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Profootballtalk's Mike Florio with Salk and Holley: NFL's new rule involving on-field language a potential nightmare for officials

Feb 25, 2014|

We discussed the new NFL rule proposal concerning language with PFT's Mike Florio, and focused specifically on implementation and enforcement, and how difficult it may be for referees and officials to enforce.

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We spent all day yesterday discussing the so called and work rule that's been floating around NFL circles. And then I -- pro football talked this morning. I think this makes so much more sense now Michael. Does although this from Michael David Smith reporting we'll talk to Mike Florio runs like just a moment. -- although there's been talk of the NFL adding a rule against racial slurs this offseason a new rules specifically banning racial slurs seems unlikely to be passed instead it. The -- probably make racial slurs a point of emphasis and remind officials in -- already has a rule against abusive language. Well that takes care of the hole. We're just clowning around and saying something to our boys -- were -- friends it takes care of right 'cause it's not abusive. As of the nineties but it still. Goes back to the issue that we were talking about yesterday. In this filing game everybody says it is that it is a violent game and a lot of things instead. At the line of scrimmage. Do you go if that's a point of emphasis and focus on that word and in ignore others. Or do you bring it all -- Mike Florio -- to this conversation app pro football talk on Twitter Mike how does this go down. Well it looks like something's gonna happen I just don't know what and I am concerned. That if you give. The officials and mandate to be listening for potentially abusive or insulting language racial Suarez. And the other language it would fall into a similar category. Iran and the risk of arbitrary enforcement where they hear one guys said they don't hear another -- sale -- do we really hear it that we not hear it you throw a flag. And you give somebody fifteen yard field position in key moment of the big game that doesn't really help anybody I look at the struggles. That the officials have to enforce the rules that currently are applied. They had but that we saw in the 49ers Panthers game the -- do that but they get flagged the 49ers do lobbyists had but they don't get flagged. How do you reconcile that and how do you ever. Fairly enforce. These rules when it's just a matter of dumb luck whether or not you're gonna happening here that slower that insult at the moment the deficient in position here. Mike we were talking about this yesterday in just trying to. Figure out how it started follow the paper trail all the way to the beginning. How did this start why did this become an issue. All that became an issue of people think it's -- cotton Jonathan Martin this became an issue win. NFL official Roy Ellison was suspended. By the league for allegedly using hostile language toward. Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins. And what happened was in the wake of all of that the Fritz Pollard alliance. Started to push the idea that we have to get the racial slurs out of the game. Is that seemed to be the catalyst -- Ellison and Williams going at it. The first father -- stepped in and really started. To press the question of whether or not racial slurs should be taken out of the game of football so that's what got rolling and now there's some momentum. And the question is what happens four weeks from now in the owners -- Orlando. To decide what the new rules with the new point of emphasis will be for 2014. That's -- -- is -- with the way you tell the story is truly about abusive language and end racism. The way we were reading it yesterday and based on so much of the conversation. That it occurred on TV it's that are around this this rule. It sounded more like a debated Michael and I went over it that that raged in the in the African American community forever. Over the use of the word by African Americans and it's down by what you're saying is if that's not really -- well but they're both African American -- they're about true that if the official in the player right. An end and it is when different Pollard alliance came out against it the the point was the word has no place whether it's used as a term of endearment weather issues status as. An insult and I'm looking now article from November 25. Where Cyrus Mary who was instrumental in the creation of the Rooney rule along with the late Johnnie Cochran. Contacted the league office and pointed out that the existing -- already do. Prevent that kind of language that's where that ultimately comes from. Will twelve section three article one -- already said you cannot use abusive threatening or insulting language or gestures. And and that would be the argument that using. The N word toward others in the place of employment is abusive threatening insult in all instances and that that's really the challenge. How do you in real time as an official when you have a thousand other things to worry about. How do you determine when it's abusive when it's not you throw the flag whenever you hear it how to you know of the guy you'd think that it that it. And I didn't even know that that's exactly we set I think get put. A major burden on the officials and that's one group we get to hear from and all of this. Where they stand on whether or not they should be expected on top of everything else they're supposed to do. To be essentially the hall monitors for whether or not guys -- talking each other with the right words. Maybe they can spin this around and say this is why we need to be full time because we. Have to worry about so many things and it takes a lot of concentration I really do think he should -- full -- that's a different story. Don't want people. The only one -- -- too much money in their other job. -- will see that's why we need full time officials who are not. Judges and lawyers and in teachers and other and other walks of life for me it becoming a billion dollar industry might. And you have part time officials. It doesn't make sense. I agree with you on that I got other suggestions for how they can make officiating better because I don't think that full time. Is going to increase in a significant uptick in the accuracy of the call. What what -- what would your suggestions. I make you strip it down and