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Lenny Clarke talks all things comedy and sports

Jan 23, 2014|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny Megs are joined by legendary comedian Lenny Clarke. Lenny gives his incredibly unique take on everything going on in sports, particularly with the local teams.

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Welcome welcome welcome to the broadcast everybody -- say yak. It's -- post. Hot stove show which is nice it's nice and warm in here. President I'm wearing my Red Sox. Security guard. It's not the only -- Jack every diet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a -- -- meant a suitable. No not now thank god I was don't have that the -- and I'm Michael and -- once it's gonna be so -- ropes on c'mon in its strategy you know the best thing happened -- -- but you know we in this kind of way others not even like you know -- shrinkage straight -- whether real moment that. A little bit anyway and cozy and when he just goes. Well when I was fat eternal altogether -- -- a total ride up I don't know what happened to beat Equus says this has received from. And it's going to be like one time items here's some real below zero. Love just you know -- what I degrees below what happened that global warming I've won what the global. Look does and I -- 900 at the elderly people burst and the flames died with dignity. And I discussed natural -- -- -- -- -- for a year ago and L frees up some -- parking which is sorely -- -- fit well this traffic has been alive he you're obviously and well known as a sports Boston sports completely dedicated. I get dog I love my job all halting all I have is that what they what went. Don't you yeah if you such arrests on the freeze and it would have been in Foxborough last night at yes I -- you get Schafer stadium over and over the weekend after LA but that push and in the weekend. Get on this them concrete and then I -- I follow up. From the back deck when they played the jets in a Monday Night Football beat guy he's glad that I thought he was dead popped up at me he must have been jammed. I couldn't believe it was -- debt if it was like that a bit like Arnold about Brandon got popped up that -- could -- from the it could. Probably the men's rooms and I don't know my -- detonate that. I don't -- -- when -- magnetic attendees the opportunity. That the. I didn't I gotta gotta take a leak at a so oh so what you're thoughts on what what transpired over the over the past weekend you know when they they were knocked out of the things -- -- -- I couldn't -- a lot about we -- -- if you I can attack. As a fan I was you know obvious really question I thought this is that we got to go back. But still look at it that the year we had would would would murderers and and injuries I mean. -- certainly got as far as his -- right and multiple murderer -- I don't know. That topic could kill somebody else and maybe that's why all the great. That's what the culture easily been -- -- might come back yeah we get -- Canada -- and come back at. But I I gotta tell you I thought it was amazing job. By Belichick and the coaches to get -- as far as we did I thought they got that a lot of young guys stepped up -- a -- out of necessity of course. It was a halibut season it was so ridiculous more so than some of the other -- this -- have to Wilfork. And how -- -- I don't have grunt could you didn't have to leave for part of it. To hold a news of injury and -- it to be able to get -- of the AFC championship I mean -- against Manning you know and I mean it's it's as though. Now do you think you knew you would root for because I have I been having issues on the year's -- will tell you talk about this Dick Sherman. Well you can't parliament now -- kit used it would not evidently because I I don't keep up with the social media you know it's weeding and applauding knowledge that I just I'm I'm I'm not -- -- -- -- -- I still -- -- -- yes a -- moderately affected -- it but now forget is that -- considered the end of my -- not -- word I can't use. How they hold does that work for Russia France and I don't get sued by someone who's supposed to be so Smart what the stamp at every look at the transcript closely -- -- guys this is always a moron and so you know I mean I. I still have a strong hatred for Pete Carroll and the Manning boy yeah -- even -- I'll pay me -- does it. Brady Peyton. Any comparison not not to me I think of Brady's abreast of all because I said once I said look it. Peyton Manning finally get a -- but you know what Tom Brady has an eleven. Women you went up when -- I -- -- -- at that cleanup but I give -- the -- that -- I -- got an explicit you know hate it did a guy came back from a broken neck. And I I have respect did note Peyton Manning and his wife yes and Adam Vinatieri and his wife and paramilitaries. White water broke at the dinner. And so as they were -- run an ample attention shirt isn't it is not running a crush you gonna finish that did you get back that was really heavy. But there were very very nice and I set the plate I want a lot of money and you are what are your father but I want to look -- Now patent as a -- got -- -- think that none neck operation looks to me like they've lengthened it that his iconic. It also put up -- -- I -- breakfast items at a Bobble -- -- -- took the head office one big long extended -- garment that topic that giraffe is it is important -- in Europe that Europe that now almost as Germany's -- -- the Germans and not make any of the -- Germans have -- could not have been sent to -- Atlantic car that that it is however an -- to root against Peyton -- for the obvious reasons of the rivalry all that you don't want to -- -- exactly -- the legacy and accept that this. Sharp angle and it's not so much. At the opera as they did just big play -- that big daddy get your. But. This. Race is because use -- -- thought I didn't have a lot more -- and -- when I think of -- I think -- -- brought me right now that's fine yeah I'm very inspirational model and ultimately. Eight -- nine basic words that we were able to use in compensation if it's your -- -- so long -- listed as wizards and he -- dog -- now here I -- not -- code it's -- -- call. -- really speak English as it is important to -- went away. And have to learn Portuguese -- with the Brazilians are very attractive people they really aren't -- -- amid the they really make fine food they groom themselves so yes they do very well and and if we have the little guy waiter if we exist side to get caught that's his problem make him babies -- in no way it's good to have you for the Framingham it's like religion I believe it yes. And it really what have you been a foot when he goes through there every day Rego almost. Now the thing that I set a bus terminals at our mortgage your assessment team is accurate it struck me because and we have that audio probably somewhere. When he started that rant after the game you know -- his teeth Schoen and pat pat pat ought to think of was. The whole time and I felt that about the yet but and it's not that he's Arlen you know -- getting credit -- -- community. He went to Stanford got a good good good grades. At the end of a game that sense of the super ball mostly we're talk we're going to Disney World been happier you know jumping -- -- -- this guy was barking about how he'd been. Mistreated by everybody for considering him less than -- an often. In a matchup of. It's a you know it was a little too much when he appears it was it was crazies bought it bought my whole thing that was. Watching Aaron has introduced the idea -- -- don't -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every child -- what to -- area. Get out of that. Back away yet backed away from the crazy man if the technology vulnerable it says change it to the World Series here is as she would've rather interviewed her peephole guys that America and I think there's a question. As a sad