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The Patriots defense and coaching staff face major challenges this off-season

Feb 12, 2014|

We discuss how the Patriots may need to adjust their defensive philosophies moving forward for next year and this era of offensive emphasis with the NFL.

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-- so yesterday Chris price was known as we are asking about Bill Belichick and and this defense is sort of stemmed. From some then that we read from Mike Reese who's right last week in his mailbag. Just this comparison of all these on this debate with -- -- check in and Carol I would come back and forth about whether or not Pete Carroll John -- done a better job. Of finding defense suppliers and that at least is oh hold on. Mean I just have a better -- they have a different system right. Why was Carol able to get so much pressure Peyton Manning and Belichick wasn't. Is that the personnel may be or at the system. The patriots don't really -- attacking style defense system. The -- the Seahawks the Seahawks the niners and the Panthers to an extent are trying to get after you all the time attack attack attack attack. Where's the patriots are much more about waiting for you to make a mistake right they're not attacking you and trying to drive you backwards. So the question is does that still work it worked very well a few years ago does -- have still the same success against big time talented offenses. That it that it unity used. That when you go up against the special was somebody's a veteran like Peyton Manning is your sit back and wait for somebody to make a mistake defense not gonna work. If the other teams don't make nearly as many mistakes as they used to because offenses have got wise to this idea. That's interesting maybe goes hand in hand I think that the patriots in that style that you mentioned maybe. They don't play that way because they don't have the personnel to do it then it goes back to the the draft question do you draft guys who were fitting into a system that you play now do you draft guys would certain skills that. And then you adapt. 22 what they're able to do collectively so. If you put. If you put the patriots in that scheme right now with their with their personnel. AFC championship game for example. If they attack the Broncos would happen. If the patriots in NFC champions -- I don't get the personnel did I don't think. So maybe maybe if it's -- -- combination I don't know really -- I don't know I don't know I don't know what happens if Sharon Jones and Rob Ninkovich coming off the edge flying in every time in your rotating and Andre Carter -- where -- currently have hit a snag -- and then also. Or you confident in a unique about these guys got to be able to cover one on one yet to be very confident. Special note to leave and again the picked pick out my -- he. And then now you got Logan Ryan in the god dinner -- you god. Who else is everything and I -- really amid the US and these guys. What I want to pick if they are attacking. If the defense just going after after guys in these quarterbacks or are left and one on one matchups do you feel good about it but. I wanna say it isn't that what Seattle's defense that -- is gone too far Seattle and Seattle's defense. Is superior to the patriots have no problems and it. Pete Carroll has done a better job building the Seattle the round -- he did a better job building that defense. But. Is that necessary. That's the one thing about winning the Super Bowl it didn't happen with the patriots because I don't think a lot of people outside of New England. One of outside and we didn't necessarily respect their talent in the early stage. By the time we got to the third Super Bowl people said oh wow this is a really talented team right. But first deployed the second Super Bowl people that think they were that good so I wasn't really a copycat thing going on. But the annoying thing about Super Bowls now. Is -- you win it in convincing fashion like the Buccaneers did in 2002. And like the like the Seahawks -- like the ravens did. That somehow that becomes. The blueprints for. How to build a championship and that's not necessary I don't have to create like Seattle the only different winner super -- I can I -- I agree with you -- I understand it's not the only way to win. But the way they Tokai. Here's the here's the reason that the comparison work so well. They both played the same team in back to back games the patriots had no answer for the Broncos offense the Seahawks essentially shut amount -- one drive. I think that's the reason it stands out such sharp contrast. Is if you wanna win you're gonna have to find a way to beat the Broncos to be Peyton Manning and you don't have a defense right now that looks like he can do it and you watched a defense that can't he bring up that it's not just the personnel on the front but it's the person on the back when asked Chris price WEEI dot com yesterday. About whether or not Bill Belichick would try to mimic something from Seattle. Basically what he set. He does decide to rethink some of that stretch yeah I think it would come into play when you're talking about the secondary specifically. The Richard Herman quarterbacks both longer leaner guys you know someone like Italy -- 616 Q guts. The bottom pretty that the guy had an -- it's the only known about the six foot two and quarterback and Nebraska one of the best