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Why is Mike Lombardi and his questionable NFL track record being brought in to the Patriots front office?

Feb 13, 2014|

Holley and Salk debate both sides of bringing in former Cleveland GM Mike Lombardi to the Pats front office and things get a little testy.

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-- you for your back did Jeter in the way everybody is now obsessed with them Red Sox Nation. Falling all over itself to say thank you to Derek Jeter. This came across out last thing I look like for more today looks like the patriots are going to. Reach some sort of a deal Michael Lombardi friend of bill Michael Lombardi is going to be joining the patriots in and as of now unknown capacity prime not gonna be the GM. It's gonna help out. Is gonna be around he's going to be another advisors another Smart name. At least according to bill he's going to be another Smart name in the chorus helping him out when he needs to make a decision and your or. I am. Senator Dunkin' Donuts center about on on a doughnut and coffee -- -- he can help out that way. Do not. -- not. Allow this man. To have any significant say in picking players. -- talk about a Bill Belichick you know the difference between Belichick and Cleveland. And Belichick in New England was -- yet Tom Brady in New England now -- this morning. I'm Tom Brady it's a huge help for anybody but they drafted. Well here. It in New England. -- terribly in Cleveland that's -- there's nowhere around L or bad drafts. Run in Basra that was -- drastic I was gonna be helping out New England right now Mike Lombardi. So Michael Marty was look at the record look at the record speaks for itself 1996 go look at. Look at up. Or 91 and 95 -- now anyone and -- -- And they had a lot of high picks and a lot of swings and misses in do much well there and address. So many takes over an open. -- open haven't had a winning record in in a hundred years so hot that when he went you know how to win over. And then. I goes back to do TV and he winds up in Cleveland and they moved on after year until now he's here. Houses could -- if -- don't like this one -- at all. And it's just in the you take that -- that's not the way I would have looked it's not the way I thought you were gonna come after us. Like I understand your point but I don't think a -- not ask him to be in charge you're asking him to be somebody who's another voice in the course and I think having people that have been around the NFL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Until you don't like it is not bear what do you before he was the GM and -- the first. It was -- he was used to work in the personnel office I believe in San Francisco and I know he was not that guy he's not a guy who said we should draft Jerry Rice is not the guy who said. -- let let let's bring in. Tina Turner and Roger Craig and Tom rat -- that's. I'm telling you man that. I'm not. I'm not -- Larry I'm not blown away by any any aspect of it. Here's the problem my thought you don't think. I thought you were gonna say that what the patriots need is. People who were not like minded that they need to let your yes men. In the organization fewer people that tend to agree with -- bill and more people that come added from a different point of view that can argue with him. I don't think I don't know whether Michael Marty is that guy I don't know whether they see a guy. Yeah in the Seattle I would say that because I don't think that premise a -- from mr. people argue with that other people that don't listen to. Oh. Now that okay that's I read your book and I see Belichick saying note all the scouts who want one thing to happen at the end of it he just is no thank you wanted to go do this in our -- party is somebody that he respects enough I don't know that was from the -- got -- good thing. -- -- -- -- don't misquote my own book are having with my book that was in the draft of -- -- Scott said no more room scouts they know Chad Jackson. Drafted them anyway. Now out -- who said yes. On Chad Jackson Urban Meyer who says yes -- Laurence Maroney judgement and whose brother. Coached him in Minnesota. So it is Josh McDaniels somebody could argue Bill Belichick -- it's not a guy who listens to yeah but but I don't know how good -- slow. More people that that -- are willing to argue with a more people that are willing to have dissenting opinions really in any organization is a good thing -- I don't I -- I -- about -- that I absolutely I don't -- don't -- this -- -- case -- Bill Belichick run -- I -- think any time. You have somebody who can give a dissenting opinion argue with you even if it allows -- to help your own argument get better. That's a good thing and an organization especially at the top. I I would agree with a little bit of that. Got to know what the hell you're talking about. Do you -- you I will no doubt about that don't waste my time