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Stay away from the Sochi Olympics if you want to admit you're an American

Feb 4, 2014|

In another sign of the world's unending tolerance, the US State Department has issued a decree that Americans travelling to Sochi should not wear apparel that features the flag or easily identifies them as Americans. Couple that with the increasing stories of logistical nightmares in Sochi, and it's stay outta Russia at all costs, even if you love the Olympics.

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Well so she sounds nice to stymie or Michael. US AU this year. You can't can't Wear that if you had no -- so you wanna go to Olympics yeah. -- all swelled up with pride US pride US pride. Love my country. Are aware of US pride I don't know where. I shirt. I'm aware of hand. On a little lapel pin. USA. -- can't do so ago. Why don't we don't have to go this this is this one of those things that. If you're covering it you volunteered for a lot of broadcasters. The kind of write this into their deals. Maybe you're leaving. Just for example leaving ESPN for NBC you wanna go to the Olympics you -- Alley. I want the Olympics hey guys two words Russian women mostly go well like. Russian women they don't come to the United States they do it got to pull businesses -- women over here our -- are -- -- Our brides dot com stuff and everything is seven out it's gonna say I got some sites where you you could see the website of the Russian women. As a little more a little more revealing than Russian brides dot com -- -- Russian women. I don't do what you need to go to Arizona so it's taken you should be fine come. No way. This is why are you gonna go see Russian women go somewhere else in Russia where they've actually completed the hotels. Go somewhere where you don't show up and it's 5050 that there's not a construction worker installing the toilet in your bathroom when you get there. Go to Newton a week. -- -- out there. Got your goal or Russia. Don't have to go to Russia play basketball Saturday morning at the GCC very got a few more barely got your leader you don't need to call all the way it's those G in the middle of the Olympics where they haven't -- the construction they're right they're rounding up all the stray dogs and mass poisoning them together. What about that anyway part of your -- of the mayor the mayor so she's navigate people here. Who okayed or you don't you don't have -- people wasn't just happy to -- gay people and solution they're like will but what about the gay bars is well. It may have gay bars and of gay people. Is that there -- Ed and edited statements -- also listen we're very open. You we're open to different cultures and different believes not one but not as long as. You honor our traditions are you honor our ways. Should be okay ringing endorsement where they gonna go for the winner Olympic next North Korea like me what after -- she want wanted to ago. Why would you go. No effects. When you say it like without knowing anything about Sochi Billick I'd like to go no written I would like hey we are gonna -- you Moscow see the Winter Olympics and some beautiful Russian town. You know I'm imagining what the big bowl this. Buildings that they have been brought like it sounds nice but. You actually acts like this is gonna be the worst you'd think -- actually into being the worst Olympics yes you think there will be terror like some sort of it's her one hope and a. I hope not you don't want to predict and I hope it doesn't happen but -- certainly reform and other critics certainly gonna -- -- Mike it certainly looks like how about to happen. The US says you know put out this. About this directive -- this nice. Suggestion. Not to Wear anything with USA on it. That gives you pause about traveling paired up. No effects text message here that the talks are due to the that I do like -- I know I know and we were talking earlier. For us -- and none of you guys like the Olympic none of you like the Winter Olympics you'll -- in this at all over the next couple weeks other -- Thursday night I got they have located what at all other than hockey. Are scarcely so surprised by the I thought you would get into this just the spirit of competition that's great. The politicians they do such a good job of you don't need to know anything about it you'd you'd turn on the TV -- it NBC MSNBC CNBC whatever is it was a twelve different events going on it and look for the best one you click on it and they instantly put Q in the middle of it. As if you know the whole story. Okay this is the good guys this is the bad guy this person won four years ago when navigating gold dispersant has tried five times and this is their last chance to win a medal before they -- and there's always there's always a great story line they -- you right away and you know -- to root for who wrote again. Are covered once. And after I -- I don't -- I