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Michael Sam comes out

Feb 10, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Michael Sam's announcement that he is gay. They talked about how it will work in an NFL locker room.

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Is that you can don't know yourself that it had his value could go to yourself generally you know generally -- go into the active. In backpedaling yeah unfortunately -- in the in the sport of sailboat racing. Public yogurt start that you can -- warned of still. All racing yacht race it's called the doldrums it's that area in the middle of the bay the ocean where there is no wind and you just wait for something that app. In the business of sports talk radio. The time between. Be confetti flying the Super Bowl and spring opening its -- sports talk show doldrums data and others via that we talked about -- What are we talk about bright as the best. Unfolded beginning Friday but myself self. Well looks like Renault four hours of A-Rod surrender talks on Monday that on Saturday -- thought to myself cell. Two hours of -- talked and two hours of markets aren't talked. On Sunday that Al Michaels and pretty much his program our show this weekend we are officially out of the sports talk show doled. Rooms difference. Yeah I think so that mr. sanded down force last nine it's gonna be. What's -- what surprised me was how not surprised that was by the reaction of everybody at the bigger predict how everybody react before -- you could yet. You you well not exactly I think there are some people I think what Peter King did -- Pete Hamel is dress. Was the Smart thing again general manages and they got them off the record that's a unique honest they have missed -- mean it is going to be heartbreaking. The media for many members of the media on draft pick his. According to one general manager talked to Peter King last night he is not going to get drafted. That's one general manager predicts this is going to be a a very very difficult time but the media because. They think what's the big deal in here from every what's the big deal. And then make that Peter King Pete Hamel park GMs of personnel guys they say. This hurts this easy. If they literally say teams wheels just take them off the board has taken off the board I don't get. Why do in this what you do in this. Because apparently according to him. The rumors and the innuendo in the conversations and the whispers were running rampant at the senior -- so now what do about it don't know about it so he said he -- own it and -- one that announced today as opposed to somebody outing him and I will be -- -- Al -- -- my voice to the course he has balls this guy has guts -- It is you know the word of the day is courage and he has this takes guts everything's changed for him. Com but he hasn't been drafted yet he has received his first paycheck yet right. I think it would have been easy for him to just say you know those -- room was losing in new windows on the business because article as teammates but he -- said -- business to discount to cassette and certainly -- -- -- the media and ESPN New York Times call you say nightly business -- a football player. What would be wrong with that -- do that I die I couldn't have the guts this guy has. To change everything in his world with this one announcement. On this one -- in relation if there's a time in in history weren't the right time to do it and we've arrived I mean I think you know I don't three years three years ago after the draft him in the right tended to I think I think everybody everybody in the draft new sounds like this is this is pretty pretty out there a lot of people a lot of people that. Shores state told his teammates right. And I'm sure that's -- PM in New York Times came call but if you're an NFL team. Do you view draft him do you do you change your status after last. You talked about how one GM so they were trapped him at all Peter -- during the first Jimmy talks to session I really cares going to be that big deal armed beyond that's another -- says it's not shocking thing to me -- -- -- -- organization. -- -- -- says. In the right organization uses Belichick and examples says New England Britain's got Peter King. A -- -- -- -- -- about Miami they have more on the board the party Robert Patton third round I think you'll pass. They pass writes this 32 teams we don't know the number this is rhetorical. Teams to say. In all things being Nicole will take the other guy is this going to be other guys on the board in other defense well this is this other -- The ultimate tiebreaker if you got you know two linebackers to defensive end what it called it's got to get she's a -- And their rated exactly the same the tiebreaker -- optic -- won't provide the distraction exact in the locker room. And it's not know whether he's gay or not it's whether he's. A distraction whether