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NFL considers making extra points a 43 YARD field goal kick instead of just a 'gimme'

Mar 3, 2014|

We discuss the rumors coming out of the NFL about making extra points no longer automatic... 43 yards away is the rumor and we mull it over.

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Are -- the -- discussion is there if you guys have thoughts on that but this just came across our desk here and he needs to be. To put the Rush Limbaugh happen. Piece of paper on -- The NFL might experiment with making extra point attempts longer look at on term Judy Battista. Nfl.com. And this is a book by the way about about the patriots. -- -- It was -- in. Paperback. -- took to the -- -- whether it was a while I was on Broadway committee had a hard cover. Kind of like thought -- again -- and haven't wrong yen from America. Called the patriot reign in the -- -- The NFL competition committees discussed experimenting this pre season with a longer march longer. Extra point try so what do you think would be a longer extra point try. But because we talked about this some opera you know some ideas of what they could do in ordered in order to change the extra point make it a little bit more legitimate either get rid of it. Or make it longer or or some. Right now it's easiest it's the easiest thing costs with second to twenty yards when he ER nineteen can't miss significant. Shipments. So I would say maybe they're adding. Maybe they'll add a few yards. Just to make it interest like right I've already five your calls at the two yard line up. Remember back to. Can't what -- the -- met Rebecca if what they move it to the one the five. Which is what she's ex saying here is a possibility may get a 4243. Yard attempts rate I think that's awesome. So 43 yard field you're you're reporting out what you do a seventeen. -- she having eight out when. So if there are heated to one and forty if you don't need one entering into fox bar yeah. In December. Republicans going right now -- Foxborough on March. -- -- area where where the weather and so it's Foxboro December January. You're down thirty to 43 a minute ago it's -- on everybody celebrates thirty to 29. But now it's time for this extra point with the wind. 43 yards away. -- Talk that they don't put a whole lot I -- without drama into that game -- shadow over makes the -- -- attorney who should like and -- this is kickers on one hand they're gonna have a whole lot more clutch -- -- before but on the other hand -- extra point exactly an extra forty -- -- muted but how about whoever. The fact that it makes a -- whole lot more valuable for your team Bryant. If there I mean if your guys right now with a 65 -- an extra points -- missed all year. Five extra point to missed all year this year in the NFL and what the success rate of 99 point 6% and one got mixed mr. confused text. And he was texting on that to be retired in Iceland paying attention. Guys like it was a bet I bet you one of those five left like somebody's not ticker. Somebody got hurt punter at the command punter missed the extra point apartments I don't know the -- making that up but I would surprise -- if that was true. -- from the 43 start paying your kicker. No more this -- -- you know I don't spend so much and kicker think about how many more points are difficult at that point. You know -- great point does this mean that the movement 2.0 version as well to what I think it would do if what I would I don't know it doesn't it just it scanned the article here's I don't know -- for me I would -- you have to make a decision if you're going for to begin with a two yard line if you're going for one you kick from the 25. I don't really wanna see two point conversions from the from the 25 but to make office. But I thought I mean give the -- terrific you wanna put -- at the two yard line or do you wanna go from the 25 well. You know OJ Batiste makes a point about why they need to do this. She says perhaps even more striking is how many long field goal attempts are being made in 2013. 67%. Of all field goal attempts of at least fifty yards for a group that weapon yet. A fifty yard field goal and not just have a two thirds of the time 12 thirds of the time your guy's gonna make a fifty yarder. While the numbers fluctuate from year to year that is a sharp rise even from 2012 just sixty point nine almost 62% from long distance for good. As dramatically up from just ten years ago kickers made just 48%. From fifty yards or more. Where you'd think everybody's -- CH anyway sweeping battery where -- Briton Richard drug argument. Like a drug argument. They're all on her onto their hold on. All kickers kickers punters kickers -- Reuters. Golfers hockey players for basketball players baseball players you name it. There are on drugs Saudia it would -- -- practice they get their their better practice out and they were ten years -- that I'm sure he's got. But fifty orders there's only there's only a couple of other explanations other than drugs some of that as the field conditions the other is just that eventually more people sort of I wanna be kicker in the NFL so there's so much more there's so many more people -- NFL teams have -- so much more wise to the idea of trying to find these guys that they've gone out really on the best of the best and that's why