 million dollars before they even touch any of the potential extensions like Vince it's better. A 21 million dollars if you got to spend what is at eight he has been either that -- -- with a ten. If the spend. Eight of it on Revis. Now -- a lot of money. -- -- -- -- Got some creative accounting sort of fourteen million dollar -- I don't -- what do what do you were spent just just you know. For you lets you do wanna extend events and you're gonna use that money for now. I draft picks and other things you need to do the issues you -- spend that 22 million. What he spent eight million dollar -- is the event at moments he's the price. You need some sort of a receiver 'cause I don't think you're gonna go into it not having any receivers draft on draft and could you could draft an -- I get the sense they gonna want one K lets you walk away from settlement is just not willing to pay the seven million that you think he's gonna get some more. He walked away from element which means you're committing to in Angola. Maybe you're hurt your offense a little bit -- the draft another wide receiver tight end okay find those guys aren't really available or are or what you're looking at. On the free agency market really is great he spent 22 money's spent eight million dollars in the second round pick on Darrelle Revis yep. You spend another six million dollars five million dollar six million dollars on TJ -- And still got money if you want Jared Allen. Got those three guys. What that three that was your offseason shopping list was Jared Allen TJ ward. And Darrelle Revis -- you've lost that you lost Julian settlement -- you've lost Aqib Talib but not perfect. -- you know it haven't you can't get everything you want in an off season. You might need to draft the tight and he's still got to replace their move tight end the Hernandez but you've got picks if you wanna do that. Maybe got to go acquire somebody on the cheap. And Jared Allen said today. He's -- response to a undone them -- today actually and Jared Allen said today I think for my next team it'll come down to a chance to win. A good organization. As well as getting a fair contract. The -- the winner yesterday is this a good organization can organization would he be able to get a fair contract if he got a million a year maybe. That's a pretty fair contract at that age in his career that brought about -- -- My defensive line coach from Minnesota's absolutely we seem to like yeah okay. -- -- six million on him -- million dollars and TJ ward now I got a big time hitter in my secondary I got a crazy man coming off the edge you can attack the quarterback that you bring a different dynamic and a sense of violence and a good way into your into your locker room and a -- good way. Not the Aaron Hernandez no way. Internet irrelevant to the shutdown corner football way tell me that team is -- better than the team that you watched in the AFC championship game couple months ago. Tell me you don't like that team Gary -- Julian Edelman you're gonna have to rely on -- Dolan Dobson you're gonna have to hope that those guys come through your offense -- -- doesn't look as as sound or is. As much of guarantees it did a year ago but think about how much better your defense has -- get back Wilfork -- you're getting back -- -- mail via. She got continued growth from some a year younger -- like -- Tommy Kelly they'd have to cut tonic. You got to find a couple of big fat guys aren't but yeah you can find big fat -- I think he can. No Michael you're talking about and a complete. Facelift of your defense. In addition to some of the young guys and I am expecting Logan Ryan to be better next year to -- army can continue to be a third safety. I'm expecting Jamie Collins to grow into something -- tower showed you something by the in the last year that he was he grew he was better. I'm taking snaps away from guys like Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich which are which the grip which is a good thing it's not a -- over 95%. 9898%. For both problem. 88 and saying. It's insane now rotating them in with Jared Allen and I got mailed back I still have depth I'm not really losing anything in my secondary. I -- -- team now that that can shut you down defensively to be able to get after the quarterback covering your best receiver and hit you in the second there. You know we're and you got Vince back -- mail back to stop Iran. I got a defense a real defense. -- more than defense. Yeah more than defense. You've got you've got a team capable. Yet the team capable of great great thing. If if those things happen all those moves happen. When advise. You out here. Make the sacrifices that you have to plan ahead. Take the time. February. 2015. Make plans for Arizona 61777979837. I can tell you -- -- -- well it was a good Sutton -- and -- What's going on on -- hey guys like Tom. I I didn't. Think I've been listening to you guys you know you right on the money with some expert like I believe. I'll mr. Revis -- in the school it's if you if you if you look he's not abuse him it can look with the jets. And -- it is worth the money and you all all humiliate her to do was look at to see -- -- king -- Look at acting like god is that what you won't include all the sudden -- -- kick everybody's bought. I'm noted that -- -- I don't really like known names of -- and owning. Pro bowlers at an all pro. I -- -- do what I'm talk completely Europe while most. That's because they're Seattle let them they're not good yeah I don't -- in the real life. All the -- like like you Chan Gailey is up along this. Thing you can get them for a song. Isn't. -- Yeah. Yet some received this this is No Country for Old Men trapped LA. And he did you get days. I don't understand our town hall of Charlemagne you -- like you know I'll tell you of the perfect role for Champ Bailey I don't know CBS's -- that role and only one rank Clark to join. Tony Gonzales did they got mart's got a guy -- Pat and I did yeah -- -- an analyst. -- -- -- resent him had been watching trying to every other every day hatred scrap old ball. On second round I don't understand Tom I don't understand your argument here you want them to go out and -- small cornerbacks and a bunch of wide receivers and yet you're praising the Seattle defense. For be in the model of how to win in the NFL I don't get to -- got to get the combination. The Seattle that's his big physical -- offensively it doesn't have big money on wide receivers they run the ball more than they throw it. I mean if your argument I mean when you mentioned Seattle. You're pointing towards what Michael and I are talking about go spend your money in the defense side of the football. Build up some physical corners like Revis Revis can come up he -- or aren't ready to do it all mean you're talking about building something closer to Seattle. I'm really not I I think yeah I. Think Mike you look at all. You said Revis is not the answer -- you did it Champ Bailey. You know Revis yes the -- you want your job marinate on that parliament no Darrelle Revis. Yes the champ Marat how people feel like is clearly he's in the I want more wide receivers to Brady camp and -- know those guys are out there. If the patriots this offseason traded a second round pick for two -- real well. Signed TJ ward hard hitting physical safety. And signed Jared Allen