quarterback on the board I think you might be one of those guys who might go a little bit earlier in the draft secure because so late teens including -- -- the -- Are going to be interest as super -- Cordoba couldn't. No they need to do. To commit early is just about supersize in the corner I think it's about a a philosophy of trying to attack. I don't know if you can sit back and wait for the teams to make a mistake. And hoped to win championships I think I I think this is actually where I can believe them and say this summer Shaughnessy is -- it was Macon along the way are starting to make sense to me now. -- saying well. That you can beat the tomato cans like at. You can be they got the teams that have a bad quarterback he can beat them by playing off by waiting for them to make a mistake. What can you beat the team with a a good quarterback that doesn't make a big mistake. Without getting too long without attacking him without pressuring him without having a physical attacks style defense that forces you to make a mistake doesn't just sit back and wait for you to make. Do you think that's what their system has been over the years because -- best in the system. Why haven't we been talking about more success from Peyton Manning vs the patriots I don't think they just sat there and said okay. You can do whatever you want will will allow you to have all these completions ten and twelve yard completions because. Eventually gonna make a mistake that seems to be of a pretty. Passive losing philosophy. They've they've played great quarterbacks before I think in this case -- Manning had a great day against the patriots that's one and then to just. Eventually. Dimensions if Russia went into -- not a game. -- -- He just you don't you don't have enough you don't have enough. We tips and all year eventually have to pay the price for this have to pay the price war. Losing so much talent and I think both teams did in the AFC championship game they paid the price two weeks apart the patriots -- it in Denver. Not enough continued on and then Denver -- in New York against Seattle. The game would have been a little different a little difference there of Ryan Clady Ryan Clady. Eventually your your franchise left tackle you need that guy eventually -- need Von Miller help you out on defense and I think those two guys. It probably. Would have balanced game got a little bit more like Seattle -- credit worldly they have a great team. And it was convincingly a lot of doubt. But he can't he can't expected to roll to the Super Bowl when he got. 345. Key guys on IR like the Broncos like the Broncos do -- that the Broncos did and the patriot. Seattle may have it missing Signet Browner. Brown rice. Price. I'm not really really critical to to what they do. So. Yeah I think I think that had a lot to do what that is well they're so after all as usually -- but they are injured and they caught up with them. Now I think that was a brutal part of it I think that's a -- I think that may be true but I don't think you can see -- just sit back and say well was just injuries and so things will be fine you're already answered that Patrick has the whole idea the NFL talked about this before is you expect that stuff -- that you expected. They -- just their injuries I say and injuries were part of what happened the last few significant games that that we -- sedan here in New England. AFC championship game and the Super Bowl I think injuries played a part and now Bryant ladies out there and Von Miller's out there. Is it is it. Still 438 know that that's Seahawks could have still won a game maybe they win a game you know 3531. May be turned into the shoot out that a lot of us predicted. Mike in -- and I'm Mike. You -- they promote the picture that you have a border attack and defense. You know rush forward brought sub orbital. We executed. Well I don't mean they attacked in terms of -- blitz after blitz you're right but they still attack they tell their ends to get up feel they tell their hands to get after the quarterback. They're still built to attack in a way that the paper it's. He's able to do -- -- -- we have no pressure. Why do what they're torture itself. Plus Russia much about standing still that's not what I'm saying just it's it's the patriots are looking for guys. Who can do multiple things on the outside looking for Chandler Jones to be able to stop Iran and set the edge and rush the passer and play in space into all these different things. -- they Seattle is not asking their their players to do with the just saying. Take one thing that you do well do it over and over again for the most part on the outside those guys are just going after the quarterback. And it -- critical -- quarterback that over the course where. There routine that looked -- it would do -- Yeah it -- like it in the it's interesting habit techsters if you sit here explaining this or make your case assault. There's a -- -- why it is so hard. Off for holidays say that the patriots are outdated and style not sure that the case I can't say it's not hard thing at all. The Seattle has a better defense in the -- Augusta as an architect and artist at all but I don't outdated. What are we think they were outdated. When they lost through that when -- also -- -- I don't know that I just wonder what made differently this is more comfortable when we react to that point and how do. Region what Mike recent written the other dam Mike this is