covered that was the Summer Olympics in Australia two years later. The Salt Lake City other Mitt Romney Olympic Olympics I -- covered them had a nice time. -- -- -- Yeah that was the that was the Olympics for that was the scandal there was equipment this the efforts judge yeah with -- -- ice dancing yeah it is -- so. Everybody was mad everybody was upset. During that during those -- for you won't really what you aren't they on the hockey you'll really is something that I can say don't have the credential. From those Olympics I saved. Twelve years ago I can say I was in Salt Lake City had a nice time. Are covered some things that would normally watch what else you cover -- articulate things that would normally pay attention to go to -- everything everything everything that is associated with the Winter Olympics you went to the luge. I didn't go there -- Yes about. Speed skating speed skating absolutely how fast they don't person they'll probably go pretty fast -- their personal idea. If it's its interest to the -- it's one of those things -- that's that's what cross country skiing and shooting other. It is one of those things that you can do you say it it's going to bucket list -- on the bucket list I did it. Now moving on but I would not spend my time watching outside of -- You watch a long -- and it all want to for a long time I think -- -- in the past that was have gone on in. I just tried everything else on TV opposite the Olympics eagle on the and that's withdrawn. No hockey on is to be some indie games like the no more football -- no baseball for a few weeks there and that's what you get is kind of the Olympics are nothing else of your -- night. Is kind of turn on the Olympics one -- want to sit there watching whether or something like what -- -- I think -- Haven't found 17570. About 230 by -- what die hard again. I might watch all the diehards out to the -- every night few -- I'm I'm trying to figure out. Who they are not trying to make fun of his make that distinction not try to make fun of people. Who watched the Olympics I'm just trying to get. A handle on who they are not met one today you. You're one of the people who watch in the -- for a long time Winter Olympics. Registered it's not like I look forward for four years for the winner Olympic of them hockey which you know be watching and I am really interest in watching but. Christian minister it's just sort of it's on it doesn't mean I'm investigated I don't invest in it like it would you know one of the this morning you guys stepped out. That's Steinberg Tennessee's up that's that's for. It would it would be done -- -- -- what they. Trekked through through the bit to dated through so cute little press pass -- -- we. This story it's closed doors are not very reassuring does like Gaza security well. When the first entity here's the focus -- -- for the security meanwhile every single or or country out there's and there's all kinds of terror threats. So that's the yet. The 2018 Winter Olympic directions South Korea's you're close -- I wasn't. Not at all South Korea is nothing like North Korea they're near each other that's about all they got in common right now I don't think I was close at all -- -- itself career it's -- I was -- Olympics missiles. Summer Olympic summer and Johnson 1980. And Johnson Carl Lewis should about the little. That was another one that was worth that 94. In his presidency you know more about on the Internet where they were gonna -- out of there at Pristina where Nagano in Lillehammer in Lillehammer Norway Sweden. -- -- Season -- that lets you Bernard didn't mean I missed it somewhere in scanned you know if you can you have already thrown out I don't know the articulate I know but -- already muddied the field by. Throwing out some suggestions. To host of my agent earlier is -- and they are probably critical -- it's in Norway. Got a right that was -- first density militaristic action. Never should consider to me want to as the Olympics -- -- -- -- know portable personal with women's -- by late night humor marketed to women al-Qaeda on nine what is. It's probably like it. Only that super delegates much higher than say women watch it in droves and don't wicketkeeper compared to other sporting events. Obvious partner to proceed really with a 50% of NBC's audience will be when millions -- Alex. I was surprised maybe -- -- -- around 5% longer deny sweaters on the nice turtleneck. -- -- on the fire where turtle out of watching when Arnold talking about the brought the current crew that is bringing you the Olympics there's always like. And a nice fireplace there and it's also casual at the mugs and after nice NBC if you jackets and they're telling you. You know what what the lookout for very casual very pretty good -- them very popular Al Michaels yes and Patrick will be part of the softer Al Michaels with a softer Dan Patrick is all -- They're showing all the the dimensions of