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Red Sox reporter for Boston Herald Scott Lauber joins Chris Villani

Mar 2, 2014|

Scott Lauber calls into the show to discuss the young pitching prospects for the Red Sox and what to expect from our rotation this year.

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-- a -- -- -- -- spring -- is -- looking good for the Sox this year could be along season for -- talk more about it is Scott locker cubs the Red Sox for the Boston -- they -- Scott. I am fantastical. Would tune though I mean the commissioner is garner the what is at the chairman Scott rollicking good. No no not at all you know I know that -- Terry Francona -- approach. Used to be you know you -- the first game or so of the chair and and maybe you'll all the Clinton -- all parity. And then come back strong at the end. You know hey look I need of course it was it you know are not. Its own name and getting guys ready for it and you know I you know certainly -- you like -- and as many games he can in the spring and make everyone feel good -- It'll count for anything you know the public use a lot so yeah it's and you know to opt -- -- and certainly Fort Myers could end up being between Erekat there at night on the way. Tough break well it's talk about some of the things that may -- matter a little bit more than the wins and losses -- Webster's performance today he's a guy. Dead as is so much promise when you see this stuff. But a lot of this the similar struggles you wrote about an already on -- Boston Herald dot com lot of the similar struggles told we saw last year with him. Yeah that's right you know and and it would carry it felt like covering anyone of his seven starts purchased about all the seven starts last year when he was up in the big league that didn't matter. Whether it was you know the first water or whether -- -- his belt in dispel. Which struggled in the first inning it would take a little bit it's time to settle in you give up some -- And then he he settled down the pitch -- was generally I have heard -- -- an end. And also the Red Sox were generally are hole after that first inning and so you -- -- -- -- -- come out today and at what he would feel assured our. Reruns in the first inning didn't really pull all excited. A couple of doubles are a single right that a guy who walked the guy. With the bases loaded so. -- you -- -- western you know they're pulling out of trouble there in the first many compound and they'll cut the first couple guys on the second inning before it reached. Did you -- in so. Much the -- and I think the Red Sox are kind of scratching their -- to it would implement. Hopefully it as they get further along without -- vacant. It got to wait in India. You start better weather that's getting more relaxed. You know the bulk and are having different I hope warmup for. -- -- sure they know what injury is but you know that's one of the things that are -- find out how to get outlook at that first big -- As you look at Webster and kind of compare it to some of the other prospects were for the Red Sox pitching prospects like Anthony Renato or -- Henry Owens seems to be kind of at the head of the class right now. As Webster -- -- little little bit in the rankings in terms how the Red Sox do you prospects he falling behind some of these other guys. I don't know you know I think look he's still get it stopped and they say boy he's got great stuff he's got a fastball in the mid nineties. Good slider good change so we -- speed. Not torture podium and I think they feel like look I mean if they can get him. Trucks that stop and to realize how good it is and the people you know it will -- so much credit jitters at the level. If you realize that hey I can get guys out at the big league level this stuff. The same way -- about what it double -- at every level come through. I think right now that -- -- -- lectures being. It is surely some outlets and what he has realized nobody is and -- -- -- more you know I think it's. It like to see -- go -- there and an attack -- more -- it dated. And and I think it'll come in time I think that'll that'll come with perhaps. In the world let's talk about their own -- -- and we're gonna look what it and you were not noted yesterday. Restructure. For the six I hate that we're gonna say well I wonder for Ottawa now at a -- stronger. On the rankings I don't think that the Red Sox put it that way I think -- still each of these guys individually and and we held westerner. You know I think it's more a matter of figuring out how to get him through a lineup first time. We stopped that he has rather then now worrying about whether he has not stopped. Title it's got blogger the Boston Herald from spring training Chris aligning your Sports Radio WEEI. When we look at story lines where's the spring I mean if -- eight NBA team is not necessarily a bad thing with the Red Sox -- -- team. Devoid of major. Story lines are major intrigue for -- either Grady Sizemore question is the most fascinating. What are your thoughts in terms of size more inches. Is this the story that you're looking at the most it has the most intrigue for you going into the spring for the Red Sox. -- -- it really does speaker that you and I mean any -- rocker basically you know opening -- would tomorrow they would have. Pretty much the 25 guys that they wanna go north quit and there wouldn't be much doubt about those guys -- and I think it's sort of feel that the one area that we could see. Pretty dark horse -- helping people kill. We might see some legitimate competition there in the latter half of march and I you know look back. When they signed him. You back at practice and people in the organization set. We can just bring that starting here because. Who like him to get around -- spring training and pretty healthy and and advocates are it would parliament here as we think he felt it was. We think he can play and we think he can question her -- peculiar little bit. And that wouldn't be a bad -- you know it's a lot a lot of competent and Jackie Bradley is -- and our children's future. That -- that you get a peek at play here at this level that is excited to be a part of their players. But it started to -- in the AAA has great start -- spring that it could buy them a little bit wartime become more complete -- at the plate. That's that's not something that they would have a -- -- -- so. You know I think she's here credit card or to compete with Bradley and and the debut with a spot and you know now he's got a couple games under his belt he -- a pretty fuels -- our bodies dumped in Acton. All all all the good things so I mean I think that blog that he continues to -- LA. Satterfield in the -- an area we're talking about that quite a bit -- the next step approach. And I says he's feeling good you see him out there would have your -- -- your impressions Sizemore just watching him watching me right into the fence today trying to make catch. Right yeah I mean look. Playing like a guy who's not afraid. That the bodies they're freaked out on the war betraying him and I think that's that's a good thing. You know other -- -- -- are in every art out of the box. Who addressed the -- fuel that caught but he may have art out of the box full partner -- -- been little things