with the -- so if somebody comes up in just argues. Magnets you right now increment to UN. And you can be in a world famous. Pianist. I need to be like classical pianist. He admits pianist. In. Dirty man -- play and all over the world -- some argument using our. Like where you let the left hand that terrible. You know what you should do -- do that much and got help in bits and what they're talking about but there argue with. Well let Michael get -- talking were taken a bomb off mystery to me you may not like what he's done in his record is not great is a Giannone what's good about it I don't look. How nice that they Belichick respects enough to bring me in the situation argue with them to be part of the team. You're not asking him to be the man you're not asking him to be the number one guy cannot ask him to run here you are black now here's what he summoned argue with you here's my question. Belichick respects and why but he does. He does aspect and for good reason. Scary don't you think something has happened that is allowed that is that is that is caused them to respect them. -- brainwashing. You think Bill Belichick has been brain washed. That's your argument that Belichick has been brainwashed. By watts. Yankees like the Manchurian candidate. Perhaps -- opt. Stopped he obviously did something that is that is impressed bill along the way Gary these friends of them but clearly he respects something about a Ross is not to hire less. You and what Michael I don't know I'm not want to -- that I'm not the what is telling you let aren't great but many. But make -- -- Tell -- all make mistake -- got to fallible after outlets they are okay but it's about. Why why do you think Bill Belichick respects a guy. We had -- -- track record in the national football like this process maybe he thinks that he's a great organizer. I'm not going to -- I -- -- -- personally -- -- to tell you if Mike -- -- I think he's great he's a terrible draft -- knows nothing about the draft -- really good personnel but maybe nobody is better and organizing -- organizing a draft. And and coming up with the structure and that's one thing he wants them to do here. There particularly vivid picture if it -- go at -- let's go at that he's so well he's so good at organizing draft. He does that well when it's time to draft he misses -- it's not the draft. Maybe he's really really great at monitoring the -- -- wire maybe he's excellent at undrafted free agents and he's bringing him in for advice on that I don't know. How Mike Lombardi ended up becoming who we was this -- -- can -- the -- remain -- for maybe 4087. He was in San Francisco worked as a scout worked on the reported directly. The Bill Walsh and in matters of college scouting and supplied information I can read all this stuff I'm marketed well again I don't know that I personally. I do think that if Belichick respects him for some reason and he's bringing in the guy that he does not get why -- -- -- up and it's a bad thing salt because I'm telling you before. It. Don't just go with. Bill -- a great coach and he's a Smart guy so if -- if he respects and must be good we can't look at it like that Bill Belichick is not a perfect. Person he is not a perfect person and football either he respects and people. He shouldn't. Urban Meyer consumables drafts almost more guys he respected Urban Meyer too much. And it cost them in the draft I'm telling you this is bad do you think bill would be better off not trusting the people we trust -- pulling back into himself that you don't sell. Not just this this trust the right people saw the right people Urban Meyer you tell -- Urban Meyer was that it got to trust built -- them. Hey and build trust and must right it was a right improperly trust -- David and he stopped her and Nick Saban what Nick Saban has the right yeah -- Urban Meyer was the wrong guy. Mike Lombardi is the wrong guy nick this -- is the right -- On the Demitra was the right guy. So -- And it goes or just across the board while he's a friend Billy must be I don't think it's because sometimes that's the president bill sometimes read the bill. Twisting my argument would do -- not that I'm not I am not saying I'm afraid of -- -- we must speak let's roll at all what deep breath. We're not saying that. When I was thing that I would say -- Michael did a great job -- time to think bill respects them to bring him in for a specific purpose and by the way. Purposes yet. If that purposes any minor role in an advisory capacity where he's doing something that's not harmful health care like it just throwing a bone to his friends that we as a backdrop for a year what do you care. -- what was the problem with so. -- guy if you want if you look at what what do I care. I'd like I like -- in the -- OK so I'd like to see them do well liked the liked do you think he's gonna just kind I like. I like I like to see them have success and he's gonna point out element