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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Oscar predictions

Feb 28, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys previewed this Sunday's Academy Awards.

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Headlines brought to you by eighteenth -- they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros do precision fitness equipment you watch Oscars on Sunday you know heck yes whole thing. Welcome to negotiate Forrest -- because I heard nominated for a lot of things I would do that this weekend -- and then watch the opt out of Africa I think you really like that kind of I. Fall. I read -- -- do we're gonna do little I'm not watching it earned a trip to Ecuador and I would like salmon which contradict. What -- you do -- -- the Oscars during -- to -- on the watch on the DV -- detective from the watch -- open. And -- -- -- ten minutes they're probably right and then Wednesday and they do an announcement is like supporting actor right and then they break -- and all. Video on graffiti a lot of them for an hour I got to watch rejected welcome back. But you know on the nobody stating the Oscars is the ultimate thing to DVR. There's so much street blows it's a global mean. I thought you know element lines should be easy. Obvious safe. Careful easy breezy predictable. Set problems could -- -- AG. It's okay and when it was over says that will never ever do that again great -- on the -- -- I -- so. I want to pull here I get all the nominees this year lead for having us weekends. Some good stories out there a four point two 22 athletes yet you know this -- is stopped -- -- would you give me your first. The public your second headline that's what I'd go to what -- I don't know would be -- I'm gonna get to please I want here OK Josh Wright I do this segment he does it. Do Callahan. What do you do. I host the show have really badgers want to ringmaster of the -- yeah he does headlines what do you do. Look at this goes back a a a -- I'm doing your job I wanna do this before the Oscars are legitimate or Charlotte as well art this in my line in -- don't wanna think about -- I was actually run these gesturing as if they're shooting totally foreign hands and not like -- yet. Our daughter there with his wife whose wife has the hockey play I -- -- few -- -- languages on financial moves right. Don't see on the new -- of each coal Bert -- right it is overrated. Yes I'd say overrated overrated. Yeah as a hockey was -- yeah this is so they're better occupied the sugar and treasury interred here do you sure you know and -- -- he I don't remotely to regrets he -- play the role of mountain line to beat Jason Donald as a -- -- right now the hottest woman on -- yes no no no she's she's not the -- she's the most telegenic vote did you -- yeah she does not take a bed now -- you know it is. -- -- There is a bad picture I don't -- you know if you go -- to keep your if you go no no water yeah that's true little son -- -- I was not good honored aren't counted. There's a picture of Paulina and her friend at a movie theater -- is no makeup on. She's down about nine really you have a lot of. -- see that all right are you -- -- supporting and some actor and actress just your images to actor actress and it's a -- -- isn't seen any of the movies where do actor. Actors actresses page Leonardo DiCaprio features aren't -- you get DiCaprio John -- nominees yes. Christian Bale American -- who it's tough -- stern Nebraska. Leonardo DiCaprio wolf of Wall Street. I cannot pronounce the guy's been twelve years slave that's the guy that -- -- that's the guy okay you can happen if you can say his name. TV and -- We've pick and I am going to pick Matt Bruce hot day. And it's him it was written and you jump all over they've seen that movie. Now -- Clinton a shocked she would tell that you -- it -- for -- she can't tell. Djokovic right there that is your best actor ever to get picked it up yeah and you want to -- the Wendy's knock him. I don't care who wins but he was great in the movie -- agree -- like DiCaprio Bruce during gets that sentiment public not that -- nomination itself was was yet to have to adapt. Cool one tip your cap to him. I struggled with three kinds of colors the blue chips topical model material they cost between 3500. Had to Wear a condom unless you gave them a hefty tip. Which of course I always. Then came the nasdaq's. We're pretty not great they cost between 2300 bucks. Finally it would pink -- scandalous that costs about a hundred Lance -- compete in word condom you have to get a penicillin shot the next day and bring you could fall off. And to hope. Believe -- we. -- -- For a great performances it is so why will happen in the theater at that -- though so why won't he win if he was so good he shows how well Rob Bowen from I think everyone's cause he's won everything. All these awards leaving so I'm okay with that ignore MC and it is still so theaters and it's on peaking on demand. You can yet so -- -- and -- -- -- actress and leading oral Amy Adams American council. Judi Dench -- -- Merrill Streep August. Hostage county hit play -- and jasmine Sandra Bullock grabbed a first among last last time a sticky point. Against Philip Mina -- awesome Amy Adams -- she's the only ones I've seen in only one of those movies okay best picture. American -- captain Phillips now spires club gravity her. Nebraska -- me you know to -- that twelve here's a slave -- -- twelve years of -- wolf of Wall Street. I'm I'm with you -- go to love captain. Will you go in the -- Obviously. To use art and the NC no -- for twelve years. Hope you can I loved captain -- that you're you tell me you know movies. It has no -- no -- zero not zero point zero chance tiebreaker. The case. Who's the last person they show in the in the more thing. Graffiti off man Philip Seymour Hoffman -- or and actors actually Amos you'll