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The NFL wants 'the N-Word' removed from the playing field, we open Pandora's box and discuss it...

Feb 24, 2014|

Michael and Mike discuss the proposed NFL rule change that would penalize players for using 'the N-Word'. We get inside this slippery slope and discuss it with you.

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Let's move on and that is what the NFL's about the do here yeah. We think it has to the end of the -- -- a what are the NFL. Is this going to happen are they thinking this is gonna happen it's gonna happen. There's going to be a penalty there's going to be a fifteen yard penalty for using the network for using him at any point on the NFL field yet we think. I don't like it. I don't I don't like the I don't like the rules were professional football. And that -- distinction -- of the national football only on the field during games. Legislating what -- guy can say. During. During some very violent. Bad intention play in the NFL. Today okay. -- to give your penalty because you said that to your opponent or in this case. Hey if you -- to intimidate and if you look at it that way they don't want the word used. That's in any context whether it is a term of derision for your opponent for a term of endearment. For -- So I just think kids. Is going down a road that we really don't need to go to and -- -- -- paper -- from in general. When it comes to language and -- So I don't believe any word. Should be banned all brawl on that happened outside of football here people's work should never be used again. What people I just I'll always disagree. Any words should be banned use the words that you wanna use. If you use it in the wrong context if you refused to say wrong person. Wrong company whatever it is. You should have to deal with the consequences. Of your actions but overall as a matter of course I believe in banning words no I don't as a fan -- friend of mine who calls. He's black he calls the and word racial profanity. So that's his that's his -- and if it is simply good work for a ticket description they're really good description great description yeah. And it can beat that. If you wanna say it's a racial pro editing. I don't have a problem with describing it that way. But that kind of goes in line with a lot of things that are said. During football games so this is a mystery. He can't say that during the game but you can go up to a player telling -- you slept with his wife last night. You can go up to a player in telling call him. A bitch. You -- the C word you know talking about -- you can use other racial profanity. That he's usually not describe for African Americans but other racial groups. So. What do -- need to what are we don't. What we're doing here. It is a nasty game on the field nasty things are done nasty things are said. And before this rule came up -- think your average sports -- was saying. Do something about the language that is used on the field. I think we all understand. It to different and a one out there. And we think we want insight we think when we get close to written maybe we don't wanna get as close as we think we'll -- some things that we like but. I wasn't aware that it was an epidemic. On the field but now this rule tells me that's an epidemic. Which leads to another conversation. How often does -- in what context. Who said that is said by all African American players like -- you. You know it's like I just don't I just don't think that. They should be going there if you say you're not gonna be able to use an -- at the facility. Well we don't want it in in our offices we don't want it. You know Monday through Saturday in the NFL OK I guess so. Some days -- different now. I guess. I guess have a few thoughts because I'm with you I didn't know this was a -- -- this was a an epidemic necessarily in the NFL so when he came out I was sort of surprised because it's not like it was something that was top of mind right -- is something you were thinking about. Now I can't believe NFL players that are shouting these what decent racial profanity over and over again on on the field. I can't believe this is happening somebody better do something about it for all of the issues in the NFL this never never struck me is one. That was going to be that was going to be -- OK fine but that's up the first time I mean that you know the NFL is. Now they know more about what's going on their league certainly than we do so confined. I agree -- you that it makes no sense to ban one racial epithet but not others. But I have to imagine that the rule is not going to be specific to this word that if and when they write the rule it will be that all sorts of racial and -- racially intolerant words will be banned. Because there's no way they're -- that you couldn't you know say something derogatory about. Gay person but not an average is not gonna happen. There's no way that -- then. Everyone is gonna jump in a civil why did you -- this word -- not this work why did you say this one and not -- one why is this group more important or worthy of your protection in this group over here so. I have to imagine that that if the NFL goes through with this there will we see the final language it will not just -- this specific word it'll band when he of words like -- along without you think. Yeah -- -- do you think it just in general do you think code words. It is there any word that you think should not be used. In this. Well there's plenty of words that I don't wanna hear that I don't like what other people say but it doesn't yet I think that they should be illegal to save them now and we're not talking about. You know all of a law of of the of the United States -- that the state we're talking about the and I don't they have the right they have the right to mandate whatever the heck they want and Kobe Bryant was -- if one -- when the cameras caught him picked -- him use and derogatory -- to an official and I didn't really have a problem that. I got kind of thought they did the right thing they're sending a message at that stuff isn't he is. Is something they're not gonna tolerate the MBA and look where they are few years later -- real -- things -- sang a few years. They still have a band. They did they find him they find him why they find him because the cameras caught him right if if if the campers don't pick that up he's never far with. Maybe that's what they're gonna do here I mean maybe this is setting it up so that any time you hear anything the NFL's able to to make to make a ruling and they were not gonna see fifteen yard penalty after fifteen your panel. -- yeah maybe -- I would say it's one of those things that a lot of times their hits and football games that are -- our -- and the guy -- a fine later after they review right now. You've got to be sure that guys that. That was. OK what what happened at -- get a penalty result that you're he'd be right or -- you say that at all. And you're you're given that penalty -- -- -- this pick -- -- the Gibraltar Bogart I don't buy it today. After the play. Fifteen penalty. Number seven and flaw on the defense. In -- aren't good at the -- rumble sound just like I mean. We were. -- -- Your team loses because of this team with like the big fifteen yard penalty at the end of the game in the concert in the game and you look -- -- -- -- anybody pushing I didn't do any. Say it works well until way issued it is strange to -- you know what I don't and often -- Coach Belichick. But you were. In the home -- that. Well. Just like Michael that's a great imitation of -- -- who know. Who know that of all your imitations Bogart would be your vessels got the phone 61777979837. -- he's in willful are. -- -- -- -- I'm I'm I'm just kind of surprised at albeit stance on that whole argument that because. I don't YE. You know we got -- submit -- You know. The fact it is strictly short game that that word to use that -- earn a violent or aggressive game. You know at that -- you want these people they keep more like. If people do well society in you know and you want -- will carry over a locker room and you know certain certain rules are going to be applied there and I think they were -- topic that. Now -- -- that I don't agree with that like because I think what. Our -- -- -- the time right now what kind of slowed up so why but not because Republicans are not police officers and there's a time and a place for any thing. I mean you can we can talk about the N word of -- goal. We can we can expand the discussion there are certain things you say at certain times with certain people -- Well I think that I think your behavior is -- I think that project you'll -- those -- By that people would universally agree yeah it's not acceptable to be used at any time and clearly not people. Well clearly that's not usable. So. You don't first open there's not universal agreement at all if the universal agreed on it would you wouldn't you and I wouldn't have wouldn't have this conversation. Make an excuse at that -- that it it's okay