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NFL Independent investigation shines light on a disturbing culture among the Dolphins lockerroom

Feb 14, 2014|

We discuss the story of the day, the release of the independent report done for the NFL on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin hazing allegations.

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-- is quite Richie Incognito is open for for Valentine's Day. We woke up today I don't know whether he knew that the report was coming out today or not let. Mikey on the tweak it seemed as if he thought he was gonna be exonerated that support. Yes I would argue lot he has not been -- -- a -- today. And -- and -- remember. Sit out the truth will bury you. On the tweak it seemed as if he thought he was gonna be exonerated that -- Yes I would argue he has not been a lot of credit today. -- can edit and -- remember. Sit out the truth. Will bury you. Jonathan Martin. And now the truth is buried him and now it's. Probably. A little clearer. -- came out was such emphasis. That bigger. A couple days ago because he had he had worked the report with government body I thought he had inside knowledge that the report was coming but I thought. His inside knowledge. Was that he was gonna come off well in the. I think a couple of yards and I seem to be good dude invite him over to your next big dinner party don't you think it's like the kind of guy you can trust and a Qaeda wanna hang out with. Not only -- of the -- came awful that will either I think I don't know about that you're in our bodies torn right. Let me let me let's get to we'll get to I don't start there -- mean there's there's a lot here is -- -- over arching view. Is that nobody really looks good here I don't like -- looks great he certainly looks better than income neo looked awful. -- county and John Jerry Egan gave implicated in this whole thing and the dolphins look stupid. I mean I'm out of almost one of my biggest take with -- and all the details of it just had onto the dolphins look. I know that they're cleared of any fault cleared of any responsibility or direct knowledge of what was going on here. But the idea that you could draft Jonathan Martin if you've done any research and that we was what is personality was what he was really like. Ian averaging -- need on the rest of these guys on the same offensive line meeting room and they are not to be a problem. How could you possibly you've really done your due diligence and research -- could ever possibly think that would work. I don't know but it's alchemy you look at Jonathan Martin read this report its it's the beer gut check out. -- a wild dolphins report commentator Leo website. I'm holding right now and print it out it's -- 144 page. But if you look at it says he was believed Jonathan Martin says he was bullied in high school. He was bullied in middle school. He's self diagnosed. Themselves as depressed. He had no incidents at Stanford. He he was the blind side protector of Andrew Luck. Are really Smart guy. Popular with his teammates. Fun loving all the all American. So if you go back to if if you go back to Stamford. And you look at all the information you talked everybody there wasn't a clue that this was gonna did happen at Stanford he wasn't there were no red flags. For Jonathan Martin. And on account -- what you would -- found is a guy who was somewhat gentle who the guy who is certainly. Different a different world view than many of the other typical NFL players and that's okay though I understand I don't have a -- -- that it's sticking with -- -- neat though and bouncy and thinking that this couple are. I don't know that this guy -- all these you know varied interest is comes from a family of corporate lawyers portal with -- gene -- -- -- I'm sure there won't be a problem. I don't blame the dolphins for that I blame the office for other things I don't blame the dolphins for. Bringing -- he. A guy whose whose parents both his parents -- Harvard educated and comes from a family of Harvard educated people -- generations he he was admitted to Harvard and if he had gone -- -- in the fourth generation. Of Morton to go to Harvard and -- about the fact as we had in the first ever Africa fourth generation African American Harvard. Yeah it's a problem with -- you know bringing -- a guy. Who's Smart to your team's great I -- that's not the issue the issue is the culture of your team the issue also is. I've you're Joseph Philbin. If you are Jim Turner -- Jim Turner gone. That that's not happening he's got to be fired and Joseph Philbin he may not be in the division. By training camp. Those guys letting it letting that -- take all for letting the players take over the team. Having no clue him for Joseph Philbin not to have a clue to what his players were doing. But what is opted to write -- was doing. Yeah I mean that's inexcusable because he's cleared of any wrongdoing or knowledge of this and that may work from Ted wells' point of view is somebody who's gonna find fault with what actually happened. If you're the dolphins though it's embarrassing that you didn't know what was really happening on your team. He may be cleared of of these charges so to speak and the actual charges but he may be clear of this spike totally agree with -- -- It looks even worse from a dolphins' perspective from -- -- NFL coaching perspective how -- all the stuff go on you don't know about it. This is the culture in your locker and you don't know that this is all going on. He looks Tara I think the dolphins look awful for all the reasons you just mentioned in the ones that that may -- disagree with me on fine. But but but the company that stuff on this stuff crazy. I think that the report does ago I heard -- kind of make in the argument -- impressive Ted Wells and and and thoroughness of his research. And I know they're going to be people will get calls all today 61777979837. -- say it's an NFL locker room you can't compare to the rest of of culture. And I great and I think Ted Wells agrees I think most of us agree I don't think people are saying that this needs to be like your local law firm like your local any. But at the same time. The stuff seems to go way over the top yeah I had to get directed over and over and over and over again at the scene people. You're dead right that there's there's a disconnect there's a disconnect here I think so with. The NFL in everyday life or or professional athletes from lose perspective professional athletes and those who are professional athletes. And and believe it or not. I think the wells report. Get into that. I think the wealth report acknowledges it does but then also says but the facts are indisputable -- so. There's a fairness to the to the to the wells report that I see and a lot of people won't like there are a lot of factions that won't like the findings which tells me that is not release planet in one direction or the other for example. I love this quote from it says many of the questions raised by. Jonathan mark Martin's departure from the dolphins are nuanced and complex. But the underlying facts are not subject to great dispute so what do you think I understand it's complete. Jonathan Martin well why if if he's being tormented by -- -- our -- might be texting with them like hanging out with the right. And it and that was reported saying -- I know that I know that exist I know that looks a little crazy. But this is classic behavior of someone who has been verbally abused verbally abused the associates awkward way of trying to -- and he was trying to news. Use the same language that they were hoping that they would lay off him and they didn't. So. And hope you look at it that way and that's Richie and -- -- probably is -- It. Was hanging out -- many. I know he he he he sent me a text tool what are you picking on me. But there's a lot more to the story. And I think that's what the report didn't let's get do a couple of the question mark here one of the big questions. Is whether or not this was done as a code red -- and that's one of the things that they first surfaced when we had when we first found out about all this. When the text messages first came out there are a lot of people saying well. He wasn't a tough guy the NFL cultured a -- and a guy up. He -- need to count seats that are we're just trying to toughen toughen up. Jonathan Martin to make him into a better football player. After reading this report. Can you possibly still believe that. And I can't. I mean if if you wanna say that that he reject if this was just directed a -- Fine but unfortunately there's a long section here detailing the things that were said to an assistant trainer who's Japanese. And and just how horrible racist things that are said to him over and over and over again are you tell me that they need to toughen up their assistant trainer. To make somewhat of a better assistant trainer. Well and that acknowledge that not only that -- -- think about that there are a lot of things in this report -- 144 pages. But think about what we were talking about on Monday. Talk about Michael stand. -- and in -- am telling the world that he's gay and he's per well. In a admirably on Monday -- said. This is the oh this is an openly gay player in the league I guarantee you they're game players in the NFL we just don't know. Well there's a gay player in the Miami Dolphins it's not Jonathan Martin peers in other in the report describes him as player hey. He. He was. Picked on as much as Jonathan Martin's. He was. Torment that where is homophobic jokes homophobic actions by his teammates homophobic. About gifts. From his offensive line coach so. There's a lot more than -- just toughening up Jonathan Martin here there's a culture. Here with the Miami Dolphins that makes me wonder how they were able well even when. -- -- -- -- -- another word on top of that when you sing homophobic actions it's that are public home more on actions. We read this to repeat. It is Regis this that these two paragraphs when they're talking about player we just mention Michael in addition he cut needle and others acknowledge the player they was routinely touched by income -- -- Jerry in -- -- mocking -- suggested manner including on his rear end while being taunted about a supposedly homosexuality. Because -- specifically admitted he would grab player a and ask for a hug as part of the quote joke. Martins said that on one particularly disturbing occasion pouncing physically restrain player day in in full view other players jokingly told Jerry did come get some. Thing that I won't say here in the radio. And -- Jerry responded by touching player is bought X in a way that simulated anal penetration yet okay about that that happens most places. Right I mean that that's. I -- -- be located in in. -- possibly -- justify about one. Just what -- that's -- more product to right. Yeah they have that a lot of issues there last year. -- over the last two years. -- would Jonathan Martin and -- -- you know and the coaches. But the question is. Either one of these guys play in the league in in the NFL again for different reasons. Jonathan Martin may be. -- maybe doesn't want to although his agent says that he does -- it and Bangkok needle because of this report. Does he -- in the -- There's there's more to the story -- Roger Goodell hasn't been heard from yet. I know he's seen the report but I'm sure there's some action coming against the Miami