state of affairs so major season's over you know loss suffered through -- -- get news of the slamming them get used to the the -- of going all the way to that to that moment. Where you think you're gonna go to the -- -- -- or go to Super Bowl losing safe thing it's been a long long time no way to protect give you any kind of feelings of future darkness here in the franchise well. You know what -- We've been spoiled. I mean look at that the Red Sox won the Bruins when did the patriots went up. Well we didn't we haven't won in nine years man in Melbourne and -- that -- and it was it's just don't mean admirably as long as Brady still standing upright. And Belichick coach and I think will be okay yet still have a shot of student I think birds come back -- is coming back you know who knows -- -- on defense in May be with a good draft. So already she's panicky they've themselves she pepper Johnson made. Today who -- When he the other Lenny Lenny megs here's your microphone pessimistic -- and you coming Glenn I don't know mr. Clark I said he -- so we don't get confused when you say -- people gonna want to underscore you Lenny megs is -- -- Are you who doesn't he look unbelievable and less like a hybrid -- -- -- -- -- -- I professor -- professor and I played us those patches on year old boy. Don't hide it also a patch but that's a -- now -- of course I get its values you know to laugh -- you for years as it. The first time I start laughing at Lenny Clark and a lot of people probably have the same moment. When you're on the Dangerfield special -- he was eighty -- that my -- I think in some. They put on YouTube let me clock when he was actually then we met Darcy. I really look at their annual real wise -- some new yup but this was where. I mean I gotta -- I was. Probably. Close at thirty years ago. And the three ish as some some like and I saw Rodney him. Mike was -- and LA. And I want to Rodney as Iran and can I. Born can and you take a look at me get David gold is so weak and you know maybe if he showed up in the uncle Mike and opposite beach at the media Monday night. Some goalies will flow back to Boston Detroit and out and yet. I went on you know he army picked the line up. I want on it and I came after he stopped race now I get it again and make room for somebody not my problem. If I had to put it bounce he actually didn't bounce that was step between Meehan bill hicks and he took a boat but he he lets you both political elements. Because I I took kicks that -- -- is that -- optics and should elicit. You know made a best man win we'll have a drink -- he -- object and already run it -- the -- lewd remarks and then he he couldn't followed up and but you know we became friends later in depth. Noted that kick starts up because that's sort of from bosses so I'd be at the time resident hard for a solid special. You know so -- it was aware of any priors. That happening -- your head now that -- that really did kicks not me because I got a couple movies that the panel at the Montreal to -- Montreal -- -- on CBS yeah. And and it was the biggest hits and all the I accepted did you used to -- I I have at one point apps that run the show and being discovered a Montreal is the hottest comic market. I they shouldn't he wants an agent -- the agent of logo and -- hold them. And a guy and that robbed me from bottoming in half but that's in the updating my own show on CBS colony. It was the biggest hit they had since on the family a Mega Millions of dollars -- -- lunch boxes as yet I'm not to Playboy model item manage it's that all broke out the first walk out first going out there was letting them up sheet and it's that we can bring in warm gulf. And if they have declare war. I would if it gets it was and always good day. So he went from. And comic. To have economic by an annualized so yeah well I lost -- I've gained and lost. Thousands of the year yet yet but I was always stand and then. I'm the only guy I know who had a drug problem and eating and so if I mean -- -- I know did coking gained weight I had -- even faster. It out of -- -- and very -- mixed up in that it is anyways an anomaly. One of the reasons that the booze and drugs and metabolic. Yes about a -- changer -- Ladies Leo what you want and sports they do steroids in and company they do blow it mr. Milosevic that sports now. Have all the comics you work with you know work with -- on the stage around in your life. We always because you wouldn't -- issue we know you get what you get from them when they come -- to you you know that's the shtick that's their act -- I don't know what kind of people they are. Other coverage that shocked you as to either what a big a hole they were compared to their onstage persona or the other way around. You know surprise. Seemed to get -- to get to know them for real. Probably was really really nice and I didn't know what to expect on the -- but themselves hang out names it's crazy but every very nice on it to make it to my FM. -- was the only sent customers. Something and I never saw before and I never saw it was just insane. But my friends the people who really good to me more. Rodney Dangerfield George Collins Richard -- And I mean these guys -- my idols and I was hanging and it was just insane mimic it from Cambridge -- army. These guys come in that Cedric by -- one is when the commanding. It -- bumpy it's normal I wanna watch and laugh at these these programs and -- -- legend of the critical legendary status did teach it to you anyway the nation they weren't would you exactly yeah exactly was really great -- -- been one hell of a party Carlin Pryor you first night I went -- -- at at the comedies that first that I had broken and actually made the main room. It was. Eddie Murphy. Richard -- George Collins. Robin Williams and tennis in these days that's what's out when that wasn't the ought to but I was there the end -- Kennison. The way our stately was onstage yes let's really -- seen -- and used to be -- he was to reach. And every now and then the preacher would come out of its -- get over it. And it was. It was always but all these points gods and and it was only can control -- -- -- -- -- -- actually -- And -- -- the second for the first time and I hit a lot of she was at. That's so cute that you don't know me -- I was excited. My first my first date would you vote and I hosted the point 01. And that was initially divided pay as you know how this is in LAB underwent the -- they should watch your language and watched my life. Get a significant goods -- for -- -- group of eight you know and I. I don't know who had to go to great job. Did they show a clip -- I don't know that it presents -- -- I've got a few ports management it is acute memory and -- was a -- -- business goes a fairly indirectly yes well that's what I'm gonna collapse I get to -- him out of Florida and -- helpfully point we have had a good to have -- -- you know I'm gonna go. -- four or more days they -- savage gets a four hour movie for the government wanted to get to 345 and plus we -- that obvious freight train and I don't think that's essential connection. I don't want I had never actually depict -- best comic right. But Richard prior to me it's very very special and -- credible I mean he was you couldn't take your eyes off from. You had to turn up the marinade you didn't want to miss a thing of his that act. Right he is just he was just bring it. I've got a nice guy. You know a really nice guy and -- about. You know -- was -- -- Joan Rivers in -- tell me you know I used that drive. Riot in -- that they gimmicks wound up having Joan is still -- -- is an amazing to me. I mean she still -- she still wants to really put together. Talk about pilot and I got a -- you're exactly -- and she would tell me stories about driving in the -- she would -- -- he's got to get right right and it was just incredible has got to be the -- -- -- from America should rough rivers you know she had a field and -- -- regional