to be used currently in the battle on the well -- but at the same -- and I'll locker room conversation. Or even picked up -- camera it's not okay an election people. -- I didn't say that I didn't signal and I don't know mentality you know you're you're blurring two conversations were to come -- Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant was fine for using a gay slower. Because the cameras saw him it was right or wrong I'm telling you that I got the fine if the camera had not picked him up saying that. He never would have been fine but the thing is making excuses for anybody. Who who who uses it I IA except. That there are some people. Most of them African American. Who used to use the word. And they used it regularly. They don't apologize for use in the word. And and and I am not naive enough to believe that that word is not used at times. On the field. So why why legislate -- -- -- not others with their other other words out there you know. Well I think they aren't I I do think that this would come with more than just one word that would be -- how many -- Which -- I don't know an -- that have to make a list maybe maybe you don't make a list may be huge assay. Any sort of as what was a phrase racial racial pro for any sort of racial profanity is illegal in the -- -- -- if that. The benefit -- is not racial. Well you can still. What are you you get a better job there finding that I did in two seconds but you'll understand one thing you could define it more broccoli says and with any sort of profanity directed against any sort of group of people. Could be considered to fifteen -- -- you leave it up to the reps. Scarlett yet another whole month. -- a regular everyday garden variety profanity. What you -- some idea. We've been about leap right here out of and why don't mean that referees -- are trained. In how to you know differentiate between pass interference and not holding and not how to spot the ball correctly whether or not sitting complete pass. They're not usually trained specifically in the language. Whether or not this is offensive to one group of people -- seems like -- You're asking the refereed to take on new role that they were never really meant to take on text message here says to Kevin Garnett even come to work with a -- Was he -- disaster retirees come out -- this -- NBA that's it for Garnett he's done a 100% of the word environment. Your guess what what obscene. Little more honesty I hear from people. C'mon. I'm black I know what. And no word. What we're saying here and it's nice in this is not acceptable and there. In a corporate environments. You know we can't stop this the people who stay yet on the field. And maybe some people that you really like. And classy you think their class of people in the field and you would never give us. You wouldn't in that it would never crossed your mind in a post game interviews they would say no way they would never say it at the that the team charity functions like Ben Roethlisberger. Or they would never say it. Eight in -- post game interview. It's just. This there are different degrees of where you take it now. This to be clear. I've never I'm I'm not saying that that -- for Tedy Bruschi is never uses. This word demise of mine is every sportsman but we were talking about flipping the switch to using -- is an example flipping the switch. That's how long does it take. The flip do you really have to. -- -- yourself up. Round being. Dad loving dad loving father to you angry line back no. No I can be handle my family. About 45 minutes an hour before again -- whatever it is an. Hour and a half and I step on the field and it's hey you bleep bleep bleep whatever it is let's go now you think Tedy Bruschi would use that language in his. It is commercials. In the -- -- language to an. Wendy's would when he's just talking to a group of kids now. But I think he got what another. Dark place. Especially if you're playing on the defensive line linebacker. Often the line. Overly dark place and play a football. Now here's a text message that I think makes a lot of sense. How does the NFL ban these words and still at the Washington Redskins. According to some people and according to others it is. Like doesn't. It's the same problematic and all that they're that they are as steadfast as they are about the name Redskins but this is good this is gonna be coming with a fifteen year penalty. But you get you know like penalize the periphery every time he says out. Tenure penalty in the -- -- a whole lot of stack and that goes against the NFL's policy and allowed to use that phrase. And you know just feel if my -- just feels -- it just feels like your your. You're saying one thing and not the other and it's very difficult for the NFL to remain consistent. Once they once they do this they've opened up such a huge can of worms how to they've remained consistent from now on I'll get right -- -- -- here a second 6177797937. -- and -- W media. I think the league has taken the proper steps because I don't think this issue is all that complex I think we've made it complex. I think we tried bit desensitized to sanitize this work. And it just won't be dissatisfied there are deep it will always be a reprehensible wore the N word is a symbol of -- culture. -- as our opening show. Fifty years ago the culture and the people to use the -- we're very hostile toward black people. Very violent towards black people very against black people educate themselves any ball. As Jason whitlock on -- outside the lines so Ali and WEEI and everything has yet we can easily. Follow that comment. With a comment from Michael will -- with a quote that group and that -- and media have played that in the office. Michael -- -- talking about us from last year reducing him over -- we have come from modest and right he said. I think that and they direct quote was. I use it all day everyday. -- think you've hit all day everyday. And I think art you know Jason whitlock -- -- people have made it complex and it's reprehensible. To him. It's reprehensible word to him. But this is what some what makes it. This is what makes it a little slippery maybe it should be. It should be maybe he'll be reprehensible. Everybody. It should be but now. So what makes it a little slippery that there are some words. Across the board. That don't want that -- is offensive to me and find that offensive. In case some place on the field. Who are using it with each other. And they can be penalized for what I had to wonder just in terms of logistically how the oldest or just how you pull this off like if you have for example to patriot. -- it to each other at eight the tackle for a three yard tackle for. Jump up and. In order. Up fifteen yard penalty. I think we -- he's not taunting note I just want removed from the game entirely. That's where the Kevin -- think they -- just want to removed from the game entirely -- -- -- thing when you're talking with -- T receive text message here it is almighty god how -- supposed to play a football game without calling someone an inward. Are the two of you really that stupid really. How hard is this. Now it's it's not a it's not stupid. Is that a process if there are a lot of people -- play a football game without saying that and everybody can play in football game without saying. They can't clearly they'll have to. But the larger the larger point to me is how far do you wanna take. The policing of language during the football game. How -- is hit. What what word what words. Our offensive during football so we take out all -- you shouldn't say anything that might -- an opponent. Or somebody who who happens to be in your shot. Of all the football player and maybe there offended I deeply but I just heard on the field this guy to say that he'd say to another player but I'm acumen pitch. We cannot have that. Is that. -- -- -- I had to agree having consistency is the problem here once you start down this road I generally don't like slippery slope argument because you don't need to take everything to its to its logical extreme. In order to in order to prove that it should Libya -- reasonable slippery slope thing. But here's just a matter consistency. If you do this why only this one. And then where does -- go from here if we had one -- than to -- to two -- -- -- -- -- -- -- filers -- I mean if you're gonna want -- and our other and it makes no sense in Adams and Cape -- I am gonna. These guys are and hopefully I just got a couple of thoughts and what we heard it correctly I'm I do agree with this move I think -- -- -- -- I think on. It's it should be all or not it's. Are there everybody can say on the field or he can't say at all I just think it doesn't make sense and the policing of who weasel out to and who's not allowed to. And for me right now I mean right now -- I mean everybody that's there right wouldn't be present some people can't people -- Richardson. Because it Riley Cooper legal product on the field and you'll at a rate system now I don't -- all right -- he's not gonna get a fifteen