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"9/11 truther" interrupts Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith's press conference

Feb 3, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss the bizarre scene at Met Life Stadium following the game when a man interrupted Malcolm Smith's press conference to tell the world what he thought about the 9/11 attacks.

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Back at a much -- ID 37 WE higher chance -- -- thousand dollars. Comes up at 1 o'clock today salt and -- to your calls all day 61777979837. He stuck around long enough he saw some wacky stuff. In the post game shows a tired Deion Sanders taken some. Critical take on up Peyton Manning. Trent Dilfer defending Peyton Manning. But the most memorable thing that I saw on the post game was during the Malcolm Smith who was the Super Bowl MVP. Not -- Smith in her -- is where and a Seahawks sweatshirt. And all the sudden his bald dude think it be like a producer here at the radio -- on it looks and could be a radio producer and jumps the -- producer. It looks creepy. Defensive mr. -- EC -- creepy. Is it looks looks like he's getting itself -- the trouble you know you're gonna be assaulted -- -- six months that are available dude. Eyes and got the shot he had called that this guy's. You got the big creepy forehead -- and explain it. Okay. So we grabs the -- this guy any red. Red and black. -- -- -- Winter coats. He grabs the Mike and starts spewing all sorts of investigate 9/11 this during a live interview at the Super Bowl MVP it it GO. Now I always imagine myself making very placement. Everything about -- -- BP. To investigate 9/11 and 9/11 was perpetrated by people with their own government. Prospective VP questions. That are running our. An idea without just happened I think that's the Super Bowl MVP addressing the media for the first time. In this thirty year old native of New Jersey. For a -- from Brooklyn New York is able to break up on the stage. And jump and a Super Bowl MVPs conversation. It's -- investigate nine elevenths. Now apparently colleague idea that to me the first you like what the -- is this guy just. It easy reporter that you -- you know one with a calmer in the coming year we recovered the game. And I'm just gonna jump the Mike when I get a chance. Now that when you hear the story about how we get and it is I think it about security -- why are you serious so he's a thirty year old from Brooklyn said he wasn't planning -- even going to that the game is gonna get close the game. But he talked himself in titles on any close. He saw an employee at and play boss. But he Secaucus junction station. Popped -- armed only with self confidence and all the credential from -- music festival once covered he made his way past several layers of security quote from the story. He also used a common refrain whenever hassled by security. Which is supposed to verify each credential or ticket -- they bar code along with pushing attendees to other security settings. I just set I was running late for work and having it in their mills said it was that simple. I think I did I get that far I just kept getting closer and closer. Once I got past the final gate into the stadium I was dumbfounded. See that's the thanks a year you know on real burst the entry. You know into the stadium you give in on -- -- boss you know and you somebody lay had to get in there. OK. OP running late and it's perfectly fine. You know it's as if it. That is let him go that it is by the next level security with a sick of running late night. Are you kidding me and you couldn't even radio row. Unit oppressed passed when he that lets you through that like that checkpoint there when he lets you upstairs. If you haven't if you have a -- in my life track up and see us on Friday in Tikrit because of the security in the middle of the middle of one of the days and a security guard actually come up to us. Its accuracy oppressed presses a doubling in Iran is wasting his neck rather and look for a -- showed urged a go look at. During the break that why you're already up there -- get through a check -- get headphones on the time this guy gets into the super ball. It is -- checkpoint after checkpoint at the checkpoint with no security interest keeps saying I was late sorry I gotta get in there. I'm sure nobody else has got to say in the same thing. Illegal it used to global ticket gate ticket is -- No I don't have what outcome Lake Bell and I -- to army missed all get in or about over ticket awards court. I shall seek about the we see are located ghosts and that around the super all about a new eight an old music festival press basket -- -- does it make you feel better if you'll bluff. At that unbelievable I'm sure -- the read that'd scare a lot of people who were there. Once he was and there he says he was -- of just walk around the media tent with a press conference are being held. It wasn't his initial planning told -- dot com but quote I just some my opportunity to get my word out there and I took. They took it by job in the Super Bowl MVP press conference. About a way was arrested in -- trespass. He cares about that probably not. He broke into the Super Bowl but it's a magazine article on this fall -- about it this. So a lot of wacky stuff after that game last night the traffic pictures are soft people trying to -- on the train three hours. There are stuck trying to get on the trade after the game. The league saying hey if you're leaving it taken train please state your seats in the stadium it's so congested out there. But this guy mills jumping the press compass for the Super Bowl MVP. Proof. That was the wacky post game -- keep in Bedford on the NFL I keep. It -- ITC. And I think in the last two weeks I'd like it backed football. Instead of terrorism. In the last two weeks I think we've really seen. It's. -- -- Quote JFK passing of the torch to a new generation. I don't I don't I don't we had. We've got a 37 year old quarterback. And Peyton Manning 37. And Russell Wilson is what 26. I think there's there's been a passing of the torch to a new generation here. I don't see Brady or Manning be getting back into the Super Bowl. They're just. You don't see them getting back in the or winning Keith isn't do or what courts. So who's who's the favorite the energy -- can we do it yeah. You know highlight what I'm pointing out is that I think god the younger. -- -- passing to the younger quarterbacks. -- -- you know Wilson and you know RG three and if you problem. -- I