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WresleCast - Elimination Chamber Preview

Feb 22, 2014|

We preview the Elimination Chamber PPV and talk about potential Wrestlemania matches.

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Humbled. -- -- For the volt plug him into another position of deputy you guys wrestled cast I am your co host young men. Our host has been a little whiny baby today and making me host. Scott. -- -- -- -- Not a bitch I just a little under the weather that of raspy -- voice I have. Gigs after -- paying gigs after this that I need to us save the voice for so I'm from the sun you you're the host here today so enjoy it while laughs. All right well we're not to talk to you bought them middle level is joining us close of after the bell podcasts I don't Billick. Very I'm sorry siren -- -- -- Oh yeah and I don't register the toys are probably. All right -- enough. So we've got some big big do wins. It we do big doings of foot. Elimination chambers this weekend -- as they called in Germany the happy fun age. Reserves they have a different name in Germany yet what are now they don't they don't elimination chamber Germany. Think about it for a second. Polls knowledge it's the concentration can't -- camper that. Our eyes -- it Lou it's it's -- it's the image that it's brought to its that they have a different name there. Steady diet -- to be built to look it up because our computer's really slow. Am Germans went on German. But yet happy I'm happy fun cage time paper happy fun cage -- that's a fantastic -- Such couldn't pick of the paper view regardless it's very. Yes. Don't get me started on Puget -- we've also had some big news this week. This news we kind of expected for a long time Hulk Hogan has been. Kind of officially announced as the host of rustling I guess it was officially announced that only put it out now detail -- -- teams the Vegas. I kept it does admit that I look at T Lindsay but I did. So. What -- A marketing likely WV either deported have on -- -- -- A little strange but hey it works and you know they were going to announce it on Monday night's -- anyway we knew that Hogan was going to be appearing. On the night that the WWB network launches. It only made sense and you know Bob I believe there -- also gonna bring back about other people just as Joseph Connolly how they do raw 1000 an old school to bring back some people just kinda. Floated up to get as many -- they cam throughout the broadcast Sino. All of Monday and Iran is going to be an advertisement for the WW network which I'm OK with does that present myself to being -- with -- And definitely probably the undertaker you'd see on Monday Jesse Hogan. Brock Lesnar may be the there's gonna be a bunch of names there on Monday night that's all have. Much of the doing their pregame show but the -- in the post the first live broadcast. On the network is the raw post show some sure they have a panel of -- of -- so there is going to be a lot of names -- Monday as you said. It might be a three hour in commercial for the network -- also start the real road to wrestle mania as well. You might get a peek at who the undertaker is going to be facing wrestle mania. And obviously you get a look at what the championship match is most likely going to be you'll find out Sunday Monday. So those two days are. Definitely important with the network it's that you know you could argue it's the biggest day in WWF slash WW we history on on Monday. I will not make that are -- but look at. I had a token I think it's hypocritical that the. I think I mean. It essentially -- Police -- announcing a couple years ago around estimated 27 or whatever it was. David is going to be like negativity that need to be classics channels some sort -- that was a commodity that can be some sort of network similar to Netflix we kind of watch whatever you want on demand I think yeah. I think that that it's in that category one of the biggest home or apartment is in Toledo district. Biggest moment of modern day. Debbie WFWB. Histories like yes wrestle -- one probably still -- it because absolutely that fails -- we're not talking right now a look at what we're talking which is not about us republic not talking right now and friends to be honest. While we're not friends regardless. All right we're barely even acquaintances. Yes I guess I get -- artillery. We're having a moment here bill I'm sorry. But it's not about to become a steel cage studio matches here. So called studio elimination chamber. Immediately studio chamber. Would they call that. Happy fun place -- time. Right the names will be to -- on that jokes dot. All right we'll actually -- -- now. It. So the elimination chamber Sunday night we'll start the main event. We've got its is RO don't call me Antonio. I think that's absolutely right. Correct rights is our rose in the match yet everyone's favorite Danny O'Brien. Obviously we have -- or -- John Sina. Seamus Seamus. And Christian -- Arianna what it was Christian involved in this match that it would either of you answer that. So Brock Lesnar can attack him in the back on Sunday. And take a spot is that your prediction. Now but that's a possibility it's not bad but. A brock's going to be in the match right. Right doesn't -- have to kind of be in a match like it's in Minnesota or just don't America but the Minnesota connection. Well what I'm saying is that what I'm trying to say is. It's weird that he's not the match at all leading up to wrestle mania at at the paper -- before wrestle mania. And you can't just throw -- into the elimination chamber match unless you're gonna throw him into the main event -- wrestle mania. And there's talk about what are you doing what you do with -- Bryant. -- can mean you can see it's czar used -- you've Christian. I think we can eliminate those three from winning the elimination chamber -- about right. Okay so then that leaves us with Sina. Orton data -- One of those coming out with a title. Who do we things on -- the title made about a -- -- -- -- so thing to turn your in its earmarked to be -- -- entities that do. I think well I think or entities to will be in the main event but I think Jane O'Brien is gonna find his way and there I I don't I I just can't -- I can't -- Debbie did we -- that blindly shore. They ignored the fans in kind of -- their own way most of the time but I think they know. One thing you know for sure if it is Orton -- for the championship. Is no way that matches going. I'll lapsed to repudiate that -- so he just said they ignore their fans. Sometimes I I really don't think they actually do ignore their fans what I think they do is especially with the stated -- it's a slow burn. They don't really slow burn and the pay off we'll be at rest. I understand not letting the fans hijack the show in dictate what you want to do because we do that every time imagine how plans would change every other week. You know Paul -- would have been devastating bee champion last April. You know things you know if you if you listen to the fans all you he was -- -- I mean world like any doubt it I mean I'm saying. The way he was getting reactions they would like oh crap we got to put him in the main events and make him. The real champion -- They kind of did they had him they saw his reaction ressam and it came back the next nine the right he beat and I know it's an editorial yeah he -- separate -- yeah. And it is so and that he got a concussion so it was no fault of their own. He got a concussion he was sidelines and that killed his momentum it wasn't anything WW he did it was his soft little skull. Jack swagger is foot or -- -- Foote back is a big bolts. I -- provides the -- to make it into. -- so up and what you -- nothing good gorgeous nothing and just not all I have some helix is what we need. Well but they're destroyed there a couple years I'm glad it destroyed as bush are. Blacks. It's got a list spinal here on the microphone but certainly. You can't have your champions have a manager. But he's got to be a monster -- they you know can't talk. Right and tax -- not that. Middle of the road -- -- so let's talk about some of the other I'm with you Scott and I think somehow it's going to end up being a triple threat made about it wrestle mania where it. But he still Morton. And did your -- but. Who wins the elimination chamber itself though. Or or I think or definitely wins that leaves the question of how Brian works his way into obviously the the easy way to get to it is Bryant wins. I mean I feel like that be the crowd -- love it obviously he with a championship but it got it would be anti climactic that. Save it for wrestle mania. Yeah. Well which I think that's what they're doing I think it's been -- it's been an annoying and frustrating at times for us because he over the past couple months it's been sometimes perceived that immigrants being buried. But I think it's we've all been. Played. We've all been worked by the WWB. Pretty damn well. They've tried little things with them date the crowd dictated now we're up behind that and they turned him back face after two aligning him with -- -- family. They've