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Hannah Davis, SI Swimsuit Model: Is she dating Derek Jeter?

Jan 31, 2014|

Model Hannah Davis sat down with Mut and Merloni from New York City on Radio Row to discuss her SI photo shoot, her relationship with Derek Jeter, and to give advice to men about picking up women.

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Back here on radio -- Super Bowl 48 but lewd ID 37 WE yet we said. That handed Davis stiffness yep. At the end of the show on Wednesday she glanced at sausage was like on the kind of like stealing it there now I'm kidding I get that a lot it's okay you I -- -- a lot of women who've done that common handed Davis SI swimsuit -- joining us Oreo and that I -- so bad and that thank you guys served for -- -- you have been doing this so all they now you gonna do this for twelve hours today what you're doing is promoting. Odyssey of sedition coming out February 18 is there anticipation is their -- -- -- the models excited for this thing to come out. Yeah I think -- Sports Illustrated like -- -- and sneak peak and they released a few pictures before the issue comes out so this year they choose to you know. So few pictures from my -- from my issued at the Jersey Shore so that's what we thought today in the post men online itself. Tell you -- little preview this is that the first year for you so you're you're kind of second year second year as a rookie last year Volquez now I recruit kind of sort of know what I'm doing I don't get is that an auto world something like that is that like a rookie hazing is there's sort of like know your role type of thing. You know -- now I don't think so act to be honest -- -- my brother last year to all of these events. He must -- hated them and all the girls were like oh my god who is that so I think it all the older girls that would have been mean to me were really nice to me because their -- trying to do my brother. But do you help they need. I just can't question I don't know what -- what I was like I know your being nice to me but that's okay. Can you play wing woman for your brother like will you tell the other supermodels good things about your brother so that maybe he has sold a better -- -- them we help them out 100% I tried to do that last year and actually my brother was good because he did not he did not try to give out his number he was very professional I didn't like you know. -- this is your day I didn't I didn't wanna be the creepy brother so I appreciated that but this year I think he's he's on it. He is -- immigrants god bless him god boy he's about to turn thirty and he's like I need a life. I wanna settle down. And I might lie that I got a lot of lovely ladies wearing -- So you know what a life you you did your photo shoot -- Jersey Shore. Yes like they couldn't send you back to maybe saint Thomas where you grew up or another island type advantages -- or let it. You know like I grew up an exotic place and I I know those types of speeches he can't really bring -- two more beautiful spot in terms of like a Caribbean -- so for me this is really special. Is it different it was a different kind of beats it was also you know that there was meaning behind the suit obviously because of hurricane sandy. And you know they were just completely devastated. By the storm and now on the Jersey Shore looks great right now so we were just happy to -- there. They were really excited about it and yeah. We're talking as of super model had Davis now you -- too high school saint Thomas with 26. Graduates in your class yes that's right that it they have football media here at the Super Bowl your football fan. -- a football team has only 26 graduate class we had a football team but. We had to combine it with -- Three of their schools because we didn't have enough kids on the team to play the other around public schools. And we did not have -- goal posts so I don't know really did the rules of the game if you have like -- football pads. Well actually. Yes. Yes. This is a bootleg version might just say that OK at us. Who like football season all I gotta -- ansari. That's a good way. Now let me ask you about the swimsuit here because no the addition it's coming out. When when will you find out like how how does that -- as far as the comfort goes tickets to that process so the issue comes out February 18. And on a late night talk show we're gonna find out the night of the seventeenth. And all the girls find out at the same time and it's going to be big surprise for everyone so we don't we have no idea who's -- -- -- handcuffed. You guys we'll find out reaction there yes so we're getting either be yelling. Excited are crying I don't know all misty going to be if you don't get it. I mean really -- and it just decides some MIC and I walked off that's okay that's that's the reaction I wanna -- wanna see this -- clap oh good for her. She did not all girls -- liked. Yeah I wanna see drove. -- -- -- chuck a chair across from not at all I'm happy to be an issue at all. And so many of those girls have been doing it for years and years so there's there's plenty of of of of the girls that deserve it -- I'd be happy for any of them. The guys that are listening to us that are single are gonna go out to bars this weekend may be a Super Bowl party they're gonna -- attractive young lady. And they're gonna want to talk to that young lady. My view as an attract this of super model you get approached all the time you get quite frankly hit on -- -- good and bad all the time. Give our listeners tips this weekend -- Super Bowl party Basie and attractive girl and what is the game plan give them the playbook they handed Davis playbook I -- I. Coach Decker I think I. Don't know I'm super silent I go out like I don't it's really hard for me to talk to people when I'm out so. I. I would say wolf for -- you have to be aggressive because I'm not gonna start talking media. I'm just I'm not so you want to got a yes I want them to be bold and confident in. Not cocky confidence and -- laugh at themselves make it joke. Break the IC BOK with like 8841. Of those forty icebreaker line -- -- -- corny I still need to be -- with it but. Look at good. That's -- online -- -- -- but I have a lot of expectations apparently and like you need to be an eight BCP. -- -- night checklist of what you're looking now upset sounds bad now at a high tech. Hey you'll look at Delaware and we're New York -- let me ask you because rumors out there with your boyfriend Derek Jeter. That you guys together if you've been together dating. This trick question and honey in that. You know I I really don't talk about my relationship. And I know that sounds so boring -- everyone wants to now but. For me it's like I live in the public -- there's so much that I have to share with everyone so when it comes to my relationship I -- to keep that distance myself. So does it. You know the desert area we're getting him he likes to kiss him if there was a very well -- -- -- to if if by chance you worry free private. Do you have you ever get used to that -- -- your private person for your some super model so like when he walked in here today. A billion people wanna take your picture you go out in your picture today and above the age six and -- and -- goal in the store. This every used to that he always being photographed now is being that the answer is absolutely not it always feels weird I always feel odd. Posing for pictures I think it would suck -- -- -- -- -- -- -- was totally sweat pants and -- what your -- store to get male -- that's what you get the deal with this -- what would you do it you're gonna need to have it both fourteen right is that when you started yes. But it not in the same capacity and since Sports Illustrated. But we do all this press that I never done in my life before so last year was my first years -- this is all brand new to me. So I still think it's -- might why do you wanna take pictures with the Yankees. And you find out we're gonna see your -- see your picture on February 18 in -- of -- coming out may be on the cover. -- what's the biggest hazard -- is that the sand. He gets sand all over an international is that the occasion. When they say like what's the worst part of -- scene it's like we're shooting bikinis on the -- you -- it's not that hard. Its name mean really it's it I mean that's the best office you can have really. I was surfing I was out I was in the water alive. Quite cold. So that was the only hazard -- -- the Jersey Shore but no hitting with a cold water in Atlantic Ocean. We played some games on the board lot -- we had we had a blast that I can we go back this summer and we have the Super Bowl Broncos -- Seahawks. I know that's why we're here right calf and I'm gonna have to say Broncos. -- -- high -- football team you have goalposts itself not just I don't know I haven't yeah liable so are you really hasn't football the well let's say there has Denver Broncos but we will look for your pictures in the swimsuit issue we hope we get the cover we thank you for not stepping our show come on think you want for the issue coming off every tee. I asked them panic and I think you I handed Davis of soup while joining us here. Radio road ID three point seven WE yeah. And it.

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