WEEI>On Demand>>We're Red Sox fans! Why do we have to show Derek Jeter any respect at all?

We're Red Sox fans! Why do we have to show Derek Jeter any respect at all?

Feb 13, 2014|

You may not like him... but you have to respect him! Mike Salk wants to know WHY!?! The good old days were when Sox fans hated EVERYTHING Yankees. We discuss.

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-- here in the snow in studio Michael as in Bristol Connecticut. And is known as the text here says Michael all the star. Of ESPN two. Let's start ESPN two that's something to be proud is that view is that I use is a comedian new business start. No I hope not Michael -- star ESP into. Gentlemen I'm not turn elderly are at the Evernote. And -- regular -- orders that I grounds out -- -- -- -- -- read the papers. Hitting it ever totally ever -- you never now you know. Read all the papers but you know maybe three to progeny -- you can read her for current -- yeah you know -- probably you know being an in Connecticut right now probably should've read the Hartford current today I have -- I'm just trying to you get through that get through this no salt just trying to get through do you drive down there today to guard them last night. Last night or early this and let's put it early this again and after that. That doesn't count as early this morning you know like -- When you say early this morning I imagine you waking up at three in the more 3 o'clock in the morning again like I hope I don't do that nano got in last night ourselves on our. So much -- down there for today and tomorrow to two episodes to additions. Of numbers never lie to only about here in a few minutes I'm curious what you did today. But I want to start with this because right as we get on the show yesterday. We found the news out the Derek Jeter was gonna retire this will be his last season. Have a big victory tore all around the ball parks this year everybody will pay homage to the great captain agree Yankee great Derek Jeter. And then finally it'll all come the big culmination final game of the season right here at Fenway Park and although the water a little beautiful as a Red Sox Nation salutes the great captain Derek Jeter. And I listened to everybody all day yesterday and that and the common theme over and over again Michael. I love the Red Sox -- and I hate the Yankees but let me tell yeah I love Gary Aristide and I just. Scandal of so all our body he played the right way. You know works so hard. Says all the right things does all the right things -- the right so here's my question for you wouldn't -- be calm cool. What could become chic. Where did the cool kids decide that it was fun to like Derek Jeter and if you didn't like Derek Jeter even though you were a Red Sox and even though. He was the best player or biggest name on your sworn enemies team let it become like sacrilege. To -- like big Yankee captain. When you're a Red Sox -- What -- like Red Sox Nation gather together and say hey we all hate the Yankees but we have to like Derek Jeter or else why. And if you don't like him if you're like me and I admit I have a problem. I have a very very hard youngsters -- got this year I have one surprise few but the failure of several several the one issue here. Is that I have a very hard time changing my opinion. On somebody I don't like. But once I don't like someone it's very very rare. That I change my opinion and may be my opinion is stuck in 1998. Trying to figure out who's better Nomar and Jeter or or A-Rod but I don't care. I relish you noticed how does it early pressure get up early in the night club fine earlier I don't -- done. In the -- you ordered. The seventies you're stuck with when the when the Red Sox and yankees really. Hated each other just wasn't just the fan bases it was guys on the team was Thurman Munson vs Carlton Fisk. It was bill leave vs a number of people. That's that's where your stuff but all of the fact that except that I can accept that they don't -- -- you can't tip your cap to the yeah I know I camps and I don't want any Yankee I have no interest in doing so -- Mariano Rivera ago. Book -- you didn't you'd never had me. What would respect. A respect. -- not liked them and also hampers. Can't I respect him without having to like kisses -- about it you don't give ever atom I haven't talked about it. Can't I respect him and not like him -- I respect him and be happy when you retired I don't wanna watching planes were genuine I think I let him. Would you respect. That's been asked a question well now you're putting me on the spot because I don't love I would -- go to war I don't know -- -- I know -- -- respectively. You don't respect how to lineup is. I mean I like I don't disrespect him know what it's like -- said last week I'm not unhappy about this on on this happy I don't disrespect him I don't think. But I don't I don't like him I don't like Derek Jeter don't like him because he's a Yankee. He's not just the Yankees he's Derek Jeter the -- like I mean he is he is the one person in the Yankees fans feel so passionately about. And and and I I admit this again I admit that this is a twenty year old problem. But. I don't I'm still caught up in the Nomar Jeter thing I'm not gonna get over that even though the argument has gone and he. Launch so -- if I know what's over I don't know moral right now I know yet enough to convince me it's estimated but I still I still don't argue over that I know -- -- mine goes over right now. And everybody I'm not over and the -- would be fine curry -- but you know I think it's with Jeter and Rivera. That's Jeter Rivera. Bernie Williams. I think those are the guys those those those core -- guys. Where you hated the Yankees that you wanted to beat them and you were obsessed with them this is before the Red Sox action one writedowns of four. All things yankees you'd just how we get by him and we have that. Outs out there and we kept out to -- them we have outs are in them yet outplayed them. Every game was just critical because you were just trying to to break which he thought was a curse was that Tex or whatever wise. Even during all that. It was just the way Jeter and Williams. And I guess to a degree -- but -- Jeter Williams repair. They carry themselves and where were you still hated the Yankees. Yet you want it all of those guys to lose. But she still had respect for what they were so that's what it is not like people kissing ass on the people of Boston are -- they are. But not that we get our yesterday racial code to talk about -- as you