yard penalty I don't know. I don't know if he's ever -- percent on the field probably not. Let's just say all right Michael -- -- it's used gay slurs as he has the credentials could act you're you're making a -- apple Adam your. You're differentiating -- you're not you're not making a correct differentiation. We're not talking this the fifteen yard penalty. Yes and if somebody else says something in uses a word it's. And Michael Sam you're probably going to called a personal harmful words of Michael Sammy is -- probably a joke the issue here is not whether or not somebody's homophobic or racist or anything else it's a fifteen yard penalty that comes with it. And has now nobody gets a fifteen yard penalty and if this rule goes through than ever want will be subject of the same fifteen your. And the whole thing is you need that out of the game because you can't police -- between yelled so the only way to do so. But the question is do you have to police the have to police is a better -- that need to be policed. -- you do because I like it just. Doesn't make sense it's like they want and we Jewish and there are some that are. Would never happen all Jewish football team you know lord know George never gonna end well -- I know can we also aid you know keywords and -- I mean it's just. It's not whether you can or it's not about whether or not you're racist or home for over an anti semite it's whether or not there should be a penalty. Imposed by a rep for re forcing fatal don't were something you said during a football game has -- -- during a football and not progressing to a -- -- -- -- -- we're not we're not having a panel discussion about. Race in America he would not gonna area. Would that would are going here because. Could you could repeat when so many different ways on the field right and what they're saying is if you could seek racial -- out of the game in general. And by doing that would the fifteen yards yeah if you keep donate then you're gonna be screwing your team over. OK so they take that out but right so you pick up Rachel sellers. And -- would have geely -- gay slur to take all slurs out what are you take out when you leave it is when a mask. I mean it. How about a bad how -- all profanity to take let's pick up profanity out. You don't need it to be -- during the football game weren't you purchasing. Why are we cursing -- all the security at it but today. Don't hurt -- not a -- eight don't go back. You're watching. Although I go to that person. Our party take it odd people. Jones and -- what's up John. Airlines folks -- them -- in the year. I do think -- and I worked in college I was in the police thought sir what can a Jewish community one of the major Jewish colleges in the metro west region tactic you cannot figure out -- Every year we are subject to diversity training I had police officers I was an -- myself while at the high school. I'll let that now a complete up to the subject to diversity training I think that it. At the college level immediate high school levels excited instituting their. It it would just make for a better. Athletic and by -- I'm and not only Internet equally talkative on it. If I were a an African American male -- heard in the past you know illegal -- -- because I'm black or you know director blacks Hispanics. Why in whatever in my game and I'd been subjected to that. I do what is right. John I -- John just interrupt you for a second houses have to do the NFL. In the Arctic -- and diversity training they could subject everybody to I -- I -- more openness. In in bringing into acting you know everybody's creating equal. In that. Ancient tool -- -- -- and. Worse and greater diversity training. Diversity training is something unifil itself diversity training right they headed to an NFL locker and they're -- training in diversity. I don't I don't I don't know if they're thinking. In a lot of cases. In a lot of cases. And that no good Jonathan Martin case is -- a great example it is hard to make this argument but in most. In most cases. You'll have a very diverse. Clubhouse or locker room. Especially at bay at bay baseball. Baseball football basketball of people from all over -- not the most diverse sport out -- but you know there is some diversity with. A lot of Canadians and people from from other other countries. -- great racial diversity. But they usually figured out. They usually figure it out and it's fine. It is far same infirmities locker room. Where they don't need. They don't need that what whatever job was suggesting. And -- That's what in this case regret that's what spring training is for their bonding. -- that's retreating what training campus for Portland where for most football team for functional football teams work that -- the Miami Dolphins. So. Think it's the conversation about how guys get along in the locker room because most of the time. Outside of that theory dramatic Jonathan mark example. Most of the time that. That that those things that -- themselves. Another text messages is waddle onto rich white guys get to decide what slurs or offensive to the athletes. Well that's what's happening here I mean this that this is being pushed by the Fritz Pollard alliance right this isn't like Roger Goodell initiative this is coming from efforts -- right. Black had exactly this is a real or white guys so much a rich black guys were telling -- NFL wasn't and when isn't. About a rich black guys say this is what we like and what we don't. You think it and then a lot of times a lot of times it's a generational difference. Is it. You know the the head of the Fritz Pollard alliance. Does not like the word. He doesn't like it and does not feel that it should be used in the context. And therefore. We have this going forward I just want to know how Florida Atlantic. I think if we're stuck go to the first team -- like. Or that patriots jets game run it brought the the rule -- the first -- -- your flex real sorry it was probably. Give a darn. -- -- you haven't used it until like. -- seven. 14 quarter. Fifteen yard penalty changes the game. -- -- for second and we expect a lot of we'll -- more your calls you guys are all over the phone but. What do you think this is happening do you think I mean it that there doesn't seem to be at least to my knowledge an epidemic of racism in the NFL right. I'm not I haven't heard story after story of white players saying racially insensitive things the black players I'm in debt that has not been a at least in my knowledge a major problem in the NFL recently has it to you. Now so what where where does this come from is it because. Are are they really trying exists you know beheaded -- Paula lines is name is John Wooden right. Is it is is that John -- doesn't like African American players or people saying the word to each other and it's using the NFL as a bully pulpit to it's. But it could put his point of view out to the rest of the countries over the says. Is he just sparking a conversation. Among the American people and using sports as an opportunity to do it or is there an actual problem in the NFL CB can answer that question forming axle and -- a W media. I like a lot of people used in word all day every day in my whole life and Matt Barnes person of color he wants to use it I got a problem with publicly. I wouldn't do that but I have no issue with it okay. As Michael will -- few months ago. -- PTI -- tall guy WEEI yeah it was a pity any drew is drew criticism from. Jason whitlock at the time. For saying that -- mean whitlock has been out here for Y -- He is. Is pretty much on record he has yet a lot of problems with the -- column. He was. A few service back in the day was on the action that long ago maybe 56 years goes on the Oprah Winfrey Show. And on one side it was the rappers talk about entertainment and Russell Simmons sideshow -- payments we talk and whenever. On the other side that people like Stanley crowd who's a conservative writers. Jason whitlock saying now. This music in this word is. Rewarding. Ruining the youth ruining America on and on and they are. This is too simplistic. Look at that that's that's the easiest way -- there's just too simplistic. Look at he word. And look at it used in the certain context. And not think that. People don't have the understanding of knowing. When a word as used and how which use right in what's real and what entertainment on and on and -- -- there. Today I mean I don't -- you know I -- and I saw the wolf Wall Street. -- moving again. -- -- -- It's not a movie and you'll take anybody. You want it to be -- to -- certainly -- doubted your right to will be you'll be going there it's it's not lose close. Words and obviously it's a movie. But her words use their phrases used it there used there that will rule. If you are your little faith in your heart you're not used to that that high pace that reference. Committed to -- -- there are lots of words used in American society and different context that we never out. It's those phrases that would use that movie won't be used on the field and they