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Mike Eruzione, USA gold medalist: On Team USA v. Canada

Feb 21, 2014|

Eruzione joins the show prior to USA Canada to talk about the game and how talented both teams are.

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34 years ago tomorrow. February 22 1980. -- -- -- with a huge goal and lot of Olympic fans getting very excited for today's game US and Canada half hour from now you hear -- -- 937 WEEI nice enough that. Take a few minutes on this huge day for hockey huge day for United States' huge day for the Olympics. Is like a -- Leone -- like it's like you Christian a Boston power you. I'm doing Great Britain fully into the scene you my wife is that the greatest athletes in the world. And she hit some talk that you and the Fulton and all right of who you Gretzky and you know elderly Michael Bush. Really an -- intimate. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey all right -- made my day right now no but that's the same way about a year. Even know what it. Well we're gonna see some athletes that take the ice here and a half hour Mike I wanna get your thoughts. On team USA what you thought going in did you do you view them as they realistic gold medal team at. Ongoing it's the tournament how they played in your rise in these first four games. It is absolutely no question that thought they can win the gold medal be one of the best -- as well -- that we hockey players in the world are coming up in the State Council. I'll no doubt I think it would not like I didn't think it'll. It is an out of -- and it won't put pressure is gonna win the gold medal but this. He looked completely put together with the opportunity to witness in Munich and according to cool. And they used ten players from that team that playing on this particular team so they've got the experience that get great chemistry I think it's -- better than any team in the tournament right now. So yes I I thought that he had a great chance to win and I I think at the egregious with the epic there slight favorite to. Yet I agree with you might look like for you this time a year as possibly two day mean. You know you hear that the sound coming out of the replay from 1980 but what are you most is you have on a day like this. You know like I get excited are you excited because I've been here and excited for our athletes competing in particular did yesterday without women. Our broken after -- yesterday but. I think a total of being you relate to the players accumulate the athletes that train it works of art for this. Magical moment and and that. It's time in my life that just sit here and a lot I was part of that I was part of that. That match at the the honor of representing your country on the putting on the Jersey -- USA across the front and and we do we we represent our country not what I think makes -- Olympic Games specialists not. Boston patriots vs the -- Super Bowl game this country in and I get that excitement that creek killing only a part of that. Let it it would you were part of that like the amateur status was an important part of that in 1980 now with the NHL players that are playing in these games. Do you feel differently about these Olympics now since the NHL is allowed their players step to start playing again representing their country in the Olympics. No I don't feel differently at all I know some of the players. And I want to see him perform and represent our country com and represent USA hockey shall. It doesn't matter to me once that aptly put that shared on that they're they represent us and and I'm rooting for them I I always tell people not the Miami -- seventy so we want gold medal we want to show the world how are we come sport of hockey I don't think. -- -- Sports. Nobody is made it bigger jump. And the US hockey since 1980 we are now like an early favorite to win tournaments are -- and -- and -- women are June 18 favored to win. And the growth of these incredible. Like giving your takeaway that's -- we talk any brick we seem to say the same thing the other day when he was here in studio what. What has been as beside -- game began jumping off point for a lot of kids -- play hockey look but I just got to watch year. What do you think has been the reason that the US is in the program has made such elite since then. Well I've always felt the best athletes in the world of the United States and now we have more athletes playing -- you look at some of the college rosters Canadian at allied. We -- players from California Arizona Florida -- We know that players signals are in the country you look at the US roster. I'm unfortunately eagle at two layers on which is very disappointing me although they were and -- on the winning team. But the growth of hockey. Across the border crossed the border rather has not continue to develop these players and I think that's what is. -- -- -- we just you tuck -- before. Mondesi questioned by. NHL players in the Olympics I know you don't care you know whose plan but would you like to see the amateurs take over again just to. Kinda reminiscent you know it in and and Steve they can pull it off. I would like to see him do it based on the deterrent in itself I mean at -- US team as well as the Canadian team. They they practiced for apathy. And then the eagle and you know and they compete. I'll be -- we trained for six months practicing we became the team is very difficult to come together and short period of time in the tournament like this. -- adjustment in the big sheet of ice. I don't think people in the country realize it's a totally different game when you -- -- a big advantage in the big sheet Beisel. I think Procter and immature players we have six months streaming at six months -- at six months of putting -- format -- program or -- together. England beat sheet of ice and we're very successful at it. And Europe machines all the great European Norman. Heatley. Caught in 1980 none of the morning so actually it was basically Canadian League with a couple of Americans so. I think right now a lot more level. Libyan program that was in 1980 so I would like to go back it up because I think which we'll get back in enjoyment watching -- -- -- compete. We're talking Olympic hero Michael -- the only guys that the Jonas was PH is set for US. And Canada act. You're talking about the US team Mike since the NHL players that have been allowed to play I feel like there's been. A change of the the first couple years over the first year particular was OK let's get the best. Players we cannot get the at the top goal scores lectures yup altogether I feel like now this team a particular Max factor ready stat. That's -- legit fourth line go up there and do things that normally you wouldn't expect. An Olympic