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Bruins have a slow trade deadline

Mar 6, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Bruins trade deadline. The Habs got better the B's stood pat.

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Question Korea if you -- any one of a number of Sports Radio programs. In this city. -- destined for that matter. Who spent countless hours in the 23 or four days leading up to the NHL trading deadline. Discussing what the Bruins need what the Bruins will probably do. A list four or five or six things on the Bruins wish list and you discussed some and to bring in Britain to bring in dale. It talk about it all the expert to possibly can't. And Peter surely goes out gets rolled by the Montreal Canadians have virtually does nothing. Silly having spent a week. Talk about no silly no heart broke all the art world and our heart broken pieces yeah that's the vibe. You use your team's got all these final peace and they didn't get it and Monaco means that he. Bruins killer. It is surprising -- -- obviously yeah. It was as deeply immersed in this system this trade deadline hysteria but. When you hear it on the month wrote in it was weird because -- deadly it was over opponent happened. You know they said the right -- not movement Hispanics it's over even Bob McKenzie said. Men like -- and solicit blow all the phone. First to receive the band a trade and trade unknown and then you sit there waiting and Ellis -- radio waiting for soaking -- cal meals on Twitter. Was he traded here. And then you get too surprised one as he was not treating your trip to Montreal via an agreement. Was treated for second round and a conditional and a conditional third or whatever and you go what will wall. Thomas and it was traded -- And they didn't give -- first round it was gone after the year rate cuts or day or a player or somebody we'd heard it's it's the ultimate -- to you brought it to create I'd like rentals from rentals you know that means you go -- -- that's the signal. We're going for we don't care about. Tomorrow we live -- -- should care about markers they're gonna be around the around. So you're happy with this that's what we discussed yesterday by the way this is why you'll be the worst GM in America that no picks I love trick is that surely that no picks I'd be like. Jerry Jones -- -- you put a hero by but. Would you agree though that -- the fan boys and I heard plenty of black and golden girls on the areas that they were heartbroken right would you agree that they want. That they really want surely to go for this feel like they got the components for champ and I and I really. Really respect Mike's talks opinion on this entire and ponies and the other guys and everybody but Mr. Bush early in this -- stick was Smart guys who -- that all the cities -- discussed Shia or doing victory here people were doing you know. Oh victory laps two years ago when -- about it. People were -- awful awful he didn't play I don't think I think he did didn't he got soaked in the Caribbean. With a view but first program yes I would not. I would not would you give up the second. No I don't think it would for the steam now I would. You think there's mixed emotions in that dressing room on one hand they're all happy. But their buddy Bruins are all still together they didn't -- and mystery and bring people up but on the other hand it to Montreal has done an acquired a guy whose -- you know maybe but the single most. Dennis I think when I guess the Boston early exit. Best player in the NHL. I only watch as he has -- that is certainly fair the hell with you know crux of Netscape you can have. Panic is the -- -- 61 points this year to a forty for the presidency that way that it and he really stands when he plays the -- that is good. We talked about the issues that number of people can take their cue from -- and run with -- but. The -- philosophy -- and I believe this craft and and the loss in the sustainability is the goal to be competitive be knocking on the door every year give yourself opportunities self which as long as Tom Brady's here they will have that. But -- patriots fans feel like. This empty feeling as he will be ten years. Next year's super ball in in Arizona cracked the -- market well maybe the NFL says okay let's -- yet in the low blood and under one condition that they had a cube makes it neat marriage -- That the whole NFL be that could be it could be if they were Smart enough or Smart. LB halftime show suitable to have the baker comes out makes the cake. And as a two rooms to get ahead of groups the -- -- -- who's who's who -- them -- believe it's a couple of a couple of gentlemen you say you need to gentlemen yes the top pick that could help them at all costs of good regularity America halftime disarm any other belt. Have an excellent way to actually perform sex acts have done a bad idea that they get that -- -- some clothes and put people plus the national media that that. Wouldn't -- just Jackson committed because there. To they'll be electric -- contributed to rugged on dad's been there every day of the civil rights and compare that Martin Luther King. But -- -- cake is -- we're good for Arizona right to you know. Yes wedding cake doesn't have to be good to be good -- Which is going to be the coming layers some players like with Pepperidge Farm -- with two guys on published a twinkie with a candle. But you need to -- to -- to keep. It. We ever