it's gotten better. Normally it brought drugs term rise in New Hampshire high German. It's up. Annika -- just took the -- -- an actual point I think it's animal but it back. I think it should change it to a mandatory drop -- And. They're not gonna do nobody knows how to do that. Pointed out. That nobody does and you don't wanna make it impossible they just wanna make it harbor they wanna make it entertaining but not zero. I don't think they're looking for no extra point. What was the extra point pursue a conversion percentage this year. Point 7% it was great and a touchdown -- just six and that's all you get me -- just wanna make it did she say. What what what kickers were from that range this year which were prepared to guard -- 43 yards about the interest things that won't say. What -- kickers from about 43 yards in the last few years. I -- they're like 60% 65% breathing and then in that range from. 43 are tired that Ireland out of this doesn't -- -- for like the last tenure but if it's 67%. And I -- recently as this year 67% from fifty yards but how much it's probably in the 43 yards. Boarded a 49. Innings I got to -- seven he's got some are fights it's 87%. That's perfect you may make sure that goes in seven -- a ten times not 99 out of hunger. I don't get -- -- -- that but a drop -- mikes and framing. I'm. Not a -- -- what public under under the same corporate drop -- -- led to a yard line or the two point you know -- What's it really want teams drop kicking every time I -- like to joke about the action. -- don't want don't. Explore every liberal. Like oh I -- did you mean to you saying the rule would be -- like give you -- gonna allow them to do two point conversion from. Now I think you would say there's no way to get a one point conversion from -- No it. Amid the latest spiral I made it up this is not with the NFL's doing but is this would be interest in this role this proposed rule about the extended extra point Brett. I do wanna know what's gonna happen in a lot of Texans there are asking questions and question I have what does that mean for the two point conversion. Does it mean a rise in those attempts. Assuming I assume at this pivotal from the and I -- 43 is is not really challenging me 43 is is more challenging than. Nineteen -- -- automatic -- automatic. But. You know two yards for two points. Or 43 yarder four point -- at least the more conversation and I know -- you know who was more conversation for hello Chip Kelly. All the army national caliber to our credit -- that's one good don't you want I love this I think this is fantastic from guys are all over the phone direct practical to its axle Kamal W via. I see you ought to see excerpt points from the 43 yard line I kind of do or at least a 43 yard kick like that idea better than what you just mentioned -- -- I think it's it's really 42. So here at the 25 yard line I guess sometimes teams go wait some teams goes seven is that it. This for years it was you had seventeen right now you're having eighteen. -- -- -- -- -- It's a long seventeen the long seventy you know like I have like seventeen I got fourth and 14 and a long one right. Fourth and it's like one applause fourth in a short one. So either way just given a break and got that extra point. That's no Allred get me. I think this is great I think these are the types of things that make the NFL more dramatic. And if there's one thing that's not dramatic in the NFL -- the extra point it's the only thing in the NFL it's not dramatic at all. Almost every other play in the NFL something crazy can happen something. And kickoffs I know that they're not as crazy as they used to be you still -- kickoff returns for touchdown -- we someone in the Super Bowl you still see punt returns for touchdowns the bad snap on an extra point you can do it now I am -- -- when you're when you're at the 4825. Yeah. And all the things that can go wrong with the field goal in front of an extra point blocked a very awful again there were only five extra points that were missed all of last year. The entire year 99 point 6% of extra points. So and it's accommodation credits short kick that also means the angle is higher so the blockers can't you know the guys trying to block it can't do anything is no place you can put on to try to block the kick. This makes it so much more interest in your forcing the kickers to use higher trajectory is so much more going on. I love this anything that makes another -- Morant Texas has quit bastard -- the sports for TV. Make a -- Alec was meant to be read at least dot. It kicked from a touchdown spot simpler to widen that crashed on I mean to mimic that -- pretty long time ago this is an rugby. Like it's cool you wanted to be more like rugby but it's not rugby they're now they're no different games and at least in this country the -- one. Football beat rugby your eye on how a guy like -- -- call to watch it was a fight it was a fight as a real fight when he went at it officially end and nineteen went ice bowl where nine long before that 34 -- in the car with the damn. David. Want David. All right all right Matt what's up Matt. -- -- -- what's up man this day political -- it's sort by expect to be good for you look at that should power they are riding a bike. Well it's quite dead until I think -- I don't want -- -- -- now now everything else that the white