lost. -- wrestle mania clean and my dad which I thought was very good booking because it made. Bring -- look. Like a monster. Win for two weeks he made it kind of look collected tool because they kept losing to those those. Yeah that match I mean I don't know them that matches you remember that match are being really good and not really so much who won. Who won who lost yeah and I you know. I go back and forth without Daniel Bryant with their plans and I mean Indiana might just be one big work in after they after wrestle mania we're all gonna say allow the W lead to strong everybody along for. I mean in essence two years. Because. I mean you have to go back now. I came across the YouTube video the day after wrestle mania it's 48. With -- Miami. After the show went off the air that guy in the ring cutting me off air promo with Daniel Bryant. And this is -- this is two years ago after asymmetric lost an eighteen seconds. And then -- at the crowd there was so into him and it has been really two years. Of that growing in building. With maybe some detours along the way some left turns right turns and decisions that left people you know shaking their heads. At first he thought team hell no it's gonna be stupid. And YE -- Dan O'Brien ended up helping. Fans how to -- and both of them can help and -- and help fans even get to know Bryant more up to see the comedic side of him. And it's in the serious side it's in the -- side it's in the baby so they see every sided game abroad over the course of just about two years. And -- in the end wrestle mania at thirty he walks out the championship the entity event. You know it fades to black with sixty how many people going to be at the superdome 6070000. People chanting yes. We're all gonna just turned and be like wow they'd they'd just they just put together. About a year to two plant you know one -- two year plan that may be at the beginning that in no obvious what the end game was going to be yeah but day you know it's so hot shouting something that it's not just the slow burn. Which is what they often do -- -- shut things let's segments on the other competitors in the matches we all agree that would believe bring your will win and that somehow. Brian we'll get screwed in the match right. Yes something to get Bryant to be able to. Stake a claim to the triple threat. -- then what sort of its many of the people in this match woo -- pins seen them. Bill who could -- yeah. Got to. I have a feeling that's them out -- Whether -- -- and gorgeous -- -- -- somehow get involved not necessarily inside the chamber may be distracting you know outside the chamber. -- word on the street is that the they're leading towards a separate -- Chauncey and -- -- -- so I think that might. Kick up that futile that we estimate that. I think you're probably right the only other illogical conclusion I come to is that Danny -- and -- And again. And we and we seen this before when somebody is eliminated the open up the cage they walked out. That's apostle that's a time when -- sombre -- you know sneaks out. In finds its way into the ring. Is able to pulled John -- out the cage is still open you know things things like that it happens so seen a could be. In essence eliminate without being -- It without officially losing he could do is get. The crap kicked out of him outside the cage free on one about alliance and the other guys in the regular bit or not help because this is for the championship though so. There are ways to get around the scene of being -- of course he very well could be -- I mean. I guess -- pieces RO because if that was the case that I would had its -- to beat Sina on raw this past Monday. Yes I'm leaning towards something that's been that's gonna pull -- away from the match. Lead to a. Writing just keeps it looking strong as always you don't know really put anybody over him at this part. There's basically nothing you can do to -- not stop him. Exactly -- he can lose to basically any and come back the next week and still be the top guys it doesn't matter. And that's kind of what I love about the guys that. Most of these guys if they lose someone they can become completely -- you railed. -- and a horrible 2000 -- at 2013 union that horrible year. And. Guess 2012 to start with you know with the lawsuits -- off to rock and that beg your start with the embrace the heat with Cain. And let the rock match they lost and then that whole summer. I guess I mean does he mean it was that was the whole year CM punk sultan the whole year went by without CNET sniffing the championship that's a bad year for an. Yeah so it's segments and the other competitors here you brought up some sorrow who has been heavily featured recently and spent have a fantastic matches. With Orton -- with -- really he had and -- Bryant -- O'Brien great matches. And he looks to be primed for big push. I'm worried about where I mean I honestly think that Christians the first one eliminated but I don't see houses are not the second person eliminated. Porsche and he asked as they stay have a real. Trying to be PC here a crush on its Seamus. -- -- -- -- -- It would and immediate -- it wouldn't shock me if the final two in the -- Orton -- is RO though because that's when the crowd. Is gonna go I mean the crowd for the most part likes is RO. He's still keep it gets he gets the heel reaction though but I think in that situation and adds that being ordinances are the final two in that match. The crowds go wild thinking that -- RO. I mean they may. It is there could be really suitable for -- is RO. Probably isn't gonna win the match no if he does when the match the crowd is going to erupt. Now that being said -- wrong reason that's being said the next night on raw he's gonna drop the title because triple H -- -- and the authority will find some way to screw. Into a match and then sorrow and of being a baby face from that point on. Well. In my travels through the dirt sheets maybe a month ago I read that -- that man doesn't want heels -- faces anymore. And just cut everyone's skating back -- line and the crowd will dictate who the good guy isn't the bad guys instead of forcing it down your throat. So this is -- kind of been that gray area right now. The crowd really likes them and they can pop big for certain matches of his her certain things he does in those matches like the big swing which is fun to watch. -- when he does it's somewhat like the great colleague. But. She's still very much but -- in the fact -- -- aligned with the real Americans and does -- Coulter. So he's kind of in this weird spot L I don't know about you guys but I'm kind of clueless as a what's gonna. What it's gonna lead to for wrestle mania the only thing the only logical conclusion I come to first is RO wrestle mania is him for sex -- A rigorous and -- right there isn't it. Got your break at some point if you mean what you said Vince doesn't want you faces but it is. It's obviously going away or Jack is going to be technically he'll condenses are going to be facing. I would imagine they keep that Coulter which -- swagger. Speaking he rattled -- is our country needs some help these two. -- sort out some pretty good Promos and here's the US chip. Yeah he is he's good on he's go on the Mike is -- hasn't really had to be since being alignments at Coulter paired up. So I mean I think he'd be fine you be signed by himself TSE has everything that. Evidently he wants a big he's big he's strong. He's got a personality. Is good in the ring. He can speak. He may have an accent but that's fine. I mean DC TNA they're champion Magnus metal has to act as an accents and does really work for me. But that's that's the difference I don't want to talk station. Unfortunately I don't think many people conference now. That's that's it'll definitely stay that way the wrestle mania. And let's talk about the Biggest Loser in this match Christian. I don't my impression. But he's good hand right now is -- -- got to have around yeah I mean he sits in this match they need it's grounded out. The rest of the card check out salute let's move on -- and the crowd but -- Christian Monday it was weird because all the -- he went he'll -- he went full -- to. Like it's almost as he had to do because in a natural Dan O'Brien. And -- like -- this attack them I think keep plays bettors feel. -- looks like that that ratty. You know just the Alley to the -- that's gonna do any dirty tactic to the way he looks. It hit -- is the -- of the story. You know it's -- from the -- sheets and GBL's now. Mentioned it. On air just about that. Many years -- I'll be like right before Christian went DNA. The the airplane conversation that they -- had with one of the creative writers. About saying. I guess they were considering Christian they actually become a champion at that point or podium at a championship program. And Vincent said. I just don't like I just don't like his face and put something over his and a blue -- right in the creative guys are leaving his ugly that now is -- these ugly it's just that. I still like his face and he wanted to do and apparently that. Is from somewhere acumen or what it is now -- putting