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NFL Sunday: Should the NFL Eliminate the Extra Point?

Jan 26, 2014|

There was a debate that became quite popular this week regarding the extra point and if the NFL should rid the game of them since they are routinely made without a problem. Is this a time issue or an excitement issue? Dale, Chatham and Price discuss what could be done such as moving the kick back to make it more difficult, make a 2 point conversion the norm, etc.

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Fourth and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Tommy currency SN any dot com will join us later run on the program. Allow me one quick interjection here of non football news for those of you were looking forward to watching. The stadium series game at Yankee Stadium today between the New York Rangers in the New Jersey Devils. I don't know how long yet. But they are saying that they will delay the game the game was supposed to start. Bottom of the hour and some -- 12:31 o'clock some like that they are now saying that they are going to delay the game because of sun. And the glare of the -- For all the are afraid of what sun's gonna do to the -- but second and perhaps most importantly the glare. When the Rangers and flyers played the winter classic two years ago. They delayed the start of the game for -- our ports. And Acura side you're subject to the -- right here it's certainly cold enough in New York it's freezing down there today. But the problem is the son and in particular they were saying that Hendrick Lundqvist. The Rangers goalie for today's game will be looking into the sun for two of the three -- And in McAllen through and it cannot wait for a minute here yet they're shooting you know hard balkanized rubber. Objects at me at a hundred miles an hour and oh by the way I can't see. So they are going to delay the start of the game they don't know how long yet they haven't announced colony just said that the the game will not start. As it was supposed to be Syria first century advisor and goalie mask as a parent and everything and get a baseball -- that over year your helmet to got a -- going. So when I don't know when it'll start -- you know but that's our our non hockey role non football related note. But they've got us delayed the game. Because of sun -- Yankee Stadium by the way those to be who didn't see it last night. Off and I was so I was so wrong about this I thought the dumbest thing in the world was playing one of these outdoor games at Dodger Stadium I was so wrong. It was so cool and good -- weld done. They had a beach volleyball court out in left field -- -- they had he has performing on a stage out right field. But the highlight of the night for me you talked about it goose bumps you know when you're watching it. A highlight for me was when they had Bob Miller the long time legendary voice of the LE kings. And Vin Scully. Doing the pregame. Up PA announcement and to hear Vin Scully say now ladies and gentlemen it's time. For NHL hockey I got you had been deleted eating it it's 10% better it would have been important and it was worth it. All right back to football and the stuff that we talked about here. And I mentioned that I was gonna tee this up for for -- 'cause I was very curious to see what he thought about. Now this is something by the way bill -- check has championed in the past right he has suggested that the NFL do away with the extra point -- Not because Rob Gronkowski got hurt -- locking on an extra point kick. But simply because I mean. Statistically speaking. They basically never miss right and and -- I think Stephen guest house skis last extra point this was his rookie season there has not mystic extends them. Days that the commissioner talked about it this week and had the numbers out of the last twelve or 14100 extra point kicks five have been missed. They make it 97 point 8% of the time or something. So the commissioner saying. Why why have the -- if that basically happens every single time. I I agree. -- remember -- was -- -- back and have it from -- with the transcript when bill address the issues you remember he was. Was also getting into kickoffs and how's the but it is that those have been taken away because a lot of special teams that because the importance is that there's a strategies decision at the end of each change -- -- that's -- or score. Right and I love love about it do you because it's wrong what football is I think that's were the commissioner kind of goes into the game like you do need to keep. A strategy decision -- in the in the change of possession need to be contested that's big. But the focus that said built -- 99% is ridiculously you need to make sure that it's a strategy decision -- -- from the cook couldn't happen right couldn't just be simple. They -- at 35 other sites that exactly look at how he talked about that this week from the approval saying did you know there are there ways to go by doing you can make it harder now you can pushed back to 3035 yards you can. You can give a little extra incentive for you know -- support for two maybe for a third I don't think delivers new monster and within it will say that because. I think the NFL is so much about not messing with history and wanting to make sure that in terms of points scored. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would agree I think the very the very best ways still lead the decision based only to have the strategy decision whether or not to go for two or three or 21. But I like the idea that -- -- -- mentioning services -- extort the economic and being mature. What's the -- what's the rate -- looking for you -- pre. You know me -- even 35 they're gonna hit -- 95%. What's your mystery -- look important -- need -- -- forty because then does that make going for too -- much easier and more reasonable or even forty -- Google might be. And 80% make greater mean it gets pretty high. What's -- what's -- looking for -- a chance economic I was gonna say at least there's that chance you know economy right now I mean an actual point -- that's still -- -- not even thinking that they did to -- -- it is -- slam -- in India on and I thought Randy and -- exactly yeah but you do need to do side I think could be interesting they try to do something. We you know to try and bring a little bit more. Reports it would drama of the situation but you know to kind of spice up I like -- I -- this is one there -- issues right think there's a consensus moralists the companies to be done it's just the tweaking what would be. I actually kind of like I mean if -- -- I'm feeling like this is coming from the ex FL side in my brain -- need to squash it but the idea that may be. Maybe. You know you could offer. You know elect a 55 or fuel if you go even further and it's worth a little bit more so that -- overly complex. Strategy decision to go for to go for -- more modest 35 remote point of -- to 55 something like that. But in your risk at all -- our -- -- -- -- -- -- not a good idea to Jamaica to core I. I hope Stephen Gostkowski hasn't umi says this like -- just make every extra point try to point play. You just -- to order a problem because you have to change in the sport. -- -- and but why can't you just say simply know every. Touchdown is followed by two point eight NFL hand ball for polygamy that's there's no treatment that the photographer Aaron. At least there's then the question as we saw with the patriots last week about what the converts two point play to meet. Wouldn't watch extra point kicks that we know it'd -- It's at the -- complete it is it's a situation where where you'll automatically assumed it is going to be. Not six but seven points in yeah I do right I think that there's a way to you can approach it. If you think outside the box and he said -- you know we're gonna give. Getting to be a little more. We're a bit more added incentive to go for a 35 -- -- -- isn't it -- to for for sports to look at at their individual sports and so you know what -- we need to change things up you know the National Hockey League set. In overtime we're gonna make them we're critical four on four. Change we're gonna go four on -- gonna -- guy off the ice now initially the hockey purist -- -- my god your bastard rising the sport you're not. It's great yeah I wished they play four on for the entire game. Why can't just think and and whatever it is whether it's a long distance -- whether it's the two point conversion. Is that located just say you know what we need change this. As long as you keep the core ethic which is -- the mobile was touching on there needs to be a strategy session as long as you do that it's not hustles to eliminate them from the complaint what Cisco right in the commercial break up two touchdowns and -- touchback after her you know. And that's actually the one -- war I would hammer Roger every possible opportunity I think this is one of those where. He's he's right he's at the -- I think it's a good idea to address this particular thing but I don't more eloquently framed it. -- you made the emphasis point worries -- right put the the irony in him presenting the -- is overwhelming he says. It's important that each and every one of -- plays pretty exciting and competitors on the long line. It gave us a thousand touchback exactly it's important and every what is supposed to be excited to like kill it enemies are on the light winds -- -- applied all of the stuff I feel like the NFL it's pretty good at. Recognizing things like that at least historically you know folding with the times and understanding and -- we need to tweak the rules need to oval as a sport. Whereas baseball kind of you know we've been given these tunnels have come down from the mountain top and not change these rules his rules were provided to inspire others and I just feel like beautiful usually used pretty good when it comes to recognizing your situation and dealing with -- as opposed. I don't know problem and changing and I don't care either one I agree with you you're still gonna have a strategy question a ball whether that involves a longer kick. Make it is not gonna make it where the just have a two point conversion. By all kinds of strategy question well played Iran what you'd do. Personally I'd rather -- 02 point conversion on every -- boy isn't this the point though where you really engagement more because that's one were doing the talk show host forward were doing the net Tuesday columns -- -- duel in the Monday water core conversations. It's the should be or -- their conversations and I think the most sort of per minute in sports. So if you keep if you keep that men plays were reform rules authorizing goes to get the beer. Like a touchback -- like an extra point and you've lost the fan if you keep it interesting you make it so that there's a legitimate debate you know what they should or shouldn't of gone. And I think that's kind of what -- you realize that you take advantage of a -- about. I think it was Peter King who tweeted this out earlier in the week he said if you were in and sport. And you had a play in that sport which was successful 98% of the time which have the plight deal. It's segment of -- do I mean why why would why don't wanna see that's what's the question what's the athletic competition involved. And if you were inventing a sport that was six and had a play that was successful 90% of time out of it. This is way anywhere outside the box but you know how like in track they'll have. Like the wind -- thing. What -- -- young pitcher electors can't count two that were going to be running a different direction and turn on the track of seem to hundreds back