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DJ Bean, WEEI.com joins Chris Villani to talk Bruins and Olympics

Feb 9, 2014|

WEEI.com Bruins Columnist DJ Bean calls in to the Chris Villani Show to discuss Tuukka Rask's already heavy work load, the feelings of NHL stars in the Olympics, and having a guy like Louis Eriksson on the 3rd line.

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For Kevin Miller here's martian. I. Copper Jack Edwards and that entire game was I was pretty -- was the quote afterwards as clinic. Gonna charge for that because there's a clinic at the Bruins put on that was impressive to watch indeed bees get a big win. Over the senators in terms of both the way that they did the style which they played also the margin of victory they finish up -- depressive at a sprint to the finish sprint to the Olympic break. In joining me now to talk more about it toxic brew into first place Boston Bruins DJ being WEEI dot com you do indeed Jack. Pretty good run their for the beast down the stretch immediate seem like some teams. And maybe Ottawa fell into this -- category yesterday were kind of coasting towards their break. Would like the brewers are that your sprint to the break mode. Right I mean that bailed out to right so the Bruins certainly seemed I've got to approach her. It is and -- so there's a week up for the Olympics that there's this many points develop or they'll pick so. Europe -- team that doesn't really always. Crush it in the regular season the Bruins took this -- stretched pretty seriously and god I'm pretty comfortable lead in the Atlantic Division and seemed to be alive for almost advantage in the post season so that they're pretty much culture and everything or at this point. One of the big storyline too big topics over the past few weeks really since Dennis Seidenberg is gone down. Is whether the Bruins need. More help on the Blue Line whether they need somebody like Dan Girardi for example when you look at the way the Bruins played over the past ten games particularly. -- over the last two notes a small sample but without Zdeno Chara. Do you feel like blue line help is a want or is truly something this team needs in order to be Stanley Cup contender. What hope to be in the Eastern Conference contenders their finances. But if you wanted and what those teams out west for -- talking about. The Blackhawks talked -- -- decaying. The ducks some not quite sure by. By -- but the blue certainly. You're gonna need more for defense adapt to your need veteran guys in big tough guys like a Dennis Seidenberg who -- minutes. And block a lot of shots. I think that you've seen a lot of bodies from the Bruins. On defense this season just -- the kids playing but how many of them you wanna play 25 minutes tonight against a team like the saint Louis blues Chicago Blackhawks. And whisper as well is. Not part cookie is it'll thirteen a couple of defensive. Which he did while apple accusing them. -- the Rangers to his credit. I'd be surprised if the Bruins were totally comfortable that Peter Charlotte -- yesterday that he would be. But I these -- the group to be totally comfortable going into the post season. With that being the plan I knew I was part of what yesterday without -- try it for a video of the Q yeah dot com widget. This isn't just a lot -- Dennis Seidenberg is the fact that last post season. But in the -- you playoff runs you've had Chara Seidenberg -- boy chuck. Right now you don't get anybody else to look at it Chara boy choker Campbell that it and -- out. Hamilton that the pretty significant drop off so I'd be surprised if they didn't do something try to bring in veteran was more minutes left side. Now that said it seemed like the -- pickings are somewhat slim out there mean Girardi is Naimi here a lot Andrew MacDonald -- Chris Phillips who sigh yesterday obviously. More than names that are out there and what might some of these guys cost and what might the investment -- for what could amount to perhaps your -- -- the opening the hearing but I'd be really surprised the -- and that dealing Girardi -- that -- is. Is demand for his next contract or other realistic so I'd be surprised that operators couldn't come to term with them and keep in the New York. I don't look -- -- -- McCullough don't love. I like the idea of the guidance for the tighten that it. He plays but he's playing them for real he's playing on a really bad islanders team. And Sutherland and put the islanders recently he didn't play 26 minutes -- public eighteen and so. You wonder against good teams and on a good team. If you got the lead your team and I I would think that he'd be a second or third pairing guy on the Bruins so. I don't know that one appear that type of premium. As far as. What he will go out and seek Girardi to write short guy I don't think they need -- anymore right I think they're all set there was Hamilton boy chuck. And -- either out of equator Kevin Miller Kevin Miller practically -- on the -- of a job at some point. But on the left side you need someone who can play it on that second Perry. I don't know majority has the experience playing on what side that he could do that I don't yet and -- in the NHL usually right capital side but. If the senators ball further out of -- They have the ammunition to do it because Peter surely -- wanna move a guy up this current roster which would. Mean that route which would suggest he doesn't wanna part with Marcos skier Miller. That the community can't move a guy is DHL like this sooner or Zach trotman or even a -- two bit. And they've also got all their picks in the draft so they certainly have the ammunition to go out and do whatever they want to do but I'd be surprised if a player. That's worth that type of all becomes available. EJ being joining me to read his stuff the WEEI dot com and I DJ as we talk so much about the Blue Line and its in part because of the injury to Seidenberg but. Another reason for that is. These four lines in front of them have been rolling pretty good there certainly not a lot of complaints for Bruins fans what they've gotten from their forward lines lately. Right I wouldn't touch. Any one of those lines I wouldn't it support it becomes