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The Bruins settle for a depth defenseman in Mezsaros... did they do enough at the deadline?

Mar 5, 2014|

We discuss the Bruins moves (or lack thereof) and what the other teams in Cup contention did to improve themselves at the trade deadline.

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-- was arrows that's your guy. Doesn't look like he's gonna be a top four defensemen I like the move because you need to add depth I'd like Stephen. What what what I don't understand why why does it look like he'd be a top port agreement what people are saying about him is not DNA top four defenseman recently. The belief is that he doesn't crack the top four for the Bruins maybe he does maybe in the power play -- -- ski and take that spot. If he does they go. I hope they've upgraded -- in the top four guy for them. It's exactly which have been asking for. Absolutely and I like a third round pick -- get a third round pick. For a guy who's -- 228. What eight years old he's he plays a position that she wanted to strengthen. Played the position that the rental and the deal at the end of the year you need someone at this position I don't have to pay him a lot of money. Probably in a lot of money for somebody else. -- in the offseason fine. I mean. It's certainly not Thomas rhetoric. Of the character to get your mind that on how big. A big name in a big trade. Martins think do we need. -- Callahan. -- -- Little bit of -- isn't doesn't he didn't say when that Cadillac it's a let down. Through. And I met him on this guy. But. I would think that the deaths -- marked. Hockey people. Like -- hockey insiders. Probably look at and say that's an expert now I'm not saying it's okay images are reading through people in casual hockey -- -- is on and to. I think actually that the casual hockey fan mail like this more and am looking at some of the people that I trust -- and people like -- collage you know just -- some for mixing well. Good player. Nice guy to have on your employer is a good player but doesn't mean he's necessarily going to be a top four guy maybe he works its way into our lobby from scoring system you know why it's important it's got to get -- I won't think I wanted to get a top four guy. Look I'm not unhappy I like -- there any -- that everybody else. Maybe but you need the top four guy for you you needed somebody's at the map mark how's he's not a on the ice in the final minute of the game and that's again Mack Calvin Bruins blog another pretty good hockey insider guide to embark -- he still in your top four that's all. You know it's a bad deal like that I think he needed to add somebody. Could you mean looks they give up a third round pick for him if he'd given up a second and third you could adding Andrew MacDonald. Tell it is he don't would you rather given up two picks and brought McDonald back yeah maybe. Or excuse to party. What -- -- -- no way the casual fan of electoral board -- the guy to go to the rig called a time. Old talking him and about 25 minutes jacket -- and then another one another techsters. Maybe Conte. Said it traded charm he blows yeah I think that may be -- to think so I. Opened. And stop the pleased. Opium was. Stopping on also how good with a smooth was the Slovakia defense in the Olympics a couple weeks it was nothing to write home about Slovakia title kinds of problems and a Chara wasn't the big issue. But you know saying that he played with Chara for Slovakia is not exactly boosting anybody's call -- -- -- -- details like let me tell you this. As US citizens. We have no Estandia. Talk about any other country in the Olympics. Based on what we saw from -- South of really good players. Really bad especially in the last lap I was -- play. So America to criticize. Anybody who struggled struggled in the Olympics because right the American certainly did -- last two games let's hear from you -- 61777979837. From Bruins fans who were hoping for a deal. A deal -- -- off from that level I think you have to be happy go you know -- sure really pull the trigger on something they needed somebody. To help them out defensively especially since Seidenberg is loss for the year they end up getting -- defenseman it's a name you probably recognize either from his time -- not a war now in in Philadelphia under him as our host on the -- only give up a third round -- it's not like you're sacrificing much of your future not give -- not ripe and ready to -- just acquired a guy here for the -- which could happen which is basically what you want it right he's wanted somebody we're gonna have to give up the the moon formed what is going to help you just for this year you don't need help going forward be on this season you just need a rental and they were able to find a rental from -- from that perspective. I think you have to like. But you look at the Bruins announcing okay they're ready to go up. This is a team that it