you're rebuilt the entire function with. With the incorporation of the technology we have available today for some reason there's this diversion. To fully embracing all the technologies we have from using lasers to determine the first down. -- putting cameras in the pile on. From embracing the fact that all of the cameras -- -- -- cover every game that can be used not just as as an -- To do this dog and pony show replay review where you send the guy over to the sidelines they put on that. Head that he does the Michael Dukakis moment where it looks all dork you with a headset on he's on the -- that any. Somebody and you heard you talk that got toxic -- at five minutes later. You know the college. I think the NFL should have a crew of officials. Who are monitoring each game monitoring all the camera angles and -- in real time. The calling the game talking in to the ear pieces of the officials telling them what to do telling them what they saw. And what crystallize that for me was the moment in the NFC championship game when it was obvious to all 55 million people watching the game that mark Brooks to recover a fumble. And was down on the field before the ball was knocked loose after grotesquely injured his leg. And the officials -- the only seven people on the planet who didn't know what happened. You need to be able to help those guys in that moment hey guys -- mark Brooks -- the -- to the 49ers give it to him on the one yard line or wherever where he beat down if you in the end zone whatever. But you need to be able to embrace that technology and feed information to the guys who were out there. Try that try to stay alive amid 300 pounders who can all run very fast. Mike Florio joining us from pro football talk I assume this Jack Berkman bill that he says he's going to push through DC to ban gay athletes from the NFL isn't gonna gain a lot of traction. I doubt that well I think this is a guy who typically works for. Conservative interest playing to his base. Getting some good PR for himself from the perspective the people we typically lobbies on behalf of he'll get he'll get people behind him. And it won't go anywhere and and I can't imagine. This going anywhere he was amazing to see yesterday bit but it it just looked to me like it was a it was a publicity grab for a guy. Who is trying to recruit clients who would be a like mind based on what he articulated in his in his press release yesterday. Let me ask you some things about the Columbine and the draft in -- is going to be our committee used to -- -- made drafts -- used to think April. Who do you think should be if you -- if you were Rick Smith Mike who would you take number one overall pick. Probably Teddy Bridgewater in light of -- my coaches because I don't think Johnny man's cell. Is gonna match with what bill O'Brien is looking for joining -- sell it more like Brett Favre and Tom Brady. And I think bill O'Brien want to guy's going to be more like Tom Brady -- I think Teddy Bridgewater is that better than man's -- Now what I would do whoever I decide my top guy is I would then try to -- Healy and see if there's a way back to trade down and still get that guy with a lower -- Now that's not the easiest thing to do. And you could end up trading down and not getting the guy who wanted and that. Is what makes it more important and not tell anybody who you really want it to you can always preserve the ability to say we traded down and we got big Hollywood executive suite used. That first overall -- We think the pitchers are gonna do this offseason. Well it's a buyer's market for receivers which is good news for the patriots because. It doesn't take a genius to know that they need to upgrade the receiving corps. And 53 or thereabouts receivers about to hit the market so ideally try to keep. -- -- element around. And maybe you you know they really squeezed him last year to do deal that that he he greatly over performed. But if all things are equal I think dictatorship try to keep them. And it on the defense side of the ball. They face a tough decision with -- Last year there it would keep around for one year five million dollar deal because nobody else's -- to pay big money. Kept out of trouble. The past couple years. There could be someone else out there will it take that chance on a guy who had been in some serious issues. Before coming to new England and help get the patriots justified. Plunking down a bunch of money for a guy who could end up possibly. Being that big of an embarrassment and Aaron Hernandez after he gets paid big money it's going to be a tough call for the patriots because. Because of Hernandez without Hernandez. I think to roll the dice on -- he's been a model citizens for a year and a half but once you pay him big money that you got to worry every night that this is the night. They keep to lead is going to be something that is gonna cause everybody's saying what what were you thinking you know that got history. And you guys have been down this road before with Aaron Hernandez. Mike speaking of big money do you hear this story about the commissioners salary. How outrageous it was in the end. Very shortly after that story you hear that the salary cap is going up much more than people anticipated in the article a few million dollars and it's going up into the double digit. Are these stories connected is a very simple that. The NFL is doing great business and that's what we talk about it as America's number one sport and this is why the numbers are going through the -- Yeah absolutely and when the salary cap goes up then I'm told could be as high as 135 million for this year which would be a twelve million dollar increase over last year. When the salary cap numbers start to go up that means the players are participating. In the increased revenue not just the owners sole. Is Roger Goodell worth 44 million dollars well world worth whatever someone will pay us to do our jobs when you've got 32 billionaires while 31 billionaires in Mark Murphy. You've got them because I don't have a real -- you you've got guys who can realize you know lot. This this commissioner is worth every penny he is helping us all make a lot of money and now based on the increase in the salary cap you can argue. He's helping the players make a lot of money to. Well speaking of those billionaires in the one that that we probably follow most closely here Bob Kraft. -- there there is a segment of the population that thinks that Kraft is great there's