blew you out putting a blue top golfers face when it comes down gathering it's OJ BL a couple weeks go actually. You know when -- saying hey you know Christian to be the face of the WW if he wins the match. And -- ideals that what you talking about he's ugly. Blue dot on his face that. So I mean wrote I think over the last week -- this week. Before we get back into the -- of elimination chamber. You brought up Jabil -- I want to ask you guys your opinion. How do you like these the broadcasting right now it's cold GPL. King. I'm doing the treatment. You know the premier announced it -- like JPL's Arctic comments is we -- your best. -- always very been very good the play by -- we're expecting king just wrote an illegal miners are -- -- But. I wanting outages and it's never gonna stop because they're gonna change from the after the that we could be network -- but I wish they would stop. Shoving stuff down our throats as far as. How to download certain things out -- -- focused on the match almost like we JR Tuesday used to call the matches and and in total behold where in the moves -- and what not announces. It it's so different now -- it would kind of revert back. I think and I think that's the fundamental change with the way things are going I've been going. Bill I think maybe you listen to this the the Steve Austin podcast with John Sina. Yeah actually talked about this about the I think Steve asked -- about. Know how the commentators now. That their main objective isn't so much do you call what's in the race it's to promote. What's going lot. Right and so it's it's so much right so it's more just a fundamental change so people are yelling at Kohl's saying cult that's called -- match but he is being told. To do the obvious I mean we all know that he's you know being told to do what he's doing. That's hard to get mad at saint Michael Cole. For telling us about the app. Or focusing on. You know a different story line all of matches going on in the ring but I agree I mean I would enjoy it more if they focused on the matches that being said though when it's a big match John C universe this is -- -- raw. They weren't talking about anything else they were talking about the match so I think. They -- pick their spots I mean what will be honest when -- the divas match in the ring. I mean I hate I hate to say because I respect them too I mean they do things I can't do either still. It. They did in India and obviously they deserve the respect and having their matches called the on the right away but. Fact of the matter is there's not going to be -- the -- fox -- to Mina in the ring. They're going to be talking about the -- Take himself fees. Which -- good at that brought anything but it even if you get like -- get you get my point it is that's just the way it is now. So. I I it is what it is -- very. Much enjoyed JBL on the broadcast I fight the -- Michael. As the world -- to match Michael. It goes Markel. Michael I think he's very much kind of -- that rule of the old school heel commentator that was perfected by Jesse Ventura. It's almost of the things he says. And this is probably what you know Jessica -- did Bobby -- did. I just can't remember you know and different continues to do to just like what like that makes no sense but it's just to heal thing to say like -- does that make any sense yeah. But I don't ever skip it. That kind of yeah -- but I think his chemistry is Cole is excellent and that the king is the odd man out when -- -- he's he's got his fastball is long gone and sadly to say I think he should probably the hang it up pretty damn I think it's going to happen Isaacson to I hope it is. I hope it's not he's -- mean. Just from a sentiment falls. Spot I hope he's not forced out I hope yet he -- all right well I see the writing on the wall that the team is going to be Cole in JBL into the future. You know -- should be you take a month off -- broadcast team and you put him. On heavily featured role on the network he can still handle that I'll ask. You have post a lot of things -- game they're still rules form I just think his time on the broadcasting system. It's it's it's too convoluted sometimes -- the three of them yes especially when they bring out. You know Roman rain aren't you know Seth -- two guys to talks ending at five people at the table yeah that's it for is any better -- it's. -- is one better well. Still gets the gets convoluted logic -- half. Well let's journalism majors but to one math class in college. And you failed. And eight straight days that's. Who teach you go off itself. Iron rule you do not rule and that brings us the second -- So we'll talk about it here to quiet him reverse the shields. It's been built up well but it's a little confusing because he thought the wide table it was going to be feud with CNET leading up is because what happened at the royal rumble. And -- sit down -- it with a shield which I'm excited about. I I think it makes more sense than. -- -- -- I think you saying that though just made something -- in my mind is at at the rumble that planted the seed they Christina yeah they're gonna do it again at elimination chamber somehow. Is that -- set earlier yes yes yes sir and so now it's it is. Putting the -- and -- the two together though it just makes it makes sense. Something I find very interesting about this match is the crowd reaction for every standoff they've had. Because the crowd is it. It's kind of cheering the -- gently they've really like so wives family just like I do. I -- -- -- come out I'm fascinated when -- on the Mike and when they're in the ring I liked that too big. Oak trees in the ring strong is Fox's they're kind of throwback to older wrestlers that I watched in the eighties. The bruiser Brody and does stand the man let Hanson. They're big just mean tough looking -- And any of the shoot across the -- from them -- the -- kind of getting pops to. So the crowds really into the fact they wanna see these two teams face off and I find that really interest sing and I really really like that. But I'm concerned. I'm concerned that the matches it'd be booked properly. But. I think this is what it leads to I think it leads to the break about the shield and the shoe is gonna -- like a three -- dance. -- And that that's kind of you know I'm leaning towards also. Three -- dancing with the US title on the line which I mean that really means nothing for the match it means nothing because dean Ambrose never defense. I just feel like you know we've seen we've seen that eggs you know this budget years ago now maybe four years ago with -- but legacy -- same thing happened they broke up. And the head or -- roads -- yachts the other I think roads and dvi outs were still sort -- together. At that point it -- had a triple threat match. I guess in I've been that might be the way to go because with Roman Raines is he's not ready to be and say it championship match or an undertaker match. Seth Rollins what does he really is Seth problems in the shield is going to be that guy who's just. Out of a good hand I guess. Very strong can be in the mid card high mid card can put on great matches I don't think he's ever going to be the got a. I don't either and what I see -- him is. Almost the adult -- A guy that's gonna prove to be excellent in gathering which I think he has yet that it would have any. Bill do you disagree with that at all not at all I think you're pretty good isn't -- do you -- think she's the best of the three of them in the -- He's the best athlete that's for sheer -- Raines is the best look. Amber says the best psychology Ambrose has the wrestling coach in -- -- -- Amber's the most interest. Fluid and respect Mike for as I didn't close. The other two. I'll give them credit they've got a lot better I thought there were -- outrage was just dreadful at first I thought Rollins was just awkward and weird is voices reared its knees Lian. Digi. I don't really like but he's got a lot better on the Mike in -- in the limited times that he's talking. And when I believe those are brought they had the shield to backstage with her name by the way for days gorgeous. The rumor and the rumor is Renee. And -- Really am good for respect I'm upset but yeah I got a chance Burnett -- You didn't cancel it and yeah. Or old John -- is that. The bill let's just months -- cells -- -- here is how to regionals. Oh. -- -- you talking about me. It would have backed the so I may pocket. It Saturday and yes just originated the idea used to do the show with with -- And to recorders to recorders. So obviously it's gonna -- the white commercial teeth. Consistently gets lost. Got to be -- I think it is one that he's entered and went. I did you get a degree looks strong and like I said before partly heading into a a match adjusting to -- -- fully backs your point about the -- really get to shield. We agreement that Roman -- condemned on top if that does happen. Yes I think so. Not necessarily. You know I could see amber -- somehow winning it. You know and Seth Rollins is going to be that guy in the middle. Who is friends with both guys. It is going to be in it I you know it's the feud would