coming off the edge and those with a big shopping moved to the offseason they let -- -- they really do anything on the offensive side of the football other than what they do in the draft. Or maybe some small minor moves. You be -- when I would be X Saturday morning I think that if he wasn't exactly. What pitchers they should be jumping up and down for the entire offseason you stalwart throughout Mohegan Sun before the season started in August mark to market. -- you bring -- Mohegan Sun because -- -- -- tomorrow properly I have three and a half hours of work and then I get to go gamble that's a problem like. We went there in August or September. For a fantasy football event Tedy Bruschi. Summit church stands there and did. I will bring out he revised. Re mixed. Tribute to George Jefferson circa 1978. Turk -- if that happens that is the that is a fantastic shape and very narrow and only we could not get bad there on that. -- have Darrelle Revis Tony Taylor ward and and Jared Allen. And starring are -- an element we're not wanna spend the money on you Danny Amendola just gonna have to step up and be that -- sorry Tom you're gonna have to turn -- and into something great. -- because. It becomes. -- -- Hastert -- Caller that make it happen is you are you done about the offseason did you go to bed sleep well at night to kick them here on 77979. Beat him back all of us know in the problem. Tell whether. Got to get out and demonstrate. If if if in fact yet that partly this year you know I don't make that trade. Just opened a lot. Iran has no idea yet however you war you know whatever you you you you need for you you agree to make the. Okay thanks -- all Ron. Run -- idea. What you need ago. Pick up your former newspaper. Don't wanna pick up the paper. Go online. Check out the guy who holds the job that he used to have. All Clinton. OK well they know end all and. Check him out. Make some sense -- tell -- -- man I read this it's army can get Revis for eight million dollars. You know get TJ ward for five or six -- get Jared Allen for six -- seven signed me up. If that is your offseason shopping list sign me up for that and I wanna hear from patriots fans because you. I know as a group out there the -- wide receiver -- what receivers simulator -- -- sorry. No time for you now were played on defense following that we got -- hit I'm telling Boortz -- summer I don't know what -- If he had to say that -- board. It's sort of disjointed and it sounds like him. What does he wasn't on the treadmill while he was doing the under now let's -- like when we do it played it -- equipped. Couple weeks ago and -- icon. I really didn't solidly -- Kanye try that again credit that -- board to clip again. You tell me heard you guys report as many times heard him. Seen him on TV. Been all over. Years and years. You know what he's gonna say. Sound like Ron Borges -- -- disbursed. Right here. But we'll get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't account ballot. I don't -- the date frankly I'm not -- patriot fan but I quickly becoming a Tom Brady. Sympathizer yes I'm a ravens. Are prepared decade I'll world class speed paint it in an act opposite. I don't understand why no Arctic figure out if it keeping it -- -- fourteen -- Ray Lewis and Corey and you walk operating -- it is that the 24 point. The -- 80. Yeah. And we won't spot you periodically. Had been head of those points that's right they're the team the team unity. But he and the top -- career is -- site. That thing you you need at the beginning up here next quarterback's career -- -- IPO window it's it and I want to -- and I'm not really. I'm not really -- That's all right rob you know I get -- -- talk collectors it becomes studio it comes to your audio or are the only flaw regularly and I said I -- I agree that you wrote the law is this -- plan is basically Revis upper product album long terms -- right. Because eventually that -- it is gonna go way up. You're eight million dollars short term it's gonna become -- here and yet eighteen but you do get seven or so back when Aaron Hernandez comes off your book so. He could look at it is as enough of the trade off that maybe he could stay around for a couple of years but you know what at 29 year old cornerback I know that I want him for more than a couple of years. I don't want -- at 33 dragon -- around with them on the outside trying to cover some must Sammy Watkins I don't want that -- -- -- -- I don't know the -- -- committee -- Any general rule over the for all the great ones -- in my plan and it's very important safety for the next few years and I'm thinking about him movement there. See that defense be mean physical nasty TJ ward brings that Jared Allen brings the heat off the edge Darrelle Revis upgrade your your cover bill. -- team break -- get to some appointees Tom Brady. Go elevate those guys -- making payments are Tommy's got to work with him until I was -- attorney does not turn the Aaron Dobson into something and Josh Boyce that's quick notes because. Doctor score 38 points against you we appreciate you mentioned my boy there gospel I was free banking I was that was my a peace offering after you didn't crush me of course now with grappling with the back it up with something bigger this is I don't. Just talking about all what you see we fix the -- earlier in the week and what you know what I set up a bit bigger plants we fixed the patriots the renovation -- he -- in Springfield was up to you know. All my god you guys have -- -- intrigue right now that you guys every dialogue about the way thank you. What you -- their thing without our written on eight. Why might think it is Bogut patriots actually go and do that scenario will -- actually go get it done. They know what's good for them. They will they know what's good form Tino otherwise Michael's got a newspapers gonna -- they'll cross knows. -- -- -- Got to find a newspaper first the problem that we -- -- -- -- -- -- on that doesn't intrigue you tell me you're not looking at that -- steam while Obama second. They need an answer for you. -- -- A row -- Peyton. An answer for you Darrell Revis an answer for you all your receivers. You know come across the middle TJ -- and -- -- behind me below and a lot. About it now see your your part about this teacher were I want a big physical safety and hit. I don't know if you can have that got a trophy PP need to do TJ ward. I mean you could you don't like Donte Whitner is up and I don't I mean look I mean I said a Jared Allen ETJ ward and and I know he when. People do that because people are people they're not it's not TJ ward it's TJ ward. But I -- -- -- them that -- holder's attack is TJ ward type maybe it's -- maybe toward I want somebody can it as a safety. Bird I'll leave it to our fine maybe it's -- I'll leave it to the to the talent evaluated to figure which one is the best fit for the patriots and which one is gonna find. But give me somebody can hit safety. Give -- Darrelle Revis on the outside. And they give me somebody like Jared Allen on the outside -- -- -- and get them at the right amount of money -- off for the 22 million you've got to go. First -- that can't be this season can't. Mean it's parties it does I guess you have to get him but actually agreed to make the trade with you know. They may say hey you know we electoral -- we're