available that you think might -- the -- system I wouldn't go out get a I think that right now you don't that's what. Any -- these lines obviously the low line you be below because. When -- -- -- -- about fourth on the NHL but who would have thought that coming into the season. In Peter surely right -- rebuilt the is that he called it that the third line would be so that he. In the but the Bruins had a really good sir blood in the post season -- eleven. With Ryder cover -- Kelly in the next year. Are really tell you who that was really good. But last year it was just something awful and all and no matter what they did with the treat it would make couldn't say get on the line. Not nothing really seemed to -- until very late. Right now the idea of having. We Ericsson as a third line player that's obviously due in large part to Riley Smith being the solidifying insult the top six guy but. Having Louis -- on third line not pretty much that's even better than when you have Michael Ryder under their -- though is that people opposite team right now. There are thinking about -- for thirty goals which is funny and operate now they've got five guys the week sixteen goals so -- the deep offense that it's not a doubt -- but it will Wear you down. It seems like this offense fits perfectly into what the Bruins tried to do last year and were able to do when they play their best which is roll four lines in. At least three of them sometimes in the -- playoffs last year for are going to be able to her -- both ends of the ice. Right and I mean that's that's the year. Positive of having a little -- because it is apparently a guy like Chris Kelly your lineup I know that when. When Bruins fans saw Ryan Spooner came up and saw that he could be able faster and saw that he did powerful better than. And Chris Kelly they got all excited and -- -- to what Chris -- on this team but. When you have a lot of good to a guy David -- you can have a whole lot more point he put up. But you Biden to be to -- I treat Bergeron obviously is one of the top two -- three to eight guys in the league at productivity the past right now but. Patrice Bergeron -- there with them and like I said Kelly. There'd -- an exit before their deep they've got guys that fit their system well they've outscored in the scheme in the past and Peter surely to his credit this talking and kind of reassessed what kind of scores you want to have on his team. And they said before it. No -- carry it up offensively with with 25 goals right now but. How would be not a guy he has producing. In playing both ends of the ice in the be capable garlic Jarome Iginla wearing people down after -- broad system better than having Haiti's slashing guys. DJ being joining me and DJ just stepping back now take a look at the goaltender situation I mean. In terms of the production I would imagine the most Bruins fans and that the -- that sells pretty happy -- to grasp how big concern though is the workload at this stage. I don't think it's a concern because they think they're gonna handle the right way if they -- forced to play in the all the gains in March but I think we'll be concerned. But as fate today suggested before this is routine that. That it goes super crazy when it comes to the regular season began orbiting the need to -- per playoff positioning. And did they get their guys grass they're Smart or pacing themselves so they don't have their best hockey play in the regular season and they get the post season and crap the bed. I think that you're going to see a lot of Chad Johnson. In Chad Johnson is in the spectacular goaltender so maybe you're gonna lose some one goal game that you -- otherwise wondered if you can go to overtime game that you would order regulation. But I think that the name game here is getting to graphs graphs and -- and they're happy to do it so I don't see any problems coming up there. As you look at some of the other teams in the Eastern Conference and he said that the Bruins as constituted. -- you know ready to win and compete with the arrest in the east even without another stopper on the Blue Line. Is there a match up out there that looks particularly daunting one that Bruins fans would want to -- in the Eastern Conference playoffs. I mean -- do the obvious one of Montreal looking at that and giving -- hit over the years the teen people about the new. A team that has very good goaltending Carey -- mean if you if you get caught up are still waiting for and take them into a key player opera which I think is inevitable I think that. One of these years -- try to get to stand on its head throughout the playoffs he's got good enough defense in front of him. And speeding up. Forward in front of them to try to do the rest of the job I think that. This the team that's waiting one of these years maybe not this year maybe not next year but at some point will take that next step and they match up well against the -- -- -- I did you've seen in the regular season over the last two years they can handle them well outside of Montreal though I mean. Pittsburgh I think it legitimate threat. Maybe camp they haven't since Hewitt happens once Steven Cook comes back book and I would expect and the clearly fall off. Once Steven Stamkos went down but then there's just been really good. They're legitimate contenders but no real -- cup front runners I would say -- people in that lurking in that discussion. Outside of Boston Pittsburgh and then everybody else so west obviously. The Bruins go up about our -- about matching up with Montreal better what's important there. Meanwhile having. Having your you're defenseman guys like toward crew cannot -- goes he who -- pushed the pace of the game the way to do you entered and killed in that. That helped them kind of matched he put them. I should say. And at the end of the day having -- today in a -- in the post season has been opted to shut down any team. Milan impeached in its important you saw one in the that -- eleven series. They're also able to kind of Wear them down and grit can sometimes overpowered speeds without beat the way to go about their. Now or at the Olympic break and a lot of people excited obviously for the tournament for Olympic hockey