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Will Johnny Football be number one overall?

Feb 24, 2014|

On the heels of Johnny Manziel's performance during the NFL Scouting Combine, Dennis and Callahan discuss where the controversial prospect will land in the 2014 draft.

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I think you're being shall we call him a Texas guy. Foreign born and raised in Texas never really left the stage so that for them how the first big means a lot to me. Sorry Johnny not only do what I think the Texas Houston Texans aren't going to to issue I don't even think you're going to be the first quarterback taken. In the NFL draft -- Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live Red Sox spring training Fort Myers, Florida 6177797. Nine the 37. Carol lot of jays today Jason Day Dale Junior Jason called it is Jim Harbaugh and Johnny man you -- weren't impressed. That Johnny men's -- -- like Leo -- hold me just hold able name couldn't make it more out of that in the I hit it in the just curious to black portals look him in the crotch at such as he dropped a region did Teddy Bridgewater a look at his feed to know we did -- McCartney did Woody Harrelson in the thing. I mean it. I know Johnny minutes ago saying and doing all the right things aren't out most of the guys when they go to the -- I think most of coached up. I mean some take some publisher told -- of the work has expressed but other. That seems pretty polished that is it is is in and we get back to Johnny but. When I heard that we see this every year that he didn't do -- seventeen reps. There are eight or nine wide receivers who did more reps on the bench press than -- hunters. That's right putt as -- Packers did. He's the problem it's not. And I people defendants say he's football players vote -- -- but this is a reflection on how hard you worked at the -- It's they look at that they'll say well he's got released on chest right they say. That's how much time spent preparing an and that sometimes but the weight room. Right what receive -- is up thirty reps like TJ mole right next the next Wes Welker you know we shrine you know he's working rise. Michael Sam is a pass rusher. His strength is vital. And he's not in the weight room 24/7 prepared for this big moment he can't bench more than a punter. -- the seventeen reps -- heard some more ambient. No question no question and we went when it but when they found a Kevin and that's more than him but it really. Wouldn't read too little -- once the drug in the spot that I hope they'll set the bar that was but for. I mean that is simply -- that's an excellent forty faster than most people thought because he's quick. Not the sort of passed right but he's bull. He can run and he can get out of trouble. And I think he said it all right -- you say he's he's really hope -- go to Texans because the alternative is Jacksonville Cleveland. I'd -- if -- -- men's though I'd memorize everything in the book. Bride's family tree I know they went back the county cork and you know it was great great grandfather's name I would look anybody from Cleveland or anybody from Jacksonville. And liquid and what's ahead page -- -- any picnic at UT I -- all of -- have to get. So ugly old stone you know when you -- the Jacksonville. But and I don't blame if -- and sell or boards of Teddy Bridgewater 220. The price situation Houston purpose the defense is good. The coaches good skill players offensively it's nice you know I stadium could spot. If you're if you're bill O'Brien would you trade your pick for -- -- Cleveland picks in the first round the they're -- in Indy spec. Before. If you like two quarterbacks if you like two quarterbacks what you think -- slip in the war right. And you love clown because they all I think -- cloning -- -- and I think that's going to be the epic. You think that's -- picket one Dahlia yeah yeah I do you it is a scary proposition idea of colonial and walk -- -- there -- -- -- America. That is frightening but that is -- Seattle wins the super mobile. -- defense threat but here's the flaw that -- -- is do you think Billy O'Brien today it looks -- case Keenan. And match no but that's my guy the only thing. Worse than than having shot or case keep him as your quarterback is to draft a guy who ends up -- rightly or maybe not even that bad. And by all accounts all three beat not these three guys these top three guys are 88 it can't missed situation they all have you know some. Pimples on the one where the other and by the way it would seem man -- Bridgewater have more than borders to us so you know. I don't know squat about it other then we'll know more about join him and so when he when he yup passes at his old right. You can't just take a quarter and a belt to take just take -- -- what happens all the -- open at Saint -- of course they think club -- And all pro they don't miss a that it no you don't -- -- it if you don't well if you don't love Bridgewater remains out as you don't want to -- here's your quote from Mike -- look. You can't win a Super Bowl object quarterback can't play at the NFL level you think case scheming or matchups not just leave us as they seem to -- -- 2014 questions. It's important thing is the guy next year or the year so it's all next year. The Houston Texans are gonna go to go to battle with case scheme and when that didn't really drives okay with that. Maybe for one year you know it is a naked -- they don't they Ryan is a QB guru QB expert and -- -- -- one of those three will go for a five mile quarterbacks do but my question is could get one at four yes so he -- those two picks. I mean -- dogs and four. Yes we too I mean one that he loves one that -- -- -- she likes to he should be right so I think he's gonna trade the pick to Cleveland for -- had 21 round us. -- -- -- -- -- Wouldn't well. I'm reading about Johnny -- -- and it says that there enough warning signs to scare people away his arm strength on deep balls is a red flag. He's got a very -- pocket passer. And didn't make many 355. Step drops in college you can rule -- a bubble screens and the source. Scalp acknowledged that -- cell is too hesitant to pull the trigger on throws to receivers who were often wide open instead opting to scramble. The question is how much pressure is there from you know ownership and and