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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, joins Chris Villani to talk Sox

Feb 16, 2014|

WEEI.com columnist Alex Speier calls the show to discuss the sudden decision made by Ryan Dempster NOT to play this year. Alex also suggests a few possible scenarios involving Stephen Drew.

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Joining us now to break it all doubt including some of the breaking news from Fort Myers this morning is our own WEI dot com's Alex spearheads going Alex. -- I'm not too much apparently a lot with the Ryan Dempster I mean this is announcement came out of nowhere. Adventure can describe it is there come a bit from out of left field the Red Sox have not been in. This decision and told them -- contacted them in the last. Ten days or two weeks he first called manager John -- -- bench Harrington I'd slipped that note that he didn't think it was going to be in position. To compete at the level it really he felt was. I'm worried to live up to the standard that he needed three spoke for itself and for the team though it didn't cut them off guard -- did by. It is is probably -- that it was always -- it first censor these are the fact that. The Red Sox are in a pretty good shape are pretty good shape to absorb the decision like that indeed. One to make a case for Dempster. I did a pretty considerable paper because. You know he would have been a consideration to be moved later in spring training perhaps another team. Its unwillingness to pick up let's say a majority of the thirteen point 25 billion dollars that was owed him. Now the Red Sox have that entire market -- With which to work as they -- it. By Dempster NL east cities taking a year off beating c'mon say he's retiring. But some of the language he used had a degree of I guess finality to it I mean saying that it tiger does is very retrospective it seemed about his career. Absolutely that's what that's what someone who kind of taking stock of the position of their career he may well never pitch again. But he didn't feel comfortable just yet committing to the finality. Of saying that he's retiring. Me it was hard enough to reach the point where he's -- the or he could say that he wasn't -- pitched this year. I'm in reached that conclusion I think that might get -- that army in weighing the matter just for himself into complex. Eight decision it to say whether or not he would never pitch again or not. And so he decided -- let me just step back for this year and that and it could kind of see where I'm -- but it yes -- acting depict the greater likelihood. Is it he would be comfortable if he you know base -- as of today. My guess is that you'll be probably comfortable he did not pitch again because. Is last moment at the last moment to be clear would then be. He had a bad article that the game in the World Series that. You know I he certainly reserve the right to change of mind after a year I didn't mr. Tareq. Well and as you've pointed out the Red Sox are pretty good spot to kind of absorb this when you got guys like Brandon Workman Felix -- bronze to apparently is coming to. Spring training in pretty good shape. We'll look at after cutting handicapping so far without having seen him pitch obviously as the most likely candidate -- -- -- that back and start. Well -- their rotation minority -- Dempster was probably was you know probably the sixth starter for the five spot. So I think prepare all that was Jon Lester John Lackey clay pot called -- PP and he looks to -- The question was whether or not you know those couldn't be more. There mr. competing with EP. And and -- brunt for that. They're kind of round out the last spot. Rather they order the Red -- seem to make it clear from payroll in order to live by it by moving other Dempster PP. During spring training and so. Yeah I think -- irritation that the bigger question is when the -- what happened in terms of their overall -- that are reasonably situated there. They liked what we saw last year from Brandon Workman a lot. -- -- says he's far shorter and experience that is a guy like Mike Ryan Dempster. That they like a lot of their internal options that you don't have a lot of experience that options. Ruby -- wrote has experienced the big league level but no real significant starting experience -- 2011. Alan Webster had exposure to pitching in the Major League last year it wasn't terribly successful. And then other further consideration are camp and you're not a Matt Barnes and reality are are probably a little bit further ways they've never pitched in the major leagues before. -- without -- WEEI dot com another -- that thirteen million dollars off the books for this year. What does that mean it does it have any tying few. Where they might allocated in particularly when you're talking about a guy like Stephen Drew I mean does this make it. More likely perhaps that they be willing to take a one year flier -- drew work or is there really no impact in terms of their interest. No I don't think it'd make it I think the Red Sox were probably prepare our have been instructed all law. In the possibility of bringing back through on the sale when -- deal. I'm not sure that drew is interested in coming back on what your deal. So the question is whether or not at liberty gap for a multi year deal for that I can't say I honestly think that there would be fit for. In some ways to would have valued the organization. You know two years situation. Because I don't think that the Red Sox will have any we'll have a Major League caliber. Starting shortstop ready in their system and so. Some time meeting mid to late 2015 which would be a big -- each year bird Kevin Guerrero. Behind bigger Bogart's. But I don't know the value of having group that option would exceed that of -- -- it a clear starting option. For other organizations like the Mets and the Yankees. We have more who have a more defiant all. At -- deposition released on the left side of the car in fuel cell. Whether or not -- it does make it easier for the reflects -- the money for becoming even whether or not through and that being the recipient of that or whether or not. The Red -- To perhaps be more aggressive with it -- he's in trades to address the merchant hole. I it -- be a bit premature to say I can't say that it doesn't look like the Red Sox will reallocate that. Toward starting pitching or at least kind of the top end of the free agent starting pitching markets that don't expect the stocks. With the likes of Ubaldo Jimenez has four Ervin Santana in light of Dempster. And -- -- Dempster on the saying that the walkway from the -- for next year. Want to stay in Niger for a moment I know you guys talked to John Farrell about yesterday and he seems that he just wanted settled. One way or the other has -- wanna be making a big addition to deepen -- spring training. -- where are we at this point withdrew because there is. It is just doesn't seem to be a market out there -- are possible -- for him. But how many teams genuinely seemed to the Betty I genuinely seem to have interest in his services. -- tell the little bit difficult to read and frankly you know