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David Ortiz doesn't want to hear radio trash talk

Feb 20, 2014|

David Ortiz and his contract campaign have worn down Dino, Gerry and Kirk...

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Date -- Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training. It is jetBlue park three things on my mind to sporting number one. Meet broke even as we speak is seeking the help of a doctor for an erection lasting long four hours number two hey David Ortiz nobody hates David Ortiz. And -- -- -- and and number three you've you've got to hate me for say in this. I surrender I wave the white flag I give up give the man his money I have gone over to the dark side not because I think. Not because I think he'll go somewhere else not because I think it makes good business and which would Gordon needs has available to an insulator. It's because it will be the topic for ever right up until the time that John Henry does and he will. Give the man his money it's all we talked about down here until John Henry says I've had enough it's going to be just distractions we are done. So you have tapped I tell -- -- -- -- are -- I -- Louise -- I gave up I -- I surrendered to device asylum did I don't -- I'm close to declaring this the second greatest PRK approval and the greatest being gay marriage where they just -- people down as you know got it up or -- I got up we -- In this case. I'm not there yet but I'm close to stand in the -- and -- and has. I don't wanna talk about it I don't want to be -- anymore I don't wanna date me eat up and he's gonna do it anyway from John -- going to do it got a little. And there's no reason for and do other than he loves wealthy Andes and and and poppy has warning. -- an assault that. That's the ultimate the squeaky wheel gets the oil at some point you -- figure you're just. Exhausted of hearing the screeching in the yelling in the edit data so we got the big long term contract yeah disgrace yourself and haters gonna hate but out here that -- Yeah I'm stuck to him orderly and these I understand. The logic in its working but does he really think anybody and I. -- guy who has the haters. I correctly include top rate maniacal Bobby or right. Mean I don't know anyone who -- the man you know I -- always talking about I know what he thinks he's talking about but those people don't hate Ortiz. They hate the idea of the Red Sox which -- giveaway that money because I hate that. It just doesn't make any business it's always who aides David Ortiz boss who. -- absolutely no secret that the proof that nobody does is because everybody gets on his side for something that makes so little sense right if they didn't let him forget hate him if they didn't love him like. Like like. What -- like a sunrise in Florida. People there would be people who work. Who would get angry with him who would say he's greedy he's he's he says people work what listen here's what David Ortiz had to say about the radio haters out there. I'd -- a lot of them. All of them -- you talk. A great show whatever. They always like to -- with a two swallow and talk trash -- -- and and before you do that. And it's an all you on October -- Talk trash fairness to Ortiz he does let -- begin listening Douglas we saw yesterday after documentaries that -- on the what's the thought well I don't alright -- an extra bit. Blitzer. That's the Boston bullets and got a couple of ask the answer the question Turks wouldn't be. I was in deep trouble clearly done I'm telling you could have. David Ortiz Tom Brady Larry Bird love your walk from -- you'll allow me all those -- Taurus but you could walk from somewhere at the Burlington mall yeah. Where locals and nobody will bring more smiles to faces and they know won't get more peoples and we'd love you poppy. He brings joy out of people it's it's it's the exact opposite of hate they love him they just adored him we all we all. And I guess. I understood it was -- because it's gonna work out. In a week when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe bring game of the opinion twister took it and it. Don't want -- to -- that it dude who would I don't know about that and that it occurred in. In the media would nude twister Dave Ortiz would that be the ultimate and be fighting. To be the one you that would be would you talk to a top of -- yes yes you -- two hours all season -- last October. He's gonna give this money one of the next guy whoever that is is gonna look at that say. That's how you get money for an often -- It's giving his account that that that argument doesn't work for anybody that drinking -- -- said that about Pedro has been closed on this right. I mean currently less would work for Lester. Now no no no no no no he's the up someday the bottom -- app. Absolute singular individual who has crafted this personality who has crafted this image that is bigger than life he continued doing that yesterday after the press conference winning -- an altercation. We Shaughnessy in the locker he came outside signed autographs for old guy. Gave him a hug and said you're look at public probably after the -- lately that's David Ortiz. At his best -- yeah. -- a there are just walking around this place -- tedious you know the mayor he's the king he's. You know that the most popular guy out there right -- hanging around like Carmine Toledo when. An American hostile everybody loves -- and the rule like so. Faces light up when he walked by so it's good that he'll be happy. In -- no longer be hearing the haters in about a week and it would only have to talk about and I hope they waited weeks we're -- -- have to attend the Briscoe was just. I don't really wanna cupcake you know academic and delicate topic but people know how people in this city. Boston don't want this contract -- he talks with the radio people to assume eight people on the radio maybe between the two sports station yeah maybe right. And buck and Shaughnessy ten right. Who else but -- Don't want it yeah. -- -- fans they could still mean a 14% of people who signaled today that so nobody really took to the number of fans who think it's stupid but they won't mind if they'd like it would -- happy. And they like the thought of David do what he did last season for two