know what I thought I don't think they're I thought. I thought I personally I don't think Carolina I was I was driving last night. And and listen to my music and go on up into zone. And that's it you know one. And in going into Connecticut really brings back a lot of yankees -- on in your right in the yeah border state fake. People call against one guy who's. It's -- probably. Don't know -- I don't agree with their -- I don't think hey I really disagree with the I don't think their -- you think they're yankees fans opposing it and -- absolutely a point on the radio. Dan used to it may be Obama. They'll do it all summer long. That's what they do or or or giants -- on we're -- Jets fans. Pretend to be patriots fans Steelers fans pretend to be patriots fans -- point against the patriots and -- all are within this is what we needed because we're gonna take calls for mines are people they -- take a lot of your call 61777979. -- haven't -- -- much do you think that that projected path until late actor not a Red Sox definitely. Off accent. Our government that we now know that was the guy George from later in Springfield I think you are. Western mass it's -- -- era expert does that kind of grabs I don't school and Alan I note Springfield is not near expert but it is -- -- which confused about. Here here's what I need them Michael for people who were gonna call up with this. You know I am a huge Red Sox fan but I still -- Derek Jeter how you know respect -- in the class in his -- idea. How do we how do we tell whether or not they're legit about gonna tell -- it to them with activists is on the air because then. They'll know what our screen tested now look at it and -- passes so. Just go -- You go at the a test your own test it's freestyle -- Like what -- Red Sox fans should now -- spring and on them. And I'm not expecting it can deal with -- in ounces and what -- I don't know what -- -- -- what -- I screwed up and I forget I don't rights and I need some I don't know I do it okay but it does all around moderate tone it -- that they'll say they'll say look I screwed that up. And then you'll know they know that you screwed up and parents a lot of text messages right off the bat -- it's called respect for your opponents. Who get you to elevate your game that's at the Yankees did for the rats -- -- may -- you can respect. But I hate them. Text message I -- -- but I agree -- -- -- -- the Yankees and -- Jeter and -- America where its optimum thing you can say the only -- we should make them more six point 7779. And 7937. I'm very comfortable there OK ultimately I hate -- -- -- to hear more you're -- -- people who hate you hate the Yankees more. Share text message just another example -- ignorant classless jerk salt are being ignorant and classless by not liking your sworn enemy. You know nothing about what's gone on between the red -- in the -- yankees. It does make me laugh yesterday if you -- that all day and he can -- in a forum. The -- who -- when it was over the insults ignorant Latin went remotely. The -- that the text message here ignorant classless manager. But Yorkshire manager in. It and you. Probably got describe myself that -- like like I don't. Well not not -- -- going on like the dating game or something the first thing I wouldn't say hey I'm a jerk I'm five foot 10200. Pounds. Near collapse -- Whenever you want anything are you designate as -- So -- classless. That I've met in my without class. Honestly I know not to Wear sweatpants to a date a classic. Maybe some girls -- -- -- -- that's considered classic hit the phones excellence Donna than -- and I -- a girl like you do that Mark Douglas theatre that I've got -- earlier bringing home five year old get a doughnuts that you with the -- Hey I ignored -- This kind of a bitter -- drop. -- The Stanley era probably sell its. -- being on Ellis and number one -- jumper in the in in the country and I thought they were gonna have Belgium and in the Olympics and that but it. But anyway I'm one under while -- she'd. The last thing however remember is cheating going into the stands -- members -- -- coming out blobby. And she and Obama over the did not want to get out of that dugout yeah -- problem. That's it so after that moment you became a Jeter fan. -- -- that inaugural -- he wasn't available he was hurt. Come -- admit you -- a -- And him out and I. Certainly Greece does that's for sure. You want. All bets are anonymous I'm -- only Nomar really knows the truth about that but so so the guy jumps into the stands as a great moment one of the greatest regular season baseball game to oversee right. Back and forth and Jeter jumped into the stands Nomar doesn't play and it felt like every game between the Red Sox yankees at that point was an instant classic this huge dogs of the guy jumps into the stands becomes a player comes up with the ball. And at that moment right there what you just had to say okay now -- love Jeter. You can respect him for the plays a hell of a play and it was it was a fearless play there's no doubt he's not the only person to jump into the stands although it was a great -- doing -- But what after that you're like you're you're bound to think that -- equal rates. -- -- -- Now what would probably people about it think that he's great -- about this but you have got that you've gone the other way you've gone completely the other way and you think. That. Should cheer for a miniature -- you don't you don't have a lot of respect mr. -- that you respect so that's when it comes down. As the number don't put it in his career I respect the longevity respect the numbers I think there's a lot it's been over exaggerated about dark -- of course it becomes the cool thing to do you have to recognize that he's the captain. You have to recognize his leadership you have to recognize what actually goes one another that's all true -- let me play -- I got to move from shortstop. I think the intangibles that may be can't play third and -- have the greatest the world why he certainly another range deploy short -- the right to play -- If my third arguably about a third baseman and is this -- particularly -- you almost have to be -- -- I mean that parables to shortstop at this point while wouldn't try to play there. Yeah I don't know that maybe you think is a terrible shortstop and not sort of paper and I don't know. But you know you look at the leadership in the leadership is there the intangibles are there. The production is Ares put up some incredible numbers. Throughout his career but the reason he's overrated