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Feb 22, 2014|

Mike Parente is in studio for John & Scott who are travelling with NCAABB. Alex Speier joins us in Hour 1 with a spring training report from Ft Myers on all things Red Sox.

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Local school. -- 7371287. Sports Radio One through seven F yeah. We got a chance you know that this is a great risk reward signing Grady Sizemore if he's able to stay healthy which we feel a medical staff will keep -- field. This is got a chance we -- sort. -- Welcome back to go -- -- -- -- like Britney filling in for Scott Ford as she and John wrote both on assignment in college basketball action but right now we have some baseball talk finally. That's a great sign with the icy road conditions you can actually -- baseball we know it's just around -- quarter. Red Sox of course are in Fort Myers continuing spring training this weekend. A lot of talk about David Ortiz contract extension and whatnot and of course how the Red Sox defend their world title. Not a lot of new faces yesterday brought back mainly the scene -- last year's world title team not to many new parts but. Where resolve portal probably assembled in nicely John Farrell in his second year managing taken over three typical path to talk to repeat any sport. It's particularly tough for baseball with the way that salary cap with a lack thereof works the Yankees of course went on a big spending spree according to -- feels -- -- and -- hero not. The list goes on the keys -- trying to. Chase the Red Sox is already this trash talk back and forth believe it -- -- can you imagine that the Yankees or Red Sox top international one another. Never that I see that in my day. Well right now joining us on the line to talk more Red Sox baseball he's on location in Fort Myers joining us -- much nicer climate that we have up here from WEEI dot com Aleks Maric joining us -- sounds good morning. The year yes sir how we will. Not too bad how's it down there in Fort Myers right now. I get there are critically. Abilities. I'll be announced that makes us feel a little bit better. Yeah with the ice on the road. -- Arctic constellation and -- About the road or in the. I don't believe that for a second but we do they get the call and joining us and of course the big story coming out of camp thus far David Ortiz the contract extension what should the Red Sox do. A lot of people have different takes on -- what's your take on the whole situation. Well I think they're certainly the Red -- are doing it right you're right you is Frederick and -- the -- You know keep this franchise like unhappy and really you know that the opportunity for them. Of what would all -- is. And wreck could well play well on out as much and Jon Lester lauded -- -- what they. That he's willing to take less money in order they were the Red -- That's essentially what David Ortiz is once again -- Their -- if he were to get the open market that he would -- market pressures would Wear Red Sox. You know be compatible with any other -- and any other offers out there. In one general manager. Or what what executive of another team -- that report is appropriate right now he would've been in line or. You know years eighteen million a year if you're wearing -- you're. Or he'd been ordered them or in -- verdict Spansion. Of a point here roughly. If he's going about it in. Are under our contract. -- -- at a market and especially if there you know especially -- an option in the bill spin. Perhaps one in the form perhaps wondered about the more you. 200 in the late field expected. Kind of kind of are -- option. I mean and median RE -- it would be were eating vesting option. Based on how but you know -- it would afford the -- -- Parity going forward and you know give them that. Alex spear WTI dot com joining us and you can join us as well fault lines are open 4017371287. The text line is 37937. So -- seems that way saying despite what the fans might think and the fans look at and say you know it's such a contract you know you've signed two years you agreed to which is played out. -- from the way you're saying it seems like he's kinda getting a bum rap because even though he's asking for the extension he may be taken less money that he could get it he worked -- -- That is correct and look at what David -- -- Basically. An entire career. That expansion at work you know rather -- doing all market value when Hewitt. The in at the beginning of the or. But -- commanders on offensively. A two year contract he pension. From the Red -- Or perish or if you averaging. Million. Bitumen a loss announcement second. You still there Alex. Was on the line but we had a little bit I think oh -- here we go are we got to -- -- it was the second out through talking about Ortiz go on I apologize. Spent that entire career taking below market contract with the Red Sox. But he agreed before the deal expire -- that it would that year deal for very short money back at the back in there. Which prompted an executive earned him the space and they should be fired for -- -- Europe where that -- prime. Even a warrior chin. When you're one of the top let's -- three hitters in all of Major League Baseball that was well below what market value -- -- In -- would have that option he's. He's