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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 02/07/14

Feb 7, 2014|

We tackle the big topics in Boston sports to set the table for today's show. Today we talk to Mike Reiss and Joe MacDonald of ESPN Boston.

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-- -- -- On Sports Radio 93 point. Come back. A look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside. -- -- Los Angeles. On Sports Radio W. Combustible it's always brought you by AT&T. Talked Antoine Walker by like coming up in fifteen minutes and extended interview. With -- number eight Antoine Walker he will join us right at 3 o'clock we'll start the blitz that they would Mike Reese. Of ESPN boston.com. Aqib Talib is obviously one of the priorities for the patriots won the big names. Potential free agents for the patriots this year. If he isn't back what's the market for quarterbacks -- that look like. -- you know it when we talk about the market do we -- financial market or other guys out there. I guess you can't really separate in my first two were the other guys out there in the what does that do for the market. For someone like to leave. Well I think that the mark let's let's start with the financial aspect of it I think last year was pretty soft in terms of don't not a lot of long term deals and I think we saw that reflected in the lead coming back. On a one year five million dollar deal so basically if you're talking about numbers. You know you're -- 567. Million dollar per year range. Depending on how many years you wanna go now to lead this didn't after the patriots. Who basically stop the picture in the AFC championship game and be here in New England you're looking at standard. -- -- and Logan Ryan at your top three guys and then you're gonna need another player there and I would argue that player probably. Would have to come from the draft because I don't envision the patriots. I in position based on their situation with the cap and other needs that they'd be in the market for one of their top corner. You know might -- we've been getting a lot of phone calls on the Pete Carroll Bill Belichick differences Pete Carroll's ability to build a defense I'm sure your mail -- -- You've got a lot emails on it. Is there any things that the Seahawks are doing. That Bill Belichick can learn from Kent and Bill Belichick it's amazing I'm asking mr. Bill Belichick learned something from Pete Carroll. Well I I think in and I have got a lot of that and and I think it it's commonplace says you know Michael every year you know the team that -- it. I think last year you know win when the ravens won that we were talking about you know we need another Torrey Smith you know a guy. How to get down the field or you know fullback to play more hard nosed football and then you could sort of go each year in and pick one thing. I think that that the topic is a good one to just. Look at the way different defense -- play and you know that he talks. Are an attack defense in -- a bit they can get there. With before -- it's not necessarily. With heavy and and but they can get there with four and they are not afraid that sent their guys just -- get him. Whereas I -- I think if you look at the patriots defense and that's not the same way they don't play the same style and they have a different philosophical approach so. If we wanna -- -- deep into the discussion maybe the thing Bill Belichick can learn or at least consider. It -- Might need to maybe -- just my own philosophy and maybe take something from them that could work for us here. ESP -- dot com's Mike -- on Twitter at Mike Greece will talk soon. Thanks guys we're gonna stay on ESPN Boston go to Joseph McDonald who covers the Bruins. Bottom on Twitter at ESPN's Joey back and Joseph I've got to tell you. Jack Gabbert has been telling us for weeks that the Bruins are 0114 no 115 whatever is that was. When they're down by two goals at any point -- games the last -- third period you're down two goals and we're thinking it's about to be -- when something else. And they are able to Muster a point away from the saint Louis blues -- lose a game but -- get a point. I -- you don't wanna get too excited about a loss but was that an impressive comeback at least for the Bruins in your mind. Yeah actually Michael I agree coach Julien actually just talk about -- I have to practice saying that. Despite the locks and organic at that point specifically did it against the team -- about in the weapon out to make a -- we create. I didn't get a cup finals that spring and secure without being -- well I mean out pretty impressed them to come back. -- -- two -- and you know they had plenty of chances to win that game they just couldn't finish it off but. You know coming into the break you up -- days prior -- the break they wanted to play well and right now with one game left on Saturday against several senators. There's haven't wanted to get stretched a lot of play pretty document. For all the conversation about the need for defense and they played last night without Seidenberg obviously but also without Chara. What do you think of the of the defense last night. The award equality I think you let you know these young guys have really start to kind of -- of their own is seen Johnny boy -- really emerges that veterans advocate has been. Which you could this state because in the past. -- could always rely have a guy like charting Alex Feinberg acknowledged all of them are a lot of neutral reasons these young guys that open and it could defeat because. Everything that we go talk about the -- that this organization as well -- seen it. In the defense's side of Europe early. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Leading up the trade deadline CP at more depth for the back -- -- at all low. The broad threat that that's when they put a -- of there are solid and style hockey. And that split that was daily cup championship the flood of these get a cup final in the last year so tell me adjusting to see what they do more. For depth I believe adding a Frontline defensive player that I think is a much bigger question Joey Mac and ESP enjoy Mack talks a man by. They are that isn't possible it's brought to by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible of a hockey as of big names like that for everybody saw. -- I think it. And again and again. -- -- -- Me to be fair most people from my life call whistle so it's not like the first person to -- so he was doing Mac. But what -- on this show and I kept -- like better George Mac are different group of friends for like a decade of difference for two juniors seniors. -- -- -- a third of my life. She was that what took Arnold. What do you like better saw yours who. It doesn't faze me you know it's not like everything sort of supplement and not really creative. Electorate yeah. I don't -- it's not like B Antoine. That's triggered by twelve as a nickname never he was signed I want to argue that video game he was cyber -- -- -- one. Well he's he's helped so do you spell it changed the spelling and he just take the becomes TWA in hasn't. -- -- He penalize any -- apostrophe or form. BT WA and maybe at a second and at the end. That's another thing to give you a each end zone and black turnout and an apostrophe -- -- at a possible -- into next -- end Greg apostrophe why is that you delete Dray -- with the prosecutor. How great is Arthur is in the wrong place. It should've been it was DRE apostrophe what was that that's short for -- should have been apostrophe DRE. Who was -- from quite from Clemson that the micro fracture. That daequan note that block on hours. Apostrophe in there doing as wanna posture he seems like he could in a couple -- -- -- a couple of questions and -- -- it -- interest of in the -- reporter wrote his -- his album. He had made our patent -- Gerald he would have been cord around Cordero but without without 1 part of the morning it's Cordero. Employee number eight there's another he's just employee number eight Antoine Walker he will join us next all in all WB.

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