be Ambrose -- -- with Rollins involved obviously somehow in the middle bit. Trying to keep the -- together. -- accurate. To -- army to work away for the triple threat match where Ambrose is able to win the match. By what he should do a dirty tactic. What's up Rawlins kind of be like no don't man his whiny -- -- voice that then pointed at us. It is he's gonna kick your -- now I -- cigarettes but he's gonna go to hooters since August and just kick your rants. That would mean I have to voters so -- -- I I just know that's that they went there once after a show -- -- -- at a callow that would not saying not -- -- like -- better. It would help wasn't interest. -- boobs Beers a wrestler and the -- -- -- bad. To -- bet that that decent beer and they've got the most important ingredient big moves. Thank you let's go on to abuse nor matchup -- the card. Two guys know what I'm talking about Batiste Hillary yup -- -- game we have a winner something's gonna and it's not going to be Oscars will have to sit through them. She's gonna happen I mean that this needs to date right yes. And let's say something I mean anything like something something is the Brock Lesnar is gonna come out. And just killed both guys literally killed book artist is a pull the sword out of his chest that is tattooed it's become real -- -- like what the hell's going on he's gonna just cut off Batiste and Hillary -- head and put on his shoulders or shoulder pads and walk around the rest of the night that would be super interest. How would make him the greatest Q wouldn't it address the crowd and the biggest greatest facing this Beatty face in the world's fifth. I don't really care and we all know what's gonna happen in that match Batiste is gonna win. But it it's written in stone -- Rios -- kind of -- which kind of glad he's become so frigate boring we've done nothing -- his character I have a have a very cool scenario fantasy that will not happen because usually don't bills that we wanna hear about his services. One involves men wearing Andrews. Bill this -- here's sentences. Don't work out. What if this will not happen because. It's so out of the box sort of out of box. Del Rio's been working that. Neck injury Gotti got a yup they start off the show or after the first match they go in the back and Rene -- young says. Have gotten word from medical docked you know W -- David -- doctors that Alberto Rio has been clear to wrestle tonight. AK -- you know chicken bleep. Yeah but has been clear to wrestle. You know Batiste is still wants to be to match the idea that he's you know been. You know there in Minnesota crowds are chanting for Brock Lesnar. Whom also that you do Brock Lesnar to -- to match in the middle cart and elimination chamber with the winner becoming the true number one contender. I mean I think it should do that that is super bright -- about it it's a lot of world Israel. Yeah I I don't think it's gonna happen and it there. They've put the -- in them. -- events wrestle mania which. I think was a huge misfire by them. Days they've brought him back for. Because they thought they get to administer flammable time though wouldn't they do Batiste was a -- -- what they did not give them credit and call them Smart and actually think there are sometimes I've I've said this for awhile. Batiste is a marketing -- he's back to promote himself and that guardians of the galaxy movie which I think is can bomb. And I think Jesus time in the WWD for a second it's gonna bomb as boring as -- the first time there's -- big must not freaked. And -- a lot smaller. -- You're here. Is seized athletes is smaller but he's still big -- -- it had made it can go back though and I stumbled upon. Actually with the with the passing of not Nelson Frazier AK Mabel. Big daddy V this for a dead. They would dates they put up some matches and deputy dot com and one of them was with Batiste. January 05 -- before Batiste. At Appleby -- with breaking away for evolution becoming a big star. He had a match with. This for a at that the world's largest love machine this story were the jobless tolerant -- -- -- symbolic he legitimately Dallas wearing light -- Purple or else. And the crowd was the crowd was was hot for Batiste I mean there was a point where he was a big deal. The things about everybody means that at that point Johns -- Was a huge deal as well without the you know there were no -- for so it you know guys go in cycles he had his run. He had a good run at the end you know in 2010 when he went to the the day he'll roll against -- CD played out perfectly as the best work he'd done. And in -- that they brought him back in the wrong in the wrong fashion. That's just that's well. Back at the time. Those -- there -- fashion I think the with a broad back was fine it just happened to coincide with. A mega push for Daniel -- and it seemed like who's getting pushed back down because he's was back. So I think it the timing was just off. But which is unfortunate because there are Batiste fans I'm not one of them but there are plenty of Petit Stefanski is very popular again -- just don't want. And apparently. The way it looks the way it's been perceived as he's one of the reasons why is it -- gone. Or at least the booking decisions surrounding but he says one of the reasons it is gone which makes me hate the TC even more. I'm not sure what but he is scheduled like but it is brought him back in. I must say July or August. Had a buildup for a few months of the couple picks -- matches one not as and then at when the -- -- sort of bring him back on the Monday prior to the royal rumble. And it also immediately putting him into. The the main event at wrestle mania after being gone for four years that there's a lot of people -- yeah I agree. In Illinois and there was no real surprise to it if feet we talked about this couple weeks ago he had just. Appeared randomly at the rumble surely would have probably known because it would of -- sheets would have found out and -- but if his first appearance with no promotion dubbed W wise. Was coming out number 27 however was at the royal rumble and then winning it. The reaction would have been completely different. There would have been much better. We all knew he was going to win -- -- -- and that's spoiled it for a lot of people and potentially debris missed yours covered. Oracle. I don't. And you know briefly listen to the first maybe twenty minutes of Jim -- new podcast he interviewed. It's about stone called and I I -- not think about this beforehand but I thought there right on the forget money. Right on the money how bad news they're about exactly thirty he needs the heat. Don't let perfect and has named -- sense. And again I've got some bad news. Item number thirty. That would have been great. That would been fantastic but they didn't think part of it in and out. They're really -- the island and a soured some people so -- world agreement that the -- gonna win. Scott I highlight your dream scenario there but it is it's a chance happening. But don't it could you see that this matches this news -- with no Jews. Something like I said something needs to happen kinda just to make it worth having in a car is -- Brock Lesnar involvement it's. It does Lesnar come out after the match with Paul -- And challenge the teased it at some type of number one contenders match for our raw. Two weeks from now something. You know I mean does something to get something out of that match because it's Easter coming out winning in seven minutes. It -- it doesn't do anything because he's already beat Del Rio. -- so we move a little bit further down card. At the Intercontinental championship match big keepers Jack swagger. We haven't really seen a lot of picky lately no -- neither does piggy he got a -- it's just that -- right up. But it makes the makes perfect sense yeah if you know is if you know his real name. What's relevant I don't know how to pronounce it but it's along the lines that eat or a -- EP EU in the idea of overseas -- The big -- Jack swagger. I'm actually kind of in treatment dispatch just looks -- there's not that bad in the ring. Big he's all right in the ring does some interesting things big power house little powerhouse such as the. I think Jack swagger is losing. And I think. I think is that is gonna have enough for him because he's seen that over the over the couple weeks that he's sees it and you know not happy with -- -- -- performance that Khatami loses except Coulter has this to look of you know why my story to you yes the sorrow doses are always adds guy young winner of the group so. -- -- -- -- -- -- and then said turning on estimates turning on an -- in the matches you know walking away. Does that in that scenario does that get -- Yes. You think so at apple. I might I might just kind of just beat it seems that Richard comes out yeah -- could just be what it -- -- only to be cheer or boo a -- cables go look -- walking on Jack swagger. Because -- target has to have that real connection with the fans treat you like although keys you know. One way or the other. We generally do we the people would. Does that coltart justices are. They could it's