hot and learn got to learn how much how many close is he was cute wearing. While it at eight degree anyway dirty. Street threat earlier this time to freaking degrees it's time to learn erratically -- I just a dedicated acute can elect -- the black and this will be derided they need to pass. You got it exactly kill it and let my play -- I understand that like unit. Alaska I want to can afford to the senator. That's particularly important -- competition that it you know the -- why did you want that. About that. You get a touchdown greatly at several points OK now you have an option if you wanna do and not kick it would do to put divergent. Play you know from the whatever you have right. If you get -- and what they. Why look at they've always had an extra point -- why wouldn't you still want an extra point just make it more difficult. Why are you guys are talking about. You know bring it up storms that bring up maybe it's not -- -- They looked at this we're just. Talking about the habit of not more difficult and saying if you wanna get it now you're making it easier. That you wanna get rid of Google now it's a -- to go to the Google. You end up. Going to a two point conversion but as a two point threatening more tickets seven point spurt just -- attached I don't walk into the -- -- -- that he would persecuted got their. -- two point conversion you know some of. Not I didn't know I am not that it is if you get a point I'm not confused I get what you're saying hey Matt if you say that your kids -- -- to try to bite you right away from you right away from the -- This is what value can teach your kids to ride a -- the balance is perfect. -- -- -- That didn't come up and come up a few times it's going to be talking about getting rid of depiction point. But what their thing now is instead of getting rid of it which is make -- let's make it actually something it's not going to be automatic. You can deal with peace and just and just give it to them -- you can actually make it dramatic. Want to watch sports for the motors dropped the unknown what's going to occur drama about about right like me make it hurt our. Bikes along. It's hard to remember the details. When I first -- right by in my mind. Remember summer. Remember pre war whispering. It was a warm. You. -- we Earth Day it was last week. Yet you might not like your first -- -- birth may be eating when I wrote that mean it's out it's not supposed to be under thirty in in early march right. Supposed to be warmer than that. The food in the ground everywhere. Aren't right upright in the winter. It's related winner I guess you could it just it wettest winter. The groundhog. Winter for another way. The data should be -- warming up it's a surprise that he's up next week if not going to be warm and have been -- Christmas. Operating properties and it's you could learn right the right bike in in his library. Here. The commission. Accused bike all hand when. You can ride -- For real for real. Don't use those like those. Bikes. Not training that these training actually make it right to bike but those newfangled point where you have to throw. -- use those for their call. It's like with the pony -- you talk about looks like looks like apply. And tennis like. On any user on the still it was a vacation now it's it's replaced -- actually better than training training we will fight like bush. And you can only -- methodically and mr. Rivera a lot of a lot of people had training -- this is better than training to hit -- treatment that they there ego. But look up if you work your father -- a bike and just post. There was gold horse steps leading -- -- -- I don't it's the -- -- this message a group in Vermont I learned how to swim in the winter that is not true there you are did not. You said your father -- them that. It doesn't. Pushed me and Blake street. And Tennessee don't cross the street and hit the neighbor's tree I would -- and -- angry words and her partner. I did manage by the way with a Avery a weekend long was his -- and Avery all weekend. No tolerance and to -- -- to -- -- a teacher -- -- dot -- absolutely nothing no I did not return one thing you know you can learn anything from me but. Well it goes away for three you know two nights like that you expect you're really hoping when she comes back you can be like. No problem everything was great. There was no issue nothing happened everything was fine Avery was great and and I was so close to that being the case until my dog problems. You had a dog called on you dog fell down it fell down trying to walk out yeah he really was an unimpressive on athletic movement as part. Yes my dog. -- was okay thankfully so I was able to report for the most part they're -- went fine but there's this moment as I looked down and I realized that the August slip sliding down stairs. -- -- Then a man and optical haven't -- at that take Wendell -- the vet he fell down the stairs I was just couldn't do two things that one's. So thankfully that he was soaked by yet. -- -- And a pay his on court and it just hasn't happened before now this is -- first time regardless on the fares are their -- -- Which is not great and I want I want rock -- and -- opening bell on yours there's no you do. For the midwest. Carpet and here is -- girl -- Talk about their very steep the poor dogs can't handle the principal thought he