because of -- place. Plays in new York and he asked about numbers never lie today falcon -- with Freddie called Freddy boom boom Coleman and you'll see Anderson. And one of the questions can believe this is one of the questions I thought it was stealing. Question. Is Derek Jeter. The best player of his generation. A couple at critical moments that yes. That's different. Really the best player but the show was -- numbers never lie how the numbers of Albert Pujols were from the third. I -- it if you look at. Batting average on base percentage slugging percentage all PS plus the -- numbers in the post season. Albert also is better in every category three time MVP for over polls -- for Derek Jeter. I think four times Albert Pujols was second word in the MVP race. Derek Jeter -- in the top -- a few times but see that's the kind of stuff. That's the kind of thought that drives me crazy because you're in the number one media market in in the country vs Saint Louis which is 22 were 23 right. You have that kind of stuff from Derek Jeter yes you get a lot of credit to price name Lawrence -- I mean we we talked about Ken Griffey junior guest junior's numbers comparing and it's it's at right Thomas and go on and on. I think Derek Jeter it is possible to be great player which years. -- -- It's possible to be great player and overrated he spoke. Well and an even being in New York does both of those things form right I mean it. I give them credit for being the captain of the Yankees for as long as he was there's a certain amount of pressure that comes playing in either these two cities for either of those two teams and it handled all of that and credit I have. I I would absolutely respect that on the other guy and playing in that ballpark with those Yankee offense is behind them even if he wasn't using steroids some of the other people in that -- there were and just the enormous enormous offensive production that was behind him. That also helps is numbers to so I think those things coupled weighs 6177797937. Steve's in Durham I Steve. A guy -- capital and out. Are -- problem. Decreased six picking their murder Allred here for the whole summer. I just I absolutely. Agree this is. What do you say to the people that that that that look down on you because you don't want to -- Derek Jeter the great captain. I respect him the ball wherever I'm Red Sox fan I hate the Yankees. -- -- Wall Street we get that in the batter's box he's got that little sly grin you're talking Somalia. Where there are a lot of doors and will. Have power the way he's got a he's got to put the handout behind them to make sure everybody already behind -- Anything -- not every few. Okay great student good shortstop but we will not. Of worry short stop and rain has always been lacking -- -- were younger but that's beside the point. You certainly wouldn't bet baseball player generation of the good ballplayer. And Yankee you're part of the glut of interest and we hope you we have the Red Sox Nation. You're the pink -- people. I don't have to pick I think I think it's in it yet but it's great artist named its space enough technical guy. Is facing off against this guy several times a year. -- is some of the big the biggest games of the last ten years involve the Red Sox yankees in some some years. You play of 26 times. Including the post season so a lot of memories there and then when you when you battle against the team that. That bullet that was as talented as the Yankees. Analysts as as bank rolled as the Yankees and you actually beat them. -- make you feel good -- -- you feel like you've accomplished something because you knocked off the Yankees understand the shared experiences. And the respect for Derek Jeter doesn't have to be toll just respect him and pay them. But it -- go the other either not to be fawning all over Jeter and things -- favorite player like that I'll respect him for war for one thing for short he as a defensive shortstop his ability to go back on a pop up. And make the play over his head is as good as anyone I've ever seen. Tears I mean -- how many of those little like little. Looper is into into shallow left center DC -- go back on to make the play looking back over shoulder he does that as well as any player I've -- -- IMAP -- there's no doubt about that. Short of that the defense has always been suspect the -- -- always been terrible many of the diving plays that you here sterling crowing about it plays another shortstop makes about needing to dive with that exactly right into policy where you can -- typical attention or Derek Jeter and now. He's kind of been an -- They're two way it is and I let him out and say that though that you think you -- John Sterling. Come -- -- the nickname form via he went to her house and make them. Kind of fix them but you know what you what you -- what you say about Jeter. And now -- it would go back on pop flies them maybe he said an outfielder third baseman. Sock bloodied and Jeter so much to be -- -- like every other chick is courtesy there's no need to go this while the drag and -- we know the money here Andy -- now that that is off the board America. Derek Jeter at this. He sees maybe she's more. Welcoming of us who likes to likes it and get -- -- -- the skin -- Those lights in the ones that that's what that's what you like chuck has expressed his evolving as a solvent chuck is it for curl cut down. Jacket back today she would even met with the lights and I heard somebody else they schemed over the week honorable course I mean I never heard it on the Randy Moss or else -- over the weekend. -- -- -- -- Thought they expect Mike called and weigh in on that -- you think a lot of wanna say that. What they're building the new Yankee Stadium in the Ortiz Jersey saga and the concrete my. Good friend in my it was put air conditioning unit mentioned on Davis -- Tampa it tornado or key security down between the walls. So I'm glad that noted it or eastern he's still lives inside and outside the -- off some. But I Ike Turner looked to solitary year I wanted to Wear a one of the way cannot open air I think. You know it the other patent and lost it out like a mother line while cute and talent you and outside you fixed everything and -- -- from one that sticks. Because the last thing you want the deal would appear on your mother in law. I prepare that's and it looked on -- later. In -- -- in the fact that he's not playing this -- and there's going to be a huge immediate circuit because you're retiring. -- spotlight. And played this year like that swan -- next