got in my right up the -- I've got to -- these -- donuts I'm not sure which shut the business appropriate. We have a double -- -- to groom to bride who's who and the break the baker -- Optical we we Google that as a hundred cases like you could be compute what the cake takes a -- KK in errors right. As one in like Ford for somebody is -- wanna make technique for homosexual wreck early as a lesbian -- -- It's a completely inflicting a said that it is that correct. Exact -- that's it that's technically -- -- the sexual led to sexual. Buses such efforts those. Als than -- get to -- -- -- -- as -- between two guys two guys -- Sergio twinkies and ways to trigger aggressive where a lot of Arizona then it's -- -- our efforts are and are the Super Bowls and there's guys who make as long as they're involved in the hunt. The crafts are happy and I understand why. I think as an owner that would be my mindset I want sustainability I want that one goal for a year we fall off the map the next. -- a similar conversation. Through weeks ago but we're just gonna digress here next year note to self. Spring training all 44 days -- -- and there I figured that we that we got it you've saved your party save the company fortune by and -- That's sure to guess haven't you expense that place for the company. In the weeks Uga should stay and a at this point yet but that they won't want that from month -- -- 44 days. I'm OK if you -- four days in -- the pick and his movement argument in this plea to keep like grizzly or more tired of being tired. Or you were tired of being coal that's a good quite a good question that I heard soaking all this every minute of that show on talk angry people around yeah. Usually that's an outright. The -- now believe. Now drug route. -- lot of places he could feel you can feel it's helpful I'm embracing it. And it's all about the whether it's all about and stop the would change of seasons or even the snow it's it every day either -- my my philosophy is always. Blooming in the winter -- hole as it once marched -- for California yeah a couple -- drugs such drew blood envelope would blue jays sent out there and speed ball one is that remarked one in the marathon was over the December is doing all I know I know I don't know. I have to defer to jury here he was right I was wrong I said my goal would be to spend. -- to leave New Year's Day air and with the talk about January march back on March 1 -- and and and and and and -- -- okay it's that bubble for the life that happen at that memorial that's our winter is broken by march 1 guess what it's not you write your I was wrong I got a new January February and march down yet it back on April -- Day. Much as it fools you teases you see it on the calendar Bogota suck it. Through some hole open is always difficult to tell you -- our sales Jim remind me yesterday couple days. Said -- are opening hole all pro last -- enough -- And Billy remembered you know two days ago that it snowed in Cleveland though it was ninety he's really it was nine wasn't really. And ask him he says it was ninety degrees at the home opener last year. From its eternal recollection yes -- true and we we have come with the dues check this is what I like that imported into ninety degrees to 5 in the morning but if shackled. The popular behind the -- forget him. Trying to -- road we didn't tell this guy who's been here for like years you've got it concert sales person exactly what a let us give us into a lone survivor of a so it's a win but I digress try stressed Arizona ago when we get there and will be marking the tenth anniversary of that last soup and I think there is a divided disagreement among fans and among the patriots lose it we were asking where -- Belichick falls on this. I think if you Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft -- -- We have built something we're in the hunt every year pure fantasy. The second we won in ninety full right. 2002002004. The can of that the Kabul the playoffs a couple of the opposite. Britain they're -- the patriots we -- 2004. Not again and not against liberals and 2005. Next year's 2015. Same quarterback same coach no more Super Bowl and we agreed that that that grew the crazies who paid the 10% of their. There their income on season tickets and tail -- and traveling yes team -- that they are disappointed with that. I'm not sure the team is saying. The Bruins right now they don't they want sustainability. Right and young core I don't wanna give anyone up to give up first from picked admit mistakes going to be competitive every year. And if they finish this with once it like finish the Bergeron -- With one Stanley Cup will be disappointment LB discipline or left will be disappointment to say Jeremy Jacobs. Well who did you -- in the ticket price is 30% forty cents up would be a disappointment to him but he could live it. -- and yet you said to be judged by wins and losses. Well Jim -- but he certainly Saturday it was it was 59 degrees at the -- well that sounds more like that got -- -- got a night I think I'd like to prevent -- like August 1. -- with the talk about. Out what you're talking about hearkens back to the discussion we had it was short lived -- if you worry French not in the patriots whatever. Would you trade nine years of abject failure and missing the playoffs. One year of actually winning at all. -- teams that do that problems in this debate it depends you know where you're sitting when you make this