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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com: Discusses upcoming Pats offseason

Jan 24, 2014|

Mike Reiss joins Fauria and Mut to discuss the upcoming Patriots offseason, the Brady window, and the loss to Denver.

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Let's talk to the man who -- and calls you to make sure you don't miss TV if mark boy he's like -- -- ESPN boston.com and he joins us to wrap up the season -- it's what Christian -- -- you and doing our guys are we doing how we're doing great ominous start or -- start and everybody this week we talked about this game like -- be the last person we asked this question to. Ever when it comes about the AFC title game looking back got it now five days ago. What surprises you when you look at what how the game the way the way they give the way the game went down the way it was played what stands out five days later. Overall might just surprise that the poor performance from the patriots -- thought they were gonna win the game and so I can't do the whole. Revisionist history thing and say well you know with great they got that far you know they didn't deserve. Had too young to even get that far and to be in the game and I thought they were gonna go in and win the game I thought overall performance and then if you look deeper than that. I thought offensive line you know everyone talks -- about the injuries caught up in this game finally. And I look at it and say wait a minute you know they couldn't run the ball that this center Ryan when -- who is. With them from day one this was an injury situation had a very tough time. Against -- night in the left guard Logan Mankins a pro bowler who everyone should want on the team misses a block on fourth down on the key driver in the third quarter. The left tackle your number one pick a couple of years ago it would give us since day one. Give up and inside that got to have Robert Ayers. He -- -- -- guys on the offensive line in the overall line and that played well and Tom Brady I mean didn't didn't hit deep throat felt. Wide open guys and and I heard. People say you know they need to surround them with more weapons. My thought is that wasn't necessarily about the weapons in that game of the guys for wide open and I'm just didn't make protein normally makes. So -- we basically right back where we started. We -- right back in the beginning of the season the beginning of the 2013 season. Aren't we pretty much right back where we started as far as the questions leading into the 2014 season. Now I guess so I mean that's probably two point Christian can get the question would ground in this same question today of the questions put to leave would he be back and free agency. That's the question again element replace walker. You know I think I think that's probably it SharePoint and the NFL look forward Christian like -- thought is is. -- they get some work to do just to get back to where they are to retain some of these guys since. -- -- what do they need kids to maybe get over the -- well I'm sort of look at that it is saying what they need to just sort of sustained right now and that might be a challenge has that is. Given the current staff salary cap situation. You say sustain Mike what's more important the often the sound of the ball. What the defense this side of the balls that adult men or to leave the top your must resign free agent list. Well certainly it it's still leave and obviously this stuff. You know we gotta get deeper into it because there's so much. Work context is important I mean -- what do the numbers we're talking about is. But I think if I had to pick one of the -- lot to me to leave just because. You see the difference that having sort of a matchup shut down corner. Makes when he's healthy and that's the key part of this is how much. Are you willing to extend yourself for a player that. You know the last two AFC championship game wasn't able to finish. And so I think that's the question. I would probably put him no atop the list step pretty authoritative and not on my list. If another team's willingness sort of throw it all out there I guess I'm gonna be disciplined and say look I'll go to this level and ominous stopped there. Based on some of the injury concerns but to me when you have a guy like that have to let them get a way if if you can avoid that. About about the concern that down to Miami we've heard about that while Christian I was surprised I mean. So nick -- Obama and vice president of player personnel and a guy who two years ago. Turned down the opportunity to interview for the Indiana Hoosiers job because he said. I'm happy here I love it here and I don't see that changing and so when I. Saw -- do -- today which Adam Schechter -- yes yes it was it was supposed to report. -- first thought was wow what what changed. Between this same situation. Two years ago and now and. You know my thought is is that maybe nothing change you know you can't necessarily. You know hold it against a guy to pursue an opportunity to build a connection when an NFL owner these opportunities don't come around often. But I would be surprised Christian if you take that job and and my thought is that. You know there's certain people that it just seems like it's in their DNA that. They -- they wouldn't wanna go up against a guy that gave them their start in the league and end and he's a loyal guy and the idea that he would be responsible for building a team. Just sort of helped take down the division rival he's helped build a New England. What I know about nick and Terry Allen and I'll be honest I don't know that well I'd be surprised if -- that would in his DNA that can go ahead and take that he deposition it the top. It just makes you wonder what changed like you're right we're talking in my -- ESPN boston.com and I. Taking a step backward Alaska about. I'll I'll put a scenario in this list of things that could change a pepper Johnson on Dante Scarnecchia tight in coach -- surprised by. Not just to sorry interviewing Mike at the about a turn over so far this year in that patriots coaching staff. He's the only one that's surprising that with pepper because I think we we pretty much knew that. Dante Scarnecchia woods was on his way out and and that was destroyed in the patriot -- I believe what Bill Belichick said that this is not a surprise to him. I'll tell you that you know I had people tell me that over the course of the year mutt and and obviously didn't report it because I didn't know for certain sure but it didn't come as a surprise to me. People closest Scarnecchia knew and and the tipoff just from covering the team with that