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Tim Britton of the Providence Journal stops by and talks baseball

Feb 12, 2014|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by Red Sox beat writer Tim Britton. They get Tim's thoughts on Derek Jeter's reitrement announcement, and talk a little Red Sox as the start of spring training is imminent.

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We're back planet might be showing -- -- as an item we welcome to Britain and it into the studio from approach oh is that these so called approach aren't I think we're doing more Providence journal we're trying to class and a yeah yeah yeah that's where Hindus showed two we're not gonna call the -- mine anymore this planet might -- him. -- -- -- Tim I don't gonna -- -- it's another beautiful day in Boston you look just like somebody that was that works this building and I saw you walk down horse and that guy -- requisite from Fenway Park. And where you're wrong. Our -- regular interview he's irregular. While regular. Contributor a -- an everyday player death yet to say a regular rider categories at least not I think reverend do whatever and expect. At antiquities act in Britain and on Twitter and he's a Providence journal guy who knows all about baseball more than we do that's good that's where it's good and here. We always welcome people may know more than we do -- -- -- is barely a little more than -- which is the case here equipment -- out here we're not picky about that. A couple things first of all your reaction. Your instant first take on on the Derek Jeter announcement today the way he made the announcement and were you surprised at all. My my for my. My main surprise is that he did it on FaceBook. It's a -- is -- -- MySpace yeah you know it's it's Derek Jeter added a life event decides to retire. Correct it was a strange way to do it especially you know the guy who's handled the media so -- expect it to come a little differently in -- but the it wasn't surprising the decision itself. I think. After he kind of blew the new contract he got the offseason with just the one year in most people expected that this would be his last sure based on numbers alone and and -- last year he's not what he was even just two years ago before the yank the injury I think that the surprises maybe that. It by announcing this early he kind of gets sent farewell tour which I think people thought. He was going to go for after they saw what happened Rivera last year the -- -- and wanted a different approach than that but it looks like we'll have pretty much the same treatment. You know before the ankle injury he was every bit the player he's always been really Odyssey that that was 111 get 2012 for -- where he had a 200 and whatever hits he. I don't know it all off then all of a sudden at the end of that season you know the policies he gets that ankle injury. And really he tried to come back from last year he couldn't do anything. It's it's really all -- bond is his fault for tying that game and values as game one of the Ailes yes for Alberta blows and in Jeter -- -- -- an extra innings the Yankees were much better off losing in nine you know. I remember all the weight he gained before last season in the offseason and out of the picture Derek Jeter wasn't -- cover with the New York posted Derek eater. He did gain a lot of -- I think at this point is her he's allowed that. You know so I can personally -- C sabathia -- lost the title wade right and yet he has he's what he'd do. They can only guess August is -- working however it is. It political leaders got to give up Captain Crunch was as they are right which he lost some weight but he's he's lost. Another person must -- -- lead off the you know without the smoke Captain Crunch sucks because they taste good but that's the rule for your mouth those little crunch ball hard if you put more than 45 in your mouth. He -- down on them viewed the -- for your mouth gets cut by those things are never been a cap crunch guy. You know that's like a Fruity -- personally smaller more manageable easy as the media and the import a million government one ball. -- university -- new Twitter -- that -- a cartoon character -- that's -- -- Sesame Street -- -- something that's -- there -- -- -- that -- -- you have -- -- your face and -- and you know legislate other in a cartoon characters as journalists that's pretty -- who we are at this -- I have already a -- -- -- ridiculous -- -- -- -- and Chris -- appeared -- -- to -- -- characterize exactly -- -- -- -- -- -- well you know -- -- of course president decathlon. Gold -- the other one has like 33. Slots -- -- I wonder if he watches the Olympics and wishes he was so you know who -- of being a manic Anderson and I you don't know you -- him I think he might be too far off of that and I think the other David atoms that all the Kardashian girls beat him on nightly basis you know. Sort of we got the Red Sox season got under way yet not even that not even the spring training underway. But a lot of a lot of you know not earth shattering stuff as far as -- -- go but there are some interesting questions about them. And we'd like to talk reviewed review but some of them tonight. The first one the comes in my mind is my favorite player of masters Red Sox team coach and I love -- -- I follow on Twitter streetwise tweets I don't understand him -- he's writing its all Japanese but I -- tweet everyone that coach. Writer says there's no chance he can duplicate what he did last year. And admittedly statistically was kind of an amazing season better as an individual season and any season Mario however had. You know statistically. So I mean how much