he says often. I'll have no question Lackey dimension. -- -- See you think you don't think Bellamy is a great movie that Google is that your point. Philip Rivers flavors just typical prototype that was really good it was it was about the -- or street what's its a little different. Was it better then captain Phillips. Come. Yet it was inaccurate it was and a class but I mean is it is horrifying. Folders this -- that was bad. Really yes are you taking a stand I watchdog said that the that the there's a black and next thing has sorry man I slick and I apologize -- geragos says the Sammy Sammy Davis junior I've always feared dead set against slavery that's. That's kind of the Oscar nominees. It's gives why exactly how far from headline it's what we want to do this wag bag storage yeah you pointed up the swipe -- story right. A market. Go ahead John what might relief when am I supposed to do I'm I'm -- also arrived today -- to -- -- before. Sixteen years he does know. -- wag bag is on another level. And we don't get that the people in New York Times write about the gift bags are aptly named ever went to the Oscars it's worth 80000 dollars you're some mobile will say that again. TV guide to these large bag is eighty great to have to pay taxes promise that's -- -- that yes right. It's a trip to Vegas for 9000 dollars a port through Japan -- 151000 dollars or future vacations so why isn't gonna next captain at -- vacations to Hawaii Mexico trek through the Rocky Mountains. Then -- think it's chemistry ever hear of the old shop procedure what shots. -- yeah it's like -- president greet him but he'll face procedure the shop procedure. It's all the vaginal rejuvenation enhancement. And nominees can get if they want access why were 2700. What global chats and a lot rejuvenation procedure yet what does. -- mean to shot your vagina to rejuvenate its younger. York -- I've done this. I carry one around that all the latest -- -- that can damage. -- forget the guys as well there's the out robotic hair transplant system. The procedures -- more expensive 161000. Dollars. People value of their dogs the bags can TV whopping 8000 dollars worth of pet products alone right now we're talking. Pet therapy is also include them. -- -- psychological therapy -- sunglasses as well as the important department and have a medium -- they do execute dogs well. And also their his and hers mace pepper spray. And I could use that you're kidding yeah yeah I want estimates. And there's also which if you go to Vegas also includes a face to face meeting with a group boyz to man. That's -- -- many people get these bags all the nominees but I can't match like. The nominee for short film it's the visual -- guys it's a documentary. It disabled as Julia Roberts America understand why you might want to Robertson should popping up but. The diabetes visits she needs -- the -- treatment. -- so yeah does -- say anything about pop up baby. No no what's that it's a it's a -- company like the it's like the Bentley -- Rolls Royce of baby strollers. They were part of this wag bag last year. Income really up debate yet the bucks. It's his instincts and he has talked and he beat Hillary that was it what are -- -- finally get an answer as to why. Don't gone. I think you trust that she would adoptions a wonderful thing. I think I think direct on that now with. Leaders their funeral home in Lexington from a pretty much in Mississippi. That a person alive and kicking in a body bag the man was found at the Porter -- funeral home. I yazoo street Walter Williams woke up surprise many people I -- what happened with the you'd say is it's a miracle. Holmes county sheriff will be mark said I stood there watched them put. In the body bag zipped it up -- that he -- Hester said. The quarter city checkpoints Paulson about 9 PM Wednesday pronounced dead at his home. That was a ten about 103230. My cousin called and said not yet as to what you mean not yet he says daddy's still here yeah that's the good news that is still bad loses there and sharper rate cut as. Quality was asleep. Yeah so hole is the 78. Seventy years old happy days still we -- back soon happen to be alive he says he's a community leader. Work for the school board for years so it's a very happy strip that's what it's bizarre very strange. He's got other stores due to his saying it's 44. Minutes half an equitable to the family stuff may be leaders -- also Susan -- -- last day on neared. Oh she says goodbye to give the relationship whether she's a person Jerry. I never matter I don't think. But ever wants is a great she's great I -- wants at a big charity event she does this big thing for the professionals -- are open and overby. Very terrible yeah always to auctions. Appearances. The old guard is going down -- time Allen howling you are you are surviving. Who's left. What Gary just you know god is going to be here's Johnny my comeback though I don't think so -- which -- which counts right. Seattle she's -- at a reunion party from BC NBC and people reckons a -- around portable with apple and mark around that was there. I thought it was like real jail it was -- -- life for rent rape and little bullies. Furlough from. I don't know we have to look at that I saw the picture this morning there's mocked rent them sit there and is looking on the -- -- my regrets. That's true human -- the only two left Neumann -- do dicing you know only time only -- -- -- -- of but -- aboard the fallen off. And it seems like month by month. You know what the role mine places in memory LAX. And beliefs and if -- definitely think it's going to be like a neighborhood it is the -- going to be like is going to be here's a statement from Susan war -- Natalie Jacobson a little -- -- at its 45 -- -- -- real quick she said she's going on the believes if she gets her vaginal rejuvenate. So congratulations Susan -- --

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