line to do do you see that the way this team has built the built more like a team and not just a bunch of all starts. I I agree a 100% I think this team was built with certain people including PTA Oceanic simple. They knew going unit they had Amish docking which is very possible. One of the best National Hockey League feeling. I'm -- -- essentially. Keep the -- I'll off the -- You know I thought should have been on this game but they were looking for particular defenseman Chris I don't -- it they water the teams like. And and that's what they've -- they've put team together and not a group of individual players that you know what we're shall cost art. Yet talk -- TJ OC real quick what makes him so good at it in the Chicago what is it about him that's. You know Monday is -- something that you see when you watched him conduct in a stroll up parents' -- you gradually randomly look for a shot at an annual what do you think it is. It it's obviously first things first he's got unbelievable confidence in what he does. And use -- variety and moved see you didn't do the same thing. Every -- and I thought that comment after the industry and somebody -- if he had legal illegal I'm glad I didn't. Turn to rain on the move. What you saw that these -- confidence in that little smirk and -- Who smiled at the end and he said he was nervous underneath I believe that every -- a little nervous but yet you know he's got that. That it factor that kept making. You know our coach Baldwin should keep sending him out there. When you look at this game today Mike what what do you look at it two or three biggest keys if -- if team USA is going to win and advance to a gold medal game. How do you view of the three biggest keys for them. -- -- go back to College Hockey Jack Parker Cotto said. Don't call it cocky call it goalie. And you get in the game like this it's gonna come down -- goaltending is try our quick. And make the big city it would need to be made because you don't it can be scoring opportunities. That -- and it won the goaltender I think to the United States. Doesn't want to get into shoot out there don't wanna get into high scoring game thinking and it might have a little more fight our front. And in Korea. It can't break out and they haven't you know scored a lot of goals in the US after. And and you wonder when Sidney Crosby and break away or -- he's -- -- -- -- so I think those -- things I -- -- Clearly I think a win this game against -- really ignited -- like it work based on how they are playing burst out in the -- going to. We saw the other day in the women's game that packaging -- quickly. So what went when Russia was knocked out of turn it did a little -- of -- just kind of like were you a bombed out just a little bit that they did that America's gonna get a second chance of being a bottom. You know I would -- you actually played in the gold medal game like great way to win another gold medal in Russia and united -- But you know what the -- in the -- -- they have four players who. We're nowhere to be found in the -- I think again that. What we talked about earlier this US team was put together. They'll put together with the mindset of the team India and Russia lost. Eight. I didn't think that one of the top fourteen anyway but he's not always worry about in terms like this and it could be in the final. Sweden Sweden is so good and really go to the beach site. So whoever wins this scheme is gonna have a real challenge at it and try to be sweet when this thing. In my do you have any relationship with and either Russian hockey player from -- -- you guys talking how does that work every day and all you know pictures have probably cooled but is there any relation with any of those guys. -- -- -- -- I got a full concert on Gloria I'll be real -- and I'm yet but I got a phone call he has gone from a Alexi cat on a great sense -- the solely to lose in New Jersey play the doubles and. He called me up a few years Indonesia -- we have many Soviet lately in the united its weekly an exhibition game. Is still eighteen virtually US team and we all accept it you know I don't play hockey anymore and most -- teammates don't let me find out -- Jack Elliott. Check out some boy do you guys that launch title in. -- jacked up and I. When opening two minutes apart injection is eagerly column back until -- we beat him once were not playing him again -- so I called back and -- -- you know we don't we're talking more so we're not interest in what we're happy golfers. I should want to fight city golf tour would make some money to charity made a lot make a few blocks the -- -- in his apartment yet we don't play golf. -- That was my last conversation was Soviet player like -- make. Some of my teammate played with some of these players when they finally allowed and over this country to play. And -- actually did talk about it's like it never happened. While that's interstate got a 34 years tomorrow Michael B that the latest anniversary will you. Is there a get together do you call all the guys on that day we celebrate your own way every year at this time for -- 22. I'm open to being on the first -- in -- tomorrow and I'll go to Florida for a week with my wife and my kids my drinking is enough. Obviously we enjoyed the day and and not look forward to Sunday morning watching the US team. Compete hopefully gold medal that -- -- I'll probably call a couple of guys just see what happened but. I think for the most part in the 1980s and enjoy the day at another day and I like are we watch the game today Mike. On that my body director -- on -- -- -- by about ten guys come and I'm gonna sit here and have a little lunch and watching it. Well it was it was a very gracious the wanna -- this to give us some time we appreciate it enjoy the weekend in. Hit that first drive straight off the tee tomorrow in Jupiter and look for talking down the road. Will be -- and happy and resentment lights in the it'll be. Obviously not says hello thank you for the support. It that your bank -- I bet thank you might that is Olympic hero Mike or is the only. I joining us cities predicted team USA to win and a place Sweden on Sonny what do Greek talk -- that's if the stories that's rummage that it. I've read we know he can break down that you know the game USA Canada we've been doing and all week. You know you keep your body it's it's those these -- talk to those Russians appear to -- if they're coming out ahead as we don't play gullible we don't we don't play hockey anymore. Great stuff coming up. What Joe's our -- does best we get to pumped up for this game with a USA compilation little montage get you fired up and that it. US and Canada at -- right here 93 point seven WEEI.

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