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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Hyped Up Let Down Edition - 2/26/14

Feb 26, 2014|

We tackle four topics generated by the idea of draft picks with hype behind them... who lived up to it, who didn't.

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-- Now word -- -- Ali swollen painful -- roller board or -- for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and WB. -- -- -- Brought you by see beyond your technology ally of business to manage wanna let's see beyond manager technology in by integrity windows and doors have -- look at what this thing are Eric. Youkilis who tweets rapidly every morning -- area. Obviously an honest we've recruited them done every morning at 6 o'clock gave bill as it turns out his daily rap lyric of the day. He had -- career. I mean for a while they were all. They all do you know about this event. The I think it was they were all cheesy lyrics for a long conflict still off. That -- was Barack Ramon got. Never had a garden what life -- to have one program to mark Byron. Point two -- shirt Spezza. Arnold Jackson dances were talking about there was. You're not a he's gonna join us at 430 in the meantime. Pipe. Look at it hite report more than what we have a -- draft picks the Red Sox. Have been hit and miss on draft picks and some -- picks have been hyped as the next big thing yes which Red Sox draft pick to most. Lived up tonight on both lived up to most -- on the noted that to. Are likely going to worry -- -- to Arizona Craig can't go away from it crickets and the one who in recent memory disappointed the most after being out. But Drury yeah. Right. A mid wicket when you don't have much hype there was -- hide yes was there is I mean there wasn't huge -- was or what I think there was much more hype from Beckel Bob Buchholz and Lester. Pedroia had a lot of hype this is after he was there. First pick after winning the World Series so. Second round pick -- believe it -- And I just remember all the Pedroia stories. How the gave gave up his scholarship so they can make room for other players at Arizona State. Howell even after he had been drafted. There were guys who were writing Pretoria on their hat on the ability or caps they're in the World Series or college World Series hurt so many Pedroia stories in how. He doesn't look the part that this guy's a winner regret credible but we kept hearing about Dustin Pedroia. And we when we first army didn't look like he was up to it I'm not I'm not about 2007 to 2006. An easy too much McDonald yes shown over the club -- -- hit 190. But I think. A guy who was rookie of the year. MVP has been part of two World Series champions. Is known as one of the leaders here I think it's obvious he is live up to that. How about Sonoma. Nickel back too far you know about -- -- lived up to give it up to the -- it was exactly do you suppose I was six years and unfortunately crumbled away but Nomar lived up I'd. Trot Nixon did as good as he was did not live up to hide Trot Nixon was supposed to be Babe Ruth. -- -- -- -- Although as we just determine the other day exactly there -- as Derek Jeter of the course the author. We are Michael the Bruins have been building this -- teams through the draft. They've drafted very highly regarded players such as seeing as soon for some of those players didn't work out in black -- Or however was the best. -- -- If it's so easy -- argue listen and made Jack. You said this man is going to all of bank. It is country's -- wrong. -- -- -- He is -- blood. All the sword from the stone Christopher there and retrieve birds are waiting for so wide. Yet clear. That that's what ultimately it was another answer here yet to. Go to. You Austin he's supposed to leave it right you can't go vote you can you can make an argument for. Not a good one not not that -- Bergeron. I can make you an argument about I was physical styles important or how he comes up big in the playoffs because of that is now wears teams down it's not a knock on -- -- to say that he's not as good Pickens Bergeron. But you know as much as you're giving Jackson -- last week Google whether or not people everywhere believe that Bergeron is going to be hall of Famer. Odyssey guys make an argument for. He plea that he had posters of -- yarder on bedroom walls. Records -- these are good picks they're not -- Copper. Project in Iraq. Bergeron as the guy who coach it was a pretty seventeen. And he's your building block -- he's the -- that it please both ways as well as anybody. I mean I know again we argue with Jack whether or not people on the lead would vote among all neighbor. I still have my doubts that everybody recognizes greatness but Bergeron the guy that makes us think he's absolutely the best milk or -- different era. Texas' Bobby -- -- well of course thanks for war fine yes. -- argument that the recent history that means you can't go wrong. Of course it is calculated -- Doug Hamilton that your guy. -- Really. You. People don't but it's not -- him probably it's the people who hyped up. For -- and before you came to the management. Oh yeah she puts its eyes on his -- watch Pro Bowl. You expect number one defense it's probably maybe easily years ago as a sort of in the same writers play the same writers -- all the hype about -- -- -- Wii Sports with up to Lester. Chastising people about -- thing calmed down we all of them are telling you conduct -- nobody else else seems to be right on you've gone over the move. Did you see that quote from under Bogart. Era might have talked to him -- and yes oh yes it's. Okay. Restarted their I want you gotta say you never of the entire based. In every thing about this kid and incredibly handles the media the way he has with his teammates. Maybe it will change sometimes we the media brings out the worst and athletes and cause them do things that they just don't wanna do what. We forced them do I don't know if he's going to be that guy but he's Smart he's a really affable every everything he's got but there was a quote. I think your quote dishonesty support -- 63185. To get -- this so people's 63 when -- I'm