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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight Show

Feb 18, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Jimmy Fallon's first Tonight Show.

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And pudge brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros and that. Precision fitness equipment that as an app -- -- I couldn't we got that the ice answered to the US yeah yeah Charlie. White. And the appointment -- this looks like. -- -- Those two they won gold I mean I am partners for all time I spent there he's an athlete it's weird sport yet I stance. Put. You're -- I couldn't do it could to the bobsled might sleep. Yeah I didn't think it's the only -- -- -- to turn to arrived at a -- -- -- older I think I'll slit couple added -- -- Bode Miller does that could never do that but. Better and I can do at this this is that you could do would Bode Miller -- felt at least that could make it you know download this guy could I can't -- automated skewed the woman's downhill. Course in the Albert feel. After the it's over -- ski. The media it's ski -- them feel I don't know scary as hell while we intend to -- -- -- one here. -- they wipe out big it was just a little I was with sort of Mitch album all right yeah. He did -- he wasn't good skier. But you can make it home. It is -- it's no plot your way down the easiest Olympic sport to do have to be Bob's -- her I think -- yeah. -- -- sweat a true. The women in Africa Africa. Part of it looks he said yeah -- like -- the cy case the Craigslist killer you've got guys that the government meet the husband yeah. Right support remember they just wanted to have the time kill someone big day at Baylor in the sport guy who was destroyed. Or they were they celebrating something celebrating the anniversary yet Edwards or this Valentine's Day may be yet so -- god her name is Miranda -- she is now -- claiming. She is killed more than twenty others and they didn't she's gonna give them evidence in the find out -- Marie and the barber. Is a Dexter like serial killer who announcing here in Pennsylvania. Not good -- and -- as saying that she was sexually abuse a child majority satanic cult and Alaska. Which she was thirteen soon after she said the cult leader help to pull the trigger which killed a man she said -- the cult leader money. From marriage continued to kill she told the newspaper the claims of Muppets is initiated. But but she said that she's she is done she said she's killed over twenty people this man is her husband she was previously married. The former husband is dead as well they are now invest. Well -- -- -- -- but they have a one year old -- Her in this -- guess she's in jail now forever -- you know one Euro to score all rounds and I don't want -- papers write her off yeah it I think so yeah. Yeah -- the I don't know if she still on the true that's the thing is your mind he's he's just exaggerating buttresses. One law enforcement official told the tickets credible and find out that that they believe it's going to happen so. That's on the keep and I some disturbing attacks in Cambridge have residence watching their backs -- opposite knocked out that the police saying it's not. But Cambridge neighborhood is on alert as police search for a man they -- sucker punched three unsuspecting people only string of brazen and bizarre attacks hospitalized and one. Leaving his victims in what one local store called state of shock anger global. Wouldn't be able knock outs that you want them to add the death penalty the narco game has just agreed that. Do you think we pick Richie income that was the worst kind of kind of -- -- would -- That's the same meant to help out the screen on knock someone out not gonna go back to my place have a couple Beers and lavish show for. -- is our exclusive audio here lastly with one of the victims. All the victims run. How do we get a pretty quickly -- we are not using his name but this man was the first of three victims sucker -- and knocked to the ground on mass -- Saturday afternoon by the same assailant. Twenty seconds before he hit me that something was little bit off this guy -- You know I mean periodically you'll be walking the streets until we saw some type of thing happens just one -- Instead the odd strangers served up a fist in the face and would do the very same thing to this -- visiting scholar just a few minutes later. Those -- really shocking surprising for me because I thought that muscle is quite -- In fact the suspect -- this guy three times mumbling something incomprehensible. And then calmly walking away. He's it was -- crazy man. Because there is no reason to us through some continue to. All of the victims were attacked within a few minutes of each other in the 900 block of mass sap and all suffered cuts and bruises to the face. Quote police as saying he does not they're saying is as mentally disturbed are not real knock out game and you don't win if he'd take three punches and it takes three punches that knock him down right. -- -- I do one you might want a shot into get a bronze medal for. Is this what baffles me this make sense. If you get angered somebody killed -- -- fine I don't understand open. If you look at some random guys treat -- face even worse the women they can do is to women. This sort of speak and he speaks the fact that there are a bunch of crazy people yes I think -- you know -- easily -- argued -- that one team. The -- -- can just walk up -- for. Face -- what -- wares and calling it can be when he's like 51 years from now in jail. There could be probably were -- on -- this decade each. You know fishing somewhere hunting. Of a fine in the reform pounds say you know missed. It as a whole conspiracy against me of Google. Happen -- -- was the first night of the tonight show with him ballot loose enough for Jerry would you think. I saw his cell line up of cameos I guess it in New York is going to be a lot easier to get some of these people. It was an LA -- there are new you actresses you know tell Mike Tyson stopped by bright black album dropped him right. Last night they had these -- -- is the sound is going to be the end of it he said into the show we said the guy owes -- a hundred bucks -- can never do this you know -- jokes on -- in the whole -- celebrities came up -- hundred dollar. Bill what -- -- ask the people some of Mike Tyson Lady Gaga are December okay Robert De Niro Steven Kolb where. -- -- -- You watch that I think Amy Adams -- -- -- Ashley Lindsay Lohan can got a -- you did leno's last show. If you go black version so much of people to us from. Spirit we have some of the monologue last night for the first show what's -- tomorrow's. Have Olympic fever or do -- not. After the US men's hockey team beat Russia on Saturday in a very dramatic shootout. The American caves that they're thrilled with the win while the Russian team is miss. And I'm a man Bob Costas oh boy he. I love -- -- we -- he's returned to covering the Olympics tonight after he was sidelined through week with pink eyes in both eyes. You can tell he's having trouble when we spent half an hour interview a market that was Shaun White is they. Today hitting a low blow it. That's a little name let it around simply could. Maybe. Around the release of the American hockey team is happy in the Russians are miss. Missing missing. Missing in the leg pussy right there shocking right cut his hair but the show Shaun White doesn't look like ma right -- besides NATO had. This is a fifteen writers. At fifteen guys sit around and and those two -- highlights doesn't -- that the first bid months to do this mom that was. That was the first one yesterday on the view were two days -- -- in the view. Barbara Walters -- -- the girls. And the the the idea came up Barbara sex -- -- she's in her eighties now which is apparently healthy sex. She got into with Jenny McCarthy Whoopi Goldberg. -- -- did not -- did Martin 66. Yeah yeah. You're still confident and more self love and comfortable with the shot that cell -- Yeah are only had a nice yeah. That little -- yeah. And gives us it's one. Nothing about that -- radios I can't it's. They're OK and we have to do. Bombers in the name of lovers vibrator is -- yeah. Talking over the -- name or by Sophie. She's 84 to 84 don't believe should I don't election to match I don't pleasures it's months' use Alex what do you. I -- -- at the older women can have sexy and it's a piece extra now. -- the man in her life and excel not -- Ed Brooke since they get the right has gone I -- I have a feeling she might need. Starter to get going. To guess it's you know gases sort sandpaper Schubert and -- the expert over the I don't know how that works. Most of you never. And that of course 84 year old woman and -- the -- did not get an idea that idea. So they go yeah Barbara Walters Jenny McCarthy and will be over people watched that show every day they talk like that the entire show like this talk over each other like that I think I don't. I'm fortunate it's legal Barbara Walters is just a pleasure yourself you know and ninth decade on the. While 61777. On 7937. At what point do you think Jon Lester might get a little Ali. If the Red Sox don't make good counsel and he said I'd be willing to take. As you go an entire season. Talk about it.

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