Daschle didn't go the last sub machine death and then at the last second. -- in the work that I comic. Comic they have liquid that you would like to. If you drug those hello -- you know what about when I started there was maybe. Hundred comics work in the country all -- the country what I did was. One night. What when I saw someone that I thought was great I heard I flooded it you and I on my own dime I've put myself up and I'd go to that club the home club. Gonna do five and at and that's on the lot of these guys. And I wanted to meet everybody who was in the business at the time. And while we get going and then the comedy explosion here in Boston right right we did have the only they came here at her -- at. And it was only -- could have been a hundred now it's a 100000 become a plainclothes -- about 50000 comedians. We're gonna open the phones from -- -- -- -- if you guys have any questions -- -- he's you know he's -- million stories of course we always talk sports with his well we -- to talk sports guys that's what I don't know about -- out and -- unique blend into them. -- got his way to the paper comes out. It's -- Clark Lenny -- John writer John rod gonna sell would be the the techsters in here that we got to the whole crowd get a -- you -- -- -- -- 61777. -- 797. I got some questions for you do. Because -- you know. Among frustrated comedian I didn't get to the -- Again on the stage different than doing it with a microphone nobody there. I happened to note that when you lock yourself in him for the job yeah that was not a joke it's not thought that we would get serious I don't -- it and that was Anna Gunn there but other. And that he allegedly -- -- got the contract and I vibe I admire that resemble pimples just to joke telling Joseph. Our job ahead of repel a swat team -- wait a minute let him that night. I was the courts I count myself listening -- this -- -- -- get a call from my office what's the did you it happened at the ice is no limit to -- it it's -- Mike Adams just you know locked himself face not only in black. And I just have stricken wife I said Craig dull or about the -- -- this up we know it essence going out. I was already knows where and to my buddy bought that they'll -- all that we -- listening -- knows -- knows all of the cut deficit. But it Clark Lenny meg moderate back at after the ride at Joseph Johns he's always here's -- we taken for granted will be at the planet -- his children -- Our men tell when a big daddy's arrives he's seen caddies are always some people. Everything here that pick from other stations coveted architects. And I think not a big guy -- that you big daddy. How we aren't gonna committed -- and -- mr. scary every house. Nobody Clarkson -- house later you're giggles when that tomorrow night. Tomorrow night and in fact about me it would want to show us. Because so many people have cabin fever they wanna get out -- and a big as most of the comedians. That -- die they just wanna go to a so we've got a couple weeks on which was mobbed. And it's -- we'll do it again and is still few tickets left cost 781. To a 3399. Final for those people still use the phone project like you can dawning of the -- whatever it is -- game goes up its August. But it's a it's a great show. At a fraction of early from the soprano -- you know Greg Murphy who you know -- Christine early from the from the -- shows she's a major public top. We know from our work into an issue really is something. And Paul Gilead and public Jack Walsh. Who did actually sell what -- it was building a step they have to get up on a state we worked at the Palestinian one night. And I -- I stepped down at New Yorkers -- pictures it was confident. And I should Jackie can step down but he realized it was a step and he went public -- of -- of 18100 people didn't ambush it would technically -- by the -- -- -- -- stages. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In came right away Cambridge's where -- from but I read them on the Internet this story Cuba as the five greatest cities in America. And Cambridge -- fourth I think it was the first line vote -- -- and probably cut but -- never -- -- -- not that terrorists but never forget about it and I am not for the Atlantic clock for the guys like a friend of -- absolutely I did you like that would help with the business I think -- built up front that it views Israel what when you get up. And we were UA -- and I was. A wise ass hole I was you know there are every year book I would be -- -- class cloning -- chuckle award but it only came out. Now it was like that I handed I was sport but. Were you must've been right immediately ahead noted that last. I was the president my freshman class sophomore class junior class and senior class and they said to me. You know you may not graduate emission of our judges run for reelection should now -- we got to get July. So I applied that caught you got to apply to college did you present -- all of present always gone on the college. But by University of Hawaii -- Miami said I applied to American International College in spring for our state -- errant -- and wrote down. That was black god awful -- Like I swear to god this. Seven until he got elected president -- -- freshman year and I should. Went back myself more than ever Fredricka pro I got elected president I shop -- that wanted to get -- -- -- what the election do you want to give me a big hole. So I walked and that is you know -- big big facility is -- Black it'll -- by the judge. All black as it must be computer it happened too it's 7 o'clock. It's a they really -- a couple of young did you reply as. -- -- what happens. Imagine a news story that I putted well the big -- -- decision reversed discrimination yes it was on the cover of Newsweek and time which -- read the doctor's office that week as I have met a couple of sick girls but what happened. As I said what I should not also and shot you don't show. Hugo what we won't we won't so it was a push while it's he's got a degree in every all I got I got enough credits to transfer do you matched a cut of that UMass. Empowers. The six months before they realize there was an -- And then I hit four iron and I went I graduated from UMass boss that's also I have a college degree -- Disco she -- it not worth the paper it's thanks to affirmative action yet that you got it. You. I still mulling over Atlanta clack saves Israel I haven't got past that yeah eight. Anything's possible Kevin Garnett taught us that and we -- that with a -- -- is your -- before we -- though these -- -- talk to you ever was talk to any. Are gonna ask him that was that the greatest. And most unlikely red sox' season -- you -- Davidson. I was in Chicago -- on the new show. Got a call from time zones -- like -- -- -- the game and I said Pakistan Iraq could jump on a plane grab my brother Mikey but the puck I don't lose it. A win it would Dennis livery Hisham. So does for us. And he's his velocity elated as he went up into the fox boasted that commercial venture too while we're waiting to get out tickets will -- Texas Altman got to believe we have weight issues. Booms food couches TVs -- I -- him back you're -- TV look behind home plate. Actually show up at -- that it was the greatest. I I watched John -- capitalist was like I think -- go. People would texting me from Europe how to get those -- bright guy behind me paid 32 grand on his seat and I should have a good trip practicing those guys that. Atlantic that was that was a drink water little guy was right to put up from -- I am right at about it was up. President of national -- -- -- -- don't touch it doesn't get on top people for progress the last primetime to read -- today there's no gulf -- director rod for your karma I tell you better thank god I didn't have any outstanding warrants. Because that would have been a 98 so I don't one of the greatest experiences in my life it was it was fifth and I can't thank John and the organization enough for those seats well you're you're you're corporate opposed the use you're you're hilarious and Russian woman nice what we get good -- and that we did the Mel Gibson. In -- -- one we found out that Youkilis was two children I thought it was great. And we went through the whole thing. If I sought a solo was gonna fall out of I grabbed his vote open and pulled back and so when I came off we cannot -- it was John and me I looked at me. Too much and goes. I want you can't ousted them Australia and I -- there was not that once I get the back of my head was a -- yeah I -- -- -- -- it is tiny little place I'll be it was at a remotely to and he knows how to live I mean what did you -- these guys -- When he says I've gone up by the tape did I thought I did not that it. Political partner -- in the in the house here and 617. 