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Is it time for the Pats to go all out, forget the future and spend to win now?

Jan 24, 2014|

We debate whether foregoing the longterm viability of the team would be an acceptable trade-off to see the team win another title before Tom Brady retires.

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That's not the problem it's it's it's things that affect her always seem to go just find it's only the perfect to me like the trash bag where we end up with crap that doesn't work. Well crap doesn't work that would -- us into -- the patriots are at their. Job. No we we had a lot of conversations the last few days about the patriots. And how they need to view an Arabic you you are probably in this category in my view before like they need to load up. Brady -- shrinking you need to load up and do everything you can right now to take advantage of the the twilight tee -- and I don't. Are you thinking about your question about that -- -- -- -- just a really good question at the end of the not to push a challenge one which I know you you've now answered in spades or whether or not you could do 25 push -- is just. Be ready to go to WEEI dot com later today. -- your question to me was a really good one about what why wasn't things last year I thought about it last night. While I was under what I was guilt police sort of sleep before it would I was still thinking about your question why didn't I think that last night I came up with a couple different. Good and feel like I gave you anything that was I think you're real worthwhile answer yesterday. -- and then on a little bit. Really answers that is is a couple things one to be out of the I wasn't really thinking about it wasn't your wasn't like on my mind. All the time watching the patriots do this year and if I thought about it last year maybe I would have thought that I mean maybe maybe it would -- it -- -- what -- -- hey. 36 this is the time Brady really needs the weapons right now it's now or never that's one. The second answer to that though is maybe I should've said it even if I didn't. Randy may be a fight if I'd been on the -- last year we started to show a little bit earlier than we did and it and we talked about whether or not the -- should look up last year. And if at that time -- said now. They should keep doing what they're doing it's a good process it gives them an opportunity to be very good every year if not excellent. I admit I was wrong maybe maybe I should set last year. May maybe the time to load up was last year just because I didn't say it then it doesn't mean that I was right -- wrong all the time and our command and wrong and to. Maybe the time in retrospect what's the -- -- last year I don't know. I mean it is it just because they didn't say it doesn't mean it was addressed you're so we have maybe it was true. Last year in May be mr. right now if you think history right now -- news in the comparison. Is often made 2006 they -- colts then they come back in 2007 with a vengeance. You know they had to deal with Thomas but most of the changes is that significant changes were profits they bring in stalwart they bring a mosque. They bring in Welker. They they are they are ready to ago. An explosive team they brought in. They brought in at the euphoria brought in Kyle Brady didn't work out -- thought Carol Brady was going to be significant pick up. Maybe it was those critics six but big guy but didn't didn't have much left the -- in his neck. But if you think if you think the patriots seemed to load up now that was an office. In 06 they were chasing the colts they lost to them told that Harrison. Colts had Wayne. -- at Dallas Clark. They were dead dead Joseph Addai. I mean they had a -- great offense yeah. In the end -- -- and the rules have been -- -- there -- opening up the offense even more I don't know if it was consciously or not put. Today it looked like they were out doing the colts they were imitating the -- and now. In in 2013. Going to fourteen to -- Popular Broncos or the opposite. Couldn't stop the Broncos. Last Sunday. 500 plus yards Peyton Manning not touched not -- it was too easy form the patriots. Load up on defense. They go out and get the defensive -- equivalent of Randy Moss trying to get the was our by the way there is -- Party Greg our debt may be that guy they -- as a safety and get the safety. Equivalent of Donte' Stallworth then they get the L linebacker equivalent of Wes Welker -- -- You go out they -- this is it. Tired. Of tired of watching teams convert on third down. I'm tired of watching Peyton Manning and anybody else you -- -- quarterback Jason Campbell so. I'm tired of that. Not gonna happen anymore I'm going out and I'm giving this guy this guy this guy deal with the NFL. Yes -- yes and no because that's how. What I was saying yesterday -- if you asked me what they really need to go out and get all these big guns on offense and give Brady all these weapons and my answer to you at the time was well known not necessarily mean that's one approach. But I don't know I don't know that they need to load up with weapons for Brady maybe they need to put other things on this team because as we were saying. John -- only quarterback to win over the age of 36. And -- it essentially by hand -- -- ball off as many times as possible TD if Manning doesn't this year you'll now have one other example and that's ahead of quarterbacks who win at that age so maybe -- it may be the secret is not to put all those weapons outside -- Brady maybe it. Is dead as you just said load up on defense and load up on offensive linemen and running game or something to try to ease the pressure that is on