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Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce welcomed back to Boston with open arms (but left just at the right time...)

Jan 27, 2014|

We discuss the return of KG and Paul Pierce, the touching tribute to both, the great ovations, their post game words for the city, and how both were traded at the exact right moment for the Boston Celtics to move forward in the future.

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It is -- -- WEEI WEEI dot com as well in. Hurts Austrians say at their Michael ran off the top water works at the garden last night to cry now. I didn't cry where do you but I I did notice some things seconds away my pulpit that -- was a few seconds away from -- now. Where you. Crap you hit hard to ignore you did not like that that's the Celtics lead the league in tribute competition. Liked the Miami Heat -- as well the Celtics the lakers. Sure Oklahoma City Schundler I think to Charlotte Bobcats patriot either you're hornets team that if they bring back Kendall deal for big night. -- welfare and and look. Just as a brief aside you've seen other teams do this. Try these tributes. Maybe it's OK maybe it's my bias words there's no connection. With the other cities like yours in Boston so. Maybe overeating the celtics' experience record of the teams I don't think so where in the when doctor Jerry Buss Darden LA. And that was it nationally. -- -- it was a huge story of the human story that the Celtics played them. The game after that are a couple of games later. And I saw part of the tribute was on TV it was pretty underwhelming for a guy who everybody said great things about it. The Celtics do this stuff and it's it's a long -- and -- excuse. -- very well there's a reason why because the Red Sox do well right the Bruins do I would say that all the teams in Boston do well Brian -- all the all the years the Red Sox have brought back gold players and after each championship when they've honored people the Red Sox have certainly done well bottom of the Bruins and and are famous for the tributes to Bobby -- and of course the first one that lasted for it was a ten minutes nobody would stop cheering and -- -- to be quiet -- or report given up as because -- so -- -- ultimately leads me to the conclusion that it is an and it's not a -- brilliant this is not a brilliant conclusion but I think it -- I don't think it might be -- it's not that the Celtics ago that it it's not a matter when they're good at it it's not that the patriots in the Red Sox -- there's one common -- And that's the fan bases that have so much overlap there is. There is something about the love affair between the people in this city and they're great athletes and especially when they're the type of people like pierce or Garnett. When the tributes in the stores to Pearson didn't come out the last day or two. Are great and I know you know well you -- them. But of all the stories of him just giving away money and helping people out caring about everybody in the organization. In the word family continues to come up and for batteries. It's refreshing. To see somebody like Paul Pierce. The CM at that press conference now Garnett was affected. At at the Brooklyn nets press conference and they were announced and being tried to bring some levity to what's up and the whole thing. Pierce was -- another that you Meredith. -- here's exhibit different world update so do you have Garnett there are ending our -- like pierce. This first words in that press conference. The trade it happened we all knew what was gonna happen. It had it it it couldn't be official for what three weeks. Two or three weeks maybe even a month. Get a lot of time to think about that he wanted to Brooklyn that the Celtics totally gonna -- until Brooklyn -- -- agent knew all about it he's got appeared at press conference. And hit that the look on his face was what the hello what's up Brooklyn talking about my daughter Brooklyn Avalon a Boston got an -- I will get there. So it's refreshing to see a guy play a lot of time in one city make a ton of money now make the a handful in the morning -- make a raft of All Star Games. And have have an ability to be this detached. Mercenary -- Not -- and he he feels he felt and you still feel the connection about your peers at that Brooklyn press conference. Aren't reported that a few guys anyway as a it's at its. We know we we understand how they feel we understand what it was like the other night. No wasn't crying yes I thought they did a great job yes I thought that music helps meaning if you were close to crying. The music that they chose the music that they play can get -- -- closer are you played -- common home song its got like there's something. To understand music theory I wish I did I wish I understood music theory. Music theory yeah like how how certain chords evoked different at all and boy do I wish I understood that stuff I don't. I don't I don't come even close class of Burke did like an adult education do they do with the head of Berkeley. And they don't coated papers that are forgot -- differences go audits older neighborhoods where