just weird did it's kind of defeats the whole purpose of the -- gimmick but whatever so I think we're all a big -- winning. I I think your scenario. Scott works to a certain degree. And I I don't know where this leads to big for big east but there's obviously a push in store for -- he is being pushed right now. I just find it awkward to look at those particular -- -- of his every Monday night. But he because depicted in order. Name change from cutting out the -- like in its. There's another -- that he he's -- getting so -- -- -- monster is. Trying to you know on the record right now at the Chicago championship but. Prefer him to have their name change it to be promoted. I think that's. Kind of -- good -- Korea. A moderate pushed him. Again for them to care enough to make a name change right it gives you a sign of okay well they have something in store firmer it would. Wouldn't bother. And same thing -- is RO although like I guess the backstage scuttlebutt. Is that does is poppycock is that since Vince not a fan of the name Antonio but it doesn't sound I. Yeah I mean when I saw that I I. It's like I thought Antonio sorrow -- last -- -- it does but I think he's saying I think to say the name Antonio doesn't. Scream. World champion. You know big tough guy I know it sounds like a soft name no offense any Antonio's out there. But there I mean there are certain names that pack a punch Antonio doesn't really Antonio. And he's got a really nice guy. Out his. Name is. That Bruce. All right that criticism crosses are that Bruce is -- that's. That's probably -- Springsteen mean you know what well he's the what do we see happening -- big. It's just going to be kind of stuck in the filler part of wrestle mania. Or you know. Do you -- think there's potential receive a Intercontinental championship first US championship unification match. They beavers Mark Henry. They keep first markedly. As marketers face right now. They're both could be. Faced faced match. Think that the rather natural the it -- ten. Just how like how arrive back Mark Henry last year obvious there was a babyface -- that match but. The the draw out of that matches can be key they'll pick up mark Kent marine. And that'll be biggies first wrestle mania moment that you don't Mark Henry at this point is now playing at the strict. So it's the mark Henry -- -- -- like this the guy and let us torch passed the torch. Not to that this means that not mean we know we're thinking here is it. -- apps from African American star Mark Henry passing the torch to be neat to be the next day you know heavyweight. Strong man -- Bill when. If and when do you see the Intercontinental championship in the US championship kind of merged back to one. You certainly see them being merged enters into one. I don't know or maybe just one album is drops. -- they don't do anything you know you know I agree you -- -- many titles. -- personally I like to see the other WW world heavyweight championship which is way too moderate name. He cut down -- one belt as well. I agree. Well actually I think that's the call didn't cut the and we're certainly out of it it's partly to everybody world championship. I think and I think the new belt probably will be. Wrestle mania on the line that not happen in a Beisel glass case -- gathering. They really need to get rid of that have you I think you're right and I think they really need to get rid of the heavyweight. That name or that that word in the title because when someone like -- -- -- we'll let. It doesn't make sense -- and delivers you have a quote heavyweight title is if you have a lightweight title. We were junior heavyweight title recruiter which. Exactly and other otherwise it maybe it's meaningless. I think it'll go at some point is back to be the Debbie Debbie -- championship. As the -- belt once they are -- right I think right now there's sort of continuing. Now that we put the titles so anybody tuning in right now who's been in and out knows there's been two different championships go uh oh okay he has both championships I get it. And then at that point wrestle mania that is set start -- WWE champion because right Debbie Debbie world heavyweight champion. It's a lot is a lot spit out -- here the guys in the ring here -- In a stumbling on it all the time -- with Debbie -- chair of world heavyweight you know just. He's that they're the W -- the WWV. Champion he's the champion of the WW we don't need world. Don't need heavyweight. As you said. So let's move on to a championship that I think we can probably all agree on doesn't need any change it. Except for maybe the hands but. That name doesn't and it changing the division is flying. Don't look at me with his bewildered looks got attacked him I affair and that first of Thatcher talked with the team has chipped it. No no no movement movement and as soon as saying that AJ it's still be champion which she's not. She still is so let's let's say it wouldn't miss I don't want smacked him. They urgency that they added. AJ -- came in for elimination chamber. -- surveillance cameras taking they only spot I guess I just keep them since she was supposed to be in the match and then. Shopper pops in the got her I've bone broken by Exxon and OSHA or global broken out of broken but it's it's I'm watching that and watching that he just come down -- Who -- exit -- -- focus a little more so it's going to mean and Oksana and it nearly killed sailed a couple times. Two to one of -- which just like her father. Who. Too soon. I would that is so but the smacked down luster a month ago to ingenious but it. But I would do it. Develop wrestle. The overall here -- Exactly. It was about your for the free and there's on cookies or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's only studio well you know -- to a different studios. Ultimately what to do it but I think to immediately your gonna get hung up on before -- should point well. -- -- -- -- There anyway sort of perspective on western January and to be -- to talk and you know I -- -- -- it's treaty in the to be crucial to its students here earlier. -- is -- yes. Their match and I noticed that three different times. We have watched a couple of moves and dropped or whatever and it. And she's clearly -- the referee was checking out constantly. Look back -- what smackdown why on Friday. Three days later in the end to those moves out of show of course but it's. Let -- senators or focus too much problem on the -- to put. Over the last couple much you do think to the couple cards. Too bad. Yet totally innocent totally isn't your circle back to where I was urged to go to like the access to the -- And they'll probably -- the beautiful women. You know get the Internet porn I don't need to see -- bottom. I'm here for three hours of shirtless men. All right. I love that clause. Our rights of the new age outlets are facing the lose those abuses have been -- pushed higher and higher up the carton. Europe via the food -- for the tag team division and I got a problem that I think they're exciting in the ring. I think they're entrants need to work it's a little too slow right slow start with -- just to change just because I think music is actually pretty damn good. -- -- Hits and they come right running right out. I think I think I know we're doing in post production. Is founder is -- intro music for the show today. Okay. So -- -- it -- was loose those. I really kinda I don't know who's gonna win. Shows you think those -- as I can live like this or the -- laws drop the titles and they'll they'll face stayed away -- -- fade into the deputy network yet. You know. I think I think they've been around now this is it's kind of -- mind now that clearly it's just been around. To get someone who pays to watch them in the ninth 1999 with a -- on right now -- the WB network that's awesome at the Watson again whom. They go if the person by the network they don't need to be on TV anymore. You know this is when. I know I -- and and I I think it. -- your -- scholar you said that you they're gonna lose and just kind of stayed away you don't think they're gonna lose and just stayed away at wrestle mania. Why why have them have a -- wrestle mania. Because -- or are -- and they're still bigger names of useless right. -- -- have a tag teams you don't apparently -- -- -- right now well he did so so we have to use those with the new age outlaws. It -- go. Cody Rhodes and go to my back and Curtis ax solar tax write -- -- -- -- -- been to answer certainly detect -- -- -- time I doubt it because I think they're good but widget because they've attacked together. We need to put any two guys together and if they're together for 26 months ago and we have going to be we have low lows meritorious. Who was present at all. And really bad. News we've really expects to heavily. Geared toward children and what what to -- being needs to learn about kids is. Young kids wanna be into what older kids -- into older kids into what younger kids aren't. So they need to understand the sociology. Of that. And it's so heavily geared towards like eight year old said it's not even funny. And I think those eight girls don't