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Anyone can win the bobsled

Feb 18, 2014|

The guys discussed the odd events in the Winter Olympics. Gerry said that anyone could medal in the bobsled as long as they could fit inside the sled.

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Jon Lester in the we'll get to Bode Miller picks him up yet and we'll revisit. Ryan Dempster in the fifth. We've got to get to. -- Dioner -- name is Maria and -- yeah. -- last name to remember it was you wouldn't think. The steps that should be put -- hooligans hooliganism. Thank you get for that you convicted of hooliganism it's I like that blasphemy. Because they were convicted of blasphemy in a country that. There's no -- no religion. -- I think they should have blasphemy in this country not so men and could be -- marred what -- one months learning what you want Butler to pass and you'd be you'd be locked up right now could be. Nagin roaches. And blogger who actually Bode Miller there a crawler. Yeah apparently. -- you are heartless to members of the punk band puts you right were detained today near the Olympics in downtown associate. Maria and now heads. And -- Were were arrested. She accused. On Twitter of the police using force during the arrest. They were also forced to testify whipped out an attorney. The duo were taken to a police station. They were in -- to carry out a pussy -- action the song. Putin will teach you to -- of the motherland. I guess is that blasphemous kind of thing is yeah yeah. She later tweeted that the song is dedicated to corrupt Olympics ecologist and suppressed freedoms in Russia. They were released December 23 following a twenty month when he one month imprisonment. -- protest performance in Moscow cathedral that led to charges of hooliganism. And blasphemy. On backed the president for. That and the other members of the band. Since coming earlier this month that said those two girls are out there right part. Who is a busy proceed divide this -- Right -- -- is a pussycat -- there -- probably right right right -- should. Within the and they were talking to reporters when they were detained -- -- right now gonna -- -- -- -- up messes around he's been a little. Little -- since Saturday yeah Russian laws that of course NBC would show us him. When coach he scored or when his team lost if you want more elegant -- coming -- and Canada average ago. But he's gonna do -- -- American camera guy and American director now was just typical. It try to get interviewed -- the -- guy listens to see right that's probably why but that would that mean the whole thing. Olympic coverage -- and and my man -- Goldman says it right. Is not a sporting event means some of the ticket hockey game that's -- it and but much of most of it is just one big reality show it's going against American Idol on on now. On television and night and they have the match American have to get you know your average housewife. Involved here in the voting indicate those -- created created -- -- mean. Let's just explain some mean I was watching last and -- talks about how cool the booklet is so fast that goes. It could be the single worst sporting event there is out here is where sports that name one. Now. Lead the X games. And slide on the railing. But that's an athletic competition it's -- -- -- and watch them all like him to a twenty minutes did you on Saturday a US women lost I had no idea what's going on. They didn't paint the bobsled different colors which haven't known for the next. You don't see the guys they're tucked in there I mean yeah and and I guess it's a great thing that the two man bobsled -- -- from Melrose was in the back legacies -- great athlete. And he must because he's got -- port up in front of this. Bobsled is Holcomb and that this -- I just -- bought up all the squeeze him in this this. I am a man bloody bodies -- he shows up -- bellies hanging out and yeah you know great you know just he's a great push man and I'm a great skier and Mike. Not just the guy who had the opportunity to ride down this quick and sure I've -- watch -- the same reaction if you. Mean there for four years and we train I would absolutely -- -- this election not heavy enough is Alexa Lee white who. Work on the at a -- of the Brooks in Portland team comes -- like us that welcomed at the -- because they said you need that yeah. The fat and not pass -- so he can be in the front -- perfect guy we don't think he can push and jumping in and all you gentlemen think they got they got -- increase -- -- the size of it to where human participate in ago. And the announces pretend this -- -- economic and they pick that -- we saw during the right line drive that Jefferson and all the collected do the exact same thing and that's not that does apply to Bode Miller in the downhill or the US hockey team is a real competitions. But the -- much nonsense that just got an ego. What -- I what Saturday night. I saw the hockey game in the morning and I listened and listened to on the radio because go to the gym like -- eighty. And I forgot that they don't have in these tickets and obviously. Get on my machine and mom. Treadmill and on the TV and it's not NBC sports. On some -- listen to. Which are critical and I watched it later on like twelve more times very cool but that night that the team is the must have -- on. There's like six little guys skating and that short track speedskating right Gloria in our time. And the Americans was like. Rushing and Japanese guys skating and circle or pointless and -- it. Should concede the guy who what he's to win I can't watch your credit -- to -- it looks like the one thing I could do without killing myself and it would be fun to