there aren't. He would always understood that you have basics I would -- to understand chord progression is and why certain things work and certain other things don't. But you put it he put a song together that has some emotional value and all the sudden that becomes all the more evocative in a moment like. I'm not that that night had. Everything and from an emotional standpoint. For a man from hey look look. At all the fun we had look at. Look at who we were look at how these guys. Changed basketball in Boston it had been one of the worst seasons. -- the worst but one of the worst seasons in Celtics history. Complete with an eighteen game losing streak. And then the very next year you bring him Garnett you bring in Ray Allen -- with peers. What a -- -- games you win the championships all the all the memories were there. But after watching that and then watching these guys play it's clear any -- race directors. Obviously he could give me an intern and moving on yeah and it and it is so clear I mean they're both done. Having our I don't know Garnett had a nice play late in the game to help them when the game with each finished with six points. Neither one has any major impact on the game throughout it's not just because they were little out of it trying to. Deal with the emotion me neither one is all that good anymore and tank top they're not here. I am here if you're a Celtics fan do you really want to be watching I'm and they are their people watch last night and said you know what. I miss that so much when I wish those guys were here but you -- missed. 2013. 2014 version of Paul Pierce because they got 8007 version upon my little radio -- -- there. Isn't that got a better team around them right now on the -- start off ten and 21. Another ten and one. Their last eleven games we lost one game in 2014 they they start to turn it around. You got Joseph Johnson got Deron Williams there you know Lopez's output nearly as good player when he's healthy. And they got some think that's a nice piece of collapse what have you but if you put them here. You bring Garnett here. And you bring pierce here with this team now it in in you started the year without Rondo. In those guys have to be your leaders. Probably have a similar records we have right now it's just it's too much. To ask to ask them. -- similar records but you don't have all the draft picks are you don't have -- all of the -- -- elements that are now plays in terms of rebuilding Iraq at all. I wondered if they were anybody who's watching it last night and saying I. I can't believe Danny -- let these guys go it feels so wrong. To see them in another uniform and trusted -- and exact just kept watching and thinking OK does feel wrong to see pierce and Garnett. Wearing the Brooklyn nets jerseys and not Celtics green but on the other hand it would feel worse to see them. Falling apart wearing Celtics green and knowing that the end of the ear was already here and there was no real they were no closer to rebuilding it to the next great era of of celtics' success. At least you can look at it circuit those guys are no longer the players they were I have and a memory and an image of what they were they're not that anymore. And there are a whole lot closer. So that our guys aren't here the value for a lot of people is. What saying you watched a guy. Played his entire career. In one uniform so maybe I you know we're saying just -- the course of the Catholic I haven't answered my own question. So over the Celtics are posted. Are this is what the Celtics could have done what -- could've done is not trade KG and Paul. And -- have these situations like. Honda. Just name it they're there John tablets Paul Pierce is now. He's not a starter for you anymore. You have a better team around him. You bring pierce off the bench and you bring KG off the -- so it if you wanna criticized any change is not criticizing him for. Trading. Trading in the Brooklyn it's criticizing him for not putting it better team around them yeah. I don't think that's the and I don't really -- possible. Any agents say I'm playing just complicated for a year but the Condo or hostile what you did with -- don't find -- but but that's not the way this game is played around talking about in terms of the role knowing -- -- but Paul Pierce is no longer starter. He's your sixth man you don't get -- guys and while -- at winning championships and going deep into the playoffs every year is not you're not going to put. -- you cannot sustain greatness the way you can and other sports in the NBA. Once you or stars and move on and I can't think too many teams that of -- Even the lakers who who had this in other incredibly long run of success that went from Shaq Kobe has had Kobe the entire time another Kobe is no longer the player that he used to be one of the lakers a great. And it puts some great team around coping in his final years but they tried that didn't work. Wait a minute -- that that stories are written in. The next two years. Look at their contracts after this year. And then in the next year there's nothing is coldly. Here's co created a guy accurate accurate report now this day