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Parking etiquette in Boston: The Battle Rages On!

Feb 24, 2014|

Salk gets disrespected even when trying to street park. We discuss his dilemna and who, if anyone, was in the right.

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I'm Michael Stone Fort Myers who -- of his thoughts from spring training things he saw over the weekend we'll do that in a moment I thought maybe you can help me go. -- -- With -- -- in -- this weekend -- We're gonna go two museum how to love the guys are -- and museum thing for kids. It's free every. Last last Saturday of the month. During an early museum free tickets and using them -- now you've ever been in the ICA. But there's like one like fifteen or twenty dollar law and then there is symbolic of some street parking. It's on looking for parking in and see if I can find dropped Heather and Avery off -- -- -- them but maybe that's going around once or -- Steve I could -- street parking -- parking. And I couldn't I was gonna go pay for a lot but you know I'd rather not right so. I'm driving around and I see somebody about to pull out of a space. So I take a quick U turn right turn around. And I put myself in normal waiting for space position. In a one car lengths behind them with my pointer right standard I'm waiting for space position and -- aren't aren't. Person pulls out -- pull up you know and start to angle back in reversed a parallel park in you know and as I look behind me. There's a guy standing in the space now is -- that happening. Wave -- -- hey anyone mistreated this boils and now I don't know it's it's down in near the near the waterfront area of Connecticut where the ICA moved to down in the waterfront broken arm arm he's wave -- -- damning him. -- -- -- -- Put down my past and I zoom in this dragnet turnaround like what's going on -- -- -- I'm saving -- for my wife she's up there. You can't save this -- -- exhibit and a -- seen this many times. It this is this is bad so what are you doing the spots where he's now literally standing in my way I'd look up and he's pointing to his wife she's like. I don't know five or six car lengths up. But actually actually Amish on the shoulder she's not in the lane she's in the parking area like in a red zone OK did you -- so she's up there are some. American law right it's it's picking Milan and assessment of the law card. A look at the -- card here. Breaking American law. And you're not cars are. Not a car. I was thinking I started when. Like this -- saving dynamic. Has taken over the country. So. I do believe in saving the space when you have problem you've done the hard work that you've -- about a space right. In light you know I happened to all replies that's and you put your toilet their -- what we have earlier -- earlier toilet. Milk crates chairs tables whatever it takes to keep keep people please make sense to me. But in the public domain where he is trying to get us. A person's standing at -- space to bring a toilet there are reported there. You don't walk out there -- that they OK art. I'm gonna put my Twitter account. I'll keep the space that we. Don't buy it totally obnoxious right so -- -- -- the movie -- What's funny that the first text they came in the to that happens and add movie theaters all the time all the time and -- and knowing. I don't know it it's not necessarily wrong. -- -- -- It's definitely -- so here's that I so I I -- applause from arguing with the guy he's he's -- you know don't park here on -- off my wife she's up there. Yeah that's really not how this works I'm sorry I'm taking the space that is. Is there a protocol for how this works which is to run multiple he's frustrated guilt trip is like take a moment don't -- -- -- -- -- day out here. But anybody de -- ruining your -- any more than -- ruining my day at park until their my wife and kids. So literally while he's distracting me his wife unbeknownst to meet -- all the way back behind me and and drives into the -- -- -- first and now she's in this. Austin now I'm I'm absolutely the couple work together. Exactly where -- I got outsmarted by them a little embarrassed about though. I turn around. And has them driving by now I'm really angry because not only now on I'm not only angered them in Paris because they outsmarted me I'm driving by scream some about the window -- some cookies car. And drive off some more Allison and and park and -- found space of course like a block away. And our park and other -- it again. The problem of course I can't all go into the stupid music or -- -- and that museum is Tina it's like you go to the science museum one person goes to the west wing it doesn't make a ruling. He came over to me. He lives like jogging back to his car and walked by me. He says hey man you know real sorry about that no hard feelings on -- -- it stopped off the -- -- -- car. Which I was of course not going to deal you might know I would not do that nothing about it I hope that somebody else would just from outlook Abigail Adams vehicle about a but I would never do that that's not why am -- -- about the windows drove you keep it now I wouldn't do that. I went with -- that. Partly because that was literally left him out more it was a rookie. Talk -- -- went -- -- and it's the answer is professionalism was that man there before you Obama. -- I don't know I don't know whether he was but even if you I don't think he has the right to that