stubby. Can handle those stairs up the stairs and limits we'll keep you think dogs though there Linda got a guy like Ed he's dead right now. Records for web part knicks in the car -- -- Thought -- going on there thank you. -- court -- -- court later import bank obliged to learn -- I had one yeah take to take the post got the break. -- You can negotiate you you're you're you're -- who break my putting a lot of -- it and you don't need to -- -- -- to learn how to read what. But those other those wooden ones do basically. Balance I think they're called which. -- Which you do because my daughter. Powell how tools doing need to take -- off like if I probably don't have the right tools or the right know how to be able do that. Anyway an adjustable wrench you won't reject my identity. And adjustable -- Thanks. All right partner companies -- ratchet for that -- courtesy call. What is that you get from best buy when you are from from you don't announce -- and elements -- that and -- tons of them won some -- might be attached with principles. I have so many branches. Like -- all the once every piece of IKEA furniture that I created and like holes in of them came in my tool. I'm still to think about models off now. One tunnels. Into. There's going to throw 'cause there's an age which they're not able to ride a bike for real but you can give -- these balance -- things were to walk around like teach -- three regulars -- more. -- what residents call -- a tricycle with a girls of those other three like the big wheels. Try. -- Tricks. About word go definitely gotten in negative term for among our could be good market for. Sole right I think there are secondary I think it's a hot market. Rick. Byron. And I don't go out with Cedric. I have a good idea for the extra point in the kickoff -- You give the team. The point if they can kick the ball on the kickoff into the end zone no return. It became returned that you don't get the extra point. -- -- -- -- I tell you as well I see that you get a you don't get the extra point for ridiculous that they can actually return them when they return it. Well I don't know. And excitement and to return now now you forcing teams to return the ball yeah has taken a knee in the insult. We're trying to force teams to return a ball. Remove the kickoff. Yeah I don't -- they -- right don't want I don't wanna turn the ball they don't want it so I think if -- -- you can leave it as it is. Which is sounds like people wanted to know were given to like all kinds of zany rules either leave it as it is or just go with what what they proposed which is amendment it's fair you get a point. Before -- think given away points. Percent of giving it away. I can -- and it may if it's Italy it's a moderately moderate challenge as opposed you doing it with your articles which they were able to do before. A 43 yard field goal is not. Except exceptionally difficult but it's not a no brainer you all you're doing is putting a little bit more drama into the game. You just -- ratcheting up ratchet you're just ratcheting up the drama just a teeny bit you're not going crazy not changing the game of football you know making it drastically different than it is now you're just adding a little bit more drama. To a game that's already very dramatic. -- -- I don't see what's not to like about. I know everybody wants to create their own little -- it's not like a fun exercise Michael and I are doing this is the NFL this is something they're gonna experiment with it looks like in this year's pre season to see what it looks like I think they should I think they should adopt adopt adopt this is. I like that. Anything that adds a little bit more drama without taking away or sold the game that's a good thing I'm trying to -- part of problem with that I really don't have one and less. You just say there's no extra point at all but that would change not not gonna go from it's it's going to be six. Touchdown or seven. Six or Tia are gonna take I think now I think you make it or network or eagle -- conversion all you make its governor and the reason why is that 7 PM. Yeah out partially for gambling were partially just because the difference between seven and the re create so many interesting decisions the coaches need to make. It's the reverse -- six and two field goals equals a touchdown that's not quite the right ratio. This is so great about seven and to re right if you get all these kind of weird funky scores the senate that strange number. Days in the car -- -- Yeah. And what's up. Well I understand that you look at it. Make ports I was thinking maybe you need people are outside the box and change this world. -- Where a team -- their -- you're doing and I'll bite. You don't four point three -- whatever and and make it quite. -- -- speaking about -- quit two point conversion. What do you make this a distance. -- -- where team after the sport that touched down. I can choose what this they wanna kick the ball on the look further away they go. The higher the value of bad. It is but the opposite of that is -- -- this field goal it then -- They're making this so much more complicated don't. Not so we're not having fun making up new rules for the NN FL -- lead. The league is talking this is not Michael Knight playing fantasy. The league talking about doing this we're not talking of re writing the NFL. We're trying to marry her -- maybe there are maybe NFL is right I don't think -- -- You think this is rewriting the NFL well literally we're doing is moving him back. It -- move it back but now a year now it changes the way coaches think at the very right OK if it dramatically changes the way. -- and it's a terrible thing but it it it's a significant change now. I don't go home court as far as with techs are losers. 