the person -- What's wrong with a luxury resort -- Our secure -- as a surprise I don't have to know this is little commerce in France according to this tax structure right. Oh boy well -- not France oh that's right it's in -- -- immigrants taking legal reason -- we're gonna talk a little bomber or make sure we knoller actually Texas and accidentally by a deadly Mercury at all. I love the Olympics. MBA thoughts. My wife watch the Olympics. My wife watches all of them. Lillehammer is that town and municipality of an awfully county Norway I Haiti. Is -- Norwegian -- Can tell it sounded Norwegian to me Michael Tom -- sweet but I could tell that we had it had that Norwegian flair that I've come to expect from their style music. Their body knows. Yet Albert go that was one Albert them without the knowledge available Obama. -- Alberta -- use the skier aren't. We'll be right at bat boy it's eating right -- cancel below Obama that's -- like this stuff I have a soccer for the as you get the bad boy skiing. And then they had that other guy who's the next bad -- -- a few years ago from my New Hampshire Vermont. Bode Miller -- yeah road exit from New Hampshire that's New Hampshire New Hampshire and Millie was the second bad boys skiing -- victory and he really looks like he was a guy like drinking their lol me. This is professional skiing here if we don't approve of but luckily. That's bad boy. Techsters says downhill skiing if Obama -- agree with -- 100%. Olympics brings you up to speed and tells her opinion even though to enjoy the competition MarketWatch hours. Of Olympic -- -- speed skating skiing or anything else that he can't watch hours and any one of those events like you don't sit -- watch three straight hours of literally Bonser got a -- acts around if you -- -- more than about twenty minutes at a time of -- skiing or anything it's so repetitive that you have to turn off and go to something -- our architect of the Boston Globe will devote about 75 pages a -- hours two and two and two Olympics to the Olympic coverage. Now you watch it do you also then the next morning. Read -- this is a real I know this all gets grew you know because you don't read the special sections now none of the sports. I portal illustrated don't let out a great issue on the everything you need to know they break it down for you. The casual viewers guide to the Olympics. Guys you're like you're you don't like I want -- operative and count now don't watch -- of that don't know that I won't read any I don't know not a word play on C does such a good job you sit down you watch instantly fatal everything you need to basically summarized writing that the New York Times Boston -- -- slow globe and Sports Illustrated for. Yeah I remember in the Summer Olympics two years ago I sat and watched I can tell you how long fencing you watch any of the fencing it's fascinating. They they did it all right so that it did it people like cool like eating into it cool colors so that it that it it needed him more watchable sport I -- armistice that now washing around half. Offense and you're like okay -- hear the two answers or both vying for certain. They set up well get her to get into it is the volleyball the -- of team -- -- ball in the winters in the winter when they -- team volatile. I know they do beach volatile summer but they do team -- somewhat -- daughter Paris. Not a winter sport they should do on the winner -- -- indoors. Still do it indoors Obama. It's like to do volleys always drizzle will be our -- sport like basketball basketball's summer Olympic after he -- sport -- they should do that the Winter Olympics. I was gonna play it outside they should do that the winner not a bad idea bad suppression placenta. That I don't they play basketball outside -- the summer Olympic instinct why is it dangerous you know critically gonna bring an actual we're playing like Rucker park. Outsider -- got pretty -- Discovery like a real court now -- -- real correlation -- chain link fence around the court -- yet to close out we also everybody wanted to place. These guys -- play you can't play more at Rucker park and when it in the Olympic additional discipline winners got it like -- out. Did you score you make a -- back make you take yet forgetting about like. NBA rules international -- back to that. We're invited to you would watch out if I -- we aren't what they added like three on three tournament to the Winter Olympics she watched as -- I should add that to the NBA all weekend. Drop the dunk contest. But in three and three. You have the captains have LeBron being captain and you have Kevin Durant in the have been entirely -- would turn down LeBron says I want you. Can't pick your own teammates pick somebody else another team got the bronze is our -- -- I didn't like it is what our war you know. And -- Tim Duncan I mean wouldn't be that -- somebody would you signaled LeBron is that what LeBron did when he built