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Scott Raab explains the complete mess in the Browns' front office

Feb 12, 2014|

Scott Raab joins us to examine the Cleveland Browns continuing failures as an organization after yesterday's front office shake-up.

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If our -- DNC. -- minicamp alongside 8 minutes after some o'clock -- Chris. Nine degrees outside and smoke coming in about 24 hours -- never ever not had a good time when we talk with our. -- Scott -- Scott. Writes for Esquire he penned a book called the four of Akron his his law Irish. Too well LeBron James and our favorite Cleveland -- on tour he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Scott howry. Well what the whole list of Cleveland -- on -- doesn't go realty. And I'm grateful nonetheless. It's got. The bright -- -- up -- Michael slams that if you draft it likely that you will not serve. I wouldn't blame anyone -- this -- -- branded weakened by the way yesterday up not making except where it would it. Number 22 overall pick in the draft in 2012. The worst quarterback I've ever seen in Cleveland Browns uniform which is go and -- -- He wants out. I -- that was reported by the NFL network yesterday Brandon -- wants a fresh start. And you still want to play football. Can you imagine Johnny men's -- looking at this draft board and hearing that they are going to eternal heaven and earth. To get him in the Cleveland Browns uniform I welcome back for my junior year on him. If it doesn't make it would -- about med school positively given. But this is slow turnaround time in Cleveland. -- -- Really. A browns fan -- you given up and. It's funny -- I'm the third floor where I work at at home. I'll look at it as added zip lock bag it -- holding a ticket from December 27 1964. I was twelve years old at Cleveland municipal stadium when the Cleveland Browns shut out facial lack. The Don Young Don Shula. And old Johnny Unitas came to town for what was the NFL championship game because there was no Super Bowl. I was born bred and I will die at Cleveland Browns and it. And do you ever have hoped or -- it is since since nineteen whatever since. Well 64 will be fifty years. I'm 61 I don't have any real shred of hope I'm gonna live to see. And and this this number four pick are you convinced they'll screw it up. Yeah. That's what -- do is they have been number 26 and the number four got the 26 for Trent Richardson. It's a package of both or they may they may have to go. Those two plus next year's first. If they really want and -- and all the reports of -- say that they are fixated on any football. Trade up they'll go to the same thing the Redskins did for RG three. Hey Scott is it possible that -- got so bad and it has taken so long and state so bad for -- on the Thursday perverse entertaining. Element to being the Cleveland Browns fan. I ask that question even before yesterday. And yesterday it was unbelievable when you pondered that this came at the other big long. -- is laughable -- flight of a head coaching search and that was when they get their head coach in place. They -- for the general manager and team president who did the coaching search. I think there's a perverse pleasure in those details. Watching sky the well you're -- carrier -- the west -- -- it's -- that. And -- -- this guy just look at that a certain about a polarity involved in it in in watching that that -- three stooges slinging the custard. Well but ultimately. I think there's far more pain than pleasure and and it really doesn't go away because when the team was moved by what gotta become the Baltimore Ravens back in 99. Is that ripped a hole in the heart of the city -- and it's only sports were you when we understand that. Politically there's not a whole lot to hold onto and the restoration. Of that franchise. We're supposed to help cope with a certain sense of Renaissance rebirth. Of what it's supposed to be our first show. You know Peter take writes about this hoping this morning up pretty good piece and he says that. You know because it does this hatred locally for banner in Lombardi that as a is not taking a lot of heat for making this move is that accurate. Well I think people look at them at this point they're not paying a lot of attention to his potential criminal indictment and the almost certain. Federal indictment that'll come down on his main business I would flying -- Looking at the fact that Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi as the basis that franchise. Really give up. They look really good copy embarrassment factor because no one in the big -- Peter King really nicely don't want it to be and what these guys coaching candidates. Agents for potential head coaches. Nobody know assistant with a stable job with good organization. Judgment day is perfect example goes way back with one party. Nobody wanted to come to work for the Cleveland brown to -- it what you think about it that's just a heritage of you know northeastern Ohio the birthplace of this or that. Why would anyone want to lead with decent job and go to work for much of clowns it's really simple. The -- sell up the stadium is very ticket lottery ticket. A list of people trying to get seats or can you just walk up and -- game. -- you can buy tickets really cheap off