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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 02/26/14

Feb 26, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 02/26/14

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-- -- The -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven W yeah. I got that now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside it's solid and colleagues -- Alex yeah it. Some people and bricks and bricks and believes -- won't permit us. It's on Sports Radio WEEI. Special open just for you on your birthday Michael that's your name that's per unit that to lucrative public quickly. Hello Wiki Wiki. Wikipedia. But I swear that's -- February 26. 197707. AM. City hospital Akron Ohio. Eight pound plus. A month. Come you know your birth time yes. Did your mom call you your first time in the bottom of those juicy. A defeat there was seven. Regular senior forward today as October of 1965. Madness I don't know it -- -- from -- different guy. I was giggle with the -- -- brought to you by AT&T. It's not a lot of Celtics or start with Chris Forsberg obvious -- in boston.com. Chris we talk though about this Rondo incident and people of various. Degrees of belief that it actually is an incident or maybe isn't one of my questions is why Rosie named the captain. It doesn't make sense for Rondo to be the captain of this team -- could they have done it without specializing. Yeah you know it'd kind of surprise they're talking to Brad and in before the seat in the same. Can't think you've got a -- -- think it's just so they have always had once so I was under the impression that the NBA -- That you had to go to the robot you -- you don't have to it's sort of in his way to steer clear what I think they just felt like. You know it ironic now but they felt like on the and so much effort both rehabbing and being around the team and they can all those rare trips that. There -- -- something's got them until about that in in Chicago you know let him know your concerns security -- it. You know we -- now and get through trade rumors and and you know this whole incident it's just. It's it Italy adds a little bit of complexity to it in and they put a little bit more pressure on them at this point. Okay that Chris and most in most instances. Like gray areas like new wants complexity all that stuff but for this. Yes or no is this a big deal to the Celtics or is it a media creation. How are I think the jury's still -- I'm more interest in in what all of vetting processes that hasn't quite. And reveals -- I hope we find out a little bit more about that night. But regardless like whoever checked off on and indeed they all Beatles. They had been -- would kind of look bad when it came out it means. You got your appetite immediately -- and can stand behind Cleve or not a random Wednesday. And haven't quite that it -- behind but just the fact that again it comes lofty trade rumors. -- in the big city at the big birthday party or I don't know with a big birthday party. It just looks bad and so you know -- I think it in hindsight regardless it's -- you know this is what was gonna try to come out of it is that a product you're cleared -- -- make the trip well. You know we can find out if they were totally border if Rondo was trying to at a busy target these -- usually they they did it -- I think. -- go check out Chris is the latest mailbag gauging interest in Jimmer Fredette. City is the embossed knock on the upon my Twitter at ESPN Forsberg thanks Chris appreciate it. Our Chris Wallace talked to a guy Alex -- from WER dot com follow him on Twitter could follow. At Alex -- Alex tell us about. We -- something we've talked about four wild some extra money to the Red Sox have with the retirement. Or whatever it is from from Ryan Dempster. Do you anticipate. Any other moves. With that money for the Red Sox to move that and maybe it's even. Folding it into a David Ortiz contract extensions. But I still think this sort of contract extension probably wait so loudly and so the start of the beat them. But -- consider the luxury tax so that it there's an increased the -- It would beyond next year's payroll where there's a -- of flexibility. I'm I think it for now I I haven't they get to pick up pretty good about the roster that they have at its stand right now I really don't think that we're going to -- -- -- Didn't -- with the Red Sox so I think that it didn't -- A pretty good amount of flexibility for UNC. And I think -- -- that timing baseball. Where that he flexibility can permit you that's probably your best avenue. To be able to make the most significant. The most significant acquisitions oracle longer terms. You know free agency probably in that area anymore so I think that the Red Sox. Would do well to keep that money around endemic -- play with some different ideas during the beaten -- it -- Hey Alex Michael I gonna talk about this here in about ten minutes -- some article today on unfair and graphs but public concern is regression. For the Red Sox just natural regression to the mean after a team that wins 97 games the way they did a year ago. Yeah over their internal projections were for about 10-Q -- weight than that I think about it their concern but of course. They also have higher expectations for a number of guys -- think about. Are you think about aggression in their their candidate certainly you know David -- that formula otherworldly level. I'm but due to. Individual guys and who really had like Regis you're not outperformed its current track record chain victory -- Had a great year and I'm not sure if Hewitt you would say based on what he didn't become open if you order he -- -- Are off from what he -- first realign and then you know going around the diamond. There are other guys used to have upside you know Dustin Pedroia is going to be about it for a little more power -- that is encircle the some of the pitchers would be in line for improvement. I think you have a deeper pitching staff so yes repression is constantly. The concern in baseball. So that's why you have to build up in your roster and why you have to. -- a bunch of guys were probably and a trending up in what was which they have in some of their pitchers and guys like they're both. Well as one of those guys Felix -- brought enough to read Alex's story on that at WEEI dot com to find out thanks out to appreciate it. Are there you go Mick Bellagio joins us -- -- Bruins from Bedford standard times and south coast today dot com note Tuukka Rask in net tonight as they kick off the post Olympic portion of the season. What do you expect from to go workload wise for the rest of this year meant. Orwell might actually notice seventeen game hit nine on the -- so he's got to be -- whether you like it or not. But they're certainly not gonna Wear him out on away and. Johnson -- actually for them so I expect he's gonna get. A lot of feedback about it and I think basics of those in -- so I think you look at other apple doesn't start with Chad Johnson. -- we love talking about trades in all sports when the trading deadline comes around and thinking about the Bruins and what their needs are. I was just thinking of a name Andrew MacDonald a defenseman but and it may -- that's not realistic for them always to me give us the name of somebody. Who you think could be available AMP would help the Bruins. Well I think. I noticed by DJ being on Twitter. Back -- I'm on the -- ourselves Bob McDonald is the leading the league in blocked shots. Hey hey hey hey hey I got all my own I didn't Donald nothing -- that's not -- the original. Good and you don't know what she thought that I'd -- you play a lot of minutes the only Anglican and -- not a physical defenseman. And abroad need to physical defenseman in the creek -- that was identified by Gary drag he's pretty good. Andre. It's our ocean waters. -- -- it it -- -- -- quite a bit years but he plays which are the year's gone Ottawa and -- dole -- shots into it and you know we -- I don't know I was actually gain -- ended up. The other guy middle cannot prolong the season in the Keaton the Keaton who -- the Russians regular shift in the Olympics a pretty good except for one time. They -- president -- our traffic cone. The that there have been dreamed I could blow ups a lot of lot of bad. Well the which -- the Ottawa Senators golf march dot com so quick in that somebody you don't know although we just I don't know -- he's gonna stop until you're out there. While talking hockey would make you could bottom on Twitter may collage of thanks Matt talks soon. -- is -- the Boston let's brought to buy AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans so rethink. Possible -- argue I love that. You think your hockey genius I know it doesn't I think it does and you convert them. You that are being nice it's your birthday after all our guests have to be nice to everybody on their birthday. We mentioned regression. How important and how big worry is a regression for the Red Sox this year. Very good article that I read earlier today a -- will more about it a moment here. Says that they will regress. More than any other team in baseball this year how big concern is that we get into an axle and all W media.

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