is now ready to challenge for Stanley Cup and I think they're now a favorite to do so it looks like. Pittsburgh was unable to get Ryan Kesler and maybe something happened here in the last few minutes -- will find out about but as of now haven't heard anything about Pittsburgh -- -- -- so from that perspective your biggest competition in the east has not done as much as they did a year ago when they add it again. It looks like Thomas -- hasn't actually been traded. Kessler was not traded that's now been reported that Kessler was not traded me Cooper makes no moves of trading -- Though Pittsburgh does not get right or -- and I traded and very attic where we're waiting and seeing -- Right now with organic and the maternity. And I don't know because why what you meant to cover you it's tough guy in the tough -- trade for. Unless you're traded that he says that team but we quake. Where entry from the get outside you now only -- -- house now -- long term contract review. Otherwise -- backers say that. You're training for really talented player who's vacuum annually commitments from -- -- helps you win the Stanley Cup what you -- nobody from the okay this is why it's tricky. If you're the islanders. Why are you trading a really talented player for. You wouldn't trade for nothing you want a big return form. He's not really a trade deadline guy in his situation his talent he's too talented to be to have elect him as our history. You wouldn't give up there's no way anybody would take right eight the islanders wouldn't make it third round -- not excited about but at some point you might as well at some point you gotta get something form he's gonna leave at the end of the -- -- you're not going anywhere -- averaging just give them -- -- you've given them away. Why Dan rather it's something than nothing so he's going to object but better than not going out -- you I don't know if you had to guess and you -- to him and you would have gotten of course that is what he can do this year. What good is it having him on your team that you wouldn't care -- -- go to the playoffs divorce is done for the year you're not moving forward and any sort of positive way he got to get something back it's -- I'd rather get more than a third -- -- reason for seventy more chance to let me get a first or B I mean they should've gotten at least a first round pick form. Would you put -- I agree that -- solid but I don't think anybody that's the point. I don't think anybody's gonna give them off or give up first probably -- -- -- -- pick for army -- jogger nearly somebody's gonna give up a first round pick for Barack. Absolutely. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday somebody who's willing to give up a first round pick idol why wasn't -- I don't know maybe they did spot they wanted more. -- Garth -- a lousy GM which is why he's been in in. Date now on Long Island for as long as he has data because as you said before the organization is garbage who knows that the owner wanted to. Yeah that's a mistake. Trading guy who's who's not going to resign with you and how you're helping your team get better sooner you just gonna end up letting him walk away at the end of the year for nothing. Just I don't understand that one thing it's what deadlines are so exciting to me why I love the trade deadlines -- opportunity to get battered to the Bruins get better. Thanks. Appreciate that as -- the Bruins better yet. Now how good is. Are they better than they were two hours ago short added a player to give up a third round pick out is who is not a great player. But they added a guy who can who can contribute to the team didn't have to give up anybody. On on the current roster. So yeah but that by definition that's better that's better than you were. A couple of hours ago are -- good enough to deal with. The penguins. Are they good enough for who you -- the penguins and Montreal. That they face Montreal in the post season you feel good about it. From a historical perspective yes -- took it about a from a matchup standpoint do. So yeah I think there are very good team. I think big and they could become a great team you. The toss supersonic. You you said earlier are they the favorite to win and who was a favorite to win over the favored to win and Chicago as you don't yeah broke. Right now Chicago hurricanes and Dachshund -- the team's right in their Saint Louis. We're gonna have mentioned old themes of Dakota and the Bruins are going to -- -- -- what their absolute ruins there they're going to be there with a so so they acquire ms. czarist from the flyers. He has spent some time as a healthy scratch this year. Numerous games according to DGB you know have the exact number Samuelson 22 games as healthy scratch some meals at six -- how many games he's been healthy scratch this year but he's not been a top four defensemen for Philly. -- immunity is not what he's going to go from Philly you're much better team