he's a sideshow with the have to deal. With the questions and and in inquiries from with the guys say we have everybody there -- good housekeeping red will be there. Covering your training camp. If you want good housekeeping come to your training him not to mention. Well what's the game magazine that we -- a or not doubts that sabathia out. They'll all be your training camp if you're Miami. You don't want that's lasting right but the -- But if you're doing when you think this guy's a third brand value and he's there in the fifth round and Tebow didn't make a ripple right in their locker Hernandez he didn't make that team me right. But what I will approach I took this guy. Brought him in here I guarantee you wouldn't -- story I mean he'll ever ever show up -- but in the locker wouldn't be an -- -- one day. Now another another did that a couple of these days but they'll be gone -- it wouldn't be gone it would be handled it would be actually handle I predicted that I said that when my first reaction was. Patriots -- in the fourth round because they don't have a different -- -- -- threat over the value is I think they've taken in the sixth now after reading I amend in my in my prediction after reading Peter King impede them more and others. Scouts I say the -- to stick in the sixth or seventh round you know why this is not. A perfect social experiment. Because he's not a difference maker this budget -- and clown of today and clown or one of the top rated and -- Bridgewater or or even in -- Johnny Manto. Came -- said I'm gay. There would be this desire to have a great football player on your team and it's a lot easier to say -- cloudy can be a difference maker double take -- -- but I fractions. This guy is not going to come on anybody's football team I think. NB -- impact -- guy the changes games in his rookie sophomore year not. Topics in the sizes and issued -- talk about that struggle that the strike your ball so no he's gonna be guys probably some special teams to be a situation like what is not as easy to pass on yeah with out. He said -- the other day and even Belichick. Would pass. Not because of distraction because you know there's another guy just like right. And that is the you know the fact that he came out is the loss it's. To the media right it's it's it's -- -- to celebrate. The -- check or you know Pete Carroll or or Andy Reid. Is ready to celebrate diversity or they try to put a football team again I'd. Think there might be some organizations. Some owners perhaps some coaches. Coaches less likely -- owners and general managers. Would like to appear or oppose or or or preteen. Bit that they are the guy they are they. I happen to be that organization. That will welcome this end and end. Spit into the wind and leaned forward into the into the blowback from from you know anybody who's going to provide any whether -- fans or media -- -- may be. -- -- I'm a Mac guy I'm not open minded guy. Right and there's some that at a and and uses and is acting Jesus Italian -- that are that the -- a liberal or rather any progressive coach. But I disagree and the coach amendment in the owner absolutely dead and Jeff Laurie Bob Kraft would love. To be celebrated by the New York Times they would love that that -- to get. You know a call from. Meet the Press CNET and some someone who would do nothing but -- rose petals at the -- the Chip Kelly. It's like every other coach coach. This first thought is not isn't this wonderful for society as first thought is does this help my team. And it you're right it will help his team if he got him in the seventh round of the six round. I I laughed -- this morning had Stuart -- and do milk I kind of -- that picture we have we can play opening breaks the whole thing down. Six foot two inch 260 on -- Russia put on the ground. Had sex in this game came on this game and that's who says do you think the announcement will affect distress status. And melt compasses on not at all he's a six foot three a six foot two inch edge rusher he gave me a lot of sacks. Meat -- a bright note not equipped to deal it is the question is not -- good he has he's good not great he's good. Does it affect mr. abscess and I think if you're being an honest to say of course -- why we get the question is Mel -- -- -- a 66 for the still -- what this is he gonna go now on the track the ball he spots that are spot -- spots and bill doesn't know because tunnel vision but Peter king and Amylin these other guys are talking GMs and show me one who can honestly say it doesn't hurt his draft what. The plan would be to look progressive and two -- open minded and draft him in the seventh round aware of the case may be. And you're pretty sure they won't make the team -- accomplish both things it would be a distraction for a bit. What it in all of the two days or that I've too but but to appear to be a progressive and open minded organization and just know for a fact that he's -- Only a -- team. That and you gonna cut them. Oh yeah Nazi here's you know hurts Michael Sam's case and Michael Sam's career in my opinion. Chris Kluwe. Chris Kluwe he is is I think these games -- big gay advocate in the gay marriage advocate he gets cut. 