go that fast in that in that -- -- Just a roller coaster at the -- and those things don't -- -- and export it as you can do it looks like fun I mean it's now. But that would be my attraction to try to understand well I I would has no desire to do go -- -- -- -- ground and -- diapers that's not. You didn't watch us now and -- -- if you did you'd agree with me I watched us. -- just the same thing went down the shoot the same way. Over and over again when guys -- two tenths of a second and the other. So. You don't see them do anything athletic. You know you don't see them perform an athletic feet. You'll like you don't see NASCAR drivers perform any athletic feet right right. Yeah yet and it's the same I mean those on the greatest it's easy does that mean anybody do it I could do. You couldn't actually what could be nothing against the someone else like you think that Holcomb butter ball as rats and I am not a -- the Russian -- He's a better -- he's been noticeable if he doesn't have a job or anything -- the Russian guy a tricky one is 39 years ago though. And his -- dollar and amazing Bob Slaughter that's just cause you got the chance to do is probably a 1000020 year old athletes in Russia. No never had a chance to shore. No I did I put a watch the same thing -- Jones can jump in and Herschel Walker anybody can put -- -- right instead it. But the what outdated and -- -- I watched last the jamaicans that -- looks the same thing likes him league went down that. Doesn't finish right this is fast again -- mean but it. Can't tell by the -- guy. No but there's there's got to be some qualitative difference between. Somebody who steers the right line doesn't bang the bobsled against the side -- -- -- -- -- -- take in the Olympics here it's that's quite seriously I mean I don't think they think this is the most important thing. I'm opening act like it are you kidding me but they just NBC treated Steve is Steve Holcomb bootable. Holcomb. And they treated him like they were written -- oh LeBron James or. -- -- the -- Kevin Durant or Tom Brady and Manning like. This screen athlete he's over he won a bronze medal and 62 years. It's 'cause nobody cares about this country we cared about it is that we would metal. Yet at Olympic less. On the level is women's hockey women's hockey. That's like five teams in the whole world competitive game yesterday. 75 -- nine they play shots total package that. Bloody way nothing away from the American players and -- when they play each other college great games great games they're playing countries don't have any women who play hockey. There's that this just the numbers in. Sweden Norway these countries support men's hockey well the women don't play hockey. The -- 500 with minimal countries Sweden who play hockey -- depicted gratuitous stewardesses from like Russia should play in the UK you don't have written -- in a million girls -- -- -- in the US. There's like 500 -- It's just not legit competition. -- what peaceful means okay. But -- that unit from NBC and Everett it's helpful -- whenever it's on that play team and they don't shoot 75 to one. It was seven or even -- this crazy. That was -- really nice and I certainly am not at me like a tank. Point -- off the plane. And they can play hockey as well -- What's going to be US cancer and you know what that's what it knows what should abandon her girls get to -- the Olympics and girls play the Olympics well I mean is that. What do you want I want a legit competition like the US Russian hockey game -- elect Bode Miller in the -- The real competition just want. What gold medal game women's hockey that's no other I should even be in the Olympics -- -- Plays it. It's it's but that's Christians say US candidate we like Minnesota somewhere late term. The only two teams in the world. They should because those teams are great nation of the Olympics welfare of those teams. OK to have two teams in the Olympics absolutely have to call it bronze medal in Sweden take it to stay the Swedish girls. In the Olympic village of the guilt free uniforms and I'll take it we -- and can't skate. I. Did your final European will be. But anyway it's just. It is bugs me when watches -- real sport. It -- but that Saturday was a real small as Jerry is a venue a platform. To create these human interest stories and make Bode Miller cry. By at least people in his right he's right is not sports is just this reality show is that in Pittsburgh it's for the mom in in regular -- leopard for two weeks with it's in the never thinks about twilight you know one number like nine million reasons why there was such a better. Approved in the globe and give -- to pages that the medal count. Given the big story of the day and they don't give you the story like here in the globe it's a three peat. -- -- -- -- So that means somebody -- -- bella rose 13 sometimes right. What's FBI but what -- Bruce good that her name is Dario led government -- oh sure. -- the glow bright for me who was reading. Some brought from Belarus won her third medal in what you really read only every -- It's. It's she's so light footed on the skis are rivals that -- competitor with the answer. Yeah the slalom she won the twelve point five kilometer. Mass start race yeah that Stallone with sport shoe brush your batteries do you. -- -- -- lawyers have some broad -- -- and ski and shoot up and shoot and she won three medals. And she does with that is that the picture. Is there a single person the New England region accuses him bugged argued Dominic -- It's the globe -- -- -- that one of the run. So they can say they wrote it right you're gonna -- board and I beat my an -- which is the biggest bunch of crap we all pretend we all