year or -- well why was he rod. And I don't -- anybody but it's crossed that the country but. I think that you know that a ball on what that merit -- I've played my career I'm exhausted -- -- and be around that scumbag I want to have my moment it's on. And shared an elliptical appreciate life. Well possibly but -- a service that Arnold that's the reason. -- but I think the bigger picture is. You think about how long Derek Jeter play with A-Rod and it was a VP he started his first year there was 2004. So take ten years even though A-Rod didn't play. Last year. You know ten years with Iran. And there's no associations. -- see those guys aren't linked at all and you thought when an A-Rod got a New York. All of the rich get richer they get the best player in baseball. Is going to be Jeter and A-Rod and everyone else for years and years when multiple championships together. They won one championship together but now when you think about A-Rod and think about Derek Jeter. In its opposite in one guy you look at and I know this is nauseating salt one guy you look at you say. That's everything that's right about baseball. You know what a classy guy would charismatic guy all about leadership and care about numbers even though he has them. And then the other when you say a cheater. Selfish a joke and the embarrassment. -- will be run out of baseball literally was run out of baseball. So I mean I think that's the -- I don't think Derek Jeter has to sit and think at this point. How to like distance myself from a right -- -- -- it's already been done for it's been done that's a good point but. And -- I don't understand it all the the analogy about the -- mother in -- are out -- -- -- to -- I don't understand the analogy at all I'm just now thinking about and kind of -- my mother -- thing in my house for awhile so -- -- your call 6177797937. Talking -- WE. Milestone for the neck stiffness at Yankee. They just proves how much of reduced -- -- It better -- talking about -- instead of me said today approves it today. -- -- -- this so that was just the final straw for him yet he's been thinking this for awhile but today set him over the top. Boston -- coming up in fifteen minutes rob Bradford hot stove show later on tonight 6 o'clock we'll talk some. Derek Jeter with hey -- may help you out silk -- -- -- -- you know welcome your help Michael you talk you're talking about this since I work for you. It. The -- -- yesterday at Charlie and I have this guy working there were euphoria is there aren't worried. -- -- like mad dog like mad dog radio -- -- if -- look at Maria please help me with whatever you can. And die. And whatever he does at the beginning I love that they need to narrative. But coming up. This is this is all you need to -- You don't have to -- -- On the and the Red Sox and I hate the Yankees in the captain of the Yankees all -- to tell people and the agreement. Only Derek Jeter is that you. I mean you might try to yesterday director motel now you identified those it is clear stay right what's really is a cheater kind of a Porsche sport right I mean it's he's dishonest. That guy hits what was called a home run inappropriately by damn bad umpiring. Jeffrey -- that true and reaching over the wall to catch the ball and what is Jeter do he except the home run. He steps back. A yeah. I love it he accepts. I'm not that doesn't sit down though the classy thing to their but he says it's so classy. Go right to the umpire to knowing you know what. The guy reached over it -- and interference I should be out did you do that except a home run in a playoff game no less and started the entire Yankee dynasty with -- eight cheating home run. Come on socket trending on Twitter Jeter this year there's a -- Has -- Jeter the cheater -- You can do you think -- have -- kind of -- yes I'll tweeted out a few minutes it's -- WEEI Tommy is in New Hampshire I Tommy. So I'll call -- that they right now it's -- rule Tom Brady and we'll move on. I hope I'll blow -- -- all. Wool wool on me -- Todd Lee and -- rule was called correctly you know like the rule but it was called correctly. -- We don't like like. But they -- Tom can't help to rewrite the rule book all he does play by the rules Jeter is the one who accepted a home run that by rule should have been announced that the difference. Where there are gonna say about the stuff. And well once and awhile. Where I'm belong. On a rival team. And yet you looked at eight Ahmad -- he'd take the swan song with them all yearlong acknowledge it and move on what everybody else feel that nonsense. Because right now it just it seemed like back into the old days of the Boston Red Sox fans complaining about something you guys just won a World Series. You can solve a lot of minute way where it was evident hollowed out now let's slow the tape so you guys are you yankees looked at me. Ever let me tell you that they have got to -- when Dustin Pedroia gonna go to the same exact -- and let me tell you as a die -- yankees and he'll deserve it. That's guy you'll cheer for you -- at the end for her Pedroia I'll cheerful -- -- for Ortiz. I what type of about Ortiz I respect that man you -- wobbled despite whatever rumors may have been swirling around is that man. -- I don't know whether you're really Yankee fan. Really now he has it exactly -- It -- he went to you guys it was very natural did that's true Howard had. -- have to give the test second biggest allies in the I didn't -- you guys you're good. Thank you are good that we've. -- Or poppy Pedroia I could be you can even let's talk about Pedro I can't connect I've got supported Obama got a round but he -- -- Earlier more forgiving -- me Tommy what can I tell it must be nice it must be nice to be so forgiving -- you sleep better at night than I do I don't know what I'm up I'm Brad giving. As the Yankees fans shouldn't it shouldn't be about Pedro. And shouldn't be about Dustin Pedroia. Or or David Ortiz. Every any self respecting fan of the New York Yankees should bow down. Every -- -- Great Little League unit Grady Little gave -- a -- In I didn't win a World Series. That year the Grady Little delivered a pennant to the products. He could not I got it equipment and better at it right army ready to 48. -- managed to make it as agonizing as possible for the people -- and he made it. He needed is as miserable and experiences could possibly have been because it drag the way it dragged -- it wasn't just like bang bang over. It is crowded out Connecticut Dexter and write a book and every single minute there I realized