Dolphins and it and in turn -- -- just fine or something. And in turn I think the dolphins Stephen Ross. Looks at the report says. What do I have this guy -- different. -- Joseph Philbin as my coach. So I think -- so let's come and at the very least you know or take -- out of it don't we draft picks. But take -- out of it. I think -- probably the NFL at least publicly tries to rewrite the the policies of of workplace policies and decency. Harassment. They're gonna talk about this coaches are gonna have to deal with it. They will be there will be some monitoring involved about sending if its gonna become. It's gonna become your average workplace outside of football. But that that gap between us. In an in this world in venom in the EU for ten football world gap is gonna is gonna shorten yeah that is going to be closed a little. That leaves the one in the next questions which is sure that I mean should the NFL -- locker room truly be -- emotional locker room BO world. That operates. In the hyper masculine say whatever you want no consequences no nothing it's behind closed doors and if he can't handle it tough. Because it's a locker room and it's supposed to be that way. Is that a fair is -- a fair defense. For income -- pounds a year the assistant coach any of them is it should be that way. You -- your locker rooms to be at the last bastion -- say whatever you want to do whatever you want because it's helping everybody. Really get together in their own way you want that. We can I think the problem that this suggests is that may work if everybody's on board but of one or two people on on board you essentially lose them. Well I'll tell you the -- Roger Goodell won't do it. You'll do it and and they'll be much fanfare about it that will be missing the point. Channel that you need to change. NFL locker room culture. The Miami Dolphins were problem NFL locker room culture. Is this is not the this is not -- Typical snapshot of what happens and good teams -- the Miami Dolphins despite their 88 record which would suggest that they were and averaged. They were a bad team. Because in the -- that culture you talk about anything you do anything what you're doing is coming together. You're team bill these guys or park themselves. They -- their own team which by definition if it's horrible that the -- The problem with the dolphins it is not the language is the way to get it to themselves right what what are the things you wrote that report has an air. That was great summed it up very nice report says Joseph Barton had no problem. With that that language to talk about yet no problem with that. If at -- is an opponent. Was saints and stuff on line. That's what to expect what happened was what he had a problem with what's -- -- still -- them. So if you have a good team this does not happen on good teams. Actually issue. And Roger Goodell can talk all he wants about policies but that's what. And that that's the problem in my and the irony -- talking about this is just hysterical so I noticed seven's economic climate victories at an -- if you wanna get into Baghdad and 20 really I've gotten it by. We don't need to but Iowa's house say this doses. It's not just is not just football. -- is not just football it's any. Any successful organization you cannot survive. And you are not functional as an organization. If you cannibalize -- just can't. So. Whether whether it's whether it's a radio station or football team or a bank in ain't gonna work. And the Miami Dolphins not working. Not work. 61777979837. Lot of conversation. A lot of opportunity for you guys to jump in today -- start with a question do you believe that the NFL should be off limits to this kind of scrutiny. You want the NFL to be a it to function or or any locker room really. The function away from the way we are politically correct and I know that's not my word it's a word other people will use do you want the NFL. To react to that or do you think hey you know what if it they're better off letting boys be boys for lack of a better term because. I know there's a lot of people who will say hey they're just better off this way you know a team comes together when they can say anything to each other and and maybe that's true but doesn't have to be that way. It not not 32 teams don't function this way in the NFL right. -- I don't don't don't have a routine -- need no don't have a Mike pouncing don't have a coach turner Jim Turner they don't not -- on every team has some do. Clearly the dolphins did it didn't I don't know what they've made I don't think it turned a four and twelve -- team deal. The fact that this is their locker -- I don't think it made them better. No it didn't ram -- it and they ended up losing it their left tackle who moved to right tackle but it started every game he'd ever played in the NFL they end up losing a second round pick who walked away because the culture of the locker room was so broken. Yeah he had he had some there's some heartbreaking things that he said and text to his mom and we'll get that second at the one of the things. It's always a smaller part of that text. Where she was going on and on his -- is very thoughtful. Harvard lawyer Harvard trained lawyer and is it is -- tell them proud you know what he needs to do need to -- his self esteem and he needs to get some help and all that. He writes that. I care about my legacy as a professional athlete. But I'm miserable currently. Therapist and medication won't help me gain the respect of my teammates. Are really don't know what to do. So. She's telling him that this is. Argo gold to go get yourself some help and I'm glad you're writing this down and thinking this out. And he knows that they don't respect him he knows. And in the -- he can't do anything about it you know maybe. You know his mom. -- is right to his dad to. Maybe the one thing that I hadn't seen the text is. -- Who's in charge right. Who's -- shark while he can't go to his is his first point contact would be Jim Turner right. This positional coach -- mean that without it can't go there to go to him right so the only person really to go to next would be Joseph Philbin and obviously didn't feel comfortable doing. But I I mean -- his direct boss so to speak is as positional coach and clearly he doesn't seem to be comfortable on him for obvious reasons on multiple occasions he said to be in on many of the jokes. Ian on some of the torment of various players and Morton is not. But the player torment -- you really got to read the whole thing there's multiple 345 players they have tormented by this group and really if it's not that I'm into psychoanalysis. But Amy armchair psychologist just looked sitting cuddly don't says. This guy just gets off on the power trip right. The fact that he's bullying the assistant trainer is sold sir -- -- in a position of power over you and I'm just gonna bully you for no reason just chanting racist -- I don't know that I come occur away from the sleeping eating -- it was a racist when it races the biggest thing or just power. It just seems to be obsessed with the idea demeaning other people around them. Yet the report said the same thing and -- you mentioned -- feel comfortable going to Joseph Feldman let's say ditto comfortable on Joseph Philbin and this is something I'm sure we'll hear today it's debate. Are you know what whose right it's a complex issue that that's why I think that complexity in new wants from the report. Is an accurate way of putting it because there are a lot of ways to look at it. But if you felt comfortable going to Joseph Philbin I don't think NFL. Or many male dominated professions. Which most them on the -- quipped. Only you're equipped to deal. With. Bully right there's always a response to -- even Martin's dad can I -- the -- -- ivy leaguers in the you know all these degrees in. -- -- very well to do very intellectual people so his his mom writes to -- email -- This is Dak in here it is too -- I can even hear myself saints up like that that's where his father responded. They think calling you the Edward is OK -- -- -- Saturday because black people use. Tell them you don't use it and it is never okay and they do it again big kiss your black cat it's. Likewise figure sister is a Madonna if they say it again they kiss your ass. They do say either again and just stare at them. And give them your finger now. But that's -- that's a very. Very mail response. I would bet just for of males not playing in the National Football League at at that level not playing. In the NFL. The average male is saying oh really oh -- illegally -- outside -- In the NFL it's probably time 25. The test Thomas to roam the ride the aggression. Your your average NFL coach. Even think you know it it Jonathan Martin comes to him and says hey coach and really have a hard time adjusting my teammates not fitting and real salt. We think he's got bigger fish to frightened half to a body here to help you -- in our OK okay. Open it had been in a coach's meeting in the coaches' meeting and say you know -- He's right it's a figure out this isn't my problem in the figure out. So I mean maybe that's why maybe that's why couldn't go there because he does not. In that locker room especially maybe if the league maybe if that broken there's no question right mine but it's a funny overall maybe the league is not. Is not equipped to deal with these type of. Use with their players. A text message on how to gain your teammates respect stop crying like a little bitch peoples all walks of life and the struggles to earn respect by rising above it. By not wallowing in self -- of course I disagree with anyone bullying ever but running to a grown up with -- your tail between your legs. Is only good way to get bullying to stop not a good way to earn respect. It is what it is. I guess they hit the other Jewish issue those Washington to deal with it. He may be right welcoming you read it and you just wish for his sake he would just stand opting -- need to come to go screw off and that's the end of it. But at the same time Washington -- the deal the -- I always do is go play football. All of -- do is go block people wants to be a tackle on the dolphins -- people and that's who want to do for a living and why -- have to deal with this. 61777979837. -- your calls next plus the funniest thing I did find in this Michael it's funny and terrifying all -- that's next rockaholic WE yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And some of the people that work there. This is a kid that had a different way of responding. Really though that the reaction you want to get from your teammates when you push them verbally or you push them and you test their characters as you wanna see them react you wanna see them push back. But this was a different kid that didn't have that in him he he he he handled things in a different way. And that's what that's what they could not understand what they kept pushing him and pushing him and pushing him to the point where he finally left and I don't disagree with the man for the action that he took. At a course Tedy Bruschi on ESPN we'll talk to Herm Edwards in an hour at 330. I was Smart well as I -- in the Smart about Teddy was very Smart way of looking at a. When he said they they didn't understand. There and understand him. Which once again goes back in the than the notion of -- team. No he's not like you he's not like you he's not from the same background picture