and got from can't exactly. -- Kobe -- -- make -- not 100000 dollars a year so. At least. Even though Kobe is not going to be that guy right carries them in the you know if there's some space -- able to bring -- somebody -- also not I don't think he's as far down the road as pierce and Garnett -- I think there's more left in -- -- that are left in pierce and -- -- what do you think. What does -- pierce and Garnett Kobe pierce and Garnett are different stages. I think Garnett is. Probably. Make right this is it because. If Garnett is not gonna make a seventeen footer. Shot 1718 feet. -- Kevin Garnett. That's fish he's gonna make that shot why would that goalie with -- HO. I always let that always is it just legs it was confuses me how the the seventeen footer goes away okay like I understand why you might get taken off the traveler. Can't can't get it quickly enough to the next spot it's always strange to me when the jumper goes away and the minute -- -- I had a brilliant career unbelievable career when my favorite players -- before it got to Boston. I loved watching him in Minnesota. Love the passion and love the craziness. That he brings to record get themselves revved up for the games let. I I think he is this is that this should be it for him this is the last year of his career in my opinion done. -- Paul Pierce. Has more left a couple of years left but not as a starter. When I went to Brooklyn. My first offer new coach Jason -- what I got to manage those minutes. Because if you if you make these guys twenty to 125 minute per game players. And they they would need to be that here to here and in Boston they have to be that you can make those guys 22 point five minute per game players. You've got something if you can't. The Brooklyn nets across. As of Brooklyn nets are gonna flop just watch in the game last night watch in the net apps. He has got a -- recently -- got -- -- in recent but I just kept watching him thinking. If if Paul Pierce and Jason -- switch places with the team be any different. If Kevin Garnett Jason -- switch places of one of the guys playing it was coaching the team instead -- -- just throughout kid as -- -- off guard to play along with Darren Darren Williams. Would -- be any worse and how much that would be. It just feels so it feels like such a strange dynamic. Where Garnett is as you said at the end. Pierce doesn't seem like he really wants to be their all would definitely prefer to be in Boston course and and Jason Kidd looks more like he should still be playing in the game. Instead a coaching the game -- Garnett looks like he should maybe be coaching. And and and KGB -- It is such a strange dynamic to watch them play their better team -- the Celtics opposite to how a lot more top ten talent but it really is. Ought to watch what I want and reduce text here in the eighteenth -- -- my rethink possible are you guys kidding me right now. -- KG don't have any plays -- for them anymore Paul still averaging ten points and after emotional -- how do you play like that. Come on guys. They're out there. They're out there this is not about emotional tribute maybe it is for. Latest forecast. Asked -- that seems pretty long. Elitist for quarter. What this does not don't look at KG season. This is not about what happened last night KG this year. This done this is not the same this is this as far from the Kevin Garnett even saw last year. You ask the obvious question if they're not getting any please run why not why not -- -- suggests I don't think it's just that Jason -- stupid because if he was just stupid and they -- getting any plays run for them don't you think they would be vocal about it. Don't you think they would be in the papers every -- in this is absurd this can't work I need the ball Jason Kidd doesn't know what he's still I mean I don't we've heard some rumblings about Cuban nothing like -- So I I don't know now I don't buy that I don't buy that it's just that I think those guys. Are at the very end and I think it's painful to watch and and think OK I wish she was still the guy that he was 45 years ago. I've -- to my -- players ever got in terms of watching the India. I there's something about -- we talked about it before. I can't think of another player like him he's not the best player I've ever seen he's really good he's not the best player ever seen he's not the single best shooter. He's not the best at getting to the rim but he's very good to both of them isn't off yet and he's not the best defenders -- good defender I don't know anyone else battle. That gets to the rim like him. I know people who use speed -- I can think of you know Alan Iverson in the quakes and jumping ability just finding all the little elusive ways to get to the rim. I can think of big power players who would back kiwi in in the find a way to get to the basket just using their roster and backwards. But who else like Paul Pierce just wills himself to the rim he's being definitely and a half ago but -- to the rim and I would always work. See that's the problem and that's how he did it. Deception. And you think people would figure it out after awhile it looks like he slow looks