gonna do that restructure and keep herself I think there was camp I think they're gonna win this year I don't think that in mind I'll let me that they are Michael Landon they don't think that. It's pretty good -- that -- Frankly she had a decent you're looking up in our QB regardless of Wilmington reprise my -- may never know I can't help you never know presidential candidate I -- -- self Brad. Today yeah yeah very. Yeah not all because I'm -- what you're saying. Luckily. The old eight bit about source bull outnumber. -- the first plate they're rammed it yeah it sort out all on the sidelines and you didn't make big tent but got drilled a -- -- -- whatever. Thrilled and it's set but I don't think we need. It back to more than double the current. But. We had a lot of iron and create. A lot. Yeah. You know I would figure that would be. Able to get rookie -- right -- -- court that. -- -- it to -- -- but I think you know Scarnecchia is a loss -- -- and you also have to look at. It would look at the -- to the actual personnel on the operative line. Where they happen with a happy with -- well he's one of the guys who's out in person yet here are getting a cut in arsenic and upgrade you can upgrade here I mean you can look at. -- -- -- You know -- high traffic's a lot of teams who have. I've taken -- in the first round in and they're happy about it Aussie nick mangled the before the -- cut me a situation penalty. Both parties whether in Pittsburgh Miami. The patriots have never done with their -- I mean on in the Bill Belichick era. They had a couple of senators. Don't want him in the fifth round. It yank open the Geiger counter lately they've they've had some senators McDonald I don't know it's got to be some DC you can complain and right answer because they computer BC Cabrera and you want to upgrade Roberts replied that's what what they've always been noted -- -- -- On this and brought about a good up especially senator Alexander get a tight and you don't have to have. Pain and it cost and I suspect that whole visiting -- pro day here protein there's been and Bob -- -- rob. -- Benjamin. Could take my car. Don't drive but 25 miles. Boston. I'm -- Got a 505 -- you with the heights a fund dinner and a play need to find tight in there -- -- -- -- sure I find I don't think that our house yeah I'll stay at your house. It's straight Chris is in Springfield hikers. -- -- Yeah I was in every day and I have never been more pumped up the land right now. Does it matter who's who's gonna have been run -- -- -- -- this demand that. -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- Atlantic market -- -- -- offer you this Jared Allen to the Jared Allen in the scenario cannot that are. Ninety you know. And your letter I mean I'm I'll but the line and -- -- -- the draft perfect. And he got a team now man. You got a team now. Maybe could find somebody's been cut as an extra wide receiver Sidney Rice was cut maybe to pick him up cheap now I'm just talking about somebody else to brought to provide depth. Maybe it's him maybe somebody else like -- take a wide receiver those guys somebody's I was getting cut. You can always find a guy like that heck you can usually find wide receivers late in the draft even area -- undrafted guys. And go find a couple of wide receivers. To add to what you got forget Julian settlement. By forget a key to leave -- replace an amateur Revis you're upgrading your adding a physical safety your adding a pass rushing presence which not only. Gets -- not only adding Jared Allen your improving the play from Ninkovich and Jones at the same time see my give. Make your credit to pro football focus because they're saying something that I agree with. But I also have to call BS on -- Now according to pro football focus. Darrelle Revis is the best quarterback for our. I'll go with that that's -- that's out that's element call BS. They had Aqib Talib at what 58 up 45 third something ridiculous. There are Revis is better than. -- to -- but is the 57. Is the gap like you know you do have to wonder about. When you say every escape before he gave up 400 yards all year 125 yards get. That's great to have to wonder about the account yeah oh yeah my -- -- the counting we're not there when it doesn't support -- I gotta wonder about the metric only when it doesn't support your point -- in Maine I'm Matt. Hey guys great -- it's gonna make an argument further to leave older -- here. On the market sees a better quarterback at least not the way new England Patriots defense needs to civic -- -- And to leave it a more physical corner and you have -- that deep so it seemed odd couple years has been soft. How -- how is -- more physical -- house so he rigors of very physical -- -- but a matter of fact you can even save your critic of -- not many of them but have you -- every -- -- -- could say he gets away with. Holding a lot because he is not afraid to put his hands on guy. He's -- -- not just not as big or strong I mean you put him but he's speaking you can put a -- the silent and haven't shut down the side. In had been a great if you do bring in -- getting C. -- are part of our plan Matta none of -- is in evacuated on that. -- viewer to get if you were to get Revis and a hard hitting safety don't think you'd be physical part of an -- and -- I just wondered if you have Darrelle Revis -- with somebody -- you don't think he's -- -- -- Aqib -- I don't. Based on web. Based on what you have what what are you seeing -- Revis kind of overpowered by a wide receiver what have you seen him. He doesn't have to overpower because they'd all throw to a but it doesn't it. But all I. -- want a big strong quarter that going to be able to let you know that there is around outline what he's going to be able to come off his man and make that step and I'm not sure Revis is that guy. I thought I heard about it a sweep while got to do it rose -- -- in general and we tapes. Open mentality of the isn't the 1965. Packers met when he runs this happens at this is a complete corner Darrelle Revis is a complete corner -- what the guy you're describing is sounds like you know it sounds like the southeast and describe -- -- these annual music wise I don't know he has anymore he was. Great cover corner. But there was not physical by any means. Get back to this we give back to Michael I've fixed the patriots 2014. Or you with a 61777979837. More your calls. Right after the -- necks alcoholic WB do we solve that it's very simple. Is all the pitchers have to do this offseason. You don't need to go run around trying to figure out which wide receiver you wants. You don't need to determine the market for Julian -- that you let him walk away for six or seven million whatever Houston or somebody else is gonna offer room. You know up the mess around with a market for key to leave the you trade for Darrelle Revis you do everything bendable and said this article that I Austin while you trade -- -- to leave the you do the fancy abracadabra hocus pocus stuff for this contract. An instantly he's only an eight million dollar cap -- that a sixteen this year live for the moment then the dilemma for the moment you have twelve point seven million in cap space already create an extra nine. By cutting Dan Connolly Isaac Sopoaga Tommy Kelly intervals and Jacque back any of those a problem for you. Partly