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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jeopardy!

Feb 4, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today a game of Jeopardy interrupted the top stories.

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I have much brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by pursuit of fitness equipment -- the pros do. Precision at this equipment we start in Wellington New Zealand -- this point or two where. We -- disrespectful by Mike Knuble and what you're doing your headlines all listen if you have to ask the question I think you know it. So you know what he might know what I'm going to say you're gonna have a to a man among. Site beat this -- an hour and a half ago. All meals. Out to cup a -- to. It's wegmans you have little or no you're just oyster crackers I don't -- by its great. Weapons. Have been aboard. -- -- -- -- -- Grocery stores -- -- -- that could produce section Kirk famous music via quality. I prepared foods Gerri -- upshot is great stop the -- things also fine place here in the area. It's a story almost defies belief -- nick Perry VP man leave Mexico December 2012 for Dave shark fishing. In -- up surviving thirteen months on fish birds turtles. Before washing ashore on the remote Marshall Islands about 6500. Miles away and I. Well much like diet and I had -- fraud in the history of watt X I put this guy Jose Salvatore. -- -- -- -- But right up there were fourteen months adrift in the ocean yeah I called it appears that your -- I would say our economic in the case against him. The galaxy Jared Lorenzen. One not he's not quite that big it is easy to picture -- out. The book store fat for. It's right. -- the publicity without any. He survived on turtles like exceeded them because those -- peaking and chocolate he knows the actual tennis turtles those are flattening a -- -- real terrorists who -- real turtles actually says he it out without cooking them or anything on December 21 2012. You left Mexico this 23 foot fiberglass boat for days fishing accompanied by eighteen you only -- is Ezekiel. Was between fifteen and eighteen storm blew fishermen off course and soon they were lost adrift. After about a month Ezekiel died survivor told officials quote he talked about scooping up the fish and swim alongside the -- eight the raw. -- city birds drink Byrd's blood. What did he do with the Ezekiel and eat them bait. Probably just a debate. -- -- Pretend just -- -- life golfer -- talked to them and talk to Wednesday thirteen months. Third possible G -- the acting secretary of foreign affairs for the Marshall violence and eased somewhat skeptical of the count after meeting with him Monday. It doesn't like an incredible story and much or I believe him we saw him he's not he really. This survivor compared to others in the past and it's about -- -- start communicating with words from we will find out more information. Says this -- he has absolutely no family in Mexico that's. All right thirteen months he's it's not which kill yourself. We can't go and say the first to jump on I mean that's going to be -- sounds like he's pulled leasing. Don't know nots is he looks like crazy. This is like Bill Rodgers. At the Boston Marathon awards are right look at it -- is is that there's no. Muscle and fat legs and outlet rights at all. Plus she was Wear high heels of that -- cross the finish settlers that. Nice line. It's -- -- Diop if it's true at some -- -- huge jump in kill yourself. Wow seven months. Little's is in problem gets the other -- immediately have goods on screen like fifty. At any of the block. Fifty block it and it would appear to have a great yeah. The main target I have a black and white picture of a color picture. It looks like Charles Manson X mile expert -- They're not -- of separate the they've set their lips in that sound right swelled to the that was blocking your nostrils and like coming down over their chin there were so small from the thundering hit I believe that god I think about it and he was since SE at sea for 47 and forty cent. Kansas thirteen month that's that's like almost fifty days their -- isn't a lie and do this wouldn't make something a little more. Reasonable like thirty days. How this guy gets the Marshall I would have publicly in hand -- that count jocular yeah Alex you know sunken cheeks. You like UN imminent Griffith's seat for a while and once he. I was single that was found to speak of which. They had heard Philip Seymour Hoffman knew he was trapped in a downward spiral readily admitting I'm heroin to a stranger two weeks ago. He made a bizarre admission to magazine publisher John Rundle the Sundance Film Festival. After the businessmen didn't recognize him NASA did for a living he set him heroin addict that Washington -- magazine publisher. Said. In the -- I wanna know why did the magazine. Righted. DC you know we once he found out -- -- the conversation continued. And he told them we once. Yeah it was just off the record and his wife had just kick him out his girlfriend of fourteen years keep him out of the -- gonna -- relived his three kids you'd better recovery. Back out he began renting a 101000 dollar month place on if you street less than three blocks away from Stanley about three months ago. They found more than twenty empty heroin and blows from the apartment plastic cup with be used syringes and that there are what are you syringes. At