of Philadelphia is an adult kind mr. struggles to begin the year and I think the system will help. Like he'll probably be a better defenseman include system that he was in Philadelphia. But he was healthy scratch. Yeah Grammy again I don't wanna confuse this with the Bruins went up there and got themselves a pop for god put themselves over the top. This is. I step above like machine ID type betrayed or acquiring it was that they got last year. I'd been an auto offer and the Rangers just like name. The Bruins in our judgment the big defenseman. The Bruins yeah the depth guy that the Bruins got it played in that played against Iran that's completely blanking -- -- played with char in Ottawa. We wait red -- red bank here so I mean this is I think a darned idea to step up from getting Wade Redden. But this is not going out and getting the top four big time defenseman who was going to be game changer for your team it's somewhere in between and let's let's. Think of it that way and not as something that's going to completely Alter the way the bruins' season. Hey hey Andy remember. Your -- Chappelle show and Clayton XP. Called the kids in the car. Call me. -- them in words. And they got excited to did you say it cool. I just had that moment. Has had a moment right now. About it affects them. Call me and ask. You if it's great to. They brought out they go out this handy. Somebody. From WEE. Guy. It's called April and asked yes sir we're supposed to are great -- and we knew it supposedly we ignored the -- for years and years maybe not only beat them down. We never talked about it and now I'm all right I got my hot out. It top level lie. -- -- -- His book. What because they now. Everything. -- -- Are gonna say there's something else -- It's possible. That the Bruins have acquired Thomas -- mammoths and they've done it well -- I'm just saying that somebody has acquired the fact that the Bob McKenzie and others percent. They have somebody has acquired him. The islanders haven't. Don't know yet where is going don't know what they've gotten forum will be Boston could be somewhere else but Thomas -- has indeed been treated quickly and -- Obama -- Well I hope at all. It is buy enough of about I guess you know how you field Obama against. No details yet though -- has been traded somewhere no idea yet where. Yeah we are -- right council will not be moved it caught our kids he says. The Vatican penetrated. I means bank has been to Bob McKenzie knew before anybody. Bob McKenzie knew before critics agent. Bob -- to -- before the general managers agreed to the deal this is exciting. -- he's going. But this is expecting it at the -- just means that the deadline which ends at 3 o'clock to get a few more minutes to try to wait and see what's half a year like. Me you like this you like yeah I would sure -- to gamble more wanted to comes at what blackjack with me. Well -- -- this man. Action what's coming -- next IF fifteen deal was got -- -- got to hit it but you don't get your people are going to be -- X you don't step away course I do. Last time you played we went what five or six hour I'm not broke or anything like I can still go and I -- myself Sam I might need to wish cellphone can I cameras were allowed -- to -- -- -- the shot -- you -- violate. Six or seven elderly Asian women it was colors -- You wanna gamble that it happens to be the table he got to gamble we got to do. Choose your partners -- not choosy. Like playing with elderly Asian -- that's -- -- you -- know what they're doing reducing -- play black -- -- early Asian women that's fine on my -- I know what they're doing. They generally play the book they have fun they tend to chain smoked solve Cornet on this Texas as lighthouse hockey. Says bank to -- today. It's open to all rumors receive -- Pittsburgh or Montreal it's nobody's answered our word don't you want ago I don't want to go to Montreal hole at a the one -- otherwise I do not only are those the San Jose -- -- -- play with Joseph -- enjoy yourself up there. Maybe we'll see you after you don't -- or the nineteenth consecutive year. At some point in the Western Conference playoffs I'm not too worried about him Wednesday but not a big concern. San Jose you know is that every time we talked about the big contenders we've talked about San Jose is nobody trust them at once they get the -- -- for you trust big -- you can go trust big jumbled you know go have -- -- that. So van -- goes out to the West Coast going -- that's fine. If he goes to the Canadians again just combining. Bruins killer with the Canadians who have -- Bruins killers especially recently especially for two -- Of the terrible combination that's gonna freak. Well if anywhere else he goes refineries made there. If by some. Prayer. There's dissent and there's there's small owners are slim possibility. As governor Boston. If that happens rogue Republican ticket a couple bombs and doing let's go into -- -- new