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Figuring out who's going to win the Superbowl with former Patriot Christian Fauria

Jan 31, 2014|

Christian's back in the booth with Salk and Holley discussing Seahawks and Broncos in the big game on Sunday.

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-- -- Christian foray to the mix at least the first few hours today so three guys here in the -- -- Collie and Christian Fauria as we are. Do what our final show before the Super Bowl. That's an important clause before the Super Bowl job which will be here on Sunday. -- really don't talked a lot about Brady talked a lot about Manning who you're rooting for and how Pete Carroll relates to New England in the whether it. Changes your view him but we really have done almost nothing of what the hell's gonna win this game I don't for his report. Who are you you have you have no clue what do you do a lot you know our ally I heard the show here. Once upon a time and reduce that in -- -- -- right now and you said. Tools aren't prepared me. Pat pat yeah I'd miss the conversations all routers are we want to Dorado -- I think if you -- works for the people of Seattle. I feel sorry for patent but even more sorry -- -- partly as an ally -- no I don't feel sorry for them and that is a -- -- played for seven years. And it would be great for that city to have a championship team would beat this city would this city. Has earned it they deserve it they're great fans College Baseball basketball there there there support the team. You know I'm probably the most dreary areas in the world -- all I know you love but I hated it when I would detonated -- and I hated Dallas but let me just full disclosure here. I Southern California. Attitude where I thought the -- tougher with the best place in the world or the other there where I grew up -- live with crap. So now and older and I can appreciate the finer things of Seattle clean downtown. Green areas are replaced Richard K great restaurants. I mean you would drive very well there. -- -- -- but there -- not true very apparent the four cities are -- two accidents in my life both times I've been -- I had nothing to do with it. Both times or six months and -- so I don't know when I'm driving a bus -- I want to know it. Boston red underwriting and ultimately though who left lane of -- -- of of a one way street guy in the right handling this I think -- -- and crashes directly it. But when I was there and they were they did some survey about the nicest drivers were Seattle's number one. Over drivers Seattle -- on the for a five -- LA it's like you know battlefield earth okay do you just like every man for himself. So to my point oh how we how we started I would love to see Seattle win a Super Bowl I don't know that's who I'm picking to win the game but last time they had a -- In 1979 enemy of the Huskies who have a split national championship and the article -- pro sports pro sports got -- -- the -- they consider they consider called football there to be yearly program -- blogger but it's still to split national championship and that gap what does that mean. But still it's it's. Demand the Mariners never been a World Series ever been. It was -- left town. They left -- says forget what we're the great player to actually the -- our -- the Seahawks moving from Seattle does anybody remember that no they actually went out there. They picked up -- -- owner. Decided he wanted to new stadium he was gonna get a -- pack this up. And move the entire team down to Los Angeles at the old. Facility will loss in his ramseys to practice which is like. Maybe five minutes outside Disneyland maybe twenty minutes went from Newport Beach so what does. It was also regret it solid glove and it we work early to Morey went down the beach I mean I have my buddy who broke his laid. And we were to digital announced house pushed around and I don't really Jarrett. I don't like dude -- can we get in the front of every life. Now he's been to Disneyland and knows how important ad agency bugle and -- Internet at all all right how well. I don't. Let the cards aren't kid didn't Wear my buddies got a broke on Monday. I'm probably going to -- what makes you want a terrible person later in the or are we gonna be caps means. But -- weigh -- midway through your -- right away. Now bullying kids that -- -- 125. Dollars off. No money I ever five way admitted he had a broken leg open when -- don't have a broken leg somebody at the push him he can't walk around Atlanta crutches so we know. Wheelchair or your. -- -- We got to the corner okay. And we did wait one line it was Indiana Jones like you have been even in his land. I live in LA for ten years I never was a case of India Agile minds like our law it is whine that it weaves back and forth it's it is the worst line in the world truck -- and that they have pushed a wheelchair lie down these. There's a -- -- Tony. So hard I mean that quickly because -- Waiting -- no it's not like some high tech wheelchair okay it's the crap stuff that -- at these