from. Yeah OK yes he's a black man. Who doesn't talk like this if that's what you're used to okay you're not he -- an interviewer do you talk ideas that's fine too. But he doesn't. -- -- the Stanford. If he has become from a two parent home they have some money. Don't get don't get trapped in and the thinking that people are all they can only be. Those they can only be people that you're comfortable where. You're you're understanding of a black football player has to be one thing. And if he's not that you gotta you -- jump on or your understanding of a football player and erase have to be one thing and he has not eating nails and he is not. Punching his. Putting the fist through walls that means that. He's not wanna do. They didn't understand. All of the different people they had. I mean he's Smart guy at left tackle then became a right tackle they had a -- offensive lineman. They didn't understand. People who weren't like them and they abuse. I'm actually got a -- I agree -- -- says that if the report does say they don't think the guys actually game player. It says he's believed not to be -- but that he was subject to constant thing that he was maybe it was maybe once. But the report the report doesn't seem to think regardless the matter the the the the thing that backs up exactly what you say what Eddie just said. It is one paragraph again reading from the report ultimately however while the freewheeling anything goes atmosphere characterized much of the dolphins -- and the point culture. May be a factor in explaining what happened to mark and it doesn't justify. He -- -- it was a leader in the offensive line in the entire offense to a great extent he dictated the culture. We -- Jerry and pouncing primarily -- -- we're having a neat -- and we dealt them matters would have gotten out of hand. I think I need to not set a tone in the offensive line that made extremely vulgar taunting atypical form of communication. Most more significant. -- NATO Jerry and -- the appear to have directed their bullying behavior toward -- in the few others because they were perceived as quieter. Different -- unlikely to fight back. Is not the definition of being -- -- and -- -- that defines it right there out there it is I mean -- you know maybe this wouldn't happen without adding content Ito knows ice if scale. The wait for the way he's portrayed as I can't believe the opposite exonerate him but it just sounds like he picked up people for being different than him didn't matter if they were black white Asian. Anybody who he thought he could get a -- way with bullying with different -- him and I -- -- -- Jerry -- -- like him that they were they were exempt from six point 77797937. To him. The -- programs are. -- -- -- -- -- There are -- reports today and it -- -- and what you got ought to go armored debacle eight day. On bursting at the elegant kind of issue. Coach how are they not realize. Eighty what's going on -- locker we have -- and a lot -- -- have -- you know you -- -- joke around -- When it comes you're insulting someone you know their sexuality -- -- -- like -- he told to step -- try to stop. To coach -- step and he was apartment. For it. As a partner Jim Turner the offensive line coach. I'm gonna say currently offered to fly coach but not for long not for long -- Then they will probably. If if Stephen Ross doesn't want a fighter Joseph Philbin. He has an easy way out the report allowed him basically to say Philbin didn't know but turner did turner was the guy who was harassing. -- or even it note and Jonathan Martin after he let the two bright -- -- Martin left. Jim Turner -- sending him a text saying. Hey Richey Richey and -- was taking a beating in the media you can do something about it do the right thing now I know you're a man of character show. Wait a minute a man of coach -- -- -- After this with you that you bull it's the -- -- and -- -- don't fool now you want me to be a man of character. About telling your -- to be men of character and we are on the same team trying to win games. So I think. This is. A little unusual when you have a head coach involved. And that head coach is a part of as a part of coaching meetings daily coaching meetings when the players are our way of your real good head coach. You talk to order positional coaches to find out what's going on in the room. And I think. Maybe Jim Turner would have gone to open and said yes something's happening here but he he certainly wouldn't -- He would tell -- this type of he wouldn't give that type of accuracy. Maybe pick out of building and say that mark Martin's a problem. Right up top because not and I you know -- thank god you know announcing they don't the right we like those tough. Martin. He's too much CAC. You know he just to -- he just more concerned about reading books instead of being in its playbook lower or blood you know being nasty. So that maybe that's maybe that's where the broke. -- -- -- every bit -- more NFL locker rooms and I have a vote but from what I've always heard is for the most part players don't deal with the head coach players deal with their assistant -- head coaches and hanging -- locker room for the most part. Around the team all the time he's in his office he's in the film room he's coaching the coaches. And it's -- -- position coaches who were much more around the team and involved in those day to day activity building it would have been sitting there watching all this stuff happen it's turner in the other assistant positional coaches. Who actually would've seen this stuff six well that wouldn't you wouldn't see. It happen all the time rice all but what you think just awareness and having you with also that I'm having a Paulson team -- do you have a -- and that's quite embarrassing for him. Yeah I just saw. I saw Teddy. Just before the show's stars are some blow 14150. Just passed to them now and in the and I said just so I have this right this is typical. And now he should not give an example. Just the way the way certain guys talk in the cafeteria. If you guys are getting really too little too louder too profane and there are women around. Hey guys keep it out. Keep that down locals around. You know just -- -- just simple reminders a team leaders who say no that's too much or guys being picked on. And you know that guy is -- you know he's not responding that he said that clip and the way that you expect him to then team leaders come in and say. OK guys that enough. We're not doing that anymore the problem with the Miami Dolphins is at your team leader who would do that what are your team the team leader -- a couple of. And yet even though is a team leader you gave them I mean both times they gave him a contract they gave himself and now. And Casey skirt up they knew he was problematic. They -- -- been in trouble or nothing to indicate that in Nebraska they knew that the rams had moved on from and they knew he was a problem they knew this was personality. They gave them first the one year contract to see what happens and then thirteen million dollar deal they committed to him. Right they knew that this is the type of environment becomes are they want it wanted to get tougher and I don't blame them they wanted to be -- half -- -- -- -- team and -- Carr neither does make you tougher on the field. But you're gonna do that why -- -- -- draft of the Martin I just don't understand. What what what management is thinking when you put together to people who wanted to play the game so entirely differently and put them out there and think that that's -- war drill teams -- good teams figure it out all the time -- -- good teams that are not all the time -- bad teams don't deal that every patriot as the saying I don't think it's not about being in this and that's not OK -- simulate people but the women are not a lot of time trying to get people who were onboard. Who were on board with the program if you're gonna have one guy who is into bullying and the style that it is reaching -- -- though. And another guy that is specifically the type of player that -- a -- as likely to bully. It seems to make very little sense -- -- an ideal. I don't. I you know I thought I believe you -- about this whole situation I I want to an all guys are high school. Yeah hands -- -- -- lot you know homosexual took on on an almost daily and I just kind of feel like if you have that many guys. I'm didn't want to you know one area that not you know that Natalie it's that we. I'm not just kind of got that way a lot of guys seem to joke got a lot of people joke in high school and I think it kind of a generation difference -- you know the -- who are. See that and hearing that there are needed to hear it you know I know disagree on on. You know it I do commercials out now that are anti gay you know they -- you know girls are used to it singled out just so -- And you know they're they're trying to change I think the new generation of stopping not -- that you know that this did not OK but so long I'm. You know it kind of was. Except for the long guys that you know they'd be jokes don't normally laughed more than 12 you think your arm around -- guy in any. But I think that's the problem here Dylan and kind of look I think many of us grew up in the same way I don't think that the issue Michael may be read this differently from me. I don't think the issue here was that they were key references almost homophobic jokes I don't think the issue is really that there were some racist comments that were made. I think the issue is the fact that they happened over and over and over and over -- -- they were targeted. If we all understand at some level that would that locker rooms have a lot of things being said in them that we probably wouldn't wanna say on the radio or or are in polite conversation. And I think people really mind that for the most part. It's the targeting that's disturbing. That's the problem I think that that's a spot on that's absolutely grab one more call we'll do well to the blitz about Brian in Maine I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Any. I'm currently active duty military. And my perspective on the Internet. I feel it in some aspect. It was almost like they're trying to tighten the marketplace are a guy that was -- on the line emotionally. We get our pilot he had a young group coming out. And they're like hey this guy emotionally is weak. And yet our time we needed top of the -- comes into -- heritage he can handle to the locker room let them know what's in our -- area. Then how do you how do you how do you explain the assistant trainer. How do you explain the -- an up their assistant trainer they treated him arguably worse. And you know and and I think that's such an with all respect I think that's such a dated way of looking at. Helping somebody who was weak if you helps itself. Well on at all. Oh OK we have the tough love there's no love involved here there was there there was topped with no love I would think if you've got a teammate. Who is hurting. Physically or emotionally guys are hurting -- you're a good teammate. You're not gonna abuse them you're gonna say you gonna find out more about it than you gonna get to know him in the annual figure out. If you have half a brain you'll figure out the best way to get through to him. Or condoned. I mean I don't condone just solely. Street lights and Atlantic I feel it let them report that it has sort of blowing out it's funny how that didn't look as. And