line or I'd run for our season tickets and overall attendance goes. Middle of the pack I they have a lot of no shows and and and people who go to races games in Cleveland or Steelers game in Cleveland. Are often often by the end of the game outnumbered by the by the visiting fans. -- enjoying it does have a great time on the shores of Lake Erie because once again the Cleveland Browns are being role. But by the bully. The browns have had eight coaches while Bill Belichick has been here in new England and -- And -- wondering are wondering which one do you think got the short straw biggest yet to beach had to deal we got you know sixteen games. But Chris Palmer Butch Davis terror miscue Romeo Crennel Eric Mangini -- -- ruptured James -- who had potential but just didn't succeed. I'm not sure any of them had a lot of potential except for -- it's you that's only because we don't know the answer that I mean people who -- -- the fact -- but Eric Mangini. I was let go -- but like somebody. Guys just got fired as their GM right. Nobody in the NFL very competitive environment wanted to give that I mention he's consulting with the 49ers but they're keeping managing his fire away from the actual players that they can't. So the litany that that was a good coaches doesn't include guys you want. The great success without -- being -- it's the end of the -- code that really is. Is the way I look at the enjoyment Zell Scott -- go somewhere else -- be goes to Houston he will succeed if he goes to Cleveland he will fail and black and white. How how -- I mean you look at their list of quarterbacks. That that the -- you guys have drafted. Over the years from Tim coached him in to Luke McCown that. Brady Quinn the Brandon. Two we'd Brenda weed and I mean. It's it's impossible for a quarterback to succeed there if they take men's -- you'll flame out Walt Willey not. It is odds are he will it's very difficult in any sport. And most symbolic because the NFL where the critical masses talent. Just -- that side of the ball is hugely important you really do have to have a system. And not offensive line stopping the running -- a corps of receivers and all those things you can -- the most out of it played the way I wanted fifteen. The only it is early in his cowboys could you could not just walked into the NFL whatever your level of talent and perform at a high level. If you don't have the surrounding cast that really does become a chicken and egg question. And it does -- that all -- -- Alex smacked into free agent. Joe Banner the guy -- -- and CEO yesterday the browser was it was perfectly all right with letting him walk that's this Saturday that the anchor that's your opposite signal caller on the on the line. So I don't know that they're gonna keep Alex -- at this point but they sure as heck are the kind of place. Will Wear the agent for the most brilliant or whatever highly touted quarterbacks whether it's Bridgewater whether it's Ford was whether it's meant to help. How do you feel good about your guy walking into that situation and it could happen. Are you draw the cavaliers to make the playoffs you wanted to get the position again to draft another guy who's not good like get me banned. You know I want the cavaliers do what I want every team wearing Cleveland that's Chester back to do I like that the go out and play to win every game. As soon as as soon as the whistle blows citizen of the -- whatever it. I don't believe in losing to win a political what Bret Stevens and do it up there it's maybe a classic panic in terms of the personnel. But it -- tell me that that guy is about their coaching has brought up looking to win every game and look for players who do that that's you know create a culture and then start to win. You have to do it. Simultaneously. Hopefully and it's not you still need guys who were who out there with ferocity. And with hard. No matter how many -- fluctuations you have been that you could see it in all these sports good teams find talent wherever they draft. At the idea of losing to win over two or three -- stretch of time only guarantees you're gonna have us over for culture. Before I let you go Scott. A movie called draft day starring Kevin Costner is the browns GM is coming up I'm sure there -- some. Sort of funny Smart -- line to goal along with that without promotion I just don't know where it is up the top of my head. I'm sure that rolled up my kitten turned support group. Food publicity. And the Major League and major winter to this huge it was cope well with the office space to baseball movies. -- the purpose is to do the same thing. I mean he could -- what browser but really now -- the point. We're almost that you have to say dumpster fire you can say train wreck but it really is because the kind of thing. Where where whatever -- turns out if that's what Cleveland fans will turn for a lapse and for solid. I guess it's safe to say that the only sports hoping Cleveland rests on the shoulders of Terry Francona and the Indians correct. And -- 92 win last year and in its. Guy is the limit this unit at AFC central. It's our friend that knows all things Cleveland Scott -- joins us on the AT&T -- has always got to pleasure talking do you think the time. You guys got rabbit -- in Cali.

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