42 is who law. Everybody -- to. 43. Up 42 yard field almost two long -- I think that's just right maybe it terrible weather. Through on anything that starts with a three. Is -- your short anything that search of the threes automatic in the NFL right. 39 yard field goals -- automatically and now it doesn't start getting interesting until you get to forty. And this is about you know it's a short forty yard field for 243 arts is perfect edit it affects his or her -- the ideas is silly -- It just me just tell you what's trending now. At almost five Tony. Judy Battista and it felt nfl.com. -- New York Times option left. Other NFL competition committee has discussed experimenting this refused to with a longer much longer extra point try according to one member of the committee's meetings this weekend included. Preliminary talks about placing the ball at the 45 yard line for the extra point kick. Which would make it 843 yard attempt rather than the two yard line two yard line where it is currently place. That's the story. Text message put a basketball hoop in the end zone for four point nanny nine point 6% conversion rate of 12167. Extra point attempts. Almost 12100 extra point attempts. What a thousand of by the Broncos. There -- a year not to Maine I'm Matt. Yes just following up first so I just wanna say I have actually. Talk my son had a budget victory. Our Christmas ago operate your name our viewers heard. What struck that was shut down for a month and that we achieve the parking lot. Let's -- you don't write about I would think in -- that houses be so far part of be difficult to try to bite from one place to another if your kid. What it was loud because the pressure on all when he shut down for a month will be needed to keep our own partly in the summer where we can you write your friend's house and your -- your friends like miles away. Do tend to kind of put it it's valuable body seems to be limited and -- -- We ran really tired Souter moment we'll know on product anyway. I just wanted to lay in IE I don't see why they -- changed the field goal and or the -- rather make it longer. Why fix what's not broken I mean. Violate the legislators. And then bullet change like that history books do fully kickers in the past and now all of a sudden. But so I mean here's one Natalie throw hypothetical that you Mike the news and game. Close game back and forth game right and it in the final moments and seconds left. Not Peyton Manning is trying to catch up to Tom Brady's down seven. And he's he scores toss him great or Wes Welker diving play in the corner of the end zone and you look at tie game we're gonna overtime except. That's not guaranteed that's right now instead of just a one point OK we all just Google get a beer and come back in and get ready for overtime together. Now you actually have to stay and watch this next play to see whether or not. You're actually going over time whether or not the guy can kick a 43 yard field goal in potentially mediocre condition or maybe they're feeling good about themselves and their offer to gonna win again for the win going away to turn our lives and how exciting is actually. We'll hear that saying any. If I am obviously on the other end obviously being the patriots and I'm not happy that we just -- paid manager I've done. Feel this court. Not beat a pitcher it's -- Broncos fans just that are being an NFL fan it's about to gain it's not just about your case you're gonna stay tune in you're gonna care about your game no matter what. I may get to bad example maybe I should said the Packers and the saints. And it's it's you know Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees going back and forth and you don't really care who wins the game you're just watching the drama bit. And now you won't say okay what are they gonna do they gonna go for too is how exciting would be. If the game comes down to plays in a row from the two yard line you know what I the -- that's the beauty of a lot of Texas saying I don't remember but he said on our show or not but -- A lot of it was and this is -- politics idea. And listened to bill the bill propose this not remember him proposing during the season but I'm sure he did itself I think he's I think he's I think he said it during during Vietnam. During a press counties just are talking about a few ideas he Hackett he hates the extra point right in this is one of I think so maybe this is one of nobility for listening -- -- bill and listen to see I think this would have been done ten years ago and hadn't been bills like this is the beginning of the that the Dalai. It was we started -- -- the Roger Goodell Bill Belichick relationship and so becoming a little closer together go to Joseph on the -- up -- Hey hey don't joke. Yes. -- -- -- I would -- it out -- -- -- -- at first touchdown. Yeah. -- this second touchdown. Oyster boat but -- like it. What else. But we can't decide whether it -- for the first touchdown