oh I take them out now wait now always gonna take him out now will now -- half that it. Now as you watched it back after out of it just kept drawing out. It was like instead of somebody cutting off your head with the 11 quick shot with a samurai sword and just like they did it with scissors -- is my daddy. Camera stores which are going to kill that was on the other network I feel bills on the other night but our last visit to hunt those sort. The thing that would it was a things -- sharp Hattori on social. I thought the guy makes of that sort. I about a movie one it's what would you which 11 -- two. -- like -- -- better -- it as as a collective desires as collective argument like it's very watchable slick -- -- watched with cinematic -- man like a 66 and a half yeah assessment but watchable out of the tunnel turn on. Dug out of a total war most watchable movie it's not the greatest movie ever browse watch and he -- man again the other night that's one of the most watchable movies any time that movies on -- Can you could pick it up at any point decide uh oh okay area I'm totally lost you pick it up and it is to it it's very -- and the last twenty minutes or so incredible that you'll just kind of waited out presidential you know that the courtroom scenes coming as like the greatest moment of my favorite scenes in movie history. And you don't want. How many minutes. Mean cinematic time how many minutes was -- an on camera that can't be many and when he -- very long now but the -- into what to what now Andre is in people behind. Hey but. Inaudible -- But definitely the biggest thing about Derek Jeter -- you guys but yankees and touched on it didn't you're really gonna miss. Having someone back from the beginning of the evil empire blue. I mean just -- story arc from going from you know the emergence of the yankees' comeback of a nine news dot finally in the crap out of a mental or. I mean you know who left rocked the boat with a bunch of free agents outside for big money. -- Go after Jacoby Els -- That is true but it you know like -- -- that Clemens who don't know like or straight from the Yankees -- there anymore prospect AME you can hit you can hit. It's certainly a box Clemens and I wasn't hard was very you know I don't ever got a great point though not only is there are no wind to hate. There's no one and in the Jeter category this that the drive -- crazy there's no one you say. No I just can't hate the guys have so much respect for what he's done -- that they have respectable players but not. In it's like grand. Regal presence. Presents type of players like Rivera was in like Jeter -- is -- okay. You respect -- Beltran but it's not like I'm man I've always been. He knows that such a fan of Beltran and now Brian McCain and CC sabathia. -- Tanaka maybe one day I don't know I think. Did they have -- -- like it's not just that there's no one left from the golden year where these two teams legitimately hated each other were competing for some. -- -- -- -- yeah he's right he makes a really good point -- -- and I agree with you that is that is that is one thing about the that I guess is a bomber. But it doesn't mean I need to end of that whole era by cheering the guy can't I just I -- can't Mike Hanna. And wallow in the fact that that whole thing is overcame a wall on the fact that the great Red Sox yankees rivalry as it stood at. For about what 678 years somewhere in there from the late ninety's the -- through 2000. Five or six somewhere around there I'm bomblets over a bomb that it's not like that I know that they're still driver Michael you know I've talked about it a million times. But it's not the way it was it's dormant in a way that the bomber a little -- why I can't believe also. And I just thought about this knowing knowing Jack -- how much -- love hockey. -- have shocked the -- and that you don't like Jeter based on his many. Think about that may jeetz. Now. You know what his middle name is. Sanderson. Is there really yes. I mean I'm not gonna like the guy just because of his middle age that if I'd had a shot with a middle name until today he was he was named in honor of the great Derek Sanderson really. Yes why. There's nothing at all or whatever it will -- why was being named why was he from Connecticut -- they needed and after Derek Sanderson. -- -- -- -- and answer hybrid vehicle without Bryant. Out of the was it. A lot -- let the other. You know about what. You saw it. But all. -- her -- and Pittsburgh so I hate the Yankees and all. The role model real war and about 80 I would -- over a plea. But all upload your actions are respected leader because really. Find a home run. The other question all part. Look we got that at least had the most it -- wanna. Then a lot of the guys that we're on the Yankee. How do you explain that everybody's business but did what we do and what -- -- it lets you know that it's just you've either got it -- you don't he has that you got to give them he absolutely does. On. Why. Should now -- -- I. But. Because I find Jeter to be -- -- do she and I agree with the caller earlier was talking -- about the smarmy look at his face when he gets into the box in the -- got a hold out his hand and the way steps out all the that the way yes that every time Balkans anywhere near the inside of the plate to lead jerks back -- if he's about to be shot. I find him do -- I clearly it was yesterday I find him to be do. Is there anything about Derek Jeter. That suggests that he didn't play the game it was anything about what -- -- -- current trends and you're right you're right about the -- at the plate is how guilty I constantly asking for time just making sure the shore ready you're ready number. -- -- The way he ran the bases with a dirty player. Did he say anything in the media that was obnoxious now they do everything that -- and that's kind of -- as well -- like poems or -- at all -- you know not a public policy designed at all now he knows he's in new York and you're and you're in the same zip code -- -- New York Post. The abuse needs help turn that into headlines and into the negative spin on it so. He understood where -- is. And he handled the meat in a different -- and I Joseph Torre mastered the media by saying nothing in their interest anyway. Derek Jeter answered -- handled the media by saying nothing I don't like -- and not being honest I don't like Joseph Torre either. So they don't you know don't worry now how does don't understand. I. It's shot it's very difficult and I don't like your -- one guy at the white laboratory