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SoccerCast - Champions League and MLS rumors

Feb 22, 2014|

This week Ben and Russ talk about the latest games in the Champions League and the rumors and transfers in the MLS.

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Welcome into another edition of WE yeah soccer cast I'm your host of then again. Like this year and MI co -- by default right Russ. I do -- and I'd be happy to hear -- So so what if we're gonna name it on the ought be be very happy to take -- as. As as mighty I guess you could say up to cohost. I'd be happy to be a couple of so -- Homer Simpson said the two greatest words in the English language -- d.s fault. And that it. So we haven't spoken for awhile we haven't over the soccer guys for. Over a month at this point there's been a lot of things that have gone down the transfer. Period has come and gone and we didn't see it's a movement. Champions league is really get into full swing and analysts is get ready to ramp up their season and there's been a lot of breaking news. Let's start with the champions league. And there's a couple of great matches this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What the hell happened. To just pulled it. Yeah what's in this was. This is a tough match to watch because not that I'm on Nancy's and but I but I do -- sepia. DR Barkley from really -- to blow on the champions league I -- sit and do -- so it was difficult to watch. When you know when the situation went down because it was an -- play very defensively -- in the first they've. They were doing something Nancy doesn't normally do they were there again played pretty much everyone behind the ball they were they were playing. A style that many clubs to play against Barcelona it -- Barcelona. Controlled the game with their Palestinian and try to beat them on the counter -- points in the match while. What happened here was was again all that goes out the window when you have a red card and that's exactly what happened -- new. You know it and it changes the entire match. You know and it's funny because because it all started -- -- with one not because actually. I wanna -- giving giving his best. Is best Academy Award not been nominated. Performance. As the blue -- -- he gave a really bad. In the Oscar for slot. You are it's definitely definitely and unfortunately. When he did that doubt lead to two and attacked by Barcelona and they bomb Nazi. End and the decided to -- Ellis did something he should have never done. And dog that was basically follow him in the box now there's some controversy was sitting in the blocks was was it not in the box. If you're a lot watching it live I actually thought he was in the box when you slow it down. There's an argument could be made that he was filed outside of the box but it's open for our interpretation. Regardless. To do tells his credit he did don't it. He has come -- said my bat so he knows that he was wrong regardless. But it was bad and you can't. You can't let them get to two wiggles like that you're almost sunk. Now wasn't wasn't a bit there in top shape now they've pretty much are in my book is good because now they have sort of Barcelona. Down two goals to pull away goals like what you were just saying and and try to see what they can do it it's it's very difficult to do. Don't last. Club that I would ever want to go to Donna -- would be Barcelona -- honestly you know. You know I thought all this is going to be problems second half but the -- credit they actually had some opportunities to score. And I thought I thought they could get out of this match won now. There's still when it but of course they give up there bigger obstacle at the very end of the end of the match to make -- -- now it's a very difficult task and -- And the once and done it once and then I would ask. Al manager again I actually have a have a good amount of respect poetry. But his philosophy in this match was to sit back. We do it over again would he attack. Whitney would -- go against a team that debt that attacks we -- which you play it back to a would it do it over because it is not they can maybe you should -- maybe he went on went into this match with the wrong approach. That's just my opinion. And I agree with you cause against Barcelona I feel -- you have to attack attack attack attack. They can beat you almost any style. And you'll you're gonna beat them as if you attack you sit back and play that. Crappy Greek style soccer that's what you're you're not gonna get anywhere against them because they can just control possession on you all day long. You just gotta get your forwards up and go. So. In the round of sixteen here. Every away team -- So. You know -- atletico Madrid beat AC Milan won nothing away Byron Munich beat arsenal to go away. And Hearst centering. Our liberties and Florida. They're dot PSG's going on up to the round date I mean that's that's set in stone do you see any of these other teams coming back and potentially -- those illegals that they gave gave up. I think it's going to be difficult. One but one that I could see it would be AC Milan the conventional on how to get a lot of talent. That they could potentially go into a political maturity maybe pull off the upset -- industrial and because because scores fairly close. But but political maturity as planet -- the -- this season if you if you -- -- world -- of the -- They're actually challenging the two top dogs which is which is hard to do when and we got so they're going to be tough to be. And that would be the only the only thing that it has any type of shot I don't see arsenal. Also. Going going on the road to play -- music and doing anything and and just speak a little bit about -- so I actually feel bad for. For -- -- no you know I cannot. There's no love lost me without some data because he complains of times in Moses never gives credit. Two to attain that peace and that drives me nuts. Are you gonna go Marino on on to anger right now. Yes I just negative. -- but once they don't wanna say about bank -- banker to his credit then at the right approach. He gets sacked Byron Munich in fact he had an opportunity to score on this emotional. Missed. Mr. A penalty which again. Is. He hit set out to the match is completely different. And days they -- with the idea that they were going to attack Byron Munich. And it's the first point 15 minutes of worked it worked but when you have a team was so much talent like Byron Munich. Very somewhat to Barcelona. In in in fact I would hope via Munich right now -- a step ahead of apostle little step. That can hurt you and so many different ways I think they complain more style. Than Barcelona. That's why I think Byron Munich is even more interests and -- they have a legitimate chance to go back to back and maybe even further than that then that. Are are they as good as they were last year is last year -- palace -- on the back here I just news -- -- -- -- -- are they better this year. -- That's scary. Did this scary it's scary. What you look at their record and I mean this -- is you know again I've watched them and I think. Pick a couple years ago when Barcelona was so dominant team and and again they were dominant but but there was so there was a plot. And their and their game against. We've talked about that did the defense is decent but it's not it's not as solid as native state Byron Munich. You know again they would play you open that they could get frustrated if you frustrated. Barcelona but they basically sitting back. You can actually frustrate them on fire Munich I think it's going to be difficult to frustrate them. I think -- music. For my money has the best defender in the world. Applicant make up like a public definitely excuse me. You can make that argument that. I'd say he's a top five player in the world period regardless what position sparring right. What these on one of playing in the back bringing the ball up pressuring the wings playing a little Saturday sensitivity he can do anything he wants he's that good until. -- But it's. It's amazing to think that they're better in a Barcelona's and banged up mess he's been in and out of line up all offseason for them. Do you see it being a clash between the two of them I believe that's how the brackets would work out. All. You know what listen. We can project forward but it. You know and and I can tell you low -- passage and you know why not just because again we've seen that we saw what Chelsea few seasons ago. But if I'm gonna make a logical guess it would have to be goes to clubs in and up to match I like to say. That's that's not I would love to -- because again you're talking about to talk about Barcelona which which is gonna turn out to. To something that we haven't seen in an addict and a long time and now you haven't someone them might have the ability to do the exact same thing. I mean it's fascinating to see. Byron Munich and Barcelona really you know almost like -- lakers and Celtics in the eighties. We looked dominant. On the Dominick our house is gone back and forth we might start seeing that. Yeah now his -- has spent tons and tons of money. To get to this point to challenge for champions league title. And they were dominant. They were dominant on Tuesday. Today the chance. They have a chance but again I don't know. I don't know if they're at that level yet. You know and again I I've talked a great deal to -- to a bit of PS it's only option you know it's gonna take a couple of years to be where they want. To be like incident to win the champions league. I think they have a chance again they'd better then then Barcelona are they better than Byron Munich I don't think so -- I don't think so you know you know again. Therefore. Play and it's like it's -- and in a neutral place I would people. -- -- -- and -- -- had a had a vote yesterday but it academic progress in and they are being accused of of public gets -- soccer right now you know find whoever. It'll look expensive to be competitive you know I give him credit for what they're doing. But it's still ball putting together a team and Don that's what Byron Munich has done Gupta Barcelona's that they are they are complete games. PS she is still an all star -- what's it and put together -- Could you envision atletico Madrid. Making a push and sneaking somehow into the finals. Possible. It's possible I've seen them push. Barcelona. And and also push. Real Madrid this year it's possible but particularly when you get -- the outlook you have to hustle -- -- that's some good fortune if things break -- way it's possible then. But I I still go back to equality and up you know again their quality is getting better but it is still not at the level of the Tutsis we've been talking about. Absolutely. Absolutely so a -- We -- I think we both agree