even give two craps about them and their little midget bowl guy. -- Alter ego. That. -- way. I have no problem with the looks matadors gimmick. I'd still like it's so geared towards really young kids that it's not interest to me at all of it but back back to that tag team. Championship match. New age outlaws who -- Scott -- through those those -- into which outlaws fading away. Milieu of the new which outlaws winning and it's going out wrestle -- to lose drop the votes -- wrestle mania whom do they drop the belts. I think eventually be used doesn't mean. There obviously that attacking it getting the biggest push I don't know if it's going to be straight. So as vs Toledo laws or maybe it could be like tag team turmoil -- -- -- the -- but. I TCU goes what you know wrestle mania with the fact settled primarily -- All of order there an exciting team. That are exciting team I like to work to bring. -- -- not what -- the small instances when you get to hear them on the Mike their impact. But when they're sitting there with the commentary Booth there's nothing you. Jimmy history it was a. Today it -- me now. -- -- Packers won on merit eternity slash -- -- yeah so we we've lost the tag team amongst the ranks and I think it's for the better. Because. -- -- Stuck in at towards the bottom of the tag team division which is terrible publicity. It really means year. It at the traits. That you did to his. I'm at a palace where right now it could be dangerous actions. To say I beat to it drizzle and shifts and and probably figures Brazilian shares spirits up. -- -- that is where's the show. That's because it is written by -- So that brings us the prime time players which have split. And and Titus O'Neal's big budget let's see you now and they're young is mr. no days off horrible. I like tennis is thing in the back now or he. He does the interview and that's kind of interesting I think I might and he kind of he kind of interviews Saturday. He's still -- little -- in the ring he moves weird in the ring. I think -- young it's actually pretty damn good theory but -- -- carelessly tests say. But there's interest in things you can do with both of them. I think Ted is -- -- clearly wins that match. Ends. They're trying to build him for something because there's been seeds planted ever since he joined commentary. I don't remember what it was meant to last year wrestle mania time he joins commentary -- ever like oh crap discussed pretty afraid of funny. And I forget -- washed -- whatever was. Was the whole thing that they're gone off watched wash -- our club that it was weird but it was funny this kind of intriguing. So I mean you guess who's going any other way. Obviously this is what substance that is what it. Now but I also see this as very similar to. The the breakup of crime time. With a big men. -- your -- gas bark -- his name is. You know you're eating beating GTG. And then. Nothing ever happens Chad got fired in TG is still employed. By WW week out so I have a feeling just. A bad feeling this is gonna it's gonna go the same way that tied a school when the match you'll think of is gonna happen -- tied as full flow little fade away and Darren -- will still be employed. Daring young will always employed for the simple fact that he's day. Yes and not that there's anything wrong with that but -- they'll use him as that kind of ambassador role which is fine I have no problem with. I don't care that he's -- makes no difference in my life whatsoever. I think she's really wanted. And it's I would actually that this conversation that is popped in my mind and some that actually beyond immediately. A legitimate Sports Radio show. It the other the such a big deal about Michael Sam got into an NFL locker room yep. I mean Darren young is openly gay in a wrestling locker locker room which. I mean yes it's different but. There's probably a lot of similarities. And it -- it has been. You think that you have been brought up in wanted to come in in the conversations about Michael Sam that looked in wrestling Darren young is openly gay. If he's going out there and he's he's wrestling men. Wearing underwear. -- and nobody seems to have a problem Scotland by yet NFL GMs are worried that. That just on the football field they're gonna have a problem that's. Interesting conversation. Should be. That Mike had brought up -- -- elections and seriously and that is its work its its worst thinking about it I think you know. That's something -- -- come up again some -- -- -- the draft does that story's kind of dead in the water into November and I wonder if I mean I wonder if Darren young is going to. You know be approached by anybody in the media it to. How to do an interview and say. See what his what his take beyond actually did do it last the week before so it might come up by I don't really attacked at the stuff. But I I thought he actually using that -- O'Neal's gonna cut just fade away. Now I don't. Analysts don't necessarily think that it is it just seems exactly the same as that break up in crime time that you literally -- lack the that it just happens to all great stuff it's the same storyline though it's the the big guy that -- -- being held down by the smaller guy in the group. Who always you know loses the matches finally he just in overs were still best friends you know I love -- man and then boom he attacks -- same thing. It is at the same the same. Story arc. And yes both tied teams happen to be African and. -- to Vegas and yes I am races. About the US. It's. A witness -- I don't necessarily see in -- late yesterday is very similar to the current number. King and what about put a finger on what's gonna happen it's -- as a you know after this victory -- -- Jimmer -- like. I don't think it'll it'll it'll do anything I mean again you'll espresso. Chain you know it is it sounds crazy but. It's haired young rolls up the winds are you good at all like god -- at it to be OK. It is back could very well happen to. -- orchestra under you. Yeah and put the ministry statement that it adults. So. The newest trend on the newspaper views as the kickoff show they used to do it back today. That -- shock on pearl. Free for all or that they you know shot. Saturday she's. That. I get the -- times didn't want to it's been fifteen years ago. I don't. Really care for very much the kick off show and this is going to be the second paper view in a row. Where. The roads Brothers are. Kicking off the paper view not really taken off the paper view because I didn't paper union or whatever I don't know cells but. There in the opening. I guess that's -- it either. Color trying to say this. It's not a free for all its not free for all -- I -- it is because he buys that you have the app. But he along line it's free for all lame if you by the paper view at 730 you get the match under paper view so it takes up the paper view and that's -- Okay it's needs to -- That Brooks Brothers are opening the if you again. -- a tag team match this time tag team match that's utterly useless unless it's planting the seeds for. Cody -- called us arrest made in which people were. Speculating upon since last year's rumble when -- -- had the little punch off in the ring during the rumble match itself. I I'm not very much of sand of right back at all I -- an incredibly boring. In the ring I find -- incredibly boring on the microphone. I thought occurs Axl has potential he's pretty good in the ring he's not very go to the microphone is look isn't that great. A year ago. Right back though what you think. I was annoyed with him I've always been annoyed with them I net interest it but there's just a big must've freaked that they are trying to do something -- that. She's she's not good. She's got a good look. He looks like -- ET with the shaved head. With lots of steroids. -- Colbert mixed with Goldberg and Gilbert. What. So that necessary to skip this match. Okay. But he did you do you do you think -- -- to order -- -- -- -- I don't know 10% make less about them. And indeed you think the technical stuff as pulled -- here between about nine days ago it says I repeat I will not be my brother media that -- reciting his brother exactly. I missed past I think if you want wouldn't get the -- it deserves but I think by him actually coming out saying that that it will lead to the you -- the match. There's a story line and him not one defined his brother Cody acting on some sites out there there's a dusty wind does to the referee. That there -- AAA says on a portrait in battled us and for my amusement I like it. Well I I like where that's going book it who booked this crap it's. So. It's been three weeks now. Through the Jesus CM punk. Four weeks three weeks. Critics. 