it and Kelly the only guys -- really major contributors last year right. Okay cut all those guys. You real play without Kelly for most of the year you could certainly upgrade from Connolly. And I got like 22 million dollars. You haven't even dealt within the -- -- dusk ouster anybody else that you wanna extend in order to restructure the for those 22 million spending eight on Revis. I'm spending another six. On TJ ward or hard hitting safety and another six or seven -- Jared Allen or another guy come off the edge and rush the passer. Done there's my off season draft a few guys. I'm the -- tight end. Extra depth at wide receiver extra -- that. On the offense of one particular that okay if I don't wanna spend six million dollars and TJ ward now you have to. I don't want them money -- -- have to spend at I don't need to -- it's five million -- you -- and what does that I don't I don't I get a safety. A good one music -- and all anyone need a safety I get one you need a safety not like some chump. You need to a guy who can hit in your defense back. -- guy can hit and that's why don't wanna pay him that much money. And he's getting that much money -- plays like plays like that piece like that. At linebacker. Type that do. Probably gonna miss some time is probably going to be -- banged up. I don't want him on the rosters expand out -- -- -- like. Now I like the idea but before. Before I get that guy. A hall of all of them on the market. Ward bird. Kitten -- I mean if somebody hadn't yet who on the job and technical. I -- I'll take any of those three guys I don't really care which one it is and they -- TJ ward is a place holder. But finding that four -- 56 million dollar range get -- one of those three safeties get Jared Allen on the outside to rush the passer and get to Darrelle Revis and forget about -- element to walk away combine. Say -- was -- thank you thank you for everything you did not really happy you're gonna go make big time money somewhere else but no thank you. This team needs to upgrade its defense the offense is just gonna have to be handled by Tom Brady who by the way is -- have to score nearly as much as he did last year. Because I've just added three really good players to a defense allowed this dedicated. -- extra depth at wide receiver to question mark. It's got to catch the ball break our bonds call and why that's such a problem tell me what team wins with a 38 year old 37 year old quarterback throwing the ball 3545 times a game. I got -- -- -- -- -- have to bank on east and some money economy a year ago he would have to hold the Brady figures are -- to utilize them in the soft background yet Aaron Dobson in his second year when receiver start to make the leaps -- Josh -- got Rob Gronkowski returning to probably need to spend the -- become a tight and actually he. Your -- and they got a team. Very you don't have the best you know the best score wide receivers in the league you're right they're not the best score wide receivers you wide receivers aren't going to be as good as Denver's. Well your defense is your defense is -- -- -- the better defense is gonna hit the defense is gonna cover your defense is gonna attack the quarterback and team down. It may force some turnovers Tom Brady has the ball good field position immediately need to throw the ball to the best wide receiver in the game eighties or run the ball and by the way they -- pretty effective running attack near the in the last year if you get the ball a forty yard line run the ball. Run the ball occasionally when you get down the goal line -- -- is that gronkowski -- That's a team our team to be -- very good point. With all that cap space you freed up you can you can sign -- Mr. I think your point. Well no we split up equity two million -- that only 22 million but we still haven't done the Contra we have done the they've been in negotiates recording your -- -- -- -- inappropriate to Mormon. Tell and then another -- says. I think Bob Kraft has a new GM and you got. One. -- -- the GM UK can you be the capital just. -- -- on what he wanted me. Do something fun you know the apology is on this topic that's all that what you're not wired that way economic town Dodgers won -- that's what one of one of those when those jobs -- -- The organization. Ernie Adams project that you're Smart enough to be Ernie Adams now okay Ernie Adams type of out. -- going to be like Ernie Adams the for the maintenance staff. I don't walk away ticket what do we do it over here what's going on these lines white for the supposed to be -- like in the little whiter white mr. You know to sit around to doing things afloat throughout the build on acts. Hewitt just imparting lessons doing better than anybody else there is the pitcher to that's all they did they added three names like that defensive end -- safety. And Darrelle Revis to their defense and were able to do much to upgrade their offense this year in the lose the draft because story with a happy that. Is that a patriots in the be incredibly excited about next year 61777979837. -- in his car. Don't think the thing that you guys are talking about. Is that you're gonna have to -- -- -- first round pick for -- yeah we give up the first term victory. Not work you can get that -- that the 27 pick in the draft torment. Beat in the draft and in derailed Revis eat the thing about the draft these days with the new cap. Is the -- years. For keeps salary is how you build a guy you look at Seattle. -- that the chickens come home to root for them yet they've all promised our rookie contract that's -- Seattle and the first decline picked out they do a great job now. -- what do they do the -- paparazzi featuring an -- I had no wonder that over the top and -- the one thing to put you over the top what's the difference wouldn't it wouldn't put it over the top you don't think having to run on this and for that puts you over the Alex. Yeah I've got that -- a -- how many times did the patriots out. -- an 8200. -- now not the secondary at defense of life. I got -- -- the worst scenario Mike you're gonna have the same Mike you're gonna have the same defensive line to him last last year in the AFC championship game -- have the same god gives same linebackers. But yet there's a championship game also we had a terrible. Hopefully hopefully lol you guys are coming just don't get that six million. I think they can get he -- get the money from Seattle you get the money from Denver and what not knowing what not a -- it's -- is. -- -- -- -- this this this green its just not realistic -- gonna give up Bill Belichick could not trade first round pick. Antonia Bird -- -- he's not gonna do it to the second round pick and they wouldn't do that second round pick. Mike you got us aren't Davenport Mike you gotta start live reports that day my mental got a bit. Put them. We did up to perk up Lichtenstein I mean I don't want Jimmy got but the whole thing about New -- -- how would -- do not. Overspend. In free agency that did that I have. They but they have again and it won't got a -- -- the almighty god go back to 2007. When he traded at what they treated for Mark Ellis Tom Gillis an honest and Welker all one year he said and you. Mike you're all over the place he said I personally. My round draft at. I take a -- You said the patriots don't overspend in free agency. I mentioned