least fifty more and -- of heroin bags of fresh -- sources said he charts to -- about missing any needle in his arm yes a guy just -- means you'd base squeeze. It's. Normally about race with three little kids in the there -- great career and lots and lots of money. Now that that her own must be available blows. Exactly yeah I'm in the house of folks -- -- and in. I usually love to you know out Maryland Maryland. A couple of three days ago harper was -- was spotted looking drunken disheveled barked out an Atlantic the -- making multiple trips to the bathroom on the flight home from landing spot passed out in seat. It was on a 5:30 AM -- was slugging down bloody -- economic from a bad guy is going to Atlanta -- A pest control company which has been killing stray dogs Scioscia for years told the EPO Monday. It is a contract to exterminate more the animals throughout the Olympics have you seen any of these stories of these stocks helped. They don't have gay people or straight talks -- Jadox either -- dog goes on a nice story it was what shows do you think it was. -- evening news. All of them around and -- straight docs all over the place that's another reason why I would love to go to social for the easily yeah. -- my run is forty straight dog eat peaches. I mean everything -- the place just wanna be attracted to let it go out -- for -- guy that's. -- and that's straight dogs. This going to be horror stories. Soon because a lot of the media on their way immediately Super Bowl went. They got right on that New York so she shuttle over the North Pole right after the Super Bowl all the reporting this week about. -- -- hell hole it is less revenues they have the media hotels are not even done yet they have to work overtime and all of these hotels built -- not completed they -- security outposts of the holes in the ground don't have. They don't have there's a lot of fighters flushed toilet well. Amber saw that you're so -- to go -- there's there's job power struggle that deuce next. Except. -- I don't know my soup. -- jeopardy contestants using a bizarre strategy distracting fans crazy and he's winning Arctic she was when jeopardy three times in a row. Using game theory hopping around the board the finding games do you -- and watching the snow. This guy you know -- we started 200 and right to work the way down -- guys jumping all over the place in the fans on Twitter are going nuts who dispute the ruins your organization. The jeopardy bored by hunting them daily doubles you give me a headache. I -- -- right now will not watch until -- loses they're saying this guy is going all over -- -- what other people. People like the structure. Will be. How are you gonna do when you're Dino yeah I do it. I get a jump all over the board I'll be more like I'll be more like that a democracy hawks a Buick the Broncos. So it's gonna be my jump to pick the blocks that you pick who category and ask questions nobody says he's got a computer program a year ago backers of the wind. It will be disaster to me you know it'll be asbestos out and do nothing right to actress. I have the iPad game for jeopardy and it's a two player game and go back and worked for the Edwards -- each woman. Seems like -- -- work out I don't see any problem there what do you just give Jerry like fifty questions. Not -- like that's like that's what you want your rig that Alex -- trust him and trust you that's one. So have you seen this I don't -- another Julia shows that the show right. I actually forgot we have been to try to -- reflect on money we track the money for what to do that pencil on paper don't show the iPad as Chris. Has everything keeps score keeps time it is all the stuff so I challenge you -- and we've been read the Dick around about the sound enough now. I say -- something else going on them -- which come off the movers real. Pretty -- Friday. John Jerry's right up you're like me and asked him he forgot of course -- but it is iPad throughout the other things -- -- on to do right now. I agree yeah did a good deck -- question writer's market. I don't. -- The best -- capital category. Credit apple. Allentown incorrect and all Harrisburg sorry I didn't and it raises question about that. Have to do that phrase it is of course you do zero. Damn right do. Would Alex let's get -- -- not craving as the question I'm Alex or she's out yes more -- she gets it all right when last the French language arts and I doubt it's. Wall Street going to be front mr. Beck says there's no way this is -- he says he takes that jeopardy contestant. Test every year passes he says he didn't pass that he would host -- show. African liar and water. He's probably worth 100 million bucks not bad at least right. Don't forget jury that if there's some French terminology you have to say -- the Mossad will I should like maybe I'm I'm bilingual -- -- And -- Friday. Barring any stuff going on right maybe tomorrow. Now your charge. Fifteen nitro -- worth fifty million news. It takes to get paid like they tape -- three or four those related -- twice a week is the greatest life that syndicated TV life. Judge Judy works one week a month then. Makes 45 and at least a year people always say -- there'll once you couldn't Bob -- believe that Bob Barker was a 104 retired yeah of course why would you want to -- in the models that's true. That's true already got your these are the categories. World religion that's one well. K don't ask cable TV