34 weeks of no CM punk band next Monday there in Chicago so if he's coming back. He's coming back next Monday. To receive coming back I thought it was going to be coming back bill. I do personal. I in those the other I -- on the superstar -- -- is that we do we can't. And there was nothing there -- can protect the other yesterday. And also and it was -- -- -- appearance back up on the page. That means anything. -- here -- back do we know where and I'm not sure but I think if in -- -- -- does compact it will be. She Monday at Chicago Chicago always is it's going to be those who either way. Right I mean from the start that -- that entire show will be hijacked. With regards to CM -- If he's not coming back obviously the easy thing. This is not a unique idea or a creative idea my part it's something that has been bounced out -- that -- -- show starts off his music in its triple play trot him out. Apple's move that places conditions that place now that plays and go crazy. And of course the follow up is music it's again it becomes -- actually comes out and there's your build again for that match to wrestle mania. If this whole thing is a work which again. May be let's say it started -- not -- work punk actually left but after a week -- two they talked and they sent well. Probably you just stay home until Chicago. Which makes sense -- the literally stay home until Chicago and this is actually gonna make that match at wrestle mania bigger right. And -- so. Indiana might seem like it was a work but it'll be part where eight it's going to be reality turns into work. To better story line and that's for business. Well according to -- on his conference call them in the shareholders should that. -- was on sabbatical. Yet intense and Vince knows that there's money in what's happening so he's not gonna say he's gone for good. And I like I as -- now I think about a more my scenario to sounds fantastic. And that will be. Harder to wrestle mania match if they go with it that's the way ghosts. -- I I I like the way you've booked it out right there. I had no problem with Tripoli -- -- as a treatment that ever since I first saw the rumor may be in December that that was kind of a game plan. And we don't actually know what went down. But what caused him to leave all we've got is rumors and speculation. And you know. They -- keep yourself that some people in the company -- PS at him some what the hell's your problem dude you're screwing all of us by doing. I think and I think part of the argument would be that. Being in a match triple H is a bad thing that that is that is a big part of a wrestle mania card. That yet -- short five is. On the back end of his career maybe should be done wrestling altogether. But he still better still he's still triple H is -- that name if you're in a match with an arrest Cellini it's going to be a marquee matchup it is going to be. Promoted is going to be at the I know I say top of the car but it could be the middle card match where you know that held cell match undertaker triple H was about 9 not o'clock. Are you need an early 830s that was happening in the -- to not necessarily the last match of the night. But it -- main event it's a -- in the main event limit. Only three guys backs are estimated three for second now tell me what was their -- with the two matches -- remember from -- in his three. Owed Margaret. And thing. Yeah but it's. I do. Much -- steamboat thank you about it. Nobody. Remembers. Another thing from that card nobody -- it was almost thirty years ago. But nobody remembers -- -- -- and much -- in -- was firmly planted in the middle. Of that card. It doesn't matter where you are on the cards you can steal the show from any position. You could steal the shows the opening match you could simply shows the middle to -- it doesn't matter. So if that's what he's gripe is about where the placement is where his placement is. I think that's BS who agreed to go -- have that desperate can match your jobs entertain the fans. We'll do that. I think Scott I mean he hook you grew up where you were memorable adamantly stated last year and I would put all of our money on saying that -- hippocrates it was an event that -- I. I didn't I didn't think that on I mean no I thought going in it would have to be Roxy because it's rock yeah it's Sina is the championship. I'm not. That far the biggest -- OK okay right. I have to do to screw you guys that an accurate there. But the rockets still bigger name than anyone else it was number two and you lose but is there poverty. And I'm gonna I'm gonna sit back saying right now. -- members of the match from last -- some of those two matches I don't remember. You know when you guys bring it up yet but I don't remember another match. Tripoli Lesnar. And remember. -- -- the effort now he was out it was -- I don't I don't remember that we just set it and I still don't even I can't even place that in the ring. Wrestle mania 23. Matches in what used -- remember. So. -- just go to steal the show who cares. That's my opinion on it. So CM punk we all we all think he's coming back in my hatteras made him -- I guess -- that -- have the overall. It's just how it's going to come out and I guess next Monday. I think next Monday we're gonna know -- we're gonna know what's happening one way or the other. Who's better in the ring Sam bunker Dan O'Brien. They're different. And -- idol and so but at the end of the day it's a -- was better whose -- -- -- Even if you -- -- of exiles. I preferred Danny O'Brien's style sought say from the data Bryant is better satellite you know his his. Fast paced. You know. All's well -- Off the ropes clothes line off the -- -- through the ring recklessness yeah punk is. More surgical zen you know with his kicks in the strikes. But he's you know he's not the most athletic guy. Not at all he is still dive through the ropes though it might not look as smooth that he looks awkward while he's doing everything you can tell he's not an athlete. -- he's he's worked he's worked for it yet is you know work to be as good as he is Dana brought a little bit more. Innate talents athletically. Built built who who do you prefer. I prefer -- like Scott says but you can also. Caught my pocketbook and -- how to answer I mean I would. I would say that. In the darkness in a -- is where. What about the best matches your career I. I completely agree I think. Punk can make that guy who's across from look better. Data Bryant does -- certainly exec -- look better. I think Daniel -- little more exciting to watch in the ring are running around his kicks to the chest everything is presentation. Maybe I feel like -- punks got lazy. Also and it it would -- -- -- to giggles on the credit to the crowd too because of the crowd was just silent during his matches true you watched them you'd. Obvious and this is for anything you'd have. Half as much enjoy and people in the crowd is into it. Go with -- every move he makes popular everything he does. Not the -- to the what -- but not as much. There -- and as much to that it might change upon comes back in Chicago next Monday all the sudden punk might be getting the bigger response that Bryant. Maybe. That's -- a picked up the whole situation. And it is as a way. It might slap my work slash my work you know truth work what do you wanna call it. This can be away for punt come back out in the eye -- again. I was just thinking that I was just to -- returning in my head saying. That he's gonna say I didn't come back for the fans I came back because I want note to do this from me and -- Nadia. I think. As you were saying that reporters and I sinking. Though what I feud between C a Republican Dan O'Brien in pod -- to be -- items -- obviously he'll. Which sort of what the guys that is that your mortgage sick as he'll. And I know they they had their brief they had every feud a couple of years ago with the Debbie -- we championship -- punk was the champion Brian got a couple of paper view matches. And that hasn't steam but it it wasn't as big as bride had yet says Pratt was still working as a -- Crowd was you know behind -- little bit but obviously not to the degree now. I think right there if they wanted to go that way you have yours summer here hot summer feud. You know for the championship. If they wanna go that way with the culmination being a final say summer slam match. You know with summer slam TLC match something. Along those lines. Like -- long term vote there what leads so maybe even maybe even have a flip flop of the championship. Ones. Lights. Because it's time easily because there's so you're saying these guys are so just go for accent and these guys are so evenly matched that. Yeah you could you could -- the title go back reports on a timer to. So in conclusion we don't agree eliminates chambers to suck apps. Right now no way. -- credential that you sarcastic yeah I think elimination chamber will be pretty good. I mean treatment final match is I don't know how it's gonna shake out. And it could lead to a number of different things so I'm -- -- See what happens there. I'm very interested in the white shield match I think -- steal the show. Yeah I think -- -- as the most Jews -- I think that a B match of the night. But but Monday night so we're we're going to see Hogan for sure yeah. Are we go to see the undertaker yes yeah. Are we going to see. My prediction right now in New York. Speculate about who stick. Loan. It is after the report because again along with the network obviously a big part of it is that w.s stay -- is the face of Debbie CW if you want it. Yeah I mean