the other way because that you know don't screwed up. As I was watching that they AFC championship game. I kept watching the ball just while pork on kickoffs I'm totally. Saying that the league would do this I know that would because they're in -- accurate thing. But I wondered if you know if if in certain parks worked elevations crazy like this it's hard it's nice and we all know the things to -- in the -- the same point we all understand what's about to happen. When would be too odd ball would be too weird and certain stadiums and certain places much like a in all the defenses at 330 in 400 senator and every single baseball park if the idea that if you know and preached -- a kick in the stands at kickoff for partners for them and I know it's going to be difficult to determine which ones give them which ones don't. What an elevation that the -- guys to sell Celia ward or just start or to start the point. To say look we're gonna start the series at the point we're just and we we all understand what's going on here we understand that it's going to be a touchback. Given the situation obviously -- similarly you know but what -- but I mean it's it's on to your point though the idea that look. We know what's going on here we know what's gonna apple like any of C championship game the -- asserted every single driver -- that when he -- In so it's. Why are we wasting time going through this whole exercise. But just put the ball -- I figured if given -- five yards -- would -- would -- that's why they never should change from Dexter says when I DVR of the game. Now when I'm watching the game on my DVR. The minute they score the touchdown I just fast forward through the extra points with a kick off -- I know what's gonna happen in both cases and just start with. -- -- first and ten on the money which is sad because now look at him in this what's what's difficult about that special relation to kickoff because -- how little of a factor that was my management team built the way that that's a big component New York. And it's in Denver and states say the patriots were evenly matched in you know they just. Didn't get to do that for the day you know because I happen to fall on the sparked. Now your gonna go the next week in new York and there's going to be weather and all these balls are most likely coming out. And also the team you know -- bypass that event -- that I didn't have announced the competition I think it makes it such an uneven playing surface week to week that you need to figure Roy. Sort of bring normalcy the whole process it's part of the game should be in the very recent time I promise he'll -- kick off returns next Sunday. -- I promise you know -- capsule Jacoby Jones I mean last year right by claim save the -- -- -- -- -- would have gone the rules committee stuff effective it's very difficult to -- the thing. Which just in the -- SI cover play from here for you for your previous contest. Couple of textures on the AT&T Tex -- says -- -- keep the interest thing does anyone really change the channel when they're kicking PA -- no you don't go to the bathroom you don't get a -- you -- -- you don't watch the extra point kick another -- says. Have you ever heard have you really ever heard anyone say I hate the extra point. The ridiculous conversation well if it were the three of us sitting here yes. Bill Belichick brought it up initially. Roger Goodell brought it up this week. If you got to play that successful 98%. Of the time there's no athletic. Petition involved I do I do like keep in the kicker and although that's why I think I was more of an advocate for error. For do we subject imaginable just what his if his role is reduced to step on the field. Literally 234 times a game minimize. I mean definitely I mean literally why you're carrying it and you know I mean I -- -- dubbed Africa's football but I mean if they're gonna do this Heidi. High percentage. What will hit the -- -- well think of the you've eliminated kickoffs which allows some teams whose again only a few teams in the league but the god it's not the -- kicker did you kick off. When did some of these roles start the -- matter nearly as well it's in you just get a kick us specials of the -- for three or four times you have a kick -- specialist and then you could conceivably. More like the used to do back in the day have a public defense of line and taking extra points going to net that would change that you know that we -- change. Could yeah I mean really you can have a defensive lineman kicking extra points Vince Wilfork would hit 95%. And I am not -- a Smart Allah. It's it's not an athletic play it is and I like it is still open as it sounds. Normal people could hit an extra point I mean just guys off the street I think. Mark adding Matt's point was really interesting in in this context that win. You look for a morning after debates when you look for water cooler debates -- dot with the unifil. Really unit in a -- for gold for them has more and more those you know it should go for two or three in that situation you know Wayne you create that day after water cooler stuff. Around the extra point you have another -- source of conversation as to whether additional gone for two or three or four. Whatever it is you know and in that situation I think that's -- beautiful. I did it but Clement and -- -- one -- -- the mouth just Osama no I mean -- I don't think they understand that they bore a lot of people and just that the groaning you generic pharmacy touchback so I do know that they understand it just they don't. Apply -- We'll take a break out Tommy -- from CSN any dot com will join us in a little while as well. You're listening to NFL Sunday presented by the -- -- insurance at the Polanski they shops or use save. -- at the plan's key dot com today.

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