marketing. For these teams because I mean it may slip past Helio a -- he's not gonna slip. Much further and that. We know Cleveland we think Cleveland would love man number four -- all the Texans is from went to South Carolina. He may be a -- guy more than it's a Texas guy with which I mean I got every illegal Bryant alone right and that respect it'll bring you guys -- they go you'll they killed mentioned that you. That McNair will make it clear. What his opinion this may be back I gotta think -- Invest this much money in the -- -- -- -- -- think I got -- AM marked draft from my Bleacher Report for me and they get men's go on number one. And then goes to a three so number two Sammy Watkins -- the what do from Coca Clemson bucks at number two on idol forty number three to Jacksonville Derek -- Fresno state it's you know as Brothers right. David ML -- before Teddy Bridgewater Cleveland. Number five Greg Robinson Auburn -- number six. Finally get to -- -- clowning to Atlanta -- what -- they love that. Portals I'm still going. Number seven -- Matthews to Tampa number eight Minnesota Vikings Blake portals. Central Florida. You know what nobody knows him in if we can make up predictions right now you think Johnny slips I don't I don't know but. Billy doesn't know who Brian there's -- -- -- the -- wait for pro day witnessing throw witness. You know watch every single snap that all these guys -- -- to -- continues to look him in the -- sickest and know his name and throws well there might be a better chance but is that it generally accepted the Billy O'Brien likes tall range accountable -- quarterbacks. As opposed to -- much at the front right guys and a quarter. He's -- coach for two years head coach. Yeah for that he had Tom Brady. Like Tom Brady. Fun and like -- Brady. Kabul unfortunately -- those two fastest. Ratings like that record all the idols that only he hired or work with a number of Paul quarterbacks but he prefers that body style for somebody to play in the national football I didn't know that -- honestly did not read. Yeah but that -- preference like most of their earnings equal. Take it -- the portals I think -- like portals has -- -- vehicle would Greg Oden has. Werner all of Ronaldo yeah mourners later or is already looks like 32 years old just finishes for the sport a boy and boy did he slap shot immense though on the face debate they asked him what questions was. Howard you and Johnny -- -- different he's a well haven't seen enough of the played of that has to do you know compare. Why do verses what he'd done diplomacy wasted last night myself but I will say this I will never embarrass an organization I will never embarrass my family name. I will be a good citizen so we know men's was a party animal in college and we know -- a little spoiled rich punk. But is it possible to learn your lesson and change which is 'cause he certainly -- we'd -- eight are now. But that is if you get older you get the right organization it was right before and you know how much that job demands I mean you cannot be. -- name it anymore those days are over -- you could be out all night shall play. If -- quarterback and you could do to fear if you can't you can do it appeared you defensive back but the quarterback. Asked to be the hardest working guy on the team a sausage secondly as tutors who played man zone member to -- talks about his mistakes now is he just saying. The right thing at once he gets what he wants. How public this how will be paid -- -- got pissed off and got taken by Cleveland. Would he be more apt to be well behaved with the Texans get what you once -- horses in Cleveland and being unhappy yes I would say. And sure and you know I mean. He's prepared to go anywhere though it what any of the top you know half dozen teams don't think we just know if that's that he was very polite to a shocker -- the owner of the just to go to Jack was right he knew was named shook his hand it was son's name she does and looked him in the -- so he knows he might end up eight jaguar or a Laura brown and you could rationalize and say and you know they they got. Josh Gordon I get the -- Josh Gordon and they the fans their loved football all that you can put a happy face on anything but. He will continue until draft day on May whatever it is. -- whatever he will continue. To campaign like is how is life depended on it because he wants to be attacked. -- so this Johnny men still talking about what he was in the past the mistakes he's made going forward and I got to listen between the lines and determine if he's telling the truth or just saying what the people in the National Football League Columbine. Wanna hear. Tried to really hone in on some things this year to better in the pocket to -- as a passer. Off the field obviously. Constant scrutiny off the field but continue to learn continuing my mistakes and continuing to grow up -- -- Nauman and ensure a professional phase. That this is this is life now this is this is a job for me taken very seriously and I'm really excited about the future. So little pre recorded pre rehearsed it and now robotics speech -- and -- that's that's -- that's because Tom Brady is advising them. Somehow we get all the Tom Brady's number in the eighth in the pouring his boss of me is boring just be business like. I do think though that the -- it's not a problem. I mean if Russell Wilson can win the Super Bowl Drew Brees can win the Super Bowl. And I do believe more -- that -- hands size of the hands is more important in the height about the experience of. Playing the game the way he has played it and I know Billy O'Brien or any other quarterback. Coach would say it's different in the NFL you can't put yourself at risk. But when you your muscle memory in your brain memory. Tells you to -- first before standing in the pocket didn't do a lot of three step didn't go to a lot of five step step drops that's a pretty steep learning curve does not happen I think -- Learn a bachelor of some guys don't but I think it. Jobless -- image of a -- old I am too because you know look at cabinet look at Wilson I mean look at these. Cam Newton Andrew Luck these guys. Have they no wind to run and when not to run they've learned that they can't run. As much as they didn't call it she could learn that.

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