it taking it a third party point of view is also hard -- look at whereas if you have a group of college. We're looking at it all together and you're like OK are they are getting up on the strongly. And we'll be taking a record and how -- do really well with. But they're -- but it's not just him I think that's the problem way it explained bring you gotta explain to me how they're trying to toughen up the assistant trainer by calling him much -- How does that how is that toughening up their assistant trainer and for what that's the other thing what are they toughening Jonathan Martin up for -- BS EC go to problem on the field. That's your problem opportunity not a mean China say everything that they can possibly character. Usually that he says that a little courtroom I can't say that was in a report in the in the report is that he has no problem with people from other teams that the patriots or. Or the jets have somebody is trying to. -- really trying to get into his head verbally. Opponent on the field. That's fine and that goes that's part of the job. But this is not part of the upright this and now isn't that how good good organizations work why don't need to accept friendly fire. Why do you find the other team wants to say something to me I can tune it out one or the ticket 24 hours a day in my locker. It doesn't get the -- up next and the back your calls on the six or 777979. Percents alcoholic W media. Are just a couple of quick notes for him -- before we. Where we get back to these calls on reaching -- neo and Jonathan Martin at setter one Roger Goodell was paid 42 million dollars that -- Just a quick or I'm sorry 44 point two. The NFL paid commissioner Roger Goodell 35 point one million. Plus nine point one million of deferred pay in year ended march 31 thirteen. For 44 point two million dollar total. Not a bad day after -- I. I'm I'm guessing that makes him the highest paid commissioner ever. Having ever that's a that's a pretty good day right 44 two million dollars anyway here's what -- earlier Saturday but just 44 million dollars. David Stern in the Bud Selig made that much and I don't see how a couple of 44 point two million dollars on one day. That's incredible. So. Great TV deal successfully. No wonder only -- -- around count money income but new and in ideas to cut through football and -- bowl. -- lowered. -- now 340. -- pages now -- and he's the one obviously who commissioned this autos a lot of conversation as speculation about what what bias might be there but. You know look may may wanna make an example -- of being -- needle on the other hand this doesn't make the league looked great rights so. I got I got its -- of -- didn't make the league -- -- it doesn't make. You know income you don't have a great you know even for Martin. It's it's it's more heartbreaking anything like some of the text. It's instant text my mom I can't remember I I can't ever imagine. Admitting. Anybody on an African admit to myself I've felt this way this is the text and Jonathan Martin where he says to the mom. A -- not a major source of my anxiety I'm a pushover. -- -- people pleaser. I avoid confrontation whatever I can't always want everyone liked it let people talk about me say anything to my face and I just take it. Laugh it off. Even when they know. What I know there intentionally trying to disrespect me. Another. Text with mommy Seneca -- again I'm never gonna change I got plunked again today like a little bit it's. And I never do anything about it you know for him. It's interesting to hear that it to read the text -- exchange between. Marten and his mom and Marten and his dad. Martin is my mom is very thoughtful. His day ahead keeps coming back to that if the male thing it's it's it's something that we all do. His dad said. Had a Harvard it'll talk about my suntan backed down just a New York but he also it also learn how to pop a bully and his mouth. And kick one in his balls. -- His mom is -- with the thought. -- approach -- data is like a beat thoughtful if you can but it can't right -- don't. -- -- -- -- to be the way this -- wired and seem to want to do that. And does that solve the problem -- pin maybe and feel like if he if you think he decide okay you know what I -- -- fired back. If you punch rich and content you want them out there were apparently doodle. You wanna mess that Mike pouncing don't know that that what you know now about Mike counties friends. And the people he hangs out with and that's the other point -- wanted to mention here is did you know he ripped through the hole things I'm sure. You saw this did you see the actual reproduction. Of the kangaroo court page that they pass this is unbelievable so they have to have a kangaroo court getting -- need to runs. And they have some things that you would you know that aren't surprising about now dollar fine for falling down and a meeting her for falling down and the -- like that. And it's pointed out here. That somebody was -- -- -- find himself which you find himself a hundred dollars for breaking into one of the Martin. But I opened the top right corner he saw this one under under -- is name yet. A hundred dollar fine for being subpoenaed by the -- guy I'll make them. As part of -- her bed as I. I thought our hundred dollar fine for being dollars heeded by the FBI. Now it's funny certainly no one on one hand that they were joking about it like -- but -- knowing who counties friends are you wanna fight back. Yeah when I have that conversation. I get shot well well well I don't know I cannot. Think he's bringing that into don't you bringing that to the practice field but do you think if he hears that he punched. Here's and he really got -- your -- you know and you know -- -- vetoes column I have -- this and in word that all that and he kept going on what. What does this black folks that he was going after. He -- he decided that Jonathan Martin's first decided that he was. Half black book with African American government though but the fact that so does that that he was -- Then he decided that each ago he needed to be all this colors associated associate black people. And he liked the corporate pakistanis. There anyway to come up then he had another way that a thing is that -- It is me and I'm sure you know what that means so he'd. It was all over the place offending every racial group imaginable. But. I think it still comes down to you that. The book that. People really buy it in the NFL. And I think the report. Speaks to. He says. The report says it may seem not -- on the Martin the professional football player with imposing physical stature. Could be described as a victim of bullying -- harassment but even big strong athletes are not immune from vulnerability. Too abusive behavior the relevant literature -- indicates the bully typically choose victims who were different from them. Who have low self esteem who lack the skills to deal with conflict. Typical victim of the person who is unlikely to push back when victimize studies show the -- adversely affects the targets physical or mental health. Is that sessions stress anxiety mood swings and suicide -- series girls are so I mean I think that's what. -- I don't know if you agree this thing. That's where right that's the nut -- I think that's -- Roger Goodell deals with first. Is is is the fact that there are attaching some freedom -- -- of this league rights and legal we're gonna deal with this issue and educate people on this is just as we've educated people slowly but surely on. The effects of concussions and some of the dangers of drama. -- educate our coaches. Who and educate our trainers -- educator players. On this on the affected their words in my house yeah and it and it sounds a little touchy Feely but Israel. Had to hit every -- those who work with kids in schools now if you from the stories about you know bullying in schools that whole law acknowledges. I just suck it up or walk away doesn't always work we got to be a little more little more thoughtful and come up with. -- better solutions now. Pat is in Rhode Island -- They really don't yet. -- -- That good -- to take that -- sort of out about the -- and -- deal -- got Arlene out for help and then I'm. We'll have to -- Atlantic tell that he's gotten an up -- they'll get a couple years you know averaged career to a pretty good maybe average go to sleep in their work to get really cute ears. He got a very small amount of time that impact especially when you've been work and you're all like to get -- point. The last little Google out weekly look on line. Fuel you don't think it all warrior and there's no doubt I mean Bartlett the weakling as you start he started every game and -- -- -- They are irritated -- it ought to work really. And oh yeah economic probably try to -- and a -- and you're absolutely. -- -- -- -- wrong and what he went up out of it. You know meaning to complete in out -- and everybody agreed to act. Out. Yeah it's like -- which -- you -- apple went to the same hymn of which makes it week. Another -- delegates. I'm sorry we're heading into two questions about this -- and I get to these two there's two major holes in your theory here the first one is. Which came first the chicken -- the -- Was it was -- a package if you believe that Martin was the weak link on the offensive line maybe he was maybe he wasn't he -- dolphins continue to stardom both the left and right tackle every game we have played there to whether he was the weak link or not we can debate. But why was he the weak link was he the weak link because he wasn't a good player because he was soft or because every single -- were always trying to learn trying to practice he -- -- cut -- of torturing him along with a couple of other guys. Oh yeah you look at pro football although. You -- -- light -- went public with his only bad thing that was his play bad because he cut -- this torturing. You know. He can hang up -- c'mon man you can opt. Could not comment Ashford Washington you -- answer it and then let me answer the second question which is one who seat -- trying to toughen up the assistant trainer. I called him all kinds epithet for somebody -- Japanese or some other Asian a member of another -- -- -- figured out you can fire and configured on Chinese north -- -- -- -- Japanese -- in the economy Chinese -- to configure when he -- two which -- at first I mean I don't know -- you know the answer I don't know the answer to it. Maybe Jennifer Martin was the weak link and it started before reaching -- to torture them. A may be he didn't deal well the fact that his locker room was an incredibly. Horrible place to be the -- he's supposed to be watching film he's got reaching -- need -- trying to you know come onto a mobile Veronica Lake. What his problem was or why he turned into a bad player if he even was one. Let me ask you. Then this is the big question. Which you have Jonathan Martin -- I wish I want to interview first I wanna talk to. I mean I think I think I would need to to -- to look him in the eyes how the conversation and find out what really happened and how he would handle himself. In a different locker it if he's dictated. Is he a player Michael does he deserve being a second round pick. I mean what is it does he still have the talent of somebody that should be a starting player in the NFL you're saying that okay. And questions whether or not I have a player who had gone through this on my team. I think the answer is -- -- had a equality locker room and I keep hearing from all these other people around football saying the most locker rooms -- like this. Yeah I wanna. Yeah I would think. If you think about America and think about the coach like Harbaugh Harbaugh seems a lot crazier to me than Joseph fields sure. A better coach. But also. A little more erratic. A little more spontaneous in -- spontaneous combustion that. So he played four he played for Harbaugh. He protected the franchise. He protected Andrew Luck was drafted in the second round pretty high draft pick. He would use and dropping left and not a franchise left that -- -- legal guys go in the top ten -- -- left tackle an -- around pretty good Matt Light was that Matt Light was trapped in the second round so. -- -- trusted him. He he was able to play in that environment in -- and have no problems whatsoever. That he played in San Francisco right now I think week. What Harbaugh think so. Only can play in New England. 