Tom Brady and helped him win during this wind. The only thing that it did. It keeps me from going a 100% in that direction. Is this. And this is a generalization. Made you believe this maybe now. That it takes. Offensive players especially wide receivers etc. Longer -- aspect -- what receivers it takes them longer to figure out the NFL. -- wide receiver in year one it's very rare that he rookie wide receiver is an impact. Difference maker for your team not say it doesn't happen so spare me he called Julio Jones read bloggers got a Senator -- candidates out there -- Boldin is -- there are both very rare it is rare that wide receive usually wide receiver gets it in his second or even third year is when wide receiver finally as hard as hell. We hear these guys talk and what they're doing. It's not just have to pay attention to what -- what the coal is in the horrible thing you've got to read the defense then you've got to run the right route and you gotta run not just the way the coach wants you to put the weight off I eighty remedy it runs -- to get a rookie wide receiver right off the bat. Is gonna get it. Heart -- heart that it doesn't happen all the time but you know we usually comes in right away and plays well defensive players. If you get the right defense of player that is coming right especially you know especially guys in the front seven. I -- defense of linemen defensive tackle you have to figure anything out. It just needs to be played hard to be bigger stronger faster more physical than the guy in front of -- guy -- knocked the crap out of get into the backfield sometimes you this king. When you're talking about defense players especially guys in your front seven. So you're right I do think that there's a lot of places they can add to this team other than just looking at wide receiver specifically. But if you're talking about free agents talking about bettering guys. Maybe that's where you've got to hit in free agency to look at wide receiver and then or tight end guys who Brady's going to be throwing the ball to. And really the way to improve your defense has to. It in the draft and I well less funny image in the draft because. When you talk about Bill Belichick and that position wide receiver. We've gone on and on there have been volumes written many many treaty's failed talking about. Bill Belichick and that wide receiver position but I do believe this and this comes back his violations skills or whether you agree with him or not. I think he he believes he's got something. With this group of receivers now. You seem much from this year in too much from Dobson. I didn't see much at all from voice in this season on injured reserve and Tompkins -- flash a couple of times. Eddie young lot of us not to make I know TAD and Kate -- and out to play -- Good man would -- that they are divorced and concluded that we. Include your guy has a lot of McCain delete didn't abort -- lights the party's -- a respectable element of yeah yeah Eddie young lot of -- of him make a play. They play. Under the OK since you got me distract a little bit and give back to this point that -- distracted with what they keep quote. -- -- -- -- I keep to leave you get to see distorted randomly when you finding it destroyed in there. But I think he likes the receivers that he has to you know saints -- me -- me great catch great throw from Brady he flashed in the falcons game. But at toward the second half the year and you really think about it much. Belichick -- with us the other day. He thinks all those guys gonna have dramatic improvement threat and they know gradually an element to the list too because we. We talk about him like he's been around and you have been around but his first year as a starter as a regular regular healthy starter -- guy you and and a guy who was inside and outside so sure he learned some things I see being outside receiver. But he was he ended up being their primary target meaning they targeted more than anybody else in the last nine games I think of the year. Including the playoffs that overtime he just became the -- to me was the last six of the last six of the last nine that you just became their number one target. Right and some of that was once -- when -- somebody needed to become that guy but yet you're right I mean it it definitely evolved and he didn't have a whole year. Now. Now not meaning that we. Upgraded that. As so eager to get him an article host for a lot of it. And it will work and time again in the near for to cohost Eric Allen doesn't leave any time people your answer now. Con man and now he's a free agent he should be able to come in. He's not he's not. They're not counted by any surgery no rules there are a little cap restrictions a free agency get a manager. Where everyone will pay -- -- -- Michael let's go with your your point duke -- that I I think for the most part kind of on the same page. Wide receivers are gonna take awhile for these guys to develop and Belichick certainly seems interest did an invested in the group that he has he seems to like him I'm like where their god that doesn't mean you still don't need tight end in the -- able to go out there and spend some money or draft pick. On a tight end but I think I. I think we're really talking about how to improve the running game and the defense to give Brady other ways of beating someone like Peyton Manning. And so it leads us to a text message that we game here 37217. -- line out of the niners and Seahawks get such good defense is so quickly. And that's the question right if you're looking at the three best teams in the league and you two point kind of discounting Denver it's -- if we don't -- build in the back in that