what I'm basing the song the question was I was impressed with the Seattle defensive -- -- -- the -- And Mike -- response today on the surface it's like comparing football soccer balls because the ends are used in different ways I'd be just in the tape study the -- -- the Seattle defensive ends were utilized in the Super Bowl compared to how the -- in threes in the AFC championship game. My initial sense is that what we -- is the patriots ends doing more chipping and sacrificing their initial rush to disrupt the timing of the passing game that way. Where's the Seahawks relied on the ends coupled with the physical play receivers to generate a rush to create that initial disruption. In the states -- study confirm that it would reflect my perception of the difference in defensive philosophy. Between the clubs -- -- the pats defense the defense -- n.'s Jim Jones Rob Ninkovich are good players and any team would want. So wanna learn more about the way they're being utilized in comparison to how we trend setting defense like the Seahawks might utilized. That's what I'm -- The problem that all that -- and the good -- but I didn't. It on the weak side with a -- -- I don't know the answer to that I'm again I'm Mike amok and pretend like I'm an X and -- Football. Coach I've never coached the game I don't understand it at that level I'm just trying to look at the big picture of it and then I'm going to what Mike Reese is saying year and the and the idea that the Seahawks certainly play that style right. You don't I mean you see them getting after the quarterback they're looking for guys specifically because of the way they attack the quarterback who may -- are -- doing everything. Chris Clemons is in the great player all over the place he's really good at attacking a quarterback that's what they're good. -- -- Appreciate the ball well look I met him a medium may be right America I don't wanna I don't wanna pass myself off. As somebody who understands the difference of what the defense of and does and every play I don't I'm not Matt -- I don't watch the all twenty -- I don't pretend to understand it. But I do think that there's something to be said for just a philosophical difference -- style. Watch the two teams split is different styles right -- -- different styles of the do you think the the here's the issue do you think. That's the style that you have to play to win a Super Bowl. I don't know that it's a stallion went out and ironic I think everybody's making that mistake right now -- -- -- -- everybody a lot of people making a statement. Seattle did it this way it will lose. Lot of fun to watch a lot of fun to watch those guys to -- all over the field you haven't seen that in a long time. Against the Peyton Manning team I couldn't you couldn't complain about Peyton Manning all you -- in what is playoff record is. But not it has been a long time. Think you've seen Peyton Manning -- shut down like that. And what his being shot. Down completely but that's come -- point -- -- well I'm making -- and I don't know that you need to do that to win a Super Bowl in -- Q but if you wanna beat the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning. You're gonna have to find a new way to do it because what are doing right now don't seem to be with you don't often I don't I don't know that you're gonna I don't know where -- -- close enough to be able to do that. If you have a shootout 20 I I just I still don't like your chances in a shootout I think it's a mistake to get yourself in that battle last Tom -- this question -- rockaholic Emilia. -- go back to what Mike Greece wrote his chat couple weeks ago right after the Super Bowl. -- that the patriots have a slightly different view of what they want their defense events to do from what we -- from the Seahawks. In the symbol really throughout the year. There where's the Seahawks are common common common common patriots defensive ends a little bit more responsibility -- more they got to pay attention to. Is it a full philosophical issue with the Patriots defense. They need to change their philosophy and use that as a diet that for the way they utilize their talent and find talent. Or -- simply a matter of some guys got hurt. And they need to go out and get some more guys in order to better that defense spend more resources. On that side of the ball in order to get over the top proud again getting healthier and have more more guys couple more guys. It's got to. Bring in another pass rusher or two. In the rotation and when trying to get that -- why. Defensive and we're going after these these. Long tall guys for years. Shawn Crable on the program in worker. The late marquee field recipes but second round pick. Didn't work out. -- -- Now big guy can and can do it but two things didn't work out running Jeremy Nancy didn't work out here but. Has been the he's gotten some numbers. In other places. So having the an end that's on that's on the outside and interior wise and Kyle Love they've had a bunch of you know Ron Brace and different bunch of fat guys. Who they try to put inside -- -- Who haven't really. John what they expect to be done any good they need to hit. On net type a guy they want tech guy -- really doesn't -- haven't been able to find it doesn't sound good when you zilch and all of those gifts find that guy. It's a look of four inside and outside -- -- one outside one side. And then. You know safety you know you get