not. 6161. To ten. So everybody's about how how calls -- if he really shortstop to third baseman courting him that at the physical I'm 61 however -- 63 came from weird. And -- has -- -- wants to be shorter because he wants their shorts. But he's definitely not six story. Now he's not a suspect's -- -- you -- -- Well and you are just about six. About -- -- -- the next that are actually -- in I don't actually like you're in your mind are you were standing -- harder so. -- tallest who's talking about you know. Internet the -- -- are you talking. Are looking at. I was talking about him meaning. Also want to use changes and I'm Bob -- Announced -- -- and yes some names indeed but that's something there is different and -- -- and it is really common Dudley is where like the words the letters LIL's should go before little point. -- The -- both at -- meat of those -- that's usually an attorney to a great defenseman and he's going to be one of the all time -- to wait. You gonna be dreading the day factors that how Bogart lived up to in the height. Farm couple would World Series -- and -- small samples are charged with a -- walks you'll ever see a viral he's got to go to the hall of fame because of his walks. -- The Celtics have -- to place and are working on their third tank job in the past twenty years. The first time in -- out -- the hyped Duncan sweepstakes the second time they couldn't draft Oden or to -- and turn their pick and to Ray Allen. So other than pierce and walker. The best player that the Celtics drafted in the last twenty years in the last twenty years. But they're great question. Can we go where -- when you're drafted. Other than pierce pierce and walker. Candidates are keep -- they did draft -- right. Tony Allen they get -- they traded right it was they drafted him but they didn't Al Jefferson on the stressed. I was gonna say -- Jeffords out of those primary that -- -- -- twenty years Phillips. Yeah except. Our next debate it is Anthony probably -- bill labs are that indiscretions to music yeah. And discretion that that lasted fifteen games here. Sergeant Phillips last last fifteen games in Boston so yes start to build to build a better player. Then. I'll do it -- and Al -- don't know anything here. Dispersants and. Delonte West. -- sellinger which really it's amazing how hard this is that they really only been two excellent players that they draft and that kind of part of the MBA. So in nineteen about an hour if you want to alert -- drugs if you're just looking at the best of the best has brought those surprise the only answer if you're looking at value. Mean some of the players they take -- either late in the first rounder in the second round they've gotten great value people like Perkins people like you big baby Davis Ryan Gomes but they got good value with a lot of secondly first round pick one. When -- are gonna go Joseph Johnson. -- -- it will -- -- for people saying forget about them -- people saying them by -- Reggie Lewis and in the past twenty years. Past twenty years go back to 1994 to the president Reggie Lewis has got an 87 we realize what your general Lisa. Let's forget let's forget that never. Let's forget that this is and never -- floating you've ever seen -- a basketball court. If you're -- on float of about -- -- like him that's the only problem then I mean it is one of but had ever seen anybody do that about just like as if he had no idea where he was going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it was a 2.5 and nervous -- was not it was felt extra effort not a cut him Sacramento while. Keep your round -- I think it's I think it's pretty much did that Joseph is Joseph Johnson Chauncey Billups or Al Jefferson those are really addresses or sellinger. The next government body Avery Bradley around we just said Rondo -- draft them it was a draft day trade but don't wanna be that you're gonna be stickler like that. -- -- -- corrupt Rondo went to the conversation we're talking about the captain think they would they bought that draft pick from from the stuff. They went and said okay we want this guy we want Rondo so Rondo is an Rondo and Billups. Joseph Johnson. Al Jefferson for I really -- forget that you would -- mentally was they gave up on him too early to you obviously but it was just. If you if you can open a player early things watch him play this season. I was treated as a rookie year. In Atlanta's Philips -- -- fifty games so -- don't like in two different two different regimes. Where oh Rick Rick Pitino was just trying to win right now and we went in with that all you're gonna grow with these guys -- he abandoned the plan and then with. Joseph Johnson. Has the same thing you were saying earlier about your part Parker and this kind of stuff. I think it's just so tricky and you can't really base it on the -- some funny looks or if -- emote or not they kept saying about. Joseph Johnson while he's -- he's got into it enough for you that you then have that mean streak in them. Some guys who don't pound their chest him and they don't. Grabbed her crotch -- do that Sam could sell big bold stance after making a -- don't do that. They're still competitive and just quietly competitive is laughing at -- the name's Rick fox -- think he's just too long ago he'd be in this conversation about Randy Foye. Chris clack they draft Chris -- did second round pick. I thought our current it was Jimmy did was run of about -- Joseph Forte. It. The patriots added -- -- spotty record when it comes the drafts they've had successful season after successful season and therefore. Having usually directing towards the end of the first round or treating for the first altogether. But the pats have pulled off some great -- under Belichick outside of Brady who is in the best. The New England Patriots. -- Outside OK so ever over to -- -- Belichick era and Belichick talk about Belichick or so candidates would be Matt Light. Richard -- your anymore does little for this world war goes -- around him in my mind mail center Samuel. The Deion Branch -- I'm gonna go the delight of Seymour. Wilfork. For. It's one of those -- I like the other guys you