how close can we expect him to be in your mind to what he was last year. Well I mean the bad news is given just how could -- season wasn't -- to make a good case it was the greatest -- season in Major League history ever -- in the in the whip all that it it was better that occurs these past years. Which is really saying something. The the bad news can't duplicate that has no one and you know Steve Nebraska from the scout -- going to duplicate that. The good news is if he's if he allows twice as many base runners this year is it last year will be fine you have the same with this Felix Hernandez -- last year at. I played the code is so it. Etc. that news is it was point 565 last year and Felix is was it was one point 13 so ugly double. -- -- and could -- -- when he's healthy he's always been really good is what has always been below one. Is shown signs of being this dominant reliever in the past. It just hasn't been for as consistent and as long term basis over the course hopefuls season right now that he you know he threw 88 innings -- Accounting policies and he never thrown more than I think 66. No but a lot of those earlier -- he's used to more than one inning when he used to and Ausmus and the middle longer relief even later in the season with its. And -- two innings as -- to blow through a couple of -- closes real fast again amid a president who's the fourth one but yeah I mean I also want to because of his. Miserly approach you don't destroy strikes. He doesn't throw that many pitches again -- so to warnings for him -- -- twenty pitches a -- strikeout ratio was amazing I mean I was just off the charts but not not that I think he's going to be terrible Mike Madonna I just think there has to be a drop out here he's going to be 39. And just to duplicate that type of season yeah I mean he's. More concerned about how often they can use and how effective -- -- yet -- they use him good point because they're going into last year John -- had said throughout spring training he's the guy we've got to monitor. We can't use him back to back days too often. And then by the middle of the season they -- using Koji forties in a row you have and just kind of riding that wave. This year I think coming off the the extended season he had last year I think we've got to be. Gotta walk the walk when it comes to the actually monitor is is usage and that's -- -- -- he is here it got closer spears got it and bring in the last you know because he had -- the nights the nights -- coach is not available got would be -- consultants -- -- the -- so -- -- before that and you give him that rest is there a chance that -- we -- -- swap them over to Conan moved to -- And ask him I alliance probably wanna ask hard questions out of mind. Up timber and whether -- you know relation to the pitcher Britain. Don't know neither of them neither one exact Baltimore the images on the on the on the -- right in are much better fitness if if I were left -- -- -- and it of course you -- and if you were just put taller. We'd better stuff. -- -- in Quincy Joseph you're welcome to the planet how to say hello to Tim Britton of first time on a plan. I don't gentlemen tonight aren't good. Aren't I had a couple of comments not only around second retirement some our our first Arab. Ready to Iraq it was what you do when you don't win World Series. You know there -- a couple of thoughts are right there and I am not a sound cynical. Iran. I think about revenue enhancement MLB all pro sports and marketing and that's what I'm -- this little little -- look. I remember the -- is on the forget the big party rams -- walked around Fenway Park -- -- around the United States of America. All right -- the whole season yet are we actually jogged the edge jogged around him. Ichiro. All right I was there GO. Great are great so took to my point. I'm I'm sure this is something that gonna continue -- I'm thinking it's kind of the the Yankee way in the MLB where it right now I have the same company. It -- you can't complain too much over the last couple. We have last year -- -- in particular all last year okay he told last harder not a master blaster -- But. -- that thing. At the end of a given season. From apple wants to retire. Just grow and retire and then have your celebrations in the city that you played for the love you. It like it's been done incapable okay yeah -- -- these these nasal and when he did do. Ridiculous chores did it this is something we're going to be seeing in future. Are you really don't want any part of. Okay here's the thing because it's the Yankees because -- Yankee fans scattered all over this country because when the Yankees go play somewhere a lot of people come see -- of the Yankees. There are people around the country that would like -- abided Jeter to their old home ballpark -- or Seattle or Houston or to arouse. We I don't mind granting those people that pleasure I you know when when Mickey Mantle says -- I would like to be their -- game at that -- last game there is some -- it's a matter of history this is just -- republic cal Ripken was the same thing yeah for the all time greats this been going on. For once in the app for awhile says he isn't exactly -- Chipper Jones in Italy's government the National League. You know I think it's it's also it's Jeter's way of heading off and kind of controversy that it's you know if if it's made he's sitting below 200 -- people are calling for him to. You know announced he's going to retire this is just a way of trying to -- I'm -- they love the PR aspect but I think this is bottom line really it's time for him -- they also -- a share of the road revenue on these games the Yankees do so we're gonna