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Daily Diamond, Tuesday Feb 11

Feb 11, 2014|

Masahiro Tanaka arrived for his press conference in style today: He charted his own 787 from Japan Airlines at the cool price of $195,000.

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It's twelve. Immediately doing. That not so I've always been what Bryant -- off. One constant -- you. Baseball we look. I -- -- -- sports review W yeah. Every -- at this time to -- baseball -- -- -- with -- about 837 WEEI don't run rather talk baseball every single day on the show. We've got my and we especially don't baseball what it -- the Yankees. And their highly paid pitchers. Spending a lot of money this Celtics up Alou would do Joey and I read this story. I -- -- -- you'll on this odd way to force larger ball what Friday never to million that's the big trip. You'll be at Fort Myers. Fifty may be doing what to knock it did what he did it with rent an entire. Boeing 787. They flew over Japan -- yankees' spring training. What is pop star wife. Small pop and a couple of associates. In the process. He spent a 195000. Dollars. It was a one way trip on Japan airliners dreamliner jet. Which -- 200 people won't be fair when 186. Kind of -- crazy. On Sunday the aircraft -- to knock -- his wife. Abate a Japanese Baseball official few other pals and the pictures brown toy Poodle Peru quote it's a chartered private jet. It's not some of the Yankees have prepared that -- not -- told that to reporters. At that Toyota's not Tokyo's Narita airport before it take golf course beside a seven -- 55 million dollar deal. With the bombers. A yankees officials are worried quote. The last thing we need is day he rod one official said reference saying -- Alex Rodriguez. Yeah will my guess would be in the truck was later in the article as well that. Jailed prepared Japan airlines. Probably they probably to hear it from a global this is big news out of respect we give it all plays spirited 386 people. -- when I upload Japan. After the first -- jail and -- both football bowl and it's not a big time over here. Called the team export much. They -- you'll so. I jumped on there and it's a statement hotel room. That might make she was like a bed. It was the greatest trip I ever had in my life I know it was long -- -- hang up review -- you actually get a good night's sleep if you're on a plane for that long. 00 -- You know what I'd. Cigar you know of the eighteenth hours with 1614 hours it's ridiculous is what it is -- -- my guess is that jail sort of say they put the spill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With an expert or six people at fort portal. -- a 18486. Passenger. Following 77. Estimated -- pull out of Russia. I would operate that -- strays. Cannot could do not go to the a lawyer read Michael Sam threw over Russia. Different -- this Texas got a right Allen apologized. Text remains as the knock is -- not a story you guys -- Yankee Yankee bashing. Notion abroad and now as -- at the bad about it -- -- I did pretty good for to knock you need to get a paid for. -- -- short. Daisuke was able to get a bunch of things renew his contract I read as a person -- cases like Daisuke when he got all those massage is generating Altria name but apparently. Yankees had a no part of this could -- turn into -- he rod got Doyle of that and the fact -- Yankee official even say it out loud. Is just so perfectly -- she Yankee. He rod stay on the job -- Up there worried by the gut that -- com it was probably made with a smiling Terry I don't think there. The concern when it what is what is -- which India and Iran now. In Communist prima -- everywhere is that really the issue without Rodriguez these prima -- know that there's other issues by the -- of the affair with that. Is going to be great and this is what we saw -- go through this. Everything is a first for to knock when he comes up with the Yankees in obvious first started Yankee Stadium for star on the road first win. First -- first everything UB under the microscope all year if your concern it will record your concern about. The to a -- -- Yeah it did not -- -- -- rent -- cabin. Unlike it was -- be locked up or just dog just hang out everywhere. Did go to I guess like -- this spokesman for her pack -- Today Iran gave it -- all on the -- trip. But it is rather tired bodies were but I am relieved that he's eating in -- living okay the ruins. Is just fine afterward but the dark.

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