levels and it was brown stroller out of your system crunchy little stroller they give your crummy little. Of wheelchair. And that was the case you're now if you if you -- saying it's we don't always that they waited all -- hampered -- on that takes a while but standing in line with a wheelchair should be the easiest part now so you stand. Just -- hair you stand. So it's almost a -- if you like to stretch the line straight it would be almost a mile long. So so I'll like listen we have we were kind of uncomfortable about like we can't do this now we know we're doing. We just hey listen I broke a leg over here and got a shirt come on the roof went to the front. Tucson and I know you're familiar been waiting for two Osmond. But boy I made good on his ride it's -- hard to follow the movement I think lesser talent. All week. A weekend and you're mad at 88 days NFL put down a finds it listen. If you stay one more day and don't know every day stay it was like -- 100000 dollar fine. Soul. Did you start racking up in -- as quickly as we got down there they moved about Beckham and about the weight room that brought the equipment staff they've rocket. The right everybody and they moved us back up there. Temporary ends up Paul Allen and the buying an option to purchase the team. On the only if they passed this law to build and stated only that got -- the financing. So it was called SOS save our Seahawks lead out in the tri -- thousand -- while I was everywhere. Supporting this costly and so do today and it pass apparently -- Okay it passed and casino littered on the team dome and they start building. -- -- -- -- So did little. -- -- Let's talk a little TV and urban looks great it's it's a nice it's not a little nugget little little seahawk history nuggets -- as are they deserved to win but now they're deserved to win. -- your very words that I don't deserve it would be nice nice you know what else. I think they're the better team. I think you know we talk about who's gonna win the game. I think they're better than the Broncos the Broncos have the best player on the field by far and Peyton Manning. You know but if you if you keep going to on the list and look at Seattle's Seattle's weapons on offense nobody ever want. Advertisements yet often the line and they never talk about the upper glove hit because they really have been terrible past. They they move the ball well moving when they're running forward they've been really good and then on the road graders came out there right mind that's really what I mean and mean Wilson is constantly under pressure they really don't think -- -- Under pressure or -- just give up a little too early -- little earlier but he's also -- OK so that's a good point okay so okay here -- thinking about Russell Wilson OK he's protected. By his offensive system okay is he a heat drives. In the Peyton Manning offered I think like the office that he's in is really old office he could do with a high successor because he's not a great pocket passer. Go back and look what he did NC state when they are having him do everything he was the interception machine. -- calm down -- reliable. Efficient until he got to Wisconsin what they had a strong running attack her they asked them to -- -- throw lob when he did. They -- play action passes there was a third down -- now there's some guys made some plays but. He wasn't winning games of his arm. What is it a knock against him was like OK this is the kind of package that we have a -- how we can make you work. It's not that it's a knock against him it's funny that you bring that up because really what it is is it's the case for Pete Carroll. It's dictate the case for Pete Carroll is looking at somebody not looking at what he can't do is looking at what he can do it trying to design something around them. You know look at Russell Wilson it's very you know what I'm gonna make this guy play in -- Peyton Manning off the interest got to stand in the pocket all time and throw the ball 45 times -- -- we're not gonna win that way. It looks at him and says he's capable of running this type of an offense let's bring in the right people around him and if we run that kind of an offense we're gonna be very successfully in the ball off they wanna run play action the occasional read option allow him to sprint out and do some things at his legs. Allow a find a way to take advantage of the skills as opposed to focusing on all the things that he can't. I'm sure that's fair but let's think you know beyond Russell Wilson and beyond Marshawn Lynch and you look at that team. I think they're every bit. Every bit as dominating on defense as the Broncos are on offense and the numbers show that -- so. I just look at this matchup here. In New Jersey. I don't what's fifty degrees for Peyton Manning and that's comfortable fit Jendrzejczyk off and fifty degrees it -- for the for the Seahawks is far -- they've been. You take out the whole they're traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast at idle time to be here they've. That they're acclimated