that wrapped it scored his second touchdown. -- describes -- -- you have to go to. You know we need for this conversation I was -- dump but the thing we need any. If you're gonna have a conversation about making -- new rules in the NFL we should just get any element on the phone and have him come up with some his girls are told are out until he wants says said that instead of flipping a coin for overtime each team should carry 53 players and one -- And it if if that's what the game is so let's try to make up this is not. Let's make up weird rules for the NFL always is what do you think of what the NFL is actually propelling the techsters are all over you know we don't need -- at the -- Once I went. Shooting something out but okay. Another one is talking about. You know extra guys in this it and you know jumping on you know leaping over each other -- all sorts of Serkis says of course. Text message says the state of Maine has zoning rules that prevent any house from being within one mile proximity of any other -- that true. All of -- on its report but at the Texas or harbor maybe accidentally to remain joke and a that its main -- UConn you -- -- Club hosts they're different but not. That different -- back also -- WB Mike -- of being here about twenty minutes for into the questions to start thinking it's a good questions text into a 37937. That is the AT&T tax line. A pick. Or get a picture the Strider bikes Michael. They look like that answers. Okay I don't know -- he just kind of walk on their global load of the ground let's get to school currency -- on the missy will -- the sister -- Let ads get a scooter and unintelligible people do I haven't decided to do we get myself. But away Bill Belichick talked about this that extra point issue in the month of January to couple months. Talked about how the NFL's -- about many things over the years that they've ignored some heavy lift this. Because it suited their purposes that comes to shut up on every talk -- that politics that don't what is mentioned the other thing. Which is. Having a camera in the end zone our camera camera on the pylon or some type of laser. To figure out if the ball crossed the imaginary timeline that it's easy to get it right it's easy to do -- in Florio says that Russia -- and Florio mentioned it. But Belichick has been talking about this for years -- -- all -- he still talks about the Ben Watson Champ Bailey play. How it's true that up and they had a Cameron that in that situation we've gotten a player but -- how can you remember toward. The pictures would've won that game I don't think it's the turn it over five times. But that's just a classic example of an easy fix that but they still haven't. I'm impressed he remembers any outcome from that place other than just added that he chased him down from the record. That's all I -- like I know it didn't go their way I kind of remember what happened but all I really -- it away is -- that wants him the most athletic play their first unit sports. Catching Champ Bailey in the -- pot it's unbelievable but he was a -- cart Champ Bailey are on the our partners are amazing marks and swamps I'm mark. I didn't get mark. Well I get it out of the 25 -- yeah I doubt that Iran but he can't try to get to. -- so here we don't know that yet I mean to be fair we don't know that the NF I mean this is just the first thing we've heard this the first report. The NFL may say OK if you're going for one year at the 25 to go for two years on the one yard. Now. They always known now on the that'll usually there's not a lot of the lot I never I don't remember seeing a lot of the extra points. He got -- -- it. Then if it that it -- about what I like the right people well. A three kick from wherever you through from. Our radar is that we thought we fondest. You have. And I can do without a quote from Bill Belichick art this is Belichick in January January 2. Quote I personally would love to see the kicking game remain as a very -- part of the games of kick off return and so that extra points or not over 99% converted. Because that's not what extra points war when they were initially put into the game back in eighty years ago whatever was Belichick's it. I would be in favor of not seeing -- in over 99% conversion rate it's virtually automatic. That's just not the way that extra point was put into the game was an extra point that you actually had to execute and it was executed by players we're not specialist. They were position players. There was a lot harder for them to do. The -- kappa ladies of the world and so forth and they were very good it's not like it is now wears well over 99% I don't think that's really a very exciting play. Because it's so automatic so what was the right number. What what what percentage would you like to see the extra point. 75% 767. So I got a three play that's -- a little low. It's an extra point 75%. An extra 2580 I want to -- go through most of the time. But I just want there to -- doubt. Remember that remember that. -- time when your kid teachers that give extra crept. Into security and Maxtor credit. Extra this is something extra. I'm not gonna just give it to you. I have to work for a little bit yeah. But I for having two thirds is not I don't get me three quarters there. 