marble. What defensively we'll just in general saying again if the patriots don't wanna try to mimic what Denver's doing the right wanna look at what the other and get better teams -- -- you don't -- -- -- San Francisco and Seattle -- and end up with a running quarterback that's -- them. But what else makes those teams special while they both have power physical running games. Pretty good power physical running game this year is when Garret blunt and -- Steven Ridley and blunt the same as gore or marsh on the third that -- -- of gore and marsh on the they're not as good but I think there's such a significant difference between them. But the difference is on the defense side of the ball so how did those two teams -- great defense is while the patriots had. A good defense I -- not shadows interest in a -- Cisco like I can see some of the -- can see reasons why. They're good a couple of them and you get -- and Smith it was a a top ten pick up. -- Justin and you've got to be there for awhile before him because he was this kind of passed around I mean it is -- battle he was seen as a boss but. They got him -- draft and he was available to. -- any number of teams in the -- -- for Cisco has been great form but understand it in terms of top ten picks they have to. Two that stand out. Patrick Willis. And -- instrument. So you can understand how you can build your defense around for it it makes it easier when you've got eight top ten defensive end and -- top ten linebacker. Was Seattle. I don't really understand it. In the cynical part of me says it -- guys that -- But. I don't know I haven't got -- really tell the entire story. They they they certainly have in and out of -- problem. In the Pacific northwest. And maybe a PD problem in general but that doesn't explain how the entire defense. As. To first rounder. In a devastating. They and by light headed in the -- it goes to first rounder Clark yet they were a fourteen and fifteen pick they're not top ten picks Earl Thomas Thomas and heard -- And Irvin Bruce Irvin was picked fifteenth and really hasn't been that good. But -- you know -- it's not that good before the draft always try to. Contact source and he and try to get some diamonds in the rough -- because and you tell what the patriots and with the patrons can do in the draft. That they don't say anything so. To score around and try to top people and -- have been guests. You know who'll be there when the patriot statements never in the top ten right. You know we're we're talking about second round -- and their round picks the number talking to -- I think every second or third round pick. Who could be could be pretty good -- He said well this guy from West Virginia -- servant. Will be great third around -- it was like okay. -- -- -- took the first round with Laura. And you know we're here at all of those Major League yet but but you know adamant that have been picked -- -- -- -- you were looking to quit -- polls and Melvin Ingram and in those with the other names that are floating around as pass rushing yens a year. Most of those guys have worked out that -- -- couple's been kind of a disaster. But whatever it -- a little -- It is -- justice system it's a system thing to what the patriots. I'm just guessing that if it's a good question you -- get them and try to figure it out. Know why why separate Siskel and able to do like Seattle and able to do it and the patriots haven't had another another way another thing could be that the patriots. Are asking their defensive players to be able to do a number of things. Art sometimes. Sometimes to be in a 34 from time to be in a 43. Sometimes you'll be covering sometimes you'll be rushing. I need to do this -- that you have to have the the football acumen -- all off. And I don't think. That Seattle is asking. The -- to players to do as much. As a patriot I think you're probably right I think they're system is much simpler products but I think I think it even goes beyond that and I think it comes back to one of bill Belichick's. Ebert ports are -- with that is next rockaholic pusher calls in W media. As an organization. You know you try to provide your football it is. An opportunity that the competitive and sort of try to do it at every position out about one position or one guy or one I mean girl -- -- We want to have a good also wanted to get people out there won't have a good kicking game. And we can't address all of them all the have to try to do the things that we feel like like the biggest impact. Understanding what the you know all of those things are. As bill -- a check from our interview with him earlier this week. Goes on Wednesday today's Friday -- -- right. That was Wednesday today is Friday that's Bill Belichick and trying to figure out. The question the came up -- Seattle San Francisco built defense is as quickly as they didn't San Francisco's case it wasn't that quick. And they had a pretty good defense already under Mike Singletary is that terrible coach and leading them right. It's a good talent wasn't as good as our Bob made it. But the good talent and they draft at all and Smith they got even better but they had just -- they had bowl when they were analysts I mean they were already a really good defense that had the pieces in place. -- Bob drafted one right guy they moved on from singletary and everything kind of clicked for that San Francisco to even bring in -- -- Whitner actually seem to help a lot. In C however is running and then you know so every trips abroad and regarding a Whitner is in his element you mentioned it was a Carlos Rogers yeah. They brought him and he -- he was a blast. In Washington I believe so they were able to account cobble it together