111. There's a lot of the patriots scouting report that this patriots scouting manual that it's always jumps out at me and and it's a line that. Scouts are always asked by whoever the director of college scouting news. In this player except tough coaching. You know what they mean by. They don't Maine hey you know what you can really get really improve your technique here you need to watch more film. They remain they lifts and hair mother of the little bit of an epidemic you need to get your habit you know that. In your face tough course language. I don't think so. General if it is a good question you ask I don't know the answers to they would look at him if their philosophy is we don't want guys who who don't react well. We want guys who would who would respond better to being yelled at them fine. But I wonder whether or not Martin himself would have a problem being treated that way by a coach being yelled that it told the -- -- you're messing this up. That's expected right I mean I mean I -- like yeah those going into it that the world is not going to treat me nicely all the yet in the NFL. I just already that I'm 100% of the time on my ass and -- at target blank look for the 61777979837. Ryan in Manchester. That's why they re determined doctor Martin when doctor Martin warning that an insult you want our American imports particularly and arguably there. As operation which is equipped him. To deal with the real conflict if he proves that this that a microcosm of -- -- -- rain that when the going gets uploaded on the market we court. Why should have to deal and is confident he actually multi terabyte well you know what but why you have to deal with -- and why should have to deal -- from his own team. And just isn't. It. -- Now. Everybody. Believing what. What does that mean as an it job. Who hasn't -- the locker room. I'm not on good not I don't -- don't get to where where you work for yourself for you work for somebody right now. I -- or somebody like if you don't I don't wanna get bullied on the job yeah well why. Why did you give me an example because mentally -- -- some help. Shares or wait until we don't give me an example of how would you right now Rome and a bully on the job what -- what happens. Let them in my job when you comment and write in your new guy -- -- haven't went any. All the guys will take advantage of that situation and try to. Russia want to miss my dog not a great great experience I guess I can get in my -- -- -- -- more then maybe -- personnel office. What is your line of work but you said that happens if you said it happens in every profession. It does happen to be everywhere giving up too extreme and yet the let me you're out there weren't happy when he -- on top punched. In -- you don't at least all of them 300 I'm gonna play out. You're on the road and get this whole thing about it and. Maybe even on the other hand maybe it's tough -- continental flight the -- Herman Nebraska kicked off the -- OK so what are actually yes -- Stock up -- -- wants instead of calling -- -- incorporated. And that's the guy who put into that same size right or gotten some kind of apple this sort of a -- alerted some people what's been going on here. We already know what anyone may be a few people are dangerous. So why did anybody happen. It seems like he didn't alert some people when he quit he alerted everybody should try to cut the SE it's a question Russia the trainer on the same thing. To the assistant trainer have done the same thing we -- to the assistant trainer also far it's you know cognitive. Are they actually thought routine currently losing the season -- -- I don't want to try I don't I really don't know how to plot just because it's okay to be bullied at work until you stand up for yourself. -- you wanted to progress and it happens everywhere why are we defending him when he didn't have an equal. -- you gonna bring me that you would have been great and professional what you do you have a real conflict. Or maybe would have done great he wasn't -- can't -- target. Maybe would have done just great not around -- company -- I'm sure that happened to them at Stanford until now did didn't I did. No it usually is high school and middle school didn't happen to him at Stanford -- -- performed well enough. To be coming second round pick in the NFL when not -- that does put a little. -- -- all know -- say that no I don't know if you're gonna have a conversation go read get the facts -- that's not what happened. What. Am I just was bullied in middle school. Not in columns are -- -- -- -- opposite. -- and owning and I'm al-Qaeda were wrong. And you're definitely condone people are less and we want them to use it a bit. But CB unit gives you maybe maybe it's determined musical the glossary term and they -- -- -- we are often our terms. -- had any have we all better balls busted of course -- adding maybe that's what's happening enter the workplace that new guy comes and he hasn't proven anything. And people get my hard times say hey you know what you know what you don't fine and that's only. Just like a little verbal sparring. But that is that. Bullying is an on going it's an ongoing process it's not just eight. He's a new guy but we'll do this for a while and then go past the initiation whatever that is. And we'll go about our business that it happened. Let -- happen here that they have voiced know that we -- heard from Donovan out from from rich and cut -- -- economists have. This piece of whatever and he certainly two of them understand hey do you really think the really means like it was filming no we didn't. Put that happened in his second year in it he jumped out at Barton because he thought. What happened to him in his rookie year which is part of rookie hazing. The here we go on in here to this -- still going. I don't think everybody don't think it's commonplace at. In it workplaces across Massachusetts and the rest of America -- -- bullying is prominent work. I don't -- and I would also argue that he was definitely supporting it whether he says -- or not -- some really good calls on the line I want to get as many of them as possible bought Herm Edwards is gonna join us next -- his take on what really does go on a -- what can be reasonably expected to change or not -- to talk to -- a momentum right -- your calls stick around -- -- A WE. Somebody says how about Nomar remembered Nomar is better. He wasn't. Well. But he was during that time when we were saying he's better after I thought right I think he was better for few years didn't have the staying. He was better when he was when he was healthy -- was better. Like OK you look at. This is compared Nomar. Nine he -- 9798992000. Look at Derek Jeter over the same period. Who is better. Over. -- that a player during during that brief period at like for like four years of -- mark. Having Nomar was better. Now is that even a conversation now over who had a better career would have veterinary care hall of fame yet he. Will be the guy doesn't really like the media vote will continue to perform in. You know he'll make these dynamic plays in the be great with kids in all of this in his relationship with Ted Williams at love Ted Williams show respect for the reds on an. And work out that. Unfortunately it did not so of course the big news today is. This report released by Ted Wells who was commission against commissioned by the leak commissioned by Roger Goodell he's a lawyer. Who was commissioned by Roger Goodell to investigate into what happened in the Miami Dolphins locker room averaging -- -- few other players including Mike pouncing. And and what happened with Jonathan Martin. I know that there are people who think that he has -- bias maybe he does I mean he's paid by the league so you always have to wonder whether or not what comes out of it is something that the league would want. I don't know if this is exactly what the league wants us talking about this all day unless the league is trying to reform the way locker rooms. You know function and they think this is the best way to do it by. I don't I don't see how -- black mark on the leave which I think this is is helpful what they want to I don't see this is. Been accused of bias yes I Herm Edwards said does this embarrassing I think if he says that and he has no official capacity capacity with the league. Imagine if if likens it's much worse than that so -- Roger Goodell paying somebody. To put out a public report that made that that makes some question right what the hell is happening in the national for. Totally agree -- the idea behind them I don't see it that way at all at some of the some of the findings here pretty explosive from a from from the the way routine -- neat though. Bully Jonathan Martin the way that ball horrible racist things that were said to be assistant trainer who is Japanese. A Japanese American. Two to -- things said about another player and they don't list his name who was not just subjected to all kinds of abuse. And being told over and over and over again that he was gay. But also was was basically physically assaulted in a homo erotic way. By -- the end by and buying -- neat though and rip -- by coaches and coaches were in on the act assistant coaches positional coaches. I mean it it presents such of such a broken -- onslaught from it really is hard to imagine how anything succeeded. Yeah I mean hey let's go back through you know Turner's Turner's text. That's assistant coach Jim Turner -- Jim Turner off that line coach for the gulf November 2 so Jonathan Martin's argument. His offensive line coach. He's not the team there are rumors that he's checked himself into you know mental health facility he did he got himself some counseling. Maybe Jim Turner knew that you with pinkie off at the line coach losing when guys -- in effect it's just imagine guys going -- to get some get some counseling. Richie got me it was getting getting hammered on national TV this is not right. You can put an end to all the rumors with a simple statement to the right thing now. Mark right back coach. I wanna put out a statement believe me do this thing has become such a huge stories from now but I've been advised not to. And I'm not supposed to text in the -- either the last time responded to a team mate Richie. I was intentionally manipulated. And the conversation was immediately forwarded to a reporter her. He is protecting himself. He's been beat up for four days put an end to this you are grown man