'cause he's not a very good punter anymore and immediately. -- says they did that because some outspoken and named names he said this. He would stand up for me and you you really need that kinda -- with the punter. Do you need that kind of headache -- a third or fourth or fifth round pick edge -- special -- history this guy being. Outspokenly clues but coup what -- there is now amid -- enemies but but Khloe seemed confrontational but why -- clue I mean why would you not want -- why would you not sign them. Because you don't need this guy who you decide he's not good anymore. It's gonna wanna finger and say they're just doing that 'cause I'm outspoken. He's saying that's the kind of thing you don't need you know I mean god bless Michael -- -- what if you duke why didn't -- -- at the deepest point the draft Sam in the seventh -- the -- is -- trying to make it cut that. Mean that's that's how it works and so forth fifth round. Even and it's -- militant. You've got this them New York Times guy. Much. Work and hours and John branch. And he writes that he's in third rounder this is the got this kind of story that will be read. Nam you know by people who want real football fans and the -- fans. It's says several NFL draft forecasters have predicted -- be chosen in the third round or. This the Nixon it's 32 players selected in each round well in New York that. Rarely are players who are drafted that high cut by teams that often become starters sometimes as rookies. Who's the New York Times that will be. I mean they've already nominated him the Barney -- should be rookie of the year and -- -- for a touchdown. I want to be extra coins and make 710 yards for first correct exactly and your chances in New York Times the paper record is already expecting him to go in the third round and make the team and be a star. So I think there and wore a rude awakening if you take what these GMs as as. Two is the roof but the GMs to Peter King in the animal but this part from the New York Times. Is weird rubber meets the road -- were -- week we have to ask how this is gonna work. One lingering issue said. Discuss Washington's teammate. And Missouri was trying to get players to change casual language in the locker room. Lose -- loved global forum which remarks suddenly. Any specific staying in the Missouri locker room. Mr. Sam in -- new kind of business and eloquent mister Sam played that down. He's going to hear this casual language right. Chris Cooley made a big issue. He if he makes a big issue out of them don't wanna touch and they wanna I wanna go it will not want them in the locker room even if he's a bargain even if -- of value sessions and round. If it's going to be an issue if one rich in -- me just say yeah. -- bring in -- it will resist do you think he's the only -- the NFL of course I didn't know but it -- knock and talk to -- this before -- draft Agassi is this going to be an issue it's gonna get pretty salty sometimes you know that and he went through it. All last year and he's got to work for you split couple's home like he knows Obama's really no really good -- very good player and he's 24 year old. A senior this year -- happens when he's a rookie next year. Does he get -- No I don't think it's touch that the details that happened you well or -- whatever extent any other rookie in that particular locker -- -- -- Vicky -- -- the same as another -- yes I would -- I would say that if if they make rookies carried shoulder -- if they make -- stop for doughnuts he will be asked to -- buildings -- would -- The other guys get haircuts yes I think he's gonna play along with what the other guys would be my guess what about the other guys again verbally abused as it's not gonna happen. I just it's not gonna happen. Yeah it tells you can't don't I I don't know bug could I don't know how good does it Dell. Involved at that level -- you know use team whoever drafts and the patriots. You cannot give him a funny haircut. You cannot now I think I take a bogus -- most sensitivity training going on locker rooms now -- openly gay guy -- that you can't say this you can't say that if you say that this happened and think of that your coach Chip Kelly. You want that. Don't you think -- other versions of that where Bill Belichick speaks to the rookies and says this is the way it's going to be there's a warning you know you're not gonna say anything to the media market talk about injury you're not gonna provide any block bulletin board material for the other team. And by the way we're not using any homophobic slurs in the locker many -- You won on the edit list of things that Bill