like he's not that strong he's not cut. And always -- sag even on their fans -- -- you know a time out you know and Patrick Johnson is one that should ask I used to. Used to throw a mop the treadmill. At the -- -- run all the time. After practice be running the stop before practice sometimes. So wasn't like he was in bad shape he's stronger than he looks that looks strong is. That'll doesn't seem fast faster than than opponents are ready for so I think that was it not for the good knowledge of angles and great in great footwork. So satellite was able when he was willing. To go to the basket more -- he's 2728 point nine got the -- become like a big man who then lately. The free throw attempts have gone down and in and at the same types -- it's the same time that he is role as a primary score as these scores -- Do we -- I mean I know that now the year you're really let go work -- guy like -- work -- I mean after putting the you're 25 -- which I -- that argue again over the week already watched the weekend again only -- great if you have watch -- you gotta watch on this rockaholic FaceBook page of Michael. Banging out thirty -- on not on Friday. How -- deal struck how to think that's good. I was telling me was already getting don't have to challenge me. During my name I don't know. Now now now that your work out guy and how does a guy managed to be in his good shape and work out as much as -- and yet look like that body tell us what happened to the body but what you think pro athlete or like in the lead pro athlete. How does that lead pro athlete who is fast isn't fat look fat and slow. Kimberly being a threat to -- dumping. Does not cut welcome adultery. I -- in pro athletes speak not be yet -- He just -- -- like it just it it it always looked like he was carrying an extra ten or fifteen pounds Bellic an extra thirty. Just like an extra ten or fifteen and yet I don't think he was and clearly he worked out he was in JB get all these things -- -- it just never looked that way yeah I think it's. There are certain in the league you can -- it got tickets are looking at Tim Duncan and Tim Duncan in great shape but. No not that kind of guy not that rip guy. Carmelo Anthony same thing not fat. This -- Carmelo lucky guy should work out nonstop but he's he's in good shape is a good check -- now on the flip side you have somebody like Kobe Bryant. Well it even if he doesn't work out it looks like you would just envision Kobe being in the gym at all hours same -- -- KG. Your vision he's in there all the time Rondo. I think that's I think it's as simple as bodyguards. So you watch says guys play last night clearly the Celtics are not even in the same league as the nets which is kind of sad I know and it's played well recently bought. The Celtics don't look good to have -- one there one star in Raj on Rondo who's really there one beech tree -- chip and it seems like they've kind of delta way. One of their chips in terms of Crawford you have Jeff Greene do you think that there's a market for Jeff Greene do you think you're gonna bring back. Something valuable enough with Jeff Green or you to the point. Where rush on Rondo was gonna have to be included. As you continue to look -- to the future knowing that you can't -- them as of now. Together geared your thoughts continue to will fall on our Jeff Green Jeff Green Rondo remain. I think last night you watch -- it and it was it was weird to see a lot of weird to see. KG and Paul -- Brooklyn uniforms and the other weird thing is. Watching Rondo take on those guys who brought it kinda they're trying to shut him down but to me. It's clear. Rondo is that players that the numbers will never tell the story. And I don't I don't want him to get the point where he thinks he has to be 8820. Point per game Stewart took an escort to justify its contract. And I game we have last night was an ugly game ugly first half. A 3534. At halftime. But he wound up in that game when it in the -- didn't break eighty points. You want to put the -- quiet near triple double. That's what Rondo at thirteen point eight boards and desist. Still not not right below rusty. Made a couple of big shots put the shot even the import -- Rondo who never gets credit for the shooting. People always say can't shoot and protested that the case. Got a direction got a bit erratic shot. Com. His shot is still not there I can see him being. A part of a championship team but not the best player championship. The question is is there enough out there the UP -- returned to help you build your sort straight into which I wouldn't -- I. I still only got what I don't watch him play it and like Rondo I I would like I think I understand why they made him a captain this year. Not because it signifies going to be here forever but just to see what that looks like to see what he does with that added responsibility. And what he looks like as a leader whether or not that's going to be part of what you're what you're building long term I still don't think it is 61777979. Victory severance -- calls rockaholic W media. Most of America and most everybody knows that this is itself is -- rather play. Suffered in