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Tanking in the NBA... everyone's doing it, it's the coolest!

Feb 6, 2014|

Things get difficult for the pro-tanking crowd for the Celtics... seems like every team in the NBA wants to work the same tank-er-riffic magic to try and get a top lottery pick.

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Are few things one text message your Michael. Eighteen to text like 37937. Jeff Green it's as. Led the Celtics in scoring in the playoffs right lead them this year defeats came completely dominating game. What you wanna trade that well. Know where all you draw plays and get him involved more. It's called the all capitals. Coach sharing it. Bradley should take 25 points a game. -- -- shots remains -- is they wanted to point face him in ancient art. Completely dominating game is going too far. But this is this what stood -- to me watching the Celtics last night. Another record is bad. I know there -- bad. Team. Right now. Ernie is the record speaks for itself they are they are what the public -- record at you you are what your record says York. But got a bunch of twos and threes I'm not from opposition talking about. If you say this is the number one player. Is your -- -- the classic number two player only our third player only. -- and twos threes and fours. On that roster spots so you what -- they export building Rondo is a two run those two green is a 33. Or four war. -- three or four. Avery Bradley Israeli Bradley probably seen or is it for four or 5 AME what is your bread and bats by a 56 somewhere in there. Lot of guys on the team that if you have a -- a real team. You have a good team. They are they are part of your eight man rotation and you make no apologies for you not ashamed of -- -- -- truck that that squad out there. You hear me lakers -- -- you -- you chuck the cup squad out there and you feel good about. Lakers at -- into the game last night for players and still won over the cavaliers believe that I have to play with is it a coincidence that the cavaliers stadium was fired today Chris grant -- They are great players they're one good. Lottery player the way from being extremely competitive team a lot sooner than later there's not that far away and -- it now. They're in depth. Look at them and you think there's there's. There are along way you know three years four years rebuilding it's not that kind of party. Our but I got to ask you the -- question how many other teams are like that how common is that. To have a bunch of players that are good. That would play on a championship caliber team if you have a number one because the hard part in the NBA is finding the number one -- it. It's not finding the guys around him to play. The hard part is to find the number one and how do you find the number one if you've got enough guys who were who were worthy of being in the championship style team. And they make your team good enough not to beat the top of the lottery and get. That paddling all that common on Alec is ought to come and have. Guys like this where you look at him and saying all right there's there's a spot formula don't necessarily. Don't necessarily fit the team won't be like this when you look at Humphries. He doesn't really fit I still think Bayless fits exactly. Then I got some guys on the roster that don't really have a role when you think the Celtics are going to be good again. These guys won't be here. But they've got they've got something here Rondo last night. I know we scored more in the Orlando game the last night it was a Rondo. I know he's EEE fancies himself as Annika a multi sport athlete. He likes football. Last night it was a Rondo the pass he made at the end of the game the put them up six I believe. Drove the lane. Draw -- drew two defenders with them. And then had a perfectly precise scientific bounce pass inside the Salinger put it up in the file thank you very much. Jessica quarterback that's that's as the Russell Wilson. Reading the defense as Tom Brady. Peyton Manning on a good day not the Super Bowl. Rondo can do we almost had a triple double last night he starts to restart a little more more comfortable. They say OK that's -- good news. But the bad news is. That collection of players will. Put them in position to win games. If you really what a -- that much but I sort of make the playoffs that's sort of my point is if you've got enough guys that are capable. Of being 234. Fives and sixes on a championship caliber team. That -- probably good enough not to be in the lottery. And I think that's the worry about the Celtics and if they are down in the lottery the maybe those guys really aren't good enough to be in that position. Yes John -- 6177797937. The other part of this but take it back. Two to the team before -- back to the -- -- Paul yours yours yeah they were good when they were a good team not a great night. As we're gonna -- -- into 1 tomorrow at 3 o'clock right about this time the divorce is the time you listen. To the show is the time you're in the car regularly Antoine -- is going to be on the show tomorrow it a good