will not draw fifteen or he's. Just gonna do it -- go Kobe extreme. Does -- extremists say there will be no. No talking outside of saying Omar or alcohol Omaha in this -- the -- okay outside of that. If you're not talking about football jargon and your -- -- target must be politically correct violence if you're not talking about that you were to say enough. It's just yeah yeah let's back up again Marcus because I'm trying to figure out exactly who has as we -- science. I never knew this was an issue I still not entirely sure this is an issue what I'm hearing in in what I've read and listening to you -- sort of thinking about this. Is that this is an issue this is an issue in the African American community and there's a debate. In the African American community as to whether or not it's okay for African Americans to say this word or not and that that fight. Is now spilling over to the NFL guys I don't think there are right -- -- about the I think Iran because I don't think this is about anybody immediate if there was. If there was a rash of white players saying racist things the black players in the NFL. We have heard about it and then this might be the type of step that you would use to try to affect some level of change if there was legitimate eight. That was that was propagating itself in the NFL I'm not sure that's happening. What this seems to be is a fight the African American community and that Fritz Pollard the -- for Fritz Pollard alliance led by John Wooden. Are that's that they're they're moving this fight and they are feelings on this fight into the NFL arena that's what I'm reading. I mean that they had debates as the debate -- on an African American community. This thing going on. My entire life right okay and before they're not easily settled it -- before it was what -- -- is not that are close to being settled. It is an -- in all arena's. All. Educational backgrounds all income background why is this fight can be brought to the NFL green. It just seems like it ought and I kept it quiet because it's like well but it's public. It's like you why do any if you are -- country to debate this through the NFL it's like what I -- ought to have more equity if you're one of the people like John -- Smart on his part. He's passionate about it he's passionate about the elimination of the word never be right but that's. Just. This this word even if you just look at and they -- in May be eliminated from the NFL. But guys who have used games it will stop using games costs -- team fifteen yards. I I doubt that they will stop using it altogether but that maybe may but even those guys stopped using it. It is beyond African American community now. I mean their people in different communities minority communities otherwise. Who were using that word but that John -- its mark on his part if you want to -- His campaign to another level use America's number one sport high visibility. A lot of powerful people around you or -- -- today look look at this. I've taken my fight mainstream you know we're not out is not just the fight. And it and at 1:15 AM. In any bar. With your buddies. Back and -- Now I take it. East right now I -- I saw all panel on the ESPN and never were Al this is gonna add it to sixty Madison embarrassed prime Madison avenue is he's got to partner with my thoughts go to Josep province -- -- Out on guys until. So -- art school teacher and our inner city and record to retreat out about all. At that it is rule ridiculous. I had to get a technical foul everytime I heard it say it I had to get -- potentially bought -- -- way. I would be given -- every game might be due to detentions everyday. Armed. I believe it's been taken out of context it's in low community social economic data about where it's acceptable and equity speech. By the pew Hispanic hit a white kid each hit. Network and equity speech you just can't eat regular pitching out -- -- about an appellate so are the all churches. It's worked as a look I'm I'm more on the oil everywhere I can't see how they can attack on fifteen yards that. If they don't target every network and every bad ankle are -- can't single out in America that. -- -- -- yeah -- -- -- -- only -- evidently they're gonna do that one and let's say you. Saw. Maybe it maybe at Indianapolis is part of the -- -- a basket guy. Look at it deepened through as a team -- Where what what kind of vote well -- that -- -- in Dearborn. It is -- game and cantor. Cantor after them. Because we can. Just immune cells can end up as the number one overall pick it really is is really on Johnny Mann tells us his. His today there. Today sorry to do their work or bumping up man's outlook -- -- -- portals these guys are going to be the number one pick you you're gonna have to wait only a 44 up next it's more calls on this later in the show also. -- Don banks would join us from this site toppled the more about the common with the package do in the draft. At 430 it's open and WB yeah. I do have a problem with that is the reason I stopped using the -- once I got to the NFL you know I had a friend of mine who never -- and he did say OK these -- -- reasons I don't I don't like people. Some within these ignorant I don't like people to feel like. They can use the word while they -- around me and I think that's kind of what empowered. Reaching any kind -- when he was say this. Speaking of kids that the more and if I'm sitting at a table with incognito. Any speak to -- the -- they use the N word I'm not stepping in to save John they mourn but to defend him I'm stepping in because I'm offended that seem to think -- mile. To say. Personal Clark's great to play good you really that I can't wait to he's complaining to get into the media full time. But the more I hear of this the more I hear everyone's take comment. Yep the more ESPN rounds of every single African American -- they can talk about this. The more I'm convinced that it is what we talked about earlier that this is an issue that is a debate that as you said has been playing itself out indeed in the African American community for upwards of forty years -- -- and now it's just coming to the NFL this isn't about racism. I don't think it's about white players that taking liberties with the word or racism that runs rampant in the NFL what it appears to be more than anything. Is a debate. Amongst African Americans about whether the word is acceptable for other African Americans to say all day every day in my whole life at -- that this debate is right. My and I am I missing at the. I think epic. That it is very good state and -- like it's something that. Dumping says something that Ozzie Newsome. Has thought about it and in has talked about and know that the -- pop Fritz Pollard alliance. Is if they're very respected organization. Among NFL especially NFL general managers. In so if you think about it. It makes sense. Now who's the most successful. And African American general manager. And in the NFL -- just. And in Jerry -- -- is -- but you know Jerry -- as well as ones than Super Bowls but Ozzie Newsome. From the time we got the ball in Baltimore that consistent success that his draft record is. Pretty damn good. And -- of being competitive every year when the super balls slapping me. The Fritz Pollard alliance holds -- Ozzie Newsome as an example of what can happen hall of fame player becoming. Pretty pretty close to a hall of fame to manage. So I'm I'm not surprised that it's on the passion of policies -- passion of the organized organization. That -- has been very supportive of his for a long time. But. There you'll never get -- right answer you'll never get a right answer you get some legislation. And you did. Maybe you'll get penalties from. But in terms of of stopping him and don't know what's gonna I don't know what's gonna stop now for myself for myself. And my use of the word. -- would say primary. I am a recovering user forward. -- I haven't. Used. Camera for the last time I used it in. Regular conversation and to Michael -- I'm not quoting somebody or I'm not saying hey this word -- say the words about it it just comes to mind that they hey. Whatever. Just addressing from one haven't done that and in many many years. -- -- Come out and come up. I mean you make an argument doesn't come up for anybody unless you wanted to come up and pride well for you before that but yet but I guess there are some people who made their people who have looked at in the number of ways I remember when. The great the great Richard Pryor made a trip to Africa and said. After going to Africa -- I'm -- and use that word again saw. I thought beautiful African and it really was on the opening for me I'm not gonna use the word -- that their company -- got a lot of applause. I think it seems that the after -- religious. And I think it'll just format wrote a column about it. 199697. I'll never use the word I -- the columns that I won't use the word again I think. This. It is it is it is one that is the case by case context. Saying it is if it's very strange was part of buried