and most likely be Byron Munich and Barcelona more of the two Adams winning. It is. I think they're really close to each other but I'm kind of with you you've said I mean it's a little more complete -- I think just. I don't know how I'm trying to phrases but. Are -- in that upper Echelon of like all time classics team now. Where you look at some of the stretches like Liverpool in the seventies and kayaks in the seventies and the Real Madrid in the early two thousands are they at that level now where they're kind of one of those legendary dominant teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think they have to win another one. You know it's so you know again a different sport but when you're talking about simulate dynasties or or oral legendary teams I think it has to be multiple. Champions league trophies split. But this dominance like Italy. That we haven't seen it and I had a long time in the and they are they're destroying the bonus they are owning it. And they keep adding town which is which is which is actually in -- way I can credit for for bringing in all these players but it tries to prison because I don't like. I don't sequentially -- to try to apply. By that title quite what the best player on another team then decides to go to Byron Munich that tried it or not. It drives me nuts too especially when they're taking it off other Bundesliga team now. You know it's like you don't need you know you don't need this player YY. And I understand why the players wanna go play -- -- Munich because they feel. -- new farm Munich as the best chance to win at all. And maybe days they have a feeling like we're talking about that maybe. Maybe -- has to be part of history. Because they they have an opportunity gonna until until they win another one. -- if they went another champions league I think we can have that discussion. Fair enough -- -- turn -- switch gears here a little bit and come back home to them no less there's been some news recently. She -- USA. And sold back to the MLS. Their owners want out MOS really desperately wanted them out. Well what have you heard about that situation there was the analyst pulling the old Major League Baseball Montreal Expos move. -- up all of the RT I I haven't really heard too much but I just I just started -- bits and pieces applauded that. But. I'm actually happy that that this is gonna happen because the situation which you as you USA really. Joke wouldn't be a good word to describe it because because that would say it's funny. What was going on that was not funny. It was actually really bad and it was -- It you know again we had called racist I mean I mean it really was really doubt that it was you know again. You know we're trying to try to project is certain type of law readership. Throughout cheap shots USA. With a Mexican roots forcing out upon. The -- beyond the people don't work there are you know again. If it was it was beyond horrible and I'm glad that the owners have sort of backed analysts because nonetheless. Deserves. Owners you know again. No 1 o'clock that's gonna be open to anyone. Black while woods was torn into one that was not -- -- what they were pushing there are pushing an agenda which was actually like I said. People can look at it as racist and and I'm glad that I. -- on its gonna be back and analysts as a navy. Navy ticket out. They -- something else to do with which he thought maybe maybe a little bit I I don't know what what players say. Ally I'm hearing they're really desperately wanna keep them in the LA area. And but when I've heard is gonna change the name. They're gonna keep the name for this season up and they're gonna have once again in new ownership team in place they're definitely gonna change that name. And honestly policies they should you know you know give that give. Or upload a different identity. And the identity that they have right now it's open or I mean really -- the war and it needs to change and and you know what hospitals can handle two. Choose soccer franchises they've they've really count but they need to distancing. Themselves from from cheap costs totally. -- it was a -- -- -- getting worse and it's and it's out because because again I think he would be intention originally was. That Dubai this franchise and they would become a powerhouse like what they are in the Mexican League while it didn't work out that would then it became -- That I -- straight into the -- like I said he got. If god really yelled to the point of it is used to work -- -- -- -- the political work to -- their racist. Yeah that's notes I think that's appropriate. You know I do I mean when you go down that road in any sport. It's it's disgusting to me and -- and that's why I'm so glad that the other MLS it is taken back -- this club. I've got eighty dollars in Marleau right now what you got. My accident actually we've not I have this thing. Took a -- which -- 260 dollars or trying put in the bid. No ill effects. And I'm proud it all out about there's been. Some interesting moves lately. Sporting KC made a move with the revs up -- still to win their first round -- Did a decent player back who who. Struggled to -- has cut her losses spot on the national team lost a spot in Kansas City but. Is is pretty good players still hear it are you optimistic forum this year with the revs. Absolutely I think it's a perfect situation for the -- above board to come here. And