Dylan Thomas your counter as well. Not all that got to be -- not to do it again the Roosevelt called. I can't go to local -- Roosevelt Colvin today. MSN Ron Harrison Mike -- if you had to say the patriots don't the patriot system -- the patriot system is that. They don't really have a system you can't assign absolutes to him take what they never do this they never do that. In a few years ago right before the draft palace and now this is this is. Weakening the argument the stop product. Few years ago for the draft it was like the patriots have never mock draft a running back in the first round. Here comes here comes Laurence Maroney the patriots are going to draft a safety in the first round here comes. Party starter -- you can't say what the patriots and I never do the patriots never do this or do that then turn it. Geithner now more likely to go after that got tight and protect the deck or decades from Washington Jenkins. But there are doing they need weapons ending knee deep sense of mine I understand we want we can maybe get one. Veteran and pay them 78. Million dollar in heck they're gonna get Darrelle Revis and and as you're guests during a book that. Eighteen million you can download it just cut. That's really the lieutenant -- million dollar what do you think they're doing they're looking at the lead or -- you pick you can -- to do it the computer that it -- that. -- He didn't sir Alan I -- -- -- your attic and I am not want all -- -- we're not doing that though we're not going crazy this is not fantasy world where your name and 35 guys you want the patriots bring in all of them. These three guys that all the under the cap. That's all it -- it back at bank of five million dollar I don't probably at the -- other by what really size that was our guests that yesterday. What what what a candidate and apple have -- four years 26 point four million. They the the -- just resettled buffalo Williams and spent four years 21 million dollar contract. Six a year. To six a year. -- I think we're talking about we're not Mike we're going by other people's market that what we've heard from other people in the business on the market. The market for the safeties is going to be in that five to seven million range I split the middle and -- six the market for Jared down we've -- around field gates told us both of these but that field gates from a yesterday couple days ago we gave as the marketable the safeties in on Jared -- I need to take it on another advantage as in that 68 million arena for both of them now -- another eight million for Revis this is a fantasy world. The suspended 22 million dollars that they can create easily on on three guys that would help your defense. I'm not I don't know that the pictures can pull -- all the maybe it's not a Allen made in a -- to get somebody instead Allen Brian Orakpo is another name I'd like to lose franchise. Those -- the guys there's a few of them out there. People afraid. What are you afraid of you afraid to succeed go out there and and that the money. In the money opportunity to do it you know first round pick and -- a first round pick. -- you have a lot of first round pick some successfully some not so much. You're right there. This thing if not gonna last. Forever by the way -- ball doesn't even think they need to give up a first round pick it's a second round pick and and maybe have an ad Logan Ryan to the deal. Get it done you don't even need a first round pick. We have that we have a feel PH -- yes -- this is -- gates from yesterday on the market for some of these safety. Both senators Byrd and -- you wore a look. Big money he'll probably somewhere in the range not quite with -- Sean Goldman got last year from the -- there -- a stripper rich prize for a player that has some limitations of his own but. They're gonna be looking at probably somewhere in the five year -- you're probably somewhere in the vicinity I. Seven million Kirstie -- -- pilgrim you're probably the realistic option for the patriots go to the fact it like it brought armored or not. Already that you -- a -- starter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just a question here we're talking about it yesterday. Why isn't he -- -- Like a college president somewhere we -- Yates is. Is that prime minister. As a college president he's a he's the a dean of the -- did everything English department chair of the English department dean warmer so let me something. Feel -- -- I should not be covering. The NFL. Has been in this field. I know drunken -- there's no way to go to -- it should be he should be on sabbatical somewhere working on his side. You know working on like six or seven book. -- -- On economics obviously. He's an economics perfect field Yates -- he could be an economics or he's taken economics one along with field gates CA yeah good professor professor gates. Econ one on one. Good panel professor gates department that you are you don't you're not to think oh yeah yeah professor gates because you're really working to get in that class that's an exclusive club. This is not a a 100 level or 200 mentally -- auditing professor Yates class that I just wanna hear what the guy has got sent. A text message you guys stop -- you're playing fantasy this is reality you guys are out of your mind is just really out of our mind. We all three of these an -- or plausible to the guys -- free agents were using realistic numbers for them. TJ ward we got six million dollars right in between five and seven so I'm I'm gonna separate from -- on TJ -- It's a better price agers bird does that make you happier not probably too much money. -- and I don't understand God's gonna be -- I think he's going to be overpaid I want safety man I safeties are critically important. I think the safety is is such an undervalued position and if you have an opportunity to go add one of these couple guys it's -- They are correct about -- -- what you know what you wanna do can't you got a hit they don't get anything last year you also have to cover all those guys. They can hip to kick coverage you've got to cover guy -- -- use that might be just watch the team win the Super Bowl with this. They had a great cover guy general Thomas and by the way the patriots have won him according used to be a corner so he's a better cover guy the most free safeties and OK if the other -- hitter much like him chancellor is for Seattle fine. Get me hitter at strong safety you can have your free safety -- year cover guy and by the way do you really need it how to help on one of your sides when Darrelle Revis is over there. Is all working together you're right one of my safety isn't as good a cover guys the other but I also have Darrelle Revis and and need much help. Dexter wants to know what we're smoking are always too early for -- 319 Mikey Adams comes in at what time. I'm proud you are gonna be a problem that -- call 6177797937. Trash on who's in Connecticut national. What -- guards are you don't see what's going. Well I've been listening for most of the option known as Mike -- you have hit the nail on the head I totally agree with Hewitt Michael. We need. The first you know under the first person in the history of the show to say that. Yeah Ricky so called -- critical -- signal and -- we have -- -- since 2004. -- That -- -- all. In the and consulted about it then. We will