here. -- one and I don't know. Is it because you feel like -- just grew out of it. -- And that that's sort of what I can't -- you know maybe I am I misinterpreting what I'm hearing from you is mab is a kid may do when I was younger maybe at least speak that way as do. Some NFL players and some other you know people the younger generation the that I grew up. I wanna say that anymore. Well I mean but but Michael what about sort of the and I am. And that like the -- that he's doesn't mean he's acting like a grown up in it and obvious he's probably is probably more mature than him but but it but what do grow up. But can't can't have grown up decide the -- what are grown up wants this thing. I mean we're we're focusing on is that is that word he signs of a majority or something else. I mean all all what you think of all the pro frame words. That people use. And they did their very mature very educated people who use. Pretty nasty words are they in the tour. And I think OK so you don't. Use that may be some time but maybe I think that I mean I I don't know that's kind of the impression I was hearing from you is that it just you know what kind of grew up by the need to say anymore didn't come up because I wasn't acting immature anymore. -- want I'm not saying that and I'm not sure it was this is kind of no I don't think let's -- so I don't like public yet I don't think it's I don't. If immaturity maybe -- might it might be. I'm I'm not in. I'm not and company. Company of people were saying that all that often. I guess -- the good thing considering you were demeaned and for the year date but Hampshire goes beyond that only take real quick break and do like this course according optic. The calm them. It almost passed. It there's just no other way to quote pulp fiction how many times a camera somebody don't count on a Spike Lee. Spike in account you are likely out in quite happy with. And look and chipped -- to a pulp fiction but it apparently -- in the latest -- -- -- -- and a 110 op. Well considering that that was the that was the word of the day during the rise eighteen hundreds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- stuff -- -- -- -- -- under hundreds of -- 186. We -- we're the most appropriate ones -- has -- -- -- so good and -- -- 69 times six times. Countered that. The it's likely but not likely like somebody low in the Spike Lee food chain -- forced the do it for him we'll be right back at your calls sex six point 7779737. -- W. Lot of emotion on both sides of this NFL debated the league looks like it's moving in the direction. And it's been called the and work rule that they're gonna try to and the -- to imagine. And you heard from -- half hour ago a call if something -- that that won't be the title of the pool. The title show one thing that was that. If a -- clip that you played earlier show on the outside the lines yeah that was on Sunday. It didn't think but in. The end. Our -- I have to imagine this is bigger than that it mean if it isn't in this -- is even more about what we were talking about again how I see this as as a debate that has raged inside a community for a long period of time. And now the Fritz Pollard alliance led by John Wooden has decided. That the best way for him to win his argument inside his community. Is to bring it to the NFL stage essentially and it and maybe -- maybe again correct me if this doesn't sound accurate -- my history or perception of this is off. But there's sort of two schools of thought in general the African American community about. This word right and and re claiming it. Some some people believe it's it's a reclamation. And -- using it you take away some of the evil and hatred and forceful on this of racists who have used that in the past. And other people and heard Ryan Clark in the very. Poignant. Description of this think -- It's not a good idea it's a bad word by saying it were legitimizing it and you might make other people say it and there's just no sense and and it sounds like this is just John Wood -- way of winning his argument. And I'm not sure a 100% right on the argue well I think he's right from this perspective. If he's if he's passionate about it he's got the connections. To make this happen. It's a win for him. Mean politics. And a lot of cases whether we want to believe it or not and that's politics. It's about power but is that what this isn't if you politician gets about powers about exerting its policy a politician -- -- well he -- in this case if there are politicians don't work in Washington right though he's politically for the good political move by him. It's something that he wants to happen. He's using -- connections to make it happen but you're right that that debate has gone on for many years and there was the Internet the highest level of academia and I want -- debate between. To really Smart guys to doctors. Doctor Cornell west and doctor Michael Eric Dyson. When arguing for. The -- and -- argument against. Cornell west. Their friends. And he. Had different perspectives. And I think after a lot of long words that that I that I barely understand. And there is no conclusion. To an original route but not surprisingly -- -- think they they they changed anybody's mind but those things that. -- US gulf war. You know what happened what changed -- you know why haven't used did. I think in general in the last. Almost six years. My my my oldest will be. In November the last six years if the general. Become more conscious of what I'm saying and what Abdul. So in theory. Very intentional on my part what what what do I want the -- here. What -- when they enter or. In all of my actions have been in. All based on the kids so I think that that's the answer -- answer for the last home here. Going back. And to be clear. You know growing up around the word in the house in my house the word respect. We ever have I've never heard about. My brother and I brought my brother and -- good. My brother and sister. I did not use but I think it was almost like a source. The second speak for them. Reflect the -- source. Of amusement. Almost because we had cousins who live right next door. And they -- her. A lot of fun. They. They smoke Kool cigarettes. Cool like the print -- With a they drank. Play cards. Gamble whatever. And they said it to each other blood in me. It was never it never crossed my mind. That. Somehow. You know if that was fit to be. -- waited with defining me or limiting me ward demeaning me. Not that contact. With those people who had a great deal left. The first time I heard it in another context. Oh was during the basketball. When I was in the fixed rate. Because that put that but of course caught person. And I was so flustered then get a chance to explain. Why did it did so with. Him and I think it's kids. Howard Hughes who's using. What the situation like most things in life that the case by case. It's a case by case situation is that -- -- -- with this rule is that it cannot allow -- or any of that -- getting ready right yet when you get into it blanket across the sport it is always this is always that that dangerous for anything including. 6177797937. David is in Maine I -- We don't yet at the I I do. I don't get the point this rule for about -- -- that the data are used the word and I get uncomfortable when people use it but. Let's talk about the setting that is where is being used at. I mean and it especially this Fisher island day. And it well within the rule to beat the crap out of a guy crop who aren't from -- But you can't say open mean to him I didn't I don't understand. Yeah. You can't -- -- to just not that. -- in it you know at it I think maybe maybe we're heading in that direction. -- we're aware of I'm pointing out the inconsistency of it right now war. You know what's -- sense of what's not offensive maybe this is just the tipping point David of where we're going to in the NFL. Today it's the N word and then tomorrow maybe this is -- very systematic approach. By the cents in New York. To further. Make this 88 corporate friendly atmosphere. So what was summer Roger Goodell and his friend whose bodies -- His corporate partners. His -- and all your friends and -- game in other people making forty million a year yes okay. Yes that's what we're talking Roger Goodell went forty million a year club does the 4040 club all right so that the 44 club whatever it was over forty of the 4342. Remote okay. With those people are. Close to the NFL when they're close to the field or maybe watching on the sideline or some of these owners really easy Arthur Blank come down from that happens. For the fourth quarter Atlanta -- them on the sideline and those guys -- there. It won't hear the worry about hearing anything. Don't make and or there there there why ordinary corporate sponsors here their kids -- Us. If it is critical Gretchen Brian and there's always been that element to -- -- and the day he took over -- all of it it's been about cleaning up the image of the league in trying to take away. Anything unsavory that might