I've watched him before and again with was sporting KC they've really have a great team and and you know again they can afford to make this smoked. And this is actually you know again -- I've heard the reds. Beat you know again that it wrist bands or are. Haven't been happy over the years and of other team has dealt with the organization. -- -- has built on the excuse to build the organization but I will tell you this they are doing at the right way. And this is a piece to -- if you think about it they got you know they've really did some nice things in the super drop. They -- some young talent. A striker and someone that could also possibly play midfield and striker. And then you're adding a proven striker yes I'm gonna say he's a proven striker. He has potential to be a really excellent striker -- right now right now he has justice striker but -- it -- you can do and and he's going to talk -- situation when you have young players -- arguing Kelyn Rowe. And someone like Diego would go and doesn't and we win and then and then you're now going to be that guy. I think it will flourish in this opportunity heading -- the great opportunities and it's gonna happen that you embargo there as well I mean. I think it's a great move for the plan and put -- organization the fans I think -- win win win. So we've got another big move. And my new second favorite team and analysts Toronto FC. You know who I'm talking about. All -- which wonder they're got a couple well -- just got to goalkeeper. The Brazilian legend. All are beyond studio was not aware that I'd I'd just on now. It's just -- across screens the lights I tried to contain mess hopefully it's a -- that. Julio -- pop up. I'd -- I don't know I know you're gonna say they -- among loans and CPR while. Why I kind of love what they're doing because it's the analysts I wanna see more players like that come here and right bombs -- Diego for a one. Decide to go to the J. League instead which really bummed me out by. What the host Toronto doing here there's going for broke right off -- They're going forward. Their -- sport was and they have a great fan base up there in Toronto they they aren't they are gold port. -- typical these cold weather cities having great fan bases for soccer I don't know. We gotta admit we don't have a great fan base for soccer here not yet it's pretty good. Pretty good it's not as bad as it's made out to be done. And it ended. It would be perceived better if they had their own soccer statement filling it out yes where is when you're playing at -- you can't you can't -- and -- It just looks worse than it actually has pluses and Foxboro and for those humorless and from around here know that it's pain in the ass to get to Foxboro. So. But there's been some other analyst move the team in Miami headed up by David Beckham. Appears to be ago. Their dynamic teams are gonna have another shot in Miami it's the second shot for those -- don't know the Miami fusion were there. They drafted Jay heaps. He played there they folded. As a couldn't get anyone to go just like every other Miami sport knicks basketball right now. And and there's a couple of their names that cities in the mix for more expansion I just heard Atlanta and you've talked about Minneapolis in the house. You -- I mean OK we've got the new team in New York Orlando and Miami. How far they -- ago. I think you know -- -- Orlando four or. When is different than mine I think Orlando can actually be okay. Because because I think that there is a passion for I guess you could face Central Florida. What do you mean you know along -- northern Florida. I don't think that's is that I think I pick up a window can work. Miami now. I'm on record to say David Beckham admitted Wednesday. I I think so too yeah. That -- you made a mistake because. It's such a transient area where where everyone is from some other place along with -- Atlanta that's why Atlanta's not a duplication. There's. Good and I would tell you an area of the country that MLS is missing and and they're making. On the state MLS needs more clubs in India midwest. Why not Minneapolis I've said it was Saint Louis is an incredible area for soccer. These -- -- -- dealt with law. To have MLS franchises. Well Minneapolis has the team in the I guess the NAS outright so and they're the most successful team in the NSO. I just think about -- about. Why not -- you why don't they create a system similar to almost every other Major League. And teams can bounce back and forth it it's exciting in American fans don't get that and have never really experienced that before. It would be the equivalent of Tripoli team winning the I don't know International League talked to Red Sox winning the international channels and they're in the MLB and the Miami. One bedroom like Florida Marlins. Suck so bad that they get relegated. I then I would love to see relegation. I would love to see them might merge -- -- With a lower league and then creates something you know again I think I I actually thicker I think would work I do -- it it it could work. I don't think it's gonna happen but I wouldn't want to see it. And again all of it would do is it would involve more people into into the game it it it would get more and bases -- ball. If they know that there SA affiliated with them now last you can call it an analyst who if you wanted to. Okay I'm I'm I'm I'm discussing an example. And then