personality all the good at that dynasty that that stupid -- -- Chicago that's an actual dynasty opening. What a character. New testament geography and -- -- -- -- off topic. I I'm like it -- think that's boys like these are the actual congressmen of the dangerous and -- practiced this is a practice this toys and tale tellers. And word origins of those -- -- categories. So. He wants to go first judge Patricia don't try to weed out what's this is just a warm up I'll get a document a -- equipment category. All. Done. I have one question to each category there's a problem as architects are -- -- -- -- how it was gonna -- and how we can do that. We have no way do all it comes to push a button goes into -- didn't get injured hungry again at all. That's outrageous I am right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shot out the answer this is our leaders who have little buzzer things just yet we kick it -- -- -- the -- he can raging and -- in effect on the first and you're okay and pick a category that topic is again gawker. I'm on again conceivable -- world religion yeah cable TV personalities dynasty what a character new testament geography toys. War word origins and hail -- word origin natural word origins this term. -- person who works for various employers. Comes from knights who sold their skills. Mercenaries. And in corrected -- and -- -- -- a word it's a question on that but we don't pass -- good I'm good. Only three -- minus. What is so I have to answer -- What is freelance. Freelance -- -- -- -- take got cable television Gerry gebel could be personalities personality this Scottish born chef is known first TV rants and weaker rest partners who is Gordon -- correct. Even worded correctly. He's no gain and nothing to protect for a cooking shows and what ever. A picked up articulate -- this is an -- You pick a category it's Cabell is there to now this one for each course it's overly warm up much action. -- dynasty dynasty Nicholas the second was the last rulings out of this royal family. I hate those. And I answer the question banks that worked. I don't see that the Hatfield -- Who are the Romanov robots. -- -- I don't lose any points you you'll stop. Legislating that was cool sure though because what you're thirty point 11 -- smile hey I'm way ahead just how close got a crack at it. 600 dollar economic category. Repeat the categories only one question for each -- new testament geography -- can be some -- for a new testament geography John the Baptist ministry took place in the region around this river. Thing Euphrates. What does the Euphrates incorrect as the -- what is the Mississippi. Incorrect and it's. It is what is the one in Pittsburgh you know how -- now -- Ellen and I got out about the Allegheny. What is the Jordan river Jordan River even the Jordan River has bodies float -- manhandled. Or keep him the other -- only works hard. I'm shocked voice toys toys -- toys element in 1903 with presidential permission Mora and this is easy easy ones -- argument that. Boris. -- com begin marketing these points. When people say this but I would again that Morse -- Tom oh it doesn't matter. In 1903. With presidential. Permission -- you are eligible for the studio. This toy was marketed. -- toys you know named after president. 1903. Bring. On the same guess Roosevelt was president yeah they were what is the Teddy bear correct. One hot -- all. I'm totally out -- ten minute edit. Read the whole game on Friday delta should work well as immigrant. World religion Krishna and Rama -- considered Abbott as. Of this Hindu gods hate those questions. -- what is put in correct who is bitch bitch -- Vanished new patient that you believe in -- and right now what you we've got identities of the -- the text thinks -- gambled it today topsy. And Simon agreeable characters in this bestselling novel. What's the sub what's the what's that so what's the militants what is -- that is what a character. Wearing the correct would -- earnings Simon agree topsy and Simon agreeable all I know -- what what who is what is Huckleberry Finn pumps where. No no don't Wear a -- almost all the books left John Tyler. -- is if -- number correctly. What is. The one Brecht wrote Michael. Talk about it. Chasing Steinbrenner did drive what is uncle Tom's cabin. Picture and that it we'd done. What we are so done yeah yeah. Next one sevenths access but -- 37 Mike McCann legal eagle putt Aaron Hernandez case going forward we UK's Casey Sherman. Who wrote and poppies for Esquire Magazine he accompanied a 114 victims of the Boston Marathon bombing on a job. European river Cruz through wine country in -- That's what Manning should do if you appointment what would you do today this week next week. You'd have you could read a sickness last night watching some show NFL network -- that seems rather safe as an Angel network. They were killing him Heath Evans yes let's kill -- and his legacy to be huge if he can't be the best ever. All of this and -- weeks they sensed that it just a -- Johnson right where -- -- what can he do to get away from all this it's going to be hard he'd have to go to like that -- -- to defy the players river going river cruised on the -- -- he would have to do that go to like -- -- that -- where's the places that John -- went on his honeymoon -- a lot of -- of the Galapagos -- yeah. -- the turtles turtles will be right back.

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