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NFL Sunday: We All Know About Peyton, But What about the Other QB...Russell Wilson

Feb 2, 2014|

Although much of the focus this week has been on Peyton Manning and his leading his offense vs Richard Sherman and "Legion of Boom", Russell Wilson's impact should not be overlooked. The guys discuss the play of Wilson so far and what he needs to do for the Seahawks to be successful today.

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Third and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI impacted our last hour of NFL Sunday. Or the entire season. I'll be here next Sunday but you guys. You'll be here in spirit of fairness and then -- -- driving in from Bellingham just to visit with -- -- effects on the morning. Nominee to the boys to amend its artistic about it I. Yeah I don't think so I. A couple of other items that have that have made the news here today around the NFL -- course everything's on the field today. I'll start with Chris mortenson. For those who haven't been following this this week's supposedly. The NFL report on what happened in Miami coal Richey and -- you know Jonathan -- that report. Is going to be delivered to the National Football League on Thursday. So this is the week were filing I don't know exactly what the investigation came up with them and go from there. Earlier this week Tony Dungy on the NBC nightly news had him sit down interview with Jonathan Martin. First one I've seen him. According to Chris mortenson I'm quoting from a couple of tweets that he had this morning. Tony Dungy received a somewhat confrontational phone call this week from Joseph Philbin. Who felt dungy had blamed him for the -- in cog -- fiasco. He went on to say dungy explained to -- it was not his intent he merely was stressing the importance of having strong locker room leaders like Derrick Brooks. Eat anything. And kind of got taken off the hook by Jonathan Martin in the interview. Because -- admitted Tony Dungy he never talked to. Joseph filled -- By Egypt but my point was he he talked to someone but not Joseph Philbin said he never attracted to his head coach. But I can see where Feldman probably got a little upset with. What was said in an apparently. I made a phone call to Tony Dungy and this is also on the periphery and I'm sad to report. Terry Brad shop fox is doing a whole pregame thing today as all of the football networks are they don't have the games this year. But he was going to be part of their whole pregame thing com. -- will not appear. On fox is pre or post game Super Bowl showed today. His father passed the way they -- of the game they do have their leader and mr. He will not be appearing on the pregame or the post game show his father passed away so he has returned to Louisiana to be with his family and that's. As rotten as it gets. You know might might thoughts locked him. You've got an interest in quarterback matchup today and these these things always become quarterback -- no matter who's playing you always look at the quarterback match up. You've got the venerable hall of fame bound guy who has done everything you can do. Including a super bull by the way has done everything you can view as a quarterback in the national football he was also -- a team that lost a super ball just noticing the look has done everything. I against the young kid who his command this historic if Pete Carroll the most credible. Pete Carroll arrived they had paid money to bring Matt Flynn and as a quarterback. Looked at competition training camps that now as it's better -- play them and and he was right Pete was right. And and Russell Wilson came in seized the job by them by the -- for the neck and would like -- but but you've got almost opposite ends of the spectrum. In in almost never respect except character they seem to be really good and decent guys seem to be I don't know them but I'm just saying. When you listen to them it'll be interesting to see how they perform. Under this kind of spotlight one -- -- there has done everything knows what he's dealing with. One -- probably doesn't know what he does know one of the things. Really impresses me about Russell Wilson is the fact that the light. Really appeared to go on for him really early on in his career now he was surrounded by a lot of really talented players you know he was able to. Lian with a team that did -- good complementary football the defense was able to help the offense the offense was -- though but the defense and in a special teams help out as well but. You. You look at young quarterback and I think a lot of young quarterbacks feel like -- need to come and believe -- need to be -- may need to be the guy who threw for three and fifty yards and scored touchdowns every game and how to lift their team up. I think he understood really early on that he couldn't lie in the guys that were around him. Weather was Marshawn Lynch whether it was -- weather was that defense that he didn't need to be the guy he didn't need to be the hero every week. And I think that has really helped him and his overall evolution I think he understands that medal to a lot of rookie quarterbacks get that are young quarterbacks I should they get that early -- in their careers they're feeling the need to do more. He understands that did you can put the team in the hands of a guy like a -- lynch you can opinions you know if you're not playing well on the offensive side of the ball you can get a great performance on your defense in your defense can help you out. In I think -- at the same time he was blessed to have those guys around him not a real quarterback as those guys around him but he understood that he doesn't need to be that guy every week. Well I I think it's it's helpful this is part of parcels -- -- style he's a defense of coach first I think he's team is built that way their phenomenal on the outside of the ball. And they believe in front and I I think that style -- -- we've Reno here from being -- AFC's guys what Marshawn Lynch could do. His profile and is sort of uses really skyrocket Ghana west. And the way that teams build their really highly dependent on marsh on you know -- clock sure yardage wait for the will be smooth things happening in the big breakaway play. And because of that because of the way the defense has built all Russell really need to do was be relatively efficient vehicle with the ball be Smart with the ball. Break the pocket occasionally keep a player two or three alive where you know with the third and twelve that they otherwise would have gotten. But also given this credit because you know it. So mortal like a -- nick or even even URG three the Kamen and his class. He doesn't have a