pretend to impose. These are real rules don't I don't you don't we watch it become a moment when you watch some of you market -- on you kind of -- you see guys. Doing cross country Pat -- on it's it's it's it's like it's a circus it's a big printed circuit as we get together where you see these daredevil to -- but -- take. Your ticket users I don't think. That the that the butter ball from the bobsled should get the same medalist to -- -- -- you she wins or Bode Miller wins that -- different they should give those. Those fringe people who have the opportunity to go what -- -- going to -- I'd give -- -- aluminum aluminum foil and see if they elect Dan -- -- Stanley Cup. That would make a medalist. Oil. But based on what it is they do doesn't the fact that you say I drove the bobsled and -- -- gold medalist paled in comparison to I scored more goals. In the shootout and won the gold medal for US men's hockey right yeah so by nature by virtue of the nature of the sport. It's worth -- right. Did you know that there were only two US only to women hockey teams in the world golf and in neither announced learned that. What's that there really isn't any. What did you think it was like depth in women's -- -- I Sweden and Norway plated and realize that don't will behind us in terms in there I mean they're big and -- hockey. Then a huge relief that we would -- home. Like I -- in Sweden Norway and. Speaking of NBC's coverage. Do you think any differently about what you witnessed between Bode Miller and Kristen Cooper knowing that NBC waited eighteen hours. To televise. Broadcast that in course and I no problem with it what on what were they supposed to do just -- this great video. A one of the bigger stars in the Olympics breaking down breaking down the crime the biggest winner is Keith Olbermann think they're gonna scrap that. Just say oh no we won't show that he cried. They wanted to cry they love means you're not works reported slow motion. And he gave a -- and in buckets. It's somebody really think NBC was not -- and I know somebody's spot that she didn't handle that correctly and continued depressed in such a away. That she was sort of grind in the emotion out of him which is part of her job to assert her job but she did it well how should I do now what should we -- -- sure why would -- think she did wrong just in terms of the phrasing how how how it is she came across what is she says she could have. In a wrong note that a motion out of bode Miller's eyes. With different phrase maybe you know maybe I'm being judgment because I can look at it say out about this route would have done it that way Nicholas. And you're showing so much emotion down here what's going through your mind. I mean a lot obviously just a long struggled coming in here and doc. Just a tough here. And I know you want to be here was with Chile really. Experiencing these games and how much -- it mean to -- did to come up with a great performance for him and wasn't for him. -- I mean. I don't know if it's really for him but I wanted to come here and and I. I guess make myself proud but. When you're looking up in the sky the stars receive their and it just. Looks like you're talking to somebody what's going on them. -- What's going on -- Which he asked twice and then she said how important I hate that -- any other question. How important was this win or how important was -- to get off to a good start -- let's -- -- -- fine let's quantify. Important. All it was 37 point 9% for port forget the word you'll have a problem with her pushing him today. I don't know that's that people were Rachel I -- -- It's a -- likely by the at such phony outrage the senate so she was supposed to. Stop that right there its -- we get emotional let's get to back off to -- budget technique in the third gate. Caller tell me about oh or turn to the gold -- guy who stand in there. Not that nobody cares about him -- I care Bob bode -- a big star this could be his last. -- run in the Olympics could be his last properties last metal. Ever and he's a emotional mess that's good TV that's why NBC's Olympic and I saw that that this was an offensive at all she didn't she ask that you wanna follow. The cameramen follow them when he broke down to whose knee right -- and some that I handled them and they went to another camp right up his brother I mean introduce the people that he did. I don't understand what he defended her to. Sure he's a former skier in their differently he's a medal swung so no -- -- policy issues are pitcher's rubber after via. And during the interval that that it is they left the camp on that which is -- him she was she she gave Michael little that's. What Brad for like NBC is there. -- -- And we all understand ill will understand that and some people really think they're gonna cut away that helped. -- just like the how important was that or how outlook is how much does it mean to you. Yeah that's the word go toward it is is as we are designed to talk about your brother battle group that's true. Yeah the question how important Nicholas. It's what these folks that's not -- -- argument on a problem one to 10100. ABC goodies for the thumbs up I wouldn't want to say. Well she asked -- -- -- done retiring and quitting over I think he would but he was weeping and -- Played. Is quite Kaman Al east and I think he's a fascinating guy and most of the features that do of people you know aren't that good it is not that interest and have to make stuff up in all -- the dog died or something. Or you don't you at this chick from dollar rose who's -- -- third well metal and by apple on the mental nights where she can shoot your -- issues like a dancer and put you know the people of the world do