that -- -- the most common with -- best offensive but ever assembled we didn't -- we -- get into orbit with a great offense. We didn't win. It is going to be 37 this year you've got thrown forty out the game for 500 yards or part now we've got this. Start changing the ought to be in the -- and -- They're absolute. It wouldn't -- people on high. John you're right it's like you've -- -- numbers appear that makes sense you've got the three guys that make cents. I think -- into the player and we can hope is that the objective get the guy on the radio and over the last. Well why wouldn't -- why wouldn't he I imagine he spends all day listening to us. Exactly your -- -- Totally on board what exactly what you're. What you're saying John is that we're doing the lord's work is that what you need to go to translated it -- thank you appreciate the fact all of them. Do in the lord's work practices through early. It's 319 I'm high as it wraps asks. Vincent at right Vincent thing and on in the car man would have been. A really good today -- that -- great. I'd start it blew my leg really cute. I actually. Let everybody -- and they write and add that in technical and every machine and the two other guys can get rewarded -- outside -- Still a major upgrade to bottle and -- yup absolutely. -- -- that a project that couldn't believe those actually agree with my -- on the. So I'll let you field -- to feel liberated now you feel like. Not that has happened you are different men today the world differently now. Richard and I know especially. Pull that -- often get Altria and I. -- just -- to -- Darlene what's gonna be like his namesake Vincent -- our street does a -- is driving in the -- any estimate that little fake -- square with his fingers. That's got to -- him you don't want. You know what is -- that music from pulp fiction just one. You really want the major the major move. Is acquiring Darrelle Revis. Everything else -- think that's reminder of the threat is a martyr when I think of the 3M you know you can if you can't get Revis you have to get to leave the OK fine I mean it's it's not as good I'd rather have -- than to leave the OK I want one of those guys I want a corner and give me hard hitting safety of big time pass rusher. It just happens that all these numbers work out so perfectly you got 22 million those guys -- cost about 22 million Don Don Don sign me up. You can have Morton and people it. The people are coming in late Saturday missing thank all of the patriots only have this much money right now on freedom to read this again but all you have to deal. All you have to do is do summary structure riddled. As you know he -- -- All the numbers and it just -- and patriots have about twelve and a half an art in 2014 already -- They get an extra nine plus spike cutting Dan Connolly Isaac Sopoaga Tommy Kelly intervals and -- back. -- -- first simple they get the toy -- but then you have more because really 23 because you can get you can get some more space by restructuring. The contracts of -- according accordion effect -- To get at least 23 million you can go from there. If you need thirty -- got their -- if you really decide that you gotta have -- back to -- wanna spend some money and another wide receiver fine. But I don't think you need to do that many and keep some of that money for for freer draft picks its veterans some other smaller moves you wanna make but man you do those things. And -- and I don't really act they can avoid restructuring Vince I'd love to see them avoid doing that -- that badly I just think that let's get prevents its go get some more money of it's good for you -- help you on a short term perch in the long term. I'm not confident the Vince Wilfork is going to be Vince Wilfork for the next three years and this kind of this kind of rope she win the next three years. I'd rather have them play out the deal this year in and see what happens but if you after a structure let's say what I wanna hear about. I don't wanna hear about the long term. Don't want to hear -- long term over the long term is three years it's that we're not talking about ten years I'm talking about three years when you're president you wouldn't -- the window. And I talk about getting rid of -- and not talk much sacrificing something for the long term. We play we explained to me exactly what you mean -- I -- WB. Mean there -- so no one camera no one can ever comes -- talking. -- this is Gerald and -- I -- but I. You I'll stop wait a second hit Baghdad days when he gets on if Florida or you're through. -- -- -- -- -- you're telling him to hang. Yet another reason why they have to make these three moves happen. He entertainment value of Darrelle Revis -- -- you were talking about we can the jets but the nice bonus yeah probably. Entertainment value of somebody like Revis his personality. What he does on the outside you only got to spend eight million -- draft pick okay account sound sign me up there. And then go get a hard hitting safety and a big time defense that it come off the and it's good to go. This makes -- much. Experts about you're not living to pull the -- -- -- let -- -- -- for more information it's gonna blow your mind. Darrelle Revis. Grew up and -- quick buck Pennsylvania. Same hometown has long dialogue dialogue. Darrelle Revis and favorite player in the NFL dialog title. -- rivers favorite actor -- Matt Damon. Throw in respect prepared. Aerosmith. Favorite food. Clam chowder. Favorite part of the country other New York canal equipment. New England. -- favorite talk show host my -- NASA. That all -- true well. That's true. Got a sponsor this spot embargo. Turning now sponsored by AT&T sure to -- giant glass. I'll bring this car was busted in New York, New York. Called what 850 Ford diet drinks. I'm telling you this makes all the go to Josh you're -- with any -- -- -- you've just got to take -- got real real real quick. I don't wanna hear about three years from now four years from now two years from now -- now. Tom Brady's going to be 37 and August you don't know when this thing is gonna fall apart you got to act for naral right now. I got our Josh what are well I do. Here here here hypothetical scenario I'd view however. I don't see the value. And going out and acquire enter or leave it at the expense of the eight million dollars a year and headed -- cap in the in the number one. First round draft. Because I think again I really I mean well do you think they'll revisit a better player than a key to leave I don't think it beat. The margin in the heat better than to lead is about war and giving up that first round pick. Good lord good lord I thought -- going back in time you know I heard the same thing just different different context. I remember. A similar conversation. When the Celtics were thinking about getting Kevin Garnett -- of people like you Josh you people. People like you said well. Kevin Garnett only averaged two more rebounds per game and Al Jefferson. Only average to three more points per game and Al Jefferson. What are you giving. When you have -- we have an opportunity to get all of the global players when you can get great players Josh I'm telling you Josh and write it. I want this to be your philosophy from this day forward Josh you you are too conservative. And not let Josh -- part are not living up to your potential I'm