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Mut and Lou react to the NHL Trade Deadline

Mar 6, 2014|

Mut and Lou are both dissapointed by the Bruins lackluster moves at the deadline. Meszaros and Harry Potter? Really?

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I got to decide which were you wanna use when it comes to the Boston Bruins trade deadline yesterday -- -- 937 WEEI will take -- Orgies to -- up on the eighteenth tee decks -- 37937. Pretty simple for me. Underwhelming. Holy macro. -- off the air yesterday was like an hour to the deadline to phallic look at a got a couple moves to make they made a move. But I I say a year ago twenty hours later whatever it is and I I'd. Completely underwhelmed. By -- ms. Harris been the only guy the Bruins acquired yesterday before 3 o'clock in the idea that. You know you're a couple of injuries away from some really young really inexperienced defensemen playing. In a big time playoff game in an Eastern Conference looked pretty good right now. Think underwhelming is good word he's a differ or to describe Peter surely did or didn't do. Yesterday -- yet know this is some. This did not replace Seidenberg this replaced Adam equate a that's a good at rarely had this can be spot anyway you want the bottom line was arrested he was. A third paired defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers. Who was a healthy scratch for what point four games this year. Who is now brought over -- -- still might not crack the top six. Risers or any other way to spin this medic can respond to boys played with Chara. You know Slovakia in the Olympics and it's really knows him from auto but the bottom line is is about a lot of injuries is not the same player that he once was. He was third pair. The flyers. Exits replacing -- Nowhere near side of this is that you going to -- out executed better effort or it's it's a good explanation of the Pentagon. Step further OK. -- Philadelphia Flyers. Acquired Andrew MacDonald for the New York Islanders. They decided because of McDonald made an extra defensive guy -- decide to deal. Under him as their -- -- think about that we if you're Bruins and today and it's been it's been spun by the statistically. Advanced hockey crowd at McDonald's sucks. That he's not a good defensive player that the advance metrics that they look at tell you that he's not as good as the ice time in the blocked shots -- -- did you believe. The flyers acquired McDonnell and then says okay we can move a guy. The guiding deemed expendable enough for the trading deadline was on rivers -- what else you need to know. The Bruins needed a player like -- -- Eros but they needed somebody Yeltsin as well. It couldn't be the only thing they did yesterday we talked Davos errors appear McGuire and I was convinced last week we start talking about it. On the show that was -- would be a good fit. But not as the only moved do you make I'm not don't include Texas wanted to include potter. Why I'm not including potter in that conversation potter was a waiver wire night the -- defensive -- and they made one move yesterday. It was not enough and it sends a bad message. There's a few good deals that we are in. And and yeah a little disappointed those -- sometimes those deals come around. In the summer and the fall so. You lay some ground work that's what happens to -- these. But trade deadlines that you lay some ground -- deals there aren't too and we shall we do that so -- -- -- I thought we. We're a couple of deals are delivering good good acquisitions. I didn't make a play that right their GO is that the one that gets my blood -- hobby I on you underwhelming is how I feel about you guys are texting and and anemic lethargic weak boring wasteful. All -- words. I'd use the word angry when hearing that call for -- rally did he really had they had the gall to say that we lay -- the ultimate that we laid the ground work. They're -- -- to the offset on the eve of the trading deadline he going to say that it. It and military action of the was a suburb got there and judges said that some. But you talk a boat. I don't know low risk come what's the reward. Mr. rose again I mean you broke it down the bottom line. Into McDonald's guy you registered and they pulled the deal was a little yesterday that said that she really was now because the have a chance can account or whatever -- it -- -- off all heating your -- throw wasn't happy he just said the Mets are a matter of factly source that the Bruins never had a chance to match they were told it would take a first round pick to -- Andrew MacDonald. I'd end up taking a second next year third this year they're a little like a tailor and never got a chance to match really got him. And a symbol was Eros is stuck in a play for us doc Gooden played the flyers. Go to play for the Stanley Cup you know you know what the cup last year and it's gonna fight for another one though the -- three top four guy. That is at the spin right now but you're right that quote. Well that that statement for picture rally that will be laid the ground work for something that can be done -- this offseason. Well this offseason are gonna pick up 88 top four guy this offseason Dennis Seidenberg suit come walking in your room -- He's gonna be now part of your team. This offseason. You -- you're