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Tommy Heinsohn, Celtics legend: On the return of Pierce and KG

Jan 27, 2014|

Tommy Heinsohn compared KG and Pierce's return to Boston to Bob Cousy's retirement ceremony. Heinsohn also discusses his opinion on retiring Ray Allen, KG's and Paul Pierce's numbers.

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I joining us here on the -- TD hot like I was on the broadcast last night but did a great job along with Mike Gorman guys we're watching at home. Giving the sights and sounds of an emotional leper Celtic fans he's a legend Tommy heights and Tommy Mike and -- here today how are you. Where do an excellent Tommy what did you think it was going to be that emotional how did it compare to what you thought going into. Other KG Paul Pierce returned last night. Well the only thing that was more emotional and last night my opinion was -- some fan up in the balcony you don't -- Tuesday. We love you oppose. And no place erupted interiors. Yet and last night with these two great players that part of championship the Boston exhibited over the -- Korea's. What the Celtics organization was and has been for many many years. -- spirit team work and accomplishment. Get -- talk about this kind of filtered for emotions with KG it -- an appreciation how much. You loved -- net intensity NF Velika watched with a smile on my face when I came Nepal. It was more emotional I believe you even got a little emotional just talking about him as well. Throughout he grew up. As the Celtic came out after his sophomore year Kansas. And I watched them grow as a person as a player but except all the challenges that. Anybody -- hope to move. Meet. You know. Take the last shouted gains willingly. Really enjoyed being in that position. And that the real tribute to him as when he was named captain and Howard went about. A fulfilling that role he was very dedicated guy. And worked at his craft all the time and not just that the best bowler and a good process that the person side of the. When you watch the way that Paul Tommy has an appreciation. For the Celtics organization he seems to one of the guys as you said the just. But just gets it and I'm curious when you saw that in Paul when you realize that he was going to be. -- Celtic pro life but recognize what this city what this organization means. Well. You know he was around or -- banners. When he first came in and you know I approached. After the eruption earlier and we'll play his command and look up put that in the banners in -- -- -- and that became -- the year. -- blessing and a curse they feel privileged to play -- for the Celtics but they also know that they have to live up to the standards. And -- -- certainly did that. And recognized what those standards where. And it just was an outstanding guys to be around. Tommy on the other hand you know Kevin Garnett it wasn't a Celtic for life wasn't drafted by this team but I. I'd argue that when he got here you know he he -- first year the team defensively got nine points better from the year before in terms of points per game but. It was about his attitude can you explain. What you saw that first year from Kevin Garnett and what he meant to the culture change other Celtic team. Well or had to do was watch. -- come out. And go to the Spansion. That supports the basket and -- adamant -- get themselves together. I mean that's intensity that's our embassy and having been like that it took the -- How he went about playing that game. He was totally focused. When he's a man on the basketball court there was nothing in -- else in this mine but winning a basketball game. And it wasn't about him. It was about winning. He was the -- at two to score the most points or do anything else he was that it would be. The supreme teammate. Who to excel what he did best to help when. Game and that. Embodied itself the spirit of that seemed -- played with coach. You know -- when you look at his career I had nineteen years -- six with the Celtics won a championship. In the discussion of real retired numbers or any doubt in your mind that he should be retire even though it was only six years. Well when you see the impact that it had on that team. He belongs up there it was it was just. At a chance but he ended up someplace else because he had this public attitude as soon as we step on the basketball court. In the NBA. Tom what about Ray Allen you we've gotten to this discussion about rate today was talk that you know Paul's gonna have his number retired and he just mentioned Kevin. There's been a debate whether or not Ray Allen his five years in the celtics' organization he is number should be up there you've seen those rafters your part of those rafters. Should -- number be retired above above the garden court. You know. Ray was played terrific contributor he's a great -- I would like this Vietnam -- because he was. Every bit as important then. That truly. Championship as the other two. And he's left here in the difficult circumstance so I don't know I'll the public received them. But he is it is. -- person. And it's nice but guys -- -- economy. So. You know you have his number should be he was. Big big part of what happened. Yeah we were just talking I'll be different right race return. This year they cheered the video and in the bull when he gets the ball with pay -- you at all they were still cheering throughout the game and us if they were -- three guys together of you must have different feelings about Paula KG than that may be ready it's almost like he's been pushed aside from the start. Well the grave grave left and he he didn't leave with. At this violence rates and so -- Kaman had -- propping issue of all of Celtic fans and when that happened. It use it took sides admitted there was -- bridge between him and Kevin Garnett you heard about. You because Kevin was the family type guy and he felt that. Great walked out of the -- -- got up from the dinner table but the family and left. And so it. And -- there's plenty of people bought the industrial same way but I capital believe this talent than when he brought to the book club should be -- recognize. Let me ask you one more -- put you on the spot Tommy should should doc Kevin's -- -- spot up there somewhere. On -- China the basic -- He with stood the rebuilding that team he built the team -- where. The they had. Increased the asset value of all the players so that they could make the deal so he struggled. And he did that the hard hard work of coaching. And and losing games which is what Stevens is going through right now trying to mold together. A basketball -- well. When you go through that if you win the title it's it's really something. And yet he's here and have a number retired you're sort of reception and then that he got word came back the Boston. People love him and -- problem and everybody in the organization over the years loved doc. Tell me bring up Brad Stevens struggled this team right now that it even though the record is what it is that a lot of Celtics -- feel like they got the right guy in Bret Stephens what. What do you see from him that transition from college to the pro game you know losses and there is still seems -- he gets. Well -- an attribute seat that he has is that he's a people person. And my first discussions of them was. You know attracted to kind of talk a little bit about strategy and tactics know that what he really says. One when you cut through it could change. And of the vote. That fit but he. Abilities of the team. Of the players that we have. And I'm going to try to bring out the best the government. Accentuate the positive and in essence eliminate the negative and -- it would use the the competitiveness of his pain. You know they're they're understaffed that they bring new people up. There -- be league players and poignancy that competitiveness. That if he gets of these players. That no reasonable approach. Tommy last -- for me we got less than a month until the MBAs trading deadline do you expect that this team and Danny Angel continue to. Make trades in the team will look a lot different following February 20 that trading deadline day. I think anything is possible at this particular stage and I compared this store construction project. Right now the Celtics are in the phase of digging. Up the hole for the -- -- should. But it could hold -- that pilot though the materials that go with Hillary the foundation and so. If anything flap -- Let's hope it's not Big -- eight years the big the Big Dig was around here Tommy this construction project at -- every -- How many billion -- yeah. I hope. Tommy great stuff great job was an emotional game last night we appreciate it taken a few minutes looked for a talk to you soon. Hey guys aren't too that is the great the legendary Tommy heights and joining a series joins us. On the eighteenth the outline AT&T now covering more than 99% of all Americans AT&T. Rethink possible.

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