7797937. We have Phillip and -- say hello -- what's up. You don't I Philip husband and that commitment on up here. At Indian. Well I'll tell you want to hear. My second boat rentals where are all sides prefer Braylon. Advertising everybody's you know an -- -- and want to be a comic but a million model where the body weight slightly eloped to see able being pitched to. Wore -- -- script he -- down more. Oh yeah that's that I'm the guy to give back to -- You know people come up to -- scripts and I look at completely read if I can hardly remember a vital role what do I got to go -- this -- I played old Jimmy Fallon got 54 and I met. It's a great script but anyways I'm sure. You want it yes. But that went to northeastern university for Red Sox -- -- And Sherrod -- and Jonny Gomes it was fantastic. Just just for -- It just gonna ask you might -- the recipe being your money I would think of debris site Morse signing up to expect from these injuries I think that we might ask. All I'm glad it's great I thought it was Tom Sizemore he still has -- -- -- every night -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- Size and -- not my idea or Grady Little you know that matter bring him back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- -- stimulus resident. -- -- the other thing out it's not on the end New York that's professor at -- tonight is grants and violent. I think they didn't they are not on your belt for -- can't -- I -- Oprah it is very shortly yeah Robby and isn't a guy like you won't beat a guy you differently. They have -- hello we are able to relax about it as close tonight idol The Who has like hit it closes ever dated do you think -- I think that there are -- -- and John Franco is on the best -- but I mean in the last ten years I kid to go all out a little light comes that was George -- that -- got a flat brim hat for a little while it was -- last -- yeah added -- says yes they really -- used to be more army Willie Hernandez with tigers have a greatest -- degrees closing your you know. Of it right and -- -- -- just aren't that many now -- robot ASCII was one you know the mad Hungarian Nazis that many now -- -- -- their rosters are -- -- -- ugly so I'm starting in the road we got to go because you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go -- it's. Hey guys I'm letting you go and -- good Tony -- you don't tonight well good good out. Dixie and let me remember seeing in the comedy connection maybe thirty years ago. Very funny stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No problem -- had Lenny I'm not an insurance and by trade but I've always wanted to do stand up -- and -- Bring down on a daily basis that strike it's funny and I got it all collected in the notebook and I gotta get my act together and had a string it all together for a routine what advice can you give to somebody that wants to get on stage and make a run at a. I would go to an open Mike and I would I would go. By yourself. And so it gives no pressure real I -- -- right you bring a couple good friends you know maybe for moral support. We're up does a -- -- RD January oh who is probably wanted to pop guys work in the country today and he runs an open Mike puppet giggles. Once a glider and -- yeah it -- huge call up and they'll put you on. You see how it goes if it goes from you know we -- are -- you gotta stop some. Got no if you didn't even get up there and do you know but how better good you gonna get to do absolutely yeah we -- when you when somebody appeared in the business Lenny first first I mean that they're Sierra area. Well -- yes we still have. That's that's that's actually got that there Mike did that should get I gotta generate jobs but don't let -- Bobby yeah -- -- Iran. I could ask one last question -- You know in your early days you have are actually on in the you know I cannot sustain -- -- -- my -- and I say that anarchy they'll welcome I regret a. -- moment -- all I've got a few regrettable moments but one was I went in to a alluded to it that plays a big hole which was it Chinese restaurants an image square and a Portuguese name bullet. -- -- and -- -- -- And I saw a couple of comedians and I shot my body's at its oil and I I I stole a Woody Allen. And I want onstage and get a standing ovation and that. When Sharon at the end and it does little man came backstage mr. Crocker talked to Asia Hubert funny but -- should -- -- element of audio. And I don't like I can't finish anybody know I don't know what was that. And from then on I shouted in my own material and a lot of nights I've bombed. But I learned more from the nights I've bombed and I did from the and I take it well has that story and you -- world what not to type which you know what if it's your dream. Jason go laughter I mean why not immediately that you're done -- -- think. -- shot that limit what why don't -- to say about what it. Because I tell the -- people there was some successful people in the business shocked but -- have -- -- started governor shut -- -- I think it is you know his radio thing is whenever it is. You know I already started late on the standout well -- started early and an event and took off twenty years to raise his kids and Koppel -- our bodies sold -- -- -- And he came back and I'm up a lot of guys -- give them that these guys as we get the no respect at all and he just blew up. -- just -- fact that I still are used when his lines perfectly every time my camp because it's the most -- -- people ask me about my first marriage as they were the first web remembered for twenty years or happy for twenty years. And we met -- and it is just a quick. I always so good with a quick stop you know it and it was great to -- -- -- tool a way that the longer the joke. The less to pay -- going to be. Today with the with the ADD of everybody including myself. People don't have the time the well on the web while the hang in there for a long joke you -- Hit a joke putt Sime bank bank bank yes illusion and and some PR especially at about people drink -- it's. Did that don't have the patience but that storyteller which is it's a beautiful shot in and so I would have that now but people -- they don't want does that. Right it's almost like you have to do an intimate in the round thing would know what streak and to get a story told you have to if you wanted a performance like that's a performance -- do with the yeah yeah. Now -- a member frank from Gloucester -- we forget two teeth -- it'll shoot a wild and crazy for every does this rank. Ranked around and I don't know -- -- like Google and. I haven't seen -- temple along. It's a little -- and -- if you agree to panic and don't duplicate all of them wanted a target. I drop -- that you would tell her I still love her you know because you. And evident that they eat all the -- hot babes and definitely -- it's probably 'cause he's such a nice guy and I don't know how all of it. My point. In order a quick one guy that -- abolish rent the brightness outlook on the table look -- -- -- for. Equipment but the best I think -- -- abroad articulating technical ordered the dugout went about it. -- -- don't think