45 some don't want 7580%. Of the time I wanted to be getting 80% of that wanna keep that seven vs the read disparity that that makes the game so interesting numbers can picture. They're good kicker right but it was -- he's 37%. Seems pretty well you know -- -- almost got a bad -- going to be exposed very quickly be weird to see a lot of 126 scores in the NFL some high school football game or something -- in New Hampshire. -- -- I am a degree that are spent and yet at that point you know other -- -- all the comment. Accommodated that accordingly -- after just getting so much better predict that jobs. -- a -- also performance that -- on March. Are you think it that are. Well yeah I am -- -- about to -- -- now. Tutu critical and it took maybe that it by -- -- hurt I'm over number. Yeah and I'm sure that the number of children and they'll go to tent than Edinburgh. -- our yardage get back on. Well you know what's funny is if you -- started 67%. Or you could say OK right now what's -- December sent within five years to be 75%. We think. Just the way kickers are going the way everywhere and if you said okay we're gonna start offering a pick the number that it makes them converted about a two thirds rate. Within your druthers they'd be three network veteran that's wrong. So somewhere between 6775. And works for me -- I I challenging it that it make getting another challenging Michael -- most of the time. Notice Jimmy but it's not a gimme -- at the end of the game so much more site. Apple keeps getting another got a lot of the stuff wrong. Things that really annoy assault with a hey it's the and and not running up kickoffs all the safety things that and -- screwed up the game a little bit. But the current and some of the stuff right recently I mean that -- overtime thing is worlds better than it used to be it's not perfect but it's so much better this this one this suggestion is pretty good. They want suggest that's just terrible estimated that extra extra playoff team. -- -- And I have fourteen out of 32 was that a tour but that twelve out of 3214 out of 32 but I'm still -- one sport. We're making the playoffs. Is X I mean what an accomplishment to make the playoffs in the national -- think about the difference of what we're talking about the things unifil has done things they proposed or actually done. To either make the game more fair. Or to make the game harder have been great. The problems -- when you try to water down at a playoff team -- games all those things watered down the product as opposed to this which enhances it makes it more difficult as opposed to the overtime rules or replay which just take it out of the hands of the referees and make it a little bit more fair. October -- -- and there are extra you know the extra wildcard so you'd have playoff games on Saturday. Sunday and Monday. So that tells you everything you go -- that's the address that style that's the reason for the addition while more pay day. Monday. Playoff playoff football on Monday night or. Monday afternoon wherever they're probably Monday and -- and New Hampshire -- partner. Yes or -- -- suggestion would be to the extra point would be that these. The players that are on the field for the previous played kick it must be chosen from them and -- -- old school union group probably would not go for a but I don't like became much more exciting and I thought the year -- -- What happened. Parker appreciate the phone bank. -- saying something wrong yes. It's my fault yet you are blaming yes once the this is my fault -- find -- solicited calls looking for people suggestions for how to change the NFL extra point thing Judy once again -- -- -- again Judy Judy -- nfl.com. Reporting that the NFL may experiment with making the extra point attempts longer. The NFL is thinking about making it from the 25 yard line essentially 42 to 43 yard field goal. Would be your extra point instead of a twenty yard field goal make it more like rugby widen the hash marks and make them kick the extra point from -- angle. Had to narrow were up rights in fact the goal polls for extra points. -- see this book the kickback thirty yards. Moved up right up ten feet closer it. It. And every team have a match Michael's jumper falls on my. I don't -- up. You guys but you don't ruin it with another suggestions. You know what they -- -- -- I think the want they got on his back. -- Here without. Out a little bit earlier report that. Bet he yelled out you're at a app -- app you all like. Okay. Thanks appreciate it really Jeremiah wants to explain says texas'. Embrace it dummy it's fun. About this one. And embrace the you know racist suggestion all bomb lands. Since an extra point is worth one fixed up a touchdown on the conversion rate. Should be around. 