there. Look inarticulate so or are people. Back home to actually -- every step Grady Sizemore takes a really kind of upset over public doctorate. All its -- and any part of -- Took a bit of a problem a warning track he's okay. Actually it's a little silly -- -- chocolate I went and played not long and whose bodies has gone through everything that it happens. I think those are all like it good benchmark -- goes through things like best. -- -- wait until we still this first page or dies in his first state. You know -- it -- sequence where I would go to -- And these are all mile mile markers that he has to pass and that. Only the early starting to -- a lot of these things -- elect and it looked more like guy who's healthy and then more like that dynamic player that. So at 831 -- their call this this -- -- -- on his state political comeback in these guys that. It looked at each -- to watch and track. Speed of tenant may be -- a little bit from one particular play Christian baskets throughout our runner today and I'm just going based upon the radio call and the reaction it seemed like it was a thing of beauty watch him back cut down it would be based dealer but. What is the -- overall impression of this kid what he could be especially is a defensive catcher which -- -- sketching out some Red Sox have had for awhile. Right yeah it's pretty bring it up because. Or what Robert -- bidding today I was in the Red Sox clubhouse jetBlue park in. A -- -- rocks and I said. Played nearly for awhile with the Braves. -- only just some heat from creepy. But this Christian that is reminder of Carlos -- they're kind of the same body type. -- short and squat guys. We're not their defense who used. Covered a little you're always built for the exit in calling his ability throwers out in general are -- -- still. And either dropped a -- for a second set. I guess so but the guy that Ike compared to a Yadier Molina that really like there's no higher copilot for catcher and we'll need -- -- You know the way throws out voters this is. How quickie it with his release on the plate we saw that today in the game. So all of that Michael Molina each -- all just come through has that ability. So I get real I praise coming from David -- and and it's. Christine basket -- player -- it will Yadier Molina is threats such a pretty catcher for a lot so. They are they are very very hard on that yet they love like why aren't as well. So that's why they feel like the fact that we're going to the scene in -- -- 37 year old catchers and presents you brought. Either over -- under contract on this year. Not that the deal and they beat it beat you it's coming through maybe for years and being an expansion in the so. No I think that they're very optimistic with what they have on the plate you know you saw -- they would put that it is. Tiger Red Sox -- scala opera the Boston Herald few minutes left here in and you mentioned Pierzynski. I know it's is the one year kind of thing -- reputation obviously precedes him is not exactly. Always a great quote unquote clubhouse guy. How is he feeding so far how do you anticipate him fitting in with what the Red Sox had to do with most everybody else you know back from last year's championship team. Yeah you know so far so Gergen I think you're a lot of his new unit here is that you know it's the classic he's the guy that it -- -- on -- team and an eight to play against. Even irritants each day agitator he used -- he was a hockey player he'd beat Brett -- around you know he's he's the guy who -- gets under rewards in the and I think that it well it's it's kind of it's kind of what he does -- -- firms self said hey look maybe kind of not so little soft they're extra bump it -- -- And he said he remembers what he played -- -- -- at younger players would come back from. That bad it sit there at it what's the what's the matter and it. -- -- -- Behind the plate. The talking about it since -- football team apart about whatever. Trying to -- -- will distract the locker in little gamesmanship and -- -- And I think they know what that kind of player he is I hope we keep appointments. Until the clock out by any means that thinks that he needs. Where are. Dislike him I think most of the places he's gone he's got along just fine in the clubhouse the little things on the field -- -- -- you today. He has so whoever takes to win. And and that's the kind of player that is so it's -- -- to you like to have an achievement and and really kind of annoy you play against. The ads are really big surprise I guess these apparently Johnny -- fan and -- Yeah you know it's funny it's totally infidelity if this morning and so somebody out AJ and intimidate or I would think. At least it has -- can -- a -- This goes. I'm just kidding nature you say that it is still like. He's been booed everywhere he goes -- that a lot of people it is -- player. Certainly itself. I got a good that the humor is. It was kind of a god look you know I think I -- Interconnect I don't like I think. A when he gets there of course saw that apparently plays but a guy's been around awhile aren't a lot of it was them. I think that. You know the drop off a lot of Pierzynski may not be. All that future. Outside of the Sizemore storyline of -- talked about your Red Sox fan just watching the next month watching a lot of guys that frank guaranteed to make the team. What should you be focused on what our. The key points the Red Sox DHB kind of locked into we're looking for over the next month. You know Tony it's really simple that it seemed like it -- basically debt. You do want to get out of here healthy -- mean. Obviously guys need that immigrants are seated and -- their innings by. You know you just don't want anybody go down you don't want anybody get hurt you don't want been nagging kind of injury that. That you know even more than serious you know serious injuries of course it -- stay away from. You don't want industry injury groin injuries and that might linger carry over this but in the thick and get out of here -- -- You know they'll certainly consider spring training to -- -- victory regardless of what their numbers look like are also at record looks like he -- nothing. He -- the key and look what that means things that are a lot players about. Becomes you know what to repeat a lot of guys that to mean -- A lot last year -- yet you know Buchholz for a little while that was something that was and he gets through. But for the most part they state their injuries as serious injuries didn't have organized the power. Psychic witch who wanted to do. In the absence of a particular in the absence. Jobs being up for grabs in compelling storyline like that -- the one avid college spring training -- -- think -- the Red Sox. You possibly can. You know don't you know work in their date talking about Tibet about how they deal with this or that. That's about it it's and so for me emirates sucks and I just. Let it be a boring march electing its -- march 31 in Baltimore with no injuries no problems go. It sounds good to a lot of Sox fans Scott lawbreaking fighting on Twitter at Scott lob her and I read stuff the Boston Herald online at Boston Herald dot com. Scott appreciate you taking a few minutes and I thank you.

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