criticism does it take a shot at people when it. And I know that you know their Lotta people who is believed he would say that because fresh -- here about the games and I don't care. If the countries do not like it's the papers do well. I like to see the local teams do I'm now back I'm I'm I'm traveling and agree on a job transparent and -- August and it do you think that because you bring -- -- one guy who has not had success as being GM that he's gonna be a failure in April that is below the -- Yeah that's the moral principle in action do you bring in people view if you bring people what's the point bringing people into the organization. So you use. At McCain bring in mediocre people. And that's an N pipeline operator could know what I saw you say oh it's just one person at how does -- how well first they always. -- first published apart I think they are getting better to do anything maybe is just -- helping out my -- to make a difference we aren't out okay and which are good automates at a middle -- on the bit on this. If they'd bring in Mike Lombardi to do nothing. If he's here in the just sitting there in Foxborough. 24 hours -- Twelve hours fourteen hour days six there haven't talked anybody. It makes no recommendations I have no -- are some may be headed you know parent you gimmick for the guy I don't know some give them some bread right water and he -- maybe we'll open a Boston Herald and I'm happy but the second part of it is that. Maybe this is just the Peter principle in action. Peter principle says that you keep getting promoted until eventually you reach -- job that you can't do. Obviously there was a reason Mike Lombardi kept getting promoted he went from being a scout to doing personnel Saturday moved up and up the chain and eventually he got to the point where couldn't do the job he wasn't a great GM. So bringing him back to a job that he was good enough apt to be promoted. Might be a very good thing for your organization. Not ask him to come in and take over. You're not ceding authority to Mike Lombardi that would be ridiculous you're right his track record as a GM is not good. But his track record that got him to being a GM some have to get America authorities kept promoted as you want someone like that on your team that's what's. -- -- your raising your voice and you had to meet the bottom. About arguing for a guy did you even know. I'm arguing for bringing in people at a lower rate than where they were. I'm not arguing people I -- -- Arguing that there is a good thing aren't arguing this person. I'm not arguing concepts he cannot guarantee like I don't know I smell it now historic debate salt. I had told them transparent go to keep telling you go call. Okay goal to -- record. Look up his record a draft picks look up his record it throughout his career to ask -- you -- to do year drought. So -- is here to talk to -- -- music to. Why do we -- -- -- -- so we've -- heard of entire sort of I don't know what the job is I don't what is your -- -- here to row on the books I have no idea what he's doing. Ladies and here's an accountant would always been hired to well he worked for the raiders and added we're offering affordable there's so we don't know he's not -- guys you know yeah and I got there but but my god I am surprised that. Bringing in somebody at a lower position that he obviously succeeded at at some point. Well enough where it was just. We have some six that's automatically get promoted if he didn't have success how does somebody choose and to be there GM he didn't have success if -- pictures of somebody. That's a great question will do that now -- compatibility one yeah. So Michael there's no doubt. The Mike Lombardi is drafts are terrible there's no doubt about you go through you looked I'd never doubted this I never said he was a good GM. Okay you're gonna go ahead -- -- a terrible you look at what he did in in Cleveland it's awful. It's -- year after year drafting guys you never heard. -- that he was not good as a general manager. Nowhere in my argument is that Michael Marty's a good general manager it you know we are listed in my argument. Clearly he's not good at that job okay it wasn't good at enclave on the first time didn't seem to be good at it the second time -- easy to do all that well loss in in -- Not that not a good general manager. On the other hand he was in the San Francisco staff and the scout while they did some good things there he was there as a scout and advisor to Bill Walsh from the -- Jerry Rice and plenty of other good players in the 1980s. So -- and I'm not think I'll drafted those guys man. Don't you I think I'm not I'm not -- and obviously I'm not saying Uma. But don't you think that there's do you think that he's literally worthless. That gave everything he says you might as well just at just assume the other way he has nothing to contribute no value whatsoever. And then it becomes near the pitchers -- infect -- with his stupid. Well you're saying them. Number just now that is if it sounds that way because I don't think that. This is what I do I don't I don't call people work but I'll say -- -- Say the worthless person. I'll -- job these great. -- -- -- There's really get an NFL network and -- -- to -- -- -- is really good that's where. That's the job. They have replaced them he left they haven't had anybody who's as good as he didn't really get a TV. Don't sit there you know what would I made it in in my organization that I have an -- that would sit there have. Mike Lombardi taught me about football or advise me about football players no thanks. Oh yeah I know it's not general manager. I know is that going to be the assistant general manager. But. There is still -- that the track record is just too much. It's too much it's it's that it's negative it's more of a negative and it's the positive go to David was in Rhode Island packet. -- -- -- actually at the -- but our. Goal is to hear it in real world now sports. She'd gotten that -- It. You know I was last. Governor who hit who got some chemical from it and everything else. He's not related to Vince Lombardi got no relation he's not the -- -- his -- Lombardo Lombardi easily actually -- on the board the -- what grandson just got a job right there was that with this. Was it but the saints -- I just remember religious I don't -- -- candidate Mike Lombardi is he is not related to events like aren't you this is not nepotism. -- I -- you want it now that. I'm right. Up until that happens -- -- -- all the. -- we understand it nepotism exists but it didn't exist here. But he's not an actual -- Donald got all I -- -- bit. I certainly hope it doesn't come anywhere near the patriot because -- -- -- -- As sounds like he's going to be here and you know you Michael McGee is gonna effect the patriots -- -- -- -- Maybe well maybe comes here that'll be the end of of all the success they have. Because his his he's so terrible that he's he's gonna convince them to make that move after bad -- -- advisory position don't think that's happened before. That bad people comedian Bill Belichick -- of course at camp yeah acquisitive and doesn't affect the drafts it Manning but our president had us how he's gonna do for them yet. But what OK so you say let's say is not the general manager you do is you try to have like a little sarcastic. You know in this advisory role always gonna infect the patriots when that's exactly what -- and talking about it you're listening that's what I've said it has happened. This has happened recently exactly. George sarcasm has come to life. What the patriots in the draft this affected their drafts for multiple years. Urban Meyer was not under contract. The patriots. But he told built this draft certain guys TV -- and bill listen. Bill Bennett. I I'm curious about how much. How much bill will listen to Mike Lombardi and if Lombardi is words will. Spur him to action hoping listens to his friend. And doesn't act on what he -- Because his history bills history now now we're on the bills bills history as you listen in the people. Who have different views -- scouts just scouts are right in those people wrong. But it's not the background this guy comes from you're not talking about a college coach who we are asking for from the college perspective you're asking about somebody who comes from a scouting background. Okay outlets and other. Friends of bill. A lot of times these friends of bill. Whether their college. Coaches. Whether they are assisting coaches like Josh McDaniels. Sometimes these these friends will give him advice. And it's counter to the advice he gets from the scout and he still goes with this friend. Over the -- -- So how would you know and I know you know scouts are a lot of times in the NFL people look at. They look at scouts and they don't consider them -- value. You look at that those guys as like you know they're squirrels or does gathering information. And they bring -- back in the home base and I'll let the grown folks takeover let the evaluated takeover. So I know a lot of times scalp skin disrespect it like that let. You know I I would I would rather go with. The opinion of a group of people like three or four people who all have an opinion on a player. As opposed to who actually seen him and I have talked to people at the school. And talk to teammates and strength coaches and law enforcement officials around here I would rather take the opinion of those folks. Then a guy who's supposedly Smart football. I have a great Christmas. Sell your season tickets give up now to all done it's all done Michael Lombardi here to poison the patriots to give up. You know forget it now it's all it's all done all hope is lost. Or are are you really -- much of a jackass and just pretend. That is not really commodity you -- you -- and a -- -- -- -- it all is lost is that we think I actually reducing. What