these guys. That's a frustrating part about I understand patriots fans why some of you are are frustrated because it's not like. While we only had the money is not a money issue that -- -- get. Fairly cheaply in the draft. Safeties. I'm not talking about a big time safety who's gonna cost you not a matter Berry. We have to get the top ten or not a safety shouldn't in the third round fourth round. You can get a lot of respect guys interior fact guys -- -- their sic forum. He's got to get -- got a hit he's got it right and I guess that's what so so when I start working. Backwards from that assumption might because again when you read those names and all the guys they've tried it both of those positions that haven't worked out and that's before you get to the wide receivers in the corners and nobody else and I know every team has mrs. right. Every team as Mississippi go through every GM's draft record you'll find guys they missed on guys they cannot understand that but that's a lot of -- at a really key position that they've had trouble. Getting right and and it was exposed by the end -- spot -- over an older. Everybody is our social -- ask rush -- stirred around. Brace second round Cunningham second round hill second round or second or third round. They're missing that. Got over and over and over and over again -- I gotta ask a question today are they not able to judge that position well. War. Is there something wrong with what they're looking for. Are they looking for something that's too hard to fight -- look if they just don't judge the position well. I don't really know what to do about that is they're just not good at judging defensive lineman -- you know defensive ends. I don't know how you fix that issue bring in somebody else -- changer scouting. You bring in somebody who understands. That position maybe pepper Johnson moving on is a good thing and you're -- get some new blood at somebody else looking at that position maybe they don't develop that well maybe those guys that are talented but they didn't developer well may be again I point back to pepper Johnson I don't know. But the other side of it is maybe they're looking for something that's just too damn hard to find. May be some of the other teams have had more success finding that position because they're open to something different because their -- they're looking for different qualities. That maybe the young college athletes that are coming up through the draft -- and what the patriots are looking for just think it's hard to find and that's why they keep missing -- Or maybe that's it or is this the draft and you got to miss a lot even when you've you've five got a good scouting system and you feed. You've asked all the right questions on the interviews you've done the you've looked at the figured tape in the junior tape in the sophomore debut that aren't you supposed to do. If people -- -- the league agree with you that this guy that you identified as good. They think he's good too and he's not have a commit to be able when I go from being bad lucked out -- probably I wouldn't I would I would take it out of I'd I'd take. -- look elsewhere. Still there's they're guys in the league who could do that some maybe. Instead of spending your resources on your discordant the last few years -- resources on the Albert Haynesworth out of the world and Chad Ochocinco. And Adrian Wilson and your -- -- I stick with contempt and -- Danny. Am in dole instead of spending your money at -- am and Della. Animals to -- a blind -- on the -- there's certainly available this year they did it last year with Tommy Kelly inside guy got -- But what exactly you're gonna have another guy when -- again when that guy out. Maybe look at Eddie Eddie young. -- young veteran -- the year pick your guy in the league of those guys -- I mean that's you have last year Michael -- include favorable one elsewhere. Mean Jared Allen is older but he -- -- -- more sold in April payrolls cost and some real money. Definitely signed two year deal -- on the my two -- to hear -- a lot of money a million and a lot of its money but it's it's an especially what you gave Danny and I don't know -- they brought out but but I mean if you're Paul Kruger could have been that guy he was -- I know I help a lot and I know both those guys. What do you think you're gonna get for guys and their fourth year -- about party -- senators as a perfect example that it was not about corporate from a it was like five dollars. -- I'm talking about somewhere and there's a reasonable understand. Does that easiest thing to do to sit here and say a star America if America it's America that guys -- trade for him get him. And then. When you get done had it all up it's 275. Million dollar -- as your payroll in only got a cap of so much so I'm trying to beat. Realistic. About what they could do. -- Michael -- is realistic for April probably 617779793. So -- you guys involved in this if the patriots. Wanna get more pressure on the quarterback want to have a stronger defense he wanna investor money there and Michael are both -- last week and I think for the most part people T seem to agree that the patriots need to spend more resources on the defense -- side of the ball. More so than trying to build up the weaponry for Brady on the outside on offense. What is what is the goal what is the philosophy is it about keeping what you have now and that philosophy that and that that style of