rumor to did docs out of ducks. Some Boston rumors that it bought one every -- they acquired on dream is Eros that's not a rumor. Light it up that's a fact go get. It's one of those planes into Ross on the in this guy Andre in the czarist this year. Thank god. The Bruins have now decided there serious. In 2014. You don't like so -- -- don't like it I think they needed to do this but I want them to do more but I also I recognize that it would frustrate you but I'm asking the same thing you do the same thing that you asked Keith Jones Keith Jones an adult. Talk about -- TV. And he said it brought you to go -- get a defenseman Andy did. Went out with Mickey Jones now got a defense while they got a defense and the question is mitigated if that's who's going to be healthy scratch half the time religious in the guy's gonna be healthy scratch. There's over the Bruins needed they did need that but that's not that conversation we've been happening. I -- -- I expected you know how to deal breaker and azeris in something. -- -- in the top four guys don't -- it was a healthy scratch and won the cup couple times in music healthy scratch but. And playing games happen. He. He was a very important player throughout the post season and especially in the finals series so. If it. If he's a matchup guy. -- if they say this is Adam is charles' game -- this -- -- our series but this next one is. You give up a thing. Which rounder if you're talking yesterday. You talked yesterday about pennies and dimes and Nickels who. Peter's right around. The throw away. I've lost my -- With third round picks and it's on the team the keeps problems like monitor all Montreal we know that -- feel now -- Doug Maclean confirms -- to Montreal console ports net. I. Panic to Montreal. You being a Thomas then what we just say the 11. Game. He goes anywhere else you say okay fine whatever that Tom's Danica and have fun now is gonna go to the Montreal Canadians. Creating some sort of an anti Bruins super force field -- and Attleboro -- -- In my socket you like gosh. -- -- any you know clear argument I do like that pretty so -- -- you know he's a scratch -- You -- if he he was scratched and before Christmas. No -- OK I particularly -- tweaks to it lost 26 game. -- So do you think OK if you think it appears that odd thing that you would scratch how important that Kennedy actually -- -- -- normally yes questioning -- People match. Something like I say geez didn't he didn't help much wandering -- you'll popularity ever longer because you're terrible at. If he -- -- in 2228. -- 80 no. I didn't go gorilla. I said he could be a scratch after comments he was you. Know I didn't Bob I said he's been I literally what I said was all it. To. Up -- knew -- yes it's absolutely fair to say that has he been healthy scratch your. Record. How many games as he scratched from this year. And now this year this season -- Chris but everything stop to Christmas -- -- -- the lead started yesterday this is some defining moment before and after Christmas that the season start on Christmas. -- this season startle while Florida. If it is a bit of -- during the year and you sort. Is there for the year and -- -- -- know. How many. Crippled an eight weeks off this year out you know why he he stopping script stretch after Christmas. What could be anything to do with -- -- justice and was lost in reserve for his mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- What people last couple days while anchor. Oh was that Zain out of all the different name now I don't know it was a Brendan. There Brendan -- a sneak in with a new name brand and to be Bob. -- Brandenburg and I think it's nice to get risk I think it's nice to get under him as our. I think is nice to get a guy who. You needed depth defenseman every year the Bruins have had a chance to win they've always acquired somebody because you're worried about injuries I'd have to do something like that. What was -- from from that perspective. Why like him as a top four shut down guy that I wanna see in the ice in the final minute -- -- of the game now not as much. That's on you handle that it yes. Panic I was. Is just annoyed he was really common answer was yes. Fired up about something very small might have one month. Is that -- -- sticks to me it's evident to live right off me I'm -- tough on radio host. We talked about -- -- economy Monday and smile whenever. That -- we got Jack Edwards next who's sort of like to -- -- -- -- it got to make you so I would Jack thinks about under him as there was the occasional healthy scratch or maybe part time healthy scratch intimate spot and -- since Christmas salt can call it WB. English player and I usually would fit just about anywhere in the top three lines and you know obviously a guy like that. He does is -- toxic cycle forward it gives -- incredible scoring if you're it will pull that -- What you get to -- -- Canadian now you know I don't want