detract from an ability of an advertiser to see ya I wanna go with the NFL Jerry's in -- -- -- Jerry hello. No one's going to voice. -- responsible. But I -- to have that other position topic go to -- -- totally blind and so we often talk about you know political apartments and -- and certain language and one governor wise -- -- and someone says -- you -- have a fit all of us know visually there's going to be impaired. You know a blind and so you wonder about certain words -- use of the words. Verses the attitude to be implied it and I think. There are a lot of words I think that we ought to -- abused and try to change your attitude the end -- one that we really need to get rid of I think in. It's best gotten rid of it nobody uses that it is going to be tough to enforce I'd rather be negated forced the way your guests. The fourth if -- go to the coaches to -- -- to look -- about a lot of my locker room period. And that about ways that too much easier way to forfeit that to try to have a rough to it on the field I don't know what that -- -- -- to but. It there is always bugged me they -- African Americans feel like. Would cheat you know I have the right to use that word and -- -- -- like will do you know if the look I'm white I don't want use the word but if you don't wanna hear the words don't buy it. And might begin to just say this -- mean Arctic. I accept that there -- a group of people who believe they're taking back the word we're taking back the years and and history of violence and hatred that it represents and saying are down with all of that I'm going to take it for myself -- and let it bother me and tell my who was Roger Goodell -- or or in the taught school or Bob or or or John. To say that that's an unacceptable way to deal with years of hatred. Poor Utah State I think that's what bothers me about it why I think with a win this argument by eight by enforcing this across the NFL start and got connections however coming right. What -- to make it right but it makes it pretty normal in -- -- daylight those with. Those with our ten to -- to use it four for their own agenda -- of the way it goes but in terms of -- -- You know why are you saying if you don't wanna hear it's on its its contents everything -- contacts Bob so. I don't wanna hear it in V. Racist. Way I don't wanna hear it in context that is meant to. Demean me that is made him look me to make it looks silly. Or. There are stupid yeah I can say yes and like the way it used in that context. And if somebody else does reserve the right to say OK I know you're just you're just. You -- got every right as a term of endearment. But I don't wanna -- There are plenty of other words that are contractual. And over the were asking -- a donkey can mean so many different things that it would seem to understand that there's a context. To using different words why -- this one be different and also why is it that. So are understand why I think the why is it difficult to understand that. There are there are double standards. -- -- and -- -- over and over what eligible but they're double standards in the heat a lot of but if -- double standard at the right way to put it. Why why is that why -- have to understand that. If somebody can inhabit the type of connections somebody can have a conversation with someone that she can. Or someone can have credibility -- in an area that you can that you can't I don't know like it would be it would be foolish for me. It would be foolish for me. To go to an Italian American neighborhood it. And tried in and try to say things. That. That really resonate with Italian American. Or like I'm gonna try to use this lying and -- gonna try to be inside as it was they run good. And they require the photos instantly. It would it would it would be stupid for me to go to a Jewish community center. In now I'm gonna try to I would try to beat down here okay I'm a better and you could say it. I can stay true. You can beat at a second -- about it animals and -- -- yeah. Well we should not disaster etc. this -- about silly. So any year Yiddish pronunciation -- in my time I think that's in the morning so far Kwame is a war -- comic. I look as good on. I'm I'm I'm I'm all that compensation and then beat Andy doll. Justification for using that word. Not just of the news network and I don't know what context you're in. That -- that is net net to India makes one -- well that would review by a lot of people who are. Are uneducated. Are if there weren't that big news to hurt people -- -- rid of people. I mean. I hope you have. If you -- and what do you do that it's not acceptable leave you out in public you it is not acceptable and a lot of people put their lives on. Aren't on the lot and to keep people -- -- -- -- the words to keep them down to keep up on it well. And now when I -- like people use the network. Has not accurate that stage it is too well I'll. And -- and while playing -- in some cases. That's the case that if. -- I bet you embody what you have -- now -- -- Police. And rightfully so. And ultimately. And he would use that word. Yeah it is yet that's about just what the last part I disagree with -- I think -- the beginning but. The last part I couldn't agree with you more. But at which you say unacceptable unacceptable to whom the people if you say it if threads are using. If you have to African Americans in the -- using it. To each other with each other. It's unacceptable to you put it clearly not a unacceptable to them right. Well it's acceptable to them because -- didn't. Well or ignore it if it's acceptable but you may not agree with it a two week with played a clip from. A very educated guy. Who was African American. Michael will bond in what to Northwestern University wanted to finest schools in the country. -- sterling career as a journalist and as a broadcaster. I guess in many things about Michael will bond I will not say he's an educated he's not accurate. He said on national TV shockingly on national TV that he uses the word among his friends so. What do you think that. Well what I'd trade. What I'd say you know. The history he's he's he's older than I am -- he has seen more. Is seen war flat out discrimination of of of those doing it and not apologizing forties from a different generation and -- that I'm from so -- the board that used to would you. Well Michael that I think I'm a little bit older Michael. I'd lived and unwritten broken well. I've heard that word I've seen how would be used majestic called Michael went to these school yet indicated there's so that I. It doesn't make him intelligent because he got an education because they'll be. -- -- -- -- a desperate Kwame got spared a token on one hand it's fair to say it's because somebody went to college doesn't make them but I will intelligent. Apparently an intelligent it's going to spend two point. Just as it's fair to say he went to school that are vacant Smart. It's also unfair Europe park on Tuesday he disagrees with your interpretation therefore. That would call vote or ignorant or whatever he district. Greens -- plotting. And equality. He disagrees with you so just because he disagrees with you doesn't make a full fair -- unfair. Are there -- In that situation that they can make some hopeful because it is probably the people. It put it hit it pretty smashed. Not give them again and he's not using it in that context and I understand our respect what you're saying that understand it and I can learn a lot from you because you sent. You have been you have seen some things that didn't see. And and you you are you if you come from a generation. That has made it possible. For Michael will bond to be on ESPN from Michael Holley that BM WEEI. So yes. That is you know much respect and appreciation for that but I think there is some. There is some room for debate on what people mean when they are saying it to each other. The points I'm and I I think that this is one of those issues and maybe there are many of them. Where where disagreement turns into one guy's an idiot to go to name calling when you disagree. I understand I think Michael -- -- is coming from and yeah how how one's own personal experience can and frame the debate for them. Right I mean I think that's what I'm hearing there. Yet as I can appreciate where it's coming from but I think this. To respectfully. Disagree on this sort of a slight tweak or clarification. The thing people were dying. And sacrifice and sacrifice their lives for that word. Not to be used in people -- her. Were dying in sacrificing because. A separate and an equal in denial of their civil rights. And not having some of the basic rights in services that. We're due to. And that's an excellent point 617779790%. Europe -- -- The use of this particular work the objection to it. The embracing a bit. -- that the emotion wrapped around it is more complex than any word that I can think up in the English language. And so -- -- lead. Of all of us who are very by the -- removed. From the use the word last sector -- black owners in the NFL right