he has but here's my question that -- that wanna see it. I wanna see I don't see that this time. Because. A lot of times when you finally get that dream match to ever live up to especially in the both in the fifties. It doubled with up to what you wanted to see it 98. You know. But I still wanna see that as I. Think it right I think it's just I think it'll just be attraction and the spectacle of in the build up for it will be worth it in the match will be at whatever it may be able. Our reports say that staying even though he's wearing you've been wearing it he sure while wrestling NT today. That he doesn't need to be wearing the teacher while residence in it he is still in for 850 something year old man he takes up his -- gonna go right. That's that's good like it. You know what do you what do you expect he's not look like if he's sixty -- rec letter that is gonna arrest it's got to be at wrestle mania in a match he won't be wearing a -- nubians. And so. I mean I was there. Operative at that bill I think you're I don't remember -- -- three. -- okay well he had his match against fully re. It was I don't know holds barred so account opened up a bit. It was a fantastic match is the only thing I remember from that from being there that it was it was good in -- partly that goes to bully right. But sting was in the match and it was good it was strong now of course staying bully raise a lot different in staying undertaker. But I think they can put together something that would be memorable -- have a few spots that are gonna say. Wow remember that match it probably won't. It you know I just can't be as good as his matches with with punk with Michael's. Probably would Tripoli. I think there's something there that they can have that would be in the middle of the card at wrestle mania at 9 o'clock when it gets votes it's indoors so the matter is gonna say. -- -- You know in Miami with the held a cell. They both -- at a point where it it wasn't pitched it wasn't you know dark but it was getting to that point you know twilight wanna call it was. The sun had set. And you know it's set the mood perfectly for a all the cell and undertake -- Entrance and I think that whole obviously they're adults like that that idea was that the window bullet. There's a whole. Imagery that entire match is probably worth it. Just to do. All the guns into its its tournaments. That's -- A lot of up on medication right now that I've no idea is going on right. You're right so undertaker. -- -- it'll be back I think we all agree that out it will definitely be on -- yet you gotta -- to -- for us mania. Yes to -- only four weeks away. And I don't think he'll be appearing on smack downs. I think he'll just be on Ross which are taught with because I've really watch raw. Because smackdown really the second show that anything nothing major happens on smackdown. Good matches. They'll have little things to help the few long but nothing that. Is home I got it need to see that which have time with this I don't need to see it. So we think undertaker. Will be on rock we know Hogan will be a raw. Which I'm intrigued him always intrigued to -- Hogan Hogan. Still to me is the biggest name ever in this business will always be -- will ever clips and he. Is the Babe Ruth of professional as he start to show. -- I think you'll have a lot of fans people tuning in at the top of the show. And you know if they say Hogan later or no mention yet I think people might tune out. You know CC leader and he would argue that what. -- guy. This special guests are huge special -- and out of there you know later shortages particularly for. You meaning pop. Or but it makes. And so you wanna keep them around. Them -- much this is asking Italy to catch them on the casual or dislike is -- -- Hogan's you know policy Hogan. You turn it on Eddie he's not on. And their -- -- say it later you're going to be. Whatever go back to the basketball game. Okay right here here's the thing in the way the ratings workers if I turn it on an eight. And then I. I'm like okay Hogan's on -- but I know he's going to be back later I'm likely to turn it back on later also -- credit. For the ratings. A book due to an -- and eight and -- -- -- and nine dizzy Hogan whatever. But conversely to added eight as someone who's not a regular watcher Hogan comes out here -- your -- Wallace is awesome he's out -- the point that something had to some sort of other data Bryant comes nose is Dana -- while they really like him and then things start to happen. And -- that guy goes -- to keep watching tonight. I don't think you can start Hogan out topless show I think you need whatever aftermath is from the elimination chamber match itself. I think that needs to start off to show. But speculation about -- coming back. I'm intrigued by it would never seen staying in the WWB. Or WW for that matter or WWW. For that matter. We've never seen him. We've seen him obviously Adobe CW we've seen -- today we know which he can do or at least what he used to be able to do. It's staying verse undertaker would be fascinating I don't see any other legit but. Opponent for the under. Just it's just Lesnar but there's so many things about that that. There's too much that can go wrong under its Lesnar loses undertaker. -- could kill him I mean Lesnar is. Undertaker is forty -- He is not a not a young man anymore Lesnar. Is. By a thirty the definition is out of weakness but his -- as a matter it is easy stiff. Guy he is going to hit. Undertaker is under figuratively -- -- he had that match. We'll -- -- I mean there's real heat there's relates heat between that's bad that's bad too I mean I don't want them legitimately in the rain all the sudden -- wrestle -- something happens that infuriates Brock Lesnar and he legitimately you know cold Cox the undertaker. Now I don't you know I won't happen night. By all accounts Lesnar is still professional in the Reagan do what he's supposed to do I guess you can look back to wrestle mania twenty. -- that you know. Crap storm with them with Goldberg don't -- -- an -- we know they both went through professionally. Second. Second worst -- Still awesome because toward the worst. Royal rumble 2000. Theory Scott Stein has -- I probably could go to Phillies who likes festival. That I was there that I saw all of us. Testicles. Thought that its -- ads. You don't go out yet. I'll hear a bunch of children so the elimination chamber. Some aren't -- super happy fun -- -- look that up right now poorest and it's you're listening to this tomorrow which would be today. Or -- but it trauma or last night. Again if I mean I guess you can listen to on Monday if you have a -- not elimination chamber yet or right. The C -- for right so. Yeah and if you do it that well -- and you've gotten this marks the podcast to your big dork. But we appreciate -- warrior also thanks. In. In Germany last year elimination chamber was called no escape. Bands I believe up until that point they'd still did it it is still called it no way out in German. But then of course they had no way -- they also had no way out at a different time you -- ROX. Number they brought no way out back. Make that term as the Japanese. Guys -- as I did. I don't know let's make it go home it's -- cousin. German laws regarding Nazi imagery in the name elimination chamber having a reference similar to concentration camps that the interview is carried a different name in -- They. Good. As a work though you're watching it installs is elimination -- rightly for its stable like blurred out and put super happy fun -- Don't forget though if you're watching and in Germany. Now I don't they are alive or not -- problem I'm sure they do. But if you're watching in -- Germany speak German you don't speak English EC elimination rates that these -- mostly charming. -- so. It. But that. All right time to take us home. Bill thank you very much for joining us a cast Wear lightweight Britain would find your next podcast. Are you can listen to our children visiting ATP wrestling dot com click on the podcast page or did you find it on YouTube that YouTube dot com slash BP B Russell. Myself and Michael closely -- Europe where I'm at bill underscored medal. She's at WW we underscore -- M and our officials shows Twitter is at eight GB wrestling. Scott work with us. -- us on Twitter at WEEI. Russell cast signed. Me at -- golf and you can sign young and over here and young then WB EI. On Twitter we do not have a dot com will -- at WE I'd come to us bill but you know the best. The best Sports Radio website in the country. Are done. And yeah. Was that the -- that duck that a cousin. That edge and Christian. Well. Despite -- are did you just sign up for AFLAC. Laughed -- that I checked out like five minutes ago that aren't enough. That's the -- EI -- tests stop listening go home. Go senator Russ says the last. Four -- is the last paper view really if you wanna say the rapper real -- have you ever Debbie Davies closing stores actually. So. So so that we. Oh god thank god all right thank you guys -- listening really appreciated. Till next time.

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