to the surroundings it's fine it's a normal game for them it's like the defense. So I think they haven't been winning game I think the winning game. Fairly easily to 07 fairly easily two point. I don't know that I don't understand it. Are trying to figure out how to pay for a one hit -- -- the -- here here's the thing here's the thing about Russell Wilson. Okay in this Pete Carroll wants it's all about turnover differential all about not turning the ball over not making it easy on -- he does that for you. And Marshall which isn't really gonna cost about -- -- some issues you know -- -- game. He's he's not a fogler you know -- on the football. So. If the Seahawks are turning over. And Manny is pressing and he stored his corner quote doc says -- to Sherman like say. He's right but did not desert determine a lot of people accidentally revealed within about a forever sausage but some some big revelation but I think it's gonna combat like. Like in the championship game for the Broncos and patriots no turnovers. No pressure no pressure the better team won if everything is equal if you could take out. Okay take out turnovers. And penalties. And articulate particularly special teams -- -- turns. Eighties all yet yet -- downs. Our turnovers being cal turnovers Matt OK you just ahead another down over -- the best team with the best personnel would probably be. -- -- Like -- closely plus or minus a couple but for the most part they would be who wants so. The difference is going to be how many more chances I think that patent has can keep those -- up can get any pressure on whatsoever. Believe they can do. To get pressure with our blitzing. That's the big thing. What are well it's funny bring that because I was thinking about who's who's gonna be a key player in this game on the talking about weapons who's going to be key players and we all know the obvious names patent and Russell Wilson and you know -- April on defense Richard Sherman on defense Wes Welker and to Mary's Thomas -- Thomas. Big -- yes if you're looking for a couple of guys that could end up being key players that most people are not talking about -- the interior defensive lineman for the Seahawks. It's it's quick and ankle with McDonald and Tony McDaniel and -- enemy -- of those three guys are able to get pressure up the middle. On Peyton Manning. I had to meet that's the only way to get pressure because you don't have enough time here coming off the edge get a ranking get pressure up the middle of those guys and violate McDonald McDaniel. Have been known to get to the quarterback meeting you see that -- dancing does when he gets to the quarterback and he shakes his battle over the place having you -- if those three guys can get pressure up the gut. I think that's that's titles haven't had a biggest. Op pain man -- -- just because he's -- Broncos Jersey doesn't mean the blueprint for stopping Peyton Manning has changed and it it always came down to. Being aggressive -- the receivers. Throwing off his timing. Even the assumption even. The belief that there might be some becoming -- relates. -- somebody maybe you're seeing -- just just. -- distort system does that's maybe something might happen Q that's what you do and the most important person in. This game. Never know -- CR series backup quarterback is is the backup quarterback for the Broncos Tarvaris Jackson has sparse Jack over for the -- rock artists brought -- brought out of Arizona State there. OK because what Seattle quarterback needs to do is mimic everything that Manny does to the tee because if they if they look at history with Manning. Ever -- a play clock everything is a eight timing issue based on what the defense is doing what he wants to do so if you can train yourself to. To look not believe your lying eyes I guess is no way I can put it watched the clock in no. That he's not gonna snap the ball with. You know seventeen seconds left. Yeah me either does have a fifty he's watching the clock also his immediate -- the -- he tell you what to do you say now face signals. That is realizing OK you move you move back and he stopped -- you know that he has the call whatever he's going to call now. Because he only has five seconds okay Omaha all all go it was a ball now you at least have a idea what's going on. And you forget about the noise in the -- called -- just use your eyes. To trust your anti trust in things based on the game review and and what is that -- coaches told you that's the key. You know when you get a chance you know -- our apartment more. Let's do I feel sorry for at that time which is like for I a week ago. Like hey man I just doesn't like him I want to succeed I think he's done so much it would be nice a little guys who work hard. Who put everything into it and they're up against it in her being critique leptin right I like it when they have. Success. Job well done like you work your butt off what you wanted to have some initial -- could describe so many people in this game programming that obviously could describe Peyton Manning and does very