spot. Anyway anyway of their Indian space. It's too polite -- -- the first -- polite using. -- so the guy comes over to mean he's like -- art he has ever to score off and I and I just walked by him. But now he turns around and he comes it's I see him like in his wife and his two little -- is -- little kids and they're kind of monitoring and pointing at me in my wife. -- looking back at mile what do you do why are these people pointing it's kind of looking angrily at a so. And ended up on to different areas and even after that but it's horrible Leo and walking -- the museum everywhere you go. -- looked around might have an awkward interaction with this guy like this guy in the museum there's your answer. That you don't you right around. Your answer -- -- -- He came up to you. Art right now which means he felt guilty but he has done I didn't feel guilty at all I thought the guy was a jerk and he took the space -- it was like the manager dale. I get after her that. It's tactically. I. Am. Lot of text messages here I should back to right into what we're doing particularly well I just curriculum and get a derive a lot of our space -- to do that. I'm not you run like a dog died. Right we hear a brave they used to abide. Well I feel about it. You keep that guy's car market value don't. Actually do you don't do that all the there's no way you never keep anybody's car. You would have not there's no way you don't do it. Not incriminate. Or upstanding member of society there's no way you respond to the situation by keying him and broke the emotional. The GB who's going to be all of us here in the -- and a few minutes just text that means that my blood is boiling to listening to your story. There really is obnoxious. A lot of talk I can't believe you're that big vote Willis. It'll want to compare I run -- ball over stop and think your faith. If it pays for cars. Are across walks error. I was out of the way. It is that we create a crosswalk. If you have like and talk with you draw a crosswalk. Okay. Then I will stay away and maybe I should be fine for creeping into the crosswalk when there otherwise. Off the road. Cars here -- some good aren't -- some suggest some good some -- nail on the tire. -- -- around with Regis for the purpose of murder shouldn't be illegal it's sent. It for me but this is the best 10 play notes that this is plant weed in his car in the call the cops. Hope this one block his car and as we apparently comes out refused tomorrow. -- Also -- -- and I'm gonna get it taken care you know ticket for -- in price and Mike -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Situations reports. We mean. You're driving around -- despite -- and pull up already passed. But he always hop in the ever done that I'd never told somebody that pop out and save us. As you can put all of this is like Ithaca. New Berry you know I guess you know I don't think I have seen Newbury Street but I think ultimately they're off on them. Anything new energy to every one this isn't to restrict the park. It's and calls on this excellent seventh at 7979837. Will go to Doug news Springfield -- -- he's got a -- parking spot battles in Springfield now. Yet they do the same -- and I did in Boston doctors here -- order a doctor's appointment and I just pulled my car in and let you know I'm a born until the guy -- walked away. But it but that doesn't help -- graduate. I'll see you go okay you got. I just -- largely locked away to embarrass. And everybody was looking -- MR wood and an apartment spot. It really is obnoxious there -- people around the time I'm not sure what he would have felt guilty you just have his wife and his editing the complicates the -- sitting there with his kids. Be the bigger man all right the way I did drive away but I criminal if -- sympathy sympathy Eric it's -- Yeah he was he should give -- one of those Cambridge tickets. To run -- -- -- -- -- -- And gas guzzling vehicle Bob -- in Arlington Bob. Big guys I don't today. I I didn't think this could happen anywhere but I was at the mall about the borrowed the -- made about a month ago. As he packed into the back of -- and and a court tomorrow night -- -- girl. Here are actually down -- And we -- so hard at supplement Jake sinner and that all this happened like two spot to wait to meet behind me and I turn around and another Goran. And it's that's great and until I got -- where -- got -- first. And it turned out to be accurate I don't look on the what are they talking about. I know I'm I'm yes first -- different and it turned out to be the biggest cat fight -- the scene in a park and over your space. But not all the might -- old. It over -- to space for the most of them are neither one of them was in a car they're both on foot. White animals around and done what they want it to look at the Lebanese and trap some outlet. On -- Hollywood you're saying is this is an epidemic. Why aren't allowed to problems well but the problem now here's my problem with an epidemic. Have problems. He'll probably do it. You can film we've. Got -- Do these or any other. Yeah the more that the goal while little are blowing like. -- QB came -- broken up. -- -- Academia I guess the appointment. Fighting the CAC variant of the -- -- Michael castle so. Hard. -- and I didn't think Dexter takes me everyday on -- -- eat -- we got the blitz and -- the very angry DGB units alcoholic sticker on WB.

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