see the Bruins and obviously teen USA is well. That'll be competing but the discussion already starts about twenty team. And the likelihood of NHL players returning to the Olympics. Just based upon some of the people you've talked to what are the odds that we continue to see the NHL players compete in the Olympic Games going forward. I mean I know I until something becomes the official and those talks really get serious. I have no clue I think that a good thing and I I know that that might not be popular with -- some executives but. I think it's a really good thing first the law like -- break in the regular season and an opportunity to actually watch some gains and root for teams which is the kind of -- me. From being in the media I think it's a great thing that it -- when it comes to certain players guys like -- really take a lot of pride and where they came from. I think it's -- all that would be a shame if he took it away from players. Well and -- flip side of that is most of the the the dissenting opinion I guess coming from the owners and it seems like they're the ones that at least are the most vocal in terms of speaking out against it. Yeah I mean you'd think so but like I said. If this is the product that -- it -- the Olympics that are the Olympics are gonna go away so if you can make the Olympics better. If you can make these guys bigger names because if you go -- go win a gold medal you're bigger game that you were. Before having and it's so I think it is they continue to promote the sport. I understand they don't want that separated -- -- -- they don't want -- the all star game but I think he -- after all those conscience. Yeah and NB says surprised to see whether or agency rather whether the NHL likes to do that -- the biggest thing maybe the trump argument for me. Is that unlike some of the other. Globalization type efforts they're made in sports like NFL playing in one dinner Major League Baseball opening up gains in the Far East. The players really want this one I mean shouldn't that be something -- is it just really trumps everything else the players really really want to do this. Right well like I said it did and depending on which players talking about I think that means more to some players from different countries and from other countries but this means alarming. Part what the data which are carrying that flag mean that doesn't that mean a real lot to him for all that he's been through which his country and look at me. Yeah which also has its efforts in Europe as well as the Bruins in the year they wanna cup opened up and Prague. And every year you have these teams opened up overseas it's a good thing for the game and to further promote that. EJ BW EEI dot com so ready to be doing during the next couple weeks I mean just kind of kicking back take some time off -- vacation week account. Exactly and go head to repudiate -- you vault which is not a thing that I'm get up but. It's such a big time. All right will you enjoy that and they can check out DJ WEEI dot com on Twitter DJ underscored been TJ appreciate taking a few minutes thanks bunt. Our DJ being joining read toxin Bruins and I feel like got myself wants to see the NHL players continue play in the Olympic Games going -- I hear the complaints. From owners and I understand the risk the players cake. When they go over they play -- expose themselves potentially to injury needs to be a Chara get hurt sometime the next two weeks you'd change the entire conversation. About how good the Bruins roster is and how well equipped they -- even compete with some of the better teams in the Eastern Conference changes the entire conversation. If Johnny boy checked consistently. Asked to be your most veteran defenseman and then maybe. There is more of an emphasis to try to add some veteran. That brave veteran presence on the Blue Line. I get all of that but if you step back and looked big picture this makes sense with the game. And it's something that puts the NHL and it's not the NHL product. I -- ever the last time around Gary Bettman saying begins he like many of the owners. Skeptical of the idea of shutting down the league in shutting down the the the product for a couple weeks any tried to it to make the selling point like well. You could've gotten the same brand of hockey we do this all the time. In the NHL no it's not the case this is -- higher caliber brand of hockey for a couple of reasons obviously you've got all star teams out there representing their countries but also. Just the nature of the game more open ice is still fighting its discount it. Great end to end hockey so it's not only a ton of eyeballs that are watching it but it's also a great product that's being put out their worth. And there it's far from perfect. I understand the problems -- understand that the detractors. I don't wanna see this don't want to see the game interrupted but it's not as though the NHL has the kind of foothold in the United States that the NFL -- It's not as though you're giving up. Massive ratings in massive revenues over these couple weeks when it's February there's no football baseball hasn't started yet. Typically you're still gonna get higher -- basketball games typically you're still gonna get. College games to grab a lot of the spotlight. This is the time not every year but once every four years. When the NHL players can become the biggest sports stars in the country or even a short amount of time it's something that I do think you have a lingering. Residual effect especially if if the United States were winning gold medal. Might be unlikely -- looks pretty close to unbeatable. The team USA winning a gold in 1980 and I understand that was with immature players and that was a classic David and Goliath kind of story again all that. But it sparked. A new found interest in newfound buzz around hockey at the -- could happen again. Even with the NHL players with a strong showing from teen USA and made -- run to gold medal this year however. Unlikely on paper that may be 6177797937. Text like 37. 93 several get more your tax -- your phone calls coming up between now and 5 o'clock Chris -- cute Sports Radio WEEI.

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