Belichick will tell the -- -- coach for that matter. I think Belichick is gonna draft him in the sixth round and signed -- and coordinator saw -- for that went via social experiment I was able. Prognosis -- supported -- recreated between you doubt that you know good luck to you and and commend the -- removed by announcement an -- you know it's it's part of the image -- -- -- he'll be carrying the -- -- wherever he goes next year. He'll be buying the donuts it's an eagle rookie. It's not agree to a good example -- income you know has learned his lesson and think he's on double secret -- yes don't you think is another. Meet -- catch or to ten yes count on every team I mean as its. And which GM on no one anonymous Sheehan says they're stuck in the fifties in on the NFL stuck in the fifties is steel. It might be the last. -- -- for the scandal language in this kind of attitude but it's there and -- -- agreed on every locker now in 2014. It. In almost every locker room there will be more people who either support him. Or different than those were just wildly against him -- so I mean does anybody any of those who don't support them will act like they do right. Yeah and it won't actually lovely. -- some won't be any. I mean even -- -- I'm saying even with the in the world team what happens with and there's a lot of religious guys to what happens when you have Chris Broussard yeah. Christmas who set an ESPN. Go for that -- stuff and that's it and it's that's what's good for the play football what does it matter. Well then you'd asked the same question Michael -- public GM or the money is an agent advisor. Let's say just tell people -- football player and and you know who you. Know who you would ever make love to is none of their business is a problem or even abroad when -- immediate trying to two -- you try to look around the school but then it's a problem and all of sudden you wake up one day at your house -- struck by the patriots custom. Condo now bar here's barrel with him and some guy that's an issue except for wishing Jason. -- boyfriend or lover or or -- more. I don't think there's been an -- any effort -- to find out who he's -- that's true. It stretched -- and that's not very politically correct right now. And even if they -- Chile with the sport and you know you'd say to what that's OK -- has -- -- exactly threat whenever I mean. But wouldn't you if you were a friend and his would you say screw the New York parents just which had them play football if you really want -- BO. Civil rights hero. Wait a little while lets see if you can make -- personal seat you can have a -- -- It's this guy's job is really tough trying to bank it sounds like the walls were closing and it does sound that's of the first we pull this team can get out all year but guys were talking obviously because GMs knew about it scouts knew about it but -- -- So -- so what I would say to that ninety business I mean I'd given that. Sensitivity that he might be feeling now is mitigated by the fact that a bunch of people known for a long time including his teammates at Missouri. Column. And I'm wondering what is that timeframe here going forward that does does this have to happen whether it's -- today tomorrow next week next year. For us to eventually have a legitimate so what kind of. Attitude -- What a gift of the first guy do it in the right I think you know and I think nine years from now Michael -- still legal makes a tackle for Tampa Bay's fourth of fifteen. Remember he's gained -- -- -- together for five other gay guys the Little League that's been thirty years from now the B twenty. I'd always be more likely is to have somebody's say hello whoever Richie and -- -- -- call them the F word and you'll have this. This huge. Controversy. Or in the locker room teammates said this gets cut -- -- -- coach or he gets cut blames the organization. Is Sam the right guy for this. For this. Job from -- in the first guy I'm not sure my reaction was like you're assuming he's not that good right. And if this were cloudy it's a whole different deal -- this where somebody. Of that level or or even better if this were you know some established star if this were. DeMarcus -- -- something you'd say well if -- reporters and everyone knows he can play and no one's gonna mess with him no one's gonna. Questioned him -- this case -- a rookie and rookies take abuse in the NFL we know that. So he better be ready for an and it might be. B might be the case -- -- gets cut or he gets you know doesn't starter gets traded -- one. Indeed dealing with the police that you but I do think that this this first Yemen in in Peter king's MM QB. Who says I really cares going to be that big deal and be honest I don't think he's the only GM feels that. I know is not the -- also say he says I don't think he believes that all like those sometimes they can host a locker room is a different kind of culture