never you know you really never Wear the red dot. In any kind of financial arrest. I think or is it or they -- get. That characterize in terms of we're in negotiations. Terms of money I do agree but there's also the ATP the issue about his age he is 38 and you don't wanna get locked up too long term at a player in his late thirties you know from your standpoint. How much all the minorities continue to play an elite level -- Necessarily anticipated drop off between thirty and 39 -- are getting into the forties are still produce at that level. -- -- -- There are you know there are it would it would -- and out. -- -- quote here he only got -- your pension is whether or not there would be that -- opera 3839. Point out. -- reality here. It some point they're going to be a decline. Whatever it is gradual kind of like it was Chipper Jones in the -- or if it -- that based on injury. Like Derek Jeter. Has experienced in the last year we aren't short but in reality that -- -- in one bring up. Even if there are -- drop off. At the icon player if you want playing you go into game. That I mean the most dramatic example that is impact or effect you which is. Basically didn't play last year there are real about whether or not it would be able to be a productive big -- at all year specially. You know whether or not going to be able to handle the demand shortstop for or you could ever again. You play that game last year and he had -- what you're twelve million dollar contract though. The going rate. For print icon. Who have no reforming -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that's -- -- They're what they're paid their reality but it is in marketplace which it. It -- or print icon -- it would -- our team have more value that he then they would on the open market. That report you productive. They would bill and then he would -- And terrible. Considerable value on the open market where you get a scenario where one year in fifty million dollar interpret and market. They mentioned Derek Jeter coming back this year to last year's injury of course never talk Red Sox don't walk in New York Yankees. Some shots fired in recent days Larry -- team -- talked about the Red Sox and yankees being different animals -- was being shot back kind of interesting back and forth there. And I was -- -- in -- -- on it because the way he referenced that it's not about the Red Sox signing players have big money they signed a lot of players too small deals. At the same time out some kind of torn on that because with the Red Sox did going -- last year I still feel lake not a lot of the teams can do you know -- I mean like. Not a lot of teams go out there and sign sixers having guys had the flexibility to do it. Even if there's small. You know one or two years deals with your opinion on that. I think think your point is very valid at the red start at eight on a financial flexibility let your which you even ever would have. In -- and that using it all. That dedicating all of the shorter term deal. And of meat market. So investing you know thirteen million dollar and in a few different guys -- have been investing 25 dollars. In in kind of a a -- So I. -- I think. You know getting -- There's a different operating on the game you are going after the after the high and appropriate market because. But there let consequence of them -- -- on one of those guys I think in and their -- Where as we all the Red Sox were so -- Crawford and Adrian Gonzales. -- pick -- -- for them having. Having a bad you know record contract. -- There are fairly well in you know potentially crippling and so you know there there -- Clearly different in terms of how the team they're operating what they're -- But it would be. Be -- patient at the Red Sox. Don't have just. Last question -- US let's go the Yankees didn't make a lot of moves Jacoby Ellsbury is on board Brian -- -- -- it's not. What's your take on the American League east and how it's gonna unfold in 2014. Well it's really interesting -- -- again have kind of doubled down on their model where you have really done after. The big market model but they are really shallow -- bury all there and do it could be really bad I mean. You look at the organization have the deepest talent. Paper. It means that the Red Sox rays. With the Yankees. You know with the Yankees IE you know cute skirt you know if if everything goes right for you they actually -- -- if things go bad in terms of their health and -- really off the rails in the playoffs. I think it the variability is greater. That being a I would -- the Red Sox rays. Have a greater likelihood it would MBL inspecting all three in -- -- -- -- contender I would be surprised if any of them ended up winning the division. Alex beer and a few -- dot com Alex thank you for joining us they wondered what -- and stay out of the bodies won't talk to you soon. All right take you out there. One of the busiest. Online diverted to -- of the UPI dot com you can read him every day he's in Fort Myers reporting live from the clubhouse day in de alta Iowa. Alex's take on David Ortiz really got that excellent. My goodness we've got three sport excellence coming in just when Els -- on the local school it's called for a -- 417371287. -- Radio One through seven FM my.

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