would agree with you on that but I guess I would disagree when you say they won't -- back to a Super Bowl you know I don't necessarily see the team. Outside of the patriots in Denver that's the clear cut favorite BAC next year winning a Super Bowl be different. And look Manning was gonna become what the third was quarterback -- time. When a Super Bowl he won at this year so I -- 38 next year Brady's gonna play the -- 37. It is rare air when quarterbacks would at this age Elway did -- back to back years Elway had Terrell Davis. -- and at that changed everything when he got to Rob -- there before that getting about some really old quarterbacks and it's an. Is it's a different era of football is the thing with the quarterbacks is a little. Russell Wilson will forever now have the year union if Phelps of mobile chip the oath as a quarterback he debt they'll forever have a report. But I guess set the ball are now. He's got that his -- It when you when you think back as duke as you did watch this game when you think back was it because of Russell Wilson. Now it because of the defense. I was there with their -- Russell Wilson -- a suitable. Sure but he's better than nautical I who have -- I would say all year though and at the trend of the Seattle Seahawks was let's -- Russell Wilson. BA game manager our defense our real strength of the first suitable for for Brady get a game winning drive itself the game winning -- for Vinatieri. But that he was a very balanced team really really good defense. Are people a look at this is now is -- that the quarterback passing of the torch notices defense driven. You know the guy agrees this is defense driven and personalize it again and -- the -- and -- gonna now run the AFC because he's younger quarterback. It's going to be an old quarterback probably go with a delicate. You know it will all offseason -- he's built. This this what if what if picnic expected picture was simple. I'm Jane shabby miraculously get put -- Beckett. -- one. Let's seal the -- -- get me if he match uses this for 55 touchdowns from a year ago -- as -- have been a special year and that. He broke all the quarterback records he broke Brady's touchdown record. He broke three breezes yardage record well while it all right now jump to number one if you won this year it's like OK next year feet. It also fifty touchdown was MVP went to a ball. -- -- -- -- You know social problem which 'cause he won it this year you listen -- rock forget everything Lou this is roughly half Super Bowl failures this affects him his legacy Reich is and it. Want -- got the Ford Albright is up 32 -- This is this is a rough game for him as bad as Brady's been at some of these games and Brady's not interpret these playoff games. Has never been as bad as Manning wasn't the Super Bowl yesterday and probably not -- so. My answer is going let's see one we are we get there. But if he would come back next year at the age of 38. And beat Seattle or San Fran and a Super Bowl and I'll be. What's in Arizona there's not gonna drag it brought his weather drama next year for him. But it just get back to the keg back there may just -- I'll be fascinating. To see -- older quarterbacks now against the younger group there's no -- -- -- boy definite separation between the two groups in this week. Jim is in October 10 and -- Jim. They think that Michael you got a -- when he got. Well you know my point worth about 8 Merrill and I am a big fan I would -- in Minneapolis -- -- I think it's still one of the only quarterback. No matter how many -- you went all the stats but he built in your earnings. It was sad. That's why but I don't think it would they ran and lost I think with the team -- it was. The -- temple started. It can continue that way and they great team have really bad losses at any given Sunday and I can say that stupid cliche. To me that's really what about him. What about not being prepared I think it was about tempo -- badly in the whole game different -- Who knows me well prepare for Nike -- the Broncos and Seahawks. Well I think you'll all -- the -- -- -- think it would you know get the thing that can happen at football -- any you know I mean. But you can't get you guys from well I mean. But I'm not judge I'm not judging him just now one game Jim I would say. He has a history now in the playoffs of not living up -- his regular season hype but has won a we have a we have a. Still group that we are able to watch -- I'll still watching movies if he decides to play again next year also. You don't have a great time watching what you got arming. We considered the best quarterback ever -- are not ignore -- our way -- I go back and I know what I don't Jim -- -- -- -- -- -- right. It is ago. Artists over the Ron Amadon we're talking -- Ron Amadon I think in new York and he said we're talking about Manning and Brady civil. It's it's kind of interesting that since -- has become a Brady rather has become great. Right is Manning is Brady said to do the regular season things he isn't one either. In his postseason numbers as a matchup to his great years they'll put up big numbers in a regular season. So it's like caddie he hasn't either here in his second half his career. Right no positive both but they're still both. Great quarterbacks may Brady right now eight losses. To be placed an -- three -- four years on these end up with. Twelfth most likely that by might win one more in saving JW -- by once every year -- there's that before more losses there the promise that in their prime you write about when they get that certain point. But in their prime. You want more and -- was a prime what was -- primes for three originally. Not years I think it's -- price cardinal three the only one goes back to back super ball he was still really good and -- and MVP years after that. They want to earlier that helps about the argument beyond Manning won one during that real treachery was really good. So it's -- when young brought that up -- right that was a fair point about the timing when results happen. We'll continue with your phone calls masters of help on the eighteenth -- -- one at 37937. Elect them back it's been a couple of minutes on what we thought of the placed between the play which with a Super Bowl ads last night. It sure does attacks at 37983737. On a 37. Would you like we'd like how to get an idea from you guys about what stood out the among the commercial I got my feelings I know who has his mix that in with your calls and your tax next.

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