another segment of the population here. That thinks he's cheap that he that he doesn't go above and beyond. To spend right up to the cap to spend as much money as possible to give his team all the resources. To win that they need. What do you think of Bob Kraft. I think he does everything that he thinks he needs to do spending up to the cap. Could mean paying money to guys you don't necessarily deserved. In some years. You know why you wanna keep your own free agent wolf what they're not very good and what if you can play it Smart and you can go out there and you can get some new players. -- -- at a reduced rate because you don't rush into the market day one and overspend on a guy. Because there's always -- -- -- want to overspend on it got so they can have a press conference to make itself hat and Jersey and ticket and get some. Get some attention in their local market the patriots never do that the patriots don't play it Smart to -- is -- reveal the key is. Can always roll over your access cap space so it's always there if you do it yourself into a situation where you're you're like the Carolina Panthers. Who have a bunch of young players who were all coming up at the same time and how are you gonna deal with paying Greg -- and Cam Newton and next few loops between -- -- after -- starlet to elect. You get yourself in that situation you -- out money you can you can deal with that keep those guys around. Twitter is a beautiful thing Mike settle the debate here has gone on between you and Ian Rapoport regarding the browns. And the 49ers what's the real story what happen there. I believe the browns in the 49ers had to deal in place. -- Jim Harbaugh and -- just go to Cleveland. And it would have happened if hardball wanted it to happen I also believe that Jim Harbaugh ever went into Jed York -- since I don't wanna be here anymore. Jed York what forces to stay there because the only thing worse. Then Jim Harbaugh as he currently is from the standpoint -- so competitive. He's hard to deal with it to Jim Harbaugh that doesn't wanna be there anymore he even worse I believe what happened was. After we reportable we did on Friday the 49ers tried to -- was what was so bizarre that you know I was shocked that you didn't see through this. The 49ers denied a report by saying it completely false and ridiculous. The report that the trade is in place in all Harbaugh had to say was yes what you're gonna say that. What are you -- named to that that's something that you would normally in naturally. Issue a statement on if it's true. And just the mere fact that they were that they were. Hiding behind the cover of an unnamed source for something that you would naturally say is not true if it's not true. Make me think you know it is is predictable. But it's also not accurate and and we saw as time went by that the 49ers are willing to concede it wasn't quite so. Ridiculous are completely false because there was a conversation and -- have problems comment suggests that it was a lot more than. A conversation it was an opportunity that ultimately didn't work out and I believe it didn't work out because Harbaugh didn't want it if he wanted it if you go to the browns right now. You know you reported this first. What was your first reaction before it became a story before he had a few different sources that it confirmed it would somebody first told you hey. Is -- a story you might wanna fall what was your first reaction to. I used a couple of words I can't say now that I. Couldn't believe it right Malia and and that the and yet be very careful about. About disclosing sources but I believed. I believed it based on who heard it from but I knew I had to roll up my sleeves and get the work especially because in the she was swarming all around Indianapolis I was in Indianapolis. And I was convinced based on how I became aware of it that it was going to get out just a question of who reported it and I was very nervous. That that someone was gonna get it five minutes before I did so I got to work. And -- got to a point where I knew I had to hear from one of the two teams and I heard from the browns we've all seen the -- initial statement. Which wasn't even the old non denial denial it was a non denial on the and I had every opportunity I told them here's our reporting. And they told me whatever web -- set a bunch of stop other than your report is true and all that implies and once I had that I knew I was able to go and I try to get a try to get the 49ers. Attention and I I know jet -- -- I know Bob Langer PR guy and I wasn't it woody your back man until the bird at the fly. And definitely no alcohol and from there. Birds at the line like that I'd like -- front line or someone else who's gonna. Like I didn't -- going to be a. Byrd had to fly dog had to hunt something. I thought from the ground and we make fun of the ground all the time they've been a pretty pathetic organizations and organizations that they return to Cleveland but. You if you say if you do you believe that the head coach is one of the most important guys in -- -- in the and in the organization if not the most important guy. -- -- They they have sound logic going out to get Harbaugh what do you think. Swing for the fences. And you know if if you got to deal with the guy who's a bit of a pain in the rear end. To deal with -- because he's so intensely competitive if that -- can go to the playoffs three straight years and get the FC championship game three of those years in the Super Bowl wants. For browns team that has been the postseason one time since returning to the NFL in 1999 way back in 2002. Missed the playoffs one other time in 2007. You'll take that. You'll take Jim Harbaugh the pain in the butt if Jim Harbaugh. The guy who has done what he's done in only three years with the 49ers come to Cleveland so it's it's. I think it's a good idea to make that kind of apply. It didn't work out but it also speaks to the mindset of the browns right now which tells me that they're gonna keep swinging for the fences. And don't be surprised if they do everything they have to do to get Johnny -- though which is the the traps equivalent this year possibly into the fence and. Mike -- can read in the pro football talk dot com to must read it for every football fan Mike we appreciate it a toxin. Our deal Mike Florio joining us there via the eighteen to outline a lot to digest will be right back to rockaholic W media.

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