some value. I mean I know it's a dirty word here in New England but they found value -- it actually worked own doll. And that's exactly the same thing I would say about Seattle again it's one of Belichick's favorite terms or at least one of the terms we associate with them and we -- to some later bought for thirty -- -- -- 3330 am -- we -- -- on -- 330 I'm sure -- -- crap all over the idea of value but. That's one of the ways both San Francisco and Seattle were built Seattle's all about value. It around value for Sherman fourth round value. For -- chancellor right I mean it's it's moving Red Bryant too was saying nothing defensive tackle could not handle the we're gonna just shut down the run by having the biggest five technique deep tackle in the leak. Right it's it's. Picking guys with value. And you get the most value because you're looking for something that everybody else is not looking for people didn't want big gigantic cornerbacks right. The whole -- leak was quick -- -- borders are broken stick with everybody -- you know what the Seahawks did they went out and got gigantic corners. Brandon Browner and -- and and and Walter Thurmond and Richard Sherman are all gigantic for the position. -- you know what nobody wants a big hitting safety anymore because -- -- to hit anybody while they went out got -- chancellor who nobody else wanted because he didn't look like the model of whatever was looking for the safety and today we're gonna use you for what you're good -- Not put you in a position to fail at something about a now they still needed her promise to run around and be asked to safety in the lead and copper for some of that. But because they they went after guys that not everyone else wanted. I think they got great value and ended up with great players they look different from what every other team was trying to find that's he went on and. Your great defense Death Valley and how do you do that -- but I had a question if you're the if you're the patriots. To do that from their position it's a money ball got to be at my -- and I -- -- this is all just got to watch out on the day plus if if if Denver wins this happens does that affect the rest totally mean our NFL general managers that impressionable. If it really that much -- a copycat league or against Delaware win whereas remember when you say our model is. While in -- -- government decree to many matchup problems. All these receivers -- -- that we don't need a good third receiver we had a good fourth and fifth receiver -- in Seattle wins is it. I really need a quarterback to do all that much. And they don't have receivers. Who were were really name brand relievers. But they have a good defense that's -- we need to do is just a result of the game really affect the upcoming draft. Is one game is is going to tell us everything we need to know about how to build -- team -- that's when he can start looking at it now looking at the other teams that were successful this year. And trying to limit internally in terms and -- are the most important thing you've got the quarterback but I mean in terms of money ball thing I'm. The commodity that people are looking you know money ball would probably say is to model your team after whichever team loses. Right I mean hey if Denver wins and the rest of the leaks as you don't know what are we need to go just like Denver we need tons of receivers -- and everywhere that's the way to win well then the odds are they try to build your team similarly to how the Seahawks did. Would be a pretty good it's where he would get the most value and the most prime time players that you want 617779. 7937. Larry's in his car Larry. I he wrote -- thinking about receivers. Think about what coach. Nick or Bill Belichick who -- Probably built ourselves. -- us at Bobby's dad but anyway. And it yeah partly parcels -- Can you name one. Number one receiver that are so Democrat. -- -- Does that count. -- groups have been baker the original baker. You know what county. Yeah he did and it wasn't cornered ourselves either you're right. You know -- -- receivers that I had this great city and -- Anybody except for perhaps. One -- which -- -- right. And I don't know it's because. I don't wanna spend -- value there is dollars. Or just want to stay away from either. But I wonder it's just part of apart shall village -- out a -- -- without. -- put up the number one receiver. Well maybe 2% -- cremated exception where will Parcells didn't. Up ourselves also was charged with the giants and he was head coach and and -- George John was general manager. But but Belichick did make that exception -- Randy Moss and I can't see Parcells. Doing anything like that with the giants but Parcells and -- -- we had. When he was in Dallas. Only did he have yet TO had -- he shot to us. -- I don't know if it's just that they look at it and say. I wanna win without these guys but they're both controlled the line of scrimmage guys that the whole principle Lester hold teaching. Only you need a defensive lineman who can who can control the running game right they need offensive lineman who can give you one -- you -- You know what is controlled the game and how -- the I mean look I -- both Wilfork and Kelly got her to maybe I can you may ask this question but. He didn't control the line of scrimmage all that well right -- mean that that's been something they've been looking for for awhile. Are those defensive lineman to help control the line of scrimmage along with Vince Wilfork. I mean when I think of the patriots teams the ones -- grumbles I definitely think of them dominating that line of scrimmage with a front seven that was impossible to move. Whether it was Richard Seymour