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Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum talks Jets-Pats

Jan 30, 2014|

Mike Tannenbaum talks with Mut and Lou about his tenure at the Jets and their ability to make a run at the Patriots in the future.

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Radio robot -- ID 37 WEEI we thank our friends they arrest restoration specialist Rick and us are here to the super bowl of presenting. All of our guests including our next guest Mike had a bomb was sort of the GM of the New York Jets. For 20062012. Winningest GM. It jets history NA -- up high you -- guy. Joining us here -- could see -- -- here's a question guys they have not only as to how many curry. Major League Baseball general managers are from the great University of Massachusetts. Cleveland right now that -- It Mercer you -- I'm 110 -- and he's a New England guy in front of these maps to its three while Red Sox Indians and the parts. Votes right all the Boston connection that -- all the -- It's a good thing based elite army to get to be slightly different need proving himself. He's been assault on -- baseball but that's OK that's OK and real IR AI and I wish I want my shot blocks against -- him north I think the -- -- -- -- -- I was awful. You services -- for the jets for six years in a division against the patriots you guys had success against the patriots but. They've had such a long stretch here Mike where they have been you know a playoff team division winner. Is it hard to beat a division -- 888. Monster like New England knowing every year go and end. They're gonna have Brady again have -- -- we got to build a team to beat that team every. Yeah I was really embraced by the challenge that we do is look we're going against you obviously agree that coach in -- and great quarterback and we -- -- they were triggered the best quarterback we can but where it could be better in the office while you're driving down the running game -- we try to be better defense and we had success against New England feel it was always that works with -- we should during the weekly every time Thomas Jones or -- runs the ball. That's what must have a primary can throw. Yeah and we know we were certain the -- 06 was into the colds is when that offseason bill was just like you know -- Google hit moss go to get Stallworth and and welfare and everything. Is that what it's all about to get at how much do you look at the teams -- division -- we have to do this is what we need to beat the patriots as opposed to do to beating you know another team you're Alou felt. Question you know prosecute requiring that the course we did from Revis. Cromartie drafting Kyle Wilson was all about how we match it with a tight ends and the other receivers -- -- let you know of course it. -- last year got to be with just for the first served sixteen years to see wolf reliever Mike what's gonna happen next robberies to see what's your father retire you know like. I I it's great like the last five years really trying to defend Welker and then he -- Thought he leaves and their place with stadium at dole they go to draft heavy a wide receivers like it's been a second round pick and later up pick a wide receiver. Well one of the thoughts you had this week is that it didn't do enough maybe what you have an elite quarterback you're you have a responsibility to make sure no matter what even if there are injuries you've got enough talent around him to the patriots make a mistake in not putting up talent around Brady. You know I think peculiar -- team guys as you got -- word for today the -- for tomorrow. You're going to the season certainly have a dole accounts Keith do you -- that some top flight guys that you draft -- -- draft option. The camera Thompkins and those -- guys that you -- hope. Can help you in the future I -- the big injury for that was. She marine chief green has very good ball skills. Really liked the law -- cal high character guy and he was a guy that really can make a lot of plays on third down that reproduction for a lot of other people. So I thought his wrist injury really hurt and then to their credit when they lost your job you guys but the -- hurt their running game in the red zone add to their credit they were able run the ball the whole year. You know Aaron Hernandez to a -- -- was a shock to the system and it -- when your organization you invest so much in the two guys is what we do we mismatch nightmare right with Hernandez in growth you lose both players. How difficult is that did you sort of say okay this is with a fine at the political bottom because that was to be part of it. Yes and Lou I think that's just why show you why Josh did it was a great coach you know. They start off with the oil you -- -- multiple tight ends be able to show us bridge that over time -- Steven Ridley. Would -- once there he was our best chance to win you know. Who meant it was you do well he blocks bring about volume so we're -- accentuate what we can do well at that. This year was around the ball more so I don't think the coverage -- by any stretch to secure with those three young guys. Voice and you -- -- in the end Cabral Tompkins I think. Those guys should emerge over the next couple years of course -- comes back you know mobile retool prequel. We're talking a former jets GM Mike Hanna Bobby -- guidance at the join us here. You -- Cleveland. Is it is the term slapping do I have that correct I've heard Scott Pioli some very elementary I'm died here at Cleveland as an assistant. You were New York went with Bill Belichick. What's that experience like you worked on staff with Bill Belichick. Yeah it was great you know I think just his justice to back relentless as you know he can't he would -- your pardon -- if you were prepared by. He'll he will there's nothing flashy about filling as you guys know covering a -- If you want it there with a wolf on I -- you listen to and said he wanted to with a player could do. Your house you make her team how you make the 45 man game day roster housing hopeless when the division. What can we developed what weaknesses does he have that -- can it get better they would -- to say you know the two things that you don't have a culture -- have a pro football's more time in more money. That we have put all these resources into the player -- is it worthwhile investment. -- new general manager you take over team and look at the -- situation that he had -- there and it's it is it comes in and it's one year and then you extends and we were you surprised and at that. We double Bill Hall greater beauty hit one of his best years coaching -- -- Rex Ryan did a great job down in New York but I was most surprised moving forward. Within it's not it's got -- they deal with. You can look at Carolina say hey you know gave Gelman came from the giants goes down it hurt her -- look at the success they've had and don't really proud of brush you know he's evolved like I look I had to prove to be GM for seven years I know you're seven. I was very I was near one and I don't Rex is better now. You know and some of his messaging is a little bit more nuanced and he's earned the right to stay there and I think that's very correct. It's a situation where now you look at that the patriots have what they have to do the offseason you dealt a high level quarterback can Darrelle Revis you put. I keep to leave Mike on that same level in that same -- so -- quarterbacks in football. Yeah I do it again when you have to keep doing if you go back to the championship game the year before when he got hurt mark preschool could not cover. They're humbled him you know and that's up to see increases of good player but. When he went down there really change that gave more than anything else so I think to leave together you have to have. They need easy you get if triggered from there and look normal quarries are nice job over the received the he's he can cover the president athletically so he got a couple pieces back -- very very good. -- it kit and -- -- can't help thinking about. Negotiating the Revis deal took the -- not the best knowledge I don't have must've been. This is really wanna I wanna do publicly right now on our notes that I gave -- those decisions in March and April and articulate yeah where -- hard not a great decision and it's like. I think your best player who show up so. Eight year. What do you do now -- here you got -- talk with us -- the football -- we -- garage door were present coaches -- with the -- priority sports I was to have to -- the media and they says it was great to be with the team for nineteen years and really big challenge and energized by this new venture and stay closer to get Mike appreciate the time -- and they -- so I watched Tricia are you about this guy like -- -- -- nice -- -- to join -- -- like -- guess he's brought -- -- By air arrest restoration specialist top of the hour -- they will come back Marshall Faulk. -- join us in this hour we'll find out. Still harbored anger towards the patriots are -- does he hate the patriots will talk to a Marshall -- in this hour don't wanna Wear.

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