you just. I give Obama gets a lot over -- Baker's -- -- That's an upset okay patriots Rebecca -- -- from Berkeley and everybody else you've been a thirty year season ticket holder. Michael holly just said on the radio today sell your tickets because Mike Lombardi and dollar. C'mon man. So Kamal WB -- -- take you through the snow if you're trying to drive home or hopefully -- party at home listening there 617779. Seven -- 37 as the phone number. It is up their at this hour ago. Rob Bradford Alex Caribbean by the end of the hour for -- to the question they get hot stove show which are willing Needham a day like today got to have a hot stove show and it's. Kind of weather we have outside at 6 o'clock. In -- state of the Lord -- Florida. Yeah I had that's a long story they Bristol sounds fine I'm here in in brighten up Bristol there's fort Meyer who wish I was informed on earth. W. Like right now this very second I know you're going down there are next week and -- Yeah I think it's let's see what's today's date. A little confused here today is the thirteenth but you know. There's a thirteen. So. The nineteen of the on the nineteen to next the mid -- next Wednesday. Yes you should be they're now. -- that would help that I don't. Volume you should be their right now we didn't ask that we asked Bradford with the rat or whether -- he's there right no -- or Bradford abroad or actress. Well Brad Bradford was brought. Pirillo he's back he was down there and now he's returned. He's already back from spring training and I that makes it a little magic he's gonna go back again but he's already back. That makes sense oh -- Depends depends what angle you're looking at a from Michael and we could probably doable our match 61777979837. James is in Rhode Island projects. They got it right on top. Am I gonna talk about that might well Marty -- On the ticket holder and what I will say it's viewed it. Someone helped stockpile them out of fourteen drastic -- brown and also how. Well 46 million captured them now but I don't -- street traders running back to. There aren't very negative things and. -- -- -- yeah charge was in charge. Here it is. When bill at all said and done. -- parties stick around with a it would conduct and even worse than having you know until now. I mean personally -- don't even know what he's been hired as to say he's gonna stick around once believes that mean I think the puck. However they may be we're taking this a little bit too far. Yeah yeah no look you know Bill Belichick is going to be around for a long time citrus season ticket holder hold onto your season tickets. I'm sure the patriots will be good team in 2014. Mike Lombardi is he is he. Yankees. -- calico symptom he's part of he's a symptom of a larger disease it's as -- This is -- weakness that Bill Belichick has a weakness. I guess is good in its -- it's good that he he likes his friend you're you're one of his friends here and there. But sometimes you like this friends too much at the expense. The greater here. And and if you think I'm making an optical regular or go back and look at some of those look at some of those drafts are very curious and people pictures they -- said all the time. There's a while when they really stuck with the draft. It wasn't a coincidence during those years there was a 2006. Through 2000 meter 2006 and 2007. You know Laurence Maroney and there are Chad Jackson and Jeremy -- the one draft to draft and free agency was like all Florida draft. You know that was that was Urban Meyer imprint on that -- -- you go back to Aaron Hernandez. In all -- people -- -- asking around about Aaron Hernandez. Wanted to people elsewhere as with murder admired Urban Meyer Somalia. Yak about predicted. So this thing and -- they're people who don't have. High profile roles with the patriots but they still have -- say -- in effect traps and an and I am. Fearful that Michael party -- will be one of those people if he's not. Good if he just sit around he's observing the Eagles back the bill in the he he shares his observations and build. Takes them as information along with the other stuff that's great and that's a perfect pro form but he comes man. He has this day and they're listening to him and he has an effect on the draft I don't think Jessica. Go to Ben is in the car -- -- Ben what's up a bad. -- Then -- want a guy they are one of my out strategy for the patriots this coming this year's draft. And a double B a journalist and take every picked it you have. The draft besides all the way down. Don't hear more about wide receivers to keep this position in the NFL right now on guys probably very almost got Emanuel Sanders last year the buzzer but the but I really feel like. You know after watching the Super Bowl he saw what happened with the great defense you have it a good one but that's also -- and history will fall. And they couldn't do anything with great weapons so therefore you know