I hate. -- terrible that. I am terrible this game we as an industry leaving the meaning the media are terrible. -- came out of figuring out where they're genuine interest -- -- Scott Boras client. Let later into the spring because you know -- -- I don't think -- anyone could take Kyle Lohse is a good as good as they likely fit for the Milwaukee Brewers I'm blessed. I'm mid march he's signed a three year deal with the brewers in no and a couple years ago pictured. Prince Fielder ending up with the tigers themselves. Until a nine year deal worth more than 200 million dollars that -- itself. I think that there're there are spots where there would be this where you represent. The clear upgrade over what they have I think -- yankees would be a great destination for him because -- not sure how many games. Derek Jeter is going to be physically able played -- your shortstop. And then of course they will have an opening portrait stop the following year I think that the match it would clearly be upgraded by signing a guy like true. Acting to the pirates would clearly be a team that could benefit by them from a guy like group but. All that said the you know whether or where he actually ends up you know we'll see. While that said let's say Steve injury is now back at the Red Sox how confident. For this season not so much to comment on. Their their long term prognosis but just for the season I'll cop Richard Red Sox fans be in a -- middle Brooks left side of the infield. I think that there should be pretty considerable. -- can pretty considerable. Competency and I think it. What we stopped them Bogart's last you know last playoff. Well look an awful lot about and I think it we've seen some very impressive things meadowbrook. In and it it up very early stage of nuclear age 23 important or eaten. When he is someone who is making adjustments to the league and I think it. I think that both of them. Clearly have the skills to be an everyday player -- -- architecture. You know he has -- -- to be in jeopardy superstar natural that's happening in 2014 or not but. I mean the bigger question is what happens if there's an injury to you guys. At third base I think if it'll Brooks were injured -- or if you struggled offensively. There's the option of going to apparently to guarantee Keeney at some point this year. You know very highly regarded third base prospect of a system. I think -- there'll be relative comfort there are side middle Brooks. Where it for one reason or another -- -- were able to produce it Bogart got injured though you're looking at a considerable drop off to that's where the Red Sox are really trying to figure out. That that's where to me the value through really come play in the same like it did in the 2013. Because. By signing through they ended up having the kind of surplus obelisk at the infield in through middle Brooks and die and are vaguely yes. And ended up being really significant for them where they could have been a pretty bad spot if they hadn't signed through on top of those two other guys last year. -- I -- without -- WEEI dot com you know it is we start to see this team play a little bit -- Qaeda. Put the edited the team out there on paper and an imagined one project what they're going to be. After last season which. It wanna Colin over achievement exits a city exceeded expectations. Where you were expecting him Wear the Red Sox -- should the Red Sox be bracing for. A regression to the mean where where could they take some of the biggest steps back. This season relative to last year. Well I think you know I acting certainly can bet -- that the guilt. Help equation. Could leave them vulnerable Jarrett also not yet produced it absurd level last year I'm not -- -- he would have been able to replicate it. And he returned. But I I entered the likelihood that their attacks we'll get less up into production. At that position this coming year could make out from last year. That senate into their hope also that they're going to upset some of that. Some of that by virtue of he improved defensive skills. Of the guys they hope to have behind the plate size center field clearly going to jovial very to a rookie Jackie Bradley junior represents a possibility of a drop off. You know -- equation of course they're going to -- over the likes -- -- Aptly. Whether or not John Lackey is able to sustain the excellence that he showed last year. Given the huge you know that a significant workload that he talked on remain to be in and so I mean. We with any baseball player essentially at any position you're going to have the possibility that a progression let. If you think about it you know how many of the Red Sox really over cheap it's important last year you know relative to their clear -- for the guys were back. Act but he can say that there'll be questioned about whether or not in about a month and yet 300 interpret top by the new America mean you know PP. But you know -- But that's set aside from that a lot of the other veterans. Became actually victory no perform kind of like he did he has struck a career I I get the help of it help would certainly. Represent a little bit and X-Factor -- whether or not he can sustain what proved to be one of most compact full performance is among the all America right fielders but. Oh a lot of guys who we thought performed really well we're impact performance there are standards meant. There areas of potential upside like -- Pedroia. It would help the hand could be a more impact pull hitter this coming here but he looked last year. There are you know it's conceivably Mike Napoli could go could see greater upside nobody even more comfortable at first base with Red Sox. Although I think that he's inherently going to be streaky -- the Red Sox will be better at third base is here -- about because of meadowbrook. Or because of Bogart or even because of checking. That they were last year when they were one of the worst outfit called the majors at that position. So there are different areas in and their rotation and pitching staff could be considerably better as well. Because if -- heat great buckle -- that's a significant upgrade. Jon Lester went bad for a third of last year he gave the kind of beat the pitcher that he was for the second half of last year and in October that. And upgraded their bullpen depth is much better than it was last year at least on paper. I'll sounds like we have pencil and and then 98 wins and an AL east title. Every day they certainly it certainly should he make winning the elite their goal to start with for the season. Whether or not. Would expect some regression to the means bad -- some injuries Petra. But you know I think -- -- state failed to get into the ninety's and -- adult. And that order represented a significant surprise. For the team and turning -- entered the 2014 Q and they should be a contender but for the elite certainly when the two wild card spot. Aren't great stuff Alex here first couple days in as spring training already some big news coming up with Ryan Dempster and I appreciate you taking the time and even and I had all the goings on down there thanks Alex. -- -- --

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