interview in the global over the weekend in the -- he's starting to wanna open up a little bit more. About what the last few years have been like for him in boys in the position he's in he's living in Chicago. The stories of his bankruptcy of the widely reported. Is that. Extra for ex wife right -- for extra ordinary I'm married and got -- ex fiancee Evelyn Lozada yes I was basketball wise -- a lot of stories about him or real house was the MBA whatever it is definitely cholesterol while bus haul watch camera or for that right. I'll be honest or you'll never why don't watch basketball wise I don't watch real house wasn't anything either. I'm pretty into real action on I don't want to up having it at that that I watched it all that much either but I'll just say that Evelyn Lozada was on very often enough -- O'Neal. I shacks access executive producer of the program Eric Williams is extra for not that it wants to show that much but. Eric Williams is ex girlfriend -- actually ulterior Williams yeah. Then. You know. There are some others but you know I had a vaguely remembered Doug Christie's. -- she -- like was who -- Doug Christie yes. Yes a little a little involved there I just take it back to that 2002. -- of the Celtics when adding -- Paul Pierce was a young player is accountable they work. Kind of what they were they had a bunch of guys and they were better than that because Antuan and pierce were close to being number ones are certainly what they were both number twos. They look worse it was a one. Nurse was only read Paul Pierce absolutely. But -- -- how far you got to go -- your your one in that especially in the NBA when your wine will is. In small for a ticket to guard small forward. Like appears to me was that. It was a hell of a score. During that time put it felt like he was doing he was he wasn't a bra. So yeah having Paul Pierce at that time was a one. Antoine was -- two. It made it to the conference finals loss to the -- and Jason Kidd. We I think those two -- do more top heavy hand but I wouldn't say they're -- than six guys. Would compete with other fifth and -- guys now there are erecting about Rodney Rogers. On that team Tony Delk. Try to think of some other carriers Williams Erik Williams on the team Kenny Kenny Anderson was on those teams yeah aboriginal Kenny at that point was. Kenny was seen as like -- he he was an anchor not a good way. It's like burdensome but he was he was really way down to cap out I don't I don't think it was like that. -- have they they get one of these. If they get one of these the -- Want the most teams yet Tony Petit. I see those guys seem fairly similar to a lot of the players have now on the net and on and -- Seem that different Tony but he seemed like a serviceable player on a good team -- to -- to -- that not that those guys were going to be the stars of your team. But they seem like good players not block addressing these two teams are similar than not those teams were better obviously than the Celtics are right now but my point is just that that it's it's hard to combine the that number one guy who's a legit number one guy and we all agreed that's the most important thing to find -- -- -- I guess we can argue all you want about whether -- for really for whether he should be a five or six or whatever. Publisher of the number one it doesn't matter. I just wonder whether or not this team if -- have the right number one guy. I think they'd be great you're right. I don't think it's that easy to find an even if you do rats that got in the take a few years for him to develop into being ready to lead a team to a championship situation. Even a guy you -- this year you get into the lottery okay UN -- but the number two pick you draft. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay he be readily due to a championship next year but that you can't be sure now not -- content for champion title championship -- -- -- Third year maybe. Into the question are these guys are talking about what you think he's pretty damn good and so is Kevin Durant is still takes a couple of years even LeBron it's exploitation here what what Kevin Durant. Got there all by himself he's there all by himself and he's got. -- It and ray was a little banged up. So. Every -- to -- 55 games whatever was there and Westbrook game. Or note that it was kept green -- Westbrook and it took it took awhile to get some of those guys picks are. They've got a pretty good base standard is overwhelming talent they're the best team in the NBA anything like that. It's just not gonna take that long. If they get that that being get a band leaders play your game it just opportunity. Got to get a get a unity. Like -- look that up forum not a regular what's the catch -- -- you've got to get -- leader. Done about the debris and follow. -- -- to be an island is -- three guys a steady lead the upper -- to license our -- -- and what they beat the power trio went. -- -- -- Mean without -- leaked. What they beat. Us okay DP like they'd be like poison now like any other well not really -- well. Average now the other Landry like at all