do the right thing turn right back again John I want the best for you and your health. But make a statement take the heat off -- and the locker room. This isn't right. You don't want the best for them and what the best for this guy -- If you put -- so a guy is saying he army and you know get some counseling. Need to get away from football maybe the culture got to me. Instead of saying odds too badly do what you need to do you're saying -- By the way before you go to the next counseling session. Publicize. Over here throws a -- make it make it if you come out and say everything is all right. Then people will believe you we go back to doing the same crazies double -- on the floor right. Saying Myanmar that look great in those in that text message either though somehow this became the big thing we mean somehow. You release the text messages and it was going to be big thing. Law I got I support him and a lot of the problems that he's had a long way but I don't find him to be 100% innocent entirely. A hot -- I can't believe this turn into a big thing 100 senators are now not a 100% now but maybe 90% I mean again I'm -- -- -- crushed Jonathan Martin based on everything that I read these 144 pages. But I doubt when it's kind of jumped out what you mean really. You did you can't understand why it became a big thing. Then why did you release it why did you let it get out you do is going to be -- and what what does -- another question may be a bonus -- for for questions or -- early ATQ question. Uh oh what does a man of character look like Jim Turner a we have enough time in the showed -- a figure that out yet. The man of character look like the repeated again that there's like Richie got NATO -- in random -- you're a man of character director Bob Bob what's going on Bob. And you know this whole thing I don't want as an intensive -- and in this is my opinion on that think it would it forever were it. On you know when I read it actually read the whole court in and I have I'd go a typical I read the text exchange. That would -- I think prior to the board and it isn't all. Jonathan Martin in which you think about -- And he'll once that. Became pretty obvious in that text exchange. Went back to heartened. Was playing -- office like. That might it might take on the -- again I -- my opinion. I think they can argue and by. That Jonathan Martin. Tries to play this game I play along with it he wanted to try to beat a guy wanted to. To be in order to show you guys that aren't. And he decided that our parents start to play along with kind of ridicule that goes on the locker room and such. You know -- a little bit -- -- not to level that it can't go to. I think he can't do that. And then he realized at some point down the line that. Not this guy is not this the grew up on people educated at least now we try to deal with some guys that -- from the wrong side of the tracks. Little harder W. You don't not correct in the way that they they talk to him at the same time. I think -- kind of you know. There's there's -- really be kind of realize you went to -- -- and and then decided on walk on I don't wanna do this anymore. It never cured it articulate just like okay well you know we're having the paperback report. I'll let you want to look at it anymore -- one result of perhaps. That you know this is terrible when it's sort of locker room. I think that John Martin has some culpability in this I think they're -- into. And it analysis angle that you can but until after the cheek on book as a fall guy in this whole thing. Well he's not deploy you'll be the fall guy you haven't yet he's one of them. You know and I don't know what. Hey Jonathan Jonathan Martin might be a fall off fall guy for different NFL they don't have to come out say anything. Right now NFL teams don't have to say it. But their actions will tell you exactly how they see -- and cut -- you know if he's not suspended by the commissioner and how there and how they see Jonathan Martin and I would think. For some coaches out there some coaches actually agree with some coaches look at it and say not now. I don't -- guy like that my locker room if he can't handle it. Like he can't play on this team campaign on the offensive line we want to write -- nasty offensive line and he's not that guy it's funny. It's funny about listening to your your point of view and and what you think. Happened between these two guys they're quote unquote French -- it actually mirrors very very much so what is written in the report. And I kind of agree all of it except your conclusion. I agree -- you that mark tried to play along because he was doing everything in his power. And not get it to get these guys off his back to try to beat in with a group that he didn't really needed it but I'm not sure how that makes them culpable but the everyday routine -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of things -- most -- -- -- -- -- -- Now if you seeing him to a friend and it well it's not really. A lot of things people deemed to be horrible context all right but that doesn't account but that's my point is when you're right those things. If you're going to say the -- letter -- am shore that the persons -- talking to was always going to be your body actually sees the world the same way you'd. Yeah you gotta be damn sure that one day that person actually said hey you know what I don't see the world the way you do I know you think it's funny to use the N word or this word or whatever else. I actually don't think it's funny and I -- around back and forth with you. But I I hold in mind at all these text messages you sent that you put into -- into receivable format. You better be damn sure you're reaching -- though that Jonathan Martin actually feels that way this is like which you can't -- in some ways. As a reached a -- -- -- like a girl who -- -- -- different take a sex tape. I'm not gonna -- -- money Waltham. Unconditionally but it roll you know just between me and you money. OK yeah go ahead take the tape actually generally -- anymore is broken up and put in the I don't Jonathan Martin did back to reaching Gagne were -- -- -- -- to. Other says they've got got to recalibrate I got to recalibrate our battery -- myself. A ball over to you read back your calls are holly and a few weeks you know what -- we're. Good to better address Lockheed is blocking ready we're refined walking the. And I think it -- the review. Of the hazing policies that go on in any NFL locker room and maybe some of those haircuts that we've seen in the past some of the rituals that we've seen. In the past maybe they'll go by the wayside now again maybe the NFL. Feels it's five for repeatedly -- there's no real harm -- something like back carrying a veteran shoulder -- but there's a certain line. And I think will get more attention than ever before. For teams determine whether or not that lines being crossed with the NFL believes that line is being -- maybe there's some. Rules set in motion here that are made very visible and clean. Plain and clear for everybody to see certain things will not be tolerated in any NFL locker room going -- That's out of chapter course on ESPN and -- there will be some gray areas here I think that. The issue is that what -- -- need to seems to have done them seem that great there will be some gray areas on -- shoulder pads and making rookies get up and saying in some of the some of the I think good natured ribbing. And and teasing that goes on and an NFL or any other kind of locker room but this isn't that. This is not good natured ribbing this -- so far beyond it. And and it's look Michael we talked about it everyone I think understands intrinsically. That locker rooms are places where there are some language that might not. Be the same language here and a normal office junior at around your dinner table. But that it's OK in an NFL locker this isn't that this is almost a systematic destruction of a couple of key individuals. Well I think the report. Handles that. Beautifully what you dissent and as a beautifully listen. The report says we also understand the context matters we accept that the communications of young brash highly competitive football players often are vulgar and aggressive. That these players ever expected their private communications with each other to be made public. We did not approach this assignment expecting to discover behavior. The society might anticipate and say an accounting firm or law office for better or worse profanity is an accepted fact of life and competitive sports. Have professional athletes commonly indulging conduct inappropriate in other social settings. We also recognize that could spirited goading often contributes to team -- so. The whole thing is -- him it's hard to it's hard to just say well this will happen you have to cut out. You have to cut out any type of any type of ritual. Knowledge he's got us and we understand that's part of sports. And in the coaches will say we can't just take the example of the day he broke in franchise broke it didn't maybe not even a broken branch out of the way I do believe they are broken. But maybe some broken relationships and Miami. And say that the rest of us are like this this is never happened before we're fine with the way we do business. Don't make us change that successful about our organizations because. You've come across. A pretty dark twisted organization -- Miami. I think the commissioner has a lot to think about. And he can't beat two knee jerk as he want to do -- as. That's not the right thing to do it and that's why I said they're gonna be some gray areas some places where Roger Goodell is neat because he's gonna need to decide what's okay what's not. But I don't think he's gonna have much trouble deciding that this type of stuff is not okay titans in New Hampshire Mike Tyson. And we don't get to the World Bank. Or you're really I was not so much a political -- -- needle thing. I think that if it was going too far that they're just lacking real leadership and now locker room. Anybody. When an actual leadership is -- analysts negatively affecting. Negatively affecting him and should step up and said something to either -- -- incarnate or anybody that was deliverable into appointment. Fair point I mean you know in -- need is one of their captains are Michael. I mean I mean it. It at this same point you can't. Can't expect -- reminder that he himself could not expression that other people's ideas. Upset by what's going on them how this -- now so I think it's a little bit of both ways but if there's a real real leader -- And it really music your leaders are doing things like this that helps to. I mean -- -- and he wasn't just one guy in the team he was one other captains and this is the -- treating his his fellow offensive line. I wonder why you know he get the fine book there. Where he was right down all the stuff when he he -- those guys. The tax accounting and somebody else. Maybe it was Jerry -- -- said destroy the final book of ought to compliment be suspended please destroy it they didn't want to do it. No white -- that book wise up we'll still available with the afraid to. Destroy it because they thought that. Come back on them and they be suspended two and they want summit on the well yeah it that's it. It's a good point I mean where where they didn't like Jonathan Martin going along with a even though they didn't really wanna be. But I mean I don't know I mean you know