the heat. That basically what they did on that conference call it was like hey guys on -- get together again in the right. I choose you choose view it's like a romantic conference on what we -- -- and abroad I want that. Of course sure what I would want I want said over and I've watched that before watching NBA watch that -- -- the on the outside. -- anyway that's that that's a few minutes sorry that -- that you're not want to become. A regular raving about it out right now you have now you professed her love for it in a couple of techsters are saying on this is great. It's great. Probably to. Somebody -- has -- right to sleep sleep watch the Olympics mean like -- -- kind of sleep now the crowd. But it's one of those things that you don't need to invest in for all three hours carefully paying attention to each thing it's going on a golf on on the weekends what you. Check in like OK who's in OK that is in contention that they can now you wake -- fifteen poll that's fine. With deal gone bad and had to be an intern here today. I need to find out I need from multiple sources and -- to find out what percentage of the audience is female. A deal are he'll have the viewing audience. Are they targeting two is it 50% that yup I'm gonna put it out out there right now I think it's. Well over sixty per bitches well over I think the thing that changes it you're just talking of the Winter Olympics Winter Olympics the hockey changes. -- women like to watch on I don't know but I think that but I think a lot of men hockey players that's not what I'm saying today. Now in -- figures OK hockey -- balanced about. No assists aren't hockey save 50% now I'm one I'm gone in the sixties find out maybe I'm just a touch of a feminine side I added I am. B -- today we had loose talking about how beautiful pretty our car pretty pretty. He thought Bruno Mars laws and today on any side with the women in the Olympics and it wasn't just like a throwaway line sale he's pretty new and moved on -- -- stay with it smelled like -- -- is not -- According to Nielsen dot com can't. Olympic viewers by gender 56%. Female 44%. While -- for the Winter Olympics. I guess so considering -- 2010 and Syria -- 56%. Source close to fifty that it has gotten -- was. Pretty much right from the same study the Super Bowl 54% male 46 feet. Throws so Obama is sort of some lawmakers -- groups eighteen to 4920%. Lower than the national average while ratings among those 55 and older 82%. A little -- I was like I don't like an old woman -- Don't they should do -- roll. In the Winter Olympics right Arnold Oakland golden girls -- -- you can go right that would do that -- those -- fair to say is it fair to say that the Olympics. Are four women with the Super Bowl instrument now. It's exactly how it is not embryo is not -- it's us or email it's 54%. To female 46% for suitable. I think its stores I'd like it's more likely to say that Olympic parties well now I got to shore up and up government but at the one. I think it's more that the Olympics are to men at what the Super Bowl is to win and that's about it. -- like like I -- kinda get exact kind of like it kinda makes and styles of -- doesn't make that cents. I don't want to figure scared -- -- -- that that's not figure skating ice dancing at any of that stuff -- -- have -- -- -- We chattering of that was in her prime I was a lock. To watch area to watch that figure skating and you are. You -- Katerina -- she was such a gigantic breasts she's beautiful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure who refused to give me -- look like him crazy without Katerina that was yet to deploy what years later it was a pretty sight or not. Is -- a lot because it was like. 1998. That she dated and she'd been -- like the eighties it was a good ten years later and it was not them. Was it out it wasn't something you needed to see twice. You couldn't really unseen. So wasn't it wasn't just the popularity. -- so what's with the popular anymore just tell me that the nude photos that do for now that's exactly. -- point the nude photos and -- anything that you're confusing issues -- -- and popularity popularity -- and -- -- don't -- -- why now -- -- discovering -- to -- -- result. You can throw an Olympic party switcher and home -- say I'm not I'm not ready for the home just yet I think I get a few more years of living for a got to go into home watch my. Watch my Winter Olympics with -- all the other elderly people it's terrible. So we've worked with talked about the Olympics today for Tony Harris -- first order of minutes hour hour done aren't. Well we get to football to talk -- -- dig into that next we -- the we got the bought off the blitz coming appeared twenty minutes. I don't know maybe people living in a column in the Olympics and so welcome our balance 7797937. Oksana -- it was hotter that is not yours too skinny. -- WB.

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