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Stan Van Gundy: "Would be shocked" if a team gave two first rd picks for Rondo

Feb 18, 2014|

Stan Van Gundy joins the show to discuss the Celtics, what they can get for Rondo, and the hiring of Brad Stevens.

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I mention this one of our favorite characters in the in the NBA I can hear my NBC Sports Radio nice not to join us today talked. About the Celtics and about the trading deadline he is Stan Van Gundy stand it's -- Christian here Boston power you. We spent hours upon hours trying to figure out where Rajon Rondo fits in the NBA landscape a point guards stand you've coached against them. -- you -- -- we've seen recently seen as the comeback. Where do you rank where John among the point -- is the and that hop group. Of the opposition and the ambient. Yeah depending on the view that you put around him I think Rondo big war. They Chris Paul or Korean or Iranian rulers were only are currently more than those guys. You need to be. I've got as talent around him because he would not take great shooter is not equally. He's certainly capable score the ball but he's not a guy who can take over the game offensively on his own like -- -- yet. But if you putting around all pierce Ray Allen Kevin Garnett and his job is to control the tempo of the game. The Ctrl+Alt. And then -- -- -- the guys in their best spot shot. There's nobody better than Rondo well he's a hard guy to classify I think because he's very unique. I don't think he's got it deleted scenes without a lot of talent. But on a championship. Level team that as other really good players I think he's as good as any. So with that said coach psychics the -- coach Wright even -- not actually coaching. -- -- What would be a team that could utilize that would leave a guy like Rondo. Beckett he commanded beat that he sets that's missing for that team. In that had an interesting point because. If you look around I'm not sure that any of the contenders. Are really lacking. At that position to have a tremendous need. Or yeah. You know maybe the pacers would actually be the best bet. George Hill good player and a good shooter but certainly not a true point guard. Of the contenders he might sit back there but if you look at the other teams you look. Miami made me a bit. But I'm not sure -- -- gonna give up but not the idiom or even as a up I'm not sure there's a truly doubt airport contender. That makes sense for them to bring Rondo in. Or that they would happen up the Boston would watch it be really interesting to see what's gonna happen in my dad is state and bought him at least through the training bit. Us gonna ask you -- I'm not sure Danny age of shopping Campbell we know he listens that he and all calls the report is when teams call about Rondo. He suggested they would need to unprotected. First round picks if they were to deal him is that. Is that a fair price appeared opposing GM do you balk at that. I guy about 21 round picks for players got one year left on his deal after this year. I'm not sure anybody's gonna get -- -- I would be I would be shocked. If anybody would give them to unprotected first. For Rondo again. -- can make -- happen immediate you in this situation. Where you'd think guys that put you over the top we've got talented wing guys. Made it out on the inside. But not a point guard. Detroit may really -- it. You know so I'm not really bombs on the rest of their players into more of a setup guy and Brandon Jennings is you may be able to -- those guys. But I don't think they have more than a kick it anyway I'm not sure who else. They would want I just don't need. That kind of package for Rondo particularly. Right now. Win even though -- back it's hard to judge exactly where he is. -- injury -- as a weight. Great he hasn't been able to play back to back games -- -- really taken a gamble I don't think you're gonna do that with -- high draft. They coach went on a team starts. Basically. Leaving everyone open for negotiation in trades and they're trying to I guess billed as much equity as possible for the future. What does that become problematic when you start doing more harm than good as far as look into the future. But the question I expected bought the right now every guy on that roster understand that that where the Celtics are and that there's going to be all kinds of deals. And -- create problems that I I think exceeded this is just being from the outside. I thought coming out training camp. That he was really focused really -- in everything. That Brad Stevens wanted done competing hard every single night. But as the law and start the math is it hard and especially around the trading deadline because it. Both players note that the Celtics organization. Is not committed to -- long arms so why are they going to commit the way you. Did it seem to commit I don't think that he's played as well of late. But I do think that they detected trading deadline they're still good at that you'll see that -- that backed the plan more competitive about. Talked to Stan Van Gundy here among on NBC Sports Radio give me the 30000 foot view stand -- what you Seattle Brad Stevens -- a team is listening to him. I'll what do you think of him and his first year as coach for the Boston Celtics. But look at that -- outstanding I think it was a great hire. And I think it was the perfect situation for college -- -- in filled. In that he has yes I'm it would just not evaluating them one -- -- -- in year one. He's got to sign the -- -- in the lead. With just his philosophies that it believes -- is a very Smart very analytical guy. -- -- the players very well. I think he's done a great job late in games this year. In terms of the situation I'll stop I think think he's very good will continue to get better and where their focus is to -- is just put a good roster together. Let's talk about the east drew a quick stand over the Celtics is still a couple years away we all recognize that. Is there anybody outside of Indiana or Miami you give any chance to to be representing this conference of the NBA finals. Now that's absolutely not. You know that there's no one even -- even I can't even imagine what would happen at the trading deadline. -- changed that because. Eighteen dug up the other teams are not one peaceful way to pieces away there's just the way. And it feels like -- conference right now as those two stand great insight on the Celtics in the Eastern Conference appreciate the time we listen and view on NBC Sports Radio Stan thanks. I have got it Stan Van Gundy as.

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