now now really wouldn't be got to get a leader -- you would I agree I got to get a star you made a terrible analogy but are now locally right I just -- you -- get a leader I wanted to mention though. I want to mention. Runs and -- I run what's going on. Willis our personal I want them -- -- my colleague and -- -- -- -- Iran thank you need to be in the big Michael what goes into that. The only Michael hall. You just turn on the TV -- guys elections around our -- had dreadlocks and -- -- and now there are now -- I understand. Article then it would be just the old days free and. Exactly today I think the Celtics you know that really -- -- -- -- -- -- number one team Rondo is certainly a number one guy. He's the -- gotten a lead has been working here is now either party gathering and I thank. They've already got the bow and a mellow client yet I am sure both of them have about what each other as we grab like a top five pick up and -- And you pick up my outlook. Like that championship break there regardless of who -- on grass. And I just wanna hang up the question. It makes you think Carmelo Anthony is gonna win a championship gets in order to say they you have to do you have video cable. He had no idea that Carmelo Anthony is the number one player on a championship did you really believe that he has. Oh my god you love about stop and the players that -- by the name of course won a championship in two -- and yet. We they might. I -- -- championship sure. It can't. All by himself as the number one guy and a team as the number one. And I find it hard to believe on our league that still has LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony -- championship as the number 19 is -- probably not -- -- number -- -- misty may because you don't like it or Ron and talking I don't know if if anybody's figured out. What that team is -- number I'm -- -- down or Carmelo is as everybody else's I'm actually Carmelo. Took your young band who asked ridiculous ouster of progress question. Young then sent to me a while ago to three weeks ago is Carmelo Anthony. Is keep an arcane. And my first response was saying now now now now. An -- was much better. Thing you think about it. Great analogy. -- an -- of chippy -- But he wasn't as. He wasn't as criticized. Wasn't as an outcome of those reviled but. It wasn't. It's picked on let's just make it plain that has picked on Carmelo Anthony don't have things are really good score. Not rebounds pretty well for his position not great and play any defense. Most scores don't most of them down. And and that got my capacity to score. Could be better from the line how many of those guys the win championships. As easily score how many of those guys -- championships as the number one option on their team. While I tell you 11 but he plays defense he played defense when watching the Coby. Coke and -- plays all kinds I used right. I have used what they want championships -- play defense got a reputation and a bunch of the championships he won he wasn't even the number one select it was the second guy in the team don't -- why don't we -- on the -- true because he had Shaq and chat with them well when it when they won their last when he won his last couple where he was the number one anyone those three which Jack the last couple in one. -- he had help. But union coming pub assault with a one over -- -- -- was the one ultimately -- -- appointment I don't think of -- in those years -- and -- -- hello -- was -- like -- for how he could score you -- different Jordan was the score any one but Jordan was the complete I was in during that time Kobe was the complete package to -- I'm not arguing that number one can't be good -- can't. But you're talking body type of player that brought in guns score but I really wanna do much else Kobe would stop how. Pass the ball at times -- In the anymore stop doing so a couple of years ago but -- during that time could facilitate in addition to -- in addition to scoring in addition to playing defense to do at all. So -- Jordan. But it Carmelo listened to that's. Well you say how many of those guys wouldn't win championships is is hard to. To figure out. It is hard to say okay this this guide editor this -- did it because -- the NBA championships these blocks. These blocks of teams we pick -- the entire 1980s is just like a rotation of three teams winning it. So to go back nobody did in the eighties and go back all these years it sounds like you're going way back in time but. It was just the same crew over and over the magic wasn't winning it Larry wasn't Larry wasn't winning it. Doctor Moses were doing you know for that years and dated when it becomes Isaiah and his crew. And then Jordan had six. At six in the entire nineteen Jordanian checked Colby Duncan and yeah pretty much what you got sober coach okay. So is that black -- he'd be the leader of a block of teams are like 883 -- or back to back champs know. You've got to figure out though he's got to figure out how to put a team around Carmelo if you have the right team around him yet -- -- -- -- wouldn't chip. Gather really