gonna have a guy like Doug Hamilton who was gone through some kind of playoff run whatever it might be gain experience. You have a guy and -- crew was gonna have a second playoff experience. Maybe -- our cost you a little here in their Kevin -- who knows. So this offseason. You have young kids who have more experience and he gonna get Dennis Seidenberg back. So is it more important do this offseason. Ought to do it right now when you have a glaring -- the kind of fell. Right now. Absolutely right now I could not agree with you more is it at some level that it's offensive to it should be offensive to Bruins fans. You should be offended that your general manager. On the eve of the trading deadline once it was over bragged about matter of factly laying the ground work for the offseason what what do and -- can said that. What if come July then cherry pick comes on EEI comes all of us -- traded airlines says -- we we got one guy this year. Right we got a guy this year but. A -- what -- Lou we got some good discussions production we got some guys were lined up he would get shredded. It's the chemistry you wanna try and maintain and preserve and and I think we've got a good group here and it didn't mean and I didn't look at potentially moving guys often some of those discussions. Thanks I was talking about. Just shortly ago was good that it involves some players and really wanna do it. So I guess mission accomplished there. Policy had discussions. They told -- about those of the discussion for next year the big picture discussions that maybe felt the with a deadline. Would it -- -- trading guys off the roster but actually you know what it wanna anyway so. I feel good about that. Kind of world you live and -- that's a good thing if your brew with different -- you ticket prices go up 40% the GM is. A matter of factly bragging that he laid out there -- daredevil always questionable moves. Give a lot of thumbnail kept affecting chemistry. Like if you were to say I don't know like deal captain. Where each team deal your captain and their effects of -- Diego writes it regularly captain Wright come. But it who is that what's what's the chemistry Emanuel the players that said this is the problem of the trade deadlines -- will the deals out there. This jewelry will we be weeks after an NBA trade deadline you find out we found on the pass new deals that they didn't do it didn't do and then we can really look into. Maybe you eat the same thing with the Bruins as it turns out that it wanna part with play Iraq's having -- sit there and scratch our heads and they are well. Our county and ruin chemistry. News Boehner gonna ruin chemistry. You know like who who would have ruined chemistry -- I was looking to deal would Bergeron or -- Writer embryo the first liner and bit off the second. That matter -- rule would win -- it was the chemistry part of it. The deadline is for eighteen. That is -- can step cup contender -- championship contending team and it comes into play if there was a major injury to a key party played an opportunity. To -- -- try to fill that need. You lost Seidenberg you work can replace Seidenberg what you get some guy that. Might not cracked the top six so you replaced Quaid is what you've done. Personally -- I don't think that was enough. I really don't and I don't want to -- our late some ground work is this offseason again more experience for the young guys to get Seidenberg back at a not really overly concerned about XTO far away that is a long time. We're -- right now. In this team is a good team. It's a legitimate cup contender team this year and that's why we had these discussions about what they have to deal was one defenseman or two. While -- Eros is one of them that it absolutely had to be two guys it had to be. And this idea that the market we know the market wasn't that tough -- the day before we found -- the market wasn't going to be a possible. Second and a third and a player for McDonald. Fourth round pick initially could be up to a third robo -- There were defensemen move for not high prices these were not all Martins Saint Louis for Ryan Callahan ideals. Those players moved. And Nick Schultz and others got moved here at the deadline help Matt Olson got moved. That there were plenty of moves that were made in the prices you're going through that the guys are really follow the sport day in day out the the NHL beat guys today. I was talking about how high the prices war. You may be for the premium players absolutely but there was depth to be hat. And immediately get a response you start talking about this on Twitter. -- Helms tweets you guys act like the Bruins haven't won a game since Sonnenberg got hurt. Also or -- cal -- playing top form and it's the playoffs last year -- -- you you guys complain about getting -- top sixty man for free. The sky's not falling quick acting like -- this team even that they didn't make a move yesterday. This Bruins team was gonna make some sort they're going to be competitive in the Eastern Conference that should say that there were going to be eighteen that was looked at as one of the two were 34. Teams out of vehicle make the post season in the Eastern Conference as the most likely teams to advance to Eastern Conference final and a Stanley Cup that's not the point. If they've done nothing yesterday. You consider MAA eighteen now has a chance to make Iran -- -- it was deserving depth enough to be a Stanley Cup contender I don't think they did that yes you know. And the way you want that next step when -- buyers comes in here and says that. Bruins need to make a mold that some things defensively. That's his way of saying yet they need to make a -- mean LB. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now offered up indictments -- enough or Fareed and LB DO. -- news again you've added you've added some depth the sky's not falling we have never said that. But you know we wanna judge him by championship team with a compete sure they'll compete. There won't be that had to be discussed hits anybody. Got a good team -- -- -- about the threats and their forwards are two way players they -- one of the best goaltenders and be in a tournament that they're going to be just fine. -- that -- rhetoric now that can be that. Okay I'm a it has some injuries and Pittsburgh Brett their banged up they're not the same team they're vulnerable. -- joint team pursue other vulnerable would go we are USC and drop the hammer. Hammer well hammer hammer and everybody says he was good BO. Just make a move to make a mole Bart what do these moves that surely talking about the off season. He doesn't wanna do right now. It's another thing -- me when exit here complain about the move we didn't make -- great job of making a move out of you we don't know the most I get it. But there was a reason why they were Scott McClellan was Blue Jackets at the number once out for the last three or four games. But it does not want to give up the players that they wanted to return. For for sneak it in or Johnson or whatever was almost a cold this team -- close their -- wanna give up a player. And to be I'd look -- just this team right now is gonna to compete there's no question about it. Laguna together Easter conference with these young defenseman I'm not so sure I ER. The answer is now and it's gonna end -- bite them the ass either against throttle that first round or Montreal or Pittsburgh. Well we're gonna look back and say defensively they didn't do enough they did an 81 more player. I'm convinced of that. I attic was Eros is a fit on the bottom part of this team and maybe because he's -- which -- before the flexibility surely talked about yesterday. Playing left and right side maybe -- play in top -- hopefully char I don't know. But with a month Slovakia as a teammate there -- the Olympics so there's a connection there that's how. Sure rally is is spitting in his own mind and spinning it to the media because a lot of his beat Brad and are saying the same thing. Doesn't matter they do when it there's still like cup contender. Headline from October 13 Philadelphia Inquirer. Flyers -- Eros expensive scratch. Under his heroes the story right is the most expensive scratch in flyers history. While you're letting that room date for a second consider that fact would not have mattered it's Reese -- ten years ago when there was no salary cap in the NHL. But this is 2013. 2014. And the flyers are paying the zeroes 67000. Dollars per game. To watch the press box ball he chews up nearly 7% of the team's overall 64 point three million dollar cap. There are few guys Greg won a scratch but Andrei ended up being the first is nothing new. They've also means this -- back to October. The flyers have more or less weight of the white flag on his herald's. You scratch for a third straight games early in the year the longest stretch of his career ended up being scratched of of 24 total. Many -- before Christmas for other fires went down. And he had to play. So I always say that to sort of reference who the player is. To all these Bruins fans are texting us and it's 730. Right now I'm floored by this 87830. Might it play early in the season it about a lot let's say we are getting they get to do with an injury -- and a player early on the gonna get some injuries and restart at the lamp. -- do that. -- scratch for the flyers. Is in the third pairing. Get mcdonalds it would on the diskette to -- think -- game third fourth. Publishers don't play and his team replaced equate. That's made it on floor 'cause it's it's 7030 as a finalist by by saying they what moves could they have made the texts and the tweets are. In favor. And defending Peter -- -- I'm shocked today I'm shocked about your response that Iowa is the problem ill because it. Next the newly erected and make it far last year with these young. -- Should Doug Hamilton play in a post season -- arranger Cyril -- gusty. -- Kevin Miller. Those guys play in a postseason last year. With FR those guys group crew was great against the Rangers. Are there. You know can barely move there's no speed at the budget dogs out there any ice also ninth where was against Pittsburgh in Chicago group. You know physical. So fast make whatever was -- played the president to speak to a slow slow ranger team. You tell me that they they went that far this young group defenseman. Well I don't think so don't back medical Beckham look again. Look at forty reaction on this and so -- at 730 defending surely did the Bruins do and up yesterday to -- -- do enough yesterday Andy. Are you OK with that quote while laying the foundation for next year that bothers me. If your brewers -- it should bodies 61777979837. Is your phone number 617. 