that I want to you know I want you to start becoming the man. You are destined to be a great thing about their -- Josh. But you're being too conservative. Let me get a good camp last year -- -- that suitable defense when we came clean and it worked fine. You know what I mean. I didn't even think he wants buying Josh went up a month ago -- that line you want a little I said that the -- -- -- need to get Michael Jenkins and their safety. I -- that they need to get it out and talk or spend the money to get Michael Johnson on the department and and I got a month ago that I had no problem whatsoever with the patriot cutting. -- with a Jewish settlement. I want -- to go -- and I want them to draft -- in my country. I didn't study going to be there in the third round. In the forefront. -- around with Michael. I would much rather it back into that trap because there. There are you -- -- -- -- -- your opponents -- trading away your first round pick for Darrelle Revis you can still use all your others on the players who were so great -- -- -- -- great. Be great seriously Josh you have the opportunity to be great for -- Nothing to rethink possible. He's not -- now is thinking small givers for innocent and and Josh is smoke on any topic and he's got a -- he's got all the holes. He's got low self esteem like to -- Does that I'm not sound like he's pretty got a pretty healthy and help this man here to help them to the company to testicle. Or Hollywood it to becomes a credit per. -- delegate my whatever it. James is in Providence night. They requested what are your thoughts are letting adult men walk. And going after a veteran church and conceivably change in the month. I think we've we've given you our thoughts on receiver cares I think our thoughts were go get three defensive players and then worry about receivers on Monday. What are -- of that. That's what he thinks -- don't like that idea. Don't necessarily have to eat it depends on how you how you view adult and Anheuser W conversation like that -- -- way yes I ask you question I give you Nancy ego. And speed into the following up sounds like a bad marriage -- -- -- your wife. I -- right you're like hey we're all about for did energies like. You know I don't know why I was thinking maybe to pick a pizza you stare at the phone awkwardly and hang it up that the way you have a conversation -- your wife account again tonight. Yeah. What I direct your question. You know powerful works c'mon man now since this depends. Artists and authors and comes back to its browsers since but he can't expect your. Your view of your guy the superstar. You'll Marshall -- believed. That when healthy doing -- -- dole and oh -- can be one of the best for the reason he's a star. How do you view Danny Amendola that told you the story about what you gonna do with -- -- I tell you what if you view if you do Amendola as an cattlemen like player when he's healthy. Then you are gonna say goodbye to Julie I think -- if you believe I don't. Could be a star. And that last year was just the ground floor of what this young man is capable of you bring him back. And you have Julian element because they don't -- cancel each other -- that is not as not duplication there are some diversity. Understand you probably need to go out and find somebody else to play the position maybe as an undrafted Oregon late in the draft somebody else who can be similar to Julian element. So when you find in the sixth seventh round who can be that the next understudy. At the at the slot position but he just gonna have to rely on the guys that you'd you'd sign for some decent money a year ago. And understand the wide receivers not going to be your pathway to success the defense is that you're going to be defense a football team first. -- main actress. I don't Wear -- Jersey was going -- language how they're already noted it was truly a beautiful. Yeah now some problems in its -- for. -- -- I want it and there are we gonna do it. What's what's the sticking point. The most are. Why can't we -- departure. In soccer and it caught you at all. Check -- -- put you on the spot. And -- the old timer. Job trying to chart but it triggered a niche. Like this idea I tracer look I appreciate that you would like is to do that I know there's a lot of people that think that's what interviews are like with head coaches in the NFL your opportunity to tell them what to do. But are really just doesn't -- that like I appreciate that you wanted to do that. But I think people actually expect that every interview -- Belichick is our opportunity to tell them what to do and I don't really think we view it that way. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It. Looked at I did not think that. But it didn't make I didn't take a pay cut. -- got an extension and it's below his market value but there was no pickup -- I -- you cut that -- -- you negotiate. They and there are -- Which had gone I'd do -- did you -- -- -- -- a doctor and our blog they're selling out. An important quarterback all of them are pretty short back. -- and there were one of -- and you got Revis on one side to make sure that did that again at the wide receivers covered he got Jared Allen coming off the edge and making your other. Edge rusher is better and you get somebody can hit you defense to backfield you've completely remake your defense texas' yet because bill takes orders -- -- -- And other -- said that's -- talk show and tell. The patriots what to do. You know decide that -- make in the move well hey Kampala capital. It. Bill -- to us. Everybody told us before why haven't you thought of as they're -- out on. What's wrong with these guys you got working for him he sees in the car with the DC. Without -- America that are alcoholic program I keep hearing all these -- -- -- cents. Call and then another problem with what you were told that the patriot nation need to go. -- -- -- -- -- I I honestly don't understand what people calling in and have a problem with spit at somebody else and money. -- I don't think anybody mind spending money I think this is what we wanna spend it on they want wide receivers. They want other things other than -- -- -- relies on defense liked the liked the idea of Darrelle Revis. Absolute. Wonder what Obama stands right away and do what what don't we. Your team to beat the -- you. Can't dwell on them not understanding what the problem. I don't either man. I got to TC. -- telephone call -- this guy just distracted by the tech I'd like effects yet -- of the stones to put Belichick and his play and our thoughts don't read those systems credentials. Okay bill which they were Iran. Look this -- I don't like I don't like what you've done. I don't like what you've done here and this is what you need to do is what you know -- -- this guy -- -- cut -- -- were doing it. A lot of odd but what do you say these nice things both teams every week when you know the culminated just to get their -- aren't yet loyalists that he's got to be fair about texture got to be fair. I'll play the game. -- September. Bill Belichick comes on I tried the story -- -- ago. Be all over. Rightfully so awkward rumor I've ever been and rightfully so -- -- I say hey bill. I don't like the way you're coaching the team. I don't like the way you're handling this situation. Just do the pocket and am I gonna tell acting and has won an -- -- right. He has I don't think so. Legal hasn't won an Oscar -- criminal that he won an Oscar and -- could no I don't want to do -- I'm looking to use some sort of expert on Leo let his won an Oscar right. He might just -- watch. Titanic aviator. -- one for aviator but I don't know I just don't. It receives -- good buddy the there was hand Mattel -- -- is unbelievable leave you really unbelievable actor so tell him. Is Bill Belichick the Leonardo DiCaprio and ability that. Kevin Spacey of the NFL who is what went to discuss it -- not one -- told he's never won almost crazy. Nominated -- about supporting actor would you rate -- Nominees for the year to. Nominated for blood diamond -- -- And emanated from willful Wall Street did not win scenario he's never won Mikey -- element that you want -- better actively. Excellence 7797837. Till now WB. You expect -- play well even that much and that's the case of the box but something's something's haven't played well. Which is still expected. When you play. Of course why why would you think they wouldn't. They have and if they haven't done it -- us. That doesn't mean -- thing. Yeah I consider any other way. How could you coached team like that -- and honestly you you explain to me like that a -- coached him like that I don't know which talking about. We think it's over and you can tell -- I'm in real. Are you coach them like that you tell me. I avoid salt try to bail me out getting -- back advocate Tom Brady got an out of I don't know W guys. Don't put the witness that don't just out of thought that everybody here. Okay he's not done yet. They've admitted it after a dumb question and gonna draw the spit out you know when he said I wanna punish him and I really did -- was the most awkward thing or not when he said you know you can help me now was -- looking that you saw it was dark pretending you know he's looking aspect -- I -- responders -- tell -- -- -- that was -- that's what I was trying to say like you have got a -- around copies and others are -- my question. OK it was idiotic. Attacks are better textures that Bill Belichick as Martin Scorsese. Of the National Football League is not an actor to direct. So that would make. The 2001. Patriots his main streets. -- young actors there. Before they really had exploded at a young -- -- -- the narrow and let me -- in 1973. For someone. Politics. In the seventies early seventy's. It's like so to narrow younger -- young Tom Brady. What is what bill Belichick's casino. I don't Bill Belichick quiz show -- casino price be 2000 when it came Jimmy -- from New York could well. Redemptive violence that -- what -- Ellis put those to be a theory. Mean streets to be a one good those -- -- a range of polio for. At an egg question or why don't turn that Scorsese more hits the Belichick what he wanted to quit show -- be 2007. The game coupled with Cordoba and came ball sales I would rather and Alan. I don't know but he can't tell Scorsese you can't tell DiCaprio. Can't tell them how to do what they don't you comment -- 2007 would have been the departed really good movie too lenient with bill Belichick's last -- -- The 2009 patriots. -- -- Just so boring. In that movie candy that will be wouldn't have done a thing. If that was the Catholic Church to protest right. I body was gonna go see that movie. Until they protest and that it was offensive action and I and I got caught up and went to see it. A -- Scorsese but c'mon man asked him to that's different from Jesus Christ superstar. A lot different it's different from the one that can completely made a few years ago Mel Gibson yes what was our passionate passionate -- That was bad times Indians it. Yeah you know once and that was bad I was just very hard to watch. I don't know some teams didn't seem to get didn't seem to be too kind my people soy and let that go. Your people my people and our people and it's your people -- Our our our RPI and component at Ericsson RI. Puts up there. -- it be easy what's up Eric. -- Erica Erica Rhode Island -- -- Rick Perry. -- Above I mean. They have gone out. I don't feel I. I feel secure that you're hearing. I -- -- -- so no one can Michael Huey that I it would lock the Dade police. And they include. That some place where we build -- -- -- If you had a key to lead in the greens forget to challenge the trumpet the would conclude with the cute lucked -- orders. -- lute lute the influence of money I'm hearing on immediately put six million. That I think that. You restructure and will report contradicted take care of whatever you need to do on the likely. Donna you want to -- churn out -- to ought to pass rusher. And should everybody get that they each -- 98%. Of the snaps last year that's not a healthy forgot -- the defensive end position. You cannot you cannot get -- production out of those guys. We'll do you have to act until we have generally rusher in those -- About it I didn't know about is -- glue and let them. Alan. Allen to conclude that you don't need or we don't need those up here that we include some of -- -- and it. Many teams in many games Allen has missed in his career. In his career -- how many games he's meant I'm gonna say about 53. Retains an Oscar warriors as a rookie in Casey. In any missed two games last year Casey played every single game that he was in Minnesota. Texas isn't missed the -- to 2007. It's pretty good. During that at times here Jared -- sacked by season 9/11. Seven and a half. Down year -- year without double digit sacks. Bounced back fifteen and a half and shortened season on the fourteen games fourteen and a half fourteen and a half 11221211. And a half. I -- don't want that -- you team you know they got to be pretty good rotation order somebody wanted to -- I just don't hear somebody would have won Revis there's no way. I'd give up even a second round pick for -- radio Revis he's they have spin. Would be another. -- Thomas blunder. Team was ten point from the Super Bowl. Why do you who. Do that -- The team with ten points mr. -- Not really. The final score. But after well okay how many points are that were they from winning the super. Getting to the Super Bowl winning they would never really and that Broncos game ornament came and I don't think there would have been in Seattle in two weeks later went and we come. Ten point 12. Is it a lot to solve this is what bothered me Suzy what was our name from from where I'm -- Josh. Is that Josh from -- that mentality. Just from women that don't get me like you know Nickels and dimes. Yeah we Malcolm Jenkins. -- Jason a bond. The nice subtle moves. One value and cart other. -- great. It's true was quick show actually do Butler. -- record record while but Scorsese was animal abuse in the it was an undersea mission never sought an -- -- let's begin. Undersized. I think it's very. It's a long time -- -- people memo to John Turturro. Rate being -- -- it was great Hank Azaria coastal areas. I haven't -- -- -- -- serve you know younger certainly -- movies like Tony your children. Yes I want to -- 1994 so I -- twenty years or so I haven't seen it. That is maybe. In a few times in my apartment 9798. So now I wonder -- do things good things. We -- 44 coming up next we go up or your calls throughout the day and stick around -- all WB.

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