wanna pack every house Jeter's gonna say good -- in -- matter what the a standings are at the time and I think a lot of angels fans are said Joseph that there was a Donnie Moore farewell to her -- -- just as you know I'm I'm trying to look at it from both sides of the -- And you know to get all of that but I'd argue it's it's it's maybe at some we're gonna see more and more in the days ahead you know I'm guess I'm a little I'm getting a little toward agreement of the old days were -- or gotten yet you. Street gives firmly cracked and it just wasn't it as it blown up as as what that is durable last season. Everything has to be more grandiose specially a player of this guy's stature and you know -- stature future hall of Famer. Popular with men and women. Yankee fans and on Yankee fans admire him he's a little bit of a different cat. Doctor Charles has to be throbbing at the -- since this is the that the final game at Fenway Park for the send -- via. If needed tickets for that game I think have gone up about a handful of the more than a rally today right now yeah that's great yeah I for one I watched that game. -- were pretty thankful right Joseph thanks for the call. Eighties in west -- next on the planet although Indy. Yeah. -- I have been. At an ironic that they were talking about such a group. With that I would be honored tonight we're talking about one of the most. You know classy guys -- -- -- One of the most classes. Not a proper English but he. I noticed in Iowa I -- look at as I've said many times is nothing really to hang your hat on as far as hate the guys I mean what can you -- or -- Got too many chicks in Iowa got to say you know. He didn't do anything stupid you did say dumb things he wasn't certain incendiary device for that team were -- polarizing guy he -- Well -- quite a year old built assessment but I think like a rooster -- -- activity. But it is -- blanket. You -- -- -- you know sometimes you can't control Larry I I do I really do and I know what you talked about the but it that -- talent he does pretty good rooster. But the more important. Idea whatsoever what to -- that you haven't mentioned it talked about Jeter is the act that he won't. In my opinion one of the most watched baseball players that played the game. More you know he a set the stage. -- -- you know -- important in big moments and that year that I really can't underestimate I mean Roger Maris has also included because of including of course referring to the year that he was in good bad -- but not also not well. -- -- Tim Britton is because it wasn't that he was that great in the clutch always that his moments were always. Under the glare of the national spotlight because of the team he played for. Well I think you had so many opportunities -- I mean it's we talk about Andy -- kind of the same way and that it was such you know repeat. These are the most with season wins of any patrol times because he's pitching. Deemed -- of every series that year after -- break and Jeter I mean. Odom Derek Jeter's an amazing player regular season and policies I think has -- season numbers pretty much -- what he did in the regular season. Which is an accomplishment because it's tougher to hit in the policies are facing better pitchers right but I I don't think it's. You know clutch I didn't think there are clutch moments more so than there are clutch players. You know I've ever hiker the one grocers occur before this year was in 2009 yankees and Phillies. And yankees are launching a comeback and Jeter grounded into a killer double play in the bottom of the eighth inning or something different and it was it was so strange -- Jeter fail and that moment but it happens to guys Jordan's shots at the end of game -- -- you know real retard when Diaz. The whole running against it read a playoff game a 78. It was the best pitcher in baseball yes -- homer off from. But who makes a last -- pop up off -- yes. You know only the greatest hitters oral failed to one of three times we don't know that but -- it is rare to see Jeter and not come -- something and you think about the flip play and Oakland and all the different plays that about -- but I actually think there are clutch players. Appear and and and you know. I can understand your argument clutch moment but I think there are clutch players like it or do you Jeter you'd figure those guys. I'm Mikey use and I'm sure hey if this position about their rookies he'd be talking about how he's one of the most you know court player in baseball history you have. You -- that list. Well I don't think cheers and on the I don't I don't think tutors as high up on that list as far as our big clutch moments but he certainly up there you know he's he's he's guys had opportunities. To do as we say you know you can achieve anything without the opportunity. I'll -- -- when it comes at a the most opportunity more got closer than succeed and have a live report I want to look you know at the beginning that you are you buried at. I really big point where are the top you don't hear that I actually watch that and then it's like open important euros that the media Soviets could get some yep that's the reason that -- -- -- that -- that -- -- -- -- like -- matter which. -- -- -- -- -- You know you're absolutely wild pitches and he blew. It. All of those are elements. -- any Andy Andy are those elements of any hitters it's successful big -- you can't get 3000 hits. You know without it 300 and his likeness of virtually impossible to do. But what I talk about Jeter when he gets to over his career to be seventh in the history of the game. -- -- -- And he's also you gotta admit he's he's playing for team. Since he's been on