comic talent offensively you know if Percy aren't there of Sidney Rice is there for these guys are there and Golden -- OK maybe. But -- you -- she spent the most of his pro career without used to these guys he doesn't believe backfield but he doesn't lead defense. What he's more but don't screwed up kind of quarterback and idiot and he's also got some incredible blow himself but provided he's efficient and doesn't do dumb things with the ball they can win. I think coming a look at him this game and look at you know in this society is a fair criticism of him as well I think he was really peaking mid season this year. In his December and January is sort of plateaued realism and great but he hasn't been bad either has been okay he has screwed up form. But I think in a Super Bowl you know I just to look back to what the Roethlisberger won in Detroit there's been a handful of situations ringgit and quarterback play and still win but it's pretty unusual. You need to have you gotta have a pretty good game only to have that well I also all -- you know what though if you get so much of their success. Your appointment is wrapped up -- their ability to be physical. And to be able to control the clock and control the temple because you don't really. Throw the ball all that much for Seattle you have those receivers there in -- in pretty good receivers I think -- out of an underrated but. I just think -- to bring up earlier point I think that. When you're talking about Wilson it's about not storing things up being a good team -- -- I personally don't you guys feel that. Seattle could win with a pedestrian effort from from their quarterback Denver can't win. With a pedestrian effort from their quarter a pedestrian effort yes a bad -- no I think you got a 200 yards. You know I just Dow Jones as a you know and and I think Seattle would still win with that kind of performance -- -- -- yes yes and I don't think Denver cut no I I agree I had look at the numbers the -- really you just look at his -- first -- for young quarterback. Completion percent to your starter completion percentage to 64%. Really three to one touchdown to interception ratio. He's just he's really efficient with the ball he knows where he's going he knows what he's doing. -- really put his way I think if you throw the ball more than 35 times today and Seattle loses. Well he has gotten your first yeah but but I think it puts that little hole right Denver makes them one dimensional team it makes them throw the football. I think of it I I think that where you wanna beat the Broncos you want to be able to say look. Let's have Russell Wilson -- let's have Russell Wilson threw the ball possible would be just the last time you even had thirty attempts was the second of December her. You know he's he's not they don't -- and -- have to use them what they believe they've they've scored point three points a game here twice here in the playoffs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Russell Wilson has thrown one. Red zone interception in his career. A 112 red zone passes in the regular season nineteen in the playoffs. Has thrown one red zone interception his current deal with the stats remind me of a little bit we talked about the -- weeks operating there's there's there's there's an Tom Brady -- appears there's a certain amount of Alex Smith there in terms of not taking. Chances. -- in in key situations in being Smart with the football but yeah I you know that's. Those numbers are a lot like Brady was when he was younger when you when you look at his ability to manage a game when you look his ability. Not to make mistakes when you with his ability to make the big play at the right time but a lot of similarities. I think also -- to his extreme I would say it's it may be similar but -- is just like next -- wondering -- was. We were still even though we put up thirty points it was still quarterback left office it was just a little more conservative and we worked. This stuff is -- to look at Russell's last the last several weeks. -- nine yard against the niners back in and -- on December. 206 the next week one await the next 172 week after that 103 the week after that to fifteen last week. This is not -- -- -- -- broke 300 yards once back at saint that was the same time that time that he had -- -- twice on the season twice a -- twice in the season -- a season opener against Carolina in and a pubescent boy you know like couple or one and a sellout as I was down and you're like why. Is this not more quarterback quarterback thing I think collectively there's been through this agreement that. Russell won't be the story for them may admit that maybe he'll surprise us all have this breakout kind of game. But it really hasn't been -- is those two he's Russell has really -- her and you know what that was -- backs up the point that was making he can have a pedestrian effort and they win. If if Peyton Manning puts up those numbers and those numbers bid and exactly yeah you look -- I'm just looking -- his game -- for the year. It's I think it's yes six schemes where completed more than 7% the past. Is just about being Smart to being it's about meeting the passes where you'd need to make them I just. For for how he's just again I go back to my original point he is doing things. -- -- speech for young quarterbacks he understands the situation he understands the moment whereas when you maybe some of the young quarterbacks again just just don't get you have to. This this team win with turnover differential while we know how disruptive they can be on the at all. They Russell Wilson has one game the entire season -- -- -- Did two picks two -- -- game back the first week in November. That's it. I mean he's generally doesn't overall in the event that he does only if you wanna game. Which is simply to -- the losses are gonna come from that spot -- mark I think nominal four and we we have this talk -- when the patriots played Seattle last year. You remember that idea break in the pocket answer -- battle on the left side -- was Jermaine Cunningham at the time. But you look at like the Ninkovich in the Chandler for for Denver it's going to be me Robert Ayers and maybe Shaun Phillips. Count the number of times were contain his loss and complete continues on that otherwise shouldn't have in the event -- he steals three or four of those in the keep turned away. Conversions of the back position. You got a game. We'll bring Tom eat current from CS and any dot com in here into our discussion in just a couple of minutes here on NFL Sunday. Presented by complaints key insurance at a plant scheme they shops use save visit the Penske dot com today.

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