decision under the understanding and Cleveland units at -- you know -- back to Atlanta Conyers and apps that would take that forward if you're New England would not say I'll take off the Super Bowl this year. And that we missed the playoffs for the next nine -- Right -- or the three before -- -- in the three of our desire our first our our expectations -- were looking for much of that would be these are the patriots dynasty. And. Hard to say their dynasty when will be -- years since that won a title or three in force at that backed group is that since then at some of that one. Buses and quarterbacks Natalie it was done honestly nobody nobody -- but it's not built that way but it's a three and four all capsule they did. -- ever Teddy Bruschi looked in the camera we have deliberately -- -- that -- -- like a hundred years let's. As a black and white crowd right quick look fans would say absolutely that title -- in the fans were not sure what would brewer fans. Because they got one title and it's not enough you can't say Bruins fans and escort in this team is good scores goods coaches go right EM president. Everyone's got a lot of faith. In the principles the right. They win one championship and then you know or lose the Montreal and that it this year -- that that could change things and I do think that there was he says it's deadline day. That this was the year. -- am go -- remembers the feeling every year. This is the year you've got to give our takes well over a year ago it was a lot different now and down and get that sense so you don't think there is that cents. In Bruin nation that this is the year you must go for help yes yes I think that few of the gonna -- early next year didn't in the early Sunday signaled it was the opposite of that heat yes yes he says right he step down -- yet we never win deadline day right that trade it trade deadline day trade deadline that we never win that day that -- And it brings us to this Revis -- department Darrell Revis is that not. A example. Go fort say this is the window's closing many we have two -- of Brady have the goal for this guy no matter what cause we have to make this deal but the it. Should have a high priced extremely high priced guy in the National Football League doesn't secure you a deep run into the playoffs nearly as much as let's say -- going to Montreal Canadians there is such an operation are absolutely. Aside attrition in the National Football League this guy it's -- sixteen million bucks on this guy. In and week number three he goes down some spent a lot of money on Aqib Talib and he's going to go out and. The patriots had read this last year this past season they would not be. I know. Pullen writes that today that there's a chance but they would -- you watched that game when they've beaten Denver -- Denver in that help but. Other than -- reportedly had battle they have no cornerback they have a -- that's the other than a quarterback what is more important and left corner. A great time left corner I mean there's obviously no player be on the quarterback and I'm sure you get to globally in the playoffs for that matter. Other than in great left corner is anything. Closer to that in that solution Robin on this -- no now know and and you have a chance according to people. This guys available you have a chance at the best left corner -- was cover corner. Yeah they didn't bomb makes a great case were -- to Asia they can do it salary wise how it's not that much different maybe than to leave. Were granted does a good job my only problem with this we have no idea. Temple to trade this. With the rumors come forward so that was didn't say it was a -- in saint wouldn't you think if you really just sort out there re trying to stick at all I'm not sure that's true I think in there is some truth to it because what -- make. If you mean people eskimo and sixteen million for corner. Year. When they ask it in Tampa -- -- -- capital. I don't but you're you're you're not Super Bowl caliber team this industry great players. Four -- -- -- he gets up the a year after you trade a first and third you're gonna get second round back to get a first round and that the -- -- a different coach. Down there and hold different mindset the quarterbacks -- they're not close to nowhere caught. There were two real Revis belongs on the content of the team on -- on the -- to make an analogy that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or sort of like the Celtics not that bad. But they're looking Rondo and things he part of the solution for help us win. Title three or four years down a road and a three does that guy here that we get rid of them were taken to three steps back if he's -- -- But that's another thing that coaches that defense what you don't know what he's getting back you know always getting in either bullied and Lovie Smith wants a traders in the. -- He's building and he gets a first round pick -- -- in the NFL you can convince yourself pretty easily see we can go ten and six -- this in this in this -- if -- work coming out of college right now back and we wish he'd be a first round pick. Of course yes yes right. -- forty have your first round but you can trade him for a first round pick and pick some guy out of Iowa where the case may be. You have no idea what you're getting so I love this do you guys think the way with the patriots want them but -- -- Says no way to patriots while assets also -- what -- of course interest in just