84%. The city. I can understand -- okay that makes some sense. It. You're competitions have been the same conversation yeah OK. Sure. I urge if you lose. -- -- -- -- Come additional what does this is -- what is it they think they like embedded five or so I don't read all the storage by believe that -- that's like. It's not that complicated is this your Miami in the same -- Miami we just talked to. Physical and we just talked about Jeremiah that you want or they know about you on now -- pulled the plug you don't want more suggestions at all and pay what if we did this. How about this. Basic take on IPO the text suggestion instruments better. What Dexter from from Maine maybe mr. -- architects of remains as they should pick a random dropped from the audience is that up I. Consult a message finally some salt I'm not sure you're more exciting into the game scenario would pan out statistically. Given -- longer extra point will be just as likely to be missed early in the game is at the and the spreads at the end. Of high scoring. It's a lot -- will be just as impacted by mrs. who cares. I -- the point the point is at the end of the game. Instead of knowing the outcome and really be throughout the game it's even more and at the end. Saying OK a one when you're down one or the extra point to win and or whatever it's just not guarantee. It keeps you focused on it you're actually wondering what's actually gonna happen release an agitated bobcat onto the field during the kick. Our -- is a big goal posts its way left -- right rapidly and extra points -- for the -- -- -- ex FL do better than it did but but you know the goal post. Swing I think that was which what was that guys that -- all. The margin of techno or maybe we don't check -- -- -- -- -- it's now with Sega. It was John match it was like Madden might not be. Three Iraq that war one of them where. Atlanta for a general used to it and if you just have to -- You have to time it up just right at -- Obama gambling bad back in the day gamble -- -- -- excitement the mechanism to kick at the picnic and yet to -- mobile -- there was no side to side it will it was just how strong the kick laws. Right that's right it was just having meter it was a meter right that you had to decide decide is actually in a terrible Nintendo game it was and John always football. Your play John always football for an entire coast but this was in this was and mad too early you'd go Hume you sadness and burn Muslim. -- experts early ninety's mid ninety's. And -- -- it to -- one -- collected them -- decide that they were trying to replicate that pressure. Nerves I'd like I like Matt Hasselbeck -- -- -- and having been -- wrote about this. That this house that was its own sports yet. Hasselbeck suggestion that should have a heart monitor well it's funny and I have a heart monitor that for Brock. While he still throw or maybe brock's all from map they've both been both of them are passing it off as their own part monitor will be great for TV rights that you could see what. A guy's heart rate if he absolutely would be great wouldn't going to be information for the players. I think -- degree from TV perspective seeing how nervous kicker was. As -- lining up to kick at least we work together as a surprise which one actually thought about but I think -- -- -- a question based what should know about this could be careful now okay here's why would signify out of that left him. He's got that left handed brain thing that is kind of things out of the box not a little the Mormon in the box. -- colleges in order not to much better quarterback because now an analogy to what it should not go up and yeah he's -- they're born how is that it did not split like fifteen years in the NFL abruptly to. This is not a -- united Arab went out with flaws and point I was quite a -- -- whatever you want a man lands indict nightly. Glenn hello you're glad person not calling with a dumb -- suggestions that go ahead. I'm not not call blue dog role suggestion I'm so I'm. For the most supported paper -- -- -- my argument would be nice you're gonna have field goals that are shorter than extra point that are worth more. Then -- triple. Again and you're gonna try -- to ten yard -- got a ticket that are appealed all the work three point line and and you're gonna -- -- -- gonna keep up 42 yarder did you walk. So we're not the so we'll just extra though just an extra point. -- It's just extra you've got some extra -- what got -- from Purdue because it's not it's getting seven is harder than getting three got a shoulders up bit. And now you're making seven even that much harder to get giving. I I I understand that and and -- -- and I'm paper right. You know of that moving it back but that's something that I think black -- a logical argument is. Is that now you're making it harder then a play that gets you more points. You don't look too good it's a good argument I don't I don't think it matters to me you know. The government protects the authority. -- -- afterwards but -- out after actresses just get high awards. Watch it bad. Art computers -- related to. It's going to be good point I. Didn't hide yes. I can imagine that your batting on computer simulated returns Madden on. Please tell -- I have that. Thought terror of course I can imagine. -- My friends that I college debate on pong the play pong matches battle all the time. But the weird thing is we had some computer stolen version on -- it would only last for like the game would only -- committed 32 and a half minutes and then it would just shut off it was some you know share. That would focus a share -- never knew how long game was gonna go you better if you're down by a couple yet to really work on coming back and -- -- any moment target heart. Mean we were in college. Actors -- -- -- he winded answer anything beyond that we -- to the question coming up tournament 379837. Any question you got Mikey Adams is price I right now will be answered with -- -- it's all W.

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