market -- double -- -- and coach or go to the -- Alter how we got sent. -- -- first I would build additional all the time and yet he does yeah portrait. Yeah I wouldn't quit and go into larger aperture point's well taken you know you look at. Some areas where we need to help you don't secondary. I need some help on the defensive line linebacker perhaps you can cover. But they also need. They needed tied in to. You think about the the problems they can't withdraw. So I wouldn't be opposed he went out and entrapped in the past catching tight -- whenever government. What I'm like you know eight pixel defense. The patriot the patriots did something similar I don't think it was the entire draft but their first to -- recently to. They had their first. Six picks we elect says about your first five or six picks were all year was that a player here with with high tower him. Jones with that makes sense that -- -- two years about yeah maybe -- it was fairly recently. If you if it's not that when we would have to it can be the -- draft because. According draft also had -- Hernandez. And clearly they put a lot of their you have to resources into defense already I mean I mean I don't think that the issue has been not paying attention to defense mean bill's been going about. Revitalizing and rebuilding this defense that talked about it quite a bit. I think the bigger question is in the guys they've chosen and that and may be in this is the debate with kind of had back and forth the system that they are using in order to choose those. Okay and you -- have an affair and I just -- -- up an awesome like them party does well. So I city he did a good job and NFL network as an analyst. -- good job there he also. Helped Bill Belichick he helped him. Shape the the coating the the names of the system. That they used their drafts and help them come up with so. Pale 10 this is an -- is -- mean this is. Not the same before that may be really good at the organization of something in the that's why you bring -- Well well. Well listen when I'm saying he named me he -- he helped them name this look at this is how we're gonna this is how we're gonna break it now right. But they did that together he did they helped him with that he was -- for the creative bills creative process. Except -- -- you give Maria again Michael look at it. I will I will gladly play you understand -- I am Belichick's drafting stuff more than I have you been in the inside you've been in the war I understand that. I'm trying to understand why Bill Belichick would fall for somebody like Michael Marty he told me just a sweet talker and he's just a really good due to people like to have around for whatever reason they even trusted franchises to him because he's like a nice guy. While aren't that dumb but if you tell but but I have to imagine there's something to write it leads me back. This Seth Meyers yeah Seth -- is right and personnel -- ever had writer -- gonna start this new show Seth Meyers and of themselves really never been all that funny. He was briefly. Player on SNL but he wasn't really all that good added. -- I think he's funny on on weekend update but I think that's -- up for debate. But by comedian after comedian player after player on SNL. As always have always said that he makes them funny if for whatever reason maybe just his reaction when they laugh. When they tillage -- -- the right way he's just one of those people. It makes them funny. Right is it possible that did Lombardi as good a good collaborator. He's not good to be in charge you don't want to be your GM you don't want to pull the trigger on who you're gonna draft on draft -- in late April. But babies good collaborator maybe he's a good listener maybe he's good to bounce ideas off of and he spit them back she went away and and helps you rephrase the question. Maybe there's some value he brings beyond just his ability to scout to choose players or to be not just to be another voice. May -- I would rather upset buyers -- I -- a fifth up. From Michael Lombardi. I just don't -- it maybe maybe maybe here but I mean that doesn't that has not come to pass yet in his career. But maybe at this point. You know it is his fourth or fifth for the pit stop. You know maybe that's where he finds him. And Ed McMahon kind of the same way like Ed McMahon by himself really -- -- not all that good knowledge on. Actually put him next Carson and he makes the shot got the great lap sitting next. Robin Quivers kind of the same way right -- rock and hosts her own show put America -- she's over here. But the -- next Howard Stern I mean there's no Robin Quivers show. In order next Howard Stern and -- -- that works that the chemistry. But -- -- in the same categories and knowing that she's she's been much much much much better -- -- how I I totally agree with lyrics but she's got that that's not. Out lap adds to the shell.

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