a -- -- consistency. To the patriots M all over the years. And I know this is a simple thing to say just sort of you know. A fire extinguishing this entire discussion. This is not the kind of thing the patriots do well that's not true they do things you don't expect -- to do. I mean I think that's the one thing you could say about Belichick Asian you don't know what he's gonna do right. That you do did you mean you've been stunned like I have. Number of times over the last ten years humans and when the -- and Albert Haynesworth right you know Randy Moss. Traded for a animosity great trade by the way great move. Came out of the blue NUM really. Any moss is patriots worked out great. Ochocinco. Didn't work out so great but that was another one. That you didn't quite expected Nicolaus and think bush had to give up an investor for those guys verses which you'd have to give up and invest readers thought different. To put more -- more. The National Guard opened up faults -- easy relative -- -- -- -- but he's better than those other guys of not being a major way that that's more in line. It whenever he wants the public and play. -- wanted to ask gamble will all discuss this news you can concentrate on your conversation I can't get ready for Mike Florio I don't know what he thinks about Terrelle -- Apparently there's a clause in Revis contract that allows the Buccaneers at anytime they want to -- a restructuring that would kick a big chunk. Of the base salary of thirteen million into signing bonus that would significantly reduce the cap hit for this year and two things. The salary cap went up ten million this year which people really didn't see coming. And the quarterback market is gonna rebound to the point where your alternatives are gonna be more expensive. That you thought they were gonna base so sixteen million federal Revis doesn't seem like such a bad deal. Briscoe with -- and loose with well like that for our Florio with a much -- Ups so it sounds like he has now become financially more attractive to the -- -- -- and that that opportunity is there here's Florio. And the story there's a theory in the circles that this time around other teams want to read this more than this current team wants to trade him. The other sense is not the census those teams want him but not the ball didn't trade if you're -- don't you put that up there for public consumption maybe I guess. -- portable leverages our -- out there. And I said this the other day plea. It was the possibility that the conference is -- -- -- and you -- eleven of their market. Who -- complete -- in its prominence eleven million dollars between people it's a lot but he really need left corner. You really need -- got back there he needs somebody. Eleven name -- were sixteen for. -- rivas he's that much better right he's that much better player it's not that crazy. Yet that's the argument makes sense because they do. But if they had you wouldn't trade you're said it was outrageous that they had I was sitting with. By the stunt and said he's not -- that tournaments and as a -- it's giving -- 24 million dollars -- Gerri at saint Revis is making less that's crazy I would truly episodic that was never possible that the -- -- possibly organist for us this that was -- back some people's children we're -- some people predicted they would who rich as them. Because he could get him for a a year. You could negotiate from there. And I think they that there on the date they get a read on and said he's not. I think that was a more likely to happen then they give -- long term contract. Hip injury. It may be degenerative. The be off the -- range from what the titanium hip. It's true it may is that -- accept it but. How much Jason NFL receivers dealt another we got that Jason called -- we may be the first guy with a titanium hip yeah be a big deal there in the NFL and scapegoat from the airports -- quickly. That's true it's a little problem out I don't know it's it's what C I think the only flaw here and he knows when you say. I think he's done two things like that -- the pitchers do. They'd look for middle. Upper to middle of the road guys and a bunch of them at a position. Knowing that more often than not your first guy is going to get hurt and you need your second got to command with not much of a drop off partly it's Revis and and all these other jags out there. Revis gets hurt where argue -- back to where you were they'd rather spend sixty million dollars little here a little here a little -- and add. Are looking Alexis about the Red Sox -- depth about what they do. You think they'll go into the season without leave or -- yes yes I do all external com. Regardless we're -- maybe the more than a -- an -- in Logan Ryan and whoever they draft whoever they draft yeah. And outside the five foot nine Islamic you know a better news not bad news comes down is likely the starter for a -- me again so you think that's the the -- at the road to victory and saying that's what they're going to do and bowl and includes in his read this piece other goodbyes -- there was goodbyes and that's why is you lie as in -- corner market. Vontae Davis. And Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. -- on the burner. -- right I said he's all about and reported a bullet when he was on with just two days ago he shot -- -- saying he's not an upgrade. I'd like Walter Thurmond. Well where it was c.'s science hello Walter display of -- Round Brandon brown backup