they have an assistant coach working with him. And as part of that transition and Brian Abell that didn't surprise me George god he's the coach he's going to be going the titans coach is going to be going down -- Houston. Would bill O'Brien I think. We all figured that his contract without bill O'Brien was really the reason he would hear. And he would work with him in the past. That's not a surprise but pat Burke is the surprise then and that the same thought I would share advocacy area we've been interviewing for this job. Would be the same thing with pepper we knew that pepper wanted to -- Coordinator and that he idea idea for advancement but we also knew he was fiercely loyal. To Bill Belichick and the opportunity you gave him such -- whatever that cord is cut even if you know I had maybe it could happen. It's still looked surprised when it actually does. So Mike obviously the season ends and there's lots of speculation there's talk in the with the we've into the past couple days just about. Tom Brady his window what should the patriots do how should they draft free agency so on so forth. What do you think to question what do you think the window is for Tom just in general normal hold you to it you and then moving forward. What's the number one priority in the draft. So the window to come and signed through 2017. Christian and to me I I see no reason why. He couldn't play at a high enough level to them to compete for championships. Through that window if not beyond and so I I -- -- put it right at the market the end of its contract 2017. And I think that. At the same time that I think anyone that watched that game objectively would would agree. That was not a big game for him and AFC championship game but I'm looking at the whole body of work over the course of the season I thought that was that was good enough. The whole body -- work not to compete for championship and I think it can be like that 2017. From what I've seen effort for lead in the draft. You know I think so much of its gonna depend can be on top we've been and what happens with him. So the way up to answer questions I think one position that regardless of what happened they're gonna wanna address whether it's in the first round second round third round or beyond. Is tight end and the reason is is these guys he had this year were were terrific in terms of maximizing. What they Wear Michael Coleman -- newly Matthew Mulligan they gave you everything they had. But they're feeling isn't as high as what you might be able to have them with questions about Rob Gronkowski. In terms of when we come back in when he comes back. Will -- be able looked as we know how much Bill Belichick -- the position he went out that this guy Christian Fauria. A while back with this in mind. Yeah I -- like -- you know like him as a player like him even better now. And I think the same the same thing here just sorted. Add diversity to kiosk and get some more outside their best case scenario you can replicate what you had with gronkowski and Hernandez. And a lot of this offseason stop Mike is going to be dependent how much money they have to spend right and -- from all indications between seven and nine million dollars before. They do anything some curious as you look at the roster now and their compatriots are trying to free up more money -- they do and their guys that you look bigger our restructures for shore. Other players who might get cut because of what their salary cap number is vs what their production. As the one that's been so my would be Isaac Sopoaga the veteran defensive tackle. They acquired from the Eagles he's on the books for three and a half million next year no way he sees that money. So he I would think that's -- -- certainty that that you know that money would come off the books. Otherwise I mean a couple that that stood out I I I think right guard Dan Connolly is that three million dollar base salary I'm not saying that that. Wouldn't happen you know but that would be one to look at and say what they consider chicken -- in in the area at great guard may be making the mood there. That would be another and an eventful for one this is interest in the sense that he didn't make it seven and a half million dollar base salary. Which for a player and his caliber -- It's still well worth the money but where he's coming off the injury to be at least. You know poke around there and and explore the idea of can we do something can find some sort of compromise. To make this a little more accountable on the captain and still get -- paid but maybe structured a certain way that works for us and also works for you. Maybe that's something they consider as well. So what do you do now you -- down the Super Bowl or you and then a Mobile, Alabama would you don't. Christian know what the Super Bowl for me in terms of you know what we've found -- -- ESPN they have so many people that if the patriots aren't there I think. Our readers are probably more interested in in anything patriots specific effects start. Rating on the Broncos in the Seahawks. I think -- I think that the readers that expect patriots content would be disappointed so. Actually have this is sort of nice from a family perspective to run up to just dial it back. A look at the most important question of the day we've been cabinet there's two songs that are that are we've been playing today one is from sir mix a lot looked -- -- There's of course not it's it's -- a Seattle Seahawks and excellence from tag team. Yeah. Hey big guy Denver Broncos supporter so. Which one wins out in the battle of rock slash rap anthems. Christian we know which one did you pick if you know. I'm I'm gonna side review -- you -- victimized if you sell outside my pockets in your wheel house site you can do and don't. There's no pressure I will take the first one. There by the way that's the right answer my right answer -- your real hard but you absolutely nailed it my friend best description does he keep those -- -- -- -- -- how how. See that's and normally it's a good thing you know sometimes you wish you're not exposed -- -- Plus there's the alarm clock I'm proud to go to eBay -- wake up Christian. I don't know if your TV segment Mike breezes golf -- -- -- -- got to do that every year now it's like religious ground that there are great stuff. Mike you enjoy your family time for all of us here at this show it is a pleasure to talk every single Friday I'm sure we'll talk. -- things arise during the offseason but enjoy your break you deserved it and appreciate the time throughout the course of the season. I appreciate it have a great day I was -- -- but it -- gonna get.

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