it certainly doesn't present that image. Any of the other guys Jerry York or -- or anybody else. But where they along for the right to -- you know I don't really wanna be like this but this is the only way to keep this guy off me. As you know here here's the other issue really review you think about this. In a lot of ways you could come up with you know 45 things you know what the report boils down to put it's hard to dispute that one of those is. Dealing with adversity how to how out of people -- different people different personalities. Deal with adversity in -- many answers to that. You know I think key here here average guy way. That the response. From man it is to muscle through. You know either to have to plowed through muscled through I'm not gonna let anybody talk to me. I'm not gonna let anybody talk to me like that he -- today and it -- target comes up on me like that. How much do this this this and that you know that's that's generally how. How -- even if they're not the National Football League that's generally how million deal with the new you know lot of testosterone. Aggressive all this stuff. He was. Because that wasn't his response. He's. He was probably too thoughtful not for the league not purple ball he was too thoughtful for this team. Right used to thoughtful to being paired next to reject an eight it was just it was not in his what that's what -- -- it's so much earlier in the show what with the dolphins doing. If you're really looking and studying the players that you haven't team that they guys you wanna bring in how could you think it would be a good idea to have Jonathan Martin enriching -- needle on the same team. I've put up but I am but it cannot understand -- question salt but I I also agree with what her senate -- the locker room. The locker room you have a lot of different person now -- -- the personality of rich -- argue you know in the personality of Jonathan Martin is not the problem. That's not the problem the problem is the actions. The actions of -- -- and -- not just they would in target and pound feet and the offensive line coach so. I don't think it's a personality thing of public a culture that the culture of that at least to that off. Amy I just me and I'm Jessica I get to go to design team but you're paying attention to the stuff. And you know you know -- -- who is already been on your team for a few years while -- -- -- that right but you know we problematic you know that you put him on a one strike in Europe system you've built in clauses to his contract to protect you because you're worried about it so you know reaching cut needle is. And then you're doing all your due diligence to decide -- you're gonna draft you talk to Jonathan Martin he talked to people around in the us. You don't know that put him next to reaching cut -- could maybe be huge disaster and you're still wanna take a chance on him as a second round. To -- an hour of their organization so you'd -- tell me that you. You got a base you're -- draft on Richie got -- you know now that's problems and this and that -- it -- -- -- drafting -- I understand you're gonna people of different backgrounds people with different personalities. But if you think that these two guys is that it's gonna be positive situation for both of them. It's probably not going to be you know what a huge personality averaging -- to -- You know that you brought him in and that there's a risk reward right. The risk the reward is it that I can be an excellent football players that -- is gloom mean nasty guy on the field but you also know there's a risk which is -- you built in and out. To help you in case the guy goes off the rails. So are are here now allowing that risk reward to affect some of the other things around you like. -- think anyway you think it goes off to railway don't know that but it you don't you don't you know I think in that part you're thinking about. As a -- I think I am a football team a guy that we can just pay attention to and see what the problems are PS one of those problems. We RD we got we have protected ourselves and we will get them off the team you have no. If you'd never dream that he's gonna do some of the things that he's done. So I mean I don't know if you can you can think that far ahead and I one day Richie and -- so we'll say this to Jonathan -- You know what this to know what the Michael life and I don't have dogs you know what pleased you are -- -- -- dogs and you end up with fleas you can't be surprised. You had it calculated risk to lie down with routine content you know when you end up with -- at the end of camp shot. Well that's a part I think in content you don't yeah he's got a history the thing that surprises me a bit but I shouldn't be more here but this -- county. More more information about bouncy. Where you think he's just a you know solid good. -- NFL player any of the good player. But some of the things some of them some of the statements that he's made some that he's made in holly comes up in his report -- He took a big hit here -- Free agent next you think you want him in your team -- Raleigh. -- rep -- call 6177797937. A W media. I wanna get as many your phone calls as we can during these next 45 minutes or so 61777979837. Here's a text message it is going Michael Michael Corriere Bristol today to let people know what's up what's up did numbers never lie once again today and ESPN and Bristol. -- it was about this right. Yes we talked about all off the top. Our reaction today and got -- dole Marten. Wells report. Oh we also talked by Kevin Durant and LeBron James is that a rivalry what do you think. Is is there Kevin Durant in the brawn James is with the rival night yet. Thank you that's that's. Two worlds apart from the had to occupy a four. If like to hear -- -- appreciate it guy working for our are you excited for the dunk contest now. Okay it was OK and I said no to anger. Texans safety former Carolina again. Says agitating cloudy ask about the Texans every days does this make around the. -- Good. But I don't feel that strongly about it that audio and mark know. Do you have a problem with the proposed NCAA rule prohibiting prohibiting snapping the ball until ten seconds runoff on the play clock yes -- -- yet you yet it's stupid typical and it -- It was just bored. Just bored right blog knows that's SEC is is that just SEC action all the way we have the greatest athletes in the world that and when little teams like -- try to get Q and try to combat combat -- big athletes by going in using their brains and a different style we're gonna put something in the rules to ensure the fact that we still get to be on top you know it was -- me knows really. Who's really -- -- -- thinks -- even so the -- I just that SEC people like Palin we have the best athletes and we don't want to let little teams like -- coming after us but I today and SEC team that doesn't wanna do that Auburn. Smiles on. As part of the reason either like -- gallery go you know as fast as office -- probably -- -- Winston playing College Baseball. Now you don't. -- -- -- -- But we're -- Would understand you know I'd like multi sport athletes and the and it's good for except he won't be able to do an approach that's fine so different -- I think that's on work for Russell takes except you know pretty Coleman brought a good point. I never heard you never hear. Pro quarterbacks with. Tommy John surgery not too often do with closers and starters and he's a closer. You really want. But his NFL few and you know is a pitcher I've matters and roses and yeah I thought I have a problem that I just don't think you should do as an excellent. I don't mean let me read this xmas don't get -- product -- this. Guys explain to me -- -- knows he's doing something wrong. Everyone is condone his actions the team the offensive line's teammates the coaches and even Martin himself. How was he supposed to know he's done something wrong. You beta I sort of got -- as a right here this and this from a 603. I it is right here in front of -- While we really -- to answer that housing know that he did something wrong because he's a human being in the world. We have. How does anybody know the difference between right wrong. This out up to another reason. -- economy you know knows the difference between right and wrong. Liberated from the report on page 61. He did an interview in -- -- noted 2012 -- Jeff Darlington writes good stuff so there headlined the story was the NFL's dirty player comes clean. Encarta -- stated that prior to 2002 and he had been a quote complete mess for a decade. Had abused alcohol and drugs and allowed his mental help to go untreated resulting in a ton of mistakes but after moving to Florida he stated. He began taking mental health therapy seriously started taking packs all. And embraced meditation all is part of a concerted effort to remake himself. I think he knew. And -- imagine if he felt like he would come along way and that's what he would have been like if he hadn't been taking -- -- hadn't been. Going through therapy imagine like the 20072008. Version right -- -- needle on Jonathan and. Really supposed to believe that he changed that much I mean not when I read a text messages about how what he's gonna do when he goes out at night and who is out there looking to find controller projects. And all the rest I'm supposed to believe that he became this great person or two I believe that -- -- -- -- -- spin from reaching companies -- you know what I got used to be -- the let me tell you what I do now. I -- ten to meditate Lee Baca for. Parts I've pretended that hey there and I have heard something about something called packs on by the way I'm taking it may be. Six once XML are not what to teach Michael the biggest joke I hate that crap. Already know what we are -- -- around about me and I turned my life front now doing all the right -- meanwhile to -- joke what a joke. There were three teams. There are three teams when in cock you know was coming out of college instead. He is not draft double he started off. At Nebraska went from the fear most who went to Oregon was their for a week kicked out of Oregon. So three team said no let's not draft once scouting report. Quote this is an overly aggressive player -- -- you in the back in this liable to cost the team I would be which we did at Saint Louis all the time yet I would be very concerned about his character you got that right he committed 38. Penalties and 44 regular season games with the rams. Seven of which were for unnecessary roughness what were the three teams that did not I remember I read it -- errors the pictures the colts and one other. The ravens the ravens there. So the patriots colts and ravens say no thanks to read a model organizations in the league during that are based on Dante Scarnecchia at the times that now now I don't wanna deal with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to Patrick is in Dorchester -- Patrick. I don't against the -- So I want to preface this by saying that I actually work with adults with special needs. And based on what I haven't read the report but based on the to glimpse and pay you to have given me. I honestly suspect Asperger's from mr. market. He does not how to handle himself socially he doesn't do you look adversity because he just doesn't understand it. I think that it pretty telltale sign that he's -- -- has loosened up that they're gonna can really -- somehow mentally. Do you