brown says he's back missing four games -- -- point. And Charles Tillman. I was 33 years old and towards right biceps last season missed that game Pacific classic pictures -- of accuracy Alston 30 central casting. Mum. Seen them for use in years. That would be your left corner that's. I'm great because the upgrade that's hungry that's not go in fort that's signing and -- water off waivers from Edmonton and that is I agree. And I don't disagree but the -- -- think they're gonna make a play for -- yes. And you're hoping and technically a yes and not making its effect favorable I'd already -- already checked point number 24 is available because. That was and it was a Wilson Adrian Wilson. Which what's they gave up. Gave the number to him and took 25 Kyle -- -- and was 24 gave it to Wilson for diapers source. And it would -- for iPods and that was another that the -- wanted to write and it was just look at all while as -- -- -- -- -- for which I by the way diapers should be retired for Ty Law yes all right it's still available and that's Revis would once we get the number what did you see what -- That -- what he wants for what I would lot more than diapers from a number 24 outlets there yes but wasn't like a lifetime supply or something. A look at old years he's been like. Elect honestly only be for a couple of years a lot is -- -- -- still -- -- outside of Christmas and that is that what you're supply of -- one -- of my expected gave up on number. It's a great number when he was race might -- the best number the best quarterback number. -- would when he when he won. Bonus -- -- Willie Mays. You say. Yes amused I was the deployment though. If someone can retire for one guy because that's a game we play all -- obvious right one guy gets 24 that have to be Willie Mays when that. Yeah that's Manny being Manny you know don't know 21 we say it was Clemens can't beat lament. It's Tim Duncan -- comment. Ever think of to -- -- -- -- -- this mount Rushmore but he's not he's not the Duncan's gonna have. Four championships he's played forever. One of the tennis players ever probably should ever ever think it just like half of his money out well will you you decide would you give when he went to Duncan Rupert equipment. Clementi committed to us. -- -- it does happen at all he believed to read the -- -- better guy. He was a rescue mission a crappy play ball ones is not Smart yeah I'd give it to -- But is great. And it back you know like element to factor I do the summed it all the two items have a better -- -- -- No hole. No close -- Now mark witness on the either Ellis Valentine you agree. They had a better -- teammates. I believe that yeah. I'm not sure how many times he did it but he threw out multiple times guys at first base on singles -- field. That's just his. Humanity it. Hamlet victory notre. Yes he did an awful lot arts -- -- 77 point 7937 I was at my all or team passive or. Element -- it would be. Right fielder Ryan all Brooks problems would be or just yet yet. The podium and it's note that I can explain you have to -- feet. It's -- or. -- Robertson is in agree it was a great play Ryan I know you could be an -- you know the starting left him would be cynical yeah. Right rough -- must right hander who are better pitchers but there are up on it guys who just hello Bob Gibson. Gives he's too good he's too good on the right. It was 500 pitcher of the well the guys traffic you think when you think of them a couple of days ago is that they're better than they actually were because they haven't or at least equipment and yeah. It'll hurt good ones mourning him well. Name it has absolutely give -- -- job. It's high tech support. A game and the native as imperfect he pick whom has been an all time great and it wasn't really don't that's been not excuse your justice is when he -- in the press. Barbara Jessica. You know blue collar. Google gave manager yes but all the equipment in world name of -- low. If you. You know obviously had charisma. And he wrote a -- the American pushes an upset that's. Ivory is his second baseman for what I got that from. My -- Mark Kriegel book to -- about -- and I walked by this morning it's home mortgage. It's an uncle who was new. This morning when you're smiling book right there much sharper and I'm very rightly. He -- great player but it is this. Hockey it's a good question hockey. This a couple of good hockey. Get old time but about the thick of stay and keep. That -- Scandal Robertson names kind of magical was that good. And then you meet current Celtics. I don't have guys like that right now is. Of course -- know. And blab. Blab. Blah -- it. Related that you -- that -- all that we all we compact the boy. Yeah got to go. On and I pass on the globe it's subtle militants and that actually -- -- -- but what you think. We all have to give the so the credit when we get back in the on the table here and give some words of -- do. Some cases it's mutations because that was the performance we're talking about. That we've -- look at. -- Everything -- is literally laid down on the. And a tie in with something that is 24 hours late June 24 hours to think it's and yesterday was Ash Wednesday. And massacred last night as I'm watching the Celtics. -- up for land. They gave up for list they did you. Give up for what will you be to give up and will absolutely not be on the list you don't protect a couple of things that we --

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