it's not. The front office it's not you know -- whatever local. Accounting office it's different world Jennings on a lot of guys gonna support the skin clinic team -- cast their twenties now it is different than it was 1520 years ago. Do you think a guy will ever elect come out of the shower and snake instead give them a hard time. You want some of this the president if their friends like a -- like -- could -- did to -- Right it'll be something that no question that. Question is he apparently yeah we'll see what your friends on the intent does not if you're breaking balls -- guys and that's what guys do the guys in around I'm sure -- -- -- last year -- is that would include -- -- did -- the -- seems like India. And what happened he -- -- -- lost his job and their ball you know off the team and right and it became a huge national story this. You know bully. And by -- -- And I don't I don't even know is months is still in trouble for gay slurs and he sellers. Cheap and you write down no Martin's -- -- Michael Sam currently top. Michael -- truly looks at himself as some sort of ground breaker of some sort of high in the year. That it would behoove him if and when he does get cut not to go back to the excused the -- said somebody could potentially use and they could. But he would do himself and and and other gay people a disservice to immediately start -- at -- -- and saying the reefs and the patriots -- -- reason Pete Carroll cut me is because I'm gay that would do gimmick and I think it's silly argument I'll be Smart bright. A silly argument -- no fees would do that are not but the team it's willing to draft you. Isn't going to cut you for the stay right exactly I did that this -- well oh what out of work would -- Originally signed in the Needham. He was among high as they didn't give them an out of millions and not Kate not the case before -- -- and he wasn't a nut case who was just to advocate he was celebrate that -- -- all that -- that have happened in the life of its -- guys like -- don't ever -- that coach that coach it's less -- coach would say it's we just breaking balls right it's a locker room that's how we talked. That's would be his defense. That coaches like being grilled for eight hours NFL investigators. Think that coach. Forget his name. Once Michael Sam and his team. May be that he wants people going -- him you know from the New York. Sports Illustrated NC and you know here we are you willing to accept him as a special teams coach is you know his whole life as of it's. Tough for its -- and I think there -- organizations can take him to organizations that can't handle you don't think every organization has guys like him. -- -- -- you think because the tickets will be an issue and and organs and I don't it would -- will be noticed dolphins would not be at the patriots -- it will be doesn't matter relating to -- with a righty we'll be seen -- an issue papers with -- -- -- not like it now globally and it will keep it. There -- contained contained content what they contained Aaron Hernandez for months and one -- -- as an executive Tim Tebow and it was like he didn't exist as well. So for organizations with certain leaders can pull this all the others may be not so much 617. 77 I 79837. That this even goes back -- that doesn't get back markets Smart and Jeff or. She punched a four in the face really wish and a matter of threes three games but it must get your money's worth it I would rather back hello I would. I would rather have had him. -- -- for in the face then lie about it afterwards which is what he did yeah. I think we can all agree that he lied about Jeff -- jail for it sounds like -- -- not sure guy. What Jeff -- did not use words can we agree on that there'll be about fifty people around him that would have heard it and he said he writing in a black woman right behind him guy whose -- every game. Drive six hours to go -- on. Texas to -- to lose and you think about it I mean he's a loser if your opponent. I and I have no problem shoving them I don't think that. In the solve. Why does mark and why Marcus Smart -- -- in the heat of the moment I -- to get out of trouble here I'll pull an Al Sharpton the word. Well he didn't and I think that the electric and on the audio -- lip readers right. Of course it is thank you watch it again you tell me he used the inward he picked the people around him I didn't even see him say piece of crap that he admitted that. But he admitted which is obnoxious it's a college in new -- piece of the geeks that piece of -- But that's bad. We could use the N word mark Smart and that's why I guess Marcus mark in in a way. He admitted that when he apologized right chip for Britain to apologize -- know the -- Would apologize to. Just look at look at I know it's approachable face like 777 -- 7987 phone lines open -- talk with you next the NC.

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