championship game against them. This game was -- -- -- religious focus. But the concentrated known what was ahead. I think that there yet again the played those sorts of really focused saw so many friends. Some of these people are known for years. Let me cornbread Maxwell back there -- name of there. And I as a starter to begin soon. You know routinely are routinely come and get ready for a game and -- -- you just never settled in -- -- -- just thought about the times friendships questions. Telecast Kevin Garnett turns and Paul Pierce it's likely there he's like sendoff -- He's Paul Pierce's send up and easy and yes that's right. For -- you have that. That bit we're talking about -- and his first press conference in Brooklyn says pierce last night that's appears you remember very comfortable. In in the garden comfortable with the guard personnel talking about Max. The fans there's a connection here now that was Paul Pierce -- about Paul Pierce his first. We believe. Wildly. Suppose we wildly successful. Well attended had a press conference to Brooklyn hearing. It's tough when the situation like in recent years. -- console organization. Some requirements. You know when you look at what you're trying to do here. When the championship and pieces and answers. Me and owners -- excitement. It really brings a little bit excited obviously. All of them. Mark where Boston you know all of that image is probably over we will a lot of players. Their careers but once it. Could kind of feel the excitement which is more vitriol which is more hollow his sentiment or the sound of that microphone that he's using there like the it. On it is all all -- you start off by saying it's bad. Let the very play the very very I love just the way he starts the whole thing off he starts off by saying the Sox. Right. At the very first thing is an apology like yeah I don't really wanna be here but it. The first words it's tough. Tasty but -- to the Brooklyn nets who were gonna compete for a championship this year how do you feel that it's tough arena. -- off. Championship in Houston answered. -- me and owners -- excitement. It really brings about school for years obviously the exact moment of mark where Boston. It's tough. Hey you know what we're gonna bark on this new great adventure party feel about it stuff. Stop -- -- really wanna do it to the -- really sign up for -- as it's tough. The first thing he's fed is it's tough. And I'm talking about -- that is not talking about something Memorial Tournament on would not have them look it's not like this is not the press conference to deal with the fact that like -- in the organization has passed away at this is the where excitement that's how do you think new Brooklyn net press conference and the very first thing out of his mouth. If it's off. It's tough as -- as art. I know you're excited out there -- Brooklyn nets channel seven of view but for me this is off I didn't wanna -- year I don't like yield. I called you have a new building and a new arena at a new energy I don't want any part of it. -- good thing you brought my friend along with me girls -- -- -- out long ago this sucks I hate it it's off. Is the first thing you're says is there any wonder that he was as happy as he was last night to be honored in Boston where he felt at home. After spending the last few months out in the cold the portable light. They did at the right way -- of that did the right way that tribute evidence that was top notch. And there's no question I think everybody knew even before two years ago three years ago that Paul Pierce is gonna have his number retired. In the garden but so well so -- And I think that -- team that they had stayed together as though they've stayed here but the debate six years per KG. And Ray Allen. And then -- it's fifteen years all three of them. Would have their numbers retired well orbit honored in some way I'll tell you what last night but bring that when Ray Allen left. OK are you optimistic about these out right. But I think KG even though it was only six what was DJ seven. -- was six or seven but it was significant. Because of I had to have one more championship. As a member of this team the KG did. But the significance of Dennis Johnson. There's presence on the 86 team especially but not a championship team and here is his knack for hitting big shots. And that's the kind things that Larry Bird to say -- bottom you know DJ. It's almost like Seattle right. In Phoenix never happened for him now he's a Celtic do you -- -- as a Celtic and he wasn't even as big as as Kevin Garnett as you're saying G KG. Yes he's always been Minnesota Timberwolves the most the most important player in franchise history by far but. He's -- -- when you heard him say yesterday that this is more difficult than when he went back to 22 Minnesota it was harder for him to come here was more emotional it does make me think of one other thing -- you as you watch everything that happened last night. One sad part of of of this Europe of the Boston Celtics is that it was it was me necessarily. Going to be too short. Right Paul. Was -- good player as a young player but again you heard of talk