that before so one person doesn't get medal ever -- Metal every time out but we got to the -- in those stories this interest he grew up. In New Hampshire or via his oldest sister and is named -- younger sister -- then ran. Is short for. Genesis -- bungle wind rushing turtle hired Miller hit it -- his brother Chile is really missed -- -- -- full name is Nathaniel. Klinsmann ever. -- alone scam. Miller. Trying too hard they are trying to talk to Mike in Charleston Mike good morning. Mario played -- thanks. On eight as they did actually Jerry mentioned. During the the Swiss Canadian women's semifinal yesterday about the number of registered. Hockey players in both countries. It was like can beat Pierre McGuire -- is that it was like 189000. For Canada in likes 600 if he's. What to do that it would -- the odds in their favor it was like cricket know whatever separating after that but he was you know it's just -- -- You know all of it and how big the belt is between US Canada and everybody else. -- they wanted to appoint guys you brought up in and I am I'm just -- at looking at the Olympics and what it's kind of how achieved since the eighties and early ninety's now is that a lot of these extreme sports. Gains like. -- you know the extreme sports like snowboarding they'll cross. You know the aerial skiing. There are so popular now that they put them in the Olympics and that's part of what it it feels like it's almost like we're trying to -- To add sports we're adding different sports because -- spring sports. -- extreme sports have become so popular. I mean it's almost like being -- have their own Olympic so called the extreme right. But now they have another ball in the Olympics as well and I think it diluting some of the competition and then he. -- that hockey is really the only team sport in the entire Olympics where men and women in the it's it's a it's a real sport and I think I'd. I think it's more important. Have a legitimate sport even though the competition in the -- very one sided between two. You eat out all the dialogue over -- some guy I don't know crossed and supposedly took great competition but he. It's I'm not really in the. You US women against who did Switzerland mr. Bermudez thank Bermuda US women against Bermuda -- that's. Real support real sport that's so called it. Real sports ever picked up like it pretty clear what they're doing here the X -- inclusion of the X game events in the Olympics is an effort to get younger and an open up to we brought our audience I mean you know you -- make a case that if they -- -- they should take something like death in up. You want -- no cross and likely lay. He's done is telling that are calling the police on coming and take away bobsled because. That is about it bot nets and they let us know what to watch on TV and Holcomb has to get a real job they typically blow amendment has another job. US. Doesn't win the gold or even doesn't medal in hockey. Is that. Matter that -- Yoshi don't know performance but it went Goldman -- it was unforgettable. In the whole thing was unforgettable shootout in the way that we do like in slow motion starts in the -- a smile yeah I mean it was this unforgettable performance. And if they win gold it clearly all of them again at -- what do they don't. We remember he's Yoshi remembered that sort of aside does have the same resonance and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- it every morning. I'm an important to Collins and women's hockey a little bit. I think that. I actually agree with the current competition being one inside it. I think that you're not really seeing how much. I am finding these -- I knew a girl I played into played on the Chinese national team and CE. One is and that -- and it is that they're actually by seeing some young meat was recruited to play hockey he played her whole life. Her -- on that was her she didn't go to school she. You know -- likes it great and played hockey at her job growing up and you know they didn't even make it Canada. Olympics this year -- I think there's a lot more international. Play then people really understand that people they'll have resources and trying to get thirteen together even landed. You know. They're not Olympics. So they sent these young people always these camps we talked about this before we do the same thing here yeah I don't bet. But I think -- -- but yet they go to school it's like what's his face. Tennis players like twelve that none of that -- military didn't play the masters this year from. China China was there. Government but he did though yes Colleen over it was the right. I was yummy plays golf 22 hours a day. Center of the drivers at six all of and they showed him at regular at a public about it when they let the cameras and they showed they should go to school and all the kids -- like -- is a -- trying to these people away to these camps there and that's is as good as they can get. That's somewhere for women's hockey. Yeah apparently this animal wiggling slightly campaign etiquette and he can make the Olympics and women's Hawkins said they play all day. And that's extra I don't know works only knows Sweden I -- You can tell that you -- the Swedish right. Think of them as being Swedish you know key volleyball team or some -- Swedish hockey team. They were outshot by the US 2921. In the first period the -- play well 75. Eight arsenal and in the hold them. The goals they score six. Or us how many golfers that's 6171. And she -- pretty studies five shots 69 saves -- pretty impressed that chicken place. Give her a medal. A real -- -- -- -- welcome 61777. Point 7937000. Callahan. Headlines next with --

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