now. I'll -- when you have that situation. I'm not sure that they should be framing the discussion -- are referred to my position on this as I sit -- my dear friend of 35 years Tony Kornheiser. You don't get a vote in this. As Michael Obama and think he what does the -- to use complex. Authorities that I think so -- this complex issue and I think that's the problem went with comic con a moment ago and saying hey. It's either this way or the highway it's -- you agree with me or you're stupid -- like the use of the -- income -- -- -- works with something -- as complex as this is well and I think we need to be clear because and -- -- from Obama think on -- -- all day. This seems to be this is this this issue this this rule the NFL's trying to institute. Does not seem to be about white players using the N word on the field it doesn't seem to be a body racism issue in the NFL. It seems to be about trying to. Make a change inside the black community. And and I I disagree requirement I hear him hear him loud and clear in the in its familiar. What he's saying it's almost like. -- figure out somebody. Like Mike Mike great uncles. And in my my grandfather. In what they saw. So. It would be a little -- a lot of them to a lot of them it would be. Shocking. That in 2014. That is still conversation. I -- think about what they saw and what they experience. In the 50s60s. And -- A bus boycott -- 38180s. Medgar Evers was shot in his -- -- -- king assassinated. Malcolm X as fascinated me a church. Blows up for little girls are killed when you think all of these acts of hatred with the word was used. Surrounding some of these events in American history and so that than that in the fifties and sixties and you fast forward to. 2014. And you hear a guy in African American on the radio saying well if the context. I could -- for a lot of people don't be harper so. Yet I I hear I hear Kwame loud and clear. And I know where it -- from -- -- come. Good teams and what's going on him. They were going out so make it to the real quick you know it's -- With this jumper at its top or the carpet in the third quarter. What it meant back in high school basketball game. It was. So Archie and -- in cheap and it that you are bad it was a great game at a rate while watch and the like -- -- -- it and it it there are looking at. I -- At the so like you know a -- game and -- -- -- like I -- that. Called that by. By a black like I've made or at the big. Well there -- So yeah because. They promote from the white -- so our local art work are text. -- And but you -- that was with company right you safer for white people makes a couple vote for a lot of black people there's discomfort at. -- even live in even in in so called safe company. If it's uncomfortable for a lot of people you think is gonna happen -- do you think they're gonna get past this rule and do you think it'll be a divorced. You think we will see fifteen yard penalties for this actually I think it is a may -- is just he warning. That we have this in our back pockets. Do you really want to be that coupled with a different -- able. You really wanna be the -- hole right who cost your team how did you -- or did you imagine Jeff Triplett throwing a flag and a black player in the NFL for using that word. Yeah like imagine that in your mind's -- it's impossible for me to imagine. I just can't imagine it. And it and partly because of Michael's as a kind of alluded to a few times that this is and I'm not talking about it and look at be here racism on the field and I imagine that being flag yes. Can I imagine. If this is truly a debate raging inside the black community and I imagine being a white refereed and deciding to weigh in on this by throwing a flag. It just feels it feels like it is so none of my business if I'm if I'm at a hockey -- our -- referee. Right from Jeanne spirits more why why why why would I feel comfortable waiting on this -- just leave us alone I don't wanna be involved. Well I if you wanted to about fly on the wall situation I'd love to be a fly on the wall. In the officials meeting. When they're told. Okay this is you know they're told every year every year there's a patent to a whether it's a point of emphasis -- he -- rule altogether. You're told -- was gonna go and the examples of what it should be called or when it shouldn't be called I'd love to be in that meeting when he talked about okay. On the back field and I happens I don't I don't -- and what you're gonna be told. You know women don't -- in -- to Garrett. It has gone on there. I just a click too quick thinker a cracked up first guy quipped yeah I think it made. -- want to. You can't call -- a sports show and have a debate and call you know someone nick pulled. Because they don't agree with you -- -- debate that that's what you're delight. That's gonna stop people from going into sports -- reddish dozens and shouting out how nasty words of people that disagree with a much much -- we're gonna have Sports Radio over on this that's par for the course there are gearing. But but on the other and board I come from mid Maine I mean I'll be honest the population is it crazy I'd been in the locker room for a sport. We we didn't have any African Americans but. I -- feel -- side -- you do you Kia. You know make this illegal I don't know was that all of us in the locker room -- -- around -- a good time and a lot contacts. Or someone someone not on the heat here -- got. It will -- what are they doing you know talking about all this stopped -- they don't understand at all contact like you guys say. Well certainly context in a factory and I just I look at. I'm surprised I guess I shouldn't be but I'm surprised that people -- his passion on this issue today because it it it felt a little. It just sort of feels like the NFL trying to play its PR game which we've seen it do consistently under the Roger Goodell era. Some of these things are big for a couple of days and then they go away sometimes we get to debate whether or not it's okay for the NFL to fine players. Four. You know having their socks up too high wearing the wrong shoes or writing something remember when the refereeing is decided that after member. Because they Deanna told as the pink for breast cancer the NFL referees were gonna win or. Blue for testicular cancer something along those lines remember that. And the NFL threatened take them off the games because they said no we haven't agreed to do that as a league and you're not allowed to this group the uniform code. I mean it is that the view the look of the lead PR wise is an enormously important to Roger Goodell especially. Does this feed into that. Maybe yeah but if but if but I never would have thought of this if the NFL had to come out -- this rule. They're making me now focus on something that was not a PR problem before they brought an -- Yeah we're focused we're focused on right now in February there's no football. I don't think will be thinking about it it made when the draft takes place certainly won't be thinking about it during games. And -- First situation happens in week. Right I don't think I don't know I don't think you'll ever be called I don't think you'll ever see this -- -- that's my personal. Guess I have no idea but I don't think that you'll ever see this column and then. I just can't imagine happening. Calls and prince portal like on that what was a mentally forty used the N word I'm ever gonna happen. And -- take -- over. You think so. The over a one you take over Oregon I'll go with over I just don't believe it I just cannot believe that it can happen. And at how guilty if I get genes their genes their torque. How guilty in my going to be making this call is -- still kind of ridiculous who's the one who's the one that. Explained talks -- its territory it was like Mary Wilson or towards meeting hockey league he's like almost as Jack to hockey league is but putting -- -- -- he Hartnell talked. We don't I mean I was delighted. Nobody to talk more minute minute edit and will try to use the word five times and -- just in the explanation of the panel and of course it on. A digital -- I don't. I'm not using your -- to explain it to you you people but do what I mean now. -- people -- you in the audience. Triplets the guy -- always looks like he's offended that he has to be up there in general. I -- is Kelly from -- -- a lot like. -- that somebody probably here he's the one triplets on as a given in the business right. Triplets not yet stunner given this Anthony is an act and without them. And today. You don't guys. That -- I know that there were a couple of things about you know legislating -- behavior. On the field I think is trying to create YouTube that I think that you they're. Great but it's almost like in the heated battle you know -- and stuff happens out there that you wouldn't see on the streets and whatnot but. You know let me have my second comment -- -- about Tom Landry. Well thank slam orbit and slow -- audio or no date don't you went back went. When you colleges. Or whatever they