you would have three teams bounce back and forth it would I'm telling you it would be I think personally I could be huge success. I got you off or are gonna happen but -- I'd be -- It wouldn't happen but it would also put pressure on those. The three worst teams in the MO us to do something to say away from there and puts more pressure on to make moves and bring people. -- call it it would -- it would it would benefit. Almost means it would like he said it is it would it would increase interest -- really what because again at the end of this season wasn't. I can I could speak from personal. Situation now that I deal with reform over twenty -- -- -- last in the Barclays merely there's a serious threat that could be relegated. And I have to tell you that my shell has never been as popular as it is right now. That's how it goes OK welcome the business. Okay it's it is incredibly popular right now might might might listeners -- double. Since they actually got into the relegation zone and part of that is because again you feel the threat. Dance one more information on their two and a lot more talk about their team I'm telling you they actually put relegation. You know into the MLS by outing. Like merging with another week telling you it it would be fantastic you have more franchises that would benefit from a I -- But it. But then. You and -- are unfortunately. A minority voice and like you said and we put -- 160 bucks and to try to fire away and but I I don't think it's gonna work. I don't think so is there maybe if I hit the the next powerball. Tomorrow have a real cumbersome -- Then then before we move up in this. I wanna give you a little bit about it go forward and I'm actually happy that he's not coming in -- -- -- the -- up nightmares of the legal or. OK I literally have nightmares. Of the inaugural league final between. Between Fulton and and atletico Madrid he scored the winning goal. In extra time in -- and -- I wanna say it was like five or six minutes to go it would have gone to Celtic -- someone -- my agent until picnic. And Diego for a -- scored the winning goal I've never forgiven for. -- -- -- -- -- You know I -- younger. Oh man oh man imagine how good the team would -- their national team up. Lou Suarez am -- god. Mrs. circling back to David Beckham in Miami for a quick second is -- things it's been talked about it is he's going to the USG. And asking them for funding. That could help if he pulls that off and they are supporting. The Miami based team. That could work for them up that could help them 'cause the only goal to win that -- lame team will survive is -- they put on a good product immediately. And a team that can contend. And united -- that would help them. Put butts in the seats but. -- view that is the only option if they kind of come out the gates and stink it sunk in the water they'll never be popular. That's just -- thought. Now that's actually that's such an urgent way to look at it because again. Miami game Miami you know I hate to -- you know again but they get back and Beckham knows what he's doing but. But I will say this to keep my notebook from soccer perspective about living in this country my whole -- in the out and that is just a market. That just does not work for sports it just it just doesn't look at the Miami Dolphins in Miami Dolphins -- and even struggled to it to sell unused. Does not believe their fans. Are they believe their thing. -- -- -- -- But -- get back to back up again. If he's gonna make a deal with PSG eight and they're going to be -- -- -- Some talent that's all on the -- And basically can be like Peter's system yet that it that it potentially -- Blood it's still. It might be better than that but our people go -- ago. Are people gonna go up are -- -- have to say like like say hey we're going to have brought up a special night -- a lot done it being. I can -- -- immigrants rights whatever the cause is gonna come just to -- on its flaws slot Sunday. And he just going to be in the audience you know just to get just to get people in the seats not -- a player but he's just gonna show a lot. I mean you know again. I can't imagine. I I find it very hard to see how Miami's little work but I think it's a wasted time. I do too it's one of those cities like you said it's a very heavy transplant city. And when you really break it down by the demographics. Where they're -- coming from. Especially that the I don't wanna sound crass here but the foreigners that come and immigrate to Miami up they're not really coming from soccer rich countries. Plumber coming from. Caribbean countries that soccer's not soccer's second to baseball down there. So it's not like a lot of Merck coming from Mexico where soccer is big big sport. It's baseball and baseball doesn't do well done there and -- and basketball those posters. LeBron. And their winning. So I think that does make a mistake for that but I think he just wants a live to Miami. Night life and do whatever he does. He is awesome so markets -- done. No listen listen I understand that in. You know like it's at my coupled global connection with the -- is because Brooklyn placed at the end of fifty and and I don't know -- one obstacle gonna last but the Brooklyn Beckham is actually in the -- academy which is kind of what and you know losses in the academy of what this is funny. We're talking about a while my out. One by clicking on the special one