negative about it but this that you ought to look at the dual flashy things. Yeah definitely lived via my -- not just spread like you said. It gives it to make it -- I'm the kind of you don't -- but no I don't I know you go to great restaurants and oh -- -- and a good job I don't want to put the ball into real. Media and didn't you like to make -- out of the girls some. Always I don't know federal so little without -- -- -- -- thirties though that's the sad part about that don't want that that thing about. About frank. And it's unbelievable to see you know every year he thinks he yankees are good -- by radio host thinks is -- to start working again. Received this -- old -- funny bastard that was -- and at any travels would beautiful women all the time now about what the president pearl it's right Georges in Malden hello George I would Lennie -- John and Mikey in the rest of the career what's up. I just want to thank or people who are. Represented bosses so we're well over the years supplements you George thank you yeah you know it you are useful it's very. Like a lot of mine. -- that's not -- oh god yes it was a great Frontline. Joey -- allowed -- yeah I graduated with -- yeah indicative of what your unit originally. Yes we did a lot of guys were locked up and goodness I think -- Anyway. It is standard you're great I just died July appreciate your column about you George we keep that record intra area. Thank you George I appreciate Rihanna text here from somebody who said it is. That he thought the father it's a -- and if I doubt that it added it's you know where is Morita is here in the house. Tell -- my wife is his distant cousin last name. -- -- -- -- And that's it just iconic I -- you know I got a lot of guys it's obvious that we targeted yeah Bob -- I do have a clinic at him but I I gotta be honest you know normal that I remember like -- -- News could it more information. I can I give a shout out -- Jim Wilkinson Donna Mohegan Sun. Because that if you don't the -- it's nonstop NC Jim this guy's fantastic. And I haven't been doubt that a -- while no you -- no I haven't but I I he listens and -- and the tax revisions to listen sluggish out of its okay with the boy absolute -- -- man this talk you know of of the casinos coming into our area got it's happening right now yeah I think it. And it if Deval Patrick let us strive and still we roads will all have casinos within the body weight. No idea why -- result because she knows what nationalist sentiment out but we're happy held it for years. Wait a -- load up -- every plus there's a lot of why the tech they told me about it what stepped. Did somebody would have -- Iowa and may want Connecticut taught -- that. Voice -- gonna happen now knows their vehicle a comedy eight speed dated new casino Libya a lot of different venues within that. -- -- -- -- People. Good local people whose names I won't mention because they good local people had but they had asked me would would -- be willing to work you know at the casino greed or as a cause what do you. -- I live here because I want an I love this town and I go to LA I go to war and actually in a hotel and I'm not work and back I'm gone I look at it is just. These orchids -- it's three agree that it. Well we are shop for a lot of people we've got taxes for the people -- can go to college and to let. -- -- -- well let us -- -- like you've got a 100000 cars that a guy have a lot but not for me in prison but little about the for the kids who reluctantly got sick and I unstable and. -- you are met I met him when I was out of Vegas what ice we're faced a lot money and I had the pleasure of meeting him early on he doesn't lose often know he. Does not radical Steve went to hell yeah they were gonna take quick break here could we get behind it's it's great haven't Lenny and here -- tell you what -- got million calls forms and take a quick break give back the phone calls Lenny Clark and studio here and play in my. -- -- -- it has some how we say that's been going back a few years all got a when they announced around the country music. I don't know Lenny Clark -- even respond to that you know let's look at both sides of the up. And I ally and a great regret had a lot to do that and got into that he's got over publicizing it yeah. So what he's at the -- giggles tomorrow -- yet to show its own shows and trying to Dolan. A lot of people used to be you know due to justified because it puts -- treatment -- -- about it and second jumped right but would like him a great idea. He staggers them we won it 71 any third and I mean. It's it really works well two different rooms -- pocket and wait -- it's it's I mean. I had the ability concealment but Mike was so good to me when I was whacked out and now on to it by Ambac reports great crowd -- a break plus he's got to bring -- the golf -- all director. Jack Walsh brought out of like it's a pileup that made it out what do you shouldn't -- that Adobe can take it. Like a flight. You -- arguments are BR techsters. Yes fuel algae is even more beautiful in person she lovely she thought she -- yeah yeah sure. Good idea and -- she's got all the text messages to their recess sale Maloney and attacked at a late night I didn't steal her. Right she begged me to eat after this crisis why what is happening. All of -- delicious steak and she are all I'm not like dead certain I really stagnant. What I've had. Why -- -- yeah yeah. G loads that shot you can't -- -- -- out of that. That that's the most overrated thing about I don't know if you -- I thought they had a lot of lot of confident about those parts so -- -- -- a big -- waiting -- home Wright's -- yes OK she begged me to have this challenge he -- Sadler -- you -- -- the deserted item then yeah and it that was once sandwich and you got back would be. Completely chewed happen exactly. What she is at times it. She's an altruistic woman well -- measure of her. It's our what the federal sex line. -- -- On the let's see. Can you ask Lanny if that is him in the poker movie around terrorists with Matt Damon and -- And I got a great story and yes they wrote this pot to specifically for me -- didn't have additional usage of regret. Public or Matt Damon it was fantastic he just get nominated for Academy Award the data and he said let's go to lunch walking outside new yacht. And these -- these girls. Smash right into a bus and he flips -- -- going -- happens in real time tonight reflecting that I'd gotten a fight wooded you'll. And I threatening a physical -- yeah yeah I threatened to ticket and because of that I I got cut out of that movie except for the Lou to see what -- -- but I only have one piece of dialogue but. I had an incredible amount of dialogue but because yes and I wanna. This is sitting position when they wrote me an -- why weren't -- seven back you know I have numbers the agenda but around me caucus -- -- the birds and -- -- and has a long speech at that he has to -- And then when he which he has OK so I said I noticed and that got called the drug coverage on the buses. You know I'm just say one and -- -- it comes after Levy wouldn't mind seeing him. And I -- and it's two different it was hard body but you know. You ask senators besides some pieces they're probably got a problem as you've been breached guys don't treat me like a symbol got kicked around is when it's gonna stopping a 380 at the -- stopping -- Making little woodland footnote next what is going to be -- arrested and great act the budget act like you can't get digital technology initiatives that a lot of everything right but right we're in Atlantic City cosmonaut. I guess they beat all the people the crew people who sign rooms at -- at age eight. Under it but we'll all look in the ocean Allman Brothers have gone -- and it. Might cause we need caught because it's bad should be used as we need -- caught the monkey goes tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to Wimbledon people look at extradited and is that