had a lot of controllable locker. Tibet don't even exist anymore I don't panic and what's happened out of money and we got we got not a guy who shoots himself in the leg in a nightclub somewhere and we're gonna die imprisoned. -- that I think there's an element in the NFL that. It's a 600 pound gorilla in the room that somebody should really doesn't -- the -- adamant that it costs. This should be a certain code of behavior. You know and -- Don't look for our -- But let's not romanticize yesteryear when we make that mistake all the time especially when things are happening and it read we think we haven't seen before -- a little different how we go back in time it was like at the time of tennis since you mention of the party -- some party had to had to lose. One of his better players for a year because of criminal activity. Go back and and you look at Paul Warner. Now you know gambling he he was he lost to the Green Bay Packers the iconic Green Bay Packers. In the early 1960s but Roger Goodell has made an effort to to cleanup and damage but -- baggage I don't feel I don't think has exceeded -- -- -- -- certainly made it a priority notion this notion that you know -- -- party never had to deal with these things -- Tom -- That do these things of course later maybe later didn't have to deal with that in 1961. But he was coaching in 1971. He was coached in 1981 to. So I'll I mean what puts you -- is a little different now than it was in 1960 yes it's different -- it really but. Some of the same issues exists on what Hollywood Henderson on the cowboys. -- Hollywood Henderson already have drug problem. So. This. Roster over the same stories then you here now with a little extra with. With technology. And in 24 hour sports talk radio 24 hour TV. He gets more publicity to pressure at it John is in Springfield much. I got sort of backed up -- was up. It's one of the report and up but now it around to celebrate. On this -- if they do implement this this and where who. That it's human right. -- it -- you know my I'm I don't regret that regret it at that I'll be liked it and it here. They didn't Wear a lot flag in. You know I think. That it's not like you get instant replay out of lit buildings. You might -- but they can do that now show on channel they could do it now they can throw a flag now and just say you were verbally abusive to the refereeing during and after a fifteen yard penalty on -- they can read that now they don't need to use this rule. -- -- -- -- you're right I suppose I could happen but they they don't need to do that and they they they have enough authority to. Call penalty on a player now. Yeah I mean there's certain there's certain ways. You can -- you're expected to approach the officials. And they're using their judgment it's their discretion on whether it's across the line are now. -- -- they they generally they put up with a lot of a lot of a lot of they'd let a lot go where it's something they're watching between. Offense and defense or things that players are coming to this -- and they should understand this see this all time member. Watch in the first year of about 24 sevenths the NHL and just -- I mean if it was eye opening to see just how much of a role. Conversation had between the the referees in the players and the coaches. And you could see and it that the ref freeze on one of the -- forget that the exact details but he says okay. He taught you -- getting comic hate you grab him again and he comes over to look you're put your hand bottom every time you grab them again and called apparently. Until the next time it happens it it looks like a pretty weak penalty. But the referee says that a headache I don't want to about a five different times you didn't get eventually have to call. So you get to see how much of that give and take really does exist in sports it does give you a little bit better. Appreciation may be for one of the job at those guys do except in the India is still have no legitimate just a terrible they're blind to the back of the worst -- you can imagine. Terrible terrible lapse except except that changed now charities obsolete now what I see as saviors -- Leo when I see in Adams over let's see we return our lonely eyes to you what's -- how about. Aaron who's in on our rob was in -- -- yeah -- I tiger went up. Just want to weigh in on that -- I agree McDonald that's going to be call that much but I think the reason going to be as -- -- you just. You're not much in laws -- her top and their -- screaming at you know the ought callebs. -- a leader and a lot packet that's going on. And the other thing is. At its award that's -- Such a bottle context true that the it's it's it's socially unacceptable. I understand your point out Michael age that you know people -- -- -- Being different context. But even that doesn't take away from what. The underlying concept of the warriors. That's there are a lot of words like are you are you are. We're quick to besides that which other words you fine. Offenses. You I mean there is there is or is there a list of words -- like in words we say. That words should not be used at all even and even about watching the movie war. Or or I'm I'm watching them play you're reading -- book that's just we're just to not when you have a list of words like that. I don't have like this -- so -- -- they're worse if you look at their history. If you really go all all the way back in just break it down out of this word -- ability. There are a lot of words we use that are that. Have pretty pathetic stories pretty vile and disgusting origins. And I get that but in all of this wanted. Is -- -- because it it torn apart and who the receiver Robert into -- argument not -- you slavery was about it yeah. They play it was not a man. We are talking about foreign labor to -- -- talking about the historical context Colorado and the one thing. I keep coming back to in this is I read and I see the text messages here is is a crusade again these BC the stupid tech's all time but is against the -- -- they throw a flag -- like -- it's called a cracker to as if that ever happens. But this is this is not. About white players using the and work. I really don't think it's that this is about now is while black players using the N word that's that this rule is about. This is not about racism in the NFL this is not a -- that racism racist issue that run rampant. This is about somebody from the outside or who's been in the NFL -- -- around and it is around the NFL John wooten. Who wouldn't who was saying I don't wanna hear this word anymore from other black people. And that's what this is. And really it's it's it's. I think it was originally perceived to be the other way and the more -- hear about more with talked about it the more that becomes obvious this is not about racism. And I can understand. I can understand people saying -- the word is offensive and and I don't winning here in the context now I'm not sure about I'm not sure. That you don't wanna hear it in any context for example. And it and -- intelligence before. A friend of mine who happens to be -- We were talking about. It's a -- went. He's half it's a -- favorite at the so moods on this. And -- we brought and then I brought it up the next dance on the nexus here -- here's another episode that we forgot grow up and got that in the black white separate. And I quoted at one of the lines from it he just had a look -- -- He's. I don't think. That words should ever be. So. Watson is supposed to price if you don't want to -- -- -- and I NATO flying nonstop lying you do. Yeah okay I'm not saying you used the word but times the word is used like it was a lot when match and you. And you laughed. The moralizing. Or or -- if you if you really feel that way in -- consistent across the board sure going to roll with it. I appreciated -- a lot of people saying that they just hate that word and that word is so offensive and so terrible. But it comes up their favorite song. And maybe this thing war comes up in a movie and -- line that's funny I. We're context again -- over and over again can keep sane and I'm guessing every time these types issues of movies just practice. Or fourteen. -- -- -- -- a -- -- and I checked the script the -- myself. Fourteen times three of which were equipped team on fourteenth there's no way ledgers -- A couple of and he's right he's got the nation's problems and -- stupid now and his soft Spike Lee was Jackie Brown where was mentioned thirty times and then she goes 100. Tactical. -- gonna have to watch all of that might have to actually went through the script and I verified each Mormon once and appointments that -- and there are fourteen times of the script. This is. Yes. They -- -- it and he's got to function can't control. And it we're trying to. Where you're working in control after the app -- there's going to be banned from the -- well it's the question coming up adamantly major questions 379837. Any question any subject 37937. -- lantern -- that we.

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