about it after the game last night it took him awhile to mature into becoming the basketball player that he did it took awhile before Paul Pierce. Became the right kind of a teammate the right kind of leader he took him awhile to grow up here in Boston so you have that element of a thing of the fact that Kevin Garnett. Played some of his best years before he got here right he played what eight seasons or whatever was in in Minnesota and then finally shows up in Boston after all that time so by the time you brought together the victory Ray Allen had been all over the place by the -- All of them -- at least that the mid point in their career you didn't get to watch all of them grow up together -- but would like they're doing in in in open in Oklahoma if that ends -- really becoming a Dicey maybe you won't but if -- -- you got to watch those guys don't grow up together right Westbrook and -- etc. and if they decided to -- -- could watch all of those guys grow up together turning to champion stayed there for awhile and then have that -- -- and you really get or what they've had in the in San Antonio. Were truly been a long process. You were never and that's why you watch it last night you see them playing on the other side say. But -- really bother me that much because they wouldn't look good if they were here. They started too late unfortunately it was you caught them need to run almost the academics and you won their first year together. By the way a dozen years in Minnesota for KG are there is nothing years in a -- the league when he was nineteen years old -- I think. What those guys the other cool thing about it was. They were all great players. Individually but they all needed to and they were all the lottery. The year before Ray Allen had had some injuries and didn't play a full season but. KG played a full season team and a lottery Paul Pierce had some injuries played fifty something games teams and lottery. Ray Allen hit the lottery. Is all thing guys so. It wasn't like we're talking about. LeBron. Is one guy who so. Rate by himself you throw a few role players around him and no matter what the circumstances. Yet again I don't have 48 to pick to win just because of that guy they weren't at that point and they realized it and Arnold the ever thought they were that guy. But it's pretty sobering when you fired up and we wind up in the lottery yeah he said need some help or maybe. Well I don't think they'll edit -- and you also look at how many and how many how many 21 year old think that way anyway what I want -- to -- -- -- -- -- very very very -- you also wonder if if it's so hard to mimic what the Celtics did that year because it's rare that you find if you of those hall of fame type players who were hanging around on lottery teams -- that happen -- six -- 77797937. Alex is in Fall River Ohio. -- -- -- -- Declined to -- McConnell. You go when we were talking about Nam who you gonna get the most -- might have been. Right after the trade went down some tension. Out I kind of want to amend their -- -- -- New equipment Kevin Garnett while the regard. But -- I don't get really sunk in just how much legitimate albeit -- last night. During that sort. Seen that woman and a layup -- 300. -- -- accurate prior. It would be on the same exact in my house. Just like it really you know that that very moment and the same thing with Garnett you don't realize that. One of a kind intensity how much you mean it kind of -- kind of -- with a brief period of time on I was going to be. You know indifferent to leaving but it does really make you realize what you're missing. Something. Gonna come back in the lottery article with -- parts. That's right you know of KG if if if he didn't make so much money. It could be on my team forever. I even if you are if you're young team. Like the Juwan Howard rolls out of Miami right there they're excellent team in. He you know he was there he was -- technically on the roster. Some go out and get a range the -- even you you play still play if -- were coached. Almost like. An older guy on your team. He's -- in practice he travels with the team but he's really -- more for his knowledge and anything else. KG did you Alonzo Mourning for that role for awhile to -- in Miami enemy to setting in terms of setting policy and letting you know how to prepare for a game in. Helping you understand. What the coaches are trying to -- -- -- he can always have a place -- -- team he's great he's a great teammate. Just so it's just so happy -- here you can't. Get paid 1011 million dollars a year -- a god except it always toward the end. As the perfect -- and so doesn't matter I'm so glad you went there for the yen for Kevin Garnett because there's a another aging superstar. Wearing a Boston uniform who says pay me now I wanna get paid I want a multiyear deal David Ortiz does not wanna have to keep threatening you and saying I'm willing to go somewhere else in play in another Jersey so. Make sure you signed between long term deal how realistic is it that he gets that you'll ask Alex beer that question in the blitz -- alcoholic WE.

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