that team that was loaded with -- offense loaded with hitters up and down the line up. Which means they've got around more important he comes back up top of the order may be 12 extra times three for a week. It's gonna add up taking nothing away from the three -- Mikey read twelve betting it all. That bad bottom line that's right yeah you know idea actually at all. You present to him Mikey is speak about. It's not because -- the -- you know because it's it's it's -- here in the slightest moral aggressive that he says has that batting average with the number of that it's both. Abbreviated because it routinely -- with no question about -- -- I beat eating and I'd be an idiot even bigger that you are -- if I said it's it's not get the guy and hit a market like -- on a radio is a RD candidate he's got character it's. At argument you present when -- I don't know. I what I said was a reason. -- -- -- -- When I said was the reason he has so many hits. It is not only was you agree 300 lifetime batting average guy in a major leagues. When he played for the Yankees. Didn't hurt. And he batted the top of the order in first or second. Risen higher Korea tumors are wrong in my logic here. Now you've you've always got to let people listen to -- not only but also got to get that but also part -- I mean you know I never restart the program by saying he's all of that area. If he thinks I'm making the argument to try to. Did you know to peace march yeah at my word yet it is virtualization image kind of power ride I have my game you qualify well he's a hall of Famer bunny -- What well for starters are what they -- sag. You say well you know the thing is with these. But these numbers all right you know the the Red Sox aren't that far off the terms of -- you know when you put up some of these numbers and when you talk about. You know. In terms of the -- average or the lineups I mean David Ortiz is number I still give these guys credit -- the united. Too far off in the story -- but you know again it's it's even if it was the people that -- passes over the role -- all -- famous -- to stick around that long you have to be good. -- in Medford Marvin. Hello gentlemen how are you. Mohammed. -- you would I was driving home -- new announcing the birthday is yes and you mentioned dumb. -- dom DiMaggio yes. And an interesting story about meeting his. -- about fifteen years ago. It was at a Red Sox game and it was a tribute to. -- dowdy okay and the seat that I -- I get from a friend of mine are five rows from the -- with the Red Sox on deck circle in the dugout. So then -- went -- communion we get to receive two met this guy who's behind that at this sport coat on. He moves it is and all that. And have reached down and it to Dominica it because I was the president of the Columbia. The Connecticut school of broadcasting can remember his name Dick Robinson yes. And as easily be out at least you'll see the blonde and the Nixon and yet he does that dom DiMaggio as white. She was. Beyond -- movie star beautiful. And that was one of those it wasn't really hot and humid day but this woman sitting in the sun was exquisite. Don't start -- -- from that advocates who brought us in the and -- this was in the days when the Red Sox the credit card companies would be difficult to credit card application to duplicate yes I've. OK it still happens so I didn't I was there I did two of them. I go back to the second one. And -- DiMaggio taps me on the shoulder until how did you get that but it'll just for pulling out of the cart. -- turned around that -- would you like this is that a glove that you wouldn't Mikey you would have thought I gave this woman a million dollars. -- that's written blog get. It's great though seeing that shows a class he had very thankful for your. -- -- But you know another -- at one point it said. You met Marilyn Monroe would fight for a -- let that -- but it was just. I couldn't get over that meeting him that way and also. But I Dick -- -- as a man at a datagrams. I'm levels residents are known Dick forty years. I've done some wood to restore command it's that wouldn't. I think it would it would but it certainly a demo and I didn't never heard from a -- -- -- He said that to be Dicey it's a lot of demos of the broadcast that's not that's what about it and big business and -- needle was just just that. How many does he get how -- remember someone who you met her in -- -- -- about. Tim Tim -- sediment videotape just as one of the Muppets. At -- I heard back iron which is that the Dick Robinson he's probably at all of it that's a great Margaret thank you for the call -- as you know that he I met Joseph DiMaggio once I'm at a golf harmony is you know guest celebrity. Governor on a -- every story is not a grammys really be and not lose but very -- and everybody did really talked to him but he. And then I met his brother Dominic. When Ted Williams opened his store on Chestnut Hill Dominic and Bobby door where there. And Dominic DiMaggio may be the nicest people you of your life just a gentle soul intelligent kind really small to. And I beat down demise you -- professed -- Bryant is great I met Joseph DiMaggio a dinky donuts once the agent then -- there. And don't. So make -- crawler happy right. Are we have temperate in the house seat for the Providence journal don't -- approach joke you've got a company memo from those guys down there right oh yeah very very upset Perugia. We want we were we don't want to do because they don't like the name pro -- I'm gonna refused to call it the paper approach -- for the rest tonight no more pro -- from me Providence journal pro -- out.

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