defense. Or is it about actually making some alterations to what you're looking for. 6177797937. Go to bed -- They got -- on the subject. Probably when I get operatives practiced with. Back then I'm old line junkie -- -- -- -- -- so on the guy who watches noted that in -- and an O line and don't early finally I'll ball. Compare it he defensive and you into England Patriot. Act how we -- eat all they are light years above -- in -- you know. I'm like your book and I tend to agree but. I'm -- what -- -- this element or what what are their names then. What it would be up on one and you have bomb what he's -- -- but. You have Bennett. I'm people would lose lift and back up to lump declining yup root Irvin played played linebacker and -- bumped down to to be -- complete speed -- Think those guys are light years above Chandler Jones Rob Ninkovich. Like -- You. Might -- an exaggeration. But -- -- Think Clemens is better than that and Chandler Jones. I would take almond orchard road challenge don't they pick all the -- there -- you know with AMOCO will shoot it pretty well. Come not a defense is their defense carrier to the patriot deep and give it is that. It is not close they have shut down defense -- the out but don't you think those are some other reasons why dominated but you think but individually it -- -- you think -- Clemens. Urban Clemens April that April -- of about those guys individual has Maxima. April is is superior player rejected Chandler Jones. By how many will need HF Ahmanson and jump out and they can pick Ninkovich and Clemens. Mike Mike what let me put money put it this -- when when. -- -- -- don't back away you start at what do you. I'll tell -- how like you know how they determined that would often play against the speaker of of Seattle forget their forget the secondary. When they gain playing video game player for the current events that Google put -- I -- in putting their chip on the current event that rarely. Happened with in the military to do that -- too -- -- board meeting saying we -- content are focused on camera you don't Rob Ninkovich because. The regular I'll a lot of pressure record back. Not that -- actually get people to get a pat. At that they're not issued a solid. -- -- -- compliment that they need somebody and that's going to be forced back at what it offered. Architect and I can't let it -- up for Michael -- either in a game plan for that guy not for him what do you think your game plan -- defense. I think they think about the entire unit of the did not it's not that kind of defense some like. OK let's do that lets you do what you guys. Let's say we're gonna play the game does Michael Bennett played coming map out your four. -- we -- for seventy snaps so let's Citic I'll play along a game plan for Michael Bennett. And let's say they shut him down all boys Seattle really is gonna -- now on defense. It took out Michael Bennett. It sounds crazy crazy. But that brought the issue if you are the issue is whether or not you know it'd if other can't worry about the patriot pass rush and did -- really don't. If it's -- I've -- I -- let me jump in here let me jump in here try to mediate this a little -- you guys -- you know -- again. I tend to agree on Ben's side maybe not quite I'm I'm not quite as -- that way but haven't watched both teams play a lot I do think those deep incidents in Seattle are certainly better as a group. Individual and. Group yes as a group there's no doubt which is better than the Patriots defense but even just the government to bend it at all defense started again guys -- -- overeating the patriots well. At Seattle defense. Is. Light years. Better than the patriot defense and there are several reasons. There's several reasons why three with the Seattle better guys. But I think one of those reasons is that the defense events that have you guys mentioned a couple of all pros in the secondary for example in the Seattle defense you know got it Richard Sherman. A guy named Earl Thomas yet -- you don't -- can't chancellor another one. There's not read that it talked about Michael -- -- -- -- give all the credit world for Seattle's defense. But I'm just gonna have to. Abandoned the vehicle together if this conversation is gonna hand on the merits of Michael -- while I don't know that her. I don't think Dan is putting all the merits of Michael Bennett I think he's saying why are you still love the Chandler -- I only say that Michael -- the greatest player or -- April radar Airbus a similar kind of their wild but why why -- putting so much stock in Chandler Jones Taylor Jones is not a bad football player I don't think it is either OK so but I don't really good football player -- conversations start with. Seattle's defensive -- are light years above the patriots know they -- not as a group they are Seattle's defense. Seattle's defense -- say as it -- light years ahead of the plot I I would say is a group the defense events are light years ahead and maybe it's just because as you said Michael -- doesn't play every snapple fine. That's because they've got four guys they can rotate and more and their fresh and you get better play from their defense. What an easy thing that's. You got to vs four okay so like four guys on any team takes a lot of I -- four guys on the Broncos and compared to two on the patriots optic for over to view -- -- those two guys are. Lawrence Taylor on one side of the Andre Tippett knows. Of course as a