upfront or or Ty Warren -- all our Ted Washington or trailer and eventually Wilfork and you're talking about name brand defensive lineman in the middle. And it's funny. And he's looking at at what the transition tags are going to be this year I've only information from the right now but I was shocked at how low number. Right like quarterbacks of the highest in the right shows you what what teams' quarterbacks or rappers are ones defensive end defensive ends were number two. Offensive linemen were number three -- -- was wide receivers and and now maybe that's because the running game is disappearing on and now. But I would think that's that that's something the patriot should be able to excel let -- -- -- You have confidence that those guys. Are gonna come back healthy -- -- -- believe it was not when you're dealing is Tommy Kelly and somebody you're expecting to be in the steam next year yes so I'm not even expect I didn't I. I don't expect can be on the team because if -- say one year deal. And he's he spent most of the year hurt and increase his value so if you are if you're convinced that he fits in your system he just had the misfortune of getting hurt. Then you can bring back and he's double where -- -- -- -- -- -- what I -- it -- -- of -- has come back because I'm pretty convinced. I don't know that he I am convinced he'll play. In my convinced he's going to be capital B capital W -- supplier work yet not yet I -- an apt to see him out there before I believe match on the Maryland national. Oh -- might be on a guy I don't up. One Q go back I would entity particularly from when that huge time of year you act like he shared a lot. More you guys in. Was it to an hour at Indy here in the desert and -- power during the year. But one thing I was wondering are you guys met -- Look back and think about. In in just let me know I'm reading too much into this -- I'm just looking to read between the line but. Or two occasions where bill referenced -- changes made offensively. The club since 2011. In and specifically key reference. -- schematic changes. Between the AFC championship team -- 2012 in the C championship game this year. And for some reason and and it just kept popping up in my mind and and I was wondering if she ever pop up your mind during the interview -- we can do that they'll about you an answer anything but. Do you heal all that he was referenced -- Hernandez or work well with each trying to sort of put it out there that. But basically -- I get I you know I I I took a lot weight from it that that there were few occasions he sort of hinting at amen to that second -- and -- that was an absolute beat her out in the art. Receiver you know who was really really huge huge deal and we never really talked. Well SR IR -- in Charlotte number one I appreciate you listening so closely in I like that I like the fact you're. He did you do the same thing that that we do sometimes you know there's. There's what bill says and that is what bill means -- -- -- -- tell you what he means and yet to figure it out on elector elector approach there. But you mentioned the second time and I'd say it's more of a reference to the first one. -- they think about who was available. In the AFC championship game. This year and who was available and AFC championship game last year you have no rocky and you have no Hernandez and you have no Wes Welker so as a result. Of the injuries yet you do have. Fanatic -- any bill is looking -- The question that led to a lot of that was it seems like you like this team right -- and that's sort of what got them talking about and -- he mentioned the last two years and I think he was just. And this is my own reading of it may -- it's because I asked the question I was expecting that kind of an answer but. I just got to read it as I'm really I'm really happy and impressed with the way this team evolved. They yet we had to apologize we had to make taken away now maybe we'll talk about it why make sure if it -- -- a face incredibly important and maybe you wanna talk about. About drunk or Hernandez or Wilfork he could add any of those things maybe it was just all the youth. It just felt like -- saying you know what -- this year was different. This is not the same team that I have the last couple years before it we really turned over new page this year whether we meant to do it or not we did and that was kind of fun. That was that was that was what or or -- maybe fund not the right word maybe the word is. It was I enjoyed the challenge in the guys responded to. Right as a key when we said many times you like the team. You like the way the team responded to challenges he liked the way the team and proved. But because they are wearing patriots helmets. And -- of thought and wound up in the AFC championship game they were. Scrutinized. And analyzed like other patriots teams although they weren't. You know it is the only difference is -- only only similarity is. Patriot patriot logo and -- -- big yet Tom Brady with Tom Brady whip. That Tom Brady was cute. It's a chaperone this year. It wasn't a quarterback you ship it did seem that way at times. Unfortunately and a chance to lead them to victory at the -- there ever through middlemen gonna get my feet. Haven't chaperone delicate way Brady -- -- those guys known object I don't think so I don't know I don't I don't -- that my parent of every -- Tom Brady -- -- well -- -- mystery. Most of telling Michael speaking of yelling. -- feud has developed in the last couple days Peter Gammons. On top podcasts led by one DJ bean who got the two of those guys together we'll talk to DJ is part of the bullets axle now W.

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