to. He was a man. Why I don't like these people I don't like them. I don't like the Yankees why apple like Joseph Torre went on I don't have to like him I don't have to like Jeter like Iran like any of them are running out of their Bernie Williams Paul O'Neill Jorge Posada. Scot free and brochures now I don't like them. ND that's what that -- -- when she went to. Rob Bradford part of the blitz next welcome Paula WEEI. Al Michaels at Bristol Connecticut today I'm in studio. Rick puke is gonna join us coming up and when -- five minutes or so at 330 talks and Celtics with him. US team certainly got off to a hot start today to watch and -- hockey Michael -- knew you -- Busy with -- numbers never -- Soldier Field to watch dancing like a really close games -- I was not now are that I missed the seven to one -- I will say I turned that I missed the first period turned -- on. US was up one nothing since I turned it on. For. Slovakia scores to make 119 the US is went easy. This second period it really was amazing to watch and it is completely dominated the game took away it was all for checking and forcing turnovers. And how good his -- his team loses seven to one is plus minus -- rating for the day is. Zero here in the team with 71. He has -- zero last month even for the so you're happy the team lost well your finger and agents -- called -- proud revealed yet -- right but more -- I mean I was more rooting against Finland. But they won eight to four took -- gave up four goals. To a team that has like 22. NHL players. Gave up four goals to. -- -- Austria. Should report. -- on -- and some very -- doesn't. Surprising that I was told that -- -- victory how I was joking with you Richard. Your job now not really a joke or Olympic performance I'm not ripping to rest but I do think -- -- better off of it went home early. 61777979837. What before Beckham calls what else to do them on number one. Well it's funny that you ask that sort of does that connect the topics lest we had we talked about your favorite player -- baseball Derek Jeter. Talked about the Richey and -- you know situation did -- being content you or hurt himself with his tweet yesterday that's -- Yeah to keep -- -- wide of people think he hurt -- well because what the one thing he did -- if you're advising him. It's there aren't reaching. Get a fair point nine YouTube probably did get railroaded you probably were betrayed. Looks like Ted Wells -- side with -- and -- -- -- you were called a racist publicly and that was repeated and it seemed like. It seemed like. The dolphins actually agree with them make the dolphins helped created to. They suspended them he was a villain. Jonathan Martin was a good guy. This went on for a few months. Stephen Ross came out that we don't want we don't we don't advocate bullying here. The investigator came they look like it was all piling up against -- and cut me though. The players defended him from the start. And the media include myself people in the media. Rush to judgment not out of I was asking younger in earlier I don't remember what I said about -- cut you know I don't think buried him I think what I said was. I want more information that -- know what was happening a trick question but well we can play the tape and and maybe maybe I was all over too but this is a classic example of how how you should just wait it's just -- just be patient. That -- for a for a story to play itself out because. There's no way most of the people talking about bridging -- needle on November 5 district that day. Thought that on February 13. There will be saying hey rich and cut you -- got a raw deal it was Satan. There's so I think they'll one thing he shouldn't have done is is called out Jonathan Martin talking about the suicide thing. But other than that let me give everybody is in everybody's pain you to be. Some eight hole some guy who bullied him who called him things that he wanna be called and drove him away from the Miami Dolphins that's how the story played out. Her body you don't have to do. And then the investigator comes in looks and your teammates back rubbed me the what your teammates say. You were saying all along and -- you're not guilty and that -- and his -- that he did not. It can be deeply ticked up to maybe you would say something yeah. I'm -- the I really didn't have a huge problem with his tweets yesterday you're right the idea of tweeting about Jonathan -- Wanting to commit suicide there's no reason to go there but I didn't come away from it thinking -- -- -- and -- need army needs. He not that he's a victim in this I think that's -- gone too far but he doesn't seem to be the aggressor and seemed to be the bad guy. That he was that he was originally. Portrait -- now in case you don't like an as a journalist. You know always trained to be skeptical look at things skeptically. Somebody tells you something. You know meet -- was their reason for telling you that was the origin it would have been trying to I was trying to protect. And in this case. It looks like I mean still if they did you report is not official maybe there's some bombshell in the report that will go back to making Richie got -- look bad but. It does it seat there is gone that direction. In this case we didn't learn a lesson that keeps saying over and over. The dolphins and -- Cagney is not a problem -- cut needles -- good teammate. Now Brian Hart lines at a ride to an Angel said it you know Harvard African American players were saying I don't know we don't have prominent. Now he's cool he's not a racist and we get to. Just ordered dysfunctional they're just trying to protect their guy and it looks like Iraq. So. Maybe maybe the lesson from a media perspective is. If you exercise a little more patience and it was tough to do. You know everybody's trying to be first everybody's an NFL insider NBA insider MLB insider. You know Twitter you wanna be out there before the next guy you -- critic Rick what credit Rick Reilly for having a tweet first. But sometimes with stories like this you've just gotta. You gotta wait a little bit before all the moving parts start to settle down. The couple text messages here and this -- -- from from the two -- conversation -- -- was a real leader Michael he would have pulled himself from that game so that's that's a as I got some nice again. And last day he would attract a leader that's right what is that guy is out of today I'm gonna go sit down you deal of -- Austria I'll be ready for Sweden in a couple of days or whoever 61777979837. Lot of -- -- still on the board