more years. But the -- it is amazing it's like reading you know like don't look like Gordon -- everywhere it's like reading a business page we have some business. Writer and I'm not talking about the globe where everything's wrong I'm talking about reading a business writer like in The Herald and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and their analyzing stock and they say. I think it's optional. This is this wicked awesome and in the in the companies is just makes me smile. Gore's that this very. Little -- all the object objectivity just falls away when they talk about David Ortiz Bob Gordon. Needs ESPN boston.com who by the we will join us to -- five writes the following here's why the -- here's why the Boston Red Sox should give Dave Ortiz contract extension. It makes good business sense to do so now -- skip a paragraph to this. The Red Sox should extend Ortiz because they have never been any better financial position to do so. The industry is flush with cash. National TV revenues have taken a big spike in -- no quantifiable way anyway because on what he says because they have all this money they're flush was cast. Tell me if this is an apt analogy of walking down the street I find a hundred dollar bill on this on this row on the street. I pick it up I put my pocket. Liquid to the nearest convenience store I'd do it dead Lloyd Christmas does a gutless total hell if they have the big have a right and a bunch of stuff I don't think so I spent ninety bucks out of 400 I just found. And so -- but I don't -- -- Like when men and cleaned up at foxwoods and and blackjack yet they went Rummy goes high and give stores he meet -- -- went in there and and and blew it. It is that's in you feel like it's -- much. Real money. It is amazing Gordon needs one more level headed guys and he makes the case that they should spend the money because they have the money. It doesn't. They don't have to spend it -- no reason there's no sense of urgency but he says they should give -- here and gone a club option. Forcible. -- rookies. Doesn't know he's not want a club option. Is to say give me my money always says you suggest doing the Wakefield deal maybe. It just doesn't have -- the opposite Ortiz right and have leverage low yet for the production at the state option known as. Production after that World Series. And maybe he would agree to a club option casinos can be dumped into it so he knows probably won't play on but is he thinks he says. That people want it to go away they want him to retire because they ask him about retirement and he says why do they want me to retire. -- think -- nobody wants you to retire I've never heard anybody say that ever for five years. He says you know what they want me. Where's the crisis to a few different people why they want me to go away. Anybody want him just going anybody say this this is the suspect. Pedro Martinez take it to the next level jousting Windmills and inventing enemies and boogie men all that sort of stuff that does not exist but it just does not exist and it works -- worked on me seriously I want John Henry to get the money. -- I'll go with this what it's not my money you're right not what he just hands in the fifty minimally a hundred people the globe well guys will still be -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- of the big -- morale still the property you Ortiz is delusional or just line that's one of its own. It's neither it's -- I guess what -- a strong word but it's a tactic strategy and it works I mean it is a Smart strategy because within I mean maybe today maybe it's three -- agents in town it could be this weekend able. But it probably won't announce accelerated again it probably won't announce it because it would a fair idea of the luxury tax until opening day. Even though it took a year down the road yeah that that -- so that -- gets done the right break. And Courtney writes this and when that decline for David Ortiz finally comes which one day it will. You simply write off as the price of doing business. And you do it and you do it grateful that for more than a decade you had one of the greatest players ever to Wear uniform. So essentially this is a golden parachute right this is this is -- -- fifteen million dollar golden gold what. -- the anti Dempster it's it's money for nothing in these productive this year. We'll do the same thing next February -- will be sitting in to. It is a good job plus 1014. And he has one year left at fifteen he'll do the same thing because it worked in because he doesn't wanna be. Play you know the -- he wants instant she wants that golden parachute. You know what this question wasn't asked yesterday and an amateur I -- thought of it off on the spot. Hell I've been there but I want what David would say if someone asked David if they give you this extra fifteen million dollars today. And you go out and get injured in your career ends tomorrow. Would you let any qualms about taking that money -- -- -- you have any regret would you have any guilt there's the word I'm looking for. Which you have any guilt that they -- you thirty million dollars and you can't do anything for this team. What would you say he'd say well I feel bad and couldn't play at a competitive at a map. That's so asking David I'm asking you what you feel guilty taken thirty million dollars and never being in the batter's. Aux again I think we know it's not at all and you know your parents say it like he's earned a church writes -- -- his -- he has earned it and I would say you know. You get paid you know get paid for what you gonna do not yet done but they don't look he doesn't look that way he looks at it this way he. Won a World Series for this organization for its exploration. And what he made last year was not enough he's. I'll be right. Maybe went about what what. Value yeah that you have a chance to let it go walked around town the Red Sox I don't think John had really done there was -- sign this contract. That's life a year from now given Goodyear you can go around again. Maybe Texas the -- forty million BP executive fifteen night we'll find out now and that's I hear people media asked that they know answered that says it will who would pay him the answer is nobody else. Nobody will I am nobody