it agreed not to go at least in that market might drug dealers got a ripped a -- such an advocate at a what was it like it quite awake for the job that you have -- A little bit lucky stories. There is an automatic technically -- did -- I think you're stealing his scenes Hampton. He didn't wanna wait let me he would want he don't wanna stay you know because when your act and he's -- is that a a brilliant act given up but he didn't want to stand there and wait for me -- deliver. A dialogue -- that took Lyle in Allen and he's got to react to the much work puts a crimp in his time -- hack attack. Times in a car Khatami era over Lenny Lenny is -- and the other users love into adored and I you do. Excellent actually letting you in the official ambassador from many years. I wanna watch aren't taught -- writing campaign you'll tackle the problem. Should -- expert she's going beyond the content -- All of you know what that's that's and optimize awful. And because. You know we have a president who's done drugs and Coke and everything else it's all of his books I have not -- -- high as I did it -- corner yeah but but what I don't. I don't want I you know I I tried run and for offers 100 Tamara Cambridge many many years ago. As the that still an abortion it was it was good from the -- publicity but not good for when he. And I've I've I've stepped back and I don't wanna you know I don't wanna be involved in that sense. And politics besides and you -- come down from four years been a black -- -- probably prison and then you gotta -- but I -- should be -- -- -- thwart -- mayor of Tehran Baghdad is great -- of -- is something -- popularity that then Obama Google probably double -- -- they got more tape from coming on every day and that's -- it was a Taco -- speaking Jamaican -- some guidance on hookers and we're just target even -- out of this job. Well keep it just hold -- -- -- -- to be prime minister. I think that people who say all candidate -- the ambassador to Korea like -- is anybody left again. Talk. About it I don't if a candidate that. Anybody just dropped that you know. Only the unabomber -- still Stanton -- they're known -- it let's go to bill in Wilmington del. They got attacked it in my call sir I don't think I got a question to ruffle any money really you really got. My friend and I did you -- follow you might have a doctor Arnold of course I would not literally of course what is grabbed one of the greatest you know they really got -- -- can and other YouTube this is my question Gloria and I hope gets you in the nation but if you don't understand. Is there anything other YouTube bet it is related to his foundation it is -- some dvds or something that you guys put together you know someone to put together. That we can we can buy involving a company -- is all combined -- YouTube style and now I day and he looked thin because. You are a couple of what the and I still am my friend and I still quote him all the time. And we would still really just what little guys are great I knew I was hoping that underwent -- a document ridiculous. It to a computer at Belmont. Not content on a cute little ball into him earn just shut the -- and bought property market have also appreciative comedian -- I wonder if there was anything we can go to return it if you could. Shorter question I -- I can't thank you enough for bringing up the -- -- -- -- as he was it was one -- my -- and I -- that -- left of the there was nobody that didn't love Kevin except Anthony clocking they'd -- and so we also indicated that such a story I can't tell -- about. The -- You know what you can look up. I remember I was don't Campbell I was guest hosting Kimmel. And I said to Jimmy Jimmy I get a body mind he's he's he's so sick he said but but not and a and a bad bad way and receive it with the -- A Jimmy Kimmel a lot lot. To bring about we -- money did she did Kimmel shows I'll probably see that. But as far as the -- you know I really don't know because we've tried to start a foundation for him but we've run it minor problems with the family so we backed off. Like bill thank you for mentioning his name because he everybody loves all time greatest people I've met my. You know that you guys -- very under our anecdotal thanks for -- to let's go oh we take a break her cue stick around yeah I got a lot of all what it would why. Did I. Diet craze that we have full rides for you would people text against a lot of take a break his will do that now will be back with Lenny -- after this we're back here and -- planet Mikey show -- the one and only Lenny Clark and the one of only -- bags and other one and only John -- -- -- -- the -- and get -- these -- one and only three reasons to say that's a great name that rajat thank you and I love your name. He had a habit now. What I -- a lot while the names yet he and I both descendants of -- of original mayflower guys that would like royalty here now arrived at best night he says will be enough. My family's not -- Shouted thank god we will we were illegal immigrants. And you know they would like that it didn't blow up until -- illegal equipment that's hate speech I you don't coming up people I hate. We win the Irish and when Irish -- -- Irish need not apply I still have the right but my fire actually don't get that night and so they would -- -- to get jobs so he became cops that we bust them up why haven't we watch out but it -- good to short -- and has now. -- I got the hole is now over here though. Now -- -- sadly today the passing of our broadcasting legend and really really great guy did you go check -- why did difference I have a great story about -- we went down Brian McLaughlin. -- ball is on his jet foolish down to the Super Bowl. What it was in the war -- and it happened to be mine so we went the game and we had a great time it was fantastic. And and what we couldn't get out through the airports were closed so we went the body and every you know old the person do each and every out of it. I don't think the liberal roommates and it was deathly afraid to go to sleep that night because he thought I would do something everybody -- just out of it that much and -- Check and we just we had the greatest trip and and I would the president recently when it was at Spaulding rehab and told them every filthy joke. That could ever joke I can't tell on stage right stuff that I can tell amongst my friends. And it was -- -- bloody get out with this man. I just really love that man it's radar much for the Janice is funding and he just one of the nicest guy and it Jerry Lewis telethon via yeah he did everything he was always there to give that a pilot and the pilot. Yeah he was dead and let us everybody that met him you know and I obvious who's obviously had his fortunate enough to meet amid a few times ordering the cable news -- to show -- talk to meet one of warm human beings yeah. And we will miss and rest in peace at two. -- -- -- Are you getting all Kaiser's study you know love dearly from people a text message what does -- got Sarah for -- any of us. -- sent power Sharon text that it has taxed not sexist and and because that would equate because I'm an old guy that put in my hat. And it's in the in the hot at Manhattan hot terrible what are your practice their. He's India. Sarah's in the and we are she's been caught off Bryant that the beehive. The cult of my hair yeah I didn't know you can carry a bad with the good. So we have a lot of requests for stories here one of them is about a jazz club with Robin Williams. -- in Albany on my own severing them. Who wanted to know Bob somebody that knows that story Robin Williams and -- -- in and play out of it and -- and the rest at night not bowed out of an austerity budget Qaeda head. I had a guy. -- like 5000 dollars to introduce him to probably. So we pretty much at the Mike and Mike has been a step in the back my style. And so I thought all in all we get hotels and iso. Is Roberts and -- Eight what was it for me