well to describe Pete Carroll. Who for a long time was ripped up and down and went to work hard to get back to where he is it describes Russell Wilson who everybody in their mother lined up to -- couldn't be an NFL quarterback -- but it does it really does describe a lot of people in the schedule yet it -- and who do you like Richard -- not -- -- -- was an article -- -- you run off -- -- why don't they -- all -- we want people said that it was him in -- that -- okay so -- so -- really bad guy game. -- -- what are you went back and there's a lot of there's nobody gets to guide me chairman it for some people Sherman has a bad guy I didn't for the Broncos pay for it yet. Now but it depends on a way to ask. Yes he's not -- may come out of your like none at all England head on girl and Arizona now who's the bad guys. OK if you grew up whoever -- San Diego. Right. If you grow up and Arizona the Arizona -- auditor Richard Sherman may be Pete Carroll and the and the Seahawks I don't hold out what they had all lateral play. Packet via actually it hearsay and there's going to hate in the you're not looking at a like that somebody from here is saying late last. Know what you're saying who you know I'm rooting for this team will look like I said there's a vital rooting against the least like you said there's there's there's great -- lines up and down there there's great story -- there's guys to root for regardless of how your team they may be publicly yet but -- Get back and promise that I -- probably going in the -- -- the locker room and into the press boxes. -- yeah. We're gonna let it. Texas'. -- -- the Broncos can't shut down that Seahawks. Offense. And another one. Guys what about the Broncos getting after Wilson -- crap receivers. See this is. A big present too. Early patriots territory. Early patriots Super Bowl receiver. What's this (%expletive) out in some ways your outlook calling this -- the -- -- calling the Seahawks receivers. Crappy. They're not big name receivers and it is sort of -- What the fantasy football people would take arrested. -- in and enjoy game enjoy the game outlook fantasy football but does anybody but that the -- and make the distinction about what's fantasy. And what's reality. You know Matthew Stafford to pretty good fantasy football player and a lot of guys who -- to -- and got a lot of receivers were great. AJ green is a great fantasy receiver. But for the Seattle Seahawks are asking their guys to be AJ green or Calvin Johnson take them there available. Right here these are these are bad receivers in their system perfect either system and on what they're doing. -- you -- would understand a better than me even having been there and talk to Keaton and the rest of back coaching staff that their system is run the ball run the ball run they'll run the ball run the ball set up play action and rightfully so when they're throwing the ball they're taking advantage. Of the two or three things that Russell Wilson does best he does -- great deep ball he may not be a great guy to sit back in the -- at throat of the -- lines but he can throw the ball deep down field. So everybody's you know 789 in the box guarding against Marshawn Lynch all the action goes left the -- on he rolls back right after his deep down the field he's very good at that and you may not like their receivers. But they're good at that. Yeah if -- person is not a great and he's good -- running deep in the good things that if it is so the game played real wanna break down and make it really simple it's. You if you're the Denver Broncos you when -- first and second down. You know they got to be 363730. Via would you work OK then you eat you get a generous rush a distant don't lose contain. It it's easier said than done because you just sometimes can't help yourself but -- -- -- land and exceed of their egos and that's when it's trouble. You know you just wanna contain him even if you're not getting pressure even not even not knocking the guy back. You wanna just did his face and close those lanes because regardless he's short it is that does affect him and he's better when it's outside the pocket or you -- finally did take all the way for mom. It's happy feet it's -- to make some a mistake. And to the point of the receivers how I liked his receivers. -- -- -- -- Doug Baldwin is -- really good possession receiver he's not a ME if you don't want him to do something he's not capable of again. It comes back to the same theme fining guys do to play the role they are best that Doug Baldwin is not AJ green he's not Calvin Johnson a bill like that. But he had good slot receiver possession guy yes and what they can add back into the game for the first time really -- your heart Percy Hartmann now that's -- expect their personal carbon when he when he's healthy and on the field. Is as fast as anybody of football. Yeah it's going to be ACC how he. Affects just the whole defense of the Broncos because they only have a ton of film on them. Seoul and how healthy is the assume he's fine just you go knock him heading