group. The patriots don't have depth on the defense problem for the -- the -- absolutely problem for Bill Belichick figured that out. But we're talking about it individually okay -- this guy -- reverse this I don't think that's the I don't think those guys are key to Seattle's defense and Britney saga. I got a pretty good -- -- Bryant. Key to the defense. And more so game plan for me Bain and brought in they would forbidden. And and Michael -- though they are Michael and preserving them really deserve a part of that conversation with the other three guys do. -- and I I want to team up close especially Chris Clemons and the Q so Chris -- short. I did everything answers he went out of their lineup but they -- the same team and and I don't know that I entirely agree with you on now and I think. The depth is enormously important at that position especially so you can rotate guys -- to keep them fresh. I think -- in the Jones is a better player than he showed at the end of the year and he's just been exhausted at the end of -- of the season -- of -- -- too much problem but -- too many plates -- many -- they had no -- and they have to do the -- on Jones paired the entire pretty much the entire season aren't -- find another guy that's like you've seen Jared Allen or someone along those lines. Who can come in and make that group -- elevate them. Harris is in Rockford high. So and I know there are on the sub -- out. Another point on what you want to play on America on that aren't like Al. I this year I'll give that debacle. It topple all the creature that looked that good because of injuries and in view the major issue. Only problem tablet that is. I ordered YouTube if that wasn't the same problem that happened with Baltimore. In the year before that the year before that where in key situations the picture of couldn't put pressure on the quarterback. And match against Baltimore. Everyone immediately went down but it is how well we'll have that spark they had video and he spoke to build it. I doubt that held me. Maybe it's something more than that put another question. I wanna ask you. I want I want Bill Belichick -- -- in the player for a while. And it failed. What stands gathered in mountain built into world war should be more -- me the wheel guy -- negative right now. It's happened ever turns out it's bad and from that platform. What you want it I -- that may be like 300. We -- under well under what I'm certain that David about art weekly cabinet and it he would. They haven't found impact in Asia and I'm not outlawed in the Arab League draft of the dominant player. It's -- Jerod Mayo 2008 -- past. What exchanged instant on the -- market that we're here. There are -- in the -- at the one we'll sorry we'll start ignoring or forward it's somebody out and is that are gone now. Scott -- be the obvious name that comes to mind when you start having that conversation right and what your appeal -- Michael. 90 yeah he left his first year in Kansas City was 2009. You can -- on the -- that's the timeline you're talking about there. Well but you know to answer Harris is question I'd say Bill Belichick has final say on everything. And they've had a lot of people on personnel. Who have what purported to have men who have overseen this the scouting department for him and found good players form. But it comes down to. Art does he does he agree with the final say it's the final say as is so I don't know if it's just. The fact that in in 2007. Here 2006. -- had Scott Pioli there he had -- in the trough there too so those are two guys. Who have been executives of the year what was what was executive of the year here primarily. And the other was -- multiple executive of the year guy in Atlanta it is that it -- Hope that -- but it's the weakening all the all the way through right I mean this is the conversation in the that I thought was brought up very well we have the Belichick Carol discussion week or so ago which is. Hey good job Pete John Schneider doing it in the short run but let's see what happens when you try to hold your kingdom together. Let's see what happens when they come for when your chief -- let's see what happens when they take away your defense -- coordinator let's see what happens when they wanna take this -- coach in this assistant personnel guy and this guy who was valuable and bringing in Chris Clemons and this guy who was valuable in finding Michael -- -- scout who was able to death -- -- -- -- chancellor because those guys -- get promoted and go somewhere else and everybody wants a -- -- -- of why it's worked -- and there's no doubt. That it's difficult to hold something together to why this has been so impressive for the patriots for as long as it's bent but. -- if I mean just because it's difficult doesn't it just to give up I -- I'll bet you a baby gotta grind away can try to get -- -- of these draster right at safety. At cornerback more I've looked at Canada I don't know -- rip them for that but it safety. Where they screwed up a few of the ex pats outside linebacker slash defense -- and pass rusher. And in the insight on defense. Not to mention wide receiver will wait and see what happens of these guys next year but there's some positions that they seem to miss on. Over and over and over again and is that because people of raided some of their staff may be. Which I have the next guy up mentality in your front office just as you what are your defense or your offense or any any other position. 