at -- to great -- in the car migrant. A hot topic just want to admit to your audience that you're just playing the contrary and -- just never to get raped and articulating what I want in a minute if I were doing that and I don't need to do it right we don't get things currently talking about open -- -- right now Greg you -- -- analog. So all right so -- -- when it goes. Greg get a meter I would seriously degrade like those ratings nothing to get -- could ask anybody who knows me anybody who knows me personally there is no way in hell. I'm trying to be contrary I don't like Jeter don't like the Yankees I don't like Rivera I don't like anybody on that team and the fact that it's become so cool hip and chic. To like them I don't I don't I don't follow I don't buy into -- I'm sorry I'm not trying to be kept. -- can only be able to. Get the retiring preparing for Jeter were retiring over the last two years -- like to get all of the attention it's not like to cook and he makes the Yankees in the world on the Yankees and I am. And senior but it won't hate you can except except people that walk around the Yankee cap -- What you're -- let me just make sure I'm clear on this you -- the Yankees fan. Believe the only reason that somebody could not like Derek Jeter is because they're being contrary and yet know that makes sense icy -- That is the most. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pull first or and I Toys 'R' Us and only as he has in a way not doesn't Greg. I respect them. -- he's been great for baseball I think all the intangibles are true -- with -- -- -- there's legitimate. Mike and you don't you don't see. It if if if I think all I think you don't know. Oh it's overrated it's overrated. Here know that this is what makes you don't need to great numbers -- numbers Greg. Great you're right he's a great player. But this is why I think he's overrated for example. We talk about this Yankee mount Rushmore. Is Derek Jeter one of the four best Yankee to ever play. -- -- OK you -- going at it compared time let me. I'm not now if not of course not only an immigrant apparent in the historical record it's Beirut. It's Mickey man all its Joseph DiMaggio as low Garrett thanks -- You were putting it at home people workers you can't count that. Babe Ruth. We can probably -- that. 714 balloons. Go to stadium. Get your shirt your little bounce and goes flag. -- -- flag at the Babe Ruth. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't I don't wanna compare and Greg the question was. Of all time who -- -- a comparative. If you're asking of Derek Jeter was the best player and then by 2012. Yankees I guess you can have that conversation. But dividend and a half -- now and then which -- about. Not a players. I guess Derek Jeter I don't get this great for you Greg. -- Jeter better player Albert polls. Okay. No I don't know -- high holidays and all it's not talk at all it's not even tough it's if it's not hard at all. Not at all. Yeah upcoming GI thought company GM in the league that you know. But 67 years ago if they would take pool eat a lot of looked awfully Derek Jeter and yes they work. You know and don't don't let you know what those general manager Joseph -- are going to -- what we're doing right now they're talking outlook and update our game. Well way out when he. Proceeds especially if we gotta get into that that's what I'm talking about guard -- you that we let's stay on the fact that they would baseball Derek Jeter's a better person and Albert -- -- -- more loyal to the cause and Albert polls we've got a better baseball player than. -- -- -- -- I -- able to talk about Derek Jeter being overrated guys can go to the hall of fame first ballot all that stuff. Great 3000 plus hits 312 career average over 300 in the post season. Five championships captain of the Yankees charismatic nights with the ladies good endorser all that stuff. But he still over. The only way somebody could not like Derek -- if they were playing it can -- -- has there ever been a more yeah you're right you know comment to make your your so right below it that alternate Yankee every year and any contradict themselves. He said. Hey the only people who really love the Yankees. Are the people were walking around right Yankee but if you don't know Derek Jeter -- I don't IP and generic -- your contrary you just they're people like yeah. Think a bunch of the foods on the planet the Yankee fans -- You'll you'll included New York you feel the same way. New York in the Yankees at the center of the universe and everything perfect and you don't really like him -- obviously you've been contrary if you don't like Derek Jeter so obvious to grow up. Rick is in a limo we drivable level riding in the -- -- brought up -- grip from New York. Haiti and he might go on the you know. No matter analysts and I'm not gonna. Not at all we -- not act to marry older -- -- Gina Marion Barry. Not great Mariano Rivera out Aaron here are purchased property. Property. Dirt cheap. You know I never understood why -- -- We're willing to. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they get paid to do with that can beat the Yankees cap and I have pretty good idea he wore pinstripes to leave no ranking. Well at Wimbledon so you don't saw goal block structure in the brought up the fact that the people in the Bronx were creative enough to come up with a no more sensors -- it. But look at -- remind you don't mind body can only imagine that -- a basketball game aren't pleased. Yeah deduction. On the side of the court. -- -- -- You know I don't wanna play. Then it -- walk and had no idea what that means why wouldn't I want to welcome to. The yankees' Trenton need to be I agreed. Well Colin nick attorney yankees' -- -- the only ones who think the Derek -- perfect and that there's no way you could not like him. I don't beat out there about the -- satellite out of people to operate. I have no idea what you think Tom Brady. If you don't like you're giants or jets and that's fine and I don't want people like operating out there. I don't know what you think of Tom Brady -- wouldn't want to go eat it one what he I don't hate the Internet giant OK Mike Mike how little I know you are -- but I love to program. Operator forty -- where Brady -- around. -- -- -- You may not. Only about what I would want. I don't talk to Obama got one guy when I loved ones. You learn how Brad rotation around at the real way I haven't you know what I haven't a year earlier at -- for you brought it to to Bristol yes I did. I got the company uses