it's the saints right. So Vietnam re not how does that help -- are not targeting that had earlier brought out of the polluted -- our air more than. Three he had a couple of beings that are -- to say he was he was on and they and they were ever -- crush of times. All right let's let's keep going a Christian Fauria whose -- you guys can jump in 61777979837. Blitz coming up here in twenty minutes. Figure what the hell happened the Bruins last night they looked like absolute garbage at home against Montreal. Talk cover -- alcoholic W the. I think we'll take it as sounds obviously -- will really wanna go up and down just like he wants to market perform nothing. I think these two would have viewed the two best teams in NFL and and you know. Best quarterback and you know maybe NFL history and and it's going to be a tremendous challenge for both sides and I think that's you know that's that's what makes the game so be vessel makes -- so -- is going to be great for fans great for NFL because. You do have the best teams in some of the best players in world. Going after each other and been at the end today so my guess who wins my -- moves. I was not gonna get old salt ala Christian Fauria in with -- us least till 4 o'clock today. In Oregon. Company. Notes are hit not. -- we -- -- -- -- not like last dogs who are you -- quite so -- our ability of a special guest after four point 92. Got -- you know already mystical Chinese New -- play for my daughter's -- into the eyes and hear the matter -- and -- -- across the -- -- Your plane went from no so we've got across so I will be transported him there with my. -- sign on top spot you've got because simply don't fertilize my ego getting in coached by bill before -- across real -- across the -- is you know I understand why because. Didn't have this sport on the West Coast when house Korea this would be this is a great and track all football players played. You've played football or basketball -- like this burning was reunited candidates not to everything our. It's not baseball player now but across the great sport and it's. It's still knock somebody out. Are you have to run all over the place like soccer it's not boring like baseball or -- hoping the ball closure way -- pitcher catcher. And there's some -- schematic you know. You know strategy to so listen in all of it. Mean Arnold did it like it is much emotion but I love the sport to forget lesson recently did things -- and you're gonna do this to me so don't remember what happened. This past. That's right her bets right now are Russia -- call my phone what you're gonna hear that ring. Grab a few of these calls are important to score and adds let's say 11 had a texture than men and to the call but. Structures they are you telling me that he Shawn Johnson and Chris Carter all the guys who played the game are wrong. I thought Seattle receivers. Not being crappy into August they say they're bad there for their right because Christian. If you play the game. And give an opinion on football are always right right right so if you're afraid of telling about how you like Peyton Manning and everybody here will have to agree with yeah. I -- her game -- -- hotel at cornerback so you have to say to Peyton Manning's great. And everybody you know is after all the -- and yes Cris Carter. Fine Chris Carter can say Chris Carter and Deion Branch disappeared beyond Chris Carter was not a fan of a lot of things that the patriots were doing. -- -- -- and I gonna take his word for this coming right yeah yeah there are guys who play the game they have. Some tremendous insight at times better guys put the game at Marshall for talk more about him later. He played -- game. We agree with everything he had to say yes it's observation. OK so I have is everything -- know what yeah. Think 617 that it would you let me say it also Seattle receivers do you think it's both you guys okay. Chris Carter he Shawn Johnson. Don't do they have an elevated. Opinion of themselves -- -- especially card but it certainly yes I really don't sit out of a credit harder he Shawn Johnson so it was unfair if it's somewhat if they're not think the best -- it's like. If you're not as good as me that you gotta be gotta be just average got to be just okay. And I don't think that's the case the current NFL. -- you're not okay you're not just an average receiver these guys are doing the best they camp for what they're being told to do that so. Listen so for him to say they're just average of Mike listen there's lots of times like -- a -- Shawn Johnson with average okay Chris Carter. Update to their territory while there's an artist I just started out there -- our conversation -- on all he will do is point out quarterbacks. I'm Paul Johnston anything about the wide receivers ever conversation ever with them is -- has -- -- -- out of the court. Until cables -- can I never find out anything about a wide receiving because every time he's about with the quarterback. It's -- have any good quarterback the pressure adds to my dad ya know it was good but how