61777979837. Up or your calls alcoholic WE. 61777979837. To write -- your calls trying to give you -- much time as possible here Nathan is in New Bedford talking -- -- -- I had an effect that made it into an advocate certain you know with Al Iraq. And at -- you look at it that the Internet will be open now. You know it all in all anticipate that -- law but yet more well again it. On the on the line it it correspond to each other that they're not only gonna get back all the -- on quarterback. Gonna need that back and help you out. -- -- Just like Seattle it it it's a big they -- that -- -- yet they help each other out sermons. He got that that comment he got here at Garnett -- -- -- that. Big -- that we now. That will be it will back -- -- Might we might even help me out pit stop -- port eighty are getting out of Manning and the hopped in and -- complain about it at the Al. You know I think -- that we mat and out. Gone away on the Internet page. You know what -- real -- -- -- Mark IndyCar a week from guarding me they need to expect that market by law. Not maxed out and got a body that knocked. Lately they have now when you -- -- -- give you a little you're gonna get -- out to ignore what it. What -- horrible act the economy the way apple. At a truck stop by the -- but the opposite where it it's just it's a horrible welcoming if you look at look at all of our entire. It's baked apple. They're not that you vector art. Well most of things go -- -- -- and right I mean the two point you make those two things go together rather at least a question for you Michael in the time you've spent. In and around the organization what they're drafting the what the what I imagine. Is the patriots have a defense -- really good defense Romeo Crennel Bill Belichick act of one to rule for so that they they do a lot of -- -- a caller right. They're physical they get your face the press coverage they -- she would -- beaten they intimidate you. That you have the the rules changes in the change in emphasis and it feels like they really reacted dramatically that's okay the leak is changing. Were going to change with it. If the league is not going to allow us to play that game we're gonna drastically change the type of player we're looking for and rather than putting an emphasis on big hits. Big time tacklers. Physical cornerbacks. Were going to the league is gonna take that away we're going to be on on the forefront of getting a different type of player and so they they really drift an entirely new. Direction I'm not sure I'm not short as the case I think guess I'm just looking at just one example to the small. Small sample size and I'm giving you this I know it's a small sample size so I'm not saying this is a big trend. In in this is the answer but it's just part of it I think it comes down to better decisions. Its decision making on on who you decide to roll with -- you know they don't 2003 so after the 2003 AFC championship game. Then there was a whole point of emphasis the very next year they have the same personnel the next year so think the winning called 2003 we will call in 2004. And what happened in 2004. -- Peyton Manning and the colts to three points and divisional playoff but the same personnel but. The -- of the names you mentioned you know image and Rodney Harrison you mentioned. Tedy Bruschi and Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel I think you have to. Consider some of the guys that they were employing in the system but I'm looking at the 2009 draft for example this is all about decisions. So they had if you remember -- 42 round picks in 20091 of them was with Sebastian Vollmer and great great second round pick. It took a month earlier than a lot of teams what do they admitted that the he was a fourth round pick based in the film but they wanted to insulate it from the second round and it worked out. They pick Patrick -- The 34 pick second round 2004. Got their pick from Kansas City Matt Cassel tree. So it thirty. You're one who owns a 420. Same school. -- -- So would you rather have Patrick Robert your biggest all decisions they had. It -- take Patrick Chung over James Laurinaitis -- Patrick Chung over Rey Maualuga. So decision but would I -- how I agree that you that a whole system bet why the IK why did they take John over -- Tournaments maybe he's just missing just look at what it is yeah it's what they think -- EPA system differently than -- did yeah I don't I don't disagree that he might be right they just they missed on a lot of the draft picks and their other guys that they could -- Who would have been better the question is did they -- because they deem -- -- value weighted -- Or did they miss because they were looking for something that was the wrong thing to look for that -- the only thing I don't know. Adam is an -- while there's other things I don't know that that's one of the many many many things I don't know. I had an -- -- as you are born out of this is my order right here. Well you know what you mall might look -- I agree one million. I mean I. In the U repellent on Ballard and eat that -- to great Russia and because I couldn't cover anybody. I mean they get rid of the ball and activists and our economy -- -- hundred. -- You know it's good to ignore the fact it's Seattle's secondary unbelievable. -- -- It it's not that he'd -- great writer on the it'll be at right now all over the -- And it was like oh