surprised I would disagree I don't think. I don't think he's got the mindset to be the best player on team that wins a championship and play the complete game as he attacks here it's a sure Milken went as the number one guy offensively he'd need defensive anchor at the two spot though. Think he's an early 2000 Paul Pierce with more hype right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Evolved into becoming the player he ultimately was right he's talked about it says he grew up in Boston took time and he grew into being more of a complete player. Carmelo has that mentality for that OP wants to be. I don't Carmelo truly wants to be a great overall player. I've never got that sense from him. They're not that -- watching and listening to talk that he's got the drive to be a great complete basketball player. I get the sense he wants to show up score points but the sense I get wanna watch. I don't get the sense that he has that that extra want to that somebody liked pierce developed and certainly developed even more when KG showed up and help them learn. Town -- maybe you get another KG type personality around mellow and that's enough to turn him into that kind of player but I never seen any sign that he wants to be back. Ottawa got to correct myself. Thank you and textures of have written in on this. Kevin Durant reality clearly never played. It in play together because Ray Allen came over. When the Celtics didn't get the number one pick the number 560. In the same draft. Sonics. At that time got. Kevin Durant and Jeff Green number two and number five so they never played. But it did take awhile to -- -- it was those two together and then they got. Westbrook. Who came along and then James Harden came along and it took awhile for them to build up to the point where they were. Competing for a championship. Hostels and thank you to Carmel. The thanks does not that it -- personal credit just in building around you. People are still hard on this you have to be heart of people in the NBA because if you want your number what -- you just talk about that -- team. If your number one guy isn't championship worthy as a number one guy you're probably not gonna win the title of your tell me he's gonna be your number one and there's no evidence to suggest that he's gonna go to a championship. As the number one at a -- don't want to be my number one. A -- want somebody else now he's gonna change who we is later in his career develop into a second or third option on the team maybe. Maybe that's how we finally -- about what to do what is the man I was just not gonna happen okay who was the man. It was a man recently. Just you can -- -- that you Accenture and who can say LeBron LeBron but what -- Who will still the man look at what detect it took more I -- it takes more than why everybody that so. The man is what the man as the man is dated. I don't agree with a man is -- idea to like this front like. Well this is that is aid that is a classic whose team of the heat dad's sick right now Arafat. If LeBron was in Dwyane Wade's team only once -- -- bad -- upon the lady hole. The whole arm of this is my team. I am going to lead this team to a championship that is that -- BA it though he can't. Oh yeah out -- -- great throwing three Dwyane Wade who was a little bit but not a not an honest and Adams and Richard riot. Talking about. Barkley didn't win. His own team partly team with his team Ewing's team with his team. -- team with his right magic team with his I think if he was hit they called which we're portrait of each other. -- -- -- And the 21 century. It's not like them and look at Kevin Durant as great as he is thirty point streak and all that stuff and -- You've got to do it all by yourself I agree I don't think I don't know like Zulfikar -- -- do that I'm not on the -- to do nobody's -- for -- Say I'm just saying he needs to be the number one guy the number one is it going to be his team. Are you gonna win a championship with -- it is his team and that's the answer that I would say no to good text here who says what about Derek you won a championship not exactly great defensive player he is more than just -- score. But it's. It does everything back on the -- -- -- -- -- the offense roll through him he finds ways to distribute I don't watch him every game but I think of Dirk is -- more complete many of wrong I -- is good score I agree to score I know is not a great defensive play and always I think of them as being more of a complete offensive player than -- The main camera crisis easy he's a terrific -- of Dirk but it. Wrestling does. He's just a better shooters -- can Wear and Wear dark is better at the line and Carmelo. He's a more efficient score -- Carmelo. But he likes to score. Just like relevant -- somebody say some to us yesterday that I think made both of our eyebrows go all the way up over our head back around to work toward back of our next yesterday it was such such an out their statement when we heard that we spent the rest of the day -- played -- -- axle canal at W media.

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