much better is it because he had -- hall of famers but from the ball the tired of his career diesel pistons -- to the -- I don't play I'd be -- to a -- the -- the ball 61777979837. Kirk isn't. -- Up you know bullet awesome the I have to go to Seattle. I think you know -- the -- behind that is that the liberal that it does that. Defense equipment profitably compete with the 14 five times. Well I got to go to via satellite I didn't think it could rattle in the wind made them regularly being. You know I didn't the nasty nasty -- But but pay in implementing win because political movement that. I think it's going to be a great great game but I like Seattle I would back up what vapid celebrity capital I was like Denver's. But I am I -- -- analog stick -- Seattle -- you're right it would be great for the city you know they have -- not been covered in 1990. Hockey team. -- -- -- -- -- I don't remember and it died or are. All right now I want -- around for that I don't know as Seattle metropolitan -- I didn't even know they had I think you're the first American team with their name on the cup. If I'm not mistake no item called the Seattle metropolitan got to -- -- so long ago it's not in 1990 night at something like that is a really really really long time I traded him Gartner and I don't I don't I got frustrated. As lucid called a terrific pleasure glad my package and we will prevail -- very -- -- in fact that you we'd -- -- -- -- -- stately. There. What's funny you know bring up reasons -- one of these teams could weigh in in and Brock -- is on the show yesterday and Christian you know -- but he the radio still -- Seattle plea for the Seahawks. His reasoning for why he thinks Seattle wins is not about any one specific player -- about the -- each team's season is done this year. I think it's the variety. Of -- for Seattle in the different ways that someday they can win a football game between an ugly. They've proven that the comeback to win they can prove Victor would have just thirty -- they've proven even aren't are not very optimists see them. That several will have to come back and brought all over the arts like they. -- different -- very all the way and. I put a lot of stock into Christian deal. Wolf it's funny when I'm Melissa dawn like OK keep gone OK I -- gates yet I'm listening okay. And it's kind of what we. Were saying about the patriots at one point this year they could beat you through different ways. Special teams. Big comeback to win the -- with a lead they're winning those close games. As Seattle's kind of built the way I don't know about Russell Wilson tore all over the yard Betsy once they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in all over the yard wanna being controlled situation upon the Seattle Seahawks. But yeah I mean. The scores -- -- the only team they really got hammered by. Was Indianapolis. Right on the road to strange you know -- -- another -- they really were in and Ali as they did lose on the road they were they do they were competitive games. So he's right heavy I think it's it's a great point -- time. You know the number one stacked if you ask coaches is points scored. Points. Lord and if you look at thirty points a game did you -- you feel like the reputation for Manning. That maybe he had coming into the post season and it is kind of melting away now that was fair. The call Peyton Manning a post season choker or a guy who is just afraid of the big moment the big stage do you -- think that was fair. Well what did you ever believe that you ever believe that -- playing here -- Dallas Clark to know is that it shall put some -- snow come down and he's gonna choke but at the same time. You know he's not the only guy the nature of the position is that he's pretty much responsible full responsible for all the success and it's his fault when they lose. That's at the position. And it'd -- good with the bad and hopefully you know -- -- and support -- teammates. Where they could stand up you say no one and his ball we did but in the -- -- -- at the -- for -- Economy and quarterback range missiles late yesterday to deal also John's ads and out to Joseph -- and his -- you know it adds you get to what losers can always call and. Next to -- between Georgetown. And he's got into the live in Italy remaining Peyton Manning says that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little bit left that it's still buys paid nothing and whatever garbage he says look let's take a trip down to the general story. The patent my buddy boy that sounds like a lot of go Wisconsin -- filling station. And tacky that the package here at that time is that we got. The blitz coming up -- figure what the hell happened in the bruins' last night and also the story that that is what the number one story today on the Boston -- comes at number one -- was number one general all out as the reporters covering the Red Sox is that even the right word to use. Friend of Jenny Dell general oil will join as part of the blitz -- WB.

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