mentioned early payment as much as those three did. I think dancers seem more. You know he's been he's been quiet lately. What do you think about Richard Seymour did from his rookie year. Up through 2000 -- set course so I think 66. Or seven years. Richard Seymour here. So most of his time here. -- Dominant guy and there are no way to start early as as a rookie of the twenty year old rookie was very young 20/20 one. He didn't start right off the bat. But they they are not able to do some things against the rams in the Super Bowl without churches seem totally agree yet he was he was a -- a few other people be in name grown rocket and concert at just the injuries unfortunately. What are with those other gas Logan Mankins is in the -- -- -- -- over Logan Mankins because of the championships because of the position you play. Well at this that they when the championships because no but of light won three championships with light of 10 championships with Mankins. And he plays left tackle vs left guard in the just more -- except. It's not a knock on Mankins got I have to separate these things and -- of light if if you think about it. Maybe Logan Mankins. Would have been left tackle if it had not been for the presence of like if we put electric truck and -- and so we could've done it he's done. Americans to be back. Michael now like in my in my answer light overseeing more I think and kind of split large side. -- just protecting the blind side Tom Brady for all those years keep them Brady for the most part upper right. Never the best player in the league not even the best player in his team -- always incredibly important coming -- this work. At this -- okay. Matt Light. Played more important position. It was very important for what he had to do what the patriots can mean in the do or Richard Seymour. I mean slightly less important position but much more dominant yeah absolutely so maybe Seymour is a better draft pick when you look at. Just the excellence that he was able to bring the dominance. Within eight. Five time pro bowler five or six time pro bowler Steve Moore you may sway me on this and then again it's been really good argument you may have been an all -- want to to -- People say in Bruschi and these guys reversal it was I don't Belichick -- that Belichick -- draft you can't go back to the Carol or Parcells he wasn't really just looking at the Belichick -- snowbird -- no -- Johnson note Troy Brown -- lawyer -- those guys were not drafted by Belichick. Don't go see -- all argue commitment of those Seymour but would not like just like that not behind them and then right after them would probably be gains and -- about -- The injuries at the -- of the problem is that I just don't know who is it just. And look at look at what this guy has done those other guys who had a year long shelf lives okay did. Like Ron Crockett. Crockett played at a hall of fame level. When he's been on the field Paula favor -- is throwing that word out there when he's been on the field. The other guys with the longevity they've had any two cases the number of rings they won for the patriots I gotta go with those two guys over there and and ground can be and there's in the conversation -- -- round draft pick it's good to get sicker and so you were able to get good value for a guy playing all the fame level. -- record setting guy like the people texting and Brady is that we forgot. No we said oh all right Tom Brady Brady was the best -- yeah thank you it's besides separating written mention him that is for four. -- -- -- So which Boston teams proved to be the best of drafting of the past -- -- asked for questions. With the -- -- and his team drafting or not the Celtics. We eliminate them right away I think it comes down to. I don't from a organizational depth and on that all that nonsense for the Red Sox I mean it's not nonsense but you know it's just the buzz word. -- -- We don't know yet we don't know Owens is everything we don't know ticking as we don't know what Jackie Bradley junior risk what are we know both arches. I think you don't know what -- -- so that is. Projections for those guys I think it comes down to an argument between the Bruins and the patriots. Look at the -- -- some -- -- draft picks from the Bruins. These have been contributors to championship team to a championship team party mentioned. Bergeron. Bergeron. -- -- Lucci each. Marsh and now the -- to contribute -- -- you know Tyler Sagan did. This program and that's that's a pretty good. As some pretty good players there are some are such short. If you just look at the guys that are in their system now you got to go back to the guys and especially the 2007. Championship team and how homegrown organized the got to go back at a party for Papelbon Ellsbury Lester yeah Buchholz. Is when he got yeah Roy yeah. But there's some enormous names that haven't drafted and developed an -- cracking Abby don't don't look -- just look at Henry owns in the guys now I think the answer is probably the Red Sox are not a knock on the Bruins or the patriots. But unfortunately. When you're looking at the patriots haven't -- too many championships. Just with the guys Belichick drafted so many of them were brought in before Belichick took over its head coach it's not necessarily knock and it just that. Those Red Sox teams were constructed. I them specific -- Around the second and third ones -- the -- -- does that it was our third -- with much -- forest -- now but 07 in 2013. Both constructed mostly with players. There were here that -- either developed or trade it for themselves Panamanian Pedro Armenian and and Ortiz will be the two big exceptions that out. Pretty easily brought in body was found objects and he's the one but now you won't want without any -- But did you do all that without Ortiz. No and he wasn't a draft but they did bring in the rights of -- Ortiz so we're giving him credit for. About Lester in and block gold and Papelbon. And Carolina area and Pedroia. Do they when is that the basis of a championship game whereas. You look at the patriots. And say what. They want with.

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