special one son is actually a goalkeeper. In the off on the count me as well. Pop up that well you would think that. You would have thought that you'll put him in the you put a bit in the Chelsea -- but no he actually put him in the -- -- -- as -- we -- yeah he's a weird dude. This is clearly a very good coach manager however don't put it up but he has strange. Who who -- Blood and I don't. And I'm just telling because I've talked to some people that that actually elect has said that. Not just fans of a shelter but but our ball which also and I'm telling you people wanted. There's no question about it eleven -- -- being that the more. When he left it talked about his. It is is pressures and and almost -- -- easily usable what character that -- -- weird guy but he gets results. If you. And analysts and and you don't really follow the deal at all. Check out -- social experiences. Especially want check amount. He pay debts he's a self appointed not a what are especially one that's the first thing. Also I'm not gotten there to says a great fruits. So we get some news this week about Landon Donovan and I think it was pretty much it had to been obvious -- anyone who's been paying attention. He's announced this will be his last World Cup right. He's already 3334. There's no way used and do this -- at 3738 years old. Is quality of play has slipped but not a lot he's still an excellent player so the best American player I would say right now. Do you see. Them putting together around here they didn't bring a lot of the American players back from Europe up and they're kind of playing altogether again. Do you see this as kind of a master plan to build up the men's national team for the World Cup push. -- original polish crap out of my -- No no no no listen you know -- and I've been given this is a good amount of thought components or topic is because this could amount of talent young talent. Really be in non you know let's start to come together with the US men's national team. Armed but -- you looking for superstar talent. I'm a little concerned about a couple of law. The all older players and at all and public Donovan in that category Donovan is still probably like you said the best American player. And I've while watching and content like he's not a pleasant on -- or about. Let's try to play Tom -- that's Clint Dempsey. -- it definitely has been at -- for almost two months now then and I you know again I I get to watch Clinton's. And up I just hope that he's just not still always that because he looks extremely well. And we expected something from dancing in this period in -- basically give informed. Nothing. And every time I watch and he just is not quite the same wire. You know I can't and we start -- dealt with with Seattle. And you know again that was. Don't result pushed off to injuries I'm worried award at this point it is this -- density as a hopeful raw. I hope it turns back into the plant -- that I remember because I haven't seen it yet. And he has two more matches -- form and may be under new manager will see it again. But the one thing and that concerns me about density. Is is that fact that he looks well. -- you looked as if everything works well and I used to seeing out. Well he's we have memories aren't as young as we think he has because he's applying for very long time and he didn't he continues to joining me. So. It eases up on that steep. Downturn real quick right now I. -- sad. Was that it would be set because I don't wanna see his career. And -- -- I actually rescued and well in Seattle lost in two -- -- and honestly do. Policy and do well and you know again I was not happy how it left on but I was actually excited out and come back. And he just hasn't you know. Ally I've watched a great deal vote and he just didn't look like the same placards it's. -- it's been tough to watch you know because because they've really needed and now -- this is a time where. We're Clint Dempsey really an opportunity. To really make a difference. And I'm just hoping that it really -- fitness -- with. Now you know get back in the fitness but he hasn't lost to because I can't I can't imagine you lost to Jack -- Thank you guys for listening to another edition of these soccer cast I'm your hosts young Ben. As always my. Air quotes co host. Ross Goldman thank you for joining me to respiratory failure to order. Sure you can find it brought some to -- Goldman on Twitter you can also follow Connors talk please do. And I'm also part of of the new network are -- as part of a new network called the soccer yes network. And I believe on the Twitter account is the soccer -- told that they action have a great web -- check it out and that's where you can find me right now that. Fantastic -- all these assaults d.s fault. Default. Russ thank you very much for joining me I really appreciate were gonna talk very soon. Get more into as the champions league keeps unfolding will keep talking to you guys will -- news and updates as we can. And we we want your feedback so tweet at me -- Ross -- underscore Goldman time. Young Ben WEEI. Hit us up on Twitter would love to get your comments and your feedback and let us know if you like us hate us if you hit -- just be funny about it for just mean them -- one project place that's so coast. Thank you guys for listening to another edition of the WEEI. Soccer test.

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