as a work out your -- and to any change aware on numbers never like tomorrow. And all -- -- aware of the numbers -- -- tomorrow open I will. I think before maybe you should do it before or after the work maybe before the -- take a picture. -- you don't wanna like in a grace of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody read an adult that I walked over to read it I think you'll be nice if you were on TV be a nice thing for rob Bradford is an and the charity he's. -- on a map -- what you want one of those T shirts wanna help our roster it's a great teachers at -- and T shirts as appropriately enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hey you know what that what people don't understand it. If there were no combat against the Yankees who -- three -- in ten years. What they see that shocked that that happens Mariano Rivera and what's gonna happen and would urge you -- it would never happen. It would never happen and it hit it there would be blood in the streets. Okay. I'll get right now yeah yeah Iraq. And all the -- political calling and that they are what was so great -- watched that game with Rivera who whenever that was in September horrible to watch I hated it. And I get up that up there wouldn't be if this would not happen they're well. I know what I don't wanna say I don't wanna say this -- just just for perspective. Red Sox fans did -- in 981998. When Joseph Torre returned from. He had cancer surgery when Joseph Torre return need took a trip out to the mound there was standing ovation from Red Sox and this is like this is what six -- If that is different white. Hot commodity like beating the disease is different from retiring from baseball and -- the guys that it was -- clearing for -- Torre is understanding the fact that they had -- cancer is unites all of us to be against. Poultry and pork or almost or -- Who's solid left Poland Poland's. Yeah. Power or any better all -- Now what -- read all the more at all our immigrant I remember what. I didn't watch it well I don't watch sex and I don't let everybody do call up and it salt and the fall back up what went up on the bottom dollar I'll like erratically like -- -- like I don't like your attitude I got -- -- by. -- What do you or you don't remember the poet laureate of the -- don't know his name or her name while the red jacket and Red Sox are United States of America now a Massachusetts they have their -- poet laureate can how can I -- Billy looked at it. Red Sox in house and the Red Sox poet laureate. -- They thought would -- you don't know the name either. -- does bring up a good point though there at the very beginning before he got into the pool -- stuff -- I -- -- reporter with our. They of this would happen if 2004 hours -- Robert Frost's home about. Rivera. -- I think that's the reason I mean this is why it's consistent from. And we talked about this we talked about a lot Michael -- right at the beginning of the year and and and the play the Yankees. And it's my feeling that it's not the same it's not the same as it used to be that be a Red Sox fan is in the same as the used to be because once they won the desperation isn't there in the same way that it was before the rivalry with the Yankees isn't the same and just the entire apple cart. Got upset that was great I wouldn't trade 2004 for anything one of happy sports moments in my entire life I mean it just it was amazing and never thought I would see it. But there's no doubt that once your team wins after an 86 years slog. Everything is will be different one of those one of the downsides of that is that you're cheering for Derek Jeter. Is that your calling a Sports Radio talk about how much you love Derek Jeter in Boston. I'm -- towards places. Are the Red Sox won the World Series that was great so now what. Now we've got to like be pointing toward you talk about anybody who doesn't like Derek Jeter's classless now with him I think I think most of it out got a championship. We got the championship and now. Since that that all all that angst has has dissipated. Now we can just not a secret music clearly it's okay. At a championship. Won a championship and -- thirteen. And a public out and everybody else and say always. Yeah -- Jeter classic. Mario Rivera classy. I am I am in a bald sports. One of the vault I have no interest in doing that by the way and hopefully them. Is there Red Sox -- unofficial poet laureate. Unofficial Dick Flavin is what -- what this title unofficial poll laureate and longtime Red Sox -- Dick -- rock composition formal Rivera and the Yankees closer when he -- you have it you have it right there for me his -- conflict if I do you -- American there -- I would your argument and -- excerpt can't currency. That is a start with the I have to admit that I got the crank keys when somebody mentions the New York Yankees. I just did not like them it's one of my gripes. -- to run around wearing their -- and pinstripes. Kind of doctors and ends at children's book there is one exception. Someone I don't blame it prints of a fellow Rivera is his name to hold on. He says there's only one exception there is one exception now. Does that mean that -- -- gave me another exception ought not now flavor flavor is gonna come up with something else. For Derek Jeter he's a top -- class act the finest you'll meet. He -- sweet old ladies will cross the mystery. It's hard not to like him although he's the fall. He's a wonderful guy Mo Mary you know. Oh what. Color mode -- -- -- I compartments are the things and I'm looking at the vote arteries. I don't know what else can't I can't read there is too small the in my eyes Jack. To closing a ball games well it's understood. He's the best of all time. The guys that. He saved games forever to tell you the truth I think that he played with both here in the -- and re not a Yankee. He's rated a plus good luck Mary you know. But not against us thanks for the memories Dick -- hole -- Boston Red Sox didn't consider itself on official at all he writes right on here poet laureate Boston -- Is that the doctor Charles given that I would imagine that then pass that happened well throughout the authority is it or is there like a competition for that like there was for the -- the present day. -- -- Red Sox Nation well if you're the go to Sox nation can't you name somebody the president -- -- you probably should probably should have been I have to run directly. We'll talk to Rick -- rhetorical Celtics up next and tactical assault on W.

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