think you'd think Jonathan Morton has Asperger's yes I'm. And the -- I don't know I don't know whether it's fair to speculate on that or not Patrick community you know -- working with special needs obviously you know that there's a Specter right in and it's not you know. It's not binary situation where you either have something or you don't have something there's there's sale to -- the spectrum. I don't know I mean maybe that's the case but either way I'm not sure changes anybody's actions here doesn't. He Albert I think that this we're talking about diversity in the locker room in black and white he is and what and what I. Carl Edwards said you know rock music and rap music in an all electric stuff you know I think we should also look at disabilities in the -- as well yeah but -- -- dyslexia isn't. -- reading and illiteracy and. Yes yes I think that's a that's a fair point and that you don't make that point it was. Jonathan Martin's mom and one of those tax which said there are a lot of things you know paraphrasing a lot of things going on NFL. But I think a lot of it is that is covered up or mass because when she put it because of because of the aggression try to be aggressive nature of football I think it's a fair point it also leads back to the conversation we've had more in in. And up on that level might not talking about the personalities of locker room but finding ways to bring out what people do well as opposed to focusing on what they don't do well all right we talked about you know if you have a defense -- and is maybe not a perfect player can play in space but he can rush the passer. Is it worth it to take somebody on your team and then find a way to put him in a position to succeed instead of asking him to do something -- he'll fail. And this is related to Jonathan Martin right. If he's a sensitive guy who doesn't really deal well with somebody like routine Colin -- and that's I love of bully around him. Well if you're gonna trap somebody like that put him in a position to succeed. Right and that's got to be it team for whom he would have more value that he did to the dolphins when they're gonna stick and that's next routine content ago. Get the most out of your asset instead put putting him in a position. Yeah I think he would but a handful of teams. I could probably think of ten or twelve teams. Where he probably would work. Where where he would be okay with -- -- -- you know there's there's some guys. Who did not bad teammates. Is nothing there's nothing bad about them at all but what they wanna do is show up. Keep their mouth closed and play -- that's what they wanted to. And in. That was he wanted to do that with the dolphins. Not have -- Thank you didn't want to cause any trouble. Again as he said over and over didn't want confrontation. So it wasn't trying to stand out you wanted to blend in and play football right. And they would let him. Like okay you you're trying to blend in their camp and then you can do read. The popularity however -- -- -- what I think. There were the offensive linemen in this is what we do and we keep this we are on the kangaroo court and we find people and we and we decide that we talk to each other. And if you just -- show up and play football -- that -- -- got -- -- they were they were a broken mediocre to broken organization with a -- culture inside that locker room doing things one way and when somebody came in in this case Jonathan Martin who wanted to just be himself and do things a different way. They were ready to accept that. Jacobs in Connecticut project. -- -- -- Attention to the effect that that Joseph Philbin has. Pretty culpable in this entire situation aren't that familiar with perspective their leadership council what they had that it. Here in this year -- They have a leadership council lifts -- for people at the rest are seen goats do have represent them in the locker. So what it is black you're a great year. Either didn't -- signed or traded everybody on the eagle on the council or anybody on the he spoke up -- -- so we're on the he wants. A group of players who just shut up and do what they're -- While he wanted to group of players to shut up and do what they're told me what had. My pounds you -- C and and reaching -- -- don't take. And that doesn't seem to be there -- message unless this is what they were being told to do. Repentance and their personality and it's also it's also not his call. It was at the time it was Ireland Ireland's out. I'm. If I had if I had to guess I would say. The start of the 2014 season. Joseph Philbin will be out two but how do you do that now -- -- the problem might have to maniac and a human like has a half which you may have to stick with them to. -- market today is it today is Valentine's Day went to happy Valentine's Day -- What are your matters people -- your matters when you go home later tonight I'm hoping that a happy Valentine's Day until then just calmed down -- -- you know you don't say happy Valentine's Day -- vehicle I don't usually are not I mean I don't usually around but now. But if you look at -- so is Valentine's February 14 column body is in a week. He really mean episodes come minds and we then you have free agency. All kinds offseason activity you interviewing potential draft pick the draft is in May. You got many can't -- -- I what is it convenient to just say. Okay head coach your route in if you if you get filled it out don't you almost have to. Hire assistants. You can't just say we're changing the culture altogether and hired Jim Martin. And bring an -- and bring in everybody else bring in somebody entirely -- Coaching that yeah that's another thing where he coaches now. I have a whole place just seems like such a disaster let me ask you Michael about the about the racial aspect of this because it is the many of the many of -- of many of the phrases used going to a needle and other players. Contain a lot of racist language not just towards Jonathan Martin but this exchange of guys talking about how they're buying into rifle which is perfectly -- to shoot black people. They go and Jeff Ireland by an -- his name and that's their boss is that it's the best -- -- safety should black people. And Jeff Ireland that's actually in this report. Are you can't make that up this -- actually in this report these guys are texting this back and forth right. So they're making it. Permanent record of the fact that they think he rifle was perfect issue and I know they're joking about was I think they -- -- I think they're joking about it don't but think about I think what the guy. Got the guy who served as papers in New England that's exactly right why was he served papers. Of the Aaron Hernandez his support for Aaron Hernandez free Hernandez who were there at county it. I think he's joking I think he's joke right to vote what are you may have because in the also have all the the racist things said -- it to the assistant trainer. Do you think that this was about race. About race now. -- that was a part of it they just they went at anybody who was. Who was different. So it could be it I believe Jonathan Martin who were white. They would have gone -- white with the same traits. It would have gone after him to -- it just it they went after people who. They didn't understand or people who didn't wanna finish or people that they -- I think would fight back get right they just they just they attacked those people. So. I agree with the writer of the report of abuse that. -- the writers of the reports. It is hard to determine are hard to conclude what the -- what the racial. You know what what that is one conclusion that we can come to we really can't. And I -- I mean that was part of the story but that was. But they were -- players involved to -- doing the same. Racial things to Jonathan Martin that the white guys were doing so. It was just I was just a mess there I don't think it just comes down to race I agree the eggs. Yeah I don't sub Xavier. Yeah I wouldn't. All the Gigabit perspective I'm Noah -- navy eighteen years and what my news equal opportunity office. So I'll let this story about more than any -- you don't want that thing that pops open minded as sexual assault. You know typically. What we've seen in the military -- new person coming into you know a division. In one of the senior people around them sort of relationship with a net. It hit -- -- numbers simple it's OK quickly escalate -- you know professional. And media driven person they they really don't know how to handle it. And don't want to say these things apart from the singling them out all of them away from the group. Open it would be before they go in you know to do -- worse. That's sounds a lot alike know what happened here in order of things we use -- a combat that is. We call it knows who you root no excuse or as the group of the groups want to know why any company and its excellent the he -- They need to watch or at the group that Intel. You know the rest that are consolidating ideal Billiton and NATO to watch when they could stop which in itself. The other perspective as for the Michael standby you know what he'd do and whether -- in their LP and another locker room. You know -- really knows a few of them and maybe we get a -- junior officer came in the struggling a lot. And -- -- and the bad sailor window into another ship biggest the other ship is the company also. So they gonna ask you know what was different from bishop that (%expletive) that happened. -- -- -- there was another crew member that was Kara. And just made him feel like he could do right. Two great point and -- told -- that earlier in the day I think you're absolutely right Xavier that is one of the things we wondered about that we have a caller say and this guy was the weak link in the offensive line and that's going to need to -- after room. When it could very well been the other way. He was the weak link in the offensive line if even was 18 causing company that was going after him. And the guy I was miserable 24 hours a day. Yeah I think -- got me though if he didn't have the history -- all the things -- about a today he didn't have his history of no going back to college. And then you know -- you know being bounced from the rams and then going to buffalo and then on to you know Miami you know the stuff happening. He's just made a mistake once before. He might have an NFL future too. I think you know because the because he's a good player and and he's not and special but he's good tackler but he. -- -- he's got a he's got the edge that a lot of offensive line coaches want. He might have another opportunity. I think he's going to be top form now but I really believe Jonathan Martin will be an opportunity. I think you're right I don't know so -- you get I think you're right because I think I don't know I think he's talented enough to deserve another shot and I think somebody with the right locker room we'll see again value there. If not everyone in the league wants some and I think that he can hidden in my culture in my locker was good enough to to show on the right way to do things and make him feel comfortable and actually get the most out of them why wouldn't -- money team. If you think you can get them a second round pick who can be a productive tackle for -- which are defined. And you have to pay him that much to do why wouldn't you want that. You're back to call soccer -- W via.

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