we brought you know it do eat. Are we need that wire. That it is that it puppet with a system that the system that had a Wes Welker out we went global -- we. It could not -- it and apply and it. Either they dismissive they just have evaluated Portland. -- but yeah. And they -- -- -- about this is a pretty good people that got buried this year open championship is is evaluating the portly and. Well Adam you're right we're spoiled we're talking about -- a different level there's no doubt patent and we saying -- not comparing their valuation to Cleveland or some of the lousy for as you go a couple of years to go around here every. Bullet. Check out our roster that never forget that. We're not talking about that. That's silly that's just silly talk but it. It's it's easy to figure it what if it's -- in the low hanging -- looked -- -- trap or to pick out every -- -- that -- We cannot that you could -- -- on Seattle all of yeah. You sure you absolutely can't attack and that's why I'm ask the next question now that I'm trying to ask the next question why did they keep missing. You and we we immigrant how they missed a lot of Michael -- -- -- those names. A lot of big this is there in key spots. Not to fourth and fifth round misses second and third round misses on guys they debate here in ghosts of those spots you would have a similar kind of defense to what I can't think for all credit -- And they can you write that I'm making it from like eight bulk if they got a right there's no doubt and they inaudible that lap that. That was a guard Ballmer. -- what they've had a lot of great -- -- you know you're right. Adam would not disagree I think I -- I don't think there when you. I think you've hit. In rounds 456 and seven you don't -- in 456 and seven around the right -- comments but second at the first second or third. Yet those are hits and missed at -- after -- for the fourth round. It's it's tough I agree with you wanted to get that guy in the fifth round but but he's right they've hit -- I'm quite a bit especially the offensive -- position they've been excellent there but on you can't look at. Those names in the number of second and third round picks they've missed on in terms of a defensive end defensive lineman. And even and even and even secondary guys would not wonder why they keep missing at that spot. I agree upon that at one we all we all react to what we saw right we always take what what we saw -- do so well. Can edit and what a great job -- that building -- in Latvia. We're proud -- -- street doing that a good job it's impossible. To hit. That much all the time and I guarantee you. By the year from now Seattle -- that left -- to do it depicted in the last five years -- you know it's hard it's it's part of me in that it is built. We just said that I totally agree on that but the question is now you've got to find a way to build it back a little bit. The team is good at but they're not great their defense is good it's not great it's not in that same category conversation. With the best defense is in the game. I don't think he's right we're gonna overreact to look at some of what we sought the end of the year. But -- at the end of the year the Patriots defense got embarrassed by Denver two weeks later would watch that's in Denver offense get embarrassed itself. He can't help but see the juxtaposition. Between one team getting embarrassed in the doing it to the other one. Major defense did not look like they belonged on the same field as Denver and then Denver's offense and look like people on the same field in Seattle. There and you think that's true you're going to have broken a Cisco Denver because there's there's so much out there there's so much emotional investment. Here for obvious reasons in the New England Patriots that's tough to have the conversation the the the real conversation right. So let's focus on Seattle. And Denver. You think amber doesn't belong in the same field the Seattle Seahawks who think the Seahawks. Are they are better team -- the Broncos clear I thought that before the game -- -- it was -- -- be applaud Seattle was a better team. -- -- -- The Broncos don't belong in the field with the Seahawks. I think that's crazy of course they belong on the same field the field. You're hesitating. The -- -- of people you're the problem. True. Michael Jeffrey. A bad or salt you're a problem. People like -- look at. That snapshot and believe everything I I think it's I think it's unfair to -- to ask him to come up with a big game and a big spot against a really good team just not capable at the top player. -- -- asked -- to do that that's the reason why. Asked -- to do that on the grandest stage outdoors in the winter. Just mean. Just unfair. Asking him to do so the outlook if they'd met in New Orleans. Maybe Michael they'd met like in week three of the season could they have a good game with -- each other going back and forth yeah. But Peyton Manning outdoors in February the Super Bowl with the entire world watching that stuff -- hate in that situation yes it turns out the Seahawks in Denver don't belong in the same to your hateful while a little nasty cake that is at the legacy. That the fact that he's very very nice to everybody afterwards -- well how about how many sick golf writer and he's everybody -- got a 93 -- talking about you always always not. Maybe is a little older always WEEI.

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