to. That it. Honor of his -- is the move for the Bruins. Good. Fine they needed to make a move like that but it's not being moved. It's not -- put them over the top move. Especially when you see Thomas manic biggest Bruins killer go to the team that the Bruins have been having the biggest problems with -- Montreal. Creating some sort of super storm. System in Montreal that. And you sure don't wanna see in the first round of the NHL playoffs. You -- look you're Canadian now that are. Thanks Jack professor Thomas manic is an upper arms who. Need to do something what it loud and like why I don't why -- -- I think the unfortunate but that's figured out why do you think -- Google app letting -- I think that I can't tell anyone who wanted to. I think anybody would want to hope I hope they want and I mean I don't I don't know that he was the things they needed but when you seem go to Montreal. Yeah I mean you know you certainly could use them and found a way to it to slide him into one of the top three -- -- teams -- just said I don't know that he was the number one target. I would like for them to a found a top four defensive shut down defenseman but maybe Beckham does wasn't out. Why didn't they treat prevent -- -- The data we kind of forget that they lose a game of and then as a leverage game. Where it hold now. Looking around them. Hey. We know what story. You know -- leverage the -- not gonna resign with you know. You offer of fifteen million dollars you know -- the two minute fifty million dollars of your money not you. So he can move on to know why Ernie Els was in on until I don't know what are your handlebars are always in they do all the teams out west really knew everybody was an event and then on we know. If we knew that they only had no we heard we heard a new everybody knew all right. So if if they knew everybody was -- on their -- panic everybody was interest in this guy why didn't they make them. Don't want them. And I guess that's the only other thing I can just imagine how what maybe they think that he's good against them and I have a system somebody else plays but he doesn't fit into what they're trying to do. I don't know 617779. Or they like on -- veteran defenseman more Jakes and man hijacked. I figured you might call. What's gone on Jake. Are you know good and I don't get that wanted to rob before I get my point about the deadline I just wanted to do know you guys you go to the cream and a couple of Asian. And that would like to add a New York -- in the morning rather than DNC say crop. Yeah Cunningham of the crop up until I heard NA analysis. A -- Didn't do it. You know confident that ticket price got yeah. I mean I didn't hear me shame on all of them Bachmann and do not -- -- of action under deadline. Seeing the moving forward especially to make a run at the odd cup this year. I really -- multiple movies about men and it would have -- improved esteem probably couldn't do you know shorten up on the -- out there. So I don't. I would they would've done a remarkable and it what it is. Well Jack I Jake I I agree with you as the one thing that stands out to me whether you think that the Bruins should have gone after saint away at the brewers should have gone after Callahan and the Bruins should have gone after -- or whatever you go -- Kessler. The thing to me for the NHL trading deadline was the price ten. And I guess I should take -- the price tags. Corner marshals. We've got full price it's great. I can get this for that. Don't nobody wound up paying a lot. Where these top players. Which makes it even more of a problem for the Bruins if they were interested not that I would feel better kind of if it's if I heard from the hockey people the hockey intelligence -- The -- you know. -- and -- surely don't think panic is revealed. Doesn't fit the system I'll feel better about that because that would mean they didn't lose at the negotiating table. Sick feeling is. They overplayed -- they didn't hat they thought they had a hand -- have a hand at all. They were outsmarted by Montreal the depth of the that's for the sick feeling comes in but if you just look at it. The same way. You look at somebody who just all excited about a new purchase music over. I'm sure what that I'm sure you'll hear that. I'm sure he'll hear that by tomorrow the image of the Bruins are worth their salt in terms of spinning but do that afterwards -- -- -- literally like -- how much not a great fit for our system we think Ericsson and Smith they're developing into something we didn't want to do anything to her hamper their growth. And so you know we just really weren't that interested we were never in on I'm just didn't want but at the end of the day. Cosmetics are really good player and he goes to the team to be the most concerning to you. Montreal Canadians to go four for next lot more your thoughts throughout the day assault on WB.

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