wants to pay him no he's not going anywhere else. It's just. A game we play it's not going anywhere else we are going to just for a good. We're going to talk to Larry Lucchino tomorrow I don't know whether we yes Friday -- our Friday as Edwards tomorrow that is tomorrow and Thursday. He's time flies and haven't went yet we'll -- alert looking at tomorrow I'm not sure win if and when we're talking to John Henry but I would ask John Henry this. We and you'll give him this money as I know you going to do mr. Henry would you. Classify this as a public relations move. Would you classify this as oil and squeaky wheel or would you classify this as a -- rare yeah. For a guy that you worship and that the statute should be outside of Fenway Park sometime in the next to -- I mean. Don't we have John Henry talked about this yesterday and getting so much about it but he made it clear that it's gonna happen yet when you think about what somebody says tell me if there's any. But in his head to John Henry -- I think it's cut to zero I believe it's because -- talks about what David Ortiz means to this organization and that's going to be the -- that question it's it's an honorary. It's got to public relations move and that's oil in the squeaky wheel it's all of those things. You know he's meant so much to this franchise continuing on. For so long time he's helped carry us to three. World championships so. Minorities coming from he wants he wants to finish his career here and it and we should try to make that happen. You think Ortiz knows when -- -- we should try to make that happen pick Ortiz knows when they -- John and his birthers. No no John Henry knows Ortiz birthday yes yes yes. So that's the answer it's a lifetime achievement honoraria -- that was -- yes OK fine I'm a port yes fine and and I surrender just. Don't you think -- he retires he'll be on the payroll compatible but Porsche is the whatever nobody here opal you know -- will be in total he'll he'll be the latter day Johnny Pesky. He'll be 75 or eighty years old would be sitting on -- chair will be hit a funk goes to be he'll be the ambassadors what he will head of the good that it expects that are gonna throw this contract put them don't work out every night at W. -- I need to find that we make it like a hundred grand demanding under -- forty. The exit. But really good that it it is amazing how he can be. That much of -- malcontent. That love to. Below that level -- what comes from the this is where this week knows where this all comes from because he treats the media like that. It's not how does that all sick man myself but I mean but if -- -- but it. If you -- -- able -- recorded it right -- that's also oil changes and let's do this let's give the man his -- the reason all this good PR works threes and hugging all people works threes and smiling and saying. This is our -- and city works is because. He's extremely good at what -- got a little upset about six to -- that we know we have succeed you we know all that's what's so dumb we know is currently don't like I understand about my point is -- the stuff that he does very well outside of baseball works beaten -- baseball right that's OK I don't know. What else could say this is a bleep and city and do it and have the FCC commissioners okay -- -- -- -- -- think it's been notified I apologize I. Yeah it's obviously there aren't many guys -- again I would include. You know Tom Brady include. -- -- VO. Could drop F on the front of the family crowd in the middle of the Asian and it would just laughs suspect cute Shaughnessy writes today Ortiz Boston legend perhaps on par with Bob new York and Tom -- He writes not on the field but I -- they say is a figure where drivers -- probably right which is again a reflection of personality because the numbers don't make them radio or or bird. You know those guys are MVPs in mobile at first gulf he's not MVP he's not a hall of Famer yet. They certainly -- perform elective but but it is personalities. Outsized personality. Puts them on par. With those legends and it is much of a stretch to revisit what I just said that thirty years from now forty years from now that he'll be here and to be the ambassador although they'll. And his -- have to pay it. Issues -- Ortiz over the years this is this going to be it's going to be yet we don't be happy to pay a what when he's fifty cab is gonna be stuffy wants this he wants that this company but I don't think you'll have a wanna manage. The team or. Be hitting coach do you know she -- little lady takes over how outward so. Should we just waited it. Who misses -- this is Ortiz is that usually is going to the closets ethical questions go to the seller and by -- stuff and you know -- haven't -- she's got a new torched at Boston Globe are. 61777979837. Day number two -- and what Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training Gordon -- -- Boston will join -- that 705. Dodd David Ross Red Sox catcher at 805 and jacket you know Rondo has not been traded yet as twenty minute -- and yet that's 3 o'clock today at 3 o'clock o'clock deadline portrait I get an update here -- patriots the patriots. A trip to trinity a third round pick for Ray Rice. Surprising. I'm gonna play the role of whoever -- It. He criticized John Harbaugh put the culture. In Baltimore that way -- -- ballot check what would they say it's it's all bill's fault. He cultivated that that culture with these guys beat women. And murder people pour bleach and it's -- who allegedly -- -- -- -- proof of -- -- And not anymore and think about that video and if you haven't seen it just Google will pop -- -- a -- one it'll -- policy. Does something stand out to you about that video other than the -- disgusting nature of his unconscious girlfriend being dragged out of an elevator. And speaking about colleges need -- roles unconscious last night we'll talk with -- later in the all right guest. Lake Tribune from Syracuse they bring this on the road. He is seeking medical yes that's four hour erection this and by the way we have the numbers it's the biggest upset because that school history. Or close a close the biggest upset in the year we'll check -- Corel when oh win and he finally gets less.

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