is well and at what these resonate -- yeah. As I said it graduate the doors opened he wants he always wanted to problem. So they set up all these gifts to him like a recommitment of the and odds -- she's -- is different veterans. It's like she's wielded my clothes don't you don't get Roberts but if I get these guys who got the lobby and but this is Gerri -- this is Robert. It's an -- if we have picture and problems and things but yet. Five feet held up to the that we went to a jazz club that I. And the rest I forget the rest is history as the as it was all. -- was all that it had an -- and Bob -- fire adult -- we'd be happy yes up it was just what that was a big hit and he opened for -- I'll let you figure it and it that we went -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he's still happy he's got -- good -- -- Cheri -- -- argument for heads the lot I don't know again if you haven't talked to lately yes I am now I'm pretty -- stairs. I products like comedian -- tuchman robs in eastern for Lenny. Barca go ahead -- There and gentlemen when he got back court the Montreal -- that -- he tells me that. Used to -- told you in the old days at UMass Boston -- -- -- -- -- I was -- here -- story Obama hope the name of the -- -- Almighty god -- do cheek funny that -- I was in college at UMass Boston and this guy. I just who is this guy and he said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's a Boston cup he's an immersed in their retirement. He's one of the funniest people I've ever met my life and a great guy that's my -- -- she's I can't say anything else because he's still on the job. That is -- different little regard Gary he's the best of they give a call rob appreciate it thanks rob you know I had when they have the TV show on cable in the -- I had some people a lot and and I got to ask used to before again this story. The difference we -- Osama tape or film and live tell me. The excitement comes when -- -- -- some life oh yeah it's just much better if feels better do it. Yup because it's like walking type yet seen an adrenaline and at its -- but. Now with the political correctness of at all and I know what affect you guys still in your -- into regular. One wrong thing even as you joke. About it. Stand up comedy it's this I used to be able to do and say anything I want it. There was no you know hidden meaning no agenda no -- right right. A whole Sherman would say that like mr. Sherman -- hole I mean and no no code. I -- So I mean it's. Actually -- wrote this you have to be. On god all the time and it it really takes away from the creativity. That flows when you're -- opted shoot from the hip which is what I do because -- basically lazy part. Are we talking about certain words. Yeah you can't do yet and you show anymore exactly right exact and I could do -- obviously it's -- -- say I wanna I mean there's. So to standards -- -- let's face it you can get away whereas say a lot more relentless savior African American comedian and if you're white comedian. Because because there's no. I don't know there's a line to walk there yeah you you you know you can get away with that. I am I'm a double -- -- -- -- hold that the flight the freedom of speech battle yet have been down although 35 years I'm gonna do all of it because one of the reasons people come to see me because of the things I said it might yeah. -- what's what I started and I was I was doing comedy. I would just go up and I would talk. And he puts it oh my god I can't believe you said that what they do have a think like that reverend Calvin. That's how I actually got a lot of kids in Iraq and I. Bit of an incredible benefits -- -- that event now which is that you know people. That political correctness the people political -- we used to call them nosy busy body right they're miserable people they're always going to be miserable no matter what. And -- you know I don't available. And I got -- that in the real and result should be -- we don't you know we all have a sense of humor but everything is this America or you could be anything you want and -- used to gamble and as a way to as a -- -- -- of course it should be you know because. If you're funny you're funny and if you make people laugh that's a good thing right -- about burning somebody's going to be hurtful it exactly right -- but but there was some people who can be. Filthy and hurtful and that the the applauded for quite a bit Belmont calls Sarah Palin -- it at a January -- and knowledge of what's your which I don't -- as I -- The only guy ever so I use that get away it was Richard yeah you know -- And I don't have it Andrew dice dice clay where you know goal and a final debris you know and he got on unfunny kind of -- -- well -- and they go in hybrid. And I Kevin media on the show or -- after -- -- here in Boston and I that let the clock showing he came hours after some -- He was cocked up. And he was on -- set and he was so drunk that he actually fell down off the -- was sitting on the -- singing don't matter I -- get an -- -- opponent at a news channel -- my boss -- -- was freaking out but -- -- this is live TV I just rolled -- it. But -- out of it and he's really crazy drunk you know and I as anything like that -- happy -- I where you didn't. I didn't show it. Before your show. Where -- -- saved my life was the rationally you have on all related I -- her played football for the bears Steve McMahon Steve -- dust and -- -- -- dig -- Michael make my Michael Michael yeah and and he carried the army on Michelle. Normally he was gonna -- me. And and and used as a -- and I'm looking -- It would be fun for you I eat a lot of fried food. What age you that your body what I call it what you want about identity -- is -- -- got an. And Freddie on my love for audio freshman has to have Freddie stood up. And like made a pick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- -- in -- he stood up usual on cnet's Austrian notes he stood up and smashed his economic best news desk on NEC it. As hard because it scared me was allowed -- it is just a mental OK all and after that when he left Glenn's show up you said. Good said you -- -- you really quiet after he you don't use here what you said. I learned a long time code ever Flickr right over the ball got -- got double -- applause all right but good luck because I mean listen I'm. Those big guys but not that they don't. Like psychotic and all yeah you can't beat a great story out there that you. And I think that -- at -- in Burlington. Hello -- go ahead. Case at ally and yet I Bob England neat we met over Iraq and -- McIntyre further and actually took a punch -- kick off. Yeah sure you did thank you so much and I and they -- great. And what about a World Series at that all of my god I couldn't believe that I you know what -- I don't wanna send that out I just wanna keep that from myself I just like I got a few more outside -- to thank you so much I appreciate that that was fantastic. Well it's funny because that was his capital look at it now that -- -- at -- -- water is he had. Some of the of the greatest expression jumping up and everything and then I saw you lose so we're -- and -- -- -- -- -- And he told me that you got -- game. So I went back and look at my -- is like oh my god there's like Atlantic. Oh ya I well you know what I would have been more enthusiastic but I don't wanna get thrown out. But I know I just kept political there's going to be a putt and I got a government. You know what you are you're still my shots that -- you're actually -- yet patella they aren't trying to that it. Although the picture of the rocket jock with a bullet. When my shot hit that ball that went up my shorts and stuck me in the let's get. It cannot -- stuck quite upset that I could get out and it was it was ridiculing -- -- -- the first. That was so I don't. Did you when you're at the plate -- it hit the ball held up. Oh yeah I I item that was probably one of the worst performances of my life -- -- -- before I had pitched a -- we have at a time we have blew up -- -- and I'd like that umbrella business. We lost you know that's the -- -- -- in those a celebrity gave when you're going to -- the guy pitch and what what gain of our players have Fred W another radio station. Alan Dershowitz insisted on pitching the whole game and he's a great lawyer but he was crap PS I can't imagine him being used died ethics lawyer -- as. Allen and I've become French as he lives on the venues. He loves to patrol the naked to each note it just wears the they have a Lawrence of Arabia hat that's it completely no guts it absolving that is Peter O'Toole -- comes over it wants to talk I just put the talent to forgive at a by Michael. But everybody -- up and it had. It's it's like I've my brother Mike most is that going to be I don't know keep a night out but a nice guy in a lawyer but he's got great let me read books like this week leaves a weird -- the -- yeah. Yeah. -- in Bedford good old Marvin our pal from Bolivar hello Marvin. I gotta tell you might be one of the things that most of you -- do not appreciate about news. Coming out of the championship loss to bring -- Clark in for comment. To get us out of this slump with a lot of material at Sears everybody else does the genius. Back to mob and yellow right -- what a voice usually -- like what bush is he's got pipes he sounds like child Steinberg. Are actually doing in the Euro zone already. -- yeah it's called but it what's the name of one of his porn -- -- number -- -- -- Lot of what -- got Bob. Wright was. It has yet I was a huge. Huge rescue me. -- do you work. I can't use the F word of him because -- -- center but viewers that effort and good thank you thank you so much credible. You know the only thing I didn't like about the show. Why I was at a Boston. I you know look I I have no idea but the liberation genius you know -- -- -- keep you did you say he read between the writing it directing and producing -- We've been best friends 35 is that it always that's. It's and get ready to shut up and keep showing up and the funny thing not in this Seymour I shot him in the -- It was really really good because. I -- OK action put the gun up and goes to cut cut cut. What's -- delivered elderly have actually been living in about always -- I can do this I don't this obviously becomes. Plus reality. The funny -- -- you didn't see bill would you want the episode. -- Bill Belichick was in the shelf. Yes I wise because I brought him to the set. And -- we had dinner the night before and I said bill would you like to come by at least I can I bring a couple friends as you remember every article Belichick. So we walked in the door and everyone just pops did you stammer and goddesses. -- -- Would you and he goes I needed the right. It still headed in Gabriel alive and he put as ridiculous as you know. As an issue not an actor you don't put. -- It's Barbara thanks for the call it Robin thank you so much it's regularly calls and the latest three more we gonna give try to squeeze and let's -- But I have an awesome text -- -- lottery better. OK tell anything cue from the to Ricoh family my mother died of ovarian cancer and we had a fund raiser and he came in did stand up out of the goodness of his heart. -- they can't be more thankful and meant so much seminar. You're doing a lot of that I get a -- is the Ricoh family Iraqi Draco is like this incredible world champion martial arts type guy. He started donate like 35 years ago his friends -- just on ours and yeah he'll support for walls and he's the real deal and him and his wife Wendy and his whole family just so sweet. And you know -- you don't believe that hero we Stewart some nice for somebody you like to help out Mikey. I will get -- and I loved kids about Catholic priest but I -- look at that and I and it and I can help out I. I do you know it's just illicit but it's gonna miss my parents happy. Yeah where you know I mean it's it's of people count on you you do we always come through forming its sister and I are Michael. I don't always have. Steven clusters next -- Hello Mike -- I. -- already. Everybody there a date and look good sounds like he's got an early exit. I. -- yeah articulate. And -- this day I met Lanny in Gloucester. And it -- market cruise port he didn't benefit. To work someone who passed away with -- And I can't meet him he would have liked to -- Him back Indian -- -- in the door. The way I can we partied like it Kennedy's death in the parking lot. Went to sit Ali -- -- -- electronic ballot with plenty Clark stern equivalent to note to recruit more -- Just -- unit. That or that this is that the case that no we can't go ahead. Then don't -- we go to the rabbits which can be switched. -- reference before about people being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But expect to like Michael -- -- during the what McDonnell and get. I disagree question takes my -- -- and I think I have had. Oh my god I -- the greatest -- ever give up in my life. And the next thing you know full bottle of champagne was on me and I only -- I just I don't know how I did -- -- And a bottle shattered all over my head while. It was pretty pretty -- accessories through buffalo chip with the paper's Asia and as it would. But practice. -- -- add up the place went crazy. And it's all Obama all -- Don't know much courage to implement -- -- -- -- Michael thirty years and he's he's really racist he just can't handle necklace and he freaked out -- when he was wrong but. You know I -- got angry yeah but it's an -- thing now you can't and then. Who has the comedian he mentioned. Norm McDonald McDonald don't like I did -- old -- is what is sickest people -- that is just the greatest -- -- -- you know you get a -- it's like you know but you are you starting now listen I don't want necklace you know I -- gives you so go with them up I don't want them now and there were times where. You you know people try and an -- you know of their client. I thought it got up -- job moderate. I've got -- people kind of only you know a -- -- reasons I shouldn't have I was and I had to decide to be at you know. What about it and you attack me oh god yes and -- especially -- it has to be a lot of times fungal. And I talked about subject whatever it is not and and in the news today. And I go what more can I able stuff that you do going to make sure it's going to be good jump yet but you've got a guy. I don't -- around got it and it throws you. And you have to just abandoned that didn't stop you -- what people make about it is sitting right and and you worked very hard yeah. Yeah -- added that. It's yeah it's it's you scenic -- a show on blooper show -- -- a heckler attacks are demagogue -- -- -- czar for the comedian wise back off to with a guy get so busy. After heckling the guy he runs up -- -- some Augustine clips of that I don't like the most insane thing in the movie. When stand up stood up just a guy it was Cuba who's at the get go out as I. That's the question. Did Scott -- I think that provides a lot of it -- John Henry's boot. The Yankees -- you know -- -- slightly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What was your late seventies it refers and it he had the HBO special -- tonight show -- -- a real popular real fast. The best three bucks ever spent a summit the Heinz auditorium. And you could just pull me away I was doing senate maybe six weeks it was so different Nicola he's also an amazing amazing how well he wants whose bench yeah just one that would want a Grammy for heavens and -- Now again I follow on Twitter but a final -- on Twitter at Lenny Clark right -- passionate at John. No I was just thinking and -- between grab -- these guys they'll have to went yeah right let's say he picked up the show about 45 minutes ago yes any as the caller -- let me remember that Cairo. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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