77979837. The AT&T text line. You guys are all over its 379 B 37 and on Twitter we are checking Twitter. Every single day every single segment every single. Comment you guys send -- we read. And again as an over -- at -- and UT WEEI interest in your thoughts -- with the Bruins didn't do yesterday OK with that and how about one team that did do something yesterday a team in the Eastern Conference that was scary before. And I they made themselves a whole lot scary yesterday before 3 o'clock we'll talk about that with your phone calls next. Reports that -- Eros might be available their defense that we be -- help what is he getting moved but he helped the Bruins. That's a potential 400 have been moved no question about it we -- -- production movies very mobile you have very little at six he can help party can really shoot it. He says that the structural problems. Peter surely -- -- really -- because she was with the auto senators. Where in Peter was an assistant general matter could play for the Vancouver giant. And actually if you go look at -- told -- record books. His first -- in the NHL he -- a partner Zdeno Chara. In eighteen years of age is plus minus was better than charms his rookie year. So yes pitcher yes you can help open the familiarity factor richer helps a lot of. Our body appear McGwire last week before it was heiress is on anybody's radar Teddy could help the Bruins I I agree there's some help there but it's not enough. What this team need to get your thoughts on what the Bruins did or didn't do yesterday. 61777979. B 37 is your phone -- rate TT -- line is 37937. The NL being here on Monday will be our recent Monday talking Bruins -- -- -- asked the question to sort of toward me. Well -- the -- with played Montreal would you take that series and I said right then I think Montreal. You with a lack of depth defenseman for the -- Bruins. I feel better about my answer after what happened yesterday feel worse about the Bruins but there about my answer. Bruins killer. Tomas van it ends up in freak in Montreal. For second round pick any prospect. That is a -- not only the ends up in Montreal. But that he goes without a first round pick. When they gave up so much to get him just what a year ago from buffalo. An Alley ends up in Montreal. Earlier this year YouTube you've been talking about Toronto or Montreal. I read up on the same plane. And say either one of those teams in a playoff matchup against the Bruins I don't know now scary prop. Then -- -- -- did you throttle ahead of them before a little bit 'cause of that castle I felt better about their accounts at Montreal there -- -- a little better than Toronto even before the deal I had the -- -- Toronto you know with. With Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's gets it loses no question -- at fire par but there's. Flurries questionable right we've seen that before the goaltending is questionable. -- -- a Carey Price coming back winning Olympic gold that's a guy that's the chip. I think a lot of him and they still matchup well against to a facility should be worried about. You know it's the way they play nitro Tomas Tomas Danica in there in the mix. You see some of the numbers just ridiculous were horrible last night I mean he's paid 53 games against the Boston Bruins. All buffalo. Thirty goals 31 assists. In 53 games 61 point applause when he won. It's the most games Vegas and anybody in the Ottawa he's played 51 games against 1970s. At 36 points reason minus thirteen. Just keep in mind this buffalo team is it's really hasn't Betty good team recently ranked. Don't we talk about you know guys go like -- when he first -- its rawness and holik has plus minus. What are team -- -- it's pretty hard to have a good plus minus -- huge -- team is not that good plus 21 against the Bruins. All 53 games and they've got a good team the last six years they call five the playoffs twice in those two years they finished. There are in the quarterfinals and to be a plus 21. Richard to edit the next team go to Washington Capitals 31 games plus nine. And now you look at some minuses are plus two stories everything else plus 21. This Thursday matchup issues there this being the style which he goes about it you -- Montreal team that are being up a couple times this year. Take a step further -- scares you get the raw numbers thirty goals 31 -- 53 games yes. They're soft and it sucks but it's the truth they get a lot of power plays in Montreal against your Bruins team of panic has fourteen power play goals. Yes four game winning goals. In that timeframe. Thought about 10% of the games that you played with 53. A little less than 10%. He's got the game winning goal against you. That is insane to me and he ends up on Montreal. Now -- the Bruins could not have gotten -- the way to roster set up they basically spent to the cap. The only -- put Adam -- long term injury and lost him for the year freed up some money they could eternity roster player for -- loss frantic. So I'm not trying to say the Bruins should have been in a panic. But it is frustrating to see Montreal get manic yesterday. In your team countered with. -- -- And Harry Potter. Made that at that that is why aren't that one out. It feels -- couple years ago because it's not always got a rally -- court pottery picked up. While players from Edmonton I'm not column -- called Harry Potter look at photos article Korea right shot insurance love -- thirty years old yep. Was deemed not good enough to play for the second worst team in the league that's true the Bruins will be satisfied potter never dresses -- we got to stop talking about it pick the two guys are they picked up one. Peter struck said a pretty decent track record at the deadline. 2010 Seidenberg in the rights to -- cal ski. 2000 Lem for the cup Brian Cabral leg thought was there -- Chris Kelly parts of that state right younger after the try to go wall and for gamma. But this feels a lot like 2012 to me when they acquired the immoral Greg Zander and Brian Rolston local guy nice guy but impact and and Mike -- -- This this feels a lot like 2002 all know what happened out here first round exit into the capitals. The freaking -- knocked -- the first round title defense. 61777979837. Is your phone number AT&T -- line is 379 -- 37. All talked to what John who's in a cars drive around but Lou 937. WEEI John what's going on. Lou I gotta go into the job. I think eight other overreacting a bit through the lack. Pick up by the growing. I'm -- our a look at what surely option really -- I think where there's smoke there's fire and I think that the Bruins -- Columbus. I'll let us know that they -- in on our probably. Closest to what they needed this -- in the closer. Leg Mary I am I senator Johnson. -- You know look at what -- would give -- and that's -- it -- rally on the envelope and that she -- It will only give up what about nine or what -- separately probably Eric Eric Kelly. To be included a deal to get -- and outlook and outlook and it will have a chance. While you're gonna record that I could be and on the -- would have been a better deal but it if you look at the late hour. -- -- Didn't work out you didn't want to give up we're gonna cost a break after our legal guy. In an odd that start line and playing so well sort of very early and -- then. That I think that would -- when you don't -- the chemistry which -- into the playoffs. Read our top line that we know -- wore -- blue -- that we know we're -- -- out -- the bit when you walked out more people entered cap and I -- -- -- IE I wanted to get -- and the possible. The lack of -- out there don't believe it shook our. -- hope you are currently not on it -- -- and he'd go leak could create a knock it. The court we have. To realize that not -- a lot cheaper to other. -- people with a -- -- telling that side of the court. But you gotta -- and I let. It stand on the defense and -- idea tomorrow -- and the IT LA on. The stand them under a deal. Elected under like the early or you know because it. A top Ford in the piece that he didn't like -- what are we gonna try to edit. I know that we're looking and actually get back. I you know I'm leaning toward -- -- are. It's good to have enough they have enough this one line. In European to have enough. Want to win and you know it's it's it's. I got done in my head. I'd say they're probably short -- it out if you take away direction. Yet John and then -- Italy and Italy on the sidelines the -- Bollywood starlet is nothing last year don't -- -- in a civil order. But don't -- right now particularly ought to what are you going to get them. Who are like that it will cut not you know despite. An -- I'm OK what what you know it. What got us -- we don't know the modem it can't sit here it's awful tough connecting come back it's able find out next week. That you know what they want to project Johnson now is set to answer why one of the -- that. OK and so I'm look at this team right now on the question all the request to really matters are they good enough. Did we forget. And Andrew Ference was on this team -- postseason is pretty good. If we forget that it was Chara Seidenberg in -- and boy chuck. Another wait in line that was probably our way -- -- -- -- Physical top -- without special -- through -- Hamilton. In play one game. Against the penguins -- the Blackhawks. Won. Neither bark cow -- not one. Last I checked -- did Miller. So you go from. You know putting. Guys like boy chuck in -- Go up against was it mall was a Crosby's line. There's boy check in ferrets against cross because it Bergeron always lined up against the run they knew you were able to put. No char and Seidenberg. On Balkans line. And feel good about bowl and feel good because I know you get out -- I don't the big shut shut down pairing defensively. Oh gold rush second pairing to put him across because it'll make sure -- runs up against him right now. We don't realize that what those pairings look like right now compared to when. When it was -- alongside Greg no ferrets either it's varsity -- At that it's not I'm not -- and that just that that's the difference in talent level between what they at -- -